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DEK: A letter from Provincetown


“L’Affaire Sal’s Place: Money and Meanness in the New Ptown."


By Peter Manso


The first thing you notice when you walk into the resurrected Sal’s Place, in the heart of Provincetown’s West End, is the hustle and bustle of a hot restaurant: the place is packed, the noise level is high, and the servers scoot nonstop to and from the close-set tables. There’s a museum-quality Hawthorne and other class art on the walls, but the place still has a fish shack feel, with exposed rafters and the rhythmic slop of the bay against the pilings on which the waterfront building partially sits. And the food—the Brodetto or Zuppa di Pesce that one Facebook blogger raves about as “so wonderful that Marcella [Hazen] herself would flip,”—well, let me tell you, the Zuppa is so sweet, so transporting in its plummy, tomato-y tannic richness as to have made Sal’s the vacation spot’s dining destination of choice near overnight.

All this was pretty much the word around town last summer when the fifty-four year old Sal’s Place reopened under new management. But the food wasn’t the only things people were talking about. There were also whispers that the owner—a single, self-described blue-collar woman who’d originally arrived in Boston from Tipperary at age 17—was at war with her neighbors—four wealthy men, all gay, who had recently bought the abutting properties for summer party pads, and wanted the place dead and shuttered. In fact, depending on who you knew, you might have heard about bouts of property destruction, interminable delays for the restaurant’s opening, and armies of lawyers getting rich on both sides.


As the not-so-secret knock-down-drag-out tumbled into public view, eating there became an almost political act. Now, after simmering all winter, locals in P-Town are waiting for the hostilities to start afresh.


One resident called the quarrel the “worst case of bullying” he’d come across in his 50 years in town. But you could just as well call the fight over Sal’s place a sort of battle for Provincetown’s soul in miniature—a David and Goliath story about whether the artists, fishermen, and non-mainstream types of all persuasions were still welcome in the new Ptown. Or is this haven at the end of the Cape destined to become an exclusive enclave for the rich gay elite?



To read further click  on the link below



Click Here for L'affaire Sal's Place

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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

PPPC Betrayal

"It was a stipulation that thestate made and that is the why Provincetown
was given the money to build a new pier."

The State also said the Pier Corp had to fund their maintenance
reserve $50,000 a year SO the pier didn't look like it does TODAY.
They didn't do that.

They betrayed us and the State.
11:12 pm edt 

The State of the Town

The only one smiling was David Gardner. The only one smirking was
Michelle Couture. Sharon was morose even as she spoke to leadership
and the future. Where were the other members of the board of
Selectmen? Why did they show up? to sit and be lectured at by
Couture? Seems they are like finger puppets for Couture. It's amazing
how such little intelligence could still control so many people. Life
always surprises.

I still don't think they get it. I still don't see that either FinCom
or Sharon or the BOS really grasp the dire straits the town is in, as
well as the state and the nation. They are still whittling away at a
thousand dollars cut here; another thousand gained here. And this
budget is similar to last year's. They started with around $900,000
or more as a deficit and ended up last year and this year  $115,000
short. Then tonight they found some money to save two town
positions--the secretary for the BOS and the Assistant Town
Clerk--just tonight but didn't find any money to save Duane Steele's
full time position at the Pier Corp. They must have found some hidden
treasure in Alix Heleila's books. Some just-in-time free cash to save
two positions. So the only position being cut, the only one, is Duane
Steele's position. Something's radicaly wrong and unfair here.

Such is the State of the Town.
11:10 pm edt 

Duane Steele Report

Yeah, running our mooring fees through their income
statements to fool the public was a problem they inherited.
$1.00 for the Town, $1.25 for us...we'll never know because no one
dared suggest a forensic audit. The findings would have made town
officials look really bad.

We inherited a ship of ... is more like it...
11:07 pm edt 

To: Webmaster

Thank you for all the work you did to make available the important
story that needed to be told about the pier.

I would love to see more research, hard to get documents like the
minutes posted or the State finding on the accounting of the pppc as
we go forward.

Thank you again.
11:06 pm edt 

Duane Steele Report

These are the second set of floating docks that now need to
be replaced with a third set. The Pier Corp. knowingly put the second
set in without any wave barrier to protect them as that was what
destroyed the first set. Inherent problems? Don't buy it. The Pier
Corp. IS the reason why we now need a third set of docks.

They are idiots and we are about to mop up their mess again.
11:02 pm edt 

Cyber Cove Ala Mail Spot

Now that Cyber Cove is gone we might want to give some
business to The Mail Spot.  He does a lot of brochures and things for
businesses around town too.  Sad to see Dan go, but Mark is a good
guy and we should support this small business too.
11:01 pm edt 

Duane Steele Report

"MacMillan Pier came with its inherent damages."

So that's why the tool box, shed and pier surface with those dangeous
electrical violations are like that...good to know....thanks for
explaining it all...inherent damages, ok. pier looks great otherwise!
10:59 pm edt 

To: The Native From Afar

You must be aware that the town could not get the money for the pier
unless the PPPC was formed to run it. It was a stipulation that the
state made and that is the why Provincetown was given the money to
build a new pier. Please stop listening to the 2 blowhards Steele and
Nagle and find out what the PPPC really does to operate the pier and
the money that has been put aside for future repairs. Come back to
town and see things for yourself and stop believing the      that
those 2 tell. The PPPC knows the condition of the pier and floating
docks and everyone else that has taken the time to look into the
damage knows it was caused by first inferior design and secondly by
Mother Nature. And it is going to keep happening as long as the pier
is standing. It is a structure that gets beat on even if there is no
wind or waves. The salt hitting any surface and the the sun comes out
nice and strong and the process starts. Salt, Sun, Wind, Rain, and
boats weighing tons beating up agains!
  t it 365 days a year. So unless the two braniacs can figure out a
way to stop Mother Nature this
is going to be a ongoing discussion for many years to come.
10:57 pm edt 

Duane Steele Report

Until there is a full investigation of the disrespect that
is being show for our pier, taxpayers should not vote for the MARINE
BUDGET on April 6. Why should we give them our hard earned money?
These photos show us what they are doing with it.

I can't believe the selectmen just sent a letter of support and told
them keep up the good work after looking at these photos by Duane
Steale aka the Whistleblower. We never would have seen them otherwise.
10:54 pm edt 

Duane Steele's Photos Part II

Even George Bryant's shed is more organized and tidier than the tool
shed on the pier! Wonder what kind of inventory control they do for
it? That shed is a disgrace and an insult to taxpayers who have paid
for every single tool in there that has been treated so poorly by
them. Trashing taxpayer funded tools is NOT ACCEPTABLE!

Did the PPPC inherent the tool shed problems too?

Oh right, they don't give a damn, do they?
10:52 pm edt 


The company that replaced Cybercove at Whalers phone number
is 508/487-2679 I just got their number down there today.
4:51 pm edt 

Duane Steele Report

As to the "native" who remembers how the old pier was run:
Get a grip! The pier was run by the town, not an unaccountable,
unelected board. The town controlled the budget, not an
unaccountable, unelected board. The town made decisions about
repairs, not an unaccountable, unelected board. And the town took
action many years ago to begin the process of saving the pier until a
new one could be built. All of this was controlled by the town
meeting, the board of selectmen and the town manager, not an
unaccountable, unelected board, some of whom don't even live in
   Even a former PPPC chairman, Paul DeRuyter, told the selectmen
that this organization was never going to make money, or break even.
And judging by the pictures and the reports now posted, the proof is
in the pudding.
  The old pier, lamented by the "native",  broke down due to age, not
neglect. Like the roads and bridges in this country, there comes a
time when you have to close them down, dig them up and start all over
again. That's what happened to our pier. It outlived its useful life.
  So to the "native",  I am a native, observing from afar. I remember
Arthur "Bragg" Silva and Pidge Carter, two late, great harbormasters,
who ran the pier like a well oiled machine, by themselves and with
precious little help. They answered to the selectmen, the town
manager and the town meeting, not some self-righteous, kumbaya
singing board who would rather participate in a hootenanny than admit
they may have been whistling Dixie instead.

4:49 pm edt 

Duane Steele Report

Someone should point out to Mr. Steele and Ms. Nagle that
MacMillan Pier came with its inherent damages long before the Pier
Corp. ever even entered the picture. You need a scape goat so blame
the Pier Corp.

For my money (and YES it IS MY money!), these people are doing a
damned good job on the pier. No matter how hard Ms. Nagle and her boy
Mr. Steele whine, the blame lies at the feet of Kieth Berman and the
members of the Board of Selectmen that were serving when they were
handed the keys to that wonderful new construction! I do believe one
of those servants of the town was none other than Mr. Steele's lovely
bride, MaryJo Avellar!

And wasn't it Mrs. Avellar-Steele that cozied up to Keith Bergman and
offered to play nice with the pier if her hubby got himself a right
fine job out on that shabbily constructed erection? Sort of looks
like a big old middle finger pointing into the harbor doesn't it
Duane and MaryJo?

Oh and by the way, when did Duane become the webmaster of MyPacc? It
looks like he has the keys to the blog now and whatever he prints
here must be true? NOT!
4:46 pm edt 

The Thunder of Silence

Two big issues (Duane Steele Report and PHA Minutes) and no word from the

What are they sitting on? They have a goal in mind and are not sharing it
with us.

Rumor has it that they will again, as they did last year, seek a Special Town Meeting in
June. Why? What are they up to?

The Chair is too secretive and undemocratic.
2:35 pm edt 

Face of Affordable Housing

Ted Malone is the face of Affordable Housing and it ain't

When I read his comments against Byan Green, I can see
the venom in his eyes. We will be best rid of him as a
developer in this town!

He would silence all who have an opinion different from his.
He is brazen in his arrogance.
2:23 pm edt 

PHA Minutes

Why did the BOS try to delay the posting of the PHA minutes?

Were they trying to protect Ted Malone?

It doesn't make any sense,
2:18 pm edt 

Water Bill

Guess which whistleblower's water bill on the pier suddenly
jumped 400 percent last year?
12:46 pm edt 

Duane Steele Report

Not applying for wave barrier grants for the destoyed docks
is bad management. now it s too late.

those photos show gratuitous and intentional destruction of the pier
like what they did for the one day biirdman event.

they should all be asked to resign.
12:45 pm edt 

To: Never a Dull Moment

DON'T bite off more then you can chew !
12:44 pm edt 

Duane Steele Report

Is the banner going to run a big story on the Duane Steele
Report? What about the Cape Cod times? Who is going to bring this up
at the state of the Town meeting tonight?

Is this Blog going to be denounced by the Town Manager again this
year? Inquiring minds want to know.
10:37 am edt 

It's All About My Wants and Needs!

I demand that the people in this town create a fund to pay
off my mortgage. I'm tired of paying money to the bank every month. I
want to live here and so I should be allowed to live here--so pay up

There are 250 of us and we all want our mortgages paid. Plus, I'm me
and I deserve a new car so I want a new fancy car and a boat and a
plane and (and--why should I stop with just wanting my mortgage paid?)
10:35 am edt 

Wow! Candace and Duane are Amazing People

Both of you have spent so much time teaching us what is really
happening with the Pier Corp. You have done some great reporting. But
tell me: do we only have selectmen with hands over their eyes,
fingers in their ears and bandaids across their mouths? What are they
doing to change this? They are elected to help the town, not work to
cover up the problems. We can't say they don't know the damaged good
that the Pier Corp is due to your hard reporting.
10:33 am edt 

Duane, I Have an Important Question:

Given all the work you have done to document the problems with the
pier, shouldn't the town be promoting you and thanking you?

I've heard that the town, including Sharon who is working in concert
with Michelle Couture and some other selectmen, are working their
wiles to get you to leave your position. I've heard the town is
planning to reduce your position, make you less then  summer help,
and hope you leave. This seems like a law suit against the town of
Provincetown. You are a whistleblower who is being punished for
revealing dangerous flaws in a town-run pier. This is unethical and
illegal for town officials to do this to you or anyone else who is a
whistle blower in their line of work.
10:32 am edt 

Re: Duane Steele

With all the wonderful things being said about this person. Take a
minute to think what you would say if he worked for you in the
private sector and he spread the venom about you and your business.
The one fact that has not been brought out by him or any one else is
that the TOWN accepted the pier from the design company and the
contractor and all the pictures that are being shown are becasue the
TOWN not the PPPC accepted the pier and its inferior design. The
voters of Provincetown MUST face the fact that as long as there is a
pier in Provincetown there is going to be a cost to them. The weather
conditions dictate that there is ALWAYS going to be damage and the
repairs are going to have to be paid for and sometime in the future
the pier will even have to be replaced. In reading the report and
looking at the pictures you would think that Mr. Steele thinks that
the PPPC and the pier manager broke the floating docks with thier
bare hands.
If a employee of mine did not report anything directly to me, and
tried to udermine me or my business as he is now doing HE WOULD BE
The BOS and not the present board gave in to a special interest group
of eastenders and threw out the wave atenuator from the original
design, If this was not done there would be no pictures for Mr.
Steele to waste his time on.
10:30 am edt 

Withholding Minutes or Delaying Approving Them for Political Reasons is Just Wrong

Meetings are public. Minutes are public records. Only the laziness of
boards and their ineptness rightly cause board minutes not to be
published. Members cannot delay approving and in their minds relasing
the minutes for any political reason.

Indeed, we all have the right to see and read all minutes--even if
they are not approved. that is our right and any board would have to
provide the minutes--even if not approved--when asked by the public.
10:27 am edt 

Duane Steele Report

"I walk on the Bay beach in North Truro, and after most
every storm we have I find pieces of Styrofoam with concrete attached
to it, mostly about a foot square of less."

Boston please
Department of Enviromental Protection
10:26 am edt 

Housing Authority 2009 Meetings

January 28,  minutes posted
February 25, March 11, March 25: minutes not posted
There are 2 meetings after the February 25th meeting and should have
been approved and made public by now.

Next meeting; April 6 @ 5:45 pm.
Agenda 1. Review of Special & Town Meeting Articles
( no other agenda items).
Town meeting starts a 6pm. 15 minutes for a meeting?
10:24 am edt 

Duane Steele Report

"FYI  The BOS had copies of the Steele photos for
months...Draw your own conclusions"
8:39 am est

The Chair has bent over backwards to make the critics go away,
resisting the appointment of a liason selectman, not wanting FinCom
to pubicly report their findings but rather quietly submit them and
possibly putting friendships with the directors of the PPPC before
taxpayers. But it is not going away until there are more changes that
benefit taxpayers who are paying for the pier and need important
revenues from it that are instead being wasted on boondogles,
overstaffing and garden variety bad management.
10:23 am edt 

Apply CPA Funds Where the Most Good Can be Achieved

There are no year round jobs for the people who are here
collecting unemployment--but lets build more year round housing and
subsidize people to live here. We need summer housing for workers.

Meanwhile, there are many people living and working here who would
qualify for affordable housing, but they are paying mortgages and are
paying taxes supporting these folks..what is wrong with this picture?

Now do you see why people are upset that they have to pay out of
their own pocket to finance town hall renovations if the CPA money
goes to a developer?
10:21 am edt 

Duane Steele Report

"Didn't we vote down Mr. Steele at the last town meeting?"
Intuitively voters knew the Pier Corporation was a very bad deal. A
Faustian bargain made with the State to get a replacement pier. They
were hoodwinked by town officials at the time being told the  new
pier would pay for itself.

Even without much research available (the Pier Corp. was fighting the
requests to release their financials and still are), State, FinCom
and private citizens', research, reviews, findings and
recommendations and now these photographs, the article lost by just
15 votes.

Voting for Duane Steeles fiscal checks and balances Article 25, will
send a strong message that taxpayers want more fiscal & management
oversight on MacMillan Pier.
10:19 am edt 


Yes cybercove was at whalers before they moved but its not
them.  The company we went to is called captivate.  They said they
have been there for nearly 2 years now.  Stefan there designed our
brochures for this season and did a really nice job.  Really nice
people too.  They're upstairs in the round part of whalers wharf
where neal kimballs place was before.  I will miss cybercove joey and
dan but it's nice to know we have an alternative.

9:40 am edt 

Duane Steele Report

FYI  The BOS had copies of the Steele photos for
months...Draw your own conclusions
9:39 am edt 

People Shout Out Here--

.......but they will be sitting quietly and
mute at town meeting. Seen it before. Why not ask some questions at
tonight state of the town speech?

Why hasn't the town gone after CPA funds for the library?
What departments will have lay offs? How can pressure be put on
unions when across the country unions with their benefits are being

What are the big ticket items facing us in the future?
How will we pay for these? I've lost one third of my retirement
savings--and I have a Bradford street job-not a union town job. What
is being done to reduce the cost of the waste water treatment plant?

Why don't all of the citizens pay for the treatment plant..we all pay
millions for a school with only 40 Provincetown students in the high
school. Things are going to have to change.
9:38 am edt 

Duane Steele Report

I walk on the Bay beach in North Truro, and after most
every storm we have I find pieces of Styrofoam with concrete attached
to it, mostly about a foot square of less. Iv been wondering what
this is, well now I know! I just looked at the photos of the Pier
posted by Duane Steel. Its pieces of Provincetowns Pier!
9:36 am edt 

Use of CPA Funds

I've had older relatives visiting me who couldn't walk on
the beach. We walked through the East End looking at the gardens and
then we sat in Susan's Garden. It was beautiful and peaceful.

CPA funds are going to buy and maintain this little pocket park. I
don't understand why some people on here are against it.

Everything in town is owned by someone and so is Susan's garden. We
buy it and preserve it and maintain it with CPA money and thus it is
there for all of us to enjoy. I don't see why people object to this.

I want CPA funds to enhance and preserve the town and the community.
I do not understand why millions of dollars have gone to affordable
housing developers for years while our library remains unfinished.

In Westport MA they are using CPA funds to renovate their Town Hall,
we have to lobby like crazy to have CPA money go to ours; why? There
is only one answer to this: It can only be due to the power of the
affordable housing industrial complex in this town.

Michael Rogovsky
9:34 am edt 

Ted Malone and Affordable Housing

With the finance committee not recommending giving Mr. Ted
Malone $1,000,000 and with most of the board of Selectmen not
recommending this as well, and with Mr. Malone's tirade--do you
really think that the towns people are going to give him a million
dollars and thus pay an extra million dollars out of their own pocket
to renovate Town Hall?

The affordable housing industrial complex is powerful--and we will
see just how powerful at town meeting. They obviously have the clout
to hold back committee meeting minutes.

Lets see, we are struggling to pay our bills while and my boss takes
out for a staff dinner to show his appreciation; people who work for
Ted Malone get houses in which to live. He doesn't need my tax money.
9:31 am edt 

Duane Steele Report

Duane, were there any checks and balances with the credit
cards they were using until 2007 when their auditors told them they
should not be using them?

This drama just keeps giving, doesn't it?
9:29 am edt 

Public Pier Corporation

According to a Pier Corp document dated Sept 27 2007: The
barge was successfully bid on Friday, Sept 21 2007

VS.  The 2008 Annual Town Report
Purchase was completed of a barge...

Why is truth is government so hard for this chair?
9:28 am edt 

Keeping State Government Informed

Next stop the Senate Ways and Means Committee. They will
all get e-links to!

All Aboard!
9:26 am edt 

Duane Steele Report

It's time for the Town to take back the Pier!
9:25 am edt 

Duane Steele Report

Didn't we vote down Mr Steele at the last town meeting?
9:24 am edt 

Provincetown Housing Authority Minutes

A board cannot release minutes of any meeting until the
board meets again to vote to release the minutes to the public.
9:22 am edt 

Affordable Housing

There is a list of over two hundred local and former local
people waiting for affordable rentals to be built.
9:20 am edt 

Duane Steele Report

How come Mary jo Steele did not let the town know about
what she knew about the condition of the wharf?
9:19 am edt 


I just read my  posting and I realise that I made a mistake. It is
the Community Housing Authority that I meant to address concerning
the Feb. 25 meeting.
It's very confusing, all these community this and that's. Too many
committees and councils. Life used to be so simple on this sand dune.
12:32 am edt 

Duane Steele Report

Thank you webmaster for posting Duane Steele's information
That is a real eye opener. I will definitely vote for his article
April 6. Can we go even further and get rid of those people forever?
12:30 am edt 

Duane Steele Report

"So where was former asst. harbor master Steele all these
years in not reporting these maintenance problems?? I blame him also!
And by the way, this pier looks pretty good to me knowing how harsh
the weather is out there. And don't forget how old this pier is now."

12:28 am edt 

Duane Steele, You Rock!

Great Report, Budget, References and Photos!
Thanks for what was obviously a lot of hard work and
backlash from pier management. Clearly you have a good
case for a lawsuit!
12:24 am edt 

Duane Steele Report

What does the chair of the PPPC have to say about Duane
Steele's postings? Wish Duane's reports were in the town report
instead of Clingham's propaganda. You might have fired the guy but he
has a lot more respect from the locals than you ever will....
12:18 am edt 

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Thank you Mr. Steele for your very informative and intensive study.

Old Salt
12:17 am edt 

Community Housing Council

According to the Banner the CHC is not going to make the transcript
of the Feb. 25 meeting public until after Town Meeting. The last
posted meeting is the January meeting.
I have no idea how the council voted on the Community Preservation
Act proposals. These meetings should be public knowledge before Town
Commuity Housing and Community Preservation Committees also need to
update there meetings before Monday, April 6, 2009.
I do not have the opportunity to attend these meetings but I do have
an interest and the right to know what has transpired.

Disappointed and uninformed
12:15 am edt 

Duane Steele Report

Seems like d Steele had too much time on his hands while he
was Harbor Master!
12:14 am edt 

Dirty Pier: Harbormaster Job or DPW Job?

I am just curious or is it my imagination that the uncovered trash
cans on the pier are overflowing onto the pier (good for the gulls)? 
Who is incharge of picking up the trash along the pier?  Or is that
the  clown car the police and the wharf police drive up and down the
wharf in only for coffee runs? 

Can't the town DPW (useless) put lids on the trash cans?  Or maybe use
one of those ornaments they call brooms in the back of the trucks to pick
up the trash they drive by daily.  Take some pride in the town that cuts your
pay check boys and girls. 

After all there are plenty who would love a full time job if you can't figure out
how to use that broom.  Oh and that thing near the broom it's called a shovel, j
ust incase you wondered.
12:12 am edt 

Duane Steele Report

So where was former asst. harbor master Steele all these
years in not reporting these maintenance problems?? I blame him also!
And by the way, this pier looks pretty good to me knowing how harsh
the weather is out there. And don't forget how old this pier is now.
12:10 am edt 

Word Has it That..........

The BOS and Housing Authority Board have agreed not to release the minutes of the
February 25 meeting at which Ted Malone attacked the Chair of the Housing Authority
Bryan Green:

Rumor has it that they will hold off releasing the transcript of the meeting until after
Town Meeting out of concern for its impact on voting at Town Meeting.

This is patently against not only the principles of open government but in fact against
the law.

However, copies of the transcript are circulating and will probably show up on Shout Out
before Town Meeting.


12:05 am edt 

Monday, March 30, 2009

Re: Affordable Housing

All Mikey has to do to find out why we need more affordable
housing is to know that  there are over two hundred families and
hardworking singles on a list that the housing authority has. Housing
before buying a garden in  the uppity east end is where I want the
cpa money to go to!
11:48 pm edt 

To: Webmaster

Mr web master, as a woman who is mentally challenged, I
would have hoped that you didn't let the word retarded be repeated 3
11:46 pm edt 


To the Rat in the Basement, just what do you not
understand? Thank you Steve for setting the record straight on how
the cpc has the best interests for the taxpayers of the town.
11:45 pm edt 

This is not Good

This is in one of the reports: This came home to me when I told a director
that what the Pier Corp was doing was not a good deal for the taxpayer. 
He shouted,      the taxpayer!  We're in this for the money!

This is so TWISTED! This corporation sounds worse than Enron. What is
wrong with town officials to allow this?
11:43 pm edt 

To: Michael R.
There is absolutely nothing you could possibly say that would make me
think that giving Sinaiko money for his mother's garden is a
fiscally, sound idea for the taxpayers of Provincetown. It is, on the
other hand, a fiscally, sound idea for Sinaiko. But that isn't what
the money is for is it?
11:41 pm edt 

Re: Duane Steele Report

Figures they want to can Duane Steele! Thanks Duane for
being so courageous and coming forward with this stuff.I am so sorry
you have been treated so unfairly and shabby by the town. Who is
going to be accountible for this mess down there? It' must be so hard
for Mary Jo all these years to have to sit on the sidelines while her
colleagues bury their heads.
11:40 pm edt 

Re: Duane Steele Report

I can't believe these photos of MacMillan Pier. Do the
Selectmen know about these or is there a conspiracy of silence
because they don't want to be accountible?

We should sue the chair and his gang for destroying our pier when
they were contracted to maintain it. It looks worse than the old pier
for God's sake!

11:38 pm edt 

Let's Care For the People Who are Here Now--

Not Those who Would Cross the Country and the State for Affordable

We need to support and care for the people who are now part of this
community. The goal should not be to bring in anyone who wants a low
cost living situation where a closet will do as a bedroom. This
high-density, poorly constructed closet space living for anyone from
anywhere supported with out taxes has come to an end. Those of us who
live here should be given tax relief and consideration. Enough of
those with hands in our pockets when they arrive and expect low cost
living. We have more affordable housing then most towns on the Cape
and when other towns do affordable housing, it is small scaled and
controlled by the towns. Here it is controlled by a big time, angry
developer who has penetrated most town boards and put the people who
work for him on our town boards.

Enough of this chicanery. Time to open our eyes and see that
affordable housing in Provincetown has been a developer's
profit-making dream that has left us with a taxpayer's nightmare and
a destroyed landscape with out of scale projects that may belong in a
city but hardly should be allowed in this quaint town.
11:36 pm edt 

I'd Like to Address a Few Posts...

Sorry Michael, you may buy into the fantasy that Sinako's
garden was inspired by Monet's garden Giverney, but
it is still a front yard. We are being asked to buy someone's Front
yard! Do you understand that?
This is nothing but a payoff to a local family!
Yea, sure they will welcome the "public" to sit awhile. If
you want to use public money to buy someone's yard then
how about George Bryant's? Cleaning up his dump of a
yard would be a much better use of public funds.
Do not confuse the Brown Street land with the Sinako's
Front yard...I don't see anyone handing out allotments.

Howard Burchman...Don't believe a thing he says.
He has used and abused his position on the Planning Board to
help his good friend Ted Malone and his own self for too long now.
Beware of this man.

Try as I might, I just can't let this opportunity pass...
We hear so much about "your class of people" from good old
'never a dull etc'...Please, help us all to understand exactly WHO
you are talking about...could it be...
Rich people? Smart people? Male people? Female people?
White people? Black people? Gay people? Straight people?
Crooked people? Honest people? Summer people?
Weekend people? Year round people? Day trippers?
How about the Merchants, Landlords, Renters, Artists, Actors,Idiots
and Jokers? Those with kids, and those without. Board members,
elected officials and all the down right, self important fools that
live here?
You get the point don't you? Please try...
I Really don't know WHO the hell you are talking about.
Unless it's you? What class are you?

Night now, I remain,

The ONLY Pebble on the Beach
11:33 pm edt 


Why do you need to know WHAT TOWN that BRAUN had an interview with to
"do anything"?
Are you Brauns boss?  Would you call that town?  He has a right to do
anything 3 days a week he doesn't work for the town of Provincetown.
Still unclear as to what WHEELS EOE would turn?
11:30 pm edt 

I Have to Side With Mikey Folks!

Why not use CPA funds to buy and secure for future generations a
public garden. So what, we have to buy it from a private citizen, isnt
that how most of the property in town is bought? We can preserve the
land so that no building will ever happen. I am all for open space in
Provincetown. The density is getting to be way to much. Let's try and
keep the quaint, small town feel. Just think, a nice spot to sit, look at the
garden,read,chat, just a place to slow down and enjoy the beauty of
this town. I for one have no problem voting for this expenditure. I
do have a big problem with voting for any more affordable housing
until someone can show me a documented need.  As far as Mikey being
retarded. I think that is a derogatory statement and should not have
been posted.

Garden Lover
11:29 pm edt 

Maybe I'm Being Too Cynical

But it seems that this town is in serious trouble. With Michelle
(wrongly spelled when she was born) Couture at the head of our town
and Sharon Lynn being pulled and tugged by this woman, we are in deep
doo doo. It's like the blind leading the blind. There should be some
higher standard for these positions then we have here.
11:26 pm edt 

Whose Town Positions Are Being Proposed for Cuts or Reductions?

Can someone lisst the positions or the people who are scheduled to be
guillotined by the BOS and Ms. Sharon? Without strong leadership
towards the employee unions and especially the police unions, some
people are being targeted. But who are they?

Can someone let us know.
11:25 pm edt 

Michael, You Just Keep Goin'

I support your effort, your writing and your involvement in town
issues. Thanks for posting and thanks for some valuable information.

You're right on, Sir.
11:24 pm edt 

Michael and Your Delightful Walk

We have miles of open access beaches.  We have the National Seashore.
  Why would we spend money to preserve someone's front yard?

Ten years ago the garden was amazing with the care of professional
paid landscapers and the vision of a rare woman.  If the town goes
ahead and buys this, in ten years it will be barely maintained.  In
twenty years it will have gone back to nature.

A garden of that quality needs constant care and there is absolutely
no plan in place to recreate what was once there.  Mr S is hoping for
additional Open Space money for maintenance and trusting that
volunteers will keep it all together.

I would never vote for this until I see a Horticultural Trust
established to ensure the garden's care in perpetuity.

If Mr S cared about his mother's memory, why hasn't he offered up
some of the "profit' from this sale to establish a Trust?

If this passes, next year I'll be looking for the town to purchase my
front yard and I'll be sure to get it appraised as a parking lot.

And Michael, when I'm walking in the East End with friends, I'll
invite them to sit on one of our beaches and enjoy what we have here
in ernest beauty.
11:23 pm edt 

A Little More on Growth Management By-Law

Provincetown has had some form of this by-law on the books for about
20 years now. Many times when we tweak the by-law, unintended
consequences arise. Indeed, the "building moratorium" of the 1980's
first caused developers to turn to existing housing and commercial
accommodations for opportunities.

But having no growth management at all would be worse for the Town.
So we must constantly try to make it better. The by-law itself calls
for annual reports to the BOS to monitor the impacts on
infrastructure and resources. This regulation should and will
continue to be modified as conditions and the will of the voters
8:21 pm edt 

Re: Mikey is Retarded
Mikey is retarded! I read that and burst out laughing..of
all the things that you could have called me. At least you didn't
attack my painting! What I am  focused on and resolute about
and my only cause, is fairness to the taxpayers of Provincetown.

For instance, it is the audit by the Dept. of Revenue that states
point blank that the school population has been declining for ten
years and the school committee refuses to acknowledge that the school
is a terrible financial burden upon the taxpayers.

It is the Dept. of Revenue--the financial watch dog of the
commonwealth--that said this. And yet people who have been supporting
the schools for decades are called anti-children--because we see that
the schools need to regionalize. Even Mr. Bergman said that we needed
to regionalize.

Of course I'm for the community garden. (We used to do this with some
friends on their land). I want us to have the best of all
worlds--vegetable garden and a pocket park full of flowers. Susan
Sinako's garden was inspired by Monet's garden Giverney! Susan went
there with the owners of Glaskill Nursery.

Wouldn't it be just delightful to go for a walk in the East End of
town with friends and then say to them,"lets sit in this park and
rest a while and enjoy the garden". All of us could do it!

Isn't everything in town owned by somebody? We paid $1,000,000 for 90
Shankpainter Rd and then the town gave it to a developer. Lets spend
the money on enhancing the lives of the citizens of the town with a
beautiful garden which we can go to and enjoy. And Lets have the
community garden as well.

Lets not give a developer a million dollars--lets buy land that we
call can enjoy. Lets use CPA money on our cemeteries, our library,
our historical buildings, on parks and playgrounds and gardens.

We already have the largest affordable housing complex on the cape
under construction. Lets enhance the lives of the taxpayers who live
here now.

Michael Rogovsky
8:19 pm edt 

State of the Town Tuesday at 6 p.m. at Veteran's Memorial

Tuesday at 6 p.m. they will hold the State of the Town Meeting given
by Sharon Lynn and the Board of Selectmen.

If they are realistic, we will here that times are tough, mega
projects won't be proposed and they made the needed hard decisions in
department reductions, eliminated raises and gained give-backs from
the unions.

Hum. Well. Golly. Uh. Huh!
8:14 pm edt 

Re: Never a Dull Moment

Good for you stand up and voice your opinion at town mtg you have
every right to do so, as a tax payer myself I get disgusted with the way
I see money being spent, but that does not give me the right to get on
this blog and take pot shots at people just because I know their names
like alot of people from {your class of people} now with that said lol did you
mean that as a call out to me to meet you after the meeting to
DISCUSS things lol lol lol come on skippy who looks like the stupid
one now lol you would'nt really want that would you? 
never a dull moment
8:13 pm edt 

To: Never a Dull Moment

You are right-you don't have to be ashamed of what you say-the way
you say it and spell it is shameful enough. You are accusing people
of doing the very thing you do-except you do it with venom and hate!!
8:10 pm edt 

Re: Milkewicz Posting

Stephen Milkewicz can you reread, edit, and repost your
statement? I read it three times and I was just left wondering what
the heck your talking about.

A Rat In The Basement
4:49 pm edt 

Re: Why Now Sewer Expansion

There is no bad time to expand the sewer system.  If it could have
been done sooner, it should have.

It will cost you NOTHING unless you are in the east end and CHOOSE to
connect to the system.  No one is being forced to connect.

The expansion will open up much needed flow to the downtown
commercial district which is important for businesses, employment and
our economy.

It will also increase flow to the sewerage plant which will reduce
cost in the long run for ALL users of the system.
4:13 pm edt 

Re: Planning Committee vs Ad Hoc Group

Excuse Me, But Why Would You Eliminate Health Agent and
Permit Coordinator on the Proposed by-law changes?

There was a reason that lead to assessments and permits by the Health
agent and also the permit coordinator. I find this questionable and
would leave the by-laws as they were written. I like having the
health agent involve and also the permit coordinator. Next they'll
have anyone in the so named "department" making decisions they are
not qualified to make.

Leave the by-laws alone at this time. And if Howard Burchman was so
concerned with making changes, why didn't he and the Planning
Committee work on the changes themselves? Who else brings in another
group to do the Planning Committee's work? This is not the way our
by-laws should be written or changed.
4:12 pm edt 

Re: Never a Dull Moment

Your right keep your mouth shut! Becouse you defiently sound like the
stupid one. If you dont like what the tax payers are writing then
stay off the blog. Further more the truth hurts everyone and its all
based on facts of incidents that have already taken place. Sooo. no
one can run from the truth and yeah I want to see things done
correctly especially with my local Fire Dept. My donations go to the
Provincetown Rescue Squad and Firemans Association. Im making these
donations for a good cause not so a Fire Department can run
unprofessional. By the way I will be at town meeting voting against
the article for the funds for the ladder truck and so will alot of my
friends who own businesses here in Provincetown. So you'll hear me
voicing my opinion, then maybe me and you could discuss things
afterwards. :)
4:09 pm edt 

Great Interpretation of the Four Day Work Week

Look for a new position on the fifth day and then have the time to
interview as well the following week. The inadvertent consequences of
this horrible four day work week--which is really a three and a half
day work week. You're insight on Russell Braun's use of the Fifth Day
to look for a new position is interesting.

Maybe Sharon will have time to look for a new position as well. Use
your Fridays judiciously, my dear.
4:07 pm edt 

Re: Never a Dull Moment

I will never be ashamed of anything I say or do, if it bothers you
what I say DONT REAd IT it's as simple as that, not to hard to figure!
I say what I say to people on this blog who loive to sit and attack people
they dont even know and then attack peoples spelling or grammer when
their  blog gets a responce, it's pethetic and just makes me laugh, now
go away will you please.              

never a dull moment
4:06 pm edt 

To: Michael Rogovsky

Hello Micheal, I applaud your efforts in your crusade for CPC monies
to go to the renovation/rehabilitation of our beloved Town Hall
structure. I truly believe that the CPA money is intended for such an
I also am on board with monies being used for the final stage of
rehabilitation to the old Methodist church/library.
My biggest concern is your advocacy for the Sinaiko garden in the
East End. I do not think that this is a proper venue for open space
funds and CPC allocations. This "park" is nothing more than a
bail-out to the Sinaiko family trust. I urge you to rethink this
portion of the CPA allocations. I believe this money should not be
used to bail-out a private citizen. Let him turn his property into a
parking lot, like he has investigated.
Maybe you should focus your energy on the proposed effort by the
conservation commission for funding a community garden, where the
Town as a whole could really benefit. Even Michelle Obama is putting
a vegetable garden on the White House lawn!
4:03 pm edt 

"Public Park For *All*????

Nope, try major coup for Sinaiko... we get practically nothing, while
his property gets preserved for his own benefit; yes Mikey, his own

Mikey is retarded.
4:01 pm edt 

Re: Duane Steele Report

Webmaster, any idea when the Duane Steele report will be
posted? Curious minds want to see...

Webmaster Comment: Yes, today.

Thank you
3:59 pm edt 

Cheap Shots

On this town report thing, i don't think is was appropriate
for a chair of an appointed board to take cheap pot shots at the
selectmen. it's just not right.

My two cents
3:57 pm edt 

The Nays Have it!

With the finance committee refusing to recommend that
almost a million dollars go to a private developer and with the
majority of the Board of Selectmen voting not to give a private
developer these funds and with his outburst against a CPA committee
member, Mr. Ted Malone will probably not receive these funds and they
will be put in reserve for renovating town hall and to other worth
while ventures that benefit all of the citizens of Provincetown.
3:55 pm edt 

Re: Russell Braun

I'm the person who wants to help Braun leave Town. No one
has offered any information other than simple statements such as the
last one about him having an "interview in another Town". Tell me
what Town, with who,for what position? I cant do anything without
specific information. If someone can come forward with this
information I will begin to turn my wheels.


3:54 pm edt 

Public Pier Corporation Financial's

Geez who can keep up? Now Climgham Chair says selectmen are
against hin and his PPPPC? Why the about face? Do the Selectmen know
something new about their financial's?
3:52 pm edt 

Public Pier Corporation's Report

Our elected officals have bent over backwards not to
publicly embarrass the  pier co.  and that is how their chair treats
them? Did the State know they were puffing up their bottom line with
our mooring fees? There is so much the Selectmen have bit their lips
about! Yes I agree his report is very whiny.
3:50 pm edt 

CPC Rulings and CPA Funds

To the bloger who tries to put down the CPC for not having
a member of the open space committee as a member of the CPC. You seem
to want to make my committe look like we are doing a bad job at
funding projects in town! That we only give most of the funds to
affordable housing, that little or no funds have been given to open
space & historic needs! Well first of all you are so wrong. Any funds
given can only be approved by voters at town meeting, not by the CPC!
Second, as the open space committe representative for most of the
years of the community preservation act.The open space committee and
town meeting voted to max out all of our cpa  funding to buy new
needed well fields in truro, that put an end to any cpa funding until
resently when town meeting changed the percentages of funds back to
10-10-10-70%. And as a member of the historical committee and for a
short time a representative for the historical commission on the cpc
I can tell you that the historic district committe is only a town board, the
state run cpa calls for the historical commission to have a seat on the cpc!
All past historic cpa funding voted for at town meeting has been planned
not to cost the town any extra interest by using only cash! That will change
this year if town meeting votes to fund two million dollars from the cpa for
town hall. 

Stephen Milkewicz
3:47 pm edt 

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Re: Howard Burchman

Oh sure. Now it's clear. No knee jerk reactions huh? Isn't that how
you specifically reacted to the Murchison property, no knowledge of
the project or the proponent but went and made decisions anyway? But
now you think people in here are going to listen to you claim the
newly proposed bylaws are good for the town? You've got some work
ahead of you, most namely, how is this going to benefit Malone. If
you can't assure people these changes aren't benefiting him and his
minions your bylaws are dead. Read up. No more Malone loopholes.
11:26 pm edt 

By-Law Changes: Health Agent and Permit Coordinator Are Replaced With "The Department"

So now we are taking decisions about Title Five out of the purview of
the Health Agent and the assessments are to be done by "the
Department." So a secretary can make the assessment or anyone in the
"department." then we see that Permit Coordinator is cross out at
many places in the by-laws and issues of permits and appeals are
proposed to be handled by "the Department." Again, anyone in "the
Department" then can handle permits, can decide if requirements are
followed and handle appeals. I don't consider these changes an
improvement of the by-law but a watering down of who is overseeing
projects and what knoweldge and training they need.

This is enough to vote against the changes in our by-laws, too many
hidden agendas in the five pages of changes.
11:25 pm edt 

Why Now?

This is not the Time to Spend $3 Million for Phase Three of
the Sewer System

This is surely not the time to request funds from taxpayers for Phase
Three of the sewer system as Article 2 does. This project has taken
so much of our monies and now the request for more. It has been
poorly designed, poorly implemented and we don't need Phase Three at
this time. We are in the midst of a serious recession. Why propose
this now? Why indeed!
11:22 pm edt 

Jeff, We Don't Need Another Law

Let People Smoke a Little Marijuana Without Peering Eyes
from the BOS and Town Manager and Chief of Police

The way this article is written, we'd never know when someone could
be arrested by Elaine Anderson, or David Bedard or Michele Couture.
This article is rather odd and I surely don't want the selectmen
empowered with the ability to arrest and fine someone who is smoking
a little grass.

Let the state law be Provincetown's law. Jeff, we don't need another
law to replace the state law. There are other issues you should be
more concerned with--like the use of much more serious drugs.

This article is ridiculous. State law will do fine. We don't need a
special Provincetown law on marijuana.
11:20 pm edt 

Re: Russell Braun

Where is the individual that was helping Braun leave town? 
Heard he had an interview Friday on another cape town?  Anyone know
if that is true?  Don't you just love the 4 day work weeks?  Lets our
towns people interview for positions during a REAL WORK DAY.   Wish I
could do the same..
11:18 pm edt 

In Answer to Your Question

To the person who posted that I was awfully busy yesterday:
Yes, I was. I want to do my part to make sure that the CPA funds
benefit all of the citizens and taxpayers of Provincetown who are
living here now.

I want the burden of renovating Town Hall that has fallen on the
shoulders of the taxpayers to be alleviated with the CPA funds that
are to be allocated to historical preservation.

I also want the hundreds of thousands of dollars that have gone to a
private developer to be made available to renovate town Hall, create
a public park out of a private garden and I want these funds to
complete the library.

There is a lot of work to do to make the citizens aware that these
funds can truly enhance our community in which we live and that after
millions of dollars going to private developers in the name of CPA
funds--it is time for this money to benefit all of the citizens of
Provincetown. I'll keep repeating it until you understand what I'm

Michael Rogovsky
11:17 pm edt 

Affordable Housing Feeding Chain for the Strong

On the editorial page of the Boston Globe is an article
regarding people who to Massachusetts from all over this country due
to the fact that they can take advantage of our health system. This
is a fact.

Of course the affordable housing units will be filled. You will see
strapping guys and gals in their 30's coming here working in the
summer and living nicely in these units.

These units must be for first responders, women with dependent
children, the elderly and infirm-not these young bucks riding around
in their big trucks.
11:14 pm edt 

Proper Uwe of CPA Funds

Buying a private garden and creating a public park for all
to enjoy with CPA money and maintaining it with CPA is what the
Community Preservation Act is all about! It is stated in its

Giving a Million Dollars to a private developer with other sources of
revenue at his beck and call is a misuse of CPA funds. For four
years, millions of dollars have been given to developers of
affordable housing. Now it is time for CPA money to benefit All of
the citizens of Provincetown living here now.

These funds must go to renovate Town Hall, The library, and to create
a park for *All* of the citizens of Provincetown to Enjoy. Not to go
into the pocket of a private developer.
Do you understand now?

Michael Rogovsky
11:09 pm edt 

Re: In the 2008 Annual PPPC Report

"Unfortunately, a few elected officials have stood alongside
those who have sought to discredit our hard work, paint us as poor
managers,and have even publicly referred to us as thieves."
You are charging that...our selectmen have publicly referred to you
as 'thieves".

I have no association with the PPPC, but you have misread the quote. 
It says that some elected officials have stood alongside those who
have called the PPPC thieves.  This is not the same as saying that
some elected officials have themselves called the PPPC thieves. 
Maybe it's a subtle difference, but that is what it says, and
moreover it is true: a certain vocal critic we all know has said
this, and some elected officials have indeed stood by her PPPC
criticisms, if not everything she said.

So please reread the quote slowly and then justify your outrage, if
you still have it.
11:08 pm edt 

Re: Fire /Department and Chief Travato

I wish I had some political big words to throw out here and some supreme
knowledge of how a fire dept should be run, but I dont so I guess I should
just SHUT UP unlike "a certain class of people" dont know enough to do and
write nonsense on this have a problem with the fire
dept? join it!! you have a problem with chief Travato? go talk to him
like a concerned citizen. Why do you folks think it's ok to bash
someone you dont even know who does a job that you could'nt.....oh by
the way, if you ever god forbid need the Provincetown fire dept for
anything? dont give your thanks afterwards, just get back on your
computer, open another cheap bottle of wine, and attack them again.
      never a dull moment
11:05 pm edt 

Re: Cybercove Closing?

Cybercove used to be at Whalers Wharf, maybe that's what
those who told you are referring to?
11:02 pm edt 

Hi Folks,

I've never posted here before but the proposed changes to the growth
management bylaw are too important to not be discussed and clarified.
  For those who don't find what follows to be sufficiently clear,
please come to the Planning Board meeting tomorrow, Monday March 30
at 7 pm at Grace Goveia.

As one poster has already stated, despite who might have been
involved in drafting the changes, the proposed changes dramatically
shift our growth management polices away from affordable housing and
into market rate and economic development/commercial activities.

I am sorry that the warrant article is so long.  State law requires
that when we propose changes to the Zoning Bylaw we must print the
entire existing law and indicate by crossing out and underlining what
changes are going to be made.  This, of necessity, makes these
articles lengthy.

Our growth management bylaw was tinkered with and altered by Keith
Bergman to the point where is its fixated on affordable housing
development.  As the bylaw currently reads -- and as it will continue
to read if it is indefinitely postponed as several on this site have
argued -- there is a total of 5,870 gallons per day of new/additional
development permitted in town.  Significant analysis has demonstrated
that this is a sustainable level of growth -- in fact our actual
water consumption has been decreasing on an annual basis for a number
of years.  This is a result of leak detection, conservation, and
shifting of uses away from restaurants and guesthouse to seasonal
second homes.  The bottom line is that this level of growth is
sustainable given our natural resource limitations.

Of the 5,870 gallons/day to be allocated, 1,650 is currently directly
allocated to affordable housing and another 1,870 gallons/day are
allocated to market rate housing that is developed in conjunction
with affordable housing.  Thus, 60% of all allowable growth is
associated with affordable housing.

For the remainder, the current by-law allocates 1,100 gallons/day to
market rate housing and 700 gallons/day to all other (commercial
uses).  Even more significant than these allocations is the fact that
all unused gallons in the non-affordable housing category at the end
of the year are shifted into the affordable housing pool. This has
accomplished two things:  it has built up a huge reservoir of gallons
for affordable housing such that there are sufficient gallons set
aside to develop all of the affordable units at 90 Shankpainter and
at the project proposed for Race Point Road and still have gallons
left over!  If the by-law is left as is (indefinitely postponed) that
reservoir will continue to grow and in the process choke off other
development activity -- some of which could actually create
year-round employment.

All commercial uses are allocated a measly 700 gallons/day.  This is
so small as to be virtually worthless and since (unlike the
affordable housing category) these gallons do not accrue but anything
unused is shifted to affordable housing at the end of the year.

The proposed changes will do two significant things:  first, no
longer will the unused gallons at the end of the year be shifted into
the affordable housing reservoir.  Instead they will remain in their
respective categories.  This means that the gallon pool for
commercial uses can increase over time and potentially allow larger
investments in commercial uses.  Secondly, it is proposed to change
the allocations:  affordable housing will continue to get 1,650
gallons/day; market rate housing associated with affordable housing
will be reduced from 1,870 gallons to 1,100.  Market rate housing
will increase from 1,100 gallons to 1,870 and commercial uses will go
from 700 to 1,250 gallons/day.  And most importantly these
allocations will remain and be allowed to accrue in the respective
categories and not be converted to affordable housing uses.

Our growth management bylaw has stifled non-affordable housing
development in this town.  As a result we have seen developers
converting rental housing to second home condos,
hotels/motels/guesthouses into second homes, and restaurants into
second homes.  Since existing uses already had gallonage allocations,
they became the only possible target for developers.  This has had
negative consequences for our tourism dependent economy.

In this time of economic crisis, it makes great sense to allocate
additional gallons to commercial development and these proposed
changes will do that.  We desperately need people to invest in
business and to create new employment.  Our growth management bylaw
has made it almost impossible to do so. Significant commercial
vacancies on Commercial Street will have a hugely negative impact on
our town.  These changes will allow new and addtional commercial
development by redirecting resources away from the overflowing
affordable housing gallonage reservoir.

Please do not respond to this change with a knee-jerk reaction.  Read
it for yourself; come to our public hearing; ask questions.  It will
be very detrimental to our town in this economy to not consider these
changes and that's why it's important to act on this change and to
act now, not to indefinitely postpone.

Howard Burchman
11:00 pm edt 

Michael, You Are Right About CPA Funds

Provincetown is perhaps the only town in MA who established 80% of
CPA funds for affordable housing. Look where that idea cam from:
Michelle Couture and Elaine Anderson and the infamous Ryan report.
The law was set up to purposefully set a minimum of 10% so none of
the three categories could be excluded. Otherwise, Provincetown would
have given all the CPA funds to affordable housing.

This law was established to preserve open land, to help restore
historical buildings, and create small scale affordable housing. The
aim was to use established structures and use them for affordable
housing. Yet here we gave almost nothing to open land, pennies to
historic issues and millions to mega projects. Even the affordables
in Seashore POint are out of scale.

But look at the CPC and who is controlling the monies. You have had
members from Historical Commission (why isn't it a member of the
Historic District Commission--the actual regulatory body) and they
have voted against increasing monies for historic preservation. And
you have had conservation members (why isn't a member from Open Space
Commmittee--they truly value open space) and the conservation member
has also voted against increasing monies for purchasing open land. WE
have had a cabal for affordable housing under the guise of
representing historic preservation and open land. They have been in
the pockets of affordable housing and they have worked against CPA
funds when it comes to two of the three areas that committee was set
up to protect and fund.

This is sad truth and it's time for change and change in membership.
10:53 pm edt 

Fire Department & Truck:

To the SAME PERSON who keeps discussing this matter...  Enough is
enough already.  No one wants to hear you anymore... If you are a
Ptown voter then express yourself at the Town Meeting..  Otherwise,
keep your in-accurate opinions to yourself....  SAVE THEM TO BE HEARD
IN PUBLIC.  Let's see if your so brave then ?
10:50 pm edt 

To: Never a Dull Moment

Why do you always have to me so mean and nasty when making a point?
You should be ashamed of yourself!
10:48 pm edt 

Re: Public Pier Corporation

BARGEGATE is alive and well as Mr. Clinghon is now changing
the year they purchased the barge to 2008! The PPC bought the barge
in 2007. In his very whiny report he brags about no MALFEASANCE
discovered by FINCom.

But he neglects to mention the Commonwealth of Massachusetts found
plenty of ACCOUNTING MALFEASANCE and  he was ordered to work with the
State's record's division and  stop writing over the financials of
the board he (poorly) oversees!

Why isn't he releasing their FY June 30 2008 P & L? Why isn't he
releasing the Auditor's 2008 report? Why isn't he releasing his 2009
budget? Yeah, even though I don't fully understand Duane's article, I
trust him a lot more than I trust Mr. Clinghon with our money!

Obviously our TOWN WIDE GOALS of fiscal accountibilty and
transparency don't include him and his PPC!
10:47 pm edt 

Re: Toy Ladder Truck
First of all you should be ashamed of going to town meeting and
asking for such amount of money in time of crisis. Second.. You have
$350,000 dollars of insurance funds suck it up and go buy a nice used
ladder truck with that money. Oh by the way in order to show to a
call with the ladder truck, you must have good moral, which leads to
good membership and thats something Provincetown Fire Department
doesn't have.
12:14 pm edt 

You Were Awfully Busy Yesterday, Mr. Rogovsky

Re: The Citizens Will Give Voice to Their Will
     It is Time to Stop Their Empire Building
     Re: Year Round Work
     Re: Utilization of CPA Funds
     Ted Malone the Emperor of Affordable Housing

You were awfully busy yesterday, Mr. Rogovsky. Slow day at the
gallery, perhaps?
..We get it, Michael.

Are you aware that you are a proponent of another
"private-developer"? The Sinaiko garden is a private realestate
transaction between a family member who wants a QUARTER- MILLION
DOLLARS from your carefully guarded, precious CPA funding source.
Where is YOUR outrage over that?

Talking Out Of Both Sides Of Your Mouth
11:51 am edt 

Re: Toy Ladder Truck

LOL thats funny!!!   hey here's an a toy ladder truck when
your home is burning to the ground, and even better children in firman
costumes to put it out instead of those great guys from our town who
show up in a flash to help who ever needs them.......maybe you could
do us all a favor an stay seem like the type that would'nt be
           never a dull moment
11:48 am edt 

Cybercove Going Out of Business?

It's sad seeing Cybercove going out of business.  They were
such a valuable service.  I heard their was a company at whaler's
wharf that does printing and business cards and stuff.  Anyone know
what the name of it is or the phone number?  I can't imagine driving
to Orleasn for this stuff.
11:46 am edt 

Duane Steele Report

Why can't I get the Duane Steele report?  Nothing comes up.

Webmaster Comment:

Sorry, it is still in the process of being published.

Thank you for your consideration
11:44 am edt 

Financial Times Demand Dealing With Reality (Dump the Wish-List)

This years town mtg should be interesting, mostly because,
most folks out there are in finiancial trouble no matter where you

Yes, Provincetown needs to be year round so the shops would stay
open.. Where I see the problem is so many people want more then need.
In these times we should be coming together as a team. But there are
too many folks out there for thier own interests and wants.

Most could care less about Provincetown as a community. No matter
what is needed, most folks wants are more important then our needs
for our town of Provincetown. Total shame on more wants then needs.

We are in a depression and there will be wants that will have to be
given up, nothing will hurt, except some pride and the money is not
talking, if we get out there and do what NEEDS to be done. We have
major issues with year-round because most, which were year-round,
now, go to the Greek Islands or France, while most of the
working class can only take a small vacation, if we can at all.

So bite your tongue, if you don't like it on the Cape then move. This
town of ours was a 12 month working town, no we may not make the
total 12 but we need to try.

11:42 am edt 

Careful Considerations

I just don't get it? Am I missing something. Presently, we
have one of the largest "affordable housing" developments being built
on Shankpaninter. How many people in town actually need "affordable
housing"? I mean really need it, not just want it and are trying to
get a good deal on housing on the cape. Do we have a number? Does the
town have a number of how many people need affordable housing?

Next, do all of these people who need housing have a job? I would assume
they would need a job to apply for affordable housing? Let's see who
needs it and passes the criteria for it then go from there.

I don't think we should keep building affordable housing until all of the
units we presently have are filled. I DO NOT want to build units for
people across the state to come here and live.

We need to keep the faltering economy in mind. There are no jobs for people
down here so how are they going to pay for their affordable housing?? Let's also
watch very carefully that people aren't renting out their "affordable unit" to tourists
in the summer months. Also, let's check into some of the affordable
units at the Meadows... I hear there are some people living over there who are
above the income requirements to qualify for a unit???

Let's get all the facts before we make any decisions instead of once
again a "knee jerk" reaction.

On another note, lets take the community center, turn it into summer
housing for workers. They can be charged a fair rent. They the
programs at the community center can use the extra space at the

Right Whale in the Bay
11:31 am edt 

Time to Go!

I cross referenced the post from the 2008 annual report.
The only thing that is inaccurate is the spelling of the chair. It s

I am both saddened and outraged Mr. Clingham viciously attacked our
(volunteer) board of selectmen. It's time to step down sir as those
charges are untrue and now are forever in the Town's 2008 report 
with no chance of the selectmen refuting your charge.
11:24 am edt 

Understanding the Law

To the bright bulb who made it very clear same sex couples
do not have children ?    The point is that heterosexual couples, not
married, are not included in the Registry of Children born in the
town (per Mass Law).   The only children included as born in
Provincetown for a year are only hetersexual married couples.   Has
the fool ever heard of ADOPTION - gay or straight.   Again,not
included are adopted kids, or anychild "born out of wedlock".   You
are the one who clearly does not have a clue darling.
11:23 am edt 

Sharing the Load

We all pay for the schools; we all pay the salaries of the
town employees;why doesn't the entire town pay for the waster water
treatment plants since it goes such a long way towards keeping the
harbor clean for everyone!
11:21 am edt 

Didn't Cost a Penny

Saw in the Banner this week that there are three units of affordable
housing for sale at Herring Cove Village (old Bissell's Tennis).

Three units and it didn't cost the taxpayers one single penny.
11:20 am edt 

Saturday, March 28, 2009

In the 2008 Annual Report PPPC Chair Clinghon Writes:

"Unfortunately, a few elected officials have stood alongside
those who have sought to discredit our hard work, paint us as poor
managers,and have even publicly referred to us as thieves."

Who are you talking about Mr. Clinghon? You are charging that a few
(which is three) of our elected officials (which would be our
selectmen) have publicly referred you and your board as "'thieves?'"
We have a right to know to whom are you referring!

Mr., you owe our selectmen an apology and explanation. Your
accusations in your report set the bar for an appointed official to a
new town low.
10:42 pm edt 

Keep an Open Mind

Maybe all the Einsteins Complaining About the Zoning by-Law
Revisions should take some time to read and understand.

There are only two (albeit long)sections up for amendment. The
changes regarding growth management will actually free up permits for
market rate development such as new single family homes or adding a
bedroom, or expansion of comercial uses. The change will R_E_D_U_C_E
the permits/gallons dedicated to affordable housing. That's right; a
reduction in development rights for affordable housing is what you
are carping over.

The truth be told, there is already enough of a pool of "affordable
housing" gallons to serve all the affordable projects in the pipeline.

The second long section up for discussion is regulating development
in Flood Zones. It really just makes existing regulations clearer and
stricter to some extent. It is a good thing to not build in the flood

The zoning by-laws are almost always difficult to understand, but
this will all be explained at Town Meeting. So go with an open mind
and decide and vote for yourself.

Another Point of view
9:46 pm edt 

The Citizens Will Give Voice to Their Will

If you think that taxpayers are afraid to speak out and
call a spade a spade when the affordable housing industrial complex
has show their passion for power and their demands on taxpayer's
money..then you are a fool. Of course we will speak out.

Last Spring, Attorney Chris Snow stood up and said that we are
building the biggest affordable housing complex on Cape Cod and that
it is time for CPA money to go to alleviating the financial burden on
the taxpayers of Provincetown as they go forward with renovating our
beloved Town Hall.

After Duane Steel's article in the Banner and after Ted Malone's
immature outburst--do you think that the taxpayers are going to rally
behind more millions going to this developer???

Stop your fake pulling at the heart strings--you are going to get a
dressing down at town meeting: Are you listening Ms. Pam P, Ms.
Elaine Anderson and Ms. Michele C????

Enough of our hard earned money for a private developer. Enough. Now
help out the citizens of this town.

A Provincetown Mother
9:43 pm edt 

It is Time to Stop Their Empire Building

It is the Department of Revenue which did an audit of the
town and sounded the clarion call that after ten years of declining
enrollment in the high school that it was time to regionalize and
reduce the financial burden on the taxpayers.

It was after reading last year that the taxpayers connected to the
waste water treatment plant were going to be forced to pay for
seashore point's $800,000 connection to the waste water treatment
plant that citizens became riled and rebelled against the Affordable
Housing Industrial Complex and its stranglehold on the taxpayers of

It is time to stop their empire building. It is time to reclaim the
CPA for all of the citizens of Provincetown--instead of the CPA being
the personal bank account of Affordable housing developers.

Enough is Enough.
Provincetown citizen
9:40 pm edt 

Re: Public Pier Corp.

Just to keep things right dutra has 3 boats tied to the pier two
don't run or fish or never fished and pay no dockage fee!!!
9:38 pm edt 

Dutra's Second Boat on the Pier

You forgot to mention the Voyagers is Dutras second boat on
the pier.   The one without any fishing permits.
9:37 pm edt 

Re: Year Round Work

January, February--how many stores are
open? How many people are pulling in a pay check?

Look at the New Economy summit--someone made a lot of money from the
grants or whatever that funded this "feel good" research.

Do you know how many such consultants etc. I've seen come and go? how
many summits we've had from the school summit to this--Provincetown
is not going to be a place of year round employment with people
streaming here for jobs.

We need summer worker housing--not year round housing. The only year
round housing is going to be subsidized by the taxpayers. Lets do
drug testing on people who collect unemployment, who get housing etc.
subsidized by the public.
9:36 pm edt 

People are not against affordable housing, they are against
millions of dollars going to affordable housing developers when the
taxpayers in Provincetown are faced with the financial burden of
renovating Town Hall.

How can you say that people are against affordable housing when the
largest affordable housing development on the cape is being
undertaken now at 90 Shankpainter Rd.

There are other needs in town than giving more money to a rich
developer of affordable housing. Lets wait until these units are
filled and then see what is needed. With 90 Shank Painter Rd and with
Ted Malon'es mega project and with all of his other projects--there
are close to 100 units in the works of being built.
9:34 pm edt 

Re: Utilization of CPA Funds

At the Spring Town meeting there was an overwhelming vote
to return affordable housing to 10% rather than its 80% designation.

The Community Preservation act has three categories for funding: open
space (INCLUDING PUBLIC RECREATION, historic preservation and
community housing.

In Westport MA., seventeen projects involving town-owned historic
building and other significant building and activities have been
funded under the historic preservation category.

These projects include the Westport town Hall, Friends meeting Hall,
The Bell school house, home of the Westport Historical society.
Historic cemeteries, restoration and protection of maps in the
library, marker at historical sites in Westport among other projects.

Why didn't the folks at the monument apply for funds to fix the
building at Pilgrim Monument? Why isn't our library being completed
with CPA funds if Westport can use it for Friends meeting house?

The fact is that millions of dollars have been going to affordable
housing developers these past four years. Enough is enough--it is
time for CPA money go to benefit the entire town of Provincetown.

Michael Rogovsky
9:31 pm edt 

Re: Public Pier Corporation

Hey clingon understands us! he let's us discard our junk on
yhe pier  like old nets and crap we don t want on our boats for u
people to haul off to your transfer station! why do u think I live in
truro? I may smell like fish but I ain t no dummy!

Thanks Lenny!
9:29 pm edt 

Re: Fire Department

We'll see who knows what their talking about come town meeting when
your asking for $300,000 from the tax payers. You'll be better going
to walmart and buying a toy ladder truck. LOL
9:27 pm edt 

Teddy's payroll

We all know giving Connies the boot was the death knell for
clem and ursies, I can t wait to say 'table for two' or 'miss more
water please' to many on teddys payroll who have trashed all the
proponents of enough affordable housing!
9:26 pm edt 

Provincetown Fire Department

What I have to offer is the truth, unlike yourself and the good old boy club!
9:24 pm edt 

Re: Immaculate Conception

Tell us then enlighened one, how many children were born in
2008 to same sex couples?

The uneducated one with just an mba from little ole' mit
Immaculate conception
9:23 pm edt 

Re: Provincetown Fire Department

Where's the driver training?? stop trying to sweep things under the
carpet MICHAEL!
9:21 pm edt 

Vote No or Indefinite Postponement

Why are we being rushed to vote on approving Provinctown's
Growth Management By-Laws.

We have not been given the reasons nor the time to digest the
ramifications of such a change.

All Growth Management By-Law modifications should be either "Voted
Down" or "Indefinitely Postponed" at Town Meeting.

I agree, Just Say No!

2:15 pm edt 

Would Someone Please Define "Year Round Work"

Does it include the waitron at the Lobster Pot or some other place
that is closed for the winter ?   Does it include retail workers ?  
Does it include someone who works in Hyannis ? or Orleans ?   Does it
include someone who communtes to Boston pr NY ?  Does it include
airline personnel whose hubs are out of Provincetown ?  Does it
include teachers - they dont' work summers remember ? Does it include
artists ?   Does it include the self employed ?
Please help with this definition as some of you use this as a reason
not to have affordable housing in Provincetown.
2:00 pm edt 

Re: Provincetown Fire Department

Will the firefighter that had such issues with the Chief
and the department please shut up and get off the department. It is
getting so old listening to him.
Once again somone who thinks they know it all, but nothing to offer except BS.
1:57 pm edt 

Did You Mean 50 Years of Service and Corporate Money?

That is more the issue with this so special please change our by-laws
committee. This group was the initial group that was part of the
Local Comprehensive Plan Implementation Committee. Look at the 2001
group: Reigna Binder, Annie Howard and yes of course--Ted Malone. And
it was this group that changed and wrote many of by-laws. I guess
some people just can't stop changing our by-laws especially if it
benefits them personally, corporately and financially.

I find this special group who is now presenting more than four pages
of major changes to our by-laws at this particular time--a problem.
What was the rush to change so many laws? Why should this happen at
this time when our focus should be facing our economic issues.

Something's quite fishy here and I think just plain wrong. Wrong
group. Wrong time. Wrong changes.

Sharon, why did you appoint this group in late fall? What did you
feel, in your great knowledge of the town's by-laws, that these laws
needed radical change? I'd like to know.
1:56 pm edt 

Re: Town Manager

So if the town manager does nothing, you gripe. but if she
does something, she needs your permission? just who is supposed to
"ask" her to do stuff? get over your self important selves.
1:54 pm edt 

Re: Town Hall Meeting

Yeah, right. like anyone on here has the nerve to get up
and speak at town meeting the way you blog on here. i suspect you
will be staring at your feet thinking of something mean and nasty to
post about the "idiots" who didn't vote the way you wanted.
1:52 pm edt 

Re: Truro Fire Department

Oh yeah I forgot the Truro Fire Department is so wonderful.
What do you call that game their cheif plays ? Touchy Feely
1:51 pm edt 

Public Pier Corporation

Dutras' cottage colony proposal gets Truro ConCom approval
By Kevin Mullaney
Thu Mar 26, 2009, 10:47 AM EDT

"The project that was approved last week will keep the existing
dwelling and add a second floor, converting it into a four-bedroom
structure, plus three new cottages."

These are the kind of fishermen Provincetown taxpayers should
underwrite and they do for real estate developer and
Truro fisherman David Dutra. We lend him even more support and pay
for his electricity and water when he lives on his boat the Voyager
tied to MacMillan Pier and rents out his house. Love the bbq grill
and lounge chair on the Voyager's deck!

PPPC Chair Clinghon understands the needs of the fishermen! Wish he
understood Provincetown taxpayers' needs too....
1:50 pm edt 

Vote "NO"

I say we vote NO and show Ted Malone that he can take his
affordable housing scheme someplace else.
1:46 pm edt 

Re: 2008 Births in Provincetown

To the person who quoted "total 2008 births 12".   Guess
what - those births - per the law in the Commonwealth - only include
heterosexual married couples children born here.  Those are the only
births that are allowed to be recorded in the annual records.

Go educate yourself !
1:45 pm edt 

Re: BOS and Town Manager

Yes,  a lot of us blogers like what the bos & town manager
are doing. if you don't like what they are doing, do something about
it other than just blogging away day after day about the same  things!
1:43 pm edt 

Ted Malone the Emperor of Affordable Housing

Look at all of the year round jobs in Provincetown--we are
crying for more year round workers aren't we? Lets tax our water
system even more--we can't water our lawns or wash our cars--but lets
build housing developments.

What's wrong with making a developer richer? I say water should only
be allowed from 7am-10am and in the afternoon 4-6pm and at night

Hey, but lets fill in Pilgrim lake and build a housing development
there and lets line Rt 6 with houses going out to Herring Cove--Lets
make Ted Malone the Emperor of Affordable Housing. Long live the
affordable housing industrial complex.
1:41 pm edt 

I'll Vote Against You

mikey and all of your anti ted malone housing friends! if
you really want what your asking? get up in front of all the voters
and say what you've been saying for years on this blog. i for one
will vote against anything you want!
1:39 pm edt 

Re: Re: By-Law Revision Committee

"I think Sharon Lynn did a great job in appointing David, Ted, Ginny
and Anne."

A great series of questions were raised in a previous posting. Who authorized Sharon Lynn
to call a group into being, for the sole purpose of changing
the Growth-Management Laws of Provincetown.

Answer the questions that were raised. Never mind 
being glib. Provide answers to the questions. 

Ted Malone seemed to have owned Keith Bergman and with
regard to Sharon Lynn nothing has changed.

She is a disaster on the way to ruin.
12:54 am edt 

Who is Watching Whom @ Ptown Fire?

Why is it that the board of "bozo's" a.k.a. the fire engineers
meetings are never posted in the local papers?  Why is the door
always locked during meetings?  Aren't these meetings public?
And who is looking out for the towns citizens when a majority of the
FD are leaving the local VFW after "a few" and jumping into the
drivers seat of fire trucks?  We're lucky nobody was killed or
seriously injured in the ladder truck crash.  Trovato thinks he
suffers from anxiety now, what if someone was killed or seriously
injured?  It all stems from lack of training right from the top. 
Morale is a pair of shoes even little Mikey can't begin to fill.
12:44 am edt 

Re: Provincetown Police Chief

So has the new Chief of Police been able to completely bury
this matter of his newly promoted gem losing his gun? Has anyone
looked into the history with this guy and wonder why he was the one
promoted? It's great to see the new Chief is getting right in the
middle of politics.
12:41 am edt 

Re: You Talking to Me?

"I feel like we are being played like suckers. Just ask yourself
the basic question; what do you get out of giving Ted Malone
a $1,000,000 dollars?

He is not stupid in asking. But, we surely would be stupid if we
gave it to him. There are plenty of entrepreneurs in Provincetown but
they have the sensibility to know the limits of propriety and so do it
the old fashion way....................they earn it!"

Get up at Town Meeting and recite all of that post if you really mean
it. That will surely get it voted down!!
12:40 am edt 

Provincetown FD/Truro FD

At least I can say Truro FD is professional and would never allow the
things that Chief Trovato is allowing!
12:38 am edt 

Mary Jo is Just Plain Numb

How can she, a Realtor, sit on the Board of Selectmen and say she
doesn't know if we need more affordable rental housing. Does she ever
go to work?  I know 4 real estate agents and they all say the hone
rings 3,4,5 and more times a day with people seeking year round
rentals. There have been no year round rentals in the paper for 2 or
3 weeks, except a place in Truro. There are not enough market rate
rentals. With limited supply, price goes up.

Just plain numb
12:37 am edt 

Re: By-law Revision Committee:

I think Sharon Lynn did a great job in appointing David, Ted, Ginny
and Anne.  Each has served on at least three boards including:
Planning, ZBA, Historic, Assessors, Selectmen, Health, Comprehensive
Planning Committee and I'm sure I missed a few. Among them I'd say we
have 50 years of service to the Town and corporate memory. They all
are conversant with the by-laws and have dealt with them from both
sides of the regulatory table. Sounds like a pretty well credentialed
group to me.

Oh ya, there's another thing they all have in common. It is that
showing-up-and-getting-things-done thing.

12:31 am edt 

Friday, March 27, 2009

Re: Sharon Lynn

Looking at all the the various issues and problems that have
come before the town this year and the methods
and actions taken by Sharon Lynn to remedy them, one has
to conclude that she is both incompetent and dangerous.
6:31 pm edt 

You Talking to Me?

I feel like we are being played like suckers. Just ask yourself
the basic question; what do you get out of giving Ted Malone
a $1,000,000 dollars?

He is not stupid in asking. But, we surely would be stupid if we
gave it to him. There are plenty of entrepreneurs in Provincetown but
they have the sensibility to know the limits of propriety and so do it
the old fashion way....................they earn it!
6:25 pm edt 

Welcome Back Michael! See You on April 2

Don't let the door slam you on the way out of town,Ted!
6:17 pm edt 

Housing Industrial Complex Busily at Work

Who called for the creation of an Ad Hoc group to
develop proposals for amending Provincetown's
Growth Management By-Laws?

Is this not the function of the Planning Board?

Who convinced and authorized Sharon Lynn to convene
such a group and who gave her the sole discretionary
power to appoint individuals to this group?

What was the criteria and process for appointment?

Who has paid for the legal fees to cover the review of
these proposals?

Were Town resources expended during this process? 

If so who authorized them?

Why are we just now during the 11th hour being presented with
the details.

Why is there a rush to present these By-Laws at this time?

Who is the primary beneficiary of these proposed changes

What was the reason for the Ad Hoc Committee's original
convening. Was something broke?

This is the same group that proposed the "Transfer Tax", which
would have opened the floodgates for Ted Malone had it been

This is the same group that developed the self-serving "Ryan"
report on Provincetown housing, which has hoisted Provincetown on
it's own petard,

Under the present economic conditions, there is no need to provide
a greater opportunity for private developers to reconfigure our town.

These changes should be tabled for future detailed consideration.

Ted Malone is unconscionable in his baseness and greed and the
BOS most foul in it's disrespect for the citizenry's intelligence.

No town should have to suffer the presence of such an unholy

6:13 pm edt 

Ted Malone's Fingerprints All Over the Proposed Growth Management By-Laws

Who Can Explain the Four Pages of By-Law Changes TEd Malone
and His Special Committee are Proposing?

This seems like a massive series of changes and massive alteration of
Growth Management by-laws. And why didn't the Planning Board re-write
these by-laws instead of Ted Malone, Annie Howard, Giny Binder and
David Nicolau? This should not be a Special Committee with our
biggest developer changing Our by-laws for his advantage. This makes
no sense and what is the rush? What is the need for these major
changes? Is it that Ted Malone needs these changes for his Race Point
Road, his Shakpainter Road projects and whatever new projects he
wants? Not only does he want a million dollars from the taxpayer, but
he works to change our by-laws to give him and his large, mega
projects an advantage. And then we pay town counsel to re-work the
by-law changes, at a cost of thousands of dollars--so that Ted Malone
can change the landscape, the density, and the water usage in this

Can anyone speak to all the specific changes and why any of us--save
Ted Malone--would want these changes to our by-laws and want them now?
5:36 pm edt 

Re: Beauty or the Beast

"Don't know what I enjoyed more on Thursday, the beautiful
spring day--or all the rumors I heard on the meat rack benches at

Most of all, you enjoyed spreading the rumors on this blog - didn't you!

But don't mind me. I, too, have heard this gossip, except for the one
about Saudi prince buying Land's End Inn. Should that come to pass, I
hereby promise to cut a heifer who gets in the way of me and my
future husband.

- Desert Rose

PS: Leaching into the dog park? Gross, gross!
5:32 pm edt 


The local clown who pretended to be the Fields Family gave a
stereotypical charactiture of the deeply religious.  You know: they
are small-town, dumb, unaccomplished, insensitive, senseless
breeders, who wouldn't know the internet or any technology.

In fact, as a group, they know the Internet better than others of
similar age and income - maybe because so many of them home-school
with the help of the internet, or know other families well who do. 
They could easily research a location they'd never been to and if
they had unanswered questions, they would typically use their
community. For example, they might ask their pastor to put them in
touch with a pastor in our area.  They are accustomed to helping
people. They have been shown to give a much higher percentage of
income to charity relative to other Americans.  I could go on - the
point is many readers here, even after recognizing the writer as a
fake, seemed to readily accept the stereotype of the Fields Family.

Don't like stereotyping and discrimination, or only when YOUR ox is
being gored?  Maybe it is time to know more people who aren't just
like yourself.
5:30 pm edt 

To: A Real Good Old Boy

You sound like you are Braun.  If not, tell us more why you would
like to help him leave this town?  Or are things catching up to him
that he can't handle and the kettle is starting to boil over and he
will be "stew"?
5:02 pm edt 

Re: Building Commissioner

Please, answer me! What proof do you have that Brawn is
looking for another job. Anywhere? Or what is your source of this
information? If you can tell me I can look into it further. And I
will also give him a glowing recommendation to any other Town that
would have him! I am in a position to help him (actually us)out.(of
Town that is) But not without some more information.

A Real Good Old Boy
4:22 pm edt 

Sweet Deal

"I can only hope that the whole SINAIKO GARDEN QUARTER MILLION DOLLAR
SWEET DEAL is also made up... really, who could belive that Sinaiko
could be that rediculous, to think that town will buy and maintain
his huge front yard in perpetuity..."

No, this not made up. Read the town warrent. SIN...ako is trying to
suck 1/4 million for a little garden. He is so generous! What a good
citizen. Perhaps it is technically legal to pay him but why should
we? I have some wet land that can't be built on; I'll sell that at
the bargain price of $150,000! After all, I don't work and neither
does Mr. SIN so help me eat and pay my taxes!!!!

dying dandelions
4:19 pm edt 

Keep Focused

Let's not let the Affordable Housing Complex use devious ways
to divert attention away from the issue of funding a private developers
project, to the detriment of other town needs.

This is a grand opportunity to "Just Say No"!

As a previous poster said, "let's keep our eyes on the prize".

Goodnight Ted
3:19 pm edt 

2008 Annual Report:

Total births recorded in 2008: Total 12 (5 Males, 7 Females)

We all know that given a chance many of these kids would opt for
nauset and it return we'd get the special needs kids. is the writing
on the wall large enough for the loser who posted the blog as " the
fields family."
3:13 pm edt 

Letter to the Editor

Mr. Ted Malone is the Donald Trump of Affordable Housing. Why?  I
called a town on the South Coast and when I mentioned affordable
housing the words Ted Malone and award winning etc. etc. were the
next words that I heard!

  In over ten years of building his housing developments, Mr. Malone
has never asked for one penny of taxpayers money. Since voting to
adopt the Community Preservation Act  in Provincetown at town meeting
4 years ago, millions of dollars from the taxpayers have gone to fund
affordable housing projects.

When the CPA was established, the writers gave equal weight to
historical preservation, open land and affordable housing. It was
designated that 10% go to each with 70% to go where needed. This is
stated in the Protocols. What is also stated in the protocols is the
fact that CPA money may be used not only to buy land to create a park
and a play ground but that the money is to be used to maintain the
park or playground as well. (Thus, there is no reason why CPA money
cant be used to buy Susan Sinaikos garden and turn it into a Park and
maintain it.)

We are in the midst of renovating Town Hall. We need CPA funds to
help the taxpayers fund this projectit is our money. It is on the
second line of your tax billand you, gentle taxpayer, are paying into
this fund.

There is no reason why close to a million dollars of CPA money was
voted by the community preservation committee to go to a private
developer. There are banks, credit sources, federal and state moniesa
wealth of sources to whom he may apply to fund this projecthe has
done so in the pasthe can do the same now. There must be a fount of
money available for affordable housing that includes 40B housing in
its project. (When I typed affordable housing funding in my web
search 63,500,000 entries appeared)! We citizens have only the CPA to
help us alleviate the financial burden of renovating our Town Hall.

Michael Rogovsky
3:10 pm edt 

Dear Fields Family:

We invite you to visit our lovely town on a few occasions:
A.  Memorial Day Weekend when you will see the town filled with the
cutest wild lesbians you have ever come across.
B.  Fourth of July when you will be enthralled by our streets filled
with buff an shirtless wonders holding hands and kissing.
C. And you must not miss our Bear---lots of meety hairy men to feast
your eyes on.
   Other attractions ytou must partake while visiting is a
performance by Ellie in front of Town Hall (preferably in her see
through neglige) as well as a night out at showgirls.

Love and Kisses (but only to the Mr.)
3:09 pm edt 

CPA Funds Utilization

Using CPA money to buy land to create a park AND TO
MAINTAIN IT is in the Protocols of the Community preservation act.

Money in the CPA fund can be reserved. We need this money for town
hall to benefit all of the citizens of Provincetown--not a private

This is NOT an anti-affordable housing action because the citizens of
Provincetown have given millions to affordabe housing projects and we
are funding the largest affordable housing project on the cape here
in Provincetown at 90 Shank Painter Rd.

The creators of the Community preservation act state that historical
preservation and open land and affordable housing ARE EQUALLy

We are in the midst of renovating Town Hall and the taxpayers are
incurring this cost. These funds must go to this worthy cause and not
to a private developer.

Michael Rogovsky
3:08 pm edt 

Re: The Fields Family

Sorry Fields Family, I'm just not believing your story.  If you
wanted to see what Provincetown is like you would come and visit.
3:06 pm edt 

This Pathetic Site!

This is fun, all the people getting on board to kill this
pathetic site!
I love all the rumour mongering! First "dry town", then "hooters".
and now, my favorite "the Fields Family of Homophobes"...
I think this is just great! This site has always been full of BS and
half truths... keep the fiction coming, people!

I can only hope that the whole SINAIKO GARDEN QUARTER MILLION DOLLAR
SWEET DEAL is also made up... really, who could belive that Sinaiko
could be that rediculous, to think that town will buy and maintain
his huge front yard in perpetuity... the only one who would benefit
is him and his family... the biggest joke would be if Rogovsky was
also telling the truth, i.e. "No money for this private person (an
"outrage"), but please lets give a quarter million to this other
private person."


...Also, please support buying my back yard as a park for all to
enjoy... it is really hard to keep it mowed all summer, and if I had
to sell it than I would not have the open space that gives my home
such major value.... ummmm, I mean, I think it would make a great
public park. for, umm, all to enjoy (at least when my sister is not
around to harrass everyone)
3:05 pm edt 

Re: Building Commissioner

Stop work orders are all over town.  One is near the
Atlantic House going up to Bradfrod street also.  One is on
Commercial, one is on Ryder, one is on Shank Painter.  The list goes

Thought Braun was looking on the cape for a new job?
3:03 pm edt 

Building Commisioner Braun

  It has come to light that the Building Commisioner has been failing
until recently to issue stop work orders and issue fines to
contractors who have been performing work without the proper permits
in place. It has also been mentioned that there are few contractors
who have NOT been paying fees to the town for a few years, point
being that Mr. Braun dosen't want to create any hardships between
himself and his backdoor buddies. Maybe if these fees were collected
the Rec. dept would not be on a prop 2.5 override. I encourage the
taxpayers in this town to go to the building department and ask who
hasn't paid the fees and why.

     Bent Nail
3:02 pm edt 

Re: Provincetown Fire vs. Truro Fire

This is in response to whoever wrote that Provincetown Fire isn't
half as good as Truro. First of all,you forgot to mention that
Provincetown has a reputation of saving it's buildings, while the
great Truro department has a history of saving nothing but the
foundation. Once again another stupid remark by clueless blogger

              Out of water!
3:00 pm edt 

Re: Chief

As a taxpayer, I hope that the chief of police is not using his work
time to undermine the will of the people and the law of the
commonwealth of Massachusetts.

I hope that he understands that the same voters who will be voting NO
on his proposal will also have to vote Yes or No to his Police
budget, it could be a no vote, which would close the entire
department. Think about it.

The chief should understand that the law is what it is, and his job
is to  uphold  existing laws, not to create his own.

Concerned Voter
2:59 pm edt 


See Wicked Local Provincetown site (or the latest Banner) for these
stories today:

1) Developer (Malone) lashes out, accusing housing chair (Green) of
bias....Did he attack me? Absolutely, Green said about Malones public
statement. Did he make it a personal issue? Absolutely.....Selectmen
and members of the finance committee had the same concerns as Green
about Malone's proposed two developments (total of $950 thousand).
Selectmen voted 4-1 not to recommend the project to voters and the
FinCom voted unanimously also not to recommend. They voiced the same
concerns as Green.

2) Nauset gets go-ahead on Outer Cape school regionalization
study....Provincetown Selectmen are considering putting an article on
the April Town Meeting warrant authorizing the town to move ahead
with appointing the three-member committee, over objections from
School Committee chair.

Quite a sea change in last 6 months on both these issues.  "There is
a tide in the affairs of men. Which, taken at the flood, leads on to
fortune" Shakespeare.
2:58 pm edt 

Field Family Posting

Nice Try Ted, but, it won't work. We will stay on track and
vote down the CPA Fund "Give Aways" you so
arrogantly demand and .....need.

Pay back is a ...........
2:55 pm edt 

Re: Please Provide Information

"My wife and I along with our seven children, ages 6-14 are
thinking about moving to Provincetown.... I used a "googler" to find
this site."

Yeah, right.  Really lame attempt at humor, or to deflect us from
discussing real issues.

If you Google "Provincetown", this MYPACC site isn't even in the
first 400 hits listed.  And of course the answers to the fictitious
Q's are in numerous travel sites way before MYPACC.

Is this the best you can come up with? Get a life.
2:51 pm edt 

Re: To the Fields Family

You should really do some exploring on this town I know you"ll be
very disappointed in what you find out.Your children will have no
Recreation and soon no Schools.and yes they do walk hand & hand and
much more here anything goes in P-Town.please investagate this town
you'll be glad you did!!The Selectmen in this town have created the
mess this town is in, mostly because all but one are wash ashore's.
2:49 pm edt 

To: The Fields Family

With all due respect, please don't
"come out" of your western fishing hole. Provincetown welcomes people
who welcome all. This is clearly not the place for you.
2:48 pm edt 

Ted Temper Tantrum Malone

Now that Ted Temper Tantrum Malone won't be getting those
CPC funds, can voters reallocate those funds for town hall
reparations? Can we do it right on the floor April 2.

Many would like to Move That...
2:47 pm edt 

Fields Family

I used a "googler" to find this

Googler?  Has this guy been living under a rock for the past ten
years?  Even my great grandmother knows about Google...

Ha. Too funny.
2:46 pm edt 

Garden Blackmail

J. Sanaiko has a report outlining the assesment of a parking lot on
his mothers old garden site. If there is a need for this
"Condo-Parking" in the east end then I say, "go ahead, Mr. Siniako,
park cars." I would rather see that than spend town $$$ to go into
your own pocket. What a scam.

2:45 pm edt 

To The Fields Family:

Provincetown is a wonderful place to live. It is a tourist town with
a very small fishing fleet.

I'll take a guess and say 1/2 of the year round population is gay and
lesbian. In the summer there thousands of gays and lesbians happily
enjoying the town . Yes they hold hands and kiss -why wouldn't they?

For the most part every one gets along very well . We have criminal
problems with Gays Lesbians and Heterosexuals often fueled by alcohol
and drugs but this is a very small percent of the actual population
and a small percent of our visitors.

Provincetown would of course welcome you and your family and let you
worship as you see fit. You would need to explain homosexuality your
children and explain that MA. believes in equality and that Gay
Marriage is legal in MA.

As long as you can accept this you will be raising your children in a
wonderful town with access and exposure to excellent artists , poets
and writers. The school system is in a state of flux but if it closes
the alternatives are good. So think seriously about your prejudices
and hopefully we'll all get to meet you soon
2:44 pm edt 

Re: Fields Family Letter

The fields family letter, which i can only assume was an
attempt at... i don't what, (it wasn't funny or clever) is simply
homophobic. chalk it up to one the problems you're ignoring while you
dance around thinking you've won. a new low, even on here. i'm
totally voting against everything this site promotes when it comes to
town meeting. it's a shame folks can't use this venue productively.
2:34 pm edt 

The Fields Family von Trapp?

My wife and seven children from a "small fishing village in
Washington"? "Are there homosexuals?"  "This is the first time I've
used a computer.."

Ok, here's the deal.  This letter smacks of ruckus-baiting. Post a
Disney-esque false letter and watch the sparks fly.

Who is the ghost writer of this? Please, this not 1957 and anyone who
has the wherewithal to raise 7 children ANYWHERE in this country now
cannot be so naive as the writer of this letter makes himself out to
be. Yes, you can Google this blog, but why would it be your prime
choice of sites to garner information about a town 3k miles away?

Let's examine what kind of debates could further erupt on this blog
from this letter.

--the gay "issue" (Do they kiss in the street?)
--schools (Mr. Fields' family is larger than the sixth grade class
--affordable housing (Does Ted HAVE an 8 bedroom for rent?)
--where Mr. Fields would work (7 kids ain't cheap to raise)
--pier issues (one fishing village to another?)

Nice try, but I think we have enough real issues to debate here.

Doubting Thomas
2:32 pm edt 

Re: So Sad to See that Adams Pharmacy is No More

Maybe if the staff treated their customers in an appropriate manner
they would not have closed. The counter help was surly, at best. If
you were not a native, they treated you like they were doing you a
huge favor to fill your prescription. Also, they gouged you at the
register in the name of small business. You can not treat consumers
in such a way, especially in this economic environment, and expect us
to patronize your establishment.  Good-By to bad attitudes!
2:30 pm edt 

CPA Fund Useage

Under the Protocols of the CPA, CPA funds can be used to
purchase AND MAINTAIN Susan Sinaiko's Garden as a pocket park.

The Community Preservation Act is statewide enabling legislation to
allow cities and towns to exercise control over local planning
decisions. This legislation strengthens and empowers Massachusetts

     * All decisions are local.
     * Local people must vote by ballot to adopt the Act.
     * Local legislatures must appoint a committee of local people to
draw up plans for use of the funds.
     * These plans are subject to local comment and approval.
     *  If residents dont feel the CPA is working as they expected,
they can repeal it.

The Community Preservation Act provides new funding sources which can
be used to address three core community concerns:

     * Acquisition and preservation of open space
     * Creation and support of affordable housing
     * Acquisition and preservation of historic buildings and landscapes

A minimum of 10% of the annual revenues of the fund must be used for
each of the three core community concerns, and up to 5% may be used
for administrative expenses of the Community Preservation Committee.
The remaining funds can be allocated for any combination of the
allowed uses, or for land for recreational use. This gives each
community the opportunity to determine its priorities, plan for its
future, and have the funds to make those plans happen.

The Community Preservation Act can give a community the funds needed
to control its future."Open space", shall include, but not be limited
to, for wildlife or nature preserve and land for recreational

"Recreational use", active or passive recreational use including, but
not limited to, the use of land for community gardens, trails, and
noncommercial youth and adult sports, and THE USE OF LAND AS A PARK,
playground or athletic field.

And it is to be maintained with CPA money.
2:29 pm edt 

Beauty or the Beast

Don't know what I enjoyed more on Thursday, the beautiful
spring day--or all the rumors I heard on the meat rack benches at
1.  Stop and Shop is evicting Seameans and making the whole building
on Shankpainter a Super Stop and Shop.
2.  Lands End Inn was sold to a Saudi Prince who is converting it to
a private residence.
3. Clem & Ursides SOLD and reopening next week as a new seafood market.
4.  Because of all the right whales here already Dolphion Fleet is
reopening for "townie watches" on Monday.
5. Leeching fields are backing up from sewer system and flooking the dog park.

Shame it rained last night---can't imagine what rumors one could have
heard there at night after a few adult beverages!!
2:27 pm edt 

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Please Provide Information

My wife and I along with our seven children, ages 6-14 are
thinking about moving to Provincetown. We are moving from a small
fishing village in Washington State. We are a very religious family
who are looking for a place that has family values and a small town
feel. I've heard  that Provincetown is a very accepting place. I've
also heard that there are homosexuals that live in Provincetown? Is
this true? Are there many of them? Do they walk hand in hand in the
streets? Do they kiss each other? I really need to know exactly what
goes on in Provincetown as I want a family oriented community for my
children. I just don't think I can believe that there are that many
homosexuals in a small, fishing village. This is the first time that
I have used a computer, my friend is letting me use hers so that I
can send this and get some feedback. I used a "googler" to find this
site. I figured that the concerned citizens of Provincetown could
give me the best information. I hope I am doing this right and you get
this note. Please feel free to put your info on this sight and I will check back.

Thank you,

The Fields Family
11:01 pm edt 

Just Say "No" to Ted Malone!

10:58 pm edt 

Can Anyone Help

Where can I read Ted Malone's rant against Bryan Green? I
don't know which meeting it was at?
10:56 pm edt 

Congrats to Everyone!!

Go back and read these posts below. It's apparent that the selectmen
and the boards and committees are finally listening and realizing
what the issues are. Good for them and thank you!!!

Bravo! The Selectmen Finally Grew Themselves a Pair of Petunias!

Bryan Green: You Make Us Proud

Re: Ted Malone

Ted Malone's Money Making Project:

Malone's Temper Tantrum
10:55 pm edt 

Article 20 and the Chief

When are we as a town going to realize that we will have chaos, when
we allow the police chief to legislate.  The police chief's job is to enforce
the laws which other officials and especially the people create. 

If the chief has the time to become involved with the creation of new
laws in the manner that he has, then I believe that he is not doing
the job that he was hired to do. 

We must vote NO on ARTICLE 20 and allow the will of the people of this
state to rule.  What chaos we would have if every town had its own special

Chief, just do your job and stop trying to legislate.
10:54 pm edt 

Hey Paper!

I believe you mean 765 commercial st. for that
stop work order
8:16 pm edt 

What a Visual Metaphor:

Michelle and Elaine in Camouflage Pretending to Be Tourists and
Sharon Lynn in Full Police Chief Uniform

All to catch a resident or tourist smoking a little marijuana. There
they are along the beaches, peering down on families on beach
towels--someone could be sneaking a joint--or patroling the alleys
sniffing away--or pretending to be chasing the Black Rabbit at the
cemetery but really seraching for law breaking pot smokers. There
they are: along the bike trails, hiking up the dunes behind Herring
Cove, then strolling along Commercial Street. With the new marijuana
law, we have the BOS ready and willing and the Town Manager happey to
finally find a job she feels comfortable doing. Alas! They have found
their calling--at our expense.

This article is more then ridiculous. Plain and simple: They're nuts!
7:39 pm edt 

Re: Senako Garden

"I am astounded that there has been no outrage about wasting
$250,000 to buy a flower garden."

I wouldn't say I'm outraged, I'm just voting NO on the item.  It
makes absolutely no sense.  If he wants to honor his mother then
donate the garden.  But, instead he wants the town to purchase and
maintain it.

Could I get the town to buy my front yard so I could get the extra
money and not have to do the maintenance?  Wait a minute, that's so
ridiculous I wouldn't even bring it up.  But, he did.
7:35 pm edt 

Re: Town Employees

Someone please tell me why our town employees are logged on my
space during working hours?
6:51 pm edt 

Malone's Temper Tantrum

Just read up Malone's temper tantrum at the mike. Gee
wonder who has been behind 'bullying' Michael and Astrid on this blog!

Thanks Michael and Astrid for perservering and never backing down
from your convictions!
6:49 pm edt 

Dittos to Brian Green

I believe the Chief wants to fine pot smokers an additional $300 on
top of the $100 imposed by the State!

Yes Braun is looking at a job back in Longmeadow.

Hooters cant come here cause not enough lesbians like breasts.

Stop Work order at 685(?) Commercial Street a few days ago. Out of
Town contractor has been doing large interior and exterior remodeling
job. Tried to say it was only a floor, but has 10 yard dumpster in
garage, and at least five new doors and windows.

Did you here that BOS also voted to put parking meters in the Ryder
Street lot? This means those places reserved for us now will be open
to anyone.Just one more little nicety about Provincetown taken away
from locals to balance the budget.

Reading the Paper
6:48 pm edt 

Ted Malone's Money Making Project:

Thanks to the Selectmen who made the decision to vote no to the CPC
funding for Ted Malone.  This is a project that is not needed or the
town can afford right now....

His projects never benefit anyone but himself........the not so
affordable housing he has completed in the past, people I know who
have lived in them had to move because they were too expensive.

How would anyone think he is being of assistance?
just look around and see...  if they are not privately owned out
right, they are be leased out...  What does that tell you?  I say
left him build the units in his yard on the water.....
6:46 pm edt 

Re: Ted Malone

Yahoo! Bravo to the Selectman! So long Mr. Malone, go and
find another sucka! Provincetown has had enough!

Evana Trump
6:43 pm edt 

Town Meeting is Just Around the Corner...

I beg and plead that when the town moderator says that a speaker has
5 minutes.. they only get to speak for 5 MINUTES!  And that when she
says if someone wants to "Call the Question", that she infact calls
the question!

I understand that people are passionate about their causes and
positions etc.  but please for the sake of all of us, respect the 5
minute time limit.  If we all abide by the rules, and respct the
process, it will be fair for all.

I for one am tired of listening to the same (well meaning)
townspeople go on and on and on and on....
6:42 pm edt 

Re: Sinako Flower Garden

I am astounded that there has been no outrage about wasting $250,000
to buy a flower garden. Why should we make John Sinako richer than he
alredy is? And, he threatens to turn his dead mothers garden into a
parking lot unless we pay him a bribe! Let him try!!! Who does he
think he is? Are the voters that stupid that they fall for this black
mail? And why have several town committes voted to support this? Vote
NO on this at town meeting.
6:40 pm edt 

The Gig is Up....

My friends on unemployment are the ones who turned me on to
that phrase because they call in once a week and answer 4 questions.

The CPA committee doesn't even realize under the protocols of the CPA
act that NEW PLAYGROUNDS and NEW PARKS such as Susan Sinaiko's garden
ARE to be paid for and Maintained with CPA funds. READ THE PROTOCOLS.
Knowledge is power.

This needs to be repeated because the committee doesn't realize this!
Also, Talk to anyone other chairperson in the commonwealth--they all
know about Ted Malone.

Ted Malone is known far and wide among the CPA committees--he truly
is the Donald Trump of Affordable Housing in MA. Mention his
name--and the phrase,"Award Winning" are the next words out of their

The gig is up....A million dollars of taxpayer money to a private
developer--no, No, NO!
6:38 pm edt 

Re: Fire Department

Provincetown FD isn't half the Fire Dept. that Truro is!
6:36 pm edt 

Bryan Green: You Make Us Proud

Not easy to stand up to Mr. Big Developer and Mr. Kiss My Baloney
when I walk into a room Malone. You stood up and you took your vote.
You stated what was in your heart and mind and you deserve credit and
our thanks.

You also helped some of us see this Ted Malone's true character, his
viciousness when things don't go his way. Behind the smiling face,
venom and meaness.

You stood your ground and you stood up for us and for our tax payer
CPC funds.

Thank you.
1:53 pm edt 

Bravo! The Selectmen Finally Grew Themselves a Pair of Petunias!

They have finally taken a stand and one that benefits Provincetown
and fits our new housing reality. The Selectmen voted 4 for and 1
against not to recommend giving Ted Malone $800,000 in CPC monies for
the Race Point Road Mega Project. Thanks for having the cahunas to
say "No" when this is a foolish use of CPC funds. You are right: wait
to see what happens at 90 Shankpainter Road which is for affordable
rental units and, given the town's investment in that parcel of land
and development, wait and see.

Also, my dear members of FinCom, you too found you have cahunas and
could say "No." Thanks for not staying on the fence without any vote.
You too say "No" you don't recommend giving Ted Malone almost a
million dollars for his own, here-we-go-again high density projects.

Maybe Spring has arrived!
1:52 pm edt 

Really Folks...

you're not "giving ted a million dollars". you're funding a project.
and he's no donald trump. buying an existing garden would be giving
someone a lump sum.

parks and playgrounds? i thought you all wanted to regionalize the
schools and send families elsewhere. ah, but you want it both ways.
no schools. just playgrounds. make affordable housing look bad.

and for god's sake. no on 20. if the rental inspection fee is a tax
in your view, then this is certainly a tax. no? plus, it's just
stupid. let's go with last november's vote and not give the chief a
big head.

enjoy the sunshine.
1:50 pm edt 

Re: "Could You Imagine"/"Dialing for Dollars"

1) "...if they did random drug tests on the help at the
bars and restaurants here? No one would have a job."

And that, my friend, is why it's sometimes best to let sleeping dogs lie.


2) As for "dialing for dollars," I'm fed up with this phrase being
used pejoratively, as if I were doing something illegal or immoral.

I paid into that fund, as did my employer. And when the State called
me into Hyannis to verify that I was looking for work, they set me
aside along with entire row of people from the Lower Cape. The
official said, "who in here is seasonally employed?"  When we raised
our hands, he said, "You may leave."

So, understand, the State of Massachusetts actively encourages what
you and other resentful people call "dialing for dollars."  And why?
Because they know there is almost NO WINTER WORK here.

-Way to Go Team
1:48 pm edt 

Marijuana and the Law

Let the Marijuana Money Go to the State and Let the Local
Police and BOS Free Us from Their Enforcement

Let the state take care of someone smoking a joint. The alst thing we
need is the police, the board of selectman--of here goes Michelle and
Elaine searching the streets and beaches for pot smoking
hippies--followed by Sharon Lynn, now in police chief unifrom,
handing out tickets, arresting individuals and finding the sense of
mission. Please--this is the most ridiculous article on the warrant.

Let the state law rule. We don't need a Jeff Jaran rule on fines and
arrests of those inhaling a joint.
1:45 pm edt 

Re: Parking Machines

Before you spout off just because you watch late night PTV, had it
occurred to you that this company was chosen to present their
equipment because they made the best machines.  Sure there are other
companies that make this type of equipment and the parking department
looked at all of them and were suggesting this is the best one to fit
the needs of this community.

I also watched the presentation.  There were numerous questions about
our proximity to the ocean, wind and what to do with the machines
during the winter.  All questions were answered including maintenance

Did it ever occur to you that the departments in charge did their
homework prior to the meeting.  As they should.

Next thing you're going to say is Mary Jo has a relative who works
for the company.  Watch out, there's a conspiracy behind every door. 
Or maybe people are actually doing their job in your best interest
like being prepared before meetings.
11:36 am edt 

Re: Where Will the Money Go?

"The State wants to put a $100 penalty for pot smoking
and the town wants $300 dollars! Where will the $200 dollars go?"

The town would get to keep it if the vote passes.  Since money is
fungible, wherever it goes in the town's coffers, it offsets
spending.  But it is peanuts.  Even if say 100 people pay in a year,
that is only $30 thousand (or about 1 tenth of 1% of town spending). 
And in all likelihood, no where near 100 people would be charged.

On the other hand, if the vote fails, the full $100 would go to the
state, and why would we favor that.
11:33 am edt 

Lower Cape Ambulance and P'town Rescue

I think this town is lucky to have both. However, if I was on Rescue
and getting paid what they get paid per year -vs-what Lower Cape gets
per year, I think I was choose when and what calls I would go to as
well. Targeting Trovato over issues involving anything to do with
Lower Cape and / or Rescue is definetely wrong.

Both organizations train hard and work hard and what they do or who
is on what is immaterial in my book. If anything the Town benefits
greatly from both. However, once again, look at what other towns are
doing and you don't see a Lower Cape running around up there.

This Town needs to make Rescue full time, eliminate Lower Cape and
here's how: take the money that pays the lower cape employee's and
pay for our own rescue to make the runs like they do up cape plus,
the money lower cape charges it's patients I'm sure can fund allot
for rescue to run and maintain.
11:31 am edt 

The Closing of Adams Pharmacy is a Loss

I willingly paid more for my prescriptions from Admas becuase I
wanted to support our one local pharmacy. But now it is gobbled up
just like CVS did when it first came into being. It would buy out one
local pharmacy after another and for those who refused, they worked
to undermine them. Now we have Stop & Shop, a chain with greater
anonymity, and we and our prescriptions and our questions become

I am going to look for another phamarcy somewhere on the Cape. I
don't need long lines at the Stop & Shop with little privacy. In
fact, I think their present space is illegal given the state rules
for privacy required in pharmacies. That is why Adams had to remove
the soda fountain to create more space and provide privacy for
11:28 am edt 

Full Time Fire Department

First- I know exactly what im talking about, I have a scanner. Every
EMS call Lower Cape Ambulance signs on with dispatch and responds to
the rescue call, not the Provincetown Rescue Squad. Second- The Lower
Cape Ambulance EMT's/Paramedics make a salary that range from
$40,000-$60,000 and there's atleast eight of them that have
firefighting training. So why wouldn't they want a fulltime
firefighting job???? You just keep trying to cover things up but it's
not going to work your carnival is coming to a end and the tax
payer's are seeing the truth. You talk so highly of chief Trovato you
must be in his back pocket. If the chief is so great and does such a
wonderful job, then why has these so called UNFORTUNATE incidents
keep happening under his leadership? Let me guess its the same old
answer UNFORTUNATE, so when someone loses their life becouse of the
unprofessional leadership, are you still going to say its
11:25 am edt 

Where Are the Work Stop Orders?

Are you the only person seeing these? There has been little or
no enforcement on construction. So where are you seeing these work
stop orders? I know of one case and it was brought to the attention
of the building commissioner from contractors but other than this
one, where and on what properties are these supposedly work stop
orders posted?
11:22 am edt 

Pot is Safer Than Alchohol

Article 20 would be a travesty if passed; please let's all show our
new, overly excitable police chief that we do not want him making up
special laws for out town... maybe he can go back to NH?
11:21 am edt 

Professional Fire Department

So tell me, just how much money does having a non-professional fire
department save the town? I hope you folks are not fooled by the
cover up that has been fed to you over the rolling of your ladder
truck. That kid took that truck for a joy ride, nothing more. I won't
even think about about what he and the unauthorized passenger were
really doing. But I am curious what type of environment would allow
him to think he could engage in those activites with town resources.
I am an active, professional fulltime fire officer in a major city in
Mass and have been for 30 years, and a resident in a neighboring
town. I cannot begin to express my outrage at this incident. Do have
any idea how vulnerable your town is without a ladder truck? Your
fire protection has been severely compromised. The financial
situation in Ptown has now been exacerbated by this kid's
exploitation of his position in the fire department. But that doesn't
compare to the risk you must now bear with respect to fir!
  e protection. The residents of your town should should be demanding
full disclosure on this investigation and a reorganization of the
fire department from the top down, along with accountabilty and
professionalism. You can't afford a major fire in your community
without adequate protection, kiss your tourism dollars goodbye when
you have nothing for anyone to visit. The ramifications of that kid's
actions are so far reaching. Your fire department will lack
credibility and public trust. I certainly hope the unauthorized
passenger is not rehired next summer as a part-time police officer,
neither of these individuals exhibits sound judgement. I wonder where
the liability will lie if someone were to die as result of the town's
inability to make an expediant rescue  because you don't have a
ladder truck.

I would sign my name but I do not want any repercussions from the
tight knit group of local volunteers who will take offense to my
remarks. I am just so astounded that an incident like this could take
place and the impact this can have on so many levels, none more than
life safety and protection of property.
11:19 am edt 

Re: Adams

I will miss Adams and Frank, Vinny, Vinny Jr and almost ALL the help.
  They were never rude to me.
Don't know too many small town drug stores left across America.  This
is just the way things have gone with the large chain stores.  I wish
all the help the best of luck.
11:08 am edt 

Victor's - Change to Seasonal License

You promised to stay open all year round to provide jobs to the
community.  After one season of great success you are now going to
seasonal because the economy is "bad"?

What about the other restaurants in town that stay open ? Mews,
Fanizzis, Napi's and others - don't you think they are being affected
by the "bad" economy?  Of course they are - but they stay open year
round, providing us with  jobs and give us residents a place to eat
in the Winter. They enjoy the 'fruits' of the Summer season but pay
back to the community in the Winter when it's tough.

Shame on the Licensing board for even considering and granting this.
11:06 am edt 

Re: Tips For Tops'n

NO, Tips did not lose money last year or I should say that
is not what I meant. Tips has had personal losses not monetary.
11:00 am edt 

Stop Work Order & Russell Braun

The reason that you see more Stop Work Orders is that more
people are starting jobs without permits. What I have noticed a lot
of is contractors from out of town, even off Cape. Summer people are
bringing there off Cape contractors and paying them less money than
we get because these guys are hungry. But they'll be gone as soon a
the economy picks up, and those homeowners will once again need to
ask us for help fixing the screw ups the other guys left behind.
Anyway these off Cape guys for some reason think we are just a bunch
off small town hicks and believe that they can do all this work
without permits. Wrong. And I say go Russel and Justin, shut em down
and fine them as much as you can, even if it is just for revenue

As far as Russell looking for a new job, that would be absolutely
wonderful. This guy does not fit in this town anymore than an ex cop
as Town Manager does. And if the OP can provide any more information
on that subject I would be very interested to hear, because I would
like to help him along in anyway I can!

I have yet to talk to a single person in the general public who knows
anything about this guy who has anything positive to say about him. I
think he was locked in that Junior High School Gym locker way too
many times!

16d nail
10:58 am edt 

Affordable Housing Industrial Complex

The Affordable housing industrial complex is alive and well
in Provincetown. Did you read the article in Sunday's Boston Globe

Developers include 40B housing into their projects because then it
can build anywhere. It is the inclusion of last resort after every
dept. says no. Can't say no. to them.

Ted Malone is the Donald Trump of affordable housing--and yet we are
giving him $1,000,000. That money could build parks and playgrounds
and Maintain them. Pam P, Elaine A. and Michele C., the foot soldiers
and standard bearers of this mega corp. of affordable housing.
10:55 am edt 

Random Drug Testing

In Charleston, W.Va. Blair and other lawmakers in at least
eight states want recipients of food stamps, unemployment benefits or
welfare to submit to random drug testing.

It is about time. I know a guy who just up and left in the middle of
the winter. I know another person that it happened to.

When I finally tracked down my former tenant, he told me that he was
in a 12 step program for his drinking etc. Mention his name and I
come to find out that he was banned from Bars here; was into Meth,
had poker parties etc. He is getting straight and needs to get money
for his first and last rent etc. Whoa to his new landlord.

I'll never see a penny. So many workers get random drug tests--but
sit back and dial for dollars and you can smoke and do meth etc. to
your hearts content.

Could you imagine if they did random drug tests on the help at the
bars and restaurants here? No one would have a job.
10:53 am edt 

Lack of Professional Capability

Has  anyone seen this week's selectman meeting, Discussing
a new parking meter machine?  Today is MArch 26th  and I am watching
this meeting on channel 17.  1) Have other citizens noticed that
there  was only  ONE  compoany that gave their  sale pitch to our
town group?...I know other companies make these general
we never seem to get 2nd or 3rd choices of different  ideas.  Is this
a pattern of laziness from our town hall officers? Or lack of  biz
skills from these local officers? I  noticed this with other groups
within our town meetings. Is this a good way to spend our money? To
shop for us?  2)  I was also appauled  to watch the selectman vote on
sampling/buying a machine for May delivery . After they voted Yes! 
The question about maintenace costs were asked....and the answer was
glazed over from the company sales person with no dollar amount  
given.   Also no discussion about salt air and potential damage to

10:50 am edt 

Pot is Not Legal and Nor is Extortion

The State wants to put a $100 penalty for pot smoking
and the town wants $300 dollars! Where will the $200 dollars go?

Alice B. Tolk
12:46 am edt 

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Re: Building Commissioner

Anyone know why there are more WORK STOP ORDERS posted
around town?  I heard Russell Braun is looking for a new job, but
needs to show he is an enforcer?  Why all of a sudden the change?
Just another job looker
11:17 pm edt 

Vote "For" Article 20

If you were smart, you would vote FOR article 20. It allows the local
police to fine someone found with more than 1 ounce of pot $300
instead of the state mandated $100. The good side of it is that if
its enforced by the towns new bylaw, it doesn't go on your permanent
record as a civil fine, just a local fine and the town takes the
money, not the state. And BTW, the new law passed by the state
doesn't make pot legal, it just made possesion of less than 1 ounce a
non-criminal offense. Pot and pot smoking is still illegal. You will
be fined for use or possession and arrested and taken to court if
over 1 ounce. There are benefits to the bylaw also if you are under
the age of 18 and stopped for possession or use of pot under the
towns bylaw. Smart voters will vote yes to Article 20. and no, I'm
not a cop or related to one.
11:15 pm edt 

Full Time/Call Fire Department

The person who believes that Mike Trovato is the reason that there is
not a rescue squad has either just moved into town or has an ax to
grind against the chief.  Provincetown Rescue has been waning in
numbers for many years but there is still a core base of volunteers
who give over and over.  Tom Roda, Monica Himes, Marcia Basine,
Justin White, just to name a few - many people have had to leave
rescue because they don't live in town anymore - they could not find
affordable housing, jobs that paid decent salaries or were year
round.  Years ago, people left work when calls came in - today their
employers are not able to allow such generosity - that has hurt the
rescue squad as well.

For anyone to think that Mike Trovato has been hiding the fact of the
dwindling numbers or is using LCAA to cover up the rescue squad, then
you have been to a public meeting that Mike Trovato has spoken at
about Rescue and Lower Cape.  He has acknowledged repeatedly the work
of Lower Cape and how quickly they respond.

As for hiring Lower Cape as full time firefighters -
1.  Be careful what you wish for - full time will cost Provincetown a
lot more money.
2.  Is an independent fire department what Provincetown needs anyway,
when the time comes for a full time dept?

Not all of Lower Cape employees are firefighter trained and not all
of Lower Cape employees want to work for a fire department.  They are
a highly qualified group of people who do an outstanding job - they,
along with the rescue squad, volunteer fire department and police
department should be praised for their commitment to Provincetown.

If you want to bash the chief, try and come up with some facts,
attend some meetings, ask some questions and perhaps then you can
comment.  Mike Trovato has served this town well for a long time, he
was the chief during some of our gravest fires, he is an unsong hero
in this town and his department deserves better then to be bashed on
this blog.
11:13 pm edt 

What's the Scoop?

Does anyone have the scoop on the new restaurant that's
planned for the space where Little Gorgeous Things used to be?  Who
is bringing it and what kind of restaurant?
11:10 pm edt 

The Affordable Dragon is Going Down and It's About Time

How dare he demand a committee member to resign. Mr. Green voted with
a concern of the impact of our resources and he has every right to
have his opinion. The BOS and FIN COM are not in favor of the
$800,000.00 request to the CPC.

And as far as I am concerned Malone just lost my vote for
($150,00.00) 83 Shankpainter Rd. I truly belive that Mr. Malone has
no true fiscal banking support. Could this be the reason why he his
blood pressure is raising?

You still have time to redeem your position. Withdraw your proposals
and go to the bank like the rest of us do.

A Smuch Who Bought Affordable
11:09 pm edt 

I Too am Glad That Tips is Open For the Season...

However, how do you know they lost money last season?  If you do know
this for a fact, it seems like personal info that probably should not
be spread about on here!
11:07 pm edt 

Re: Fire Department

Rumor has it the Fire Chief needed to take a jaunt to New
Orleans for a specialized feature offered on the fire trucks made
there: PFD activities without straining.

And in case you don't know: Provincetown is the land of the
pretenders, full of people who have failed miserably in the real
world and re-invented themselves the moment they stepped onto
Commercial Street. Takes a while to get at the truth too, but
eventually, it comes out. Can't fake it forever.

On-Fire Freddy
11:05 pm edt 

Re: Community Center

To the person who think's the Community Center, is a
"Bradford St. Prison Program." :

Do you have children that you send to the after-care program?  Do you
have children that attend the summer camp that is offered to us
parents who work our butt's off in the summer to support ourselves
and our children? The Community Center is a change of scenery for the
children who attend VMES for the school year.  They are young, and
don't consider it in any way as much torture as they consider school. 

Why don't you take into consideration how the children would feel
if you take them out of "Their" building, and put them back in the
school building ALL YEAR LONG. They would be miserable. For once
can't this town take a look at how taking away something that means a
lot to the CHILDREN could possibly affect them, and their feelings..
For the sake of the KIDS, do something for them. Keep the building
11:03 pm edt 

Adams Pharmacy

Adams Pharmacy had the rudest help I've ever encountered. The old
Soda fountain could have been a gold mine.  The kids who worked
behind that counter were so rude to visitors that some customers left
before ever receiving their order and others swore they had never go
their again.
What is sad is that the independent drug store is a thing of the past.

If only Adams had hired some civil employees it might have

Missed Opportunity
10:49 pm edt 

Re: Vote Down Article 20

I couldn't agree more.

If this article fails, it erodes the chief's credibility - just when
he had begun to earn some IMO, by sacrificing a raise in these tough

If the article passes, the ordinance will invite a lawsuit. Goody!
Then we'll waste money on legal fees as the town becomes a "test
case" for the ACLU and NORML, leading to headlines that remind
visitors how little we differ from the buttoned-up worlds they want
to leave behind for two weeks.

-Way to Go Team
3:17 pm edt 

Re: Hooters

That's funny.  Now the 9 people who hang at the
Bradford all winter in the afternoons will have another wholesome
3:15 pm edt 

Full Time/Call Fire Department

It is time for professional firefighters and they'er already in place,
they work for Lower Cape Ambulance. These individuals are dedicated
EMT's and Paramedics who are also firefighter one/two trained. What
you don't know unless you have a scanner is they are the one's who
respond to the EMS calls and are saving Provincetown.

Thank you Lower Cape Ambulance, Keep up the good work your doing
a great job! The Provincetown fire department hasn't had a rescue squad
for a long time, just the title.

Lower Cape Ambulance is the rescue squad and this was Trovatos way of
covering it up so the towns people wouldn't know that the vol. service has
faded to nothing.

Michael Trovato has been a hypocrite and never supported the rescue squad
from day one and he's the reason why it's gone. There's alot that the actual town
person wouldn't know if it wasn't for this blog, thank god we have it! The tax payers
need to know what's going on in their town and these things shouldn't be over looked.

I think it's a good idea to reconstruct the Provincetown Fire
Department and hire the Lower Cape Ambulance Paramedics and EMT's as
fulltime firefighters. The vol. service is over!
3:13 pm edt 

So Sad to See that Adams Pharmacy is No More

I find it very sad to see that Adams Pharmacy has been "merged" into
the Stop & Shop. It seems that Viny will be a pharmacist there on
Shankpainter but Adams, as a pharmacy, has closed. Yesterday was the
last day.

I wish we had had more lead time to say goodby and to thank the staff
and pharmacists who worked at Adams for years. Thank Frank, I will
miss you.

Admas Pharmacy was an anchor, a place where you could see this
community in action. Now, it is no longer and that is a sad goodbye.
3:08 pm edt 

Vote Down Article 20: Marijuana Policy

We don't need the police enforcing this law so that

  "no person shall smoke, ingest, or otherwise use or consume
marijuana while in or upon any street, sidewalk, public way, footway,
passageway, stairs, bridge, park,playground, beach, recreation area,
boat landing, public buidling, schoolhouse, school grounds, cemetery,
parking lot, or any area owned by or under the control of the town;
or in or upon any bus or other passger conveyance operated by a
common carrier; or in any place accessible to the public."

Just look at this new law! And then here's the added kicker:

"This by-law may be enforced through any lawful means in
the Board of Selectmen, the Town Manager, or their duly authorized
agents, or any police officer.

Just what we need! The BOS as the marijuana patrol, with Sharon Lynn
making arrests!

Jeff Jaran--this is not a good idea. Let the law be as it is as a new
state law and let life go on as usual.
10:46 am edt 

What's Wrong With Kids?

Did anyone happen to read in the Times that there are 175
kids k-6 in Provincetown.   That does not include the 24 preschool
kids.   Why are you always against the children ?
10:43 am edt 

What is There About the Term "Recession" You Don't Understand?

$3,300,000 for Phase Three; $2,000,000 for Part of Town
Hall Renovations

Is Provincetown in an economic upturn? Is life here up and coming?
ARe we flush with monies? Has the recession left Provincetown and no
one told us?

This is too much at this time. We do not have the money and taxpayers
should not be asked to fund this. No. Not now.
10:41 am edt 

Zoning By Law Amendment

I find it "interesting" that we have such detailed changes to our
Growth Management by-law with four pages of specific changes and so
many deletions. And who was on this Sharon Lynn hand-picked
committee? Ted Malone. Create your own behind the scenes
committee--not the Planning Board which is the board that should have
done this work or decided we needed these changes. Not Ted Malone. So
change the laws, ask the town for a $million and create high-density
closets that the state will also fund and the Local Housing
Partnership will also give you money for.

Is there something fundamentally wrong here--or naive?

And what was the town's legal bills just to evaluate and help write
these four pages of changes that benefit Ted Malone? Maybe we should
be sending our town counsel bills to Community Housing Resource. What
a gig!
10:38 am edt 

Fire Chief

If anyone knows the person who had the Police called on him because
he went to the Fire Chief's place of employment while working (in a
Town vehicle)to argue about matters that are usually discussed at
thier dept monthly meetings will show the kind of person we are
dealing with. That alone will speak for itself. We as citizens of
this town don't need to let ourselves get bogged down with his
immarturity and poor judgement to discuss those matters at the
appropiate time and place.

If there are any other bloggers who are also finding the need to
attack the Fire Chief, they are such a minority group, I'm sure you
can count them on one hand. Don't let the blogs where someone who
does not put their name convince you to join their vigalante group.
This is a good time to turn the other cheek to those bloggers and
support the Fire Chief and hopefully they will spend more time typing
their baloney then we will spend reading it. This is a good time for
the Town Manager to help get rid of more dead wood out at the Highway
Garage for "yet" another inappropiate action of a this particular
Town Employee.
10:33 am edt 

Dry Town

I think the Chief has a great idea.  I will vote for it and I will be
at the meeting in Barnstable showing support.
10:31 am edt 

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

School Building Use, Overrides and Fire Department

There are TWO school buildings that sit empty all summer.
The preschool uses a room but that's it.
Two entire buildings with full time custodians but no kids.
They have all the resources on site including a gym,
to make a summer recreation program excel.

But alas, this is Provincetown, and we are expected
to vote for an override to keep the kids in the Bradford St.
program, locked behind a chainlink fence, playing in a cement yard,
or cooped up inside a building without even basic systems.
Remember how inadequate it was for town employees?
Why is it then OK for the Kids?

VOTE NO on the override...use the school buildings
for who they are meant for; The Children.

Note to the person so concerned that Fire and Police Chief's
Are being 'bashed' on this blog. You also mention that
the criminal destruction of the firetruck was old news and we
should all get over it.

What happened to the firetruck and the systems in place that
Enabled the destruction,  need to be overhauled.
Since that time the fire chief has made one bad decision after
another. Until he steps down the department will continue to

As a taxpayer I am offended that he used town money
for the jaunt to New Orleans to look at a new truck.
As a taxpayer I am offended at the ignorance of the
Town Manager that allowed this mini vacation.

As a frequent contributor to the Fireman's Fund I am angry
that the money contributed was used to pay the Lawyer for
The Drunk Driver. I, and my neighbors, will never donate another
dime until Chief Travato is gone.

So, no I will not get over it. I urge everyone to vote NO for the
NEW firetruck. Do we even know if we need it?
11:10 pm edt 

Re: Hooters

I think that a place like Hooters will attract a diffferent type of
Tourist to this town.  We are in need of any new business we can get. 
The women will love it. 

Our taxes are too high.  Anna LeeCage has got it right.  The students
should be sent to Tabor Acadamy to save the town money.  We should
all encourage Ms. LeeCage to run for the BOS.  We need someone with
such great insight as to how to resolve the town's problems.

Doloris Day
11:06 pm edt 

No to Affordable Housing, Yes to OPen Land

I would hope we are not foolish enough to hand Ted Malone $1 million
so he can increase his profits. That's all we're doing. Leave the CPC
monies there. We don't have to spend it and surely not on another
Malone fiasco. Let this man fund his own projects. Or find another
town that foolishly will give him the money he greedily wants.
11:04 pm edt 

Re: Town Budget

Who Will Be Put in This Budget and Where Would We Find the

Is it listed in the warrant? I do see some new positions listed but
I'm wondering whose position is on the line and where exactly where
would we, as voters, see this information. I'd like to be informed at
town meeting.
11:02 pm edt 

Re: Re: Rumor-Lands End Hardware/Hooters

Not Hooters, Foxy Lady. They want a club on the Cape and up Cape is
Zacharys so ths covered. They get one in Ptown, that takes up all the
biz on the lower cape. Local talent welcome!!! Foxy Lady just had an
open house looking for new talent. Might be one here soon!!
9:45 pm edt 

Re: Hooters

Please, let's not start another stupid conversation.

We have more important things to discuss like
the Affordable Housing Complex and Pier Corp.

Don't be distracted!
9:43 pm edt 

Hooters in Provincetown

My gracious, what on earth is happening to our dear town. I don't
think we should allow an establishment like Hooters to come to this
town.  We already have the PIG, and we don't need any more pigs in
town.  The BOS must stop this insanity.
9:39 pm edt 

Simple Solutions to the Town's Economic Problems

Sell town hall to an entertainment company.  The historic commission
already has the last say on the exterior renovation.  The town will
no longer have to pay millions of dollars for 1 person to play like
they are doing something to restore the building.

Send the 6 or so students who are left in the high school to another
school such as Tabor, which would be far cheaper than running a
school system here.

Then town government can move into the high school which is a
wonderful building and much nicer than the trailers, and everyone can
live happily and cheaply ever after.

It's time to revolt!  Federal Government will be broke, State
Government will be broke and the burden for paying for everything
from here on in will be the property owners. 

It's time to take to the streets with our pots and pans and any other
noise makers and express our outrage.  The time to act is now! The
time to act is at town meeting!  We must veto all extra expenditures
before we are all broke too!

Anna LeeCage &
Sue R. LeeCage
9:34 pm edt 

Re: Point of View

Keep you're point of view to your self... Just because you
disapprove of pretty much everything is this town, as you can see we
all have bigger things to keep in mind.  We need to get this town
back on track, and it will take some time, but we can do it. If we
all work as a community...  But I do have to agree with you with the
Community Center subject.  It will be a sad day in Provincetown to
see that building and all it offers gone.  Hope we can work something
out with that and everything else.
9:31 pm edt 

Re: Rumor-Lands End Hardware/Hooters

What is all this talk of Lands End Hardware selling to Hooters???
I heard this at the deli counter at Stop & Shop...

I will sign my name:

Pousette Schwartz
9:30 pm edt 

I'm Glad that Restaurants are Starting to Re-Open

It's always Spring when Tips for Tops'n opens. Its a real joy to see
the windows revealing the people sitting inside the booths enjoying
themselves inside. It's a joy to see the lights on as night appears.

It must be Spring and that is good, heart-warming and welcoming. Soon
the Mayflower Restaurant opens--April 7th--and all is well with the
7:45 pm edt 

Re: Dog Park

"And tell them what, to go pay a visit to the Dog Park that
our stupid town wasted money on."

You are ill-informed the dog park has been 100% privately funded. Get
your facts straight.

Candace Nagle
President Provincetown Dog Park Association
7:43 pm edt 

Keeping Our Eyes on the Prize

Shortly Town Meeting will be upon us. Since last November's Special Town
Meeting we have anticipated and discussed the various issues which will be
brought forth during the April Town Meeting.

We have posted on this website all of the various issues most important to the
well being of Provincetown. Please do not now, in the waning hours, lose sight of
those issues and descend into the abyss of internecine warfare, cannibalizing one

Keep focused on the greater issues, which will determine our future, Affordable
Housing; use of CPA Funds; the giving away of precious Town Resources to private
developers; increased Town Debt;Town Hall Renovation; East -End Sewer Expansion,
Paving of Commercial Street, Rental Tax, Meal Tax, possible Lost of Parking on
Fishermen's Wharf, Transfer Tax, School Committee Reorganization; School
Regionalization; Municipal Manpower Reductions; BOS disorganization;Pier Corporation 
Financial Disclosure; Restructuring of town operations into Two Tiers (Summer full-time
and Winter part-time..........and many many more. You can fill in theblanks. This should
be our conversation!

Let us stay focused until the end of Town Meeting. It is necessary for the promotion of good

We may differ, but we can still be respectful of our differences and one another.
7:40 pm edt 

Point of View

Bunch of idiots in this town. That's an understatement may I add.
6:51 pm edt 

No One Care!

Wow, I have never been on this website before, and
personally it makes me thoroughly disgusted to be associated with
this town.. A bunch of idiots still bringing up the issue with the
fire truck, get over it happened how long ago? P.A.T.H.E.T.I.C. you
all have nothing better to do with ur lives but sit here and gossip
about the town everyone knows eachother in. Think about all the other
issues going on.  This town has fallen to pieces, but clearly you all
have missed that because you waste you're time here criticizing
everything and everyone in it.

Remember when the town was a plesent place to visit? I wouldnt
recommended it to anyone to come vacation here anymore.  And tell
them what, to go pay a visit to the Dog Park that our stupid town
wasted money on. I thought we didn't have any money, from what I've
read through in all these blogs. I don't think any other town has a
website like this. Leave it to P-town to have it.

However you people are getting away with bashing our local Fire
Department and Police Department.  Who do you think you are? at least
they are putting the time and effort into somewhat making this town a
"NORMAL" town. because we all know that is FAR from that.

And why are the only issues that are EVER brought up in this town,
are the ones that have to do with getting rid of everything in this
town for the people who have familes here?  Getting rid of the
schools, and the community center? more like getting rid of everyone
who had their lives here, before everyone else came and ruined it. 
Oh and how could we forget when you people wanted to take away the
atheltic field, to put up the manor.  Yeah, we needed the manor, and
its done and looks nice, but once again, it was an issue brought up
about gettin rid of something the children in this town use.

it's clear for everyone to see, the High School and Elementary school
are losing kids faster then ever right now, but what are we doing to
promote it? nothing, because no one cares.  It's really sad.
6:50 pm edt 

Re: Cosmic Fantasy

Let Cosmic Fantasy post his/her opinions and get off their
ride man. I actually thought it was their heartfelt opinion... keep
on keeping on Cosmic Fantasy... Mean people suck.

Cosmic Fantasy Lover
6:45 pm edt 

Re: Fire Department

What a dark place this blog, full of haters!  For those of
you who think the negativity towards Chief Trovato is all from the
same person, you are NOT reading between the lines.  There are
several different writing styles and grammatical/spelling abilities. 
Clearly not the same person. 

What is clear is the person to whom many of you have alluded to and
a few have named as the blogger.  I can tell you these are NOT his entries. 
We have discussed these topics including the blog and these aren't his words. 
How do I know?  I am his wife! 

I am not afraid to forgo anonymity and say what I think and put my name on it. 
I challenge some of you to do the same. Evidently, JP isn't either, judging by his
face to face with the Chief. 

Perhaps the timing was poor, but he didn't hide behind the blog to express himself. 
That's not his style.  If it was, there wouldn't be all those "STORIES" of confrontation
as presented in a previous entry. 

When considered who said what, I urge you to think out of the box, or rather out of
the fire house.  People up and down the Cape, with computers, have opinions on the
Provincetown Fire Department. By the way, I'm blogging from home not work! 

Shannon Perry
6:44 pm edt 

Truth be Told

The trouble makers and the bad seeds are those who have
nothing better to do but write lies and hatefull remarks about
people. if you have proof its this person thats one thing , but if
you dont thats a trouble maker and a bad seed
6:34 pm edt 

What Happened?

And here I was thinking that spring is in the air, the
birds are chirpng, the crocusus are craoking (so to speak) and on
and on.

Then I open the Blog and the theme from Jaws starts playing on my
computer! You know the one dum dum, dum dum, dum dum, dum dum...
Hmmm, maybe the blog isn't such a good idea. I look out the window
and it's snowing! Sheesh man, it's almost April!
6:33 pm edt 

The Provincetown Fire Department is a JOKE...

...just like the rest of the small appliance salesmen/women who think
they know what they are doing. We have a Cop masquerading as a Town
Manager...a dropout masquerading as a political powerhouse and a police
chief who doesn't have a clue.

The situation with the Fire Dept should have ended with the drunk
driver. Professionals should have been brought in then...but as usual
nothing was done and here we are.
The Fire Chief should resign's over Michael, you had a
long run but now it is time for real firefighters. Turn in your badge
or hat or whatever it takes. If you don't than the TM should make
you...if she doesn't then it is up to the BOS...maybe it is time for
the DA to look how donations were used to fund lawyer
fees for the drunk driver.

Don't bother to think you know who I am, cause you don't.
I know you, but you don't know me. I don't buy your small appliances,
or care that your wife is on the school committee. Actually all I
care about is that Provincetown has a fire department that isn't
sexist, homophobic and ignorant. I know that is a lot to ask, but in
someplaces that's what is commonplace.

It is time to cleanup the firehouse...the department has some really
fine men but they are ruled by a little Hitler
and we all know how well that has to stop, now.
6:30 pm edt 

Provincetown Fire Department
Okay for the ones who think chief trovato is doing such a great job.
Then you explain why he allows this type of behavior to continue? Let
me guess your going to tell me its UNFORTINATE  or you going to say
its someone elses fault such as the capts, lieuts, or the engineers!
NOTTTTTT it starts at the top and trovato is at the helm, so it seems
that your just as crooked as him and have a childs mind for also
thinking this way. Example.. As of today the word is that trovato put
the new ladder truck out for bid! Now WHY would you go do such a
thing if the funds havent even been voted on at town meeting? Well I
dont think thats right do youuu? Let me guess your going to tell me
its UNFORTINATE and this is proper procedure and thats how
Provincetown fire department does things. NOTTTT.. this is pure
ignorance and micheal trovato who thinks he can do what ever he wants
when he wants and no one will question him becouse he's the chief.
This leadership is a disgrace to the fire dept and the town of provincetown.

6:23 pm edt 

Re: Fire Training Accident

"I really dont care if all the chiefs on the cape was there
or the president of the United States was there. Stop be
ignorant and trying to cover this up..."


When you write in this manner, it's hard to take you seriously.  My
third grade nephew has better writing skills.
6:19 pm edt 

Tips For Tops'n

Yes, Tip's for Tops'n has had losses and they are still
there for us! They give us lots of specials with reasonable prices. I
want to support them more than ever.
6:16 pm edt 

It's an Anonymous Blog

But does Michael Travato think he knows who is posting issues on this
blog? Is he accusing some people when he can't know who blogs and
doesn't blog. Be careful who you blame. It could be your "best"
friend! You never really know MIchael and that is life on a blog.
10:44 am edt 

Re: Fire Department

He is the one who keeps attacking the Fire Chief here on this blog.
He is and always was a bad seed period. He has always had a nasty
attitude and does nothing but talk you know what about people. He has
had many runs in and situations with not only those he works with but
the public as well and we all know nothing seems to get done about
it. Sad but true, trust me.
10:42 am edt 

All This Talk is Just That........Talk!

Open candidates running for office in town are all running unopposed. 
It's really so much easier to sit at your computer and attack those
in public positions.  Like them or not at least those running for
office are willing to put themselves out there.
10:39 am edt 

What About Grammar-Check?

Tanks four the information a boot spell check... know eye
well bee scene as reel smart! Bouy, computers can due so much these
daze it ess amazing. Ewe are just winner full an eye due knot now
watt eye wood due with out ewe.
Eye which eye new a boot this inn hi school, eye wood have hat much
bettor grades.
May bee eye can bee present dent won dais!
10:37 am edt 

Freedom of Speech

For one I'm grateful for this blog. For too long people in positions
of power have used and abused their positions to intimidate and
target people who disagreed with them in any way.  In this small town
there are many small minds and small people in powerful positions who
apparently don't believe in FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!!  Wake up and smell
the coffee!!!
10:32 am edt 

Cosmic Fantasy is Exactly That!

Fantasy and out of this world thinking. Many bloggers express their
heartfelt opnions, give information that is insightful, provide

You misunderstand what the bloggers are doing.They are often exposing
hypocrisy, revealing lies, decrying political maneuvering. You
misconstrue insight and critical analysis for negativity and
meanness. You totally miss the forest for the trees.
10:31 am edt 

That's Good News: Tip's For Top'N is Open

Thanks for the Spring message. I'm so glad they do re-open this year
with last year's losses. Bravo! I look to see many bloggers there in
the days to come.

It must be Spring!
10:29 am edt 

Show Some Respect For the Opportunity to Express Your Opinion

Who are you and why are you such an angry, hateful person?
i suspect you are the same person that made false allegation about
chief Jaren. maybe you should get a job, take a yoga class or maybe
an anger management class. instead you spend your day bashing town
officals and trying to stir up trouble!!

Show some respect! I cant imagine being the fire chief in
provincetown is an easy job; espically when you have people with no
idea what they are talking about, trying to tell you how to do your

As for Chief Jaren, what a load of nonsense it is; accusing him of
suggesting we make Provincetown a dry town.  The chief is stil fairly
new in town, and so far he's done a good job. Give him a break and
let him do the job he was hired to do. Stop wasting peoples time by
making ridiculous accusations!!

Shout out is a great way to express your thoughts and apparently a
great way to express hatred. If you have a problem with the job your
town officals are doing, than by all means go to a town meeting and
express you concerns.

Sign your name, don't be a coward...
10:28 am edt 

Fire Deptartment

I don't need the Provincetown Fire Department and you'll never take
away my EMT!
10:26 am edt 

Monday, March 23, 2009

Stop, Look............................................Listen

Why do you write it? Why do we think it? What is it all
about? The anger, the sadness, the meanness, just bad feelings,
nothing else, try harder to understand, walk a day in someone else's
shoes, stop the judgement, try harder, to be better, not to blame,
maybe a smile, a pat on the back, a little understanding, working
together to make it happen, instead of all of the blame, look at the
beauty, soak it in, you can change, become a better person, just
think about it... it will come slowly, but just let it happen.

Cosmic Fantasy
9:28 pm edt 

Fire Accident:

I really dont care if all the chiefs on the cape was there or the
president of the United States was there. Stop be ignorant and trying
to cover this up. The fireman had no previous training, had a history
of seizures and shouldnt have been allowed to go into that trianing
trailer. You know it and I know it was wrong. The Provincetown fire
Dept. screwed up once again. This is another incident like the ladder
truck being totaled that should never had happened. Ever hear play
with fire you get burnt? Well theres two strikes the third one could
be someones life.

Smarten up!
9:24 pm edt 

But Minutes Should be Posted and They Should Be Current

Wasn't it our Chair of our board of selectmen who was admonishing a
board for not having current minutes--when the BOS minutes are hardly
posted in a timely manner.

The minutes of any board should be posted and the CPC minutes are
just not there. This is especially important when the decisions and
discussions of a board affect articles on town warrant.

I agree with the blogger who believes there is something wrong when
minutes are not posted in a timely fashion.
9:23 pm edt 

Jeff Perry vs Fire Chief?

What's the dpw going to do about the incident that happened
today with Jeff Perry?  The talk is that he went to the fire chiefs
house while on town time in a town truck had a verbal altercation
with the fire chief and his wife about this blog.  The fire chief
called the police dept and the dpw to report the incident.  This guy
has been in trouble many times with the dpw he even hit another
employee with a shovel a few years ago, he had a shouting match at
the library and made a woman employee cry and the police were called
for that incident too.  Nothings been done about this guy's behavior.
  We heard the fire chief talked to David Guertin about the incident
so let's see if he does anything to reprimand this employee.  Theres
been other employees that have been innocent of wrong doings with
this guy and they lost their jobs.  Is Jeff Perry on David Guertin's
payroll?  He seems to have a very bad temper and no one is doing
anything about it.  If the dpw director won!
  't do anything about this behavior the town manager should.  The
town should do something about this guy or they will probably have
more law suits on their hands.

Sincerely Got Screwed.
9:22 pm edt 

Spelling Criticisms

No one is a perfect speller. To those who are picking out
misspellings - get a life!

To help with spelling there are a couple of easy fixes.

Download the Google toolbar which has a spell check function(I use it
all the time).

Or compose your post in the Microsoft Word program (if you have it),
then copy and paste here.
9:19 pm edt 

Tips forTops'n Opened!

A new season is ahead and I am excited. I am tired of the festering
malice that grows every winter.
People in powerful positions do make stupid decisions from time to
time and yes they must be aware of the discontent that we feel as
citizens, but we can't be consumed by it all. We need a sunnier
disposition and a more amicable way of life.
9:17 pm edt 

Fire Accident:

Hey      ... People can die from PANIC too....  So let's not pick and
choose....  Perhaps someone with anxiety, or high blood pressure
could of been in there and then what....  oops.. an accident.  Who
gets blamed then the chief again...  Don't be so ridiculous..  
That's why incidents  by non-negligence are called accidents......

Chief... hang tight.  The BAD APPLE will be weeded out soon.. And I
mean REAAAALLLL  SOON.  Oh, Maybe in May !!!!!
9:16 pm edt 

Fire Accident:

Let me add, I was at the site on Saturday, and I know of six Mass
Fire Academy Instructors,  Fire Chief, Deputy Fire Chief, State Fire
Marshall and three engineers on scene along with several Lieutenants
and Captains.  So please don't speak out of turn.

It is sad that ONE person feels all these professionals are so
incompetant.  Perhaps YOU ALONE should be all of the above because
you certainly haven't a clue what's going on....

Let's not be so quick to cast judgement !!!!!!  GET A GRIP
6:28 pm edt 

Fire Accident (Alledged)

The ONLY thing awesome the chief does is screw things up and almost
cost people thier lifes by being unproffesional. Anyone who has a
history of siezures shouldnt be going into burning buildings. The
Chief knew who his applicants were and what the requirements was for
this class and choose to ignore that. Sooo... yes I would say he is
to blame. The trick to being a good chief is to admit when your wrong
and to take the blame for your wrong doings.
6:27 pm edt 

Fire Dept Accident/Chief

If the shoe fits wear it! You got to be kidding me you look at this
incident like it was no big deal. I really dont care how many people
was standing by outside. Point being is the fireman didnt belong in
there in the begining and further more he had to be taken to the
hospital becouse of it. So the proof is in the pudding if the chief
did what was right from the start this untrained fireman wouldnt have
been part of this training exercise. Dont forget the word
requirement...  And people can die from a SEIZURE.
6:25 pm edt 

Re: Postings of Minuets (Minutes)

(BTW-nice spelling...)

Oh, it's another conspiracy theory!!!

Anyone who has ever ATTENDED a Public Town Board meeting knows that
the minutes (not the song/dance) from previous meeting must be
approved by a quorum, contingent upon no mistakes or addendum's.  If
there is no quorum, the minutes can not be approved and thus,
published for public view.

Be patient, although I am sure you would rather believe it is a conspiracy.
6:23 pm edt 

Comment on Fire Training Accident

I hope that the many readers who visit this site can see that it is
the same person who keeps attacking the Fire Chief. It's not like
there are several, it's just one person. He has a major issue and his
due process will come. So please take into consideration when reading
anything that shows definite signs of "attacking the Fire Chief" as
it's from the same deranged individual that has posted the previous
ones and the most current. Hang in their Chief, we will h
6:20 pm edt 

Re: Fire Training Accident

You have got to be kidding me attacking the fire chief over
the incident on Saturday. If anyone had taken then time to see what
was really going on down there they would have known that there were
at least 6 people there watching these firefighters in the trailer.
Any sign of a problem and everything shuts down immediately.

Come on people.
3:56 pm edt 

Fire Accident: (Alledged)

First off let me begin by saying the Chief does an awesome job ! 
Secondly,  If YOU were there to see it yourself, as you know
EMT-----, you know a seizure can happen whether you have the fire
academy or not...  Thirdly, if you spent more time doing your ----
job then you wouldn't be under attack yourself .....

Perhaps it is time YOU get off the department...  Nevermind, you're
going to be voted OUT ANYWAY !!!!!!
3:51 pm edt 

Re: Fire Training Accident

This is what is sad about this site, you try to call what happened to
that fire fighter an unfortunate accident and you get called an
idiot. That should show everyone, as a citizen, you try to more or
less ask a question and you get called an uneccessary name.

I talked to a few fire fighters and it was them who told me that each
fire house has an engineer, captain and lieutenant. They usually know
their men and their capabilities, etc. They also are expected to have
knowledge of their level of training.

This was never mentioned. One of them should of never allowed that
fire fighter to suit up, just observe. Now comes the accident and
guess who's the bad guy. The Chief has all these other officers that
aid him at fire scenes, ect but come a training session he's left out
to dry.

Very sad.
3:48 pm edt 

Re: Fire Training Accident

So this is how you title this, a unfortunate incident! You must be a
idiot too, your talking about a situation where someone could have
died. Then you go and say what about the other officers in the fire
dept. Well for your information the other officers dont over step the
chief and everything goes through the chief first. If chief trovato
was doing things right then he wouldnt have to worry about be
11:46 am edt 

Re: Fire Department Accident

This isnt kid games here, your talking about peoples lifes. What
there should be is good leadership and there isnt. Its not a
competition between alaxander and trovato its about doing the job the
right way and trovato isnt. Trovato is the one who set the class up
and as chief he over sees everything and should know exactly what is
going on in his department. He needs to stop passing the buck and
take full responsibility for his actions and stop blaming other
people for his screw ups. I think you need to look up the true
meaning of CHIEF! Everyone who signed up for that class new the
requirements and so did the chief and it still didnt matter. This
fireman had no business attending this training without previous
training and thats the bottom line. What the Provincetown Fire Dept
needs to do is stop doing things wrong and start doing things right.
The PFD isnt special they have to follow proper procedure like every
other Fire Department on the cape.
11:44 am edt 

Re: Fire Training Accident

It's once again obvious the Fire Chief is under attack because of a
very unfortunate incident during Fire Training. Even thou to a degree
that the Fire Chief being held some what responsible, I ask where
were the Captains, Lieutenants and Engineers when all this went down.
They should of stepped up to the plate also, not just the Chief.
9:47 am edt 

To: Posting of Minuets

Where are these dances held?
9:09 am edt 

Sometimes It's Not Easy to See What's Really Going On

Candace and the Pier, is she out for the good of the town or does she
have an axe to grind with the Pier corporation.

The person who writes about Fire Chief Trovato, is there something
there or does the person just want Trovato out and replaced with
9:06 am edt 

Provincetown is Like George Bryant's Dump

Some things are worth keeping and we should keep them, both as useful
items and as a tribute to our past.  We can learn from our history as
we move forward.

But, just because we have something doesn't mean we need to keep it
forever.  Just like George needs to get rid of a lot of his past
treasures, the town needs to get rid of some of its past treasures. 
Certain things lose their usefulness after time and end up being just

Of course I'm not suggesting get rid of everything, but just keep
those we really need, much as George should be keeping only those
things he really needs.
9:05 am edt 

Despite Chief Jaran's Rebuttle

The only reason Mr. Steele was promoted in the Police Department was
because of his relation to Mary Joe. Simple as that.

It wasn't his performance. It wasn't how he scored on any test. It
wasn't his horrible track record of serious offenses and misconduct.

The old blood in Provincetown runs thick.

Chief Jaran had to better his position with the town government. Just
wait, soon there will be special patrols by Sharon Lynn's condo.
Perhaps she will get a special escort to Town Hall on busy summer
days when there is traffic.
9:04 am edt 

Sunday, March 22, 2009

News Flash.... Fire Training Accident
Saturdey March 21, 2009 The Provincetown Fire dept. under the
supervision of Chief Trovato had firefighting training in
Provincetown. A fireman who has no previous training had to be rushed
to Cape Cod Hospital after having rapid heart rate that led to a
seizure. I hold fire chief micheal trovato fully responsiable for
this incident. chief trovato knew that no one should be taking this
course with out the minimum level of firefighter one certified. Thats
why there are requirements, to prevent accidents like this from
occuring. This type of behavior has been going on for yrs in the
Provincetown fire dept, untrained firemen going into burning
buildings fighting fires. This incident was only training, what if
this was  a actual fire with the real deal of temperatures ranging
from 500-2000 degrees? If this fireman had this happen to him in a
burning building with other firefighters, this unprofessional
behavior could have cost this kid his life, his partners life or
other firefighters lifes becouse of the poor leadership of the chief. This is
totally unexceptable and trovato should be stripped from his duties
as chief. I'll tell you what exactly happened this fireman.. he
paniced becouse he got disoriented, theres nothing worse then not
being able to see your hand in front of you or not being able to
breath. This fireman shouldnt even had a airpack on his back bad
enough being in this training trailer. Trovato you are a disgrace and
you and the town of provincetown are lucky this kid didnt die.
Firefighting isnt for everyone, especially you chief!
9:44 pm edt 

BOS and Town Manger in La La Land

I wish this wasn't true. But it's sad and true. They are in some
fantasy land where these economic problems are only temporary or even
non-existent. they act as if all is well but we have a few quirks.
Wrong. We have major problems and we need to make major reductions in
the town budget--however that is done. But they seem to go along in a
fantasy land and make little cuts, slivers of changes and then
believe they have done it. Sorry guys--and oh yeah, you too the little
Michelle--have done nothing substantial. But somehow you can't even
see your own limitations.

I do believe you need more then to have graduated from grammar school
to make fundamental financial decisions for this town.  I'd be
embarrassed to be Michelle-I-have-no-degree-Couture at this tough time
for Provincetown. She is inept. She is unable and unqualified to
help us with the difficult economic times we face.
9:39 pm edt 

Re: Fire Chief's Vacation

"As a tax payer I cannot believe what I'm hearing. The town of
Provincetown paid for the fire chief and board members to go to
Louisiana to look at the specs of the new ladder truck. I want to
know WHO authorized this and WHY? The funds haven't even been
approved yet at town meeting and this irrogant chief pulls a stunt
like this.

TOTALLY INAPPROPRIATE  I want answers and I will be there at the town
meeting shooting this down!"

Blame Sharon these times, such waste just mocks the real
Provincetown Fire Fighters! Vote NO to fund a new truck,
make the criminal drunk driver pay Not the taxpayer.

Plain Embarasment
9:35 pm edt 

Sorry But What We Dont' Need is the Police Intefering Even More

Enough! Patrol the streets. Pretend to be doing your job. But what
we don't need is more police enforcement. Please, this is ridiculous.
We don't need new marijuana (I admit I had to look up the spelling)
laws instituted by Police Chief Jeff Jaran. We have the state law.
Let it be. What is your problem? Enforce other laws and let this one
be. I don't get your problem with letting the new state law be the
law. Chill out Jaran! You've got a problem, not us.
9:32 pm edt 

You Can Fool Some of the People All the Time

Dear citizens of Provincetown. Of course this is an early
April Fools joke. Would the Police chief of a Tourist town like
Provincetown close all of the bars? hardly--there would be an
uproar..Someone is just trying to cause a sensation.
The truth is that the police chief of New Orleans is going to Make
Mardi Gras a dry family-little child-centered disnesqe celebration
with fruit juice and cookies--yeah, right. Get a grip people. This is
like the people who follow map quest over a cliff : )some will
believe anything : )
9:30 pm edt 

Re: You Gotta be Kidding

The Chief never made statements favoring Provincetown becoming a
"dry" town, he knows where his bread is buttered.  If you have a
question or concern why not just call over to the Police Station and
ask to speak with him.

As for Article 20 in the upcoming Annual Town Meeting.

QUESTION 2 did not make less than 1 ounce of Marijuana legal. It
simply decriminalized the offense with a simple civil fine (ie: no
court and no criminal record.)

If Article 20 does not pass, the civil fine will still be assessed by
members of the police department, but all of the monies derived will
go to the State instead of the Town.

Please vote yes on Article 20 and for everyone's sake "Kidding",
either buy a newspaper every once in a while or ask someone!
9:28 pm edt 

Candy is Dandy

As a dry town we could host religious conferences.

Those who profit from liquor also profit from and cause human misery.
Don't like it,too bad, find some way else to make a living.

Look as the wasted lives attributed to drinking.

The loudest voices against this proposition are probably the biggest
lushes as well. Don't worry you could still drive (sober, hopefully)
to Truro, to get your fix.
9:25 pm edt 

Fire Training Liability

I think the selectman need to be questioning chief trovato this week.
Why would trovato go against the written requirements of taking the
fire courses that was held this weekend in town? The requirements
state that each firefighter should be ATLEAST firefighter one
certified! There was Firefighters taken the course that had no
training what so ever. Hmm. Is this a big lawsuit for the town of
provincetown or what folks? If one of those firefighters got
seriously hurt or killed due to a freak accident, dont tell me the
familys wouldnt be knocking on the towns door with a law suit. Come
on people wake up cant you see whats going on in Provincetown fire
dept. Better do something about trovato and his unprofessionalism
before someone gets killed do to his ignorance.
9:24 pm edt 

Re: Dry Town

All of this Dry Town business makes me want to start
drinking again. Just to make a point.
9:21 pm edt 

The Crocus Are Up!

March madness takes on a whole new meaning here. Perhaps
it's time to go out and stomp a bed of crocus, all you cheery sorts.
9:20 pm edt 

Postings of Minuets

I would like to know why the past meetings have not been posted on
the Town Web Site for the Community Preservation
Committee and the Community Housing Council. It would be nice to have
these past meetings posted way before the Town Meeting, it is a
source of information which is needed now. What is it that they don't
want us to know?

Perhaps they don't want people to know that CHR wants to do the
construction on 83 Shankpainter Rd. during the summer. That means
that there will be no housing there during the busy season. We cannot
support this project, let CHR go to the bank and do whatever they
9:18 pm edt 

Re: Mr. Bryant

"Too bad people can't mind their own business when it comes to
private property.  Last time I checked, individual rights were still
in effect."

Actually a court ruled that his neighbors' rights were being abused,
and issued a clean up order that he continues to violate.

What someone else on here called his "accumulative tendencies", is a
recognized illness.  Compulsive hoarding is usually treated with
cognitive-behavioral therapy, possibly combined with anti-anxiety
medication - you can look it up.  Typically people with this disorder
get emotionally attached to stuff and get anxious or angry if anyone
suggests they get rid of it.  They have trouble making decisions, and
cant sort out what is worth keeping from what is not.  Yet they are
also inwardly embarrassed by the mess.  Thus they usually benefit in
other aspects of their life, as well, by treatment.

There are also issues of insects and rodents and ground and water
pollution, which is why communities have reasonable rules about what
can be dumped where.

Many appreciate Mr. Bryant's historical knowledge and efforts.  Those
who know him well should encourage him to seek help for his (and the
town's) own good.
9:17 pm edt 

So Much For Saint Hood

Read the article in the Boston Globe Magazine. It is about
a developer who wants to build cottages in Easton--but is
refused--until he resorts to 40B and thus the town is powerless to
oppose him.

It also states how these developers are supposed to give money back
to the towns.

Quite a little eye opener into the Affordable Housing Industrial
complex and how it works. It is a for Profit business--not Mother
Teresa's housing for the poor.
9:14 pm edt 

You Gotta be Kidding

The whole economy of the town would crash if it turned dry.
As someone posted before, it will never happen. When did the Chief
make a statement regarding this? Is this just a rumor?
What he has done is submit Article 20 for Town Meeting and this
should not be supported, it negates all that was voted on this pass

The citizens voted to decriminalize possession of a small amount of
marijuana. The state law should be upheld and if the Chief does not
want to support the vote then let him go back to New Hampshire, or
better yet move to Utah with the Mormons.
11:09 am edt 

Why They Don't Care

So many people.  So many misspelling and grammatical
errors.And so many crocodile tears. It will take job cuts to make
people realize the bind we are in.  Remember, many people in the
union don't live or pay taxes here.  So why should they care???
11:08 am edt 

Re: Trovato's Vacation

Sharon Lynn must have a few screws loose because Trovato doesn't
deserve anything except the boot out of town.

He's NO good!
11:06 am edt 

Re: Booze

Are you people nuts? Dry town? Come on folks. I know it's late in the
winter months but go out and get some fresh air. Your brains are
turning to mush. Regardless of what the police chief wants or
allegedly wants, rest assured it'll never happen. Really, relax.
11:03 am edt 

Re: Booze

You are entitled to your opinion. Which, I hope, includes some vague
if miraculous notion of how PROVINCETOWN, MASSACHUSETTS, of all
places, might earn a living without hooch.

Love and kisses,

Carrie Nation
11:02 am edt 

Saturday, March 21, 2009


IMO this town would be better off as a dry town. 

More power to the Chief!
5:59 pm edt 

Talk About Calling the Kettle Black:

Banner March 19 2008: "What's happening is that there are people not
living by the rules, he said referring to recreational boaters
claiming to be commercial." PPPC Board member Phil Tarvers.

You really are shameless Phil. Mr. Tarvers went on line to get a bass
commercial fishing license 2006 so that he could pass as a commercial
fisherman on MacMillan Pier. It was ok back then for him to do it.
Tell us how many fish you caught and sold that summer of 2006?

How's the protectionist policy you spearheaded as Pier Corp director
so no business on MacMillan Pier competes with your store in Lopes

You are a real piece of work.
5:58 pm edt 

No Way No How!

Everyone needs to calm down and start to think before
getting all crazy about Ptown becoming dry. It's never going to
happen. It would put the town out of business!~ I've never seen so
many lushes in one place in my entire life... stop and think, no
alcohol, no tourists! End of discussion.

Jack Daniels
5:56 pm edt 

Whoa, is This True?

Krazy Jaran wants to ban alcohol??? This has got to be a rumour?
right???? more info please! If this is true, than this jerky "screw
the will of the people" chief must be sent packing!!!

Why the heck did he ever apply for the job here? He sure is a bad
fit for this town and whoever hired him should be hanging their heads
in shame.
10:20 am edt 

Re: Fire Chief's Vacation

To answer your question, the town manager Sharon Lynn decided she
would and felt the Chief deserved it.

Nice huh?
10:17 am edt 

Zero Economic Growth on the Pier?

Do you know something we don't? The pier corporation still hasn't
made public its 2008 financials. Could that be the reason? Let's look
good going into Town Meeting and keep our financials out of the publics
reach. No one has to know our 2008 net income or lack of it until after
Town Meeting.

Transparency is for departments based on land only!
10:15 am edt 

Friday, March 20, 2009

Always a Day Late and a Pound Short

It's stunning that the additional liability insurance we
have to take out on the PPPC directors has exceeded the net income
every year but one. And why do we need this corporation when there is
zero economic growth on the pier?

It is time for Town Officials to start spending every penny of town
revenues wisely. Cost cutting measures seem to be only done around
budget time when faced with budget gaps. When will town officials
start being proactive instead of reactive?
11:17 pm edt 

Police Chief's Craziness

What is all of this talk about the Police Chief wanting to make
Provincetown a "Dry Town".  First, he refuses to comply with the will
of the people to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana, now he
wants to ban alcohol in town.

Who made him our new insane dictator?
11:13 pm edt 

It Ain't Rocket Science

"John, the incompetent PPPC bookkeeper extraordinaire,
Davidson will be the next to go. Hear he's unable to grasp the Town's
Munis System. Maybe you should spend less time on this blog and learn proper
municipal bookkeeping!"

I never knew John Davidson worked on the pier!
Does he still sing? I saw him in concert back in
the day. Does he still have his wavy hair?
Seriously, what is taking so long?
The Munis System is NOT rocket science... .seems they are putting it off for as long as they

A real Bookkeeper
11:11 pm edt 

Re: Mr Bryant

"When Mr. Bryant gets rid of the dump in his yard I'll listen to what
he has to say - not before then."

Too bad people can't mind their own business when it comes to private
property.  Last time I checked, individual rights were still in
effect. Buy the property if it is so offensive to you, up otherwise
11:08 pm edt 

Hope Springs Eternal

"So enough, already, with the syrupy cheerleading and
boundless claims of year-over-year increases in bookings,
"Valentine's Day weekend made me set for life,"  etc.
I call B.S.!"

You can call it whatever you want and I'm sure your glass is always
half empty.  I can only say that currently our bookings are up for
the summer, thank god.  Am I worried about the year?  You betcha, I'm
watching every penny.  But I'm currently cautiously optimistic.  I'm
keeping my fingers crossed for everyone.
11:07 pm edt 

Fire Chiefs Vacation

As a tax payer I cannot believe what I'm hearing. The town of
Provincetown paid for the fire chief and board members to go to
Louisiana to look at the specs of the new ladder truck. I want to
know WHO authorized this and WHY? The funds haven't even been approved
yet at town meeting and this irrogant chief pulls a stunt like this. 
TOTALLY INAPPROPRIATE  I want answers and I will be there at the town
meeting shooting this down!
11:05 pm edt 

Enabling Legislation Requirements of the PPPC:

The corporation shall file an annual report with the house and senate
committees on ways and means detailing all receipts, expenditures and
the status of said reserve funds.

Are they waiting too? When is the 2008 auditor's report and FY June
2008 P & L statements going to be made public?

The PPPC can stall the public and town officials (those enlightened
few that find it is unacceptable that they are unavailable), maybe it
is time for a Provincetown taxpayer to contact the House and Senate
Committees on Ways and Means.
11:03 pm edt 

So Far so Great!

Tourism in Ptown will be up this summer.  I have four
seasonal rental places and they are all booked - 4 people per week X
10 weeks X 4 units X $1,000 spend per person in the town that week =
$160,000 of revenue to the shopkeepers and restaurants this coming
summer. I think that covers my "room tax" for the year.
11:01 pm edt 

Perry's Liquors - Congratulations and a Beautiful Job

I can't say enough nice things about the renovation job the Perry's
did.  Creating jobs, creating beauty, and adding value to the town
and to the owners.  Nice job!  We need more projects like these..
11:00 pm edt 

It's Time to Say No to Affordable Housing

When it will take all our monies from the CPC. Time to stand tall to
this Ted Malone, the money man here, and say absolutely no. We will
keep our money and if you need money for your profit-drive,
profit-making enterprises, then go to Seaman's Bank and see if they
will loan you the money. Otherwise, don't come to us the taxpayers,
in arrogance, demanding money from us. We have given to you and your
industrial affordable housing complex before. We are tired of your
tired slogans and now we say: Enough. Now we say: No.
10:59 pm edt 

Real Politik

Of Course You Are going to Get Four ways Stop Signs at
Howland and Bardford

That happens when the police chief moves into your neighborhood. The
police will patrol and the town will find an immediate need for four
stop sings where before there were two. I don't disagree but find it
most interesting that when our chief of police moves into an area,
that area gets attention it never did before. Bravo to all who live
where he, the chief, lives. That's life--or that's politics.
10:57 pm edt 

Don't Miss the Forest for the Trees

George Bryant is a great source of history. He knows so much. what he
does with his accumulative tendencies doesn't deny his resource to
the town. You can still listen and learn.
10:55 pm edt 

Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Sober Dose of Reality

(The Wall Street Journal, March 19)


"Spending on travel and tourism declined last year for the first time
since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, the Commerce Department
said Thursday, as Americans canceled vacations, a strong dollar kept
foreigners away and businesses slashed travel budgets.

Spending fell at a 22% annualized rate in the October through
December quarter, compared with the prior three-month period. The
decline was the sharpest since the government's quarterly records
began in 2001, topping the 19% drop after the terrorist attacks that

As a result, the trillion-dollar industry -- a major employer in the
U.S. -- is reeling, and struggling to lure people back with deep
discounts and special packages. For their part, Americans are sharply
scaling back vacation plans, canceling trips outright or trading down
to cheaper options.

  "Everybody seems to be in a panic mode, afraid to spend money,"
said Carol Beazley, who along with her husband, Jim, runs the Beazley
House, an 11-room bed and breakfast in Napa, Calif. She notes there
are fewer takers for extra services at the century-old mansion, such
as massages, $200 balloon rides and the Napa Valley wine train.

The Beazleys say they've had to lower room rates by "well over $100"
to keep their inn booked, and this month are offering 50% off, with a
minimum two-night stay, for returning visitors. "We're getting our
rooms sold but we're getting 33% less income on each one," Jim
Beazley said. Their staff has shrunk to just a handful, half of what
it was a few years ago.

Overall, leisure and hospitality establishments shed 33,000 jobs in
February and employment in the industry has dropped to 13.2 million
from 13.5 million in February 2008, according to the Labor Department.

U.S. cities whose economies rely heavily on tourism are particularly
hard-hit. Separate data released Thursday showed the unemployment
rate in the Myrtle Beach, S.C., metropolitan area grew to 14.4% in
January, nearly double the rate a year ago. "It's really hurt local
business," said Valerie Graham, who operates Myrtle Beach's Carolina
Safari Jeep Tours. In December, typically a busy holiday month, "we'd
be lucky to have one full tour a day," she said.

Unemployment in the Las Vegas metro area jumped to 10% in January
from 8.7% in December, as the strip's hotels, restaurants and casinos
have struggled with a drop in spending. Gambling giant MGM Mirage
warned earlier this week it could default on billions of dollars in
loans after losing $1.14 billion in its fourth quarter because of a
17% drop in gambling revenue and a 21% drop in room revenue.

Companies are stepping up their offers in an attempt to entice
travelers who may otherwise stay home as the unemployment rate
climbs. JetBlue Airways Corp. last month announced that it will offer
a full refund to people who book flights between February 1 and June
1 and then lose their job. Norwegian Cruise Line is offering what it
calls travel protection, starting at $29 per person, that will
provide a cash reimbursement of cancellation fees to guests who
cancel because they lose their job.

The data from the Commerce Department show that adjusted for
inflation, shopping by tourists -- a typically resilient category --
dropped 11.6% in the fourth quarter, following about a 7% drop in the
third. Spending by tourists on food and drinking places fell by 6%
for the second quarter in a row. Traveler accommodations, or lodging,
dropped 10%. Passenger air transportation dropped for the third
quarter in a row, down 13%.

The drop in spending last year reflects not only lower demand for
travel and related services but also lower prices, as the industry
scurried to attract customers through bargain deals and travelers
paid less for gasoline. Industrywide, prices fell 16% from October
through December at an annualized rate, the report showed, more than
reversing the third quarter's gain.

Indeed, affordable destinations are among the bright spots in the
industry: It costs just $77 for an adult season pass to the Dollywood
theme park in Pigeon Forge, Tenn., which opens this weekend, and
spokesman Pete Owens says season-ticket sales are up about 7% so far
from last year. "Families are forgoing the cruise or the European
travel and trying to stay a little closer to home, budgeting more,"
he said.

Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, Calif., is offering a fourth night free
for visitors who book three nights, or a $150 gift card for those who
book a four-night vacation package. Last month, its parent, Walt
Disney Co., said occupancy levels in both its Orlando and Anaheim
parks were 85%, down a few percentage points from last year.

The Mahoney family is like many who are cutting costs by trading
down. For the past several years, architect and avid skier Leslie
Mahoney of Concord, Mass., has rented a winter house in Vermont. But
this winter, with money tight, Ms. Mahoney and her family decided
instead to stay local: She and her husband taught lessons at Nashoba
Valley, a small hill with only a dozen or so runs that's just 15
minutes from their house, buying season passes for two of their three
girls. "We love to ski but we couldn't afford to keep going to
Vermont every weekend," she says. "Nashoba is cheaper."

Conor Dougherty and Tamara Audi contributed to this article"


So enough, already, with the syrupy cheerleading and boundless claims
of year-over-year increases in bookings, "Valentine's Day weekend
made me set for life,"  etc.

I call B.S.!

This year, I doubt The Banner will reprise its headline, "The Sky Is
Not Falling." It is. But there's a way up and out.

If we acknowledge the truth, perhaps we can become somewhat of an
exception to the above article this summer. To pretend otherwise is
like farting through silk!


The Anti-Ostritch Society
11:10 pm edt 

PFD Driver Training

How come after 4 months there still havent been any driver training
for the firefighters? Can anyone explain this? I blame the fire chief
for dragging his feet and then I hold the board of selectmen fully
responsiable for this training not existing. Are we waiting for
someone to get killed before we do things right in provincetown? The
city of boston is acting immediately after the accident with their
ladder truck that occured last month and killed one of their
firefighters, thats what you call professional leadership. I think
the town of provincetown is a embarrasment to the rest of the towns
on the cape.
11:03 pm edt 

To: More Staffing Cuts Need to be Made on MacMillan Pier

Now I'm getting why there is so much hanging out on the platform
outside the harbormaster office. There's not much to do. We don't
have money for sinecures!
11:00 pm edt 

Re: "We Have A Wonderful Resource Of People... in our little hamlet by the harbor, if you really think about
it.  George Bryant is a font of information of history and relevant

When Mr. Bryant gets rid of the dump in his yard I'll listen to what
he has to say - not before then.
10:59 pm edt 

Re: Traffic Control

Howland and Bradford will soon be a four way stop!
8:25 pm edt 

To: We Have a Wonderful Resource of People

So well written and well said. You are right about the resources that
are here and some of the great people who live and as an essential
part of Provincetown. I agree and wish many of these were brought
into the "running" of the town as advisors or in other creative
capacities. But unfortunately they are not.

It's as if the Katrina trailers have a Katrina mentality: do nothing,
focus on yourself and praise "Brownie" in Bush's "Heck of a job

They are doing a terrible job. Maybe they can't help it and maybe the
chair of the BOS is doing the best she can--but that is not good
enough. I find she can't lead and works in an undemocratic way. She
hordes information, works behind the scenes and pretends to value
town input. This is not what town government was meant to be.
8:24 pm edt 

More Staffing Cuts Need to be Made on MacMillan Pier:

Radio Dispatch & Office Administration  Year round bonded position,
dispatch & coordinate service calls, internal transaction control,
bookkeeping, maintain and staff office hours. Assistant harbormaster
covers off hours.

-Coordinate service calls? You have got to be kidding! We need that
year round? In the dead of winter? The harbormaster cant do that with
a portable unit when hes not sitting in his office?

Assistant harbormaster covers off hours? Well not anymore now that
they got rid of a full time assistant harbormaster. So whats being

Internal transaction control? Bookkeeping? Whats the difference? We
need that year round? The bulk of the revenues come just two seasons
of the year.  Mooring fees and docking permits could be paid at the
licensing department. Time to consolidate that position. We could
save $40,000!

Maintain and staff office hours? We need that year around? For how
many employees? A handful? Sounds like a filler for a job description.

Clearly this position was considered when the Town wasnt in a fiscal
mess and the harbormaster wanted a year round personal assistant.

A personal assistant for the harbormaster has been a waste of taxpayers money.

The Town could save 10s of thousands of dollars by eliminating this
position or least making it seasonal!
8:22 pm edt 

Re: Perry's Liquors

I've been driving by Perry's Liquors. This
remodel/reconstruction is over the top beautiful. It is a great
addition to town architechture and ambiance. Kudos to those
responsible for it. I have not shopped there in years but I will
definitely support the owners when it reopens.
8:19 pm edt 

We Have A Wonderful Resource Of People...

here in our little hamlet by the harbor, if you really think about
it.  George Bryant is a font of information of history and relevant
issue. D. Steele and Mary-Jo A. have a knowledge of town history and
events that go back almost 70 years.  Barbara Rushmore, what love for
community she demonstrates year after year. There are many others,
too many to name, that have a deep appreciation for the good of the
town. These persons, our fellow townspeople are a precious resource
of information, despite personal feelings. We have no room for
personality and ego in today's economic crisis.

History is a great tool for knowledge. We know what works from past
victories, we know what has failed from past mistakes.  I sincerely
believe that we should not dismiss the "seasoned resident" (not going
to use the townie word).

Yes, this is a small town with a "Peyton Place" mentality that
especially thrives in the winter months when we have more time on our
hands. However, we must realize that most of the people want what is
best for this town.  We do know who has special interest, as we
quietly dismiss them every year at Town Meeting.

I also think that we have a valuable resource in our second homeowner
population. They have a keen insight on our town as seen from outside
the bubble. I have read ideas from them on this blog that are sound
and encouraging.  I applaud the idea of forming a liaison or second
homeowners association for ideas on how to save money.

The current leadership of the town is treading water in the middle of
the Atlantic, and they will drown- as they realize they have used ALL
of their remaining life lines for this year. They are only focused on
the current budget and there is no insight on the future fiscal
health of the town. This is truly sad and fills most of us with fear
and resentment in these uncertain times.

If any one out there in our little blogosphere had any fiscal
knowledge and insight into our future for hope, please, I beg of you
to apply for a position on the FinnComm.  Also, we need to seriously
look at the Chair of the BoS. She is a disgrace. I hang my head in
shame when I watch the BoS meetings on PTV. What a sad commentary of
our hope for future fiscal leadership.
9:28 am edt 

Recreation Department Bye Bye Bye...

I say good - if the people who use it want a Recreation department,
charge them a fee.  It is unnecessary and high time we get back to
providing the basic services the town requires to operate.
9:25 am edt 

Street Sweeper

Wow, after a winter with TONS and TONS and TONS of dirt and rock salt
(or what ever the town uses) I welcomed the street sweeper passing by
my house 5 or 6 times last week.  It took the sweeper ALL those times
to clean up the past winters mess.  Now if a new one could do it on
one pass or 2, lets save time and energy and oil and more and go for
This is a resort town, and we have to keep it looking fine for our
"customers" that visit us as well as for us.  We are customers also,
and if it was going to cost me 2 or 3 dollars more a month on my
taxes for a clean street, I would gladly pay it.

A larger pebble on the street
9:24 am edt 

To: Why is There an Absence of Leadership?

Blogging is one thing, but making your voice known will only really
occur if you go to Town Meeting and speak up.

That is what makes our democratic form of government so unique.
9:21 am edt 

Re: PPPC Bookkeeper

John, the incompetent PPPC bookkeeper extraordinaire,
Davidson will be the next to go. Hear he's unable to grasp the Town's
Munis System.

Maybe you should spend less time on this blog and learn proper
municipal bookkeeping!

Nothing personal
9:20 am edt 

Re: Duane Steele's Pier Pictures

When is Mr. Steele's pictures being posted?
9:18 am edt 

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Re: Oh My!!

Excuse me but isn't this just a
small "VERY SMALL" town blog for anyone who cares to write whatever
is on their mind? Why do you feel you decide what is accepteble here?
That bloger wrote about their choice in faith, big deal if it has
nothing to do with politics or polices.......geeeesh what a joy you
must be to be around, you need a hobby, try sport barrel fishing
candy seems to enjoy it........never a dull moment
8:52 pm edt 

Re: When Steele Says......................

John, I recognized your fingerprints on your latest
posting.  I may be 70, but I still have my teeth.

8:47 pm edt 

Re: Fire Chief

I think instead of him wanting to buy a ladder truck, he should buy a
high chair!
8:46 pm edt 

Re: Fire Chief

I agree with you! the fire chief is like a little baby who
cant have his toy fire truck. A person Who crys and threatens to quit
should be ashame of himself and should be forced to give up his
8:45 pm edt 

Why is There an Absence of Leadership?

We have some smart and intelligent people here. Why is leadership
such a scarce resource? why is managing well in short supply? If this
isn't the time for our "leaders" to be leaders and our "managers" to
be managers, then the time will never be right.

We face unprecedented times and hard economic decisions. Yet the BOS
and Sharon seem to act as if this is an ordinary time and these major
recession issues will go away next year. They won't. Tough times are
here for a few years and if this is the way they will handle our
budget, we will be underwater soon.

This is not the time to ok new positions in the Police department,
new sweeper for the town, $3 million for expanding Phase Three sewer
system, millions more for town hall renovations, bonuses for unions,
and pay raises for others. Something fundamentally wrong is happening
to our town and to our town management. And it is not good nor does
it portend well for the next budget and the next. Taxpayers are
straining. Business owners face reduced sales and you come up with
overrides and more taxes?

Admitedly this is harsh but keep in mind Senator Grasley's advice to
AIG. It is metaphoric but his advice would serve us all well. If you
can't get the job done, take the Japanese way out.
8:41 pm edt 

Dear Mr. Steele,

Nice letter, none of which was the truth.  Who do you think you are kidding?
8:39 pm edt 

To: Re: "Fed up"

The junior union employee isn't "union"please get your info right
next time.I'am sure that's one reason the selectmen went after that
position.Sham on them!
8:38 pm edt 

To All You Whiney Taxpayers

Since all of you have the answers to this town's fiscal problems,
just want to let you know that there will be two vacancies on
Fincomm.  You have clearly stated that the BOS and Fincomm are wimps
in their approach, let's see what you would do.

If you think you know better, step up to the plate.  Now's your
chance.  We're all relying on you to fix things since you have all
the answers.
8:36 pm edt 

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Question of Leadership

Why Are Reductions and Cuts So Difficult? It's Part of Good
Fiscal Management

So, why, oh why, are cuts, reductions anathema here? What are the BOS
afraid of? What is Sharon scared of? All unions must cut and give
back. All department cut 5%. And we would have had our budget
balanced and done months back. But here we are and here we go. Again,
leaving the hard choices up to the voters. No. that is not what it
should be. And to Fincom: Isn't it time you stepped forward and took
action instead of wishy washy recommendations?

This is not play time. This is not fantasy time. It is time to act
and cut and make the reductions and help all of us work together to
keep this town and taxpayers solvent.
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To: Astrid and "My Understanding of the Condo Rental Room Tax"

Thank you for the information on the Condo Rental Tax - it is up to
the Massachusetts Legislature now.  In the past Sal DiMasi refused to
even bring it up for vote - so there is a possibility it could pass

I agree that it would make sense to wait until January 2010 to put
that into effect - but I doubt that will happen in this town.

I do want to say that I am against this tax.  Yes, I do rent out my
second home for about three weeks every year.  This money does not
pay my mortgage, nor does it cover my property taxes.  What it does
pay for is absurd fees like the rental inspection, the sewer
betterment that appeared on my tax bill this year, my personal
property tax (that I have never paid in any other town).  This money
allows me to be able to keep my unit open during the winter so my
family and I can use it year-round.  But if this new rental tax does
go into effect - I'll simply stop renting my unit.  And in November
I'll have the water turned off and not turn it back on until April. 
This means that I will fire the local property manager I pay to check
in on my house, and Marcy Oil and Day's Propane don't need the
business.  I'm sure I am not the only second homeowner who does this
- so I guess it will mean even fewer people in town during the winter

Additionally, I do not think this town should be milking people for
any more revenue until it gets its act together.  I have not heard
ONE money saving strategy proposed by the BOS or the Town Manager. 
Instead, I read the Town Warrant and every single article asks for
more money and increased spending.  Rather than saving money and
cutting out waste - the only thing this town believes in taxation
taxation taxation!
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Provincetown Fire Dept.

This whole issue with the fire chief trying to get a new ladder truck
at the time of crisis is disgraceful. I think he should be fired and
replaced with someone who knows what their doing. Let him go be chief
of a smurf fire department cause thats how he acts and he fits right
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To: My Understanding....

The legislature will never pass the room tax for short term rentals -
the votes do not exist.  Forget about it honey....  You are never
gonna see the money.
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Congrats For the Strong Support For Fisherman's Wharf

Everyone was so well spoken. Everyone spoke to the importance of
parking as an economic engine to this town. And many addressed the
generosity of the Cabral's with their pier and their building for the
Regatta, Shakespeare on the Cape, Portuguese Festival and the Fado
and so much more.

If the DEP wants water-related activities and use, then that is
exactly what is happening now. Look at all the people in season on
the pier, parking, walking, boarting, reflecting. And the wharf is
the walkwalk. It does not need a boardwalk along the edge that surely
will be dangerous when walking there at night and even during the day
with kids.

It's working and working well. Leave it as it is. That was the
concerted message and everyone was so strong in their message to the
DPE. Quite impressive group of people and quite impressive in the
statements and presentations.
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These Are Serious Times

And it's time for serious decision making. It's time for the BOS to
take responsibility and for the Chair to make informed decisions.
Unfortunately, I don't think she is up to the challenge and up to the
intellectual abilities it require. When times are tough, you need the
best thinking and the best thinkers. Somehow, that is not who is
leading this Iditarod. She, unfortunately,is no musher and the dogs
refuse to move when Couture says: "Let's go." No dog moves. They look
at her and sit down in the snow. No dynamic movement here, just dull
stasis that will in time doom this town. Soon to be a Town Without
Pity. Sad.
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Re: "Fed Up"

While I agree with Fed Up about character assassination 
being reprehensible on this blog , I do question his idea of
participatory democracy. It's not all rosy, sir, as you suggest. 

Clearly Fed Up is no friend of Selectman Avellar and her family who
face new fiscal challenges today or the junior union employee who
could lose his job because of the Towns budget deficit.
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Re: My Last Posting

Bye. (see ya soon!)
5:06 pm edt 

Fed Up!

To what lengths will the blog go to besmirch the character
of those indviduals that give of their time so generously? Keep
listening to the naysayers and wolf criers! The pier is not sinking,
our Selectmen are doing their best, the schools are not closing, our
trash will be picked up, the Rec. Ctr. will remain open, our BofS
Chair was hardly a p*** star!

When the dust settles, Provincetown will still be here and life will
still go on! Do yourselves a favor Provincetown, stay away from this
nasty site.

My Last Posting
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Re: Street Sweeper

I'd like to hear one solid reason why the street sweeper
(which, apparently, the BOS says needs replaced)has passed by my
house SIX (6)times since 8 a.m. today. The street is not dirty and
there is little debris anywhere from winter's toll.

Question:  How much does this noisy monstrosity cost to operate and
how much time and money is slated for street cleaning in the off
season? Its traverse of my neighborhood today has been excessive to
say the least. Maybe if they used it less the machine might hold up
for another season, another year when street sweeping is clearly
necessary and funds are more available to operate it.
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Re: Public Pier

That is an excellent point the blogger has made about the
PPPC budget. What is it? Are their employees forgoing raises like
everyone else? How does their budget reflect these difficult times?
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Re: Public Pier

"Vessels incapable of getting underway on their own power
for a period greater than twenty-four hours shall notify the Pier Manager."

What a joke! There's a dragger down there that hasn't had a
transmission for over a year! Folks, there are three derelict
draggers on the pier that are not welcomed at other ports because
they are not seaworthy.

From the boat graveyard aka MacMillan Pier!
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When Steele Says......................

..................."I never declared bankruptcy, despite being
firebombed at the Red Inn twice by a psycho while at the same
time surviving the collapse of the first real estate bubble triggered
by the stock market crash of 1987.  That banking crisis separated
the men from the boys.  I am not a boy."

Was it Mary Jo that filed bankruptcy?  What do you mean by
you were firebombed? And by a psycho?

I would agree at age 70, you are not a boy anymore.  Time teaches a
great lesson
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Re: Town Government

I think you is trying to run this town are tired, nasty
people who have nothing left in life to do - see if this adds up to
several on the BOS and Committees and I think you will find a good
1:23 pm edt 

Dear "Happy "

"I believe and know for a fact it's "ON THE 7TH DAY HE
RESTED", not she.Please don't do that it's a poor attempt at humor.

Dear "Happy" (happy? could have fooled me),

I believe this blogger was referring to Sharon Lynn. So what's the prob?


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Monday, March 16, 2009

Any Report on Tonight's BOS and FinCom Meeting?

Any updates on what will be overrides and whose positions will be
cut? Given how late  the chair of the BOS got her material together,
and given how inept she is, I wonder how the meeting went. All this
material should be made public days--yes days--before a key meeting
and not only hours. This Couture is so undemocractic, so dictatorial,
even as she smirks her way around this town. Beware the smiling p...
star. We should get a hold of these old films.
10:58 pm edt 

So Who Do You Think Runs This Town?

If it's not Sharon Lynn, who do you think is running this town? Do
you really think it is the unorganized, uninformed members of the
Board of Selectmen? Or do you think there are other key individuals
pulling the puppet strings?

I'm interested in who you think is directing this town.
10:55 pm edt 

Re: Pier Corp Accounting & Information

Why can the marine budget be slashed by 23% and we don't
know what the overall 2010 PPPC budget is? Can that be reduced too?
There are tremendous gaps of information and transparency by those
that run MacMillan Pier. Why?
10:54 pm edt 

Re: Pier Corp. Question

Put those derelict boats up on the tie rails! It's a far
cry from how much it costs in TIME and MONEY to raise these derelict
boats! Why does it seem like rocket science to those running the pier
all the time?
10:53 pm edt 

Re: Public Pier Corporation Operation Question

"what is the Pier Corp supposed to do with derelict boats if
the owner refuses to fix or move them?"

You ask a good question.

The Finance Committee took serious issue with the PPPC having almost
$100k in accounts receivable and tens of thousands of dollars written
off over the years. That is no way to run a business. Some tenants
were in arrears two three four years! The Pier Corp has brought on
this problem as they refuse to put in place a system of checks and
balances to make sure these boats are going out to sea on a regular
basis and verifying their catches to justify their taxpayer
subsidized rates. The harbormaster does not use his legal authority
to have the boats removed. Safety issues on MacMillan Pier have been
seriously neglected at taxpayers expense. Thats why five boats sank
on his watch to date.

1-3-8 Article 3.
Use of Pier
All vessels using the Pier shall be maintained in a safe, sound and
seaworthy condition and capable of getting underway under its own
power except in cases of temporary incapacity during emergency
repairs.  Vessels incapable of getting underway on their own power
for a period greater than twenty-four hours shall notify the Pier
Manager. Docking and berthing privileges may be denied to any vessel,
which in the opinion of the Pier Manager or Marine Superintendent, is
not in a safe, sound and seaworthy condition or which poses a hazard
to the safety of the Pier, vessels, the public or environment.  Any
such vessel tied to the Pier may be directed to leave the Pier by the
Pier Manager or Marine Superintendent
10:52 pm edt 

My Understanding of the Condo Rental Room Tax

At the special town meeting the Town passed a home rule request to
allow the town to collect the room tax on short term (90 days or
less) condo, home and time share rentals, the same tax that is
collected from guest houses, motels and hotels.

That home rule request goes to the State Legislature where they may
approve or not approve the request.  Several other towns on the Cape
have done the same thing.

Should the State Legislature approve Provincetown's home rule
petition the town then needs to vote to implement the tax.

If the town approves the tax on ALL short term rentals then condo,
home and timeshare owners would collect the tax from those renting. 
It is not a tax on the owners, but rather those coming to town and

Anyone renting short-term lodging in town would be required to pay
the tax, the owner would collect the tax and remit it.

I am very much in favor of this article.  It finally treats all short
term rentals in the same manner and would provide a much needed
revenue boost for the town.

My only issue with this article is the effective date.  For those
condo, home and time share owners who already have lease contracts in
place for 2009 we are changing the rules in the middle of the game. 
It might make more sense for the rule to go into effect on 1-1-10.
1:37 pm edt 

Re: Duane steele

The letter from Mr Steele was funny, well costructed,
informative and intelligent. I respect and appreciate Dwayne's
honesty and directness. Although I do not know Mr. Steele, I am
finding a great deal of admiration for him.
1:34 pm edt 

A question?

what is the Pier Corp supposed to do with derelict boats if the owner
refuses to fix or move them?  It seems that the Pier Corp will be on
the hook for the $$ either way if the owner refuses to move or fix
their baots.  It is not like they can call the police and have them
towed to a town lot!
1:33 pm edt 


First it was the dog debacle.. now it is weather "he or she" rested
on the seventh day?  Now you claim to KNOW what he she or it did?!
Pleese if you want to believe in the tooth fairy or whatever go ahead...
but seriously....what does any of this have to do with town politics
or policies?
1:31 pm edt 

Re: Thank You Mr.Steele

You are right about who you think it is...He is attacking both
agencies because he worked with both and from what I hear, he lost
both jobs due to his ignorance...
1:30 pm edt 

To: Re: Occupancy Tax

STM November 17, 2008, Article 14: Room Occupancy Tax (to include
short term condo rentals)
Motion Passed; For 89 to Against 69.

I am not sure if this has been approved by the Commonwealth, but all
is in place if and when this happens. I did some homework for you,
perhaps you can look into this further. It sounds like you have a
condo for short term rent. Please share your findings.

Astrid Berg
11:50 am edt 

Thank You Mr. Steele........

......for your candid posting.  Anyone who
has followed this debate on the management of the pier, knows who is
making these vicious anonymous personal attacks on you and Sargent

I for one am looking forward to seeing these pictures of the pier.
After all a picture is worth a thousand words!

Another disgruntled taxpayer
10:08 am edt 

Who's in Charge?

Why do people think that the Town Manager is the leader of
town ?   Do they forget it is those hapless Selectmen.   They must be
thinking someone is in charge, as there is not one sign of leadership
from the Selectmen.
10:06 am edt 

To: Re: Astrid and Taxes

Here is my response to your well written rebuttal;

Would you blindly sign a legal document? Would you sign a bank loan
without knowing the interest rate, the terms of the rate, the time
length of the loan etc.? I don't think so.

Why should we support two articles that do not specify the amount of
the added tax rate and where these revenues would be dispersed.
Articles 7 & 8 are way too general in the wording and I will not
support an Article that is sovague and potentially uncontrollable.

I will sign my name again and by the way I noticed that you did not.
Perhaps you are one of the people requesting these Articles.

Astrid Berg
10:04 am edt 

Hey Fat Seal!

A visitor for the first time is now going to be spending weekends here
all summer. Fanizzi's was packed for their brunch--the stores had their
doors open. Still, we need to protect our pocket books and go to the joint
meeting of the B of S and the FinCom.

Question one. Why should a private developer get $1,000,000 of CPC
money when that money can be used to buy land and create and maintain
playgrounds and parks?

Why aren't there layoffs instead of overrides? Why is it fine for
construction workers to be out of work as this depression deepens;
but there is all of this weeping when the budget cuts hit town union
workers? Don't we have families too?
10:02 am edt 

Re: Condo Occupancy Tax

Could someone verify for me Atrid Berg's posting.  Is there
now an occupancy tax for condos?  I haven't read anything that
changed this law.  Thanks!
9:59 am edt 

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring is in the Air....

...soon the shops and restaurants will
open, tulips and daffodils will bloom, the window washer will be out,
people will be painting their store front, Provincetown will be in
full bloom. Let's try to focus on the positive and remember why we
live in one of the most beautiful places on earth! Happy St.
Patrick's Day to all. Relax and have fun.

Fat Seal Sunning on the Beach
10:01 pm edt 

Re: The Two Steeles

Sorry to disappoint the beanbag who thinks I was appointed
assistant harbormaster because my wife is a selectman. I was
appointed because I was very good looking and very smart.

Despite those qualifications, which would have clinched any position
I ever applied for in this world, I had the added advantage of
seeking a job no one else wanted.  I was the only applicant.

The harbormaster had been so desperate to fill the position, which
had been vacant for some time, that he hired moi.  I lucked out.  One
of my oldest friends worked here as well.  Others followed.  We
enjoyed the work.

As for my poor second cousin, once removed, Police Sgt. Thomas
Steele, his connection to me is an unavoidable accident of birth. 
For that I apologize because I would not want that association to
eclipse his extraordinary service record over 24 years as a
professional soldier mostly in the 82nd Airborne and later in the
Third Armored Division. Remember, that was the head of the spear we
threw at Saddam Hussein.  He became an Army first sergeant at the age
of 26 and had a lifetime of combat assignments.

I wouldn't make fun of Sgt. Steele for his minor disabilities.  He
nearly wrecked his knees making more than 200 parachute jumps, at
least once in combat.  He crushed his vertebrae in three nasty
helicopter crashes as a forward air controller and suffered three
wounds in battle, one of which almost killed him.  He has two Purple
Hearts, and two Bronze Stars, one for valor.  No need to mention the
awards for meritorious service.  That's my idea of a volunteer.  He
did more than pass the mirror test by breathing fog on the glass.

As for me, I work alone at night, every weekend and every holiday. I
have always been a conscientious, hard-working person, driven really,
all of my life. I am not a "disgruntled employee," as I have been
called, but I am a very pissed-off taxpayer.  You should be, too.  My
message will eventually sink in, I am sure, and things will change.

For the record, I have not ridden in a police cruiser, although on
cold nights I have sat in one to talk to my unfortunate distant
relative.  I speak to many police officers, not just him, mostly
because I want to but also because I want them to know me and I want
to know them.  My activites and patrols on the pier are logged in for
anyone to see.

I never declared bankruptcy, despite being firebombed at the Red Inn
twice by a psycho while at the same time surviving the collapse of
the first real estate bubble triggered by the stock market crash of
1987.  That banking crisis separated the men from the boys.  I am not
a boy.

Duane A. Steele
9:59 pm edt 

Thanks Bloggers: You are Great!

Oh, I know that many dislike the blog. You know I'm being kind in
this statement. But you guys are the best. You state the facts. You
bring up issues. You tell it as it is.

To all you bloggers: Fabulous work. Keep it going, babe!
9:53 pm edt 

Yes, David Gardner is Sour, You are Right But...

I'd take sour personality over one who feels she has to smile and make
everyone feel good. these are hard times. No one feels good. and if you
can't make the tough decisions, if you can't say "No" to the unions,
then what is your worth?

I'd take sour and competent over friendly and weak. Sharon is doing
this town little good. She is weak, has no back bone and just feels as
if smiling will get her where she needcs to be. Maybe true, Sharon,
but what about us? We need more then smiles. We need leadership and
it is not there.
9:52 pm edt 

Oh, it Will Look Like Crown Point!

"The trim selection is a creamy color called Caen Stone, the windows
and doors are a deep reddish-blue called Polished Mahogany, and the
main body of the building will be painted Sage."

Reddish blue? Isn't that purple?
9:48 pm edt 

Re: Rest

I believe and know for a fact it's "ON THE 7TH DAY HE RESTED", not she.
Please don't do that it's a poor attempt at humor.        

9:47 pm edt 

Sharon's Pet

Do not want to bring DOGS up, but Braun brings his dog to
work and it sits in his office all day.  If it rains out, when the
dog comes back in, the entire side of our space stinks.  No dares to
speak of this, as Braun is Sharons  pet.  I guess we know where
Sharon stands on the dog issue now.
9:43 pm edt 

Oh Slippery!

We know who you are. Don't you worry! You feed
off the bottom of the fish tank. We know this.
9:42 pm edt 

Re: Astrid and Taxes

Sure, let's all vote down these new sources of revenue to our town. 
Astrid is concerned with 'socking it to em' and then the tourists
will all leave.

Just how many tourist will come here when the trash isn't picked up
and our streets aren't clean?  Will they still come here when we
close down all the public restrooms because we no longer have the
funds to properly staff them?  Never mind raising much needed revenue
to finally pave our dangerous streets.  How bout finally having money
to finish the library which is nothing but an ongoing joke of a money
pit?  Maybe even have funds to clean the beaches and parks in town. 
Summer cops?  We don't need them but the tourists sure do.

Astrid, just where do you think these monies are coming from?  Right
now the money is coming from your property taxes.  We receive little
from the state because of the 'let's give it all to Boston' lottery
formula.  There is nothing left to cut in the budget without cutting
from these amenities that the tourist expect.

And I personally don't buy the propaganda from the restaurant owners
that a 2% increase (1% to the state and 1% to the town) in the meals
tax will effect your business.  On an average $100 restaurant bill,
there will be an additional $2.  Big whoop.  If you want to stave off
any loss of business, some of these restaurants might want to rethink
charging $12 for a martini.

Tourist expect certain things when they come here and right now it is
my property taxes which is providing all of these services on top of
the services needed to run the town.

I encourage everyone to fully support articles 7 and 8.
9:41 pm edt 

Down up Front!

Fifth row center please! Can't wait to see those photos of
the pier we have been paying for and entrusting a corporation to run!
Sounds like it could be a horror show!
9:38 pm edt 

Hello to All the Foaming Mouths

Today is Sunday, remember on the seventh day she rested. I recommend
a good days rest before all this foaming causes you a bad case of the
rabies. Instead of ragging on everyone and everything to do with this
lovely town of ours, why don't you purchase a few bird feeders and a
comfortable outdoor chair where you can watch the birds be happy and
peaceful, it may do wonders for the soul and prevent rabies from
erupting from within.

A peaceful bird watcher
12:42 pm edt 

Re: "The Two Steeles"

"I realize that on many nights I have
driven out to the end of our town pier
An hour or so later, upon returning to the pier,"

And WHY are you compelled to drive out to the pier several times a
night? What are YOU doing? Drugs? Sex?

Shouldn't you be HOME with your wife and kids?
12:41 pm edt 

Re: "Duane (is that boat sinking?)"

Really? Five boats have sunk because of bad management on MacMillan Pier.

Just a couple of weeks ago director Phil Tarvers complained about
another derelict boat on our pier. When that one sinks, let's blame
it on Duane too.

Dereliction of our harbormaster's enforcement of rules & regulations
and a board that is unable to oversee him properly is the real
problem. Remember, they got hoodwinked by the harbormaster into
buying the barge.

Under what line item will he and the Treasurer bury raising the Chico
Jess? Pier maintenance? There are lots of reasons not to release last
year's financials!!!!
12:39 pm edt 

To: Webmaster

I am very interested in Mr. Steele's article and would like to learn
more about it. Didn't someone say there are pictures of the pier that
show maintenance neglect that were going to be posted?

Webmaster Comment:

There will be a forthcoming special presentation of Mr. Steele's
findings relative to the Public Pier.
12:36 pm edt 

The Two Steeles

I read with interest the comments about the two Steele's
riding in cruiser together. I realize that on many nights I have
driven out to the end of our town pier to see the police cruiser
parked there with Tom and Duane both comfortably seated in front
chatting up a storm. An hour or so later, upon returning to the pier,
there they still are!

My question is this: shouldn't Tom (what the heck did I do with my
gun?) Steele and Duane (is that boat sinking?)Steele be out
patrolling and doing what what they are supposed to be getting paid
10:24 am edt 

I Agree With The Webmaster

If you don't like dogs in Town Hall etc. make a formal
complaint, otherwise it is time to move on and address more
crucial issues.

How about Special Town Meeting Articles 7&8?
These are very important and can seriously affect the
Hospitality Businesses.

There is already the Occupancy Tax added to the bill for hotels,
motels B&B's and now for condos. The current fee set by the
Commonwealth is enough.

The Governor is seeking to raise the Meals Tax 1 % and not all
towns would benefit from the increase, there would be a lottery.
The Massachusetts Restaurant Association is working hard on
lobbying against this increase, noting that this increase is
targeting one type of business. Restaurants have been hit hard with
many increases ie: rising food costs, delivery costs, insurance costs
etc. yet with the decrease of dining dollars. Lodging Businesses have
similar increases and we all have added expenses to comply with new
building and health & safety codes.

To allow the Town to make another increase would be very damaging to
all Hospitality Businesses. Now is the time to open our arms out to
the visitors and not "sock it to them" not to mention the possible
affect on servers' tips and perhaps downsizing due to a decline of

Please read the Articles. There is no mention of how much
the BOS and TM want to raise the tax to. These articles are "too
general"  and could give them the power to make increases whenever
there are shortfalls in the budget. The current Occupancy Tax goes to
the VSB, where would the Meals Tax increase go to and where would the
occupancy increase go to? There is no mention in the Articles.

I urge Hospitality Business Owners and Employees to band
together and fight these issues. These Articles can be voted down
with solidarity.

To other business owners, landlords and employees. This could happen
to you in the future. The success of one type of business effects the
success of other businesses and the Town's economy as a whole. Please
stand by us.

Vote No on STM Articles 7 & 8.

Astrid Berg
Restaurant Owner
10:00 am edt 

A Day of Appriciation to All

I just want to take advantage of this time to thank the few who have
expressed support on this blog site and to the web master as well
because even I can't understand what cleaning toilets has to do with
anything other than maybe that's a sign of weakness from whoever that
particular blogger(s) is.

I have offered to donate my salary back to the town per the request
of one blogger only if it would help find a good proctologist with a
cure for what that particular blogger does best.

I have takened the advice of another who suggested I stick to
cleaning toilets but had to express sorrow when I missed the one
between that particular blogger upper and lower lip.

Now I have takened on the assignment of trying to find a good dentist
for those whom I have missed that had a good rectum ruined when teeth
were put in their mouths.

To whom it may concern, when I post something here you can rest
assure I will be atleast 95% right and will not hide from anyone,
will always post my name so you will have no doubt whom it came from
and if I felt otherwise I would do as several appear to do best and
that's the game of hit & run.

Roger Green
9:55 am edt 

Dog Gone It Webmaster:

Is There an Issue More Central To Provincetown than These Dogs?

We face essential issues and these dogs symbolize our interest and
health concerns. You realy think there are other issues more key,
more fundamental, more important then Heilala's and Gertin's dogs?

You can't be serious.
9:52 am edt 

David Gardner, Why?

To the person who keeps insisting D Gardner would be such a great TM,
I have to ask why?  I don't believe I have ever met such a sour
person in my whole life.  I've seen him being rude, pompous and
disdainful all in the same breath.  He talks down to people, thinks
he's the most educated in the room and gossips behind people's back.

And for someone who is supposed to be so well versed in town
government, don't forget he attended every meeting which involved the
Murchison debacle.  He was the defender of the process when the BOS
questioned the procedures which led to the CCC involvement.

i don't think he's helpful.  I don't trust his intentions and he is
certainly no match for what S Lynne brings to the table.

Please tell me why he would be so great without putting down S Lynne
in your response.  Just because you obviously dislike S Lynne,
doesn't make him a better candidate.
9:50 am edt 

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Webmaster Comment:

OK that's it. I can't take it anymore!

I'm Bow Wowing out of here.

Good Night and Good Grief!
11:35 pm edt 

Re: Dog

"The facts are this.. It's a safety and health issue !!"

__You are right. I'm always picking up a cold or the flu from the
doggies. Or how about crabs from their toilet seat?

health issue? yeah right!
11:30 pm edt 

Re: Dogs

I work in the Library...a Town Building...
I own a dog.

Dogs are NOT allowed in the Library...
I can't bring my dog to work with me
How Fair is that?
11:28 pm edt 

License Hearing for Victor's

To E.M. Richards:

What is your issue with Victor. What is your personal vendetta with him??

Get over it.

Aren't there other things to spend your energy on than chasing
something that is just a waste of time.

Perhaps Victor turned you down one day?

Hmm...Get over it!
11:27 pm edt 

Re: Duane Steele

Has anyone seen Duane steele patrolling the pier on nights when
he is on duty? Of course not, because he is riding around town in the
police cruiser with his relation Sgt. Tommy Steele. I think Tommy
Steele should have taken a physical fitness test before being
promoted after all he is receiving disability benefits from the
Federal Government.
11:25 pm edt 

Re: My Comment

I thank you sir for clearing that up, I took it the wrong way and I
apologize. I know Mr Green personally and could not sit back and
let him be attacked {as I see others on this site} unfairly like
that, anyone who thinks it's ok to cowardly attack like that certainly
needs to take a good look at themselves and find another way to
feel better about themselves.      

  Never a dull moment
11:23 pm edt 

Fix the Deficit: Hire David Gardner as Our New Town Manager

It's a win win. We gain $100,000 and we get a town manager who can
act, decide, manage and run Provincetown. Sharon gets early
retirement and we all win.
11:21 pm edt 

The Air Quality Inside the Katrina Trailers is Poor

So it's not good having a dog inside. People may be allergic and they
should not have to be dealing with fur. It is a health issue and
should not be allowed. Dogs are not allowed inside restaurants and
for good reason.
11:20 pm edt 

Re: Dogs

     As a taxpayer in this town I find it totally in appropriate to
bring your dog to work, I have noticed that David Guertin also brings
his shaggy mut to work with him, and it seems to be Ron Gamellas job
to take him out to go potty while he is supposed to be doing sewer
inspections for the town, and recommending James J. Roderick to do
your hook-up.  

Clogged pipe
11:18 pm edt 

Re: Dogs

And what are the actual health concerns for a dog being in
a public building?  Not a reastaurant, but just a regular old public
11:17 pm edt 

Re: Town Hall Colors

I think the new town hall colors are going to beautiful! 
They are historic and when it comes time to paint town hall, I am all
for it!
11:16 pm edt 

Re: Dogs

You are barking up the wrong tree in the wrong town.

Accept the fact that Provincetown is a welcoming town, dogs and all.

And Lord knows there are more dogs in this town than someone can
shake a stick at...
11:14 pm edt 


"It sucks. It's a waste. Shut it down."

Put down your cocktail.  You are an idiot, there I said it.  My
business and many others in town benefit from the work of the PBG. 
But, you would shut it down because you don't like certain people? 
You don't like it? Don't belong, we would all be pleased to see you

It seems those who complain the most are those least willing to work
to make things better.

Let me change what I said earlier, you are a lazy idiot.  Get a life.
11:11 pm edt 

Re: Cleaning Toilets

The original poster is so lame. You go Roger. Shame on the Potty Mouth.
11:09 pm edt 

Dogs at Work

The facts are this.. It's a safety and health issue !!

If I had to go to Town Hall to pay my bill and saw signs on the door
" please watch for dog " like I know others have seen,  I would be in
Sharon Lynn's office BARKING !
11:08 pm edt 

To: Bully Pulpit:

It may not be a town by-law...But, tell me where in what other town
buildings do you see dogs with their owners?

If it is going to be allowed, then all town employees who don't have
dog sitters all day while they work should be able to bring their
dogs with them as well.

There are some who have to leave their dogs home alone all day. 
Hmmm...  I don't see dogs at the highway garage or schools or
community center oh.. shall I go on?  But, where I do see them is
boarded at the kennel....
11:07 pm edt 

Re: Slippery Fish

I don't think Slippery is the PBG Pres.  Fish is much too
quick responding to insults, perceived or otherwise, on this blog. 
Hard to believe he's the same guy who can't be bothered to return
phone calls....
7:32 pm edt 

Sorry, Slippery Fish is Not the PBG President

But I still find your comment offensive.  You certainly have
small ones that must match your brain.

Slippery Fish (seeing sewage seeping out of the mouth of an idiot)
7:09 pm edt 

PBG is a Waste of an Organization

No one believes in it anymore, except for the few top
dictators who run it. That's right Steve, sorry "Slippery"
that's right I said it.

It sucks. It's a waste. Shut it down.
7:07 pm edt 

Re: Dogs

Pets in an individual's private office with walls and a
door?  No problem.  Pets outside of the workplace on a leash
accompanied by their owner?  No problem.  Pets in a common area of
the workplace where others work also?  Problem.  Check with your
co-workers if they share your space before you assume everybody loves
dogs...they don't.
7:06 pm edt 

Re: Dogs

It is not a question of hating dogs..  It is disrespectful for
co-workers who may be afraid or allergic...  Who is responsible if
one of the dog bites someone?  Oh great..  another town law-suit...

It's not about putting in an article..  It's a health issue...  Dogs
are not allowed in restaurants so why should they be allowed in
public buildings????

Get a grip..
7:05 pm edt 

To: Webmaster

I wrote that blog after reading an
attack at Mr Green, I dont understand your comment following my
comment. What is it that you consider derogetory about my comment? do
people think it is a bad thing that Mr Green works hard at his job
maintaining a clean enviroment at our police station? " Cleaning
toilets" is that not a part of his job? Why is that not a derogetory
comment for one to make, was'nt that thrown in his face out of spite?
please fill me in here. If it was the "class of people" comment I can
understand, but frankly I have read some very rude comments about
people from this town "townies" that seem a little on the insulting

Never a dull moment

Webmaster Comment:

You have misinterpreted the comment. In fact the comment was thanking
you for providing the insight as to pointing out the impropriety of the posting against Mr. Green and in particular his occupation.

The comment was affirming your position and stated that further derogatory remarks would not be posted.

Thank you again for your concern.
7:04 pm edt 

I'm Not Too Impressed With the Town Hall Colors

I liked it white and it looked fitting. They found pieces of color
under the paint. Really? And why would you paint town hall now? With
all the reconstruction still needing to be done? that makes no sense.
Wrong color. Wrong thinking. Wrong again.
6:50 pm edt 

More Dog Talk

This blog had [has] gone to the dogs...

6:49 pm edt 

Two Ptown Residents Are Walking Their Dogs........

........a poodle and a German Shepard. They decide to venture into
a Katrina Trailer to pick up a Town Meeting Agenda. "But we can't bring
our dogs into that trailer," says the poodle's human. "Hey, no problem,
" says the German Shepard's owner. "Just watch this. "She pulls out a pair of
sunglasses, puts them on, and walks into the trailer. "Hey, no dogs!"
yells a concerned citizen/watchdog. "But this is a seeing eye dog!,"
says the Shepard's human. Grumbling but humbled, the citizen/watchdog
apologizes and gets back in line. Soon, the poodle owner decides to
follow suit, whips on her sunglasses, and walks into the trailer.
"Hey, what is this?  No dogs!" yells the frustrated citizen again.
"But this is a seeing eye dog," says the poodle's human. The cagey
citizen objects, "Poodles arent seeing eye dogs!" The poodle owner
gasps, "Poodle? They told me this was a German Shepard!"

Dogma Dottie
6:47 pm edt 

Pooch Talk

We all seem so funny here.  I'm not sure, but I think the
original dog remark was more or less satire.  But, hey, it's good to
know that it sparked a new conversation.  Power to the poochies!
6:44 pm edt 

re: License Hearing for Victor's

Anyone know what transpired at the hearing on his request to change
from year round to seasonal?

E. Michael Richards
6:42 pm edt 

Re: Promotion of Officer Steele

There's a lot to this Provincetown Police Department
promotion of Officer Steele. There's a lot that the police department
hasn't disclosed and will be coming out in the wash.

Apparently Jaran wanted to better his department's relationship with
the town powers so this was his means to do so. If only Warren had
thought of nepotism as a means to get gain popularity with the

There are several individuals that have already been on the phone to
the District Attorney's office and I'm sure there will be more.

It's too bad Jaran is falling right into the "bad politics" of Provincetown.

Why isn't the Town Manager who allegedly has this fantastic police
background looking more closely into the goings on of the Police
Department, alleged loss of a gun, a bogus promotion and a fixed
investigation? Why Sharon?
6:41 pm edt 

Slippery Fish = PBG President

If only the lisp carried over into type written commentary.
6:39 pm edt 

The Bully Pulpit

There is no town by-law preventing dogs in town owned
buildings. For the handful of people who hate dogs, bring an article
to fall's town meeting banning them and see how far you get!

In fact, good luck even getting the signatures you need!
10:17 am edt 

Not All People Are Dog Lovers

I do not appreciate having  dog in my workplace like has been
happening recently in a town building.  Think of your fellow workers
before you bring your dog to work.
10:15 am edt 

Sorry, This is Town Hall

Is it just me or does anyone else think that the new colors
for Town Hall are going to make it look just like Crown Point?
9:55 am edt 

Re: Dogs

You people go out and look for things to complain about.
So, what, big deal there's a dog in a public building. Ever hear of
guide dogs. Many business owners let customers bring their dogs into
shops. Next thing you know you'll be          about kids in public
buildings. Get a life and let's stick to issues that affect us.

Who Let The Dog's OUT
9:53 am edt 

Re: Roger Green

Roger Green's response gave me my first morning
laugh--missed a toilet--the one between a poster's upper and lower
lip! too funny!!and I'm still laughing..
9:51 am edt 

Re: Dogs

Keep in mind, Alex is not the only single parent with a dog...  There
are many other town employees in the same situation with dogs and
leave them at home..  Come on...

It's not right and they do not belong in town buildings where the
public has access...

For ther person who stated..  MAIL YOUR TAX BILL..  I most certainly
WILL NOT......

What else is going to be allowed?  Perhaps  the single parents can
bring their children with them to work....
I am sure that would help some people out...  What's the difference?

I would agree with the dogs allowed in the workplace, if everyone
could do the same in ALL TOWN BUILDINGS!!!
9:50 am edt 

I Do Not Care

A dog in a business place, especially in a government building, is
not appropriate.

Thank God the Town did not hire me. I have a pet boa.
Do you think I could bring her to work? She's good at hanging around.
As Sarah Palin would say "Gootcha". I can see your throat from Russia.

9:48 am edt 

Oh My God!

People in this country/town have become such a bunch of babies! 
Complaining about a dog or two at town hall...whatever!   Whaaaa...
why are there dogs allowed in public buildings! Whaaaaa...
Go take a kolonopin or xanax and get over it!  There is therapy
available for your "I was traumatized by a vicious Chihuahua as a
child" stuff.

I am alregic to cats and if there was one in a public building I
would avoid it, do my business and move on... Not complain about it
like a silly four year old!  People find more crap to bellyache and
get self-rightious about on here...

We really have many more important things to deal with than this!
9:47 am edt 

Hearing For The Impaired

Canines, unless they service the disabled are not allowed in public
government buildings.

  The Dalmatian disturbed the meeting back in October. I love dogs,
but I think they should be in a quiet home situation.

End of Story
9:45 am edt 

This Is The Most Ridiculous Thingamajig

I have business in Town Hall on Monday, even thought I would have
preferred to do  this transaction on Friday.

I will arrive with my dog (she is my financial consultant) and let's
see what happens.

Who Let The Dogs Out, Whooof, whoooof?
9:44 am edt 

Friday, March 13, 2009

Re: Duane Steele

Duane, have you found a good lawyer for your lawsuit yet?
10:33 pm edt 

You Would Think.......

..that in this economic times of hard times, we would cut back and
wait. We would not look for new projects and even  act as if the town
hall is an old project. No, it came up recently and during these hard
times, should be capped at the outside structure. Then there should
be a no vote on the Third Phase of this forever cost-expansive sewer
system. and surely we should cut any new position--yes, jeff, this
includes your hiring--and yes Sharon, no new Health Agent now turned
Director with proposed pay raises. No new reponsiblities but more
status and more money.

What are you thinking Sharon? Or are you?

How did we end up with this mess, my dear. What a sad state for our town.
10:32 pm edt 

Obviously, Not All Dogs Are Equal

  Some have access, just like some individuals. Some dogs can run
wherever. But others, are banned.

    Time that all dogs are equal and that means no dogs at the
Katrina Trailers and no dogs at the Grace Goveina Building.
10:29 pm edt 

Town Hall Doggie Park:

Your right... Maybe we didn't need a park..  It does seem like the
Town Hall and Grace Gouveia Building on Alden have been taken over by

Where can one apply for an application to bring their dog?  Should
they see the Town Manager?  Oh., maybe not...  She is one who brings
her dog....

You are setting a bad example for others...
10:28 pm edt 

To: Town Hall, The New Doggie Park

You know it's March when postings such as yours appear. Criticizing
the good work and tireless efforts of some of our town officials
illustrates why it is difficult to accomplish things in Provincetown.

Ms. Heilala is a hard-working single mother. Because of her
commitment to her job and the long hours she works, she occasionally
brings her dog to work, as have others at town hall.

Provincetown is probably the most dog-friendly town on the Cape. Look
at the warrant for annual town meeting and you will find three
articles pertaining to animal welfare.

Perhaps you should attend town meeting and bring forth an article
that bans dogs from town buildings. I'm sure you would quickly
realize the resistance of the majority of those attending, reflecting
how dog-friendly Provincetown residents are.

If you are so concerned about dogs at town hall, perhaps you should
mail your tax payment, stay home and feed your fish. You'll be much
10:27 pm edt 

Re: Roger Green

Why ask him if there is a toilet to clean? I don't get it, is it because
he said something that stung you with the truth? That's his job among
other things, yes to clean toilets at the police station, why is that something
to poke fun at?
Something tells me your from "that class of people!

Webmaster Comment: Mister Green's profession is not pertinent nor
a subject in question,therefore,derogatory comments concerning same
will not be posted in the future.

Thank you for your insight

10:25 pm edt 

Re: Dogs

Actually that is Alix's assistant and also the one Sharon has been
counting on for all her decisions, and to think Alix as usual takes
all the credit.

Come on Sharon do your own job will ya.
10:15 pm edt 

Excessive Taxation Without Representation

Regarding the Town Meeting next week, I want to urge my fellow tax
payers to stand up and be heard.  We are overly taxed and must vote
down any tax increases.  In my other homes in Mustique, Palm Beach
and Monaco, our taxes are more worthy, bringing the tax payers the
status which they are due.  We also must Join Anna Lee-Cage and voice
our disapproval with the great evil that our officials are
perpetrating on us and we must protest at the trailors.  My Le
Creuset pots and lids are ready.

Lucy Del      
10:13 pm edt 

Re: Town Hall the New Doggie Park.......

The next thing you will be complaining about is the fishbowl
on the desk.

Slippery Fish (just couldn't resist)
10:11 pm edt 

Thank You!

This taxpayer and citizen greatly appreciates the financial
sacrifice made by the school teachers in Provincetown. They set an
example to be emulated.

They understand the financial situation that this country has been
thrust into by the banking and investment establishment and that with
12 million Americans out of work and with vanishing life savings--we
all must do our part.

Michael Rogovsky
10:08 pm edt 

Re: Re: Steele

Pretty much sums it all up.
10:07 pm edt 

Re: (Response to) Roger Green

To whom it may concern:

I have cleaned 4 toilets this morning but I think I missed one, it's
between you're upper and lower lip. Please forward an address so I
can feel I have done my job. They make flavored bleach now and I'm
dying to try it but when I read the directions it said "a        
without teeth is needed" and you fit the profile.

Your friend,
Roger Green
10:06 pm edt 

Re: Town Dogs

Now you people hate dogs?
10:03 pm edt 

Re: Duane Steele

I heard that Duane Steele is losing his job at the
Harbormaster's Office.?. If that's true, I think it's about time the
town wised up! That guy has been costing us money for years. He sits
on his keester all the while he's down there! The man rarely ever
walks out of the office. The wind can be howling and Mr. Steele is
tucked inside reading his books without a care for the potential loss
to vessels on the docks.

I have been on that pier for years and I've never seen anyone so
lazy. A boat could be sinking right next to Steele and he wouldn't
even know about it. The town asked all its departments to make cuts
and to me, that's a cut that the town should have made YEARS AGO!

Taxpayer that's sinking (in red ink)!
10:02 pm edt 

Who Let The Dogs Out (or In)?

I believe that there is a law which allows canines for the disabled
into Government Buildings. All other canines are not allowed. Go to
the Post Office and there is a sign on the front door addressing this.

Isn't the Town Hall, such as it is, a government building? So why the dogs?
I guess they are aiding the disabled administrators.

Where is the Health Agent when you need her? Probably checking out
the bacteria contents of our Title V's and getting ready to do all
those rental inspections at $150 a clip.

So much for Public Health and Safety,

10:00 pm edt 

Get Real!

With all that is going on in this town--you are going to
complain abouts dogs at the workplace. Get real will you!
9:58 pm edt 

Town Hall, The New Doggie Park

Good point. I have seen a Dalmatian numerous times at the old Town
Hall and at the trailer park. This Dalmatian has also attended
Selectman's Meetings. Did we vote for him (her) or does Alix Heilala
need an accounting assistant?
Where's the health agent? Maybe in the dog house.
7:38 am edt 

"The Other Candidate"

Is it true that the other candidate for sergeant was suspended from
duty for sleeping on duty at the Provincetown Airport.  So much for
Homeland Security.  I hope he took some no doze for his interview.

Pay back time
7:37 am edt 

Re: Dogs in Public Builings

I am not the person who has the answer, but what I do know is, as I
watched the reviews of one of the selectmen's meetings, there was a
dog in the background... This is inappropriate..  Some may be afraid
and others may have allergies...Does this mean one can't go to the
Town Hall to pay their bill or to a meeting in fear there may be a
dog there?

Where does the town draw the line?
7:36 am edt 

First Things First

The net worth of American households fell by the largest
amount in more than a half-century of record keeping during the
fourth quarter of last year, reflecting the blow families are taking
from a plunging stock market and dwindling home prices.

The unions refuse to give the taxpayers a break. All over this state
people are being laid off. We will vote no on the overrides. Lay some
people off. My savings have evaporated, my house insurance bill is
now over $2,000.00.

I will vote no to having another penny of my money fueling the
"hidden compensations" of the unions. My family comes first--not
their second cars, their boats and all of the wealth of benefits.

It is time for reform.
7:34 am edt 

Re: Roger Green

Isn't there a toilet you need to be tending to?
7:32 am edt 

This Just In:

The PPPC won't release their 2008 financials until after Town Meeting
because they had a huge loss and didn't fund the capital reserve like
they are required to according to their enabling legislation!

They are afraid of Mr. Steele's article passing if they release them!
7:31 am edt 

Re: Duane Steele

From what I've heard, Duane Steele was not fired. His
position was cut.

Cut? That's a PPPC euphemism for fired. The Pier Corp. told FinCom
they needed two full time assistant harbormasters last summer. Now
they don't?

The PPPC is full of BS!
7:30 am edt 

Steele this and Steele that...

At a time when everyone should do their part to help the environment,
it's nice that Provincetown is doing it's best to recycle its steele,

Steal a gun, go to prison
Lose a gun, get promoted
7:28 am edt 

Re: Steele

Doesnt sound like a discruntaled employee to me.  Common sence
dictates in any business or entity, a promotion will not be made on a
test score alone.  Not even civil service.  What you are saying is 
the officer that scores  the highest will get the position even
though they have had several letters of discipline and over 4
suspensions , shows up late for work, leaves early, and doesnt get
along with others will get the position over a candidate that has an
unblemished record.  Its called poor Police Chief, politics, and Mary
7:27 am edt 

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Tell Me, How Long Was the Warrant Open?

It used to be we had about ten days to get an article on the warrant.
It would be publicly and well advertised. But not since Michele
Couture is chair. With her, it's open one day and two days later
close the warrant. Such is her sense of community involvement and
allowing the town to be involved. No, she wants what she wants,
without much input from many of us. She is the antithesis to what
small town meetings should be and how a town should be run. She likes
power and uses it against too many of us.

So how long was the warrant open this year?
10:10 pm edt 

To: Whomever Can Answer This Question

Can anyone tell me who has authorized Town Hall and Grace Gouveia
employees to bring their dogs to work?

Are all town employees given the same benefit?
10:09 pm edt 

Hidden Compensation

Municipal workers enjoy a bundle of benefits that insulate
them against economic hardship. The benefits began in bygone days
when it was a sacrifice to work in the public sector. Today,
taxpayers should be asking how much, and for how long they should be
expected to support what the nonprofit Boston Municipal Research
Bureau calls "hidden Compensation".

From the editorial in the Boston Globe. We are saving $81,000 due to
the largess of the teachers--and from the other unions? Zero. SHAME
10:07 pm edt 

Re: Duane Steele

From what I've heard, Duane Steele was not fired. His
position was cut. Isn't Duane a town employee? Doesn't he get placed
in another town department?
10:05 pm edt 

Tommy Steele

If the person that spent as much time "thinking" they know the blog
about Tommy Steele was from a disgrunted Police Dept employee, knew
more about "why or how" I'm sure they would come back to this site
and say "when I made that statement I was sitting on my brains,

Who scored the highest "is not why" and if that was the case then
Chief Jaran would not have made them go thru the process to be
interviewed, etc, etc for the position. Also if you also knew that a
test was takened for the position and a certain score was required
inorder to come down on the list of available candidates for that
position you would then realize again that the highest score was
"not" the reason.

I can rest assure you that "none" of the blogs about Tommy Steele,
wether some think he's the best man or not for the position are
coming from any memeber of the Police Dept because the blog would
have a totally different demeanor. Any position, i.e Police or where
ever in this town, there are always someone or someones who will have
a different opinion as to why so and so got it and not so and so. We
can beat that dead horse to the ground all day and all night.

My intent here was not to convince you of your erroneus information
just a message to the viewers of this blog that this was just another
typical terrorist act with absolutely no credibility.

Roger Green
10:04 pm edt 

Tommy Steele

He was promoted because he took a test and scored the highest? Thats
it? No points for community involvement, community roots, seniority
due to time served on the Provincetown force as opposed to age, past
incedent involvement, (good or bad), possibilities of future
longevity on the force as opposed to stay a while and retire on the
town? I don't know Mr. Steele nor do I care that he was promoted but
it does seem the criteria, if the posting is correct, is flawed and
of no real use to the town. Other candidates were wrongly overlooked
if the promotion was based on a test. How about a physical abilities
test? I doubt Mr. Steele would pass that one with the same highest
10:02 pm edt 

Union Protection For Duane Steele

what is the union's position and what protection can he get? What are
his options in other positions since he has some seniority? If he has
to bump someone--then let that be. He should take some other position
that suits him and then let the town handle the ensuing problems.

This is also problematic because he is a whistle blower and is being
let go or his position jeopardized because of his pointing out
problems, mismanagement and lack of knowledge by those in charge. 

The town could be sued for this and they should be if they are so
foolish as to "terminate" an employee who is pointing out deep seated
problems with a department or in this case a pier.

Go after them Duane. Seize your rights and sue if you must. Many of
us support you and believe this is not only unfair, but illegal.
10:00 pm edt 

We Have Incurred Many Debts Due to the Sewer System

And I'm not for incurring any more at this time. How many other
major projects does a town, facing a great Recession, come up with? It
should be a time of no new projects. With Town Hall renovations, this
is not the time to fund Phase Three of the Sewer System.

Wrong thinking. Wrong planning. Wrong decision.
9:56 pm edt 

Duane Steele's Article Will Provide a System of Checks and Balances

In the Finance Committees report on the Pier Corporation:

"As noted by the Pier Corporations Auditor in its annual report
(2007), policies regarding the appropriate use of the Capital Reserve
Fund are not sufficiently clear;"

Under the Pier Corporations enabling legislation, these assets are
considered restricted for the purpose of maintaining the pier.

Voting for Duane Steeles article will provide a system of checks and
balances for the appropriate use of the Capital Reserve Fund that has
been sorely lacking.

But in the meantime, he is the one getting fired?

""Not Sufficiently Clear""? There's a lot about the Pier Corporation
that's not sufficiently clear!
4:01 pm edt 

Democracy 101

Kerry Adams, the right to petition government including the
Provincetown Public Pier Corporation is guaranteed by the First
Amendment to the Constitution.

You are the Treasurer of the PPPC, why havent  you released the FY
June 2008 P & L  and the Auditors Report to the public? Nine months
later and you still wont release them?  Yes, this is all about Ms.
Nagles float license and its appreciation.

It must be frustrating for you. You cant fire her like you can Duane Steele.
3:56 pm edt 

Re: Tommy Steele-

It sounds to me like the posts on this blog are from a disgruntled
police department employee. If you were to ask the question why he
was promoted you would find out the answer was because he scored the
highest on the test that ptown police officers took for eligibility
for the position.  Plain and simple that is the only reason he was
promoted.  Any other claims are just someone trying to stir the pot.
3:54 pm edt 

Re: Expansion Cost of Sewer System

In response to those who seem to be outraged about the talk
of borrowing money to expand the sewer system. I think that there may
be something you dont understand about how funding for the sewer
system works.

First of all, the sewer cannot borrow money. So the Town uses its
credit capabilities to borrow the money. The money is then used by
the sewer for construction.

  When homeowners agree to hook up to the sewer they sign contracts
agreeing to repay an amount of money in proportion to the amount of
the system they use. This would be not unlike my letting my daughter
use my credit card and having her pay her monthly portion till her
charge is paid off.

So the general property tax payer doesnt pay for the sewer. We do
however incur some costs that just kind of get wrapped up into the
general fund. The most obvious is the repaving of a lot of streets
that will need to be done earlier than would have if the sewer had
not gone in. There is also a great deal of administrative cost we
incur I'm sure since we use Town employees to plan for and oversee
the project. How can that cost be passed on to the sewer users? I'm
sure someone could think of a new tax; excuse me fee that could be

Now if you attend Town Meeting you will here these things explained
again and if you listen you will understand that it will not cost you
money unless you hook up.

Now think about this; in Government it seems that most everything
that is wished for eventually gets done, whether we can afford it or
not. So it seems to me that the most prudent thing to do would be to
create a master plan to hook up the entire Town to the sewer, and
continue building it in phases.

And since a lot of things in Town are limited by the fact we have
septic systems on our properties, ( i.e. location of driveways,
number of bedrooms, number of restaurant seats, making a piece of
land build able or not, not to mention the eventual pollution, etc.)
thus lowering our quality of life, I believe that expansion of the
system is a good thing and will be of great benefit to future

A Rat In The Basement
9:39 am edt 

Re: Tommy Steele and His Smoking Gun

Who were the other candidates?
9:35 am edt 

Re: Candace Nagle

Seems to me that the "insurance man" that serves on the
Pier Corp. stated here very recently that he would "resign his
position forthwith" if Miss Candace "I could have been a contender"
Nagel could prove any wrongdoing on his part. I haven't read his
resignation notice.

I don't know about anyone else that reads this blog, but I for one am
sick of reading attack after attack here against the many good people
that volunteer their time for this town. The bulk of these attacks
are without a single shred of proof. Of course we all know that if we
read a lie enough times, it starts to become the truth; isn't that
right Miss Nagel?

It would seem Miss Nagel that you feel that you are the only
"righteous" individual in P-town, and doing it all in the name of
"good government"! Good grief is more like it! How easily you judge
others and pervert the facts to suit your own sad little agenda. I'm
sure you will sell your Float on MacMillan Wharf for a tidy sum and
you'll surely ring up a healthy profit when you do finally unload it.
And of course the town will again be screwed. In the meantime, you
dog the Pier Corp. board incessantly with unmitigated lies and
innuendo in an effort to shore up your own untenable position. There
is a position here Miss Nagel, isn't there? Raising rates on the pier
to help the town lower the deficit or something right? We all know
that raising those pier rates won't benefit you in the least Miss
Nagel; isn't that true? Well???

Facts are facts and Miss Nagel and you know very well that the
members of the Pier Corp. board receive nothing but grief for their
service. If it were me, Id demand to be paid to take the kind of crap
that they take! Talk about your under appreciated volunteers!

PS - raising rates on MacMillan Wharf will indeed benefit you Miss
Nagel. Please don't insult our collective intelligence by trying to
worm your way out of that one!
9:34 am edt 

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tommy Steele and His Smoking Gun

It just occurred to me why Provincetown has so many problems. Town
management focuses on promoting the wrong people.

Case in point is the promotion of Tommy Steele. Why did the police
department need to replace a sergeant who has been on a leave for
many, many weeks? In this time of tightening our belt, why does our
Town point our resources in a direction that is not the most
economically prudent?

Is this really the best use of our precious and diminishing financial

I further challenge our chief of police to explain why he promoted an
older patrolman with less seniority than the other candidates, which
means more money will be spent on administrative salaries, creating
additional public safety concerns because the Town will be not be
able to hire one or more patrolmen. It also means that there is one
administrative position for every two officers on the Provincetown
force, which seems a little excessive.

Most importantly, the question becomes why on earth did Chief Jaran
appoint Tommy Steele after Steele reported his gun was stolen?

What is glaringly apparent is the obvious fact that the good old boy
network is alive and thriving in Provincetown.  Shameful.
11:59 pm edt 

What? More For the Dam Sewer System Than For Town Hall?

This makes absolutely no sense. In what world are they living. Hello,
Sharon from La.La. Land! Hello Michele Couture from inside the caves
of India (you won't ge this one. Grammar school only gives you so
much education.)

Silently,and so quietly, this article shows up on the warrant. No,
absolutely no. This is the worse time to even consider this. Excuse,
me, but didn't Fin Com even bring this up? Hello, Fin Com, calling
you from planet Mars. Is there anyone there?

Such a level of unreality that I am amazed and saddened.

I fear this town is going down and going down fast. This is simply absurd.
11:56 pm edt 

Re: Malone vs Green Fact or Fiction

When will the minutes show that Malone asked Green to
quite?  Is this true, or is it again hearsay?
I would like to see something in the minutes of the meeting showing
this or I have to believe someone is very angry at Malone............
11:54 pm edt 

Maybe They Have Finally Accept the Inevitability

With Jessica Waugh terminating her own contract. With terese Nelson
forced to leave in May--her term is over, maybe some on the school
committee have finally realized that regionalization is going to
happen. so they leave, not happily, because they have lost the fight.
Seems that makes more sense then Jessica spending time with her
parents--like politiciams who believe it's time to spend more quality
time with their spouses--and the game is over. the school will not
stand alone. It will be part of a larger and more expansive regional
plan and the fist-fighters have lost and they are leaving.

Maybe this is progress, even if this is the way it has to happen.
When you refuse to face reality, it generally hits you in the face.
11:53 pm edt 

Re: "Waugh to retire..."

it's about time!
11:51 pm edt 

Don't be Dissuaded Keep the Pressure On......It's Working

Last year the superintendent was on the front page of the
banner saying no to regionalization. Then the citizens got involved
and with a grass roots effort this has finally come to pass. What
else can she do but resign?

The school committee's power is unraveling. They had blinders on and
refused to face facts. They couldn't bear the idea of the school
declining and then being closed. At least their heart is in the right

With the affordable housing industrial complex, the only thing that
they have in the right place is their desire to keep their
on-going-money-machine-of affordable housing a thriving concern.

Guess what? They absolutely are not entitled to $1million dollars in
CPC money. That is why they are jumping all over Michael R. WRITE a
letter to the banner and the Cape Cod Times, Michael R. and expose
them for all of the citizens to see.
11:48 pm edt 

Wrong-Headed Business Model

A protectionist and pedestrian economic development policy
are why we have zero growth on MacMillan Pier and the debt will
always be ours to service:

"Oct 11 2007 letter from Harbormasters Office: Previously, the
directors have expressed their wishes not to duplicate the products
or services available in adjacent Lopes Square."
11:45 pm edt 

Where Have You Been?

" -on that committee has taken one cent unlawfully to benefit

If you have been reading the blog for months now then you must be
illiterate as no one has made that accusation.

"--sorry that you made a bad business decision by buying into your
business on the Pier"

That news to me thanks for letting me know
11:42 pm edt 

Re: Postings About Michael Rogovsky's Postings

A few of you seem to be absolutely obsessed with all things
Mikey R. Here are a few symptoms:

Racing wildly to your computer every 3 min to see if Mikey has posted

Replying to Mikey posts in your dreams (includes fingers tapping on sheets)

Making up Mikey posts on blog following a dry spell

Starting your own blog featuring brilliant replies to Mikey posts
(freedom to make up clever replies in retrospect)

If you recognize one or all of these symptoms within yourself or a
friend, please seek help immediately. Sure Fire Remedy: Buy an
affordable housing unit from Uncle Ted.
11:39 pm edt 

Re: Borrow $3,300,000 For Phase Three?

This is for the expansion of the sewer into the East End.  It will
also free up availability to the central commercial district for
economic development.  At no time will this be servicing Mr Malone's
project on the other side of route six.  There was a questionnaire
sent out and the North area of town did not show enough interest in

What absolutely amazes me on this blog, is that people take a project
that has nothing to do with something else just to further their
hatred.  I don't agree with Mr Malone and will vote against his
projects at town meeting, but to hate someone?  Guess I was raised
7:06 pm edt 

Sorry, But Carpetbagger Does Fit Some in This Town

There are those who came here and used this town and even used it up
for their own benfit. They live here yet have no respect for the
past. They disrespect those who were born here and they disregard the
rich history that is Provincetown.

Sad but true. Carpetbaggers fits a few here in town. They have made
Provincetown a place from which they derive money and profit. And
they give back little since they don't fundamentally care about this
spit of land.
7:04 pm edt 

Waugh to Retire!

School Supt. Jessica Waugh has notified the school
committee that she will retire at the end of this school year.
7:03 pm edt 

Re: Pier Committee

I've been reading this BLOG for months and can only say that you all
act like an old western where the possee comes and catches the cattle
rustlers and wants to lynch them without a trial, to only find too
late that they murdered innocent people by having a mob mentality. In
this BLOGS case, listening to the rants and raves of Ms. Nagle.Shame
on all of you.There isn't one shred of evidence that anyone on that
committee has taken one cent unlawfully to benefit themselves.Could
things be run better, I'm sure, just as with any other government
body.These members work for free!!!GRATIS..NO
COMPENSATION...motivated by trying to make Provincetown and MacMillan
Pier a better place to live in and visit.Grow up Ms. Nagle.I'm sorry
that you made a bad business decision by buying into your business on
the Pier, but don;t take it out on everyone there.As Momma once
said"Life is like a box of Chocolate"

Mr. Forrest Gump
7:02 pm edt 

Regarding, Now Who's the Bore...

I have only asked twice that Mr. R. stop posting the same info.  If
he has something new to away!  New info on an old topic
makes sence and is the puropose of debate and dialouge...I am all for

Regurgitating the same stuff is not...
6:59 pm edt 

Duane Steele a Whistleblower? Hardly! Whose Whistle Was He Blowing?

Reading this crap harkens me back to the heady days of Keith Bergman
and the shady little backroom deals he'd make to get what he wanted.
Sort of like the backroom deal he made with a current Selectperson
that was sitting when Bergy was here (3 guesses)! Anyway... how do
you suppose that Mr. Steele acquired his cushy little position out on
the pier where no prying eyes could see him? Does anyone have the
Bergameister on speed dial? Let's ring the old boy up and ask him!

Whistleblower my behind!
6:58 pm edt 

Oh It's so Good to See That You're Back Now Candace!

It's been such a dreary place here without your finger pointing, tongue
wagging and verbal diarrhea. You and Steele make a good pair! Oh wait
a second - you two are a pair!

The Pier will be a much better place without Mr. Steele. He was
rarely ever seen actually doing anything. I can't imagine the pier
needing his services now that the fishing activity that once happened
on that wharf is all but extinct. Ah extinction of the fishing
community... hmmm: Candace? Didn't you say something about
"pseudo-fishermen" and "raising their rates"? Is that what you're
after Candace? Drive the fishermen away to make room for your rich
friends boats?

On The Jagged Edge
6:53 pm edt 

Yeah, Right!

"--NO, Pier Corp members don't get health benefits or any
other benefits. They are volunteers!---"

Reality: retail policy on MacMillan was helped steered by Lopes
Square Owner/PPPC director Tarvers to be non-competitive:

"June 26 2007 Phil Tarvers: Disagrees, we have had enough discussion
in regards to commercial enterprises on the pier and that it does
take away from Lopes Square."

And we haven't even talked about the insurance man!
6:50 pm edt 

Re: Borrow $3,300,000 For Phase Three?

This is the truth if I ever read it. The affordable housing
industrial complex cartel wants the sewer to go to Nelson Ave so they
(CHR INC) can hook up the new big, environmentally encroaching
DEVELOPMENT-complete with market rate condo's for sale in it. The
town can pay for hooking Malone up to the sewer and look at the money
he saves with no title V.
6:47 pm edt 

No More $$$ to Malone INC.

Is this man for real? He thinks he can march into a meeting and
demand someone to quit because he doesn't like his opinion? last time
I checked, this is the United States of America and we have civil
rights. Article 1 of the constitution protects these rights uncle

Go to a bank and get your own $$$ for your own profit making machine.
6:45 pm edt 

To: The PBG Basher...

You certainly make a lot of assumptions. Fist, which vendors have waited
10 months plus for payment?  You use a lot of name calling and have no
substance to your posting other than hysteria.  Nice to call the members
who work hard to bring tourists to this town all kinds of negative things.  I
guess all your hard work paid off and everything was great on what you
worked on.  You don't know anything and it shows.

Slippery Fish (looking for proactive people who solve problems not
try to make them)
6:44 pm edt 

Glad to See Regionalization of the Schools as a Town Warrant Article

What a change a year makes. This is terrific. There is an article on
the warrant to establish a Regionalization Task Force and I think
this is wonderful. It is the step in the right direction. True, we
could have applied for monies to study regionalization but our town
did not want to take that step. But this is good. It's about time and
our students will benefit from this forward-thinking task force and
new direction. Regionalization is a good answer for the schools.
1:39 pm edt 

Re: Duane Steele

When Congressional investigators were pouring over
documents flowing from the wreckage of Enron, they came across a memo
written by a little known executive named Sherron Watkins. The memo,
written to Enron Board Chairman Ken Lay, outlined concerns that she
had with the company's accounting. Watkins became one of the nation's
most famous whistleblowers.

Subsequent to the Enron debacle, Congress passed the Sarbanes-Oxley
Law which provides protections for whistleblowers like Watkins. The
provisions of Sarbanes-Oxley add to a web of other federal statutes
protecting whistleblowers. While some of these federal statutes are
listed below, it important to note that employees may be protected by
one or more statutes and therefore it is important to consult an
attorney to determine one's specific rights.

There are laws to protect Duane Steele.
1:37 pm edt 

Borrow $3,300,000 For Phase Three?

Are they crazy? This is no time to borrow more than $3 million for
Phase Three. This is only so that Ted Malone can get hooked up to the
Nelson Avenue properties and get relief from installing Title 5's.
How much more is this town supposed to do to support this man? CPC
monies for over $900,000 and now a $3 million sewer extension
project--under the false title of expansion and maximization. It's
Article 2 on the April 2009 warrant. Unbelievable!

It's not affordable housing tenants we are supporting, it is Ted
Malone's life style and we should not spend even one penny to benefit
Ted malone's profit-making endeavors.

Only fools would support such an extravagant "gift" to a developer.
1:30 pm edt 

Re: Public Pier Corporation
Below is from the Finance Committees report on the Pier Corporation:

"Assistant Harbormaster--two year round positions provide the line
staffing with patrol, enforcement, service and emergency response,
maintain facilities and vessels---

  In the past, MacMillan Pier was understaffed and many expenses
related to the Pier were incurred by the Department of Public Works,
the Police Department and other Town departments without being
tracked as such. By providing the Pier Corporation with adequate
staffing to perform most routine maintenance and enforcement, it is
easier to track the true expenses of MacMillan Pier."

Six months later, FinComs  findings are invalidated? A full time
assistant harbormasters position is suddenly being eliminated? Not

Based on FinComs report, the only conclusion to make is that Duane
Steeles position is being eliminated because he had the courage to
inform the public that for years  there have been reckless fiscal and
management practices by the Pier Corporation and harbormaster.

Candace Nagle
1:26 pm edt 

Re: Public Pier Corporation

If Duane does retire, I hope he applies to become a
director of the Pier Corporation as it would benefit Provincetown
taxpayers. Their budget would be cut in half with Duane Steele on
board. I have seen his proposed budget which is less than 300k per
year not $700k like the
current spendthrifty board.

The Commonweatlh of Massachusetts found they were illegally writing
over their financial records and running the Town's mooring fees
through their income statements to inflate their bottom line.

It is amusing how the Pier Corp now wants to take credit for showing
some fiscal restraint and tell us nothing illegal was being done. We
all know who is respondsible.

Why do you think they are going on the Town's munis system?

The Pier Corp refuses to release their 2008 financials.
1:23 pm edt 

Couture Needs To Go

I see her as part of the cabal to eliminate Duane Steele's position.
Here is the Pier Corp that hired assistants ad nauseum and a
Harbormaster who was on the search committee to hire a harbormaster
and then decided. like Dick Cheney, that he was the best qualified.
And the Pier Corp committee bought this hook, line and sinker.

Recall. We don't need that many names to begin the process and then
maybe this town can right itself. Now it is tilting and sinking and I
look at the chair and see her as part of the town's problems.

1:21 pm edt 


I too agree that the Business Guild is no longer useful. I
have been involved and I've done my part. I've also realized you
can't correct the narrow minded, naive and ignorant behavior. For the
one who thinks things are rosie you're a minority and I am sure you
have your own agenda. The PBG sucks now. There's just no hiding it
anymore behind the name of a once good organization. The organization
has nothing but a bad reputation with it's members, bad reputation
with the public and particularly with it's vendors. Some vendors go
for as long as 9-10 months without getting payment from the Guild
sometimes. This reflects badly upon us. The Treasurer can only cook
the books for so long.
1:20 pm edt 

Wait A Minute, Folks...

I am reading this right?  Did I just read a blog inferring that Mr.
Ted Malone actually went to the Provincetown Housing Authority
meeting and THREATENED Bryan Green, the Chair to resign because Mr.
Green has a difference of opinion? At a public meeting? On the record?

Where is the outrage?

This is the thing that Michael Rogovsky could write a letter to the
Banner about! This is something that needs to be made public. This is
a legitimate concern.
Strong-arming an elected Board officer.  Yes, the Affordable Housing
Complex Cartel is ALIVE and stronger than ever here in Provincetown.
And here is our proof!
Here is an example of how arrogant and entitled the Community
Resource Inc. people think they are.It is time to vote NO to Ted
Malone INC.
1:18 pm edt 

Townies, Carpetbaggers and Protest

I am sick and tired of all this discussiom about who is a Townie or
who is a Carpetbagger.  It is insane.  Now we should all come
together and listen to Anna Lee-Cage and protest with our pots and
pans and lids at the Trailors. So many of us are anxiously waiting
for Ms. Lee-Cage to let us know the date and subject of our protest.
My calphalon pans are ready.

1:16 pm edt 

Affordable Housing

It took an editorial in the banner to finally get the
affordable housing industrial complex to make that house available
for a family after languishing for years.

They were too busy getting millions for their pet projects and
securing their salaries to do otherwise.
1:13 pm edt 

Re: Public Pier Corporation

NO, Pier Corp members don't get health benefits or any
other benefits. They are volunteers!
1:12 pm edt 

Need I Say More?

Malone has been paying for his for profit corporation fees by credit
card, I pay by check.

Has it ever occurred to anyone that the reason he is hitting the CHC
and the CPC for funds is that the banks will not back him? Beware
taxpayers, spend our monies wisely.

1:10 pm edt 

Stay on Target

Enough with the character asassinations, people. Stick to
the issues.
12:17 am edt 

Now Who is the Bore?

You may be bored reading Michael's postings over and over
and I am tired of reading your postings complaining about him over
and over.
12:16 am edt 

Duane Steele

Has he been fired yet or is it a proposal for the new budget to let
him go? If it's a proposal, shoot down the budget at town meeting as
a whole considering the budget can't be increased at twon meeting to
reinstate the funds. That makes the town "leaders" go back to the
drawing board and reinstate it for a vote later.

What happened to the whistle blower laws? One could put together a
scenario that puts the town in a very compromising position.
12:15 am edt 

Affordable Housing For All

The "Communty Housing Resource" (Ted Malone) is registered as a
"Domestic Profit Corporation" with the Commonwealth
of Massachusettes.

Need I say more?
12:13 am edt 

Re: Long Time no See

Accuse me wrongly again, and you will get another posting.
Michael Rogovsky

Mikey, you have resorted to idle threats! Oh, you poor boy!

"where only recently an affordable rental house that has been
languising for years is finally getting attention after a  a public
outcry forced its renovation."

Mikey, you do know how to exaggerate. A public outcry? I don't think
so. I was at the Community Housing Meeting the day the Housing
Authority requested funding for the house on Court St.

Maybe you should read the actual minutes of the November 17, 2008
meeting. You will read the facts pertaining to why the Housing
Authority needed the funds, and approached the Housing Council.

Mikey "Misinformation" Rogovsky is your name, and slandering the good
works of people in need is your game!
12:12 am edt 

To: The posting at 3:11 Re Michelle Couture

Great posting!  Michelle is an asset to the board.  She is the only
one with stones to stand by her decisions regardless of how
un-popular they are.  She does whats best for the town and not
herself.  At least she doesnt change a job description so her spouse
can get the position.  She doesnt use her position to keep her
spouses cousin employed or even get promoted, and she does not use
her position to strong arm the power company so her electricity does
not go out.  So, to the 4-5 Michelle haters, its getting real old.
12:11 am edt 

Carpetbagger ???

Excuse me, but I am a second homeowner who paid TOP DOLLAR for the
place I own - I did not buy it at significantly depressed levels (as
is what happened in the South when this term was first applied).

Secondly, Ptown never experienced Reconstruction or the anihilation
of its government as did the old South.  If people have moved in and
taken contol (even second homeowners) MORE POWER TO THEM !!! The only
way this group has taken control is that the longer time residents

What an incredibly DISTATEFUL word to apply to people that have moved
in and are contributing to the government or second home owners who
want more of a voice.
12:09 am edt 

It's Not How, But Why?

The questions not how we should support Steele, but why should we
support him?  Has it occurred to any of you that he might have just
been a really crappy employee?  Whistle blower?  I don't think so. 
The FinCom looked at all the paperwork and determined that practices
must change but there was nothing done illegally.  As a matter of
fact, the PPPC is doing as they should.  They are tightening their
belt in their personnel budget.  Something I've heard some of you
same people complaining that the town itself is not doing enough of.

For clarity, from what I hear, he was not fired.  His position has
been eliminated.  As a union employee he now has the option of early
retirement or he may choose to move over to another town department
within his union which would be the DPW.  If he chooses to do this,
he will be displacing a union worker with less years of employment. 
Everyone would get bumped done the seniority ladder and the last
person hired would be the person fired in this situation.

And don't think that any of this was done without the knowledge of
the town's union representative.
12:07 am edt 

Who do They Think ?They Are?

Duane and Mary Jo?  Who do they think they are?  G-D?  Mary Jo might
have grown up here, and one post told of things in her past here, BUT
they forgot that she owned what is now the RED INN, and I believe
filed bankruptcy .   Wow, do we really want to kiss their butts? 
Havent they done enough to hurt this town?  Let heads role.  Mary Jo
comes across as a nice person face to face, but you should see her at
town hall, ranting and raving like she owns everyone. 

12:03 am edt 

He Did it Again!

On Monday night at 9:56pm, Michael R. has posted the same thing AGAIN!

I asked Mr. R. to please stop posting his same opinion regarding Mr.
Malone.  We all know Michael's postion on this.

Michael then took my asking him to stop posting the same stuff over
and over to...guess what?  To post the same thing yet again!!!

I have reread Michael's posting and it does not introduce anything
new regarding his opinion about the CPC funds and where they should
go, it simply makes the same (we've heard it all before) point.
It will be tiresome enough to have to sit through town meeting and
listen to Michael drone on about this, but at least that is a proper
forum for debate.

But as for the constant regurgitations here...Please Mr. web master
stop the insanity!

And Michael, you do not need to post to this...I am not asking you
for a correction to your opinion...
12:02 am edt 

I Support Duane Steele and I Support Whitle blowers

There are laws on the book and Duane should use these whistler-blower
laws to support his position at the Pier Corporation. Here they are
hiring and hiring and now they--name him Rex--is going to fire Duane
for pointing out fiscal mismanagement and harbor mismanagement. No, I
stand by Duane and support his work.

Behind the scenes, Michele Couture is getting back at MaryJo. I'd
like to see a petition with her name on it and at the top: RECALL.
Couture is sneaky and self-serving and most of us get nothing from
her presence as Chair except a smirking smile, propably learned in
her earlier "profession" before many cameras.
12:00 am edt 

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Affordable Housing Are the Condos Now on Sale in Town

With prices so reduced, affordable housing can be bought right here
in town. The price of condos is lower then Ted Malone's closets and
his high-density, uglified buildings.

Plus, if someone wants real affordable housing, go to Fort Lauderdale
and Tampa and find a great affordable condo for $85,000.

Change in real estate values should cause a change in rethinking what
is and is not affordable housing. there are many places here now
affordable and now with more bedrooms than the Malone-Midget condos.
11:58 pm edt 

Sharon, You Hired David Gardner to Help You Do Your Job

Now we see him doing your job entirely. So let's take David Gardner
and make him Town Manger. Then we save around $130,000. Somehow this
job is way above your head and you need too many asssitants to help
you know what you should do. And then you don't even do any of these
hard decisions. So why are we paying you to stand on the side of
David Gardner and/or Alix Helilia when you have so little to say.

I think David Gardner solves many problems and helps reduce the
deficit that you, Sharon, have not been able to forcefully and
strongly decrease.

The honeymoon is over. We want results and we are not getting them,.
But David Gardner is a bright star and he can do your job--- because
he is doing it now.
11:57 pm edt 

Recall? Nonsense!

Michele won with twice the votes over the other candidates. That's a
fact. The recall talk is nothing but talk. If you know-it-all rats in
the woodwork are so intelligent, run for the friggin' office. Let's
see you do any better.(Ann Maguire are you reading this?)

While this blog is a good source of gossip, this blog is also a paper
tiger when it comes to actual political clout. Venom and hot air
equals nothing.

Mary-Jo and Mr.Steele have done WAY more harm than good to this town
and deserve nothing but our scorn. Those of us with good memories
know this.
11:55 pm edt 


"Let me see.  How many 'townies' currently serve on boards in this
idyllic place?  Hmmmmm.  Seems the Board of Fire Engineers is all
townies.  Boy oh boy, they sure are doing a fine job."

Wow - this site gets nastier everyday and contributes to more and
more misinformation all the time.

Of the approximately 44 town boards, with approximate total members
of 235 - 20% are natives of Provincetown (approximately 50
individuals) - that is a lot more then just the board of fire
engineers.  Now how many natives still remain living in Provincetown?
  Have you thought about that?  If you add in the folks who have
lived in Provincetown longer then say 20 years the number of board
participation increases dramatically. and more so for those over 10
years.  It is not an "us-them" mentality.

One thing that has always amazed me is how people want to move to
Provincetown - it is a great place to live - they move here, don't
like it and want it to change.  Why?  If you don't like it, don't

For those who feel that Provincetown was falling down before they got
it - let's see - about 10 years ago Provincetown had great bond
ratings, a large parking revenue rainy day fund and along came new
board members and town leaders who wanted things done differently -
what happened?  Today we have no money and a new administration
forced to clean it up.  What do you folks do on this blog - criticize
them for trying.  Sharon Lynn is bright, she has vision and should be
supported.    For those folks supporting her dismissal and the
elevation of David Gardner you have to wonder why?  What spectacular
improvement has he made to this town since he was hired?

And for those who comment on the fire department - I guess you have
never needed their service.  They do a terrific job and should be
commended.  Are they without faults?  Of course not, but do they
deserve our support - absolutely.  Instead of criticizing - why not
offer some suggestions on how to improve.  Mike Trovato, (who is
someone I have not always agreed with) works above and beyond for the
fire department.  Do you want to sleep everynight with the fire radio
in your ear?  Try to run a business and have to leave it daily to
deal with your other job?  And before you talk about him getting paid
- what does he make per hour from the town?  It is a pittance
compared to other departments on the Cape, we provide no health
insurance yet we want him there all the time. 

He deserves a BIG thank you.
11:54 pm edt 

How do We Support Duane Steele?

1. The Union should take up his defense and sue the town. It is
embarrassingly apparent he was fired because he blew the whistle one
too many times.

2. The residents of this town should stand behind Duane and Mary Jo
and not approve Section III Public Safety Harbormasters budget until
he is reinstated.
5:13 pm edt 

To: I Owe no Apology

5:10 pm edt 

Re: Michele Couture, Chairman

You're nuts if you think only one person sees our BOS Chair
as an embarrassingly unqualified train-wreck.
4:47 pm edt 

Re: Ted Malone

Re: "But Then Again, You Probably Do Work for Ted Malone"

Has it occurred to the fine bloggers that due to the current national
economic situation, funds for affordable housing (and for non-profits
in general) are difficult to get? Malone's developments have given
many townspeople homes, and the projects are well thought-out. You
have the right to have input regarding any housing developments in
town,but the constant personal attacks are bitter, and way out of
line. Enough of the cyber-bullying already. And no, I'm not typing
madly away on Shankpainter.
4:45 pm edt 

Self-Serving Chairperson

If someone in my organization came forward and identified
inefficiencies which if corrected, enhanced the bottom line, I
certainly would not fire him.   Clearly, that is not the case because
the Board of Selectman only cares to hear from the Pier management. 
In addition, it is quite obvious the Chair has gone out of her way to
invalidate the messengers by her comments and actions. Her actions
are not those of leadership but are self-serving.

Second Homeowner
4:41 pm edt 

Us Versus Them/Recall

The reason these "carpetbaggers" come to this town and take over is
because nobody in Ptown wants to take the reigns. They are more than
willing to sit back and point fingers at what someone is doing but
never are they willing to step up to the plate and do the dirty work
of politics. That's why these outsiders come to town and take over.
Don't like it, step up to the plate and do something about it. And
the same goes for the recalls of selectmen. Don't like what they are
doing? Fine, recall them. But who takes their place? Who starts the
drive to recall? Nobody has the guts to do it and that shows a lot of
what is really out there. Put up or shut up.
4:38 pm edt 

I Owe No Apologies

When I first put my ad on Craig's list I found a great guy
to do the work--and kept getting responses. When I told this one guy
that I found someone, he said don't you need anything else done?

I said that I did want to replace the self-stick vinyl squares in my
bathroom--but that I couldn't find ones that I liked.

MATERIALS"..and I took him up on his offer.

That said, I now have a list of workers and there is a guy off cape
who is begging for work who has excellent credentials...and he is
willing to travel here to do work. A man from New Hampshire will come

I'm a person who once called a plumber when there was a leak in my
house who said that he would come. When I called back later asking
why he didn't come yet; he said that he was protesting the developers
of houses who doesn't use local tradesmen. This truly happened to me.

Sorry to say local tradesmen, but other tradesmen are telling  me on
the phone that they are lowering their asking price etc.

It is a buyer's market and I'm giving bonuses--but I can get every
project I ever dreamed of completed for a fraction of Provincetown's
prices. And that is what I intend to do--I've lost a third of my
savings--my house is all I have--I might as well make is as perfect
as possible.
4:36 pm edt 

In Support of Candace Nagle

Maybe we should have Candace Nagle replace Michele Couture.
  Enough with all of those carpetbaggers who hold too many official
positions here! Candace Nagle is this town's ray of hope.  Imagine
all the good she could do!
4:32 pm edt 

The Rushmore Real Estate Transfer Tax???

Is there a waiting period before a topic can be brought up again at
town meeting? It seems like this one is a recurring topic and I was
under the impression that there was a two year waiting period before
it could be voted on again...
4:29 pm edt 

How do We Support Duane Steele?

Any ideas on what to do to help Steele.  His firing was
obviously in response for his involvement in exposing the costly
mistakes and mismanagement of the Pier Corp.  The members of the
community (whether washashores or born here, no matter) should not
permit this to happen. He deserves better. 

4:28 pm edt 

Let's Do It Now!

Recall Michele (one L) Coutuer. Fire Sharon Lynn and bump
David Gardner as Town Manager. He can do the Whole job.

4:25 pm edt 

Re: The Following Post;

"Only post when you actually have something intelligent to say.  You
are an embarrassment to us."

If we followed that rule there would be no blog. Hmmm...
4:23 pm edt 

Good Question

     Does the Harbor Master, non-union employees and the Board of
Directors of the Pier Corp get health benefits? After all, it is a
business and qualified to get group benefits from Blue Cross/Blue
Shield etc.. Perhaps its a perk that they don't want us to be privy

     To Priceless; yea, only this town would have an ex-
felon and non-resident on a major board of directors. For the benefit
of new wash a shores, he was convicted for drug trafficking back in
the 80's when he had the Portuguese Princess.

     Funny how he still likes to hang around the pier.

     Don't leave home without it.
4:20 pm edt 


Have you been near the Governor Bradford on a winter's
afternoon? Not pretty!
4:16 pm edt 

12 Million Available Workers

Our house insurance is now over $2,000 a year. What will it
be in 5, 10 years? No Overrides, Unions better wake up..or lay them
off and hire new people. 12 million workers are laid off.
4:14 pm edt 

The Pier Corporation

The Provincetown Pier is a corporation which means any of
the board members may be eligible for heath benefit's
under a business. Do they have a program? Why not ask
the insurance man.
4:13 pm edt 

Re: Michelle Couture

To the person who keeps attacking Michelle, I want to inform you I
will do my best to silently and quietly behind your back seek the
support she needs to stay right where she is. You can say what you
want, squak all you want on this site as I know who you are and I
will do my best to make everyone aware of you. You are trying your
best to start as much trouble as you can by using this site to get
something going against Michelle and I will do my best to make sure
everyone does just the opposite. The game is on loser.
4:11 pm edt 

Very Interesting

   The Pier Corporation is a business entity. Therefore
they can get a group plan for health insurance. If they
have this "perk" who is paying for it? No wonder they keep their
place on the board.

4:10 pm edt 


Let me see.  How many 'townies' currently serve on boards in this
idyllic place?  Hmmmmm.  Seems the Board of Fire Engineers is all
townies.  Boy oh boy, they sure are doing a fine job.
4:08 pm edt 

Re: Townie vs Capetbagger

This townie vs. carpetbagger crap is ugly and nasty and
completely unproductive. You should stop it right now!

I do have to say that after living in this town for 10 years I see
very few "townies" at town meeting. You all abdicated responsibility
for "your" town by not staying involved in town government let alone
showing up at town meeting.
4:07 pm edt 

To: Michael

"However, it was an error on the part of the CPC committee to give him
a million dollars when he has a wealth of sources for money"

The CPC has no authority to give anything away.  They decided to let
the voters have a say.  Believe it or not, some people do want Ted to
get this money.  I'm not one of them, but I do believe in the
process.  We will all have a chance to vote on this.  I would have
been upset if the CPC had made this decision unilaterally without a
town meeting vote.

Really Michael, before you rant I wish you would take a moment to think.

And as a side note.  Bryan Greene of the CPC originally voted against
sending Ted's project to the voters.  Ted then went to the next
Housing Authority meeting and insisted that Bryan immediately resign
from the Housing Authority.  Bryan refused.  Seems Ted only believes
in the democratic process when it fits his wishes.  Apparently only
those who support Ted can sit on certain boards.  A blatant attempt
to manipulate an outcome.

Democracy rules baby.
4:05 pm edt 

Monday, March 9, 2009

Let's Do It: Recall Couture

She has not done our town well. She is immature and not very
educated. O K if she were only running a frog-themed shop but as
chair of the BOS, she is a pure disaster. I am for recalling Couture.
It doesn't take that many signatures and it is time to get her out. I
say: let's do it now!
11:18 pm edt 

Re: Public Pier Corp

Do the non-union pier corporation employees get health
benefits? Who else are they going to terminate to balance
the books and cover up the mis-management of this business?
Funny how Mr. Steele blew the whistle and got fired.

Mr. Steel has a contract and should be supported by the
Town Manager and the Union. Don't give up the fight. This whole issue
is so transparent, finally.

Time to re-organize the bod of the pier corp.. We need new
ideas and members who are not directly involved in related businesses.

Only Provincetown would appoint a Truro resident with a servered
felony conviction to be a director of a corporation. Another director is
in the insurance business and yet it seems to me that the pier is under
insured both by the corp. and it's tenants.

11:17 pm edt 

You Are the Embarassment and I Doubt You are a Townie

Treating people who were born here as drunks at the Governor
Bradford. How insulting. You should be ashamed of your opinions and
of your postings.

Those of us really born here have a right to honor our past and our
traditions and this town. That is not what is valued by the
carpetbaggers who have come here--and now have positions as
selectmen. they have lost respect, if they ever had it, for all of
us. That is the problem.

And we should have held on to power but we didn't. Now is the time to
take it back and surely stand up to those who crap on us, throw their
septic system refuse upon us and think we will continue to take this.
We are hardy. We are Portuguese but we are not stupid.
11:14 pm edt 

I'd Take David Garner as Town Manager

Some here have suggested this. I know it's odd but guess what? It is
not a bad suggestion. I'd put my money on this guy over this woman
who has no balls, no cahunas, no anything. She is, yes Sarah Peake, a
disaster. I wish this were not true but Sharon has not lived up to
your and many other's glowing recommendations. She has few skills.

Why did anyone on the great American Find a Town Manger Committee
find that this woman was even qualified? And then select her over
some quite good candidates? Please do not even tell me it had nothing
to do with qualifications but something else. And this something else
falls flat on her face.

We are sinking fast and you selected her! What a mistake and we are
living with the consequences. It is not enough to be a friendly
person: you have to have some managerial skills and some tough in
your face petunias. Sorry, but she has neither.
11:12 pm edt 

Goodness, Sharon, You Make Us Want Keith Back

And that is quite a statement. Keith was not good for this town but
he did know power and he seized his authority.

He was no whimp.  Sharon, I'm sorry, but what are you?
11:10 pm edt 

Enough is Enough

I am sick and tired of those outsiders treting Mary-Jo as a piece of
nothing. We should come together and realize we should have done this
before. We let the so-called carpetbaggers take over and look at the
mess! Sharon Lynn has no respect for those of us from this town. She
is a West Goshen police officer who doesn't know this town. Don't tell
me she summered here with Ann Maguire, another outsiders, both who
saw this town as an opportunity to take it over and rule.

Sorry ladies. This is not North Hampton.

Sorry that you also have so little skills to manage this town as it
should be managed. And Ann, you are a has been, a left over from the
White administration and you hold no power here except for behind the
scenes machinations.

It's  time we pulled together, those of us who were born here and
send these whatevers on their way. You have done nothing great for
this town and you should leave your political ambitions behind. If
not, we will get you out. If not today, then next year. We will wait
you out.
11:08 pm edt 

Did I Miss Something?

I thought the person who said to march to the Town hall
trailers was making a joke...

I think that the people taking that idea seriously on this blog have
missed it...

unless I am the one missing something and this is actually a serious
idea....oh my...
11:04 pm edt 

...No One Believes in the PBG Anymore Steve...

Sorry, you are wrong as usual.  There are many of us who believe in
the PBG.  Is it perfect?  No, but there are many people who are
willing to work to make it better.  Negative people such as yourself
don't help, but we don't expect you to help.  Your role is to attack,
attack, attack.  And nothing productive comes out of you.  Same old
song, same old story.  Hide behind your computer and attack.

11:03 pm edt 

But Then Again, You Probably Do Work for Ted Malone

And the keys keep typing away on Shankpainter Road. Keep saying great
things about that guy. And then you can keep your jobs.

Ted malone is in dire financial straights. He needs town CPC monies
badly and if he doesn't get it, the banks will not fund his terrible
so-named affordable housing. He needs to keep his mortage payments on
his not-so-affordable-breaking-conservation-land house. He is
desperate and desperate men do despaerate things.

Of course you work for Ted the bid-developer Malone. And thus you
post your "objective" postings about how you are so objective.

This man has done damage to this town and it is time we say no to his
manipulative projects and his manipulative workings of our by-laws.

What other towns on the Cape would accept, or even encourage, the
disaster high-density closet condos that this man has constructed?
Very few towns would and we never should have.

Time to tell Big Ted Malone to get out of town and take his
affordable housing complex with him. Connecticut ran him of their
state and so did other states. Time for us in Provincetown to help
Malone pack his bag, put him on a train or plane and send him to
another pasture, like an old, sick horse.
11:01 pm edt 

Re: Great Results With Craig's List
10:59 pm edt 

Recall Couture?

Not likely going to happen. She was re-elected by a majority (check
the Town Hall website election results) and voted Chair by a majority
of your Selectmen.

Popular votes rule.

Recall? Please.... who are you kidding?
10:58 pm edt 

Re: Protest at Town Trailers

I strongly discourage any protest march that involves raising a noise decimal.

Sgt. Tommy Steele mlght get summoned to the scene (which means he
will cease looking for his lost gun). Someone who makes more than a
snail's noise might be arrested.

Peaceful assembly is permitted, but noise raises a question, so
forget the pans and whistles.

Why not just go a walk at Beech Forest?
10:57 pm edt 

Long Time no See

I can't remember when I posted on here last..I've been
busy..just read the blog after missing a few days. Just shows how
many people are speaking against the affordable housing industrial
complex--it isn't me. I sign my name when I write.

However, it was an error on the part of the CPC committee to give him
a million dollars when he has a wealth of sources for money.

Affordable housing is supposed to get 10% of CPC money. CPC money
should go to to buying land that can be turned into parks, which are
mandated under the guidlines to be MAINTAINED with CPA money; the
money can be used to build a playground and there is CPC money to
maintain them as well. So much could be done to enhance the lives of
all of the citizens of Provincetown instead of giving another million
dollars to affordable housing.

Thus, another year and a another million dollars more to add to the
millions that have gone to private developers of affordable housing
while the library languishes and where only recently an affordable
rental house that has been languising for years is finally getting
attention after a  a public outcry forced its renovation.
Accuse me wrongly again, and you will get another posting.

Michael Rogovsky
10:56 pm edt 

Re: "NO, It's Not Us Against Them, It's Just Us Coming Together"
Let us take this one line by line.

"It is about time that townies came together and fought for what this
town is all about and has been about."

Are you talking about the birthplace of the first document for
independent government in the colonies?  Not possible unless you are
planning on seceding from the union.  Or could it be the prosperous
fishing community in an ocean with no fish?  Perhaps the bohemian
artist commune of the mid-century?  Or the gay mecca of the 70's
-90's.  Exactly what is this town all about - because it seems to me
it has been many VERY DIFFERENT THINGS!

"It is time those of us born here stop being stepped on by those
outsiders who now have no respect for us."
You can't be serious.  I'll break out the violin and start playing a
melody for you.  If you truly believe this, then you need to get out
of town.

"You show no respect and therefore it's time for us
to act and act forcefully."

Were you one of the lunatics burning people's second homes down last year?

"We haven't stood our ground and that is why this town is run by
outsiders, pure newcomer who refuse to respect us."

It's difficult to stand your ground when you are falling down drunk
at the Governor Bradford.  OK .. that one was nasty, but you have the
rantings of a drunk lunatic.

"Now is the time to stop this assault on all of us born here, raised
here and those who really care about Provincetown and know how to
work with respect with others."

What assault might that be?  Again .. you sound like a drunk lunatic.

Only post when you actually have something intelligent to say.  You
are an embarrassment to us.

Signed:  A proud townie who doesn't support this kind of nonsense
10:54 pm edt 

Slippery's Really Mad

Several of us keep pointing out the weaknesses in his beloved PBG.
Several of us keeping pointing out the holes in his administration.

It's not one member that didn't renew for 2009, it's many members
that didn't renew.

No one believes in the PBG anymore Steve. We just don't. It's a joke.
8:49 pm edt 

Re: Pots and Pans

Who the $&@* is anna lee-cage  and what the $&@* is HER problem???
8:47 pm edt 

RE: Pots and Pans

Is Provincetown under some sort of gov't plot? Why do fools think it is
a good idea to show up at the makeshift town hall pot's and pans in hand
and bring attn to basically the same thing that goes on in any other town
in America.
I'm confused, did something out of the norm happen? Have the people
these fools are targeting put guns to people in this towns heads and
tell them they are to do what they are told to do?? I have'nt heard
anything like that. Could this maybe be a bunch of "a certain class
of people" well maybe a few not a bunch, drunkenly rambling on to
each other thinking this is the way to make a difference? you know I
have a good idea, GO AWAY..GO FAR AWAY. That has to be one of the
stupidest things I have ever heard of, never mind that they think
they will get "national attn"  lol lol lol wow if that isn't the sign
of a mental health problem lol  Please just stop it, you want attn?
Step in front of the flex bus!! do us that favor will you. You might at
least make the banner        

never a dull moment
8:45 pm edt 

It's About Free Enterprise

To the guy ranting about Craigslist....the homeowner didnt
offer to pay $10 an hour, the contractor offered to work for $10
/hour.  Ever hear of free enterprise?
8:09 pm edt 

Re: Town Tailer Demonstration

"I await for the date for this demonstration to occur and I
will be there making as much noise as I can.  I hope the national
media will see our struggle..."

The national media? The last time the national media came to P'town
was when those two saps got busted trying to 'hide' the Oscar Meyer
wiener mobile at the Monument. Stupid place in the high summer to
take a jaunt. Think it was in the 90's.

Then again, yeh, call FOX media, or maybe Nancy Grace. I'm sure
they'll send a crew right down.

Not Kaylee's Mom
8:08 pm edt 

Michael! Please shut up about Ted Malone!!!!

Over and over again and again you keep saying the same thing.   We
have all read it or heard it before. I was away for a week and I am
catching up on the blog and you post the same position every day.  I
Now stop repeating it or you will be asked to leave this blog (again)!

and PS I do not work for mr malone nor live in any of his units.
8:06 pm edt 

Tied to Funk & Wagnalls

"The Grammar Masher wrote: re: Harvard education blog, you
are obviously lacking in education and are cowed to dissemblance!"

I am agog at your command of the English language. Why, you put Lord
Byron to shame! Alas, I find myself un 'cowed' by your lack of facts.
Perhaps you could tear yourself away from the Funk & Wagnalls
dictionary long enough to clear up the disambiguation in your blog

Charmed but not Convinced
8:05 pm edt 

Thanks Bloggers

It's been long, snow-driven winter. Thanks to everyone who has made
this winter interesting by the time they spent on this blog. Thanks
for the ideas, opinions, perspectives and hidden jewels of
information that were constantly flowing here. Thanks Slippery Fish
for helping us all swim better in these waters and also to the Rat in
the Basement who helps us know that our little homes provide nests
for the most endeavoring creatures.
8:02 pm edt 

What Have the Unions Given Up or Given BAck?

Where do we stand with the budget? Does anyone know what the outcome
is? What is our deficit. I know the teachers have given back their
raises. What have town employees given back? Maybe their free lunch
would be a start. And what have the police given back? they too need
to provide some relief for the town, instead of hiring new people.

Can someone let me know what the deficit is at this time? I'd
appreciate an update and/or a final number or as final as it can be.

Thanks so much.
8:01 pm edt 

What Exactly Are You Protesting Ah The Trailers?

Are you protesting that the hard working S Lynne puts is 60+ hours
per week along with A Helellia?

Are you protesting that on the floor of Town Meeting they, along with
the FinnCom and BOS will be presenting a budget without operating
over rides while other communities are laying off safety personnel
and closing libraries?

Are you protesting that the BOS have inserted an article to form a
regionalization committee be formed for our school system?

Are you protesting the public meeting where the BOH heard everyone's
concerns about the rental room inspections and will probably
reconsider their decisions?

Are you protesting that the CPC heard what you had to say and have
supported the request from the town for $2 million for the repair of
our historic town hall?

Are you protesting that changes are happening on the pier which will
make this newly formed corporation grow past it's troubled infancy
and become the real sustainable managers of our pier (thanks to a
private citizen)?

Please, tell me what you are protesting because it seems to me that
even though there may, without question, be some problems in our
system, the system does work.

Please convince me of these heinous activities you proscribe and I
will be the first there to be interviewed by Al Roker and your
national media blitz.
7:59 pm edt 

Time to Recall This Awful Woman

Time to recall Michelle Couture. She is an awful selectman and she
has a child's brain. She is self-centered and yes a poor
representative of this town.

Let's get her out. We don't need her making decisions for us that are
infantile and uneducated.
7:57 pm edt 

NO, It's Not Us Against Them, It's Just Us Coming Together

It is about time that townies came together and fought for what this
town is all about and has been about. It is time those of us born
here stop being stepped on by those outsiders who now have no
respect for us. And look at what these, yes, they are carpetbaggers,
are doing to MaryJo and Duane Steele. We need to come together and
suport Mary Jo and Duane and let these others know that we have taken
enough from them. You show no respect and therefore it's time for us
to act and act forcefully.

We haven't stood our ground and that is why this town is run by
outsiders, pure newcomer who refuse to respect us.

Now is the time to stop this assault on all of us born here, raised
here and those who really care about Provincetown and know how to
work with respect with others.
7:55 pm edt 

Re: Provincetown Work Force

I didn't force anyone to work for me--they are lined up.
Excellent craftsman with a wealth of tools. Oh, so you feel

Folks..You should HEAR how the workmen talk about the prima donna
trades men in Provincetown who don't return people's calls and charge
a kings ransom to do a job--they are the ones dishing you--not me.
7:53 pm edt 

In the Last 12 Months 12 Million People Have Lost Their Jobs

Savings have vanished..yet the Unions refuse to give up a
penny. Just staying fat and sassy tossing us their bones.

Kudos to the teacher's union. Sell the Community center--the great
baby sitter for the union workers. The very word is like dirt in my
mouth. Selfish, wallowing in benefits and greased in raises. Bah!
4:20 pm edt 

Re: Protest at the Trailers

I am so encouraged that citizens like Anna Lee-Cage are proposing a
noisy demonstration against the evil that our town officials are
perpetrating on us.  It is about time that official work on our
behalf and not merely to take our hard-earned money to enrich
themselves and their friends.  Enough already.  I await for the date
for this demonstration to occur and I will be there making as much
noise as I can.  I hope the national media will see our struggle
against the BOS, BOH, School Committee, etc. Our Government must work
for us, it is not there just to steal our money.
3:19 pm edt 

Re: Great Results With Craig's List

How nice for you that you got someone to do all your work for ten
dollars an hour.  I bet you feel good about that. Oh, that home you
bought?  Was it your second or third?  And all that work that these
SKILLED laborer are doing--do you think that ability is only worth
ten bucks an hour?  When was the last time YOU did anything for ten
bucks an hour? Did it occur to you that these guys are working so
cheap because the wolf is at the door and they've got no choice? I
bet if you'd waited another hour or two before pulling your ad you
would have had someone willing to work for 7 bucks an hour.  Then,
later in the day, you could get on your cell phone over a nice dinner
out at the Mews and gloat how "you really got a great deal."

You sound like an idiot. And by the way, anyone who lays tile for ten
bucks an hour knows full well that he's doing the crappiest job he
can get away with--and for good reason. He knows he's being preyed
upon. You're blatantly cheap, morally bankrupt and a bottom feeder on
the less advantaged.

Nice.  So nice.  I hope your damn bathroom floor caves in and you
break your leg. Then who you gonna call?  A ten dollar an hour doctor?
3:14 pm edt 

Re: Hindu

Maybe he'll pay the rent he stiffed the owner
of the house out of for a whole season......thats my
agenda never a dull moment.
3:11 pm edt 

Re: Connect These Dots

..And now the only townie, the only person on the BOS who was brought
up here and is part and parcle of Provincetown...Isn't it time
we support those who are part of us, instead of those carpetbaggers
who hold too many official positions here.

Ah, yes.
There is that good old "Townie" entitlement again.

"Us" versus "Them"

Get over it!
Once again, your town would still be a decrepid little fish village
with a BIG drinking/drug problem and NO real-estate value if it
weren't for most of the washashores.

If ya don't like it, get on your carpet and bag-it!
3:09 pm edt 

Tell Us How You Really Feel Betty J

Enough personal assaults on Selectmen Avellar & Couture, Duane
Steele, Town Manager Lynn, and private citizens and analyze the
article Mr. Steele has presented and whether or not it benefits us as
as taxpayers.
3:06 pm edt 

Re: Back to the '70s

Thats gota be the stupidiest
thing i've ever herd!!! You have to be one of the biggest trouble
makers seeking attn i've ever herd of  your right enough is enough
now go to your room
3:04 pm edt 

PBG Membership Losses

An organization with declining membership, calls those leaving to
find out if there are correctable recurring reasons.  It's called
good management.  Just another symptom of what's lacking at today's
10:56 am edt 

Great Results With Craig's List

I went on Craig's List with a request to have a project
done--and the response was overwhelming. One guy came from Falmouth,
one guy wanted to come from Revere, One guy wanted to come from New
Hampshire--lots from the Cape.

I'm getting all of the molding around my bathroom- with lots of angle
cuts-replaced for $75 labor--I pick out the molding.

I received a number of offers to gut, insulate, sheetrock and paint a
room for $400! I put the ad in the morning--interviewed 3 people and
one is starting today. If I waited 24 hrs I would have had an
incredible number of interviews. Guys came with books of references,
photos of jobs done, etc. Didn't ask for a penny until the job is

Thursday I had a 4x6 bathroom floor tiled in 12" ceramic tiles for
$10 an hour plus material. I wasn't going to do it, I was looking for
self-stick vinyl squares--but couldn't find nice ones--the guy talked
me into the ceramic tile..$140 in material--$80 in labor. $20 tip.

Today a guy is starting a job. I bought a house that has a room with
the worst sheetrock taping job in history--looks like Frankenstein
skin with all of the raised seams. I'm having the room skim coated,
sanded, primed and painted. for $300-the cheapest price was $225--but
he wanted more for putting up the molding in the bathroom. So, I gave
both jobs to one man for $75 more.

Need work done on your house--post it on craig's list.
10:28 am edt 

I Said PBG Basher Not Bashers

Only one person has shown that his motivation is to create problems.
I am sorry I cannot agree that the PBG should chase you if you
choose not to renew. People make that choice for all kinds of
reasons, including financial.

An organization is only as good as its members. A long time ago I
learned that proactiveness gets positive results.  Join a committee.
Come to meetings.  If you can't do those things and choose to sit and
critisize, then you are part of a problem, not part of a solution. 
Work for positive change.

Slippery Fish (enough cheerleading from the fishbowl)
10:24 am edt 

Re: Pots and Pans!

I can't wait to see the hand full of naysayers from this
blog protesting in front of the town hall trailers with their pots &
pans!  LOL! This will be a sight!
10:22 am edt 

Re: MaryJo & Duane

bloggers on here forget that maryjo and duane are two of
the biggest losers in provincetown history! The hometown newspaper
the Advocate was always printing lies about people and organizations
in town that mr steele didn't like. Under maryjos many years as a
selectman and chairman we are now finding out how badly things in
town where not taken care of, including town buildings and finances,
she has made bad relations with the national seashore and the other
lower cape towns with her dramatic fits of anger with anything that
rubs her the wrong way. And lets not forget how they ran the best
restaurant in town into the ground! And they may be pro tourist now,
but back when they ruled the town, they wanted nothing to do with it
unless of course you took out ad space in the advocate. Thats just a
few of the things that this couple has done to our town! Look it up. 

Betty J.
10:21 am edt 


I'm not surprised no one from the PBG followed up why you
withdrew your renewal. Does Don ever follow up on anything?

The answer is no. He doesn't have to. There's no accountability and
the board just lets him do whatever he wants.

I didn't renew this year either. I was told by one of the board
members that they were disappointed that membership is shrinking. I
told them they should be asking the question as to why it is.

The answer is, because the organization is disorganized, not worth
the dues investment and a waste of time.

When and if it changes I'll rejoin like so many others.
10:18 am edt 

Sunday, March 8, 2009

PBG Brush Off?

I paid my dues to the PBG this year.  Then had second
thoughts.  I called the office for a refund.  I got it all, except
$50 for a proccessing fee back.  I did not get a phone call and asked
why I decided not to join.  I did not get a call and ask what could
be done.  Seems to me, they do not care.  If you see otherwise, I
would like to know.
11:38 pm edt 

Something Rotten in Provincetown

Did Town Manager, Sharon Lynn, authorize the Fire Chief's trip to purchase a
$600,000 Fire Ladder truck?

Has this been discussed with the BOS.

What the hell is going on in this town. I was not aware of this being approved. 
But then again, neither was I aware of the need for an additional full-time policeman,
which I understand we now have.

Is it just me? Doesn't something ring wacky. We are in the midst of a crisis but
town government makes decisions like it's fat Friday
11:35 pm edt 

Here We go Again

Off with the selectmens heads!! Townies unite!! Vote no at town
meeting on issue blah blah blah!! Recall this selectman and that one
too!! Pier corp needs to go!!!

All hot air. I've been reading this blog long enough to know nothing
is going to happen. Good intentions, but as we all know, the road to
hell is paved with good intentions. When something actually does
happen, be sure to post when and where so the cameras can be there to
tape nothing.

Good luck.
11:20 pm edt 

Beware the Ides of March

Taking power away from men is a dangerous thing.

Someone always pays.
11:15 pm edt 

Oh What a Web We Weave When First We Deceive!

Well, it seems that the town is on fire now.  How dare
Couture follow up her coup of the BOS by firing the husband of her
nemesis.  No matter who he is and what he does he has the right to
point out inequities with the pier corp. We do have laws in this land
protecting workers in any capacity who point out mistakes,
mismanagement and trouble.

My advice: get a lawyer. Don't bow to this heinous woman who thinks
she runs things in town.  She is small potatoes, small minded, petty
and rather cheap in her motives.

Time to get angry, people.  Time to start the recall.
11:12 pm edt 

Back to the '70s........Happening! (Old Provincetown)

Someone posted a blog last week suggesting that a rally should be organised at the
town hall trailer camp. At this rally people would bring their pots and pans to bang, to
demonstrate their displeasure with town government policy. People could also voice their 
We could really make this a media event, highlighting our grievances. I guaranty we
would get national coverage.

If need-be shame the bastards into submission

Remember the Mayflower Compact!

Let get the ball rolling.

Enough is enough! 
11:03 pm edt 

We Are Watching You!

Is Michele Couture part of this back room deal to terminate
Duane Steele? We all know how much she despises Mary Jo. Couture has
been shameful in her power grabbing. She makes Patty Hewes (Glen
Close) in Damages look like Mary Poppins.

Couture Master Plan:
1. call Attorney General on Mary Jo (done)
2. chair coup d'etat (done)
3. get her husband fired (done)
4. loss of their health care benefits
5. bankruptcy & destitution from health care bills

Is that your plan? Because it sure seems it to a lot of people.
Enough of those crocodile tears when the cameras are rolling!

Miss Couture, if you have any moral compass, stop this insanity
before it is too late!
10:45 pm edt 

So She Was Born Here

Does that give her the right to yell and scream at fellow selectmen?

Make back room deals with the former town manager to get her husband
a cushy job?

Bully the Police Chief into promoting her husband's cousin to sergeant?

Treat town staff like they're her personal slaves?

Fight to keep the schools open until her sister retires and then
immediately change her stance and push to close them?

Yeah, I'm mad as hell too.  I'm sick of her crap.
10:43 pm edt 

I Dont' See PBG Bashers I See People Who Want PBG to Be What It Once Was
It was a strong marketing arm. It was well run. It was a great
organization. I see many members, some present and some former,
who want what it was like when Gabby Hannah ran it. They want Don to
take the organization and make it sizzle. but if he is otherwise
occupied, then he can't. some don't want to wait. They want PGB to be
dynamic, active and a major force now.

Perhaps that means Don should look elsewhere for another job because
he has not been the person they thought he was when he was hired.
10:41 pm edt 

With Malice Aforethought

The action taken against MaryJo Avellar and Duane Steele 
have been taken with purposeful malice aforethought. It was calculated  
to directly harm both parties with an expected negative outcome.

They know full well that both MaryJo and Duane rely heavily on the medical
insurance carried by Steele through his employment with the town. MaryJo as
a cancer victim and Steele with heart problems were always exposed.

To both their credit, they each in their own way in spite of their vulnerability have 
fought the good fight and for what they believe in. I have not always been in
agreement with MaryJo, but by-god, I do believe she always had the welfare of the town
and its people foremost in her mind and heart.

Duane in concert with Candace Nagle has brought to light many damming facts
concerning the pier, which have yet to be answered. The record of the Pier Corp
is atrocious.

Michele Couture is spiteful, uneducated, wrong-headed and lacks any capacity to
govern democratically. She has demonstrated an extreme ignorance in the principles
of fair governance and is working hand-in-glove with Ann Maguire to supersede the
will of the people.

We are currently saddled with a Town Manager that is totally incapable of leading.
She is nothing more the the result of the machinations of Sarah Peake, Alix Ritchie,
Ann Maguire, Elaine Anderson and Mitchele Couture. She has been an utter failure.

She has worked on behalf of the named individuals to push an agenda that works 
against the very heart of the long-standing principals of the town we all love.

Serious consideration should be given to starting a recall of Michele Couture and the 
firing of Sharon Lynn. David Gardner has become quite adroit in the manner of running town
matters and I am prepared to give him the chance to operate unencumbered with 
the presence of Lynn.
How much more does it take to get you the towns people angered enough to bring  this
woeful excuse for town government to an end.

It is within your power.....,.......of the people, for the people and by the people.
10:37 pm edt 

Doesn't This Town Count and Those Who Were Born Here?

      Now, I'm getting mad. Now I'm finding that those who were born
here and have given so much to this town are being treated like
snails upon the West End Breakwater. Enough of this. It is time we
stand up for MaryJo and by doing this we stand up for ourselves. It
is time the people of this town, those who are the root and
foundation, take a stance and support one of their own. Forget
Portuguese rivalries of yore. It is time to step forward and support
Mary Jo for all the years she has given to this town and cared for
this town.
      Who are you Rex to think you can cut Duane? Who are you
Michele, with only one "l" since who couldn't spell named you, to
damage Mary Jo? And who are you Sharon to stand, like Pontius Pilate,
and wash your hands as if you have nothing to do with this town?
Well, if you don't do anything, then I hope we all work to make sure
that you have nothing to do with this town in the future.

Enough is enough. Some of us are mad as hell and we won't take it
anymore. You have steped on the third rail--some of you sadly won't
even know what that is--but you have and we will not take it anymore.
9:35 pm edt 

RE: Fire Dept

I would like to know if this is true who
paid for this trip? As a tax payer I'm getting sick of paying for
eveyones stupidity, time for a new TM
9:32 pm edt 

Re: D Steele

I hope Mr Steele does hire a union lawyer.  Maybe then we'll finally
find out about the sweet deal his wife made to get him that job.
9:31 pm edt 

To: Webmaster

If you have the pier pictures, please put them
up.  I would like to see them. If Mr. Steele got fired because of
them, I would like to see the reason.

Webmaster Comment: When we are in receipt of the photos they
will be posted.

Thank you
9:30 pm edt 

Connect These Dots

Duane Steele criticizes how the Pier Corp has been managed. Candace
Nagle has her issues, many of them, with the Pier Corp. then see a Fin
Com and BOS that has had no kahunas, not even one, now has the
fortitude to cut a position; and it happens to be Duane Steele's
position. It also happens that Duane is married to MaryJo and she
is a selectmen. But she got into a fighting match with Michele Couture.

And now the only townie, the only person on the BOS who was brought
up here and is part and parcle of Provincetown, is finding that her
husband is the target for a cut?

I am offended by this action and I am offended by Michele Couture.
She should be recalled. And I find Sharon Lynn a midget in her
management of this town. Stand up for MaryJo? But no. She listens and
takes her orders from head huncho Ann MacQuire and they have
absolutely no affinity with the people who were born here and who
have been the gems of this town.

Isn't it time that all townies, all those silent for too many years,
finally stand up and support MaryJo and Duane Steele? Isn't it time
we support those who are part of us, instead of those carpetbaggers
who hold too many official positions here.

Couture, you are a carpetbagger too. McKinsey, you are also a
carpetbaggers. And Sharon, what can I say? You are a disappointment to
too many of us.
9:27 pm edt 

A View From the Briney Side

I do not know if the PBG membership was up or down last
year.  I do not quote any statistics including demographics on gay or
straight tourists.  I just look out the window to see who or what is
in town.  I will stick my fins out and say if the gays stop coming it
will effect all businesses gravely, including yours. 

I do not hold any personal vindictivenss toward anyone.  You have
me confused with the PBG basher whose sole purpose is to create
problems.  My point is that if you do not support the organizations
who strive to bring tourists to town, you will not have a business. 

Check the streets and aee who is open January to April. That is an
indication of what things are like when the tourists leave.

If you feel you do not need  to belong, that is certainly your
business, but don't be so sure you do not reap the benefits of those
members who finacially support their business organization.

Slippery Fish (harbors no malace, just reports what is seen)

9:21 pm edt 

Re: Public Pier Corporation Firing

I watched with great interest the BOS meeting with the
directors of the pier. It's no small coincedence that just a week
after the BOS Chair turned over Duane Steele's packet to the Pier
Corp., he was suddenly fired. Uhm....

Duane, get your union lawyer on the phone pronto!!

Guess they didn't like those photos of their pier!!
7:19 pm edt 

To: "My Two Cents Worth"

And how many people did you introduce yourself to who
did not shake your hand?
7:18 pm edt 

Breaking News...!

This is a SPECIAL report to all provincetown residents. I was just
shopping in the stop and shop and heard from another resident that
rumor has it, that the fire chief and board members went to
Louisianna to look at the specs for the NEW $600,000 dollar Ladder
Truck. Hmm. I'd have to say folks that they seem pretty sure of
themselves of getting this money from the tax payers at the annual
town meeting. Havent they heard dont count your chickens before they
hatch. I guess not! Well Im not voting for it and I know many others
that aren't, I think its despicable!
7:16 pm edt 

PGB Membership

Is it true membership is down 15% in the last year?  So 1 in 6 have
quit?  Not a good stat for any organization.

I've never blogged about the PGB before, so you can lay off the
personal vindictiveness, fish.  Just answer the Q: is 1 in 6 correct?
7:13 pm edt 

Re: The PBG Markets P-Town

Yes my business has increased, but not because of 'gay' dollars.  I
DO get it.  This town is more than just a gay town.  The PBG
marketing does nothing to increase my business.  It's the so-called
'straight' market that has increased.

I would guess that most 'gay' guest houses are seeing more 'straight' traffic.

The problem is that the PBG doesn't get it.
7:08 pm edt 

To: Never a Dull Moment

What a malicious accusation to make about the owner of the Hindu.
What do you have to gain by making it? Obviously something....
7:06 pm edt 

Re: Public Pier Corporation Termination

"However, you indicate no remorse, regret or indignation
that the very person cut was the individual working with you to
correct the inadequacies of the PPPC.

Cut? Well if he is then the Town will be faced with a grave lawsuit.
Mr. Steeles due process will have been violated as a member of the
Union. I would reward Mr. Steele not fire him as he is the only one
who wants to be fiscally prudent with our money and has the courage
to be his convictions.

It is my opinion the only reason they want to fire him is because he
has brought to light fiscal and management concerns and as a result
the Pier Corporation and pier manager look bad. Have you seen those
pictures of our pier Mr. Steele took and gave to the BOS? I hope the
webmaster posts them for all to see how badly our pier has been

Louis Ribas should be the harbormaster as he is most qualified. A
full time book keeper to oversee $600,000 in revenues? Its a waste of
taxpayers money. And really four assistant harbormasters loitering on
the platform outside the harbormasters office throughout the summer?
Ill-conceived staffing all at taxpayers expense.

I was at the joint meeting between the Pier Corp and FinCom. At least
two Pier Corp. directors knew nothing about reducing staff. It was
done without a vote but presented as a fait accompli to FinCom. Much
to Mr. Tarvers credit he objected during this meeting to not knowing
anything about this staffing change.

The Pier Corporation looked foolish and disorganized let alone the
Chair and Pier Manager trying to advance a new policy which included
getting rid of their bête noir Mr. Steele without any discussion and 
vote (or due process due him) before their joint meeting with Fincom.

Remorse, regret, indignation, for publicly stating over the last two
years the Pier Corporation has excessive staffing? No, I certainly

But, glad you admitted that the PPPC has inadequacies that need to be

Candace Nagle
7:04 pm edt 

Re: Drug sniffing dog

Drug sniffing dog? What the hell are you sniffing? Twist another one
and open another bottle of wine, and try to write somthing worth reading
on here, A drug sniffing dog?

Geeeesh you must be a real joy to be around!!
2:44 pm edt 

The PBG Markets P-Town

Since your business revenue has increased, they might hve something
to do with it..  Many people chose not to join but they love the free harvest. 
You're anoher one who just doesn't get it.
2:42 pm edt 


Next time your on the Hindu ask the captn why he didnt pay his rent
{not a penny] when he rented in Eastham 2 summer's ago? I'd love
to know the answer it would make for such humor along with most of
the blogs on this site.     

never a dull moment
2:40 pm edt 

To: Sharon Lynn

Where does the Town Manager stand on the issue of the Pier Corp.
cutting Duane Steele. Why has she been silent on this issue.

As a privious blogger stated, aren't the issues involved ethical as well as 
Why the silence?
2:38 pm edt 

Public Pier Corporation Getting Rid of the Whistleblower

All of a sudden pier management doesnt want 24/7 coverage
on the pier? Could this sudden policy change be more about trying to
get rid of the Whistleblower on the Pier, Mr. Steele?

The only transparency of pier management is little games like this
one they are playing and the enormous klieg light Mr. Steele and Ms.
Nagle have put on their poor financial and management practices.

A blogger recently wanted to know why (the in name only transparent)
pier management hasnt posted any of their 2008 financials on the
towns website. Many of us want to know too!

Something really stinks about many, many aspects of this Corporation!
A policy of saying one thing and doing another is NOT WORKING!
2:31 pm edt 

My 2 Cents on the PBG

I was a member of the PBG a number of years ago.  I felt it was
important to support a group marketing to gays.  I went to two
meetings.  Granted I'm not really a social person, but at the first
meeting not one person came up to me and introduced themselves.  It
felt like high school all over, but that's more of a personal issue.

I was a member for three years.  When I received my last bill from
them in September I think, I failed to pay it right away and it sat
in my bill drawer to be paid the following month.  When I went to pay
it, it occurred to me that I hadn't received a reminder or anything,
so I waited.  No one bothered to call to see if there was a problem. 
There was no follow up whatsoever.  So I just quit.  It felt like
they could care less if I was a member.

In the last three years my business has seen double digit increases
in revenue every year without being a member.  I may have seen the
same numbers while being a member, but really, why bother?

If I'm going to write a check to support the gay and lesbian
community, I just as soon write it to the HRC.
2:27 pm edt 

Re: Candace Nagle

Dear Ms Nagle:

It would appear, that you gush to point out the fact that the PPPC reduction of
staff meets with your proposal to cut back the size of personnel.

However, you indicate no remorse , regret or indignation that the very person
cut was the individual working with you to correct the inadequacies of the PPPC.

I personally find it highly ironic that such an intelligent person, as you, can be so 
obviously capable of missing the forest for the trees?

It's more than juat about you..........mores the pitty.

2:21 pm edt 

I Would Appreciate a More Blog-Sense by Some Bloggers

People here are giving their opinions. Sometimes, they have keen
insight or inside knowledge. But for those who don't and have
opinions that may not be correct or only half-true, they need to be
treated as simply bloggers blogging.

Some here attack if someone is wrong, as if their information is
purposefully skewed. That is not what is happening. Incomplete
information is simply that and to be expected in a blog. Sometimes it
raises a question that others wonderfully answer completely.
1:58 pm edt 

PBG Basher...

First, I am not Steve.  I have also been accused of being Candace and
Dwane S. I am not them either.  I am my own Fish.I simply see things
for what they are.

  You have a serious problem.  Pulling arbitrary numbers such as 50%
only make your intent of trying to create problems even more clear. 
You have some personal vendetta against the director.  Please don't
think we are so naive that we can't make out your problem.

Slippery Fish (still have a bubble for ya)
9:18 am edt 

Re: Public Pier Corporation

"You're the last person I would take financial
advice from."

Say what you want but at least he didn't qualify for restricted
affordable housing at age 40!
11:39 pm est 

Re: Hindu

They don't want the Hindu back. Haven't you heard?
11:38 pm est 

Re: Public Pier Corporation

"The Pavilion was installed last year"

Ok, who has early Alzheimer's on the Pier Corp board?
11:37 pm est 

Re: Public Pier Corporation

"There are no security cameras purchased for the pier."

Only because the Town had the common sense not to approve the grant
application! If the Pier Corp had it their way, we'd have 22 cameras
on the pier to catch the couple of stolen lobsters each year!

Our money is not Monopoly Money Gentlemen!
11:35 pm est 

Re: Public Pier Corporation

"His article will actually cost the town more by taking the
Mooring Fees out of the General Budget and giving them to the PPPC. 
The town would then have the Capital Cost of funding their
Maintenance reserve as opposed to the PPPC being self-sustained."

The Pier Corp self-sustained? Sure, if you don't take into
consideration we are paying ALL the municipal debt for the pier!

The Pier Corporation will say anything not to have taxpayers involved
in how they spend our money. They have kicked and screamed about
being accountable with our money!  I have no doubt they are
scrambling to figure out what the term due diligence means if they
have to come before us at Town Meeting!
11:33 pm est 

Fraudulent Return-On-Investment

"If I want sound advice, I'll ask someone who has a
proven business track record."

Then certainly don't pick the Pier Corporation as all their ROI
numbers have been fraudulent!
11:30 pm est 

Re: Pier Corporation

Two years ago,  I charged that the Pier Corps staffing was
excessive. They have finally admitted it with proposed reduced

This is actually the Marine Budget which has been reduced by the PPPC
with full support of the FinCom.  It was reduced by eliminating some
seasonal workers and eliminating the Year Round Asst Harbormaster.

Candace Nagle
11:28 pm est 

Pier Employees

It would appear that the Town and Pier Corporation have dug themselves a big hole
and with the latest machinations, are digging it ever deeper.
It strikes one as rather odd that at the moment real questions and proposals
for solution are being brought forth, that the very person proposing
solutions is being considered for termination.  

Sharon Lynn, where do you come down in all of this? Is not Duane Steele as a union
employee entitled to the rules that pertain to union employee protection? Additionally,
why was Mr. Steele the only Provincetown union employee not on the  4 day work-week?
What is the justification? Would this pass muster in a labor court? I don't think so.

The questions raised by Mr. Steele and Ms Nagle demand answers. eliminating Mr. Steele's 
employment with the Pier Corporation will not eleminate the demand for answers or
corrective action.

It becomes more apparent with every passing day that you lack the capacity to work 
forthrightly with the various issues that confront the office of Town Manager. I suggest
that this problem will not go away and that many people of Provincetown will be observing
your actions in this matter.

Enough of the back room politics

11:23 pm est 

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Pier Employees

The only town union employee on the pier is the Asst Harbor Master
(Duane Steele).   All other employees are employed by the PPPC as per
their contract as managers of the pier.

The real question is that of the Asst Harbormaster.  How or Why did
he receive this position?  If you can't figure that one out, you
simply haven't been paying attention.
10:34 pm est 

Re: Permit Fees

By State General Law, Permitting Fees can only be charged at a cost
equal to the actual expense for the subject department to handle the
particular permit matter. These cost are a function of the actual operational
expenses of the particular department e.g. man-hour and overhead etc.

The law states that the derived funds are suppose to go directly into the
department to defray the costs incurred. To do otherwise and to charge otherwise
would be tantamount to implementing an unauthorized tax, which would be  subject
to challenge in the courts

10:33 pm est 

Pier Corporation Question

Are the Pier Corp. workers unionized? Do they not work for the Town?

And if not, how and when did they transition from their town union positions?

Can anyone provide an answer? I see a big problem brewing.
10:22 pm est 


"...So the fish doesn't think there's 50% of the membership
miffed at the pbg and its director..."

You are a coward who is hiding behind his/her keyboard to attack
people and make up facts.  How would you know that 50% of the
membership is miffed at the PBG and its director?  You don't know,
you just make it up.

You've added nothing new to your constant attacks on the PBG.  You
just continue to say the same thing unless you decide to make up some

More than one writer who is attacking the PBG according you?  I doubt
it, the only way we would know that as fact is if you had the
cahoonas to sign your name.  And you don't have them.

I'm not on the PBG board and am not married to a board member.  I
support the PBG, if I didn't I wouldn't be a member and I'd just go
away.  You should try it.  Your constant cowardly attacks are lame
and tiresome.
10:16 pm est 

David Gardner Would Be a Great Town Manager

And we could save quite a bit if he were both assitant town manager
and town manger. Some blogger has hit this one right on. since he
would be his own assistant, we would save money in only funding one

Sharon, the places in Florida are getting really inexpensive. You
could retire early and find an affordable there.

Or, if not, you could start to grab hold of the position you have and
take it by the petunias. Seize it or lose it.

Some of us are waiting for you to be a leader of this town. And we
can't wait forever.
10:13 pm est 

Re: Permit fees

No, Some Towns do Have Building Permits and Fines Remain in
the Department that Issues Them But not Us!

Of course not. Many towns do have the positions in a building
department funded with the monies that this department brings in. But
ours does not. All the monies, epscially in the past few years during
the building boom, go into the general funds. That is how Keith was
able to play with so much money. And guess what? That is how Sharon
can continue to play with this money.

And then, when there are cuts, as last year, what department did they
cut? Department of Community Development, the one department that
brought in electrical, gas, health inspection, building permits,
historical district fees and fines. All the monies go out and then
those at the top cut the very department that brings in the funds.
Figure this!
10:12 pm est 

Re: Queen Candy

What has candy done FOR the pier corp? I'ts my understanding
she was turned down for the pier corp....Why was that??  A dog
park???  enough said.
10:10 pm est 

Re: What They Might Find

Wow what a stupid thing to even think about putting on this blog, You
dont know anything about our schools, do you? Officer Marty is on that
school like a big dog, and knows everything going on there before  any
trouble happens, why? because he himself went to that school.....YOU DIDN'T  
BRING IN A DRUG SNIFFING DOG???  Once again your "class of people" want to
punish these kids and make them feel their doing somthing wrong when
in fact their ALL good kids, even after our basketball team played in
the states and put up with being called "HOMO's" they stuck together
and played on, they didn't give up, they let it roll of their backs,
thats the type of kids they are, A DRUG SNIFFING DOG??? YOUR A
10:08 pm est Hindu?!

Why does the Provincetown Public Pier Corporation want to
discourage our beloved Hindu from coming back to Provincetown?

Has anyone told the owner about the usurious proposed new rate, so he
can plan accordingly? No, they havent as I am down here in Key West
and was on the Hindu just last night. So much for giving him the
heads up!

In this economy, those people are raising the Hindus berth fees a
whopping 24%!

Rate for Float Space 10W
Change rate of 10W from $6461 per season to $8000 for 2009 season
plus annual CPI less food and fuel thereafter.

Imagine how many passengers have to be taken out to just pay that rent!

Keep up the Good Work Pier Corp.!
10:06 pm est 

Dear Rat in the Basement:

Look Closely and See that "Director" is a New Position

That's right...Another overpaid Management Wonk for the
Sharon Squad...

And NO, the fees paid for licenses etc. don't pay the
Inflated salaries of anyone. All fees collected are deposited in the
General Fund.
We should put this issue to sleep...
Do you think that overdue fines pay library employees?
Does anyone think the Harbor Master is paid with
the Pitiful Income generated by the ice machine?
The Water dept will not get a raise because the rates
go up.
So enough with the dream that any fee, on anything,
pays anyone's salary...especially a new Tax disguised as a Fee.
10:03 pm est 

Selectman Anderson

I cant help but wonder what or if anyone else thinks Anderson is a
buffoon?  I never hear her speak about anything intelligent at the
BOS meetings.  She thanks everyone for a fine job they do and to keep
up the good work.  And then the Chair says thanks.  Thanks for what? 
Is Anderson on any committee that makes a difference in our town? 
Does she know how LAME she comes across to the public?   I would be
embarrassed if I had voted for her.  Glad I did NOT.
10:01 pm est 

A Fish Out of Water

So the fish doesn't think there's 50% of the membership
miffed at the pbg and its director. WRONG! You sound like a newbie so
you probably don't remember a while back when Roderick left and took
a bunch of members with him to the chamber. Membership dropped last
year nearly 15% those are the facts right from the membership list
and income on the annual report. You can't dispute the facts. Maybe
you need to come up for air Steve?
10:00 pm est 

One Born Every Minute

A $400,000 used ice machine that generates only $14,000 in
gross annual sales etc.

--FYI, the number is so low because several of the draggers have
their own ice makers on board
  Guess who the suckers are that pay for all this water???
9:59 pm est 

$400,000 Ice Machine

Give me a break.  Where did you get that figure from?  And there are
no security cameras purchased for the pier.  The Pavilion was
installed last year so how can it possibly have been rented only once
over the last three years.

Duane, if you're going to blog plugging your own Article, at least
sign your name to it.  You're the last person I would take financial
advice from.  If I want sound advice, I'll ask someone who has a
proven business track record.

Personally I'm tired of Mr and Mrs Better Than Thou.  Tired of their
sad and manipulative politics.
9:57 pm est 

Full Time Asst Harbormaster

As usually with Duane Steele, his calculations are flawed.  If you
take the time to read his Article he claims the town pays a managing
fee to the PPPC of $141,000 per year.  This is actually the Marine
Budget which has been reduced by the PPPC with full support of the
FinCom.  It was reduced by eliminating some seasonal workers and
eliminating the Year Round Asst Harbormaster (yes, that would be

His article will actually cost the town more by taking the Mooring
Fees out of the General Budget and giving them to the PPPC.  The town
would then have the Capital Cost of funding their Maintenance reserve
as opposed to the PPPC being self-sustained.

Good Luck in the DPW Duane.  Your wife can't make any sweet deals this time.
9:55 pm est 

Where is This New Director?

I just read Article 27 of the Annual Town Meeting which deals with
the New Zoning By-Laws.  Nowhere is the word 'director' used. 
'Health Agent' has been replaced by 'Department' which seems to make
it easier for those applying and frees up the health agent to do the
job she should be doing.  There is no new position involved.  If I'm
wrong, she me where it's written?
9:53 pm est 

Overdue and Needed!!!!!

Thank God some control of all this lame brain spending with our money
by Pier Management. Duane, you can count on my vote(and I sure the
Town's too)!
9:51 pm est 

Timely Proposals Designed to Improve Public Pier Operations

Full Time Assistant Harbormaster and husband of Selectman
Avellar has personally seen so much.horrible spending practices this
town has seen in decades that he has sponsored an article that will
finally allow us to have a say on how some of the money is being
spent on MacMillan Pier.

The Pier Corporations capital expenditures like all other Town
departments will be subjected to the same checks and balances with a
vote at Town meeting. Spending checks and balances with our money in
this economy will avoid ill conceived purchases like the barge they
bought in 2007 and never used, 22 security cameras on the pier, more
trap sheds when there are no new tenants to rent them, a pavilion
rented only once in three years, a $400,000 used ice machine that
generates only $14,000 in gross annual sales etc.

There is no conflict of interest in this article as the only benefit
Mr. Steele will derive is that of a taxpayer.

Thank you Mr. Steele for trying to pull in the reins of this fiscal
train wreck we call the Pier Corporation.
12:39 pm est 

Re: Cost Effective Move to Reduce the Deficit

What About...

Making David Gardner Town Manager and Assistant Manager and combining
both into one position. Then we can get leadership, tough decisions,
and management skills all in one person and position. That would help
with our deficits.

We won't get smiles but we really don't need smiles. We need tough
decisions and a grasp of fiscal issues.
12:34 pm est 

.......The More They Remain the Same

Dear Rat in the Basement: Look Closely and See that
Director is a New Position

A new re-classified position. Just what we need at this time, isn't?
In the midst of a Great Recession, it's the time to create new
re-classified positions and it's the time to hire new people like the
police did. Yup, Yup, Yup.

So much wisdom here with our top officials that it leaves me breathless!
12:33 pm est 

It's About Effectiveness

Who cares if Anderson was or was not on the conservation
commission at the time of the Murchinson horror show. The thing is,
how good is she at tackling the situations that present themselves to
the board of selectmen? How effective a leader is she?
12:31 pm est 

Show Me the Money

I for one can do with A Chief and no Indian.  Get rid of
Braun or Justin.  We only need one.
and are you telling me, all building permits and inspections they do
and charge for, pays both positions and benefits?  So, they get from
building permits issued, OVER $125.000 a year?  Sounds very high to
me.  Show me the numbers
12:30 pm est 

Are They Afraid of What They Might Find?

While people are asking questions about the school
committee.  Here is one - why doesn't the committee lead by Jersey
Girl allow the police department to bring a drug dog into the school? 
Are they that afraid of what the police might find?

Provincetown has had a long standing drug problem and the school
committee is deaf, dumb and stupid around the issue.

Wake Up and participate before it is too late.
12:28 pm est 

Re: Teachers Salaries

The town should look at ways to reduce all salaries.  Overtime in the
police department could be reduced on the special details by hiring
flag men/women - that way more people could be employed and reduce
the high unemployment in Provincetown.

If you only need one adminstrative assistant then the school
committee should make that move.  What are they afraid of?

If you need an assistant town manager in a town the size of
Provincetown, along with the number of department heads, the town
manager and board of selectmen, maybe you need to look at the
structure of town government.  This town is very top heavy in
management.  People can defend each position, the reality is that
some positions need to be reduced or eliminated, at least until we
get back on our feet financially.
12:26 pm est 

Re: Selectman Anderson

I'll agree that she does seem to flounder most of the time as a
selectman, thinking maybe she should have stayed a conscom member.
The more distant she becomes to the conscoms day to day ongoings, the
less and less she is involved like she was. She pulled the strings
for certain when she first left but as time has gone on, she has
pulled less and less and thats a good thing. I'm sure she's not
pulling less because she wants to. I'm sure it's due to the fact that
she's not as involved as she was and thus in the dark.
12:24 pm est 

Re: School Teacher Salaries

I have done my best to avoid getting involved with the school issues
here but some times the temptation gets the best of us all. I always
was under the impression when salaries are assigned that they are
also assigned according to the same or similiar positions other
schools are giving and to see someone or anyone feel that a teacher
is not worth $60,000 a year kind of makes me wonder what planet they
are on.

I really don't know a teacher who does not spend a considerable
amount of time after their working hours planning, setting up and
checking the homework assignments that your child was given while
most of us would be saying I worked my 8 hours and anytime after that
is my time. To be a teacher today is absolutely a job I would not
recommend for a number of reasons, drugs, weapons and dealing with
some of these kids today not to mention their parents.If you are
someone who disagrees than maybe you need to turn off Sponge Bob and
watch the news.

As for the person who knows a Professor who makes $40,000 a year, my
answer to that is either he/she is working part time or gets paid
that for rubber stamping things because no one with that status will
work full time for that low a salary. If that person or Professor is
making that salary as you posted, then please advise such "I have
some property I would like to sell he/she out in the Pacific Ocean"...

Roger Green
12:23 pm est 


"The compensation of the CEO of Citibank is not public record"

Actually it is for all CEO's of exchange-traded US companies, per an
SEC rule.  The CEO of Citi is Vikram Pandit. On February 11th, he
testified to Congress that his current salary is $1 per year with no
bonus until his company returns to profitability.  The prior CEO,
Chuck Prince, who made many millions, resigned in late 2007 when
Citi's huge losses first started.

It's not an SEC rule to report what kind of car he drives....
12:20 pm est 

Friday, March 6, 2009

To: The Only Pebble on the Beach

You say we "have gone
years and years without" a building inspector or Asst. TM. Neither
position is new.
Keith chose not to have an assistant. I don't know the facts behind that.
However I have been here more years than I can count, and during all
of that time we have had a Building Commissioner and a Building
We had Warren Alexander and Roger Diaz. Roger retired and I dont
remember who replaced him. Warren retired and Doug Taylor was hired
as Commissioner. Dick Anderson was hired as Building Inspector.
Doug Taylor left and Keith brought in that Gustopo guy Matt Mulvey on
a temporary basis; he treated Dick Anderson with so little respect
that Dick quit.
The position of Building Inspector went unfilled for some time
because nobody applied for the job. Then Russel Braun couldn't sell
his chicken coops and decided to apply for the position of Building
Inspector just to make ends meet.
Sharon Lynn was appointed and Matt Mulvey's temporary position
vanished, so he was gone. The job of Building Commissioner was
advertised again and the only applicant was Russel Braun. And Matt
Mulvey also recommenced that Sharon not hire Braun as Commissioner.
Butr even though he had no experience or license or training Braun
was hired to be Building Commissioner, leaving the job of Building
Inspector vacant once more.
Because the Town was in need of money to balance the budget Sharon
left this position unfilled in order to use the money to cover other
expenses. We got through Town Meeting and a new budget.
The job of Building Inspector was advertised again and Justin Post was hired.
These are two very different jobs. One person cannot do both jobs
effectively. That would be like having a pilot and no co pilot; a
Captain and no First Mate, a Chief and no Indian, a Drill Sargent and
no Recruit, a Bus Driver and no Mechanic, a Personal trainer and no
Fitness Freak, a Globe Trotter and no Basketball, a Provincetown and
no Summer.
And please keep in mind that both of these positions as well as all
of the other positions in that department are paid for with the fees
that are collected from the public who uses that department, not from
property taxs.

A Rat In The Basement

P.S. Has anyone else noticed that in the proposed revised Growth
Management By Law that the authority to declare what is and is not a
bedroom has been taken away from the Health Agent and given to
someone called the "Director". Is this a "New" position or just
another power grab by another job holder? Is that Sharon, or David,
or Russel, or Jaron, or Travato, or maybe its Terese. Or maybe they
really have plans to come up with a "New" position.

Webmaster Comment:

This comment was inadvertently overlooked  and is being published many
hours after the original posting.

Our apologies,

Thank you
10:59 pm est 

Selectman Anderson

I've watched her as a Board of Selectman member.  I think you give
her far too much credit.  She can barely keep up with the agenda
items let alone run two other committees in absentia.  As a
selectman, you should at the very least have a basic understanding of
how the town finances are laid out.  As she tells almost every
department that comes before her "I encourage you to pursue grants" 
as if no one even considered such a thing.  She should pursue a grant
to further her education in government finance.

Again, you give her way too much credit.
10:50 pm est 


To: Teacher Salaries

What is your point?

You suggest that maybe we should be upset about the police officers
that make over $100,000 each year sitting on the side of the road on
their nextels. What town are you referring to?

Here on the Cape, no police officer makes that kind of money unless
they work copious amounts of overtime accompanied by numerous private
details, which average about 70 hours a week to earn $100K a year.
You think that's wrong?

The assistant town manager is paid a base salary and attends numerous
meetings every day, every week... throughout the year -- at no extra
charge. Dollar for dollar, our town management is the best bargain in
town. They work year round harder than anyone else.

The compensation of the CEO of Citibank is not public record, but
like one of the school administrative assistants, I'll bet he's
driving around his town in either a BMW or a Lexus.
10:48 pm est 

To :Teacher Salaries

First off, isn't one of those high paying $72,000 positions one which
was in controversy not too long ago that Betty White was holding
without a degree?  Oh, let's just place a title on a position to make
it sound good.

Secondly, those police officers you are talking about certainly don't
have 9-5 jobs Monday - Friday with weekends off..  While they are
working all the major holidays, the rest are home with their

Thirdly, do you know if those police officers are not talking about a
police matter?  Maybe you should re evaluate and submit to this site
when you know what you're talking about.
10:45 pm est 

Bait and Switch

Maybe it's time to appoint David Gardner town Manager, since he is
the one making the decisons and doing the hard work of this town,
and make Sharon Lynn Assistant Town Manager.  Then she could continue
smiling, being nice, and not making any tough decisions but we
wouldn't notice the difference. then we could have someone make the
difficult decisions that need to be made.
10:43 pm est 

Regionalize Now

The School committee does not want to think about or consider or
comtemplate regionalization. They would lose their power, so they
seem to think. Well, think is a strong word for the school committee
because they hardly ever--think. that is not their forte. They are
boulders standing in the filed against change. They want what was but
what was is not more. And they should be--no more.

Time for change. Time for regionalization. Time to offer our students
diversity, increase choices in curriculum, and better options for
their future careers. time to give our students what they deserve.
10:42 pm est 

Is it Just Me....

..or has the number of blog entries significantly reduced this week
since C Nagle (yours in good gov) has been on vacation.  Just how
many times does she post each day?
10:40 pm est 

Vote NO To "A-fraud-able Housing INC"

Please vote NO on the article to give away more CPC money to Malone Inc.

We have not even broke ground on 90 Shankpainter Rd. and he wants to
rip up more land off Nelson Ave.

Enough of the developers using our precious resources, land and
water, like we have an endless supply.

Let us see what happens after 90 Shankpainter Rd. is done and (here
is a novel idea) REASSES the situation for the future need for more
affordable units.

Why cant Malone INC use pre-existing structures to renovate like in
most urban areas around the Commonwealth.

SAVE OUR Open-Space for OUR Common-Wealth.
10:39 pm est 

Re: "Your So Important?"

What a lame attempt at satire. And your spelling reflects your poor
attempt at hiding your true feeling of bitterness and resentment.

Why don't you step up to the plate and try to speak out against some
of the horrible spending practices this town has seen in decades?

Ms. Nagle has time on her hands, so she uses it constructively, a dog
park, and the pier corp. Big deal?

She is concerned about fiscal responsibility and that doesn't deserve
a jab at being an entitled queen. God only knows this town has enough
of "those".  She has done work, hours of work at no cost to the town.

What have you done for the good of the town?
10:37 pm est 

Regarding S. Lynn & D. Gardner

I too think that Lynn should step down. David Gardner is the one who
runs the front office.  he is the one who knows what is really going
on. He is the one who has the previous experience in California. He
is the one who does her work. Think of the $$$ savings from
eliminating her salary & benny package.

Bye-Bye Sharon---- Hello to a new town manager, D. Gardner
10:35 pm est 

This Con-Com, Anderson Thing Is Not Correct

To the poster who insists that Anderson is involved in twisting
Minsky's hand from the BoS position, I believe you are wrong, also.

1) Yes, Anderson was on the board (commission) when the clear-cutting
occurred 2 years ago, but the property was still in the hands of the
Murchison family.

2) When the Con-Com revisited the OOC,(June 10th and June 24th) she
(Anderson) was already a selectman, and the property was still owned
by Murchison family.

3) The first talk of the OOC not being met after the clear-cutting
took place was on May 13th. Anderson was already a selectman, so she
had nothing to do with any vote or motion made by the Con-Com to send
the discrepancy of the OOC to the Cape Cod Commission.

It seems like these are the FACTS. So much for your connect the dots theory?
10:34 pm est 

Academic Salaries Have Never Been That High

$60,000 for a high school teacher is high. I know so many professors
whose salaries were $40,000 for many years and they had published
articles and books. I find these salaries quite high and I find the
administrative asssistants ridiculous at over $70,000. That is just
outrageous and inappropriate to the size of the. This is not
Manhattan. Foolishness under the guise of professionalism. I say keep
one and let the other go.
10:31 pm est 

You Missed the Point About E. Anderson

She was not the chair when the Conservation Committee brought the
Murchinson property to the Cape Cod Commission. This was an act that
also involved back door dealings with the Historical Commission and
Eric Dray and also the Planning Board with Howard Burchman. Togehter
these three commissions worked their wiles to get the Murchinson
property reviewed by the Cape Cod Commission when it should never
have been sent to them. But who controlled the chair of the
Conservation Committee? Who was pulling Denis Minsky's strings? None
other than E. Anderson. Of course you won't find her name in the
minutes but she was still a behind the scenes presence influencing
what Minsky did.

Look at the BOS minutes, if you want minutes, and see E. Anderson's
position on the Murchinson property. She pushed for the owner to have
to face the rules and regulations of the Cape Cod Commission.

E. Anderson may not be the present chair of the Conservation
committee but she is still acting as chair, just as she continues to
act as chair of the CPC committee.

Who is making the decisions is not always or often found in the
actual minutes of boards and committees. But the fingerprints are
still there.
10:29 pm est 


Whoever thinks it is one person writing about the PBG, I have to
laugh at you.  I have written about them, I know 2 of my friends
write on here about them, and G-D only knows if there are more.  But
I bet my last sand stone, it is not one person.  The PBG must be
doing something wrong for the lost membership, and people speaking
out against them?

I can go on and say, the person that writes positive things about
them is ONE person, probably Don or Steve.  But facts are facts, and
membership is down.

And the first positive thing I have seen them do is give up Single
mens weekend or as it has been known for the past 4 years is Meet
your man.  What I cant understand is why they would promote HALLOWEEN
weekend?  There isnt enough rooms in town as it is.  Maybe if they
have some more support?  But most of us are too smart to see through
those smoke and mirrors.

Just another frustrated former PBG member
10:27 pm est 

Teacher Salaries ....

Does anyone really think Provincetown teachers are overpaid? I want
to thank our town's teachers for being the first to step to the plate
and forgo salary increases. What a novel concept! I applaud the
leadership role you folks take day after day in helping educate the
future of Provincetown students.

Am I wrong in saying NO ONE WILL DISPUTE the fact that administrative
assistants (call them what you want) are WAY OVERPAID? How can you
compare them to a teacher? Teachers teach the future of our country.
They deserve a raise. Enough said.

I am refuting the comments of the myopic blogger who compared police
officers to administrative assistants. That is like comparing pilots
to flight attendants.

There may be a new math formula in place in the academic world, but
one and one still equals two. TWO is the number of administrative
personnel in the superintendent's office to support the entire school
district. ONE is the number of police officers assigned to the entire
school district.

Perhaps the town should eliminate BOTH of the administrative
assistant positions and the ONE police officer position assigned to
the schools. Will that even the score?

Thank you to the teachers who truly care about our school system, and
have the courage to stand up and forgo a salary increase. The
remainder of ALL town employees would be wise to follow this well
educated lead.
10:24 pm est 


"Now all you do is  throw all kinds of untrue statements into a pile
to see if you can cause dissention in the ranks."

What he/she said.

10:22 pm est 

Suzanne's Garden

Talk about a blatant self serving proposal to use CPC funds to
acquire and maintain the garden at our expense. The extended Sinako
family has substaintial RE holdings all around the parcel and across
the street on the water.

Perhaps the estate would consider a gift to the Town? They could
preserve the garden, enhance their property value and get a nice tax
write off, all in one fell swoop.

Just Askin'
10:19 pm est 


Some brilliant folks have done the math and propose unique options to
help save our little town a ton of money.

Implementing the concept of regionalization is a formula that could
save Provincetown a boat load of money. For one thing, we wouldn't
need a third sergeant, which means the guy who lost his gun could
spend full time looking for it!

I put in a call to the Chief of Police to discuss my idea, only to be
informed he was on vacation. Again!
7:34 pm est 

Re: "I'm Just so Importent ..........."

Note: One of the finer aspects of satire is correct spelling.
7:28 pm est 

To: Regarding the PBG

I love your use of how well the PBG was doing when "WE got things
done"  Is that the royal "we" or did you actually do something
besides complain. Now all you do is  throw all kinds of untrue
statements into a pile to see if you can cause dissention in the
ranks. I hate to be the one to tell you this, but it ain't going to
work.  You really have a serious axe to grind.  No matter how many
entries you make and attempt to make yourself into many people, your
syntax gives you away. The PBG does not need members like you.

Slippery Fish (blowing a bubble at you but not through my fishy mouth)
7:26 pm est 

Teacher Salaries

It is amazing that someone would complain about a teacher making
$60,000 into today's world.  Teachers should make a lot more money
than that.  They are the people responsible for our children's

You may think that kids today do not get a good education in
Provincetown, perhaps you should spend some time in the schools and
see what is being taught.  Perhaps you should talk to teachers like
Mary Beck, Beth Francis, Carol D'Amico and others to find out about
the outstanding programs in Provincetown. 

As for the secretaries getting $72,000 - first off one is the business
manager and the other is adminstrative assistant to the superintendent/human
resources - these positions are salaried at less then other districts with the
same responsibilities.

Maybe you should be upset about the police officers that make over
$100,000 each year sitting on the side of the road on their nextels,
or the assistant town manager who gets paid to attend meetings, or
the CEO of Citibank and on and on it goes.

And before you respond with I must be a parent, or a teacher, or town
employee - Guess Again - I am someone trying to survive in this
community - seek of those who condemn those who make a difference or
get paid based on work performed.
7:25 pm est 

Hey Apples and Oranges

Do you want to give us the head count in the sixth grade, for
example, of how many students were left out of the statistics?  Weak
argument from you at it highest rating.

Slippery Fish (looking for guppies to send to Veterans to pump up the numbers)
7:22 pm est 

Re: Full Disclousure? Ms.Nagle-Private Citizen

Yes Ms.Nagle is a private Citizen who needs to disclose her financial
interests in MacMillan Pier,,,There's that silence again....
7:20 pm est 

First Priority

I'm being asked to return to work a month later than usual.
Meanwhile, there isn't a hiatus on my bills that are due. Meanwhile,
the unions won't budge and I'm expected to pay for an override.

Sorry, buy my family--and not paying for more of your benefits--is my
first priority now.
7:18 pm est 

Enough With CPC Fund Give-Aways to Developers

Well, I too am tired of CPC funds going to special
interests for their own private enrichment when they can go to
benefit all of the citizens living in Provincetown now.

With the largest affordable housing project underway on Shank painter
Road, more money should go towards renovating Town Hall instead of
another million dollars to a private developer.
7:15 pm est 

Re: Re: Sometimes the Truth Hurts

"Anderson was NOT on the Con-Comm when they revisited the Order Of
Conditions for 2 Commercial St. One only has to review the August
26,2008 minutes. These are the FACTS."

Nobody ever said she was on the consom when they revised the order of
conditions in August 2008. Find where that was posted. She was on the
comscom when the initial grievances were lodged against the new owner
when the work started on the property. She then became selectman in
2008 and of course wasn't on the conscom but she never really broke
her ties, did she. Facts are facts and yours are wrong.
7:13 pm est 

Salary Freeze

A twisted school supporter writes:"We know you're mad that,
by accepting a salary freeze, the teachers make you and your union
comrades look bad."

Get real. We all know the teachers were FORCED to
agree to a pay freeze by the teacher's union. And regionalization is
moving ahead thanks to a state grant, even though the school
committee tried to push it to a later date. Thank you BOS and Tom
Coen and Ann McGuire of the FinCom for putting us a step ahead by
moving forward to appoint the committee for regionilization.
7:11 pm est 

Re: School Committee & School Union

Cheers to the School Committee for asking the teachers to
forego their raises for next year! BIGGER CHEERS to the teachers and
school staff for seeing the wisdom in that decision and doing it! You
all deserve a great big THANK YOU from the town of Provincetown for
doing what everyone said you wouldn't do!!!

Now take a lesson AFSCME, etc.. the teachers did it, so can you! Stop
thinking of "me" and start thinking of "us" ALL OF US!!!

Oh and Pebble... you are SO wrong! You might want to do a little fact
checking before casting aspersions (or stones) or whatever that
regurgitated blather is you're spewing! Sometimes when you throw up
in your own mouth, you're far better off swallowing it!
7:07 pm est 

Dear Mikey

If I've told you once, I've told you a
thousand times: "Stay away from the computer! You'll hurt yourself!"
Now go play with your play dough and leave the political discussions
to the grown ups!

7:04 pm est 

We Have Got to Get a Grip on Our Finances

Does anyone truly believe that tax revenues will be higher this year? The
United States and Provincetown will not see the living standard of the past
twenty years for the forseeable future if ever. We need to concentrate on
essentials.Work on the budget should exend beyond meeting expenditures
and include savings.

I like the idea of a Community Center and the services it provides. I
also like dental work. Since my income dropped 75% in the last
quarter, dental work is not going to happen. I changed by budget to
meet my earnings. The Community Center has to go. It is a luxury in
today's world.

I love the idea of a local high school and having the students close
by. I also like a vacation. Wouldn't happen this year. Next year the
number of students will decline and the expenses will go up. How long
will this go on?

The school committee has never presented a viable plan to increase
the number of students and reduce expenses. Wouldn't consider
regionaliztion. Doesn't plan on combining the schools in one building
and selling the other.  In the years ahead when we are struggling to
meet basic needs, remember the school committee. Does anyone know how
Provincetown compares with the rest of the State in regards to the
ratio of teachers to students. To make a change, we must use our
voting powers. Every year I've voted against the high expenses of the
school. Myself and maybe five others. We have got to stop being

I hate the idea of laying off people in this economy. Tax dollars
were meant to provide services not jobs. Benefits should be given in
regards to income and what the prevailing income is in town. Good
benefits are supposed to compensate for low pay. The average union
worker is making more than locals with far higher benefits. The
refusal of the unions to forgo a pay raise is disgusting. My income
has not gone up in four years. No one pays for my retirement, health
care or holidays. Why should I pay for theirs.

I often watch the Rhode Island TV station. The communities and union
workers there realize the extent of this financial mess. Raises are even
discussed. Many there have reduced their pay. We need an amendment
or proposal at this Town Meeting to eliminate 10 jobs, half management
and half union. Let the unions decide who to let go and go face to face with
the results of their selfishness.

Retail Guy
7:03 pm est 

Hey, Only Pebble Take a Deep Breadth

"A 4 million dollar machine employing 90 people in 2 buildings
baby-sitting 40 kids. Wow, what a gig if you can get it..."

$4 million is the total K through 12 school system budget. 40 is the
number of Provincetown students in the high school.  So 40 doesn't
count the H.S. students from other towns and it doesn't count any of
the K to 8th grade students.

Can you say "apples and oranges"?

We know you're mad that, by accepting a salary freeze, the teachers
make you and your union comrades look bad.  But it would be good to
stick somewhat to the truth in your rantings.
11:24 am est 

RE: CPA Must Support CPA Funded Parks

"I'm tired of boards not knowing the rules....I want every taxpayer
in Provincetown to know this information."
Michael Rogovsky

..and we are tired of Mikey not knowing the rules, either. We are
tired of the Malone bashing, too!
We get it Mikey, you and Ted don't play well together.

So just vote no at town meeting and let the rest of us blog in peace! 

  Go away!
11:21 am est 

Stolen Gun and Hidden Agenda

Tommy Steele's "missing" gun provides a better understanding of the
mentality of Provincetown's chief of police.

I find it odd that the patrolman who just got promoted went out of
state to take a lie detector test. Why? Are there no qualified lie
detector administrators on the Cape, South Shore or Boston?

It is also strange that the gun was "stolen" from a locked
compartment in Steele's house; yet no forced entry was detected and
nothing else was reported missing. Why would someone steal an
unloaded gun? Perhaps the gun wasn't stolen in the first place...

Isn't Tommy Steele the same officer who hid behind summer cops two
summers ago when the DJ was arrested for disturbing the peace?

It appears once again that patrolmen Tommy Steele has failed to
demonstrate essential leadership qualities, yet Jeff Jaran promoted
him. Why the sudden rush to promote someone who clearly has something
to hide?

Perhaps this begs a much bigger question, which is why the town needs
another sargeant. Somehow we have managed without one for some time

Jeff Jaran has created his own economic stimulus package. I suspect
building a new police station will be his next move.
11:14 am est 

Too Many Serve For Their Own or Other People's Special Interests

It saddens me. Too few people serve on boards because they care for
this town and serve to make Provincetown better. Too many serve for
their own interests, under the guise of "serving." Look at the new
non-official but quite offoicial committee into change our town

Why create a new, unelected, unappointeded except for Sharon's
finger-tapping selection to our "Change the By-Laws to Benefit Ted
Malone Committee" that has, of course, Ted Malone. Another fox
protecting the chicken coop committee. And what are they doing?
Changing, amending, tweeking our town by-laws? Why? Guess, yes, just
guess who will benefit from these proposed laws? Not you and me, but
Ted Malone the main change-agent of this unofficial highly suspect
committee or should we just call them a group or a cabal? I find them
a cabal, the same group that was the Local Partnership Group that
changed, radiacally, our by-laws years back, allowing a Ted Malone to
rape our town. And here he is again, with guesss who? Just look at
this so-called, so-named committee? It's the same old, same old,
group that raped us a afew years ago and is destined to rape us once

How many times can we be raped and blundered and not scream out? Or
should we thank the rapist for being selected and then say no more?
No, not this time.
11:59 pm est 

From This Weeks Banner:

Im not understanding why it would be
premature to appoint the (school regionalization) committee and have
it set to go, said Ann McGuire, FinCom member.

Well, as long as the P'town School Committee can stall, stonewall and
scheme behind closed doors(at our expense) they will. Its beyond
apparent, no doubts now, there will be no compromising on behalf of
our elected school committee members.

Its galling, really.
11:55 pm est 

I'm Just so Importent Damit! Why Don't People Bow to Me?

    I'm getting really fed up with people not bowing down to me when
they see me in the street or stop&shop. I have done so much for this
town and it really makes me angry that people are not going out of
their way to thank me and tell me how wonderful I am. This town knows
it would be best to turn all the important positions over to me along
with the pier, I have spent thousands of hours on that pier sport
barrel fishing and I know everything about it. After each town mtg I
attend and speak up I know people are getting together afterwards and
praising my words of wisdom, now come ptown you know that I know what
is best for this town and for now on I shall be referd to as Queen
Candy no it all of everything.

    Thank me for this msg
11:53 pm est 

Re: Tommy Steele
Why block all that out about little tommy steele? I dont know
what was written but I"m sure it was the truth.
11:49 pm est 

From: The Only Pebble on the Beach

Oh yea, praise the School...I say school because it is not
All teachers and the 'teachers' in the schools here are
ANYTHING BUT Educators...
No mention that this is the FIRST year EVER they gave up
anything...remember last year? The two secretaries got
$15,000 Raises EACH!
Please, do not ever think that any Real Teaching takes
place in our schools, because it doesn't.

Ask your neighbors who have Removed their kids...Hundreds of Children
have Left the school in the last ten years.
They didn't leave because of the fear of closure as the Jersey girl
wants you to believe...
They left because their parents want them to get Good Education,
something that doesn't exist in the Provincetown schools.

So don't confuse the schools with education...they are a
world apart. What we have here is a machine that's main function is
to keep the people who work there employed.
Nothing more and a lot less.

A 4 million dollar machine employing 90 people in 2 buildings
baby-sitting 40 kids. Wow, what a gig if you can get it...

Since the Summer Rec program is nothing but an inexpensive
baby-sitting service why oh why can't they use the EMPTY school
instead of being contained behind chainlink in
the concrete jungle of a front yard of the Rec building on Bradford
Street? I've never heard the answer...

As far as the blogger who Demanded Candace's financials...Hello? She
is not being Vetted for a cabinet position, she is private citizen
who just so happens to be a lot smarter than the rest of you. Keep
blowing that whistle Candace!

Well, this Public Servant is off to work is payday! Won't
Brian Carlson the Health Whatever be happy
with the nice Bump in his check...
Who thinks it is just a coincidence that he was one of the architects
of the new 'rental fee'?

With that, I remain,

The ONLY Pebble on the beach
11:47 pm est 

Re: Sometimes the Truth Hurts

"Anderson was on the Conscom when the Murchison issue occured and
Minsky was too. When she became a selectman, she didn't forget her
ties to conscom and continued to control the board even though Minsky
took the chair. They can deny it but in reality, thats what happened,"


Anderson was NOT on the Con-Comm when they revisited the Order Of
Conditions for 2 Commercial St. One only has to review the August
26,2008 minutes. These are the FACTS.

Once again, a charade of a blog to hide the fact that you have a
personal problem with the individual (Anderson).  Continue your
deceitfulness and pretense.  There are a vast majority of Townsfolk
who actually know the TRUTH.

--nice try, but you are a failure!

re: Harvard education blog, you are obviously lacking in education
and are cowed to dissemblance!
11:43 pm est 

Re: Wow! Teachers Union

It's about time the school gave up something! Lets not forget they
had to be forced into giving. With their HIGH SALARIES, Waugh @
$100,000, her two secretary buddies @ $72,000 and way too many
teachers in the $60,000 + mark it wont be too painful to take a pay
freeze, especially since they get summers off. Please dont put them
in the same boat as Mother Theresa.  You must be a teacher yourself.
Now lets see if Management employees making BIG $$$ give up anything.
I wont hold my breath.  They will probably keep threatening layoffs
to the lowest paid employees
11:40 pm est 

Please - No NEW Developments

If we want to do more affordable housing we should be renovating
buildings we already have.  We have limited water resources in town
and limited space.  Let's not develop every existing space we have,
but instead take some of the existing buildings and renovate them
into affordable housing.

We need growth limits.  Every new development uses water and other
precious limited town resources.
11:39 pm est 

We Could Save $120,000 or $130,000 By Keeping David Gardner and...

...letting Sharon retire. Since David Gardner is doing Sharon's job, we
can save her salary and even more with benefits--that could be a
saving of $160,000. We could have an assistant town manager and
nothing much would change except for our town saving.

Isn't it time that Sharon did her own job. Does it take two people,
two heads to do the town manager's job? No, just keep David and let
Sharon have more leisure time and we gain a balanced budget. Isn't
this how much we still have to cover? A good answer right here.
11:37 pm est 

Victor's Restaurant - Change in License

Anyone see that Victor's restaurant is looking to change their year
round liquor license to a seasonal one ?  What happened to staying
open year round (which was mandated by the Zoning board) in order to
provide year round jobs ?

This is a terrible Recession - people need year round jobs in this town !!!!

It's high time this town started LOOKING OUT FOR IT CITIZENS WHO NEED
YEAR ROUND JOBS and not giving developers everything they want !!
11:34 pm est 


An organization IS only as good as what you put into it.
However if it's nothing more then a bunch of fools running the
organization with employees that are unsupervised and unproductive,
it hardly makes it worth getting involved. I've sat on the board of
the pbg and I've volunteered. I've learned you simply can't make
change and you end up swimming against the current. It's in a sad
state of affairs right now.

I'm glad there's a good line up for Cabaret Fest this year because
last year they didn't advertise it until the last minute and the
entire event was a loss. Perhaps they won't make that mistake again
this year. We need the  Although the then and now President told us
in a meeting what a great SUCCESS it was just the same. I guess he
doesn't realize that we all look at the numbers and can see how few
people show up. That's my two cents about the pbg.
11:32 pm est 

2 Positions That Should Go NOW!

Is the BOS and Sharon listening?   I have NOTHING against the
assistant town manager, David Gardner or the building inspector,
Justin Post , but WHY OH WHY DO WE NEED THOSE positions, when for
years and years we got along without them?

Can't Russell Braun do his own inspections like he was hired for? 
Cant Sharon do her job like she was hired for?  These 2 people just
take the work load off the other 2.   Just think, with benefits and
salary, we would save well over $125,000 OR MORE.

Is there a warrant that someone can start for the April town meeting?
  OR June special town meeting?  Or is it too late.  OR, whoever
starts this, they will be so watched by Braun that they will have to
move out of town?  VERY SAD.

I do think if Sharon is asking for labor cuts, and all departments to
see where they can cut back, the building inspector and assistant
town managers positions should be NUMBER ONE on Sharons list.  (Oh, I
forgot, they all work only 4 days a week now.  That was a smart move?)

A larger pebble in the sea
11:30 pm est 

CPA Must Support CPA Funded Parks With Maintenance Funds

I'm tired of boards not knowing the rules. At the CPC
meeting there was all of this discussion about maintaining a pocket
park. The rule is that a park bought with CPA money will be
maintained with that money.

If the CPC designates money to buy land to build a playground, then
the rule is that CPA money maintains that playground.

Why did the CPC give $1,000,000 to a renounced developer who is known
all through the commonwealth for his award wining developments when
there is a world of financing out there for him--when we have only
CPC funds to maintain town hall.
He should have receive 10% of the money that was available. The
taxpayers and citizens of Provincetown must rectify this at town
meeting with an amendment from the floor.
I want every taxpayer in Provincetown to know this information.

Michael Rogovsky
11:25 pm est 

Regarding the PBG:

I can tell you why the President stays in that position, control and
power it is that simple. He was up for re-election this year but he
was careful to discourage any interest by anyone who may challenge
his seat. And of course the Executive Director wants him to stay as
President because he has him in his pocket. He also has the Treasurer
in his pocket {may I remind you who recruited this useless Executive
Director} as well and makes sure that he eats and drinks at the
Treasurer's establishment practically every night. Have you ever
wondered why most P.B.G. events are held BB? If you did, you
shouldn't. Just walk in any night and see who's holding one end of
the bar up and who's gossiping about the membership. The P.B.G. board
is not going to go up against the President and Treasurer. We all
know the Treasurer threatens to quit at least once every meeting in
an immature fit of temper. I've often thought that may be a good
thing because perhaps we could find out what's reall!
  y on with the books that they're not telling us about. The
assistant is being very helpful to the membership because he's
finally telling the truth about what really goes on in that office,
what is really spent by the P.B.G. and he's keeping track of the
Executive Director's office attendance. It's just bitter sweet to
finally have some accountability in that office after the last couple
of years of anything goes. Now if we can just get the President and
Treasurer to stop protecting the Executive Director perhaps we can
find an effective one.

As far as the V.S.B. funneling money to the P.B.G. Don't you
understand the "click" amongst the parties involved? Don't you
understand that the Chair of the V.S.B. represents the P.B.G.
interest on the board? Look at the public roster of the V.S.B. board.
It's written right there.

If we could only turn back the clock to when the P.B.G. was worth
something. I remember a day when it was effective, powerful and
functional. It's always been full of drama but at least we got things
done and we didn't pay someone 50,000 to fart around all the time and
tell us all what a good job he's doing. It will catch up eventually
heck it's almost caught up now. This new inside information is very
11:19 pm est 

We Deserve Answers!

The Provincetown Pier Corporation claims they are being
transparent. Why then are there no financials from 2008 posted on the
Town's website? Where is their P & L for 2008? Where is their
auditor's report for 2008?

Asking government to be accountible is harrassment to some town
officials. I'm sick of it like others.  We deserve answers! We are
entitled to government transparency
11:14 pm est 

Congratulations Clarence

Your blog has sunk to an all time LOW.

You must be proud.
11:13 pm est 

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Re: Town Collections Question

I sent in my vehice excise tax payment today.  I noted I'm sending it
in the pre-addressed envelope to Medord, MA.  Is there a reason why
these receipts/collections are being outsourced?
10:31 pm est 

See the Truth and Weep

"Stop blaming the workers who clean your streets, pick up your trash,
and wait on you when you need help at town hall.  The workers union
is the ONLY union who has given up anything."

Say it again...loud and clear... LABOR gave up raises this year,
All MANAGEMENT employees received "Budget Adjustments"
AKA BIG FAT RAISES for everyone in
Sharon's Squad of INCOMPETENTS

I'm so sick of the Sleazy, Lying, Backstabbing,
Threatening tactics of Sharon Lynn's administration.
LABOR negotiated in good has become abundantly clear that
Management did not.
Much has been said about the so called Free Lunch. What hasn't been
mentioned is that Management has Always gotten free lunch.

Please remember that the Majority of people working in Trailer Hall
are Not in the Union. The Town employs many more Nonunion Management
types, with all the same benefits but higher salaries.
There is something Very Wrong with our ratio of Managment/Labor

It's time for Sharon to learn that her good cop/bad cop act has to end.
Labor is Not intimidated.

If Sharon can't run the town without the Assistance of David Gardner,
than she is Not doing the job she was hired to do. Get rid of her.

On a lighter note, I was happy to read that despite all Jersey Girl's
best efforts, there just might be a regionalization committee.

Whoever made note of the vice grip Elaine Anderson has on
Conservation/Minsky was right on the mark...
many strings, ha!

FYI...In some places Developers are know as Speculators, not to be
Trusted or Encouraged. Why is it that here, these same unsavories are
Rewarded with Million dollar gifts from the Taxpayer?

Keep blowing that Whistle Candace, some of us hear you!

'night all, I remain,

The ONLY Pebble on the Beach
10:30 pm est 

Some Towns Give All To Open land

Quite a surprise, isn't it? Some towns in mass see the importance of
open land and keeping stretches of nature open for walks and for
views important. Dartmouth has requested and received the right to
use all 100% of its CPC monies for open land purchases.

Seems we should be be able to do this with historic preservation
given the importance of town hall renovations. That is a better town
deal than stuffing Ted Malone's pockets and bank accounts with our
tax monies, all %900,000.

Are we just crazy! Have we been sticking our heads into the dunes'
sand for just too long? We should use CPC monies for our present
priorities and that is town hall, not Ted Malone and his ugly,
one-closet-upon-another closet developments that is unwelcoming to
any family or any couple.
10:24 pm est 

Re: Future Sargent's Handgun Missing

What a coincidence Tommy Steeles handgun is missing. Why didn't
they report it sooner than they did? Let me give you a little
background about Mr. Steele. For those of you who don't really know,
him he was discharged by the Federal Government from the service with
full benefits because he was so called disabled,then he applies for a
patrolmans job on the Provincetown Police Department and gets hired
without question.                                                                           
Congratulations to the PPD on their newly appointed Sa