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                           Questions and Answers about PACC

Q: What is the Provincetown Association of Concerned Citizens?

A: It is a new organization of citizens who are concerned with the direction of town management and want to see Provincetown as a viable year-round community.

Q: Who is eligible to join PACC?

A: Any resident or non-resident taxpayer, as well as any registered voter of our community concerned about town government. You don’t have to be a  property owner to join.

Q: How do I join?

A: Simply add your name to PACC ‘s membership list by e-mailing us at Please include an address and telephone number. We will notify you about issues and meetings.

Q: How much does membership cost?

A: At this time, membership is free.

Q: Is PACC a non-profit 501C organization?

A: No. However, we may consider applying for this designation in the future.

Q: What is the immediate action?

A: To represent the mission of PACC and its goals in the town’s 2009 budget preparation and present these positions at the Annual April 2008 Town Meeting. We also include the possibility of presenting PACC-sponsored articles in the 2008 town warrant.

Q: What are some key issues for PACC?

A: We are concerned that Provincetown is spending wildly on large-scale projects and must cut back for fiscal responsibility. We also believe that town government needs re-structuring and cross-training of positions
not the continued expansion of departments and new positions. We are a small town that needs small-town thinking and management.