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Mission Statement
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·        Work to responsibly implement voters’ decisions made at town meetings and through the ballot box

o       Establish and codify town laws which obligate town Selectmen to honor voters decisions

·        Work for accountability in town spending

o       Require independent annual audits of key town departments

o       Demand accurate estimation of projected costs to include Life Cycle Costing: Debt Service + Operational expenses

o       Implement a two-week cut-off date prior to any town meeting for which modifications to Articles must be submitted and published

o       Create a citizen committee to monitor major municipal department contracts including Contractor/Bid selection process and contract closeout     

·        Advocate for leaner and more efficient town management

o   Utilize voter and town employee input for proposed changes   

o       Eliminate redundant and/or surplus staffing

o       Creatively combine town positions

·        Campaign for responsible government operations

·        Oppose mega-projects until indebtedness is lowered and fiscal responsibility exists

o       Define all project requirements and goals

o       Measure the important parameters against cost

o       Prioritize the parameters of all projects

o       Simplify and make final assessmentCost vs Effectiveness

·        Sponsor fair real estate assessments and promote lower tax rates

·        Work to encourage an economically sustainable community

·        Promote community cohesiveness through shared future vision