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DEK: A letter from Provincetown


“L’Affaire Sal’s Place: Money and Meanness in the New Ptown."


By Peter Manso


The first thing you notice when you walk into the resurrected Sal’s Place, in the heart of Provincetown’s West End, is the hustle and bustle of a hot restaurant: the place is packed, the noise level is high, and the servers scoot nonstop to and from the close-set tables. There’s a museum-quality Hawthorne and other class art on the walls, but the place still has a fish shack feel, with exposed rafters and the rhythmic slop of the bay against the pilings on which the waterfront building partially sits. And the food—the Brodetto or Zuppa di Pesce that one Facebook blogger raves about as “so wonderful that Marcella [Hazen] herself would flip,”—well, let me tell you, the Zuppa is so sweet, so transporting in its plummy, tomato-y tannic richness as to have made Sal’s the vacation spot’s dining destination of choice near overnight.

All this was pretty much the word around town last summer when the fifty-four year old Sal’s Place reopened under new management. But the food wasn’t the only things people were talking about. There were also whispers that the owner—a single, self-described blue-collar woman who’d originally arrived in Boston from Tipperary at age 17—was at war with her neighbors—four wealthy men, all gay, who had recently bought the abutting properties for summer party pads, and wanted the place dead and shuttered. In fact, depending on who you knew, you might have heard about bouts of property destruction, interminable delays for the restaurant’s opening, and armies of lawyers getting rich on both sides.


As the not-so-secret knock-down-drag-out tumbled into public view, eating there became an almost political act. Now, after simmering all winter, locals in P-Town are waiting for the hostilities to start afresh.


One resident called the quarrel the “worst case of bullying” he’d come across in his 50 years in town. But you could just as well call the fight over Sal’s place a sort of battle for Provincetown’s soul in miniature—a David and Goliath story about whether the artists, fishermen, and non-mainstream types of all persuasions were still welcome in the new Ptown. Or is this haven at the end of the Cape destined to become an exclusive enclave for the rich gay elite?



To read further click  on the link below



Click Here for L'affaire Sal's Place

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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

If Victor's is not going to be open year round, I assume he has not
taken out a year round license.    If he has chosen to have a
seasonal license, then he must close on January first and not reopen
till April.

If Victor's is open tomorrow and for the rest of the holiday weekend,
then he is operating a business in town illegally.

I am so tired of developers telling boards and committees of this
town exactly what they want to hear so that they are able to get
their way.  Enough.

Since Town hall offices are closed for the rest of the weekend,
everyone of us should call the Police Department 487-1212 and report
the violation if he thinks he is above the law and can operate his
business at will.

Enough Already
7:58 pm est 

Happy New Year to One and All!

Celebrate another year of what is most important: family and loving,
trusting friends! With all best wishes for health, happiness and living
in a community which we love.

Michael Rogovsky
7:56 pm est 

Re: Community Center

Since there are all of these parents volunteering at the
Community Center, then we don't need such full staffing..the parents
will cover the evening hours that it is open.
7:06 pm est 

Re: Put Their Feet to the Fire!

Wait one to two years and see what the school committee does?
That will surely put the fire under their feet
It is very, very traumatic for a community to close its high
school--until they get used to the idea and discover which is the
best course of action. Some believe that it is to go to Nauset.

According to the legal dept. of the board of education, a  town can
tuition out it students and close a school if there are less than 50
*town* families with students in the school.
7:03 pm est 

Put Their Feet to the Fire!

Wait one to two years and see what the school committee does?
That will surely put the fire under their feet!  The school committee
has been laid bare: their anti-regionalization is about 90 jobs and
the many special needs students here. That is not about to change.
Therefore, the school committee needs to be infiltrated with
pro-regionalization members.
5:07 pm est 

Re: Ted Malone Lottery and Management Fees

To whomever thinks Ted Malone got $250,000 and $50k for
lottery - produce the legal documents and submit them here - that
will solve this once and for all.   Very simple.  If I don't see them
soon, gee, I'm going to assume you are wrong.
4:54 pm est 

Re: Parents Should Volunteer

To the person who suggested that parents should volunteer
at the community center - they already do      !   This is the type
of nonsense that needs to be confronted right on.   You have no clue
what goes on and you put stuff out there like that.  Get busy
yourself, so you don't have enough time to write foolish stuff like
4:52 pm est 

As for Victor's

I've been saying for awhile, yes that's me, that Victor's will close.
I"ve been saying that it is for sale. And now someone comes forward
with information that Victor's will close for the winter. They were
never going to be open during the scarce times. It has been a great
Hurrah but it is a Last Hurrah indeed!

Victor's was the wolf in sheep's clothes that allowed all the condos
to be sold at full market price. Victor's was the excuse for full
development. It was great for a season or two, but alas, winter
arrives and Victor's will be closed.

But of course. And I predict, by next year, it will become a superior
condomium, but not a restaurant. It will be sold and turned into a

Give me the Dairy Queen, so unpretentious but on-going and on-going
and predictably there for clam rolls, fish cakes and hot dogs.
4:09 pm est 

Mr. Ted Malone Doesn't Need Our CPC Funds

He has been building affordable housing projects for over ten years in
Provincetown *Alone*.

He has been building them in other towns and cities too and receiving
awards for his work. It has made him rich, good for him.

He has never asked for a penny of Provincetown taxpayer's money in
all of his years of developing these housing projects.

Boston Globe Business section December 31, 2008:
"The 22-year old Low Income Housing Tax Credit program is considered
the nation's most important financial resource for affordable
housing. Developers..are awarded the tax credits, which reduce
taxable income by a certain amount, then sell them to investors and
banks and use the proceeds to finance construction."

"U.S. representative Barney Frank said yesterday that he wants the
government to spend an additional $10 Billion to jump start
affordable rental housing nation wide, including the 31 projects in

This is one possible way that Mr. Ted Malone can finance his 40-B
housing project at Nelson Avenue.

Starting January 22nd, the CPC will deliberate and decide who will
get CPA funds. Let the Community Preservation Act's funds go towards
renovating town hall.
Michael Rogovsky
4:07 pm est 

Economic Downturn

Provincetown's debt is $44 million. Governor Patrick has no
choice but to slash the money that was earmarked for cities and towns.

The State taxes that are being collect that are used to pay for
everything are millions below what they were last year.

Lets hope people grasp this by the time we go to town meeting. Due to
our quiet winters, people don't realize the downturn that has
happened in our economy.
4:03 pm est 

What a Shame That Victor's is Closing

Well, if there are no people around to go out to eat, then he is just
losing money. Do you think that he is happy about this or his staff?

With this being the most dismal retail Christmas season in decades,
with one of out of ten businesses expected to go bankrupt (front page
of the Washington Times last week)why do people think that
Provincetown is going to be booming this winter, spring and Summer?

With the 1 Billion in the Commonwealth's budget cuts--Provincetown
town workers will have to tighten their belts and not expect cost of
living increases. Instead, they should pay more of their benefits.
The rest of us are cutting back.
4:01 pm est 

Probably the Same Person That Make Continual Comments About Michael

I think maybe this year we should try to payc less attn to
those discriminating, pesky hate crime laws and maybe try to dig up a
little more money for our school's.
This is probably the same ignorant person who keeps making comments
about Michael R. and calling him Mikey; obviously upset that the
spotlight is on the school and its $4,000,000 cost that benefits a
handful of parents in town.

Parents who don't want to be bothered getting up early to get their
kids ready for school. How much time does this person spend
volunteering at the community center that is there for the children
of the town?
3:58 pm est 

What a Disappointment!

So after getting a parking variance and year-round liquor
license, Victor's is closing for the winter. Didn't even try one
winter. What a disappointment and slap in the face to the town. He
should be ashamed.
2:13 pm est 

I Have A Question ???

What "pesky, discriminating hate crime laws" are you referring to and
what has that got to do with keeping the school open?
1:44 pm est 

Hey Mikey--

--sounds like you have cold feet !
once again, all talk and no action.
"i will not run for school commtt."
afraid of taking action? OR
afraid of the outcome and taking responsibility?
sounds like hot air filled with fear !!!
1:43 pm est 

To: No Problem, Don't Worry--

I applaud you, BRAVO !!!
You are looking at the BIG picture. That is it, fed.& state funding
being slashed, now how will it affect us as a town? Can the TM and
BOS be PROACTIVE or will they behave in a reactionary way? Will they
put their heads in the sand and it will be business as usual?
I am worrying, also.
12:49 pm est 

I Appreciate That Someone Wants Me to Run For the School Committee.......

........but there is no need. The steering committee has made the
situation at the school public.

The department of Revenue has stated that we are paying the second
highest per student cost in the commonwealth and has put the
spotlight on the school committee.

What I want is the very best education for the students in this town;
achieving a sound, serious education is the foundation for personal
success becuase it allows you to be successful in your chosen field.

I've seen contractors who can do calculations in their head and when
they encounter a problem find a solution. From electricians to brain
surgeons, you need to be able to read, comprehend, and be able to go
on to the next step.

I met a very dynamic husband and wife in the medical field who loved
the town and I wanted them to stay--but they want to have children
and they did not feel that they could, in good conscience, send their
children to a school with such a small number of students.

The school is between a rock and a hard place and it has been for
years and I felt that the school board was just ignoring this and
expected to just get their budget passed each year without diligently
addressing the declining student situation--now they have to face it.

We have two schools, two fully staffed cafeterias, etc. etc. and I
don't think that the school committee is doing all that they can to
lower the costs of the school. Kids used to be able to walk home for
lunch--I don't see why high school students can't walk up the street
to the other school to eat.

For some reason we can't combine the schools--but at one time the
country had one room school houses.

I'm the most voracious advocate for a solid education--is having our
students going to our *present* high school the best way to provide
it for them now?

I've heard students talk about a school that their parents and
grandparents attended--This isn't about nostalgia--it is about

I want to talk about a school that is providing them with a solid,
dynamic, challenging education that makes them rise to their full
potential. And this is what every parent should want.

Deciding the fate of a school is a monumental decision and every
avenue must be explored. The steering committee report is now in the
hands of the school committee--lets see where we are in a year or two.
Michael Rogovsky
12:47 pm est 

I Just Want to Wish Everyone a Safe and Happy New Year

I think maybe this year we should try to pay less attn to those
discriminating, pesky hate crime laws and maybe try to dig up a
little more money for our school's.HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE never a
dull moment

12:40 pm est 

No Problem, Don't Worry!

Deval Patric Needs to Cut another Billion from the State Budget
And this will include cuts to local aid. Has town manager and school
superintendent thought about this? Are they facing the dire cuts that
will have to be made here in town? Or will they find some way to add
more and more overrides and advertise how they will only cost $45
here, then $53 here, then $37 here. So don't worry, it'll only costs
these additional monies to our taxes. Don't worry.

I am worrying.
9:57 am est 

Ted Malone did receive $250,000 as "Advisor" to Benson & Anatham

Check the legal documents that needed to be submitted for the
inexperienced Benson & Anatham developers. The documents list Ted
Malone as their "advisor" and he received CPC monies for around
$250,000 from the $1.2 million they really received, including the
twenty year interest we are paying on the initial monies. And every
time Ted Malone "hosts" a lottery for each development of affordable
housing, including those he owns, he gets $50,000 to run the lottery.

You can research these numbers. Also, he is getting monies from the
Sandy Hill project for managing the project--the CPC monies just keep
giving and giving.

So if Malone is going to request $500,000 from the CPC for his Nelson
AVenue/RacePoint Road development, I say NO. Put the money for town
hall renovations, not in Malone's affordable housing pockets.

The town has shifted its priorities and today's focus is town hall
9:55 am est 

Let Me be the First.


A Big Rock on the Beach
9:53 am est 

Michael Rogovsky For School Committee

Michael take the next step and run for school committee! We
know the platform you will run on.
Although there won't be three votes to regionalize, in the meantime,
we will all be sure that when they go into executive session, they
are not violating the open meeting laws of which there has been great
concern.  You can also continue to update the public with blogs and
letters to the editor.
  Remember, if you are elected, no matter how the
anti-regionalization board feels about you on the board, you have the
backing of the public!

Ready to order your campaign signs! Vote Rogovsky for School Regionalization!
9:51 am est 

Let's See......

.......get on a board and be involved - or just tap
out nasty little messages on a blog ...............
8:05 am est 

Take Heed

In October, the Governor had to slash 1.4 Billion from the
budget. Now he is forced to slash yet another BILLION Dollars from
the budget.

Take heed, the Board of Selectmen will be forced to cut the budget
for the town because there will be a cut in the money that covers
these financial needs.

Credit is tight; retail business is enduring loss with many  going
bankrupt and people are losing their jobs.

The benefits of town employees need to be scrutinized and DiMasi
hopes to pass legislation which will put town employees on the state
medical plan--that will override the objection of the unions.
7:37 am est 

Its Not Hard! Get Involved For Change!

When I moved to Provincetown many moons ago from the New
York city area, I was surprised that by just being on a town board
and getting involved, and by bringing in my ideas and dreams! That I
was able in a very short time to get them passed at town meetings. A
shock for me, I didn't even know where the city/townhalls were when I
lived in the city, no less even thinking I could change things so
easily! Its not hard! Get involved for change!
7:35 am est 

So Let Me Get This Straight

Somebody really thinks that by
getting on a board or running for office will not change anything?
What country or planet are you from? THE ONLY WAY FOR CHANGE TO
INVOLVED! The people on said comittees, boards, office etc. Are the
ones who can change things the way they see fit. If you do not like
the way they govern! You have to get or get someone who agrees with
you to get involved! Just blogging and showing up at meetings does
not change a thing. You have to be part of the solution! You have to
work for what you want! Don't be just the fly in the ointment! It
will only go in one ear and out the other.
7:32 am est 

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What are You Smoking?

Do you really think the cpc would let Anathan Benson pay
Ted Malone $250,000 ?  Where do you get these wacky numbers ?

Or that a lottery costs $50,000 ?

What are you smoking, I want some.
8:21 pm est 

As to: Sure, Apply For a Board Guess What?

"Provincetown will be saved
from negative people. Apply for a board and all will be well in

Here we go again. Serve on a board and this Pollyanna will assure
everyone that all problems will be solved.

Please, take up crocheting. Take up sewing. Please, start to cook.
You are dangerous. You are so naive you pose a threat to the safety
of Provincetown."

The writer is so naive?  Please then share your ideas with all of us. 
How would you change Provincetown?  If not by serving on a board,
running for school cte or running for Board of Selectman, how would
you facilitate change in our town?  Seriously, if you have some magic
solution we'd love to hear it.
3:15 pm est 

Re: Dog Park Goings On

The signage of the rules and regulations of the dog park
are at both entrance foyers as well as on the dog park's website:

Pilgrim Bark Park is a self-policing park. If anyone feels the rules
and regulations are being violated and are unable to resolve his or
her concern, please call our Animal Control Officer (Officer Cowing)
at 487-1212.

Pilgrim Bark Park is a community venue. It's up to all of us to keep
the dog park safe and clean.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions and/or
concerns as well.

Candace Nagle
Provincetown Dog Park Association


1:32 pm est 

To: Webmaster

Why does your web site go down all the time?  It
doesn't to my MYPACC but a web site that wants you to register for a
web site?  WHAT GIVES?
1:29 pm est 

I Find So Much of the Info Here Helpful

It surprises me how often I read something here on mypacc and then
find a few days later that it is the Banner or mentioned in the Cape
Cod Times. Many of those who post here have key information,
sometimes inside information.

I don't expect research with footnotes when I read bloggers. But I
appreciate the possibilities of some action, the explanation of why
something might have taken place and the insightful opinions of many
who post here.

It's a blog and it does what blogs do. It's not an academic site but
a town site filled with interesting knowledge.

Thanks for a good year of information, stories, insights and some
statistics. I'm glad you're here mypacc. You add to Provincetown and
often I know more about the backstage behavior and the hidden stories
than I would ever know. That's a good thing and I applaud you.
12:51 pm est 

Webmaster Comment:

Sorry for the System Down-Time.

We  are up and running again.

12:41 pm est 

Re: Show Me The Rules

"Don't want my dog showing his teeth?
Keep your dogs nose out of his butt!"

YIKES!  I know we aren't required to sign names here, but I (and many
others I'm sure) would like to be warned if you will be at the dog
park so we can avoid being there when you are.  The rules?  It's
called common courtesy and common sense.  Dogs will be dogs and if
your dog doesn't like other dogs near him or her common sense would
say you keep your dog on leash and under control.
12:39 pm est 

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

Sure, apply for a board and guess what? Provincetown will be saved
from negative people. Apply for a board and all will be well in

Here we go again. Serve on a board and this Pollyanna will assure
everyone that all problems will be solved.

Please, take up crocheting. Take up sewing. Please, start to cook.
You are dangerous. You are so naive you pose a threat to the safety
of Provincetown.
12:15 am est 

Harriet, My Dear, Facts are Facts

Whoever runs, and I use the term rather lightly, the lottery receives
$50,000 to organize the lottery. Something you should consider, my

If you look closely inside the documents for Sandy Hill, the old
Bates Motel complex, you will see that Benson and Anatham had little
experience in doing affordable housing and getting money from the
CPC. But the Malone had "experience. so they hired the Malone and
gave him $250,000 as, their grant and application to CPC states, for
his role as "advisor." Go there and look. We are not your mother's

You may not want to believe what you are just too lazy to research.
But these are the facts. A little reseach by your lazy self would
rectify some of the lacuna you think you see.
12:12 am est 

We Have Reached Our Limit on Affordable Housing

Here's the problem. You can't get a real number, an accurate factum
from anyone who's involved with affordable housing. They offuscate.
That's all they do.

  We have reached more than our limit. We have reched the high end of
any goal on affordable housing. so, goodbye , to these out of space
and  out of touch planners and developers. Yes, Uncle Ted that
involves you.

Bonsoir, and no more to affordable housing. It is a sham, a sad shell
game. Wake up Provincetown. This is your town and stop selling it
11:49 pm est 

You,You, You.......

.......are just sick or nuts. I"m sorry to say but I am sick and tired of
you saying over and over again--and you are the same Pollyanna
person-who sees the    dam solution to   this town as appallying for
and appointed on some board.

Really, you are driving me nuts. You are so simplisticmto ove a
sophistiscated city that understands so much more than , so
pie-in-the sky in your attidues that I want to move to a more
sophisticated city.

Please, stop such simpleton solutions. You are so narrow in your
thinking that the only solution you ever have--and you are tiring my
mind--is sitting on some board.

You are beyond  help, lady. You are so simplistic that I fear we need
to hire a priest or a psychiatrist to have you held for your own good
beyond your wishes.

I'm sorry to s aay that you are a sick, narrow and nutsy person.
PLease get some help.
11:47 pm est 

Provincetown! I Have a Question

Is it just my house? I can't keep my house free of DUST!!!! At
first I thought I was notkeeping up with my cleaning, but it seems
that even if I dust every day its back that night!  Any ideas on how
to keep my house dust free just like Mom used to do?????
11:43 pm est 

Re: The Utter Shame

"My parents worked hard, we work hard--I guess that I'm missing something."

Yeah: a heart.

- Laughing Last
11:27 pm est 

Re: Re: Dog Park Goings On

Show me the rules. Don't want my dog showing his teeth? Keep your
dogs nose out of his butt!
11:26 pm est 

Dear "Affordable Housing Doesn't Get It"

Given the questions you raise, may I suggest you attend a few CPC
meetings? Or maybe a selectman's meeting? In fact have you ever voted
at Town Meeting? Sorry for my sarcastic tone, but I was wired that
way. The best thing to do is to get your information from as many
sources as possible. The paper, this blog are fine, but you can go to
meetings and really interact with the players. There is plenty of
time before the ATM. But be careful, if you become to interested in a
particular board or committee you run the risk of being appointed to

I know it sounds odd, but it really did happen to me
11:24 pm est 

$50K to Run a Lottery? Really?

I'm ok with people not signing their names but could they
please indicate what planet they're from? facts aren't that hard to
find. without back up your notions are just fiction. 50k to run a
lottery? really? show me the money trail!!!
11:23 pm est 

Here We Go Again

More rich hating the poor stuff i see.
11:21 pm est 

Life is For Fun--Not Worries

The people who have lived here for years have it made. Who
cares about taxes? Now it is time for a new generation to come in and
take over--and soon I won't have to worry about my rent.

Life is for fun--not worries. Let the dogs play in the dog park and
lets frolic on the beaches in the summer and keep the buzz going with
friends and beer and other delights of nature in the winter.

Hey Guys, Party on--its not on my bill. Fun for life and life for fun.

I'll get my check all winter and enjoy the summer and life is good.
Provincetown, party, and sweet, tender, women forever!****
11:19 pm est 

Change Requires Involvement

If you were at town meeting you would recall that the open
space committee did not fight to change the cpa because they did not
have enough volunteer board members to vote either way! You want
change? Get on some boards & committees. Or else the same people will
vote the same way they have so far.
11:17 pm est 

Housing First

We have a long way to go before we have reached the limit
of affordable housing in this town and across the nation. Building
homes that people can afford is the right thing to do! And no I do
not work for or know any developers! Look at what the G W Bush tax
cuts have done to our country and the world. Housing and feeding
people comes before we throw more money at townhall renovations!
11:16 pm est 

Monday, December 29, 2008

Affordable Housing Doesn't Get it

ATTENTION: We've reached the limit for the development of
Provincetown that benefits the developers of affordable housing. 90
Shank Painter Rd is the largest development of affordable housing on
Cape Cod. We have reached our quota.

NOW Town Hall: The vote at the special town meeting was to have 70%
of the community Preservation funds go towards other projects instead
of directly into the pockets of affordable housing.

The special town meeting was called due to the renovation of Town
Hall. This article was passed. Isn't it a mandate from the voters of
the town that this money go towards historical? No one voted for it
go back to housing--where it has been for four years.

There was a flyer showing that millions have gone for affordable
housing; Sandy Hill is completed; 90 Shank Painter Rd is under
development; PLEASE: Explain to me and other taxpayers why there is
this battle to have this money go towards renovating town hall?

Isn't it interesting that open space etc. didn't fight the affordable
housing people for a share of the money--but they are refusing to
help the taxpayers.

Does anyone else see that the taxpayers of this town have to pay the
debt to finance the renovation of town hall--and if this money goes
to Ted Malone, we have to pay that debt service as well? We TAXPAYERS
are paying the debt service of all of the millions that have gone for
the affordable housing in this town. It is totally unfair to the
taxpayers if this CPC money doesn't go towards town hall.

Affordable housing doesn't get it--their reputation is one of greed
and indifference to the taxpayers--and it is the taxpayers money that
they are using.
6:22 pm est 

Let Them Talk

As much as I want to add my 2 cents worth on the subject of
why affordable housing is important here in Provincetown, but I think
we have all heard from the same few who think that if they keep on
restating the same thing over and over again it makes their version
the right version! So lets just let them blog back and forth to them
selves so it makes them feel like they are winning some kind of real
estate game of us & them and lets cut taxes but still complaine about
how things are not getting done! Say good night mikey!
5:54 pm est 

To: Get Real

Could you please site the source of your information regarding
Community Housing Development receiving $250,000., in consulting fees
and $50,000., for running the lottery for Sandy Hill Lane? I will not
hold my breath. You are spouting utter nonsense. (I do not work for
the cartel.)

While on the topic of sputtering nonsense, Mr. Rat, did you manage to
crawl over to the big trailer today? And did you find a valid
building permit for Town Hall exterior renovations? Do tell. Your
silence has been deafening.

The Benefit of the Doubt
5:51 pm est 

Boy! The Town is Pretty Quiet

Where are all the supposed Winter dwellers? It seems
they have gone to other climes.

This economy as presently composed, cannot support
growth. There are no opportunities for employment.
People are taking their unemployment checks and
spending them elsewhere.

And things will only get worse before they get better. The
prospects for Summer employment are not good, if business
activity is not improved.

Eventually, not even the wealthy will find this place attractive.

We are operating under a false sense of security. We are not
above the fray.

5:49 pm est 

Re: Dog Park Goings On

Send that person at the dog park to the video store to get
tapes of the dog whisperer. sheesh! Don't they know aggressive animal
behavior when they see it?
12:44 pm est 

To: The Person Who Wrote the Following

"The older people are the problem for the Cape Cod future, not
the solution."

Fortunatly in Provincetown we have the solution - build the
affordable housing that the cpa has the money committed for now.

How wonderful: Lets foster a new generation of residents with a sense
of subsidized entitlement. What a vibrant, force of energy they will
be; so focused on accomplishment and innovation and good citizenship.
11:59 am est 

The Utter Shame

Is anyone else embarrassed by the idea of cadres of strong,
vibrant young Americans, steeped in their sense of entitlement,
straining at the bit as they line up for affordable housing?

My parents worked hard, we work hard--I guess that I'm missing something.
11:57 am est 

Dog Park Goings On!

If your dog growls, bears it's teeth, barks at, chases, and
has its ruff up --- then it is an aggressive dog. Dog owners who
bring their aggressive pets to the dog park need to keep their
animals under control. Please don't tell me that your dog doesn't
want to hurt another dog when it is showing all of the above outlined
behaviors. The dog park should be for dogs who want to play and are
under control of their owners. It wasn't build so you can bring your
aggressive out of control dog to terrorize others who just want a
nice play in the park.

Responsible dog owner
11:55 am est 

Affordable Housing Industrial complex

90 Shank Painter Rd. The truth is that the taxpayers bought
the land and gave it to the developers who will also get a
development fee, will have a waiting list of people eligible for
housing benefits to rent to and thus will get a lifetime of rental

They don't care who pays the rent that they receive.

Now, about the affordable housing industrial complex: This is why
they were given this name: A two bedroom house under their domain has
been languishing for years now--but the affordable housing cartel
works for developers--so much for the interests of the towns people
being foremost in their hearts.

They only have eyes for the big projects and the big bucks.
11:53 am est 

Renovation Yes, Ted Malone No!

Put the $500,000 for Town Hall renovations, not in Ted
Malone's pocket. This is the time for town hall to be fixed up.
That's what needs to be done. That is our greater need. Put CPC
monies for this important project
11:51 am est 

Enough Already!

I believe we have given enough for affordable housing.
Seems the Community Resource Housing Group is back at their desks and
back at their computers blogging here. The general sense in town is
we need monies for town hall renovation. We don't need more and more
affordable housing when we don't have enough jobs in town. I disagree
with the postings praising affordabel housing.
11:49 am est 

Town People Who Work for Ted Malone

Fill many affordable units. Many are brought in to fill affordables.
Look at Sandy HIll? They had to advertise for people beyond
Provincetown and that was CPC monies and TEd Malone is still getting
management fees from this property. Also Ted Malone did get $250,000
from CPC funds as the "advisor" to Sandy Hill and he also received
the $50,000 to "run" the lottery that affords him the opportunity to
put his people and his people's people's in these condos.

No, we don't have more people living here becuase of affordable
housing. We have fewer and fewer people here in the fall and winter
and those in some of these affordables are crusing the high seas or
sunning themselves in Florida.

Get real!
11:48 am est 

Application of CPA Funds

The Department of Revenue regards the millions of dollars
that it costs the town to run the schools an excessive burden on the
taxpayers. The results of the steering committee's study regarding
the school is front page news.

The school must address this issue because its fate is in their hands.

The Board of Selectmen will make a proposal for CPC funds to go
towards the preservation of town hall. I think the best course of
action would be to support any grant request that gets submitted by
the Town for Town Hall.

No informed person is ignorant of these issues now. (Does anyone
really believe that Ted Malone will abandon his Nelson Street
property if he doesn't get any CPC money?)

I thank "mypacc" and this forum for all of the information that it
provides for serious statements.

Happy New Year,

Michael Rogovsky
9:43 am est 

Re: School Committee

I also watched the school com. on Sunday ch. 17 It seems to
me that they have the best interests of the students and the town.
You just can't shut down the schools 123! You have to look at all
sides and make sure it will not cost us even more tax dollars not to
have a school. Please watch what you wish for.
9:21 am est 

Thanks to Ted Malone

We now have affordable housing & art
studios at the meadows for some of the students currently studying at
the Fine Arts Work center! I don't know why anyone would think thats
a bad thing?
9:20 am est 

Just Like the Good Old Days

As some on here know first hand, Provincetown can be a hard
place to make a living unless you get handed a golden spoon from your
sugar Daddy and/or Mommy! At least now with affordable housing coming
in, the young folks of today have a chance of making Provincetown the
great year round place it can be again. I'm starting to see more &
more people at stop & shop like in the good ol days when the A&P was
on Conwell Street. Wait until the 50 affordable rentals at 90
Shank-Painter are filled, I bet Cumbies next door will see a jump in
sales! And I predict that they will start having longer hours open!
This is just the begining of the change we need in this over priced
town of second home/condos.
9:18 am est 

Sorry Guys/Gals

The people living in the towns affordable
units are all town people who also pay taxes just like you and me!
And as of today 12/29/2008 Ted Malone has never used CPA funds. As
far as applying for funds in the future, he has just as much of a
right to get them as you & me!
9:13 am est 

Do Facts Somehow Confuse the Argument?

Why do you think that people come from out of town to fill
rental units ?    Why don't you just look who lives in the affordable
housing at Sandy Hill - not one out of towner.   Look who lives at
Ann Page or who got the units at the Meadows.

Are facts something just inconvenient for you.
12:02 am est 

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Through the Looking Glass

Ah, so it is we older residents who support the town with
our taxes, pay the wages of the town with our hard earned money and
support the school with our taxes and who also give the money to the
CPC fund--we are the problem?

Ok, fill the affordable housing projects with the folks from New
Bedford, Fall River, Brockton, Warwick R.I., and all of the other
depressed areas. The developers will get their money from the
taxpayers who support these folks who are getting their housing
vouchers from the state--from the pockets of the tax payers.

We are the taxpayers and these renters come here, clap their hands
and demand their housing--and their housing vouchers and welfare
checks follow them and the developers get richer. And the Community
preservation committee falls all over themselves to give Ted Malone
whatever money he will request.
9:00 pm est 

CPA Funds Should be Looked at With a Fine Toothed Comb

That's good. All proposals should be evaluated, judged for town
needs, and analyzed in terms of the good of the community.

Nothing's wrong with that. that also means that Ted Malon'es proposal
demanding--no requesting--$500,000 for his RacePOint Development
should also be closely evaluated. Is his project more deserving than
Town Hall? Should this developer be given, and yes given, over one half
a million dollars because he wants more money for his development? If
it's 40 B, then go to the state and ask, no demand from them, millions.

We've funded you enough. We've given in just too many ways. Get off
the pacifer Uncle Ted.
8:29 pm est 

A Bit Delusional

The older people are the problem? What have they taken from this
town? They have given and paid taxes. It's the outsiders who come in
arrogantly expecting to gain affordable housing. And with their
friends in Ted Malon'es little empire, it works for them. They are
simply takers. They come here, give little, care little about this
town and get much.

These entitled outsiders are the problem as is Ted Malone's philosphy
and his capitalistic money-making enterprise supported by Keith
before and now fully supported by the twoins: Elaine Anderson and her
side kick Couture.
8:26 pm est 

Re: Just Read the CC Times

Have you wondered why European students come here and find
housing--and yet there are 14 homeless people here? Why haven't they
been able to find jobs and share some of the rooms and apartments
that have been advertised all summer and were on the grand union
bulletin board? What is their lifestyle story?

So, the town will be made up of people who can only afford to spend
$320 a month on an apartment. They are going to be spending money in
the stores and restaurants and thus keep the economy roaring in

Provincetown will be a place for the rich who can come and go as they
please and dine and play to their hearts content--and the resentful
forced to stay and weather a town bedded down for its winter of
boarded up store front windows.
7:41 pm est 

Hooray Stop & Shop

Fresh food. Good specials. Great selection. All within a 10 minute
walk of my apartment.

I am still just tickled pink!
7:38 pm est 

Just Read the CC Times -

The older people are the problem for the Cape Cod future, not
the solution.

Fortunatly in Provincetown we have the solution - build the
affordable housing that the cpa has the money committed for now.  
First Shankpainter - $1 million for 50 units - that is $20,000 per
unit or actually $10k by taxpayers in Provincetown and $10,000
matched by the state.

Funds are already commited by the cpa for $1.7ish - that is money
that cannot be used for anything else - at $10,000 in taxpayer money
that is 85 more units.

Build at least 2 bedrooms - that would mean that they have to be
filled with at least two people if not more.   They will probably be
filled with people who currently live in unstable and improper
housing.   And, so what if they come from Wellfleet, etc. - we need
younger people.

This is the opportunity and we need to act now !  This is the way to
change the tides in this town anyway.   We have already paid the
money, now lets do it !
6:44 pm est 

Think of the Greater Possibilities....

The Steering Committee, the Selectmen, the Taxpayers--they
are all demanding change from the School Committee.

Even if we save $700,000 a year--it is $7 million over ten years. Why
short change our students in a stultifying school/social environment?

What kind of socialization can they possibly have--they are pigeon
holed from elementary school on. Don't you see that: the popular ones
are popular, the nerd is the nerd--there is no growth and change that
is seen--they are pigeon holed.
6:24 pm est 

School is a Financial Burden to Provincetown

It is the Department of Revenue which mandated that the
school committee investigate regionalization--not Michael Rogovsky.

With the highest per student cost in the commonwealth and with the
school committee most concerned about the 90 jobs--(two fully staffed
cafeterias) the belief is that the school committee continues to
demand tribute from the taxpayers without seriously considering
cutting back on costs.

It is the Department of Revenue that is saying that the school is a
major financial burden on the taxpayers of Provincetown.
6:21 pm est 

Michael Please Run For School Committee!

Why did Peter Grasso say closing the high school would only save
$200,000 when the subcommittee's report said between $300-400,000 per year?

Let's face it,  the school
committee and Waugh can't be trusted starting with the truth as to
why 40 percent of the kids don't want to go to Ptown High.
Mrs. Nelson said the kids don't want to start here because they are
afraid of the school closing.
That is absurd. They want a better education and aren't special needs

Mr. Rogovsky, please run for the school committee this spring. You
have a large block of would be voters.  I'll even fund your campaign signs!

Vote Rogovsky Better Education!
6:19 pm est 

Michael Doesn't Get it!

After watching the school committee on PTV today it looks
like Mikey was wrong about everything on how it would be good for the
town to close the schools. Once again the truth is, Mikey just
doesn't get it!
4:47 pm est 

Trouble Downloading the Steering Committee's Report & Recommendations

I've tried to download the steering committee report on the
school--but I only get the superintendent's comments--not the report.
I get her comments and then either done or print at the bottom..and I
just get back to the school home page. How do I download it, thanks.

Webmaster Comment: After clicking the designated location for the
report you may have to wait 1-3 minutes for the complete download.
It is a large file and download speed is dependent upon your Carrier
system bandwidth.

Additionally, if you do not have the latest version of Adobe Reader, the
file will not function properly and the system may reject attempts to open
the file.

If you have this problem, please go to and download Version 9
(latest version) of Adobe Reader.

I trust this will solve your problem.

Thank you,
4:46 pm est 

Glad You're Helping Clean the Beaches

That's quite nice that you walk the beach with a bag to pick up
thrash. That's very helpful and a good example for us all. But why
would you call us Yahoos for pointing out the thrash on the beach?
Observing how the town works and where it fails isn't deserving of
such demeaning terms.
3:30 pm est 


How many bloggers are UVA graduates?
3:28 pm est 

Re: Ads By Google

Can someone explain again what the ADS BY GOOGLE have to do
with what is on this site? ..... he should have taken up a "donation"
from the readers.  I would have been happy to send in something.

Hey, stop picking on Clarence because he happened to figure out a way
to minimally compensate himself for tending to this whine-fest all
darn day, every day.  So you have to scroll down three or four inches
more in able to read what's on the blog, big deal.  And as for
"making a donation" I highly doubt that. Would you donate to the Cape
Cod Times in order to avoid all their obnoxious advertising?  Or any
other news source that you presently enjoy FOR FREE on line?  Nope.

  So, read the blog or don't, but stop being crabby because the guy
who runs it for your benefit might have found a way to afford a
little extra dough to, perhaps, buy a bottle of scotch to dull the
eternal blithering that appears here.  If you haven't noticed, he has
to put up with a lot of babble about unimportant issues as well as
the big ones.  Your latest gripe is merely an illustration of that.
3:27 pm est 

It Will Get Worse

This was all in October:* Patrick To Cut 1,000 Jobs (10/16/2008)
     * Governor's Budget Slashing Plans Will 'Cut Muscle' (10/15/2008)
     * Financial Crisis Could Cripple Local Communities (10/13/2008)
     * Financial Meltdown Tests Patrick, Mass. Leaders (10/12/2008)
     * 6,000 State Employees Could Be Cut (10/9/2008)
     * Budget Cut Preview: Everything's On The Table (10/8/2008)
     * State Cuts To Hit Pension System, Turnpike Auth. (10/2/2008)
     * Local Towns Worry About Budget Cut Impacts (10/2/2008)

Certain cities and towns in Massachusetts, already struggling with
tight budgets in a tough economy, now have heightened concerns about
how hard they'll be hit by the largest mid-year budget cuts the Bay
State has ever seen.
This was in October...Wait until will get worse
3:25 pm est 

The Facts of Life

On the news Saturday night: Deval Patrick is forced to cut
the budget for the schools ten percent--teachers will be losing jobs.
Just the plain financial facts.

Millions can't be added to the taxpayers in overrides etc. Other
towns have had a  hiring freeze in effect and are slashing budgets.
No pay raises and no benefit increases. Facts of life.
3:23 pm est 

CPA Town Hall Funding

Like everything this year the CPA funds will be looked over
with a fine tooth comb. So don't get your hopes up on full funding
for town hall!
3:22 pm est 

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Less Talk, More Do!

Have any of you yahoos complaining about the beaches ever
thought of doing a little cleaning yourselves? When I walk the beach
I take a garbage bag with me and some gloves and pick up trash. It's
good exercise and a great feeling of accomplishment. You get to do
something for the town you LOVE and it doesn't cost the tax payers a

The Ogre
10:11 pm est 

It's Not My End of the Ship Sinking?

People are Aware of How bad Things Are--It's the BOS and
Sharon Lynn who seem Totally Unaware

They are acting as if everything is as it was the last few years.
They are living in a state of unreality, not the State of
Massachusetts. There is no talk of cutting budgets but of increasing
some employees salaries. There is no request or demand for a 10% cut
in departments but a laissier faire attitude that everything will
work out and departments can get what they want.

Something's wrong with how Sharon and the BOS see this town and its
actual financial problems. They seem unaware of how much the state is
cutting and the future cuts that Deval Patrick will be forced to
make, including local aid.

It's simply tragic. They're on the Titanic and they think they're on
some cruise ship to the Caribbean. Unfortunately, they're taking us
with them, head-first into this disaster.
7:59 pm est 

As Time Goes By

Barbara Rushmore wrote a letter to the editor asking us to
preserve the school--but the school isn't what it was when her
children went to school here.

We must look at all of the options for what is best for our students
and future residents and citizens. Nostalgia for the past--a past
that has been left in the dust is no reason to try to maintain what
is now an impossibility.

Better classes, a truly large, engaged and vibrant, striving and
achieving student body is what parents want for their children--not a
throw back to another era.

We must prepare our children for life in a truly competitive world.
We can heap all kinds of awards and salutations upon them, but in the
work place these accolades stand for nothing if these student can't
perform and achieve in their chosen field.
The Reality Checker.
7:56 pm est 

Times are Hard and Getting Harder

Like families pawning the silver to get through a tight
spot, states such as Minnesota, New York, **Massachusetts** and
Illinois are thinking of selling or leasing toll roads, parks,
lotteries and other assets to raise desperately needed cash.

The employees of Provincetown work hard, no one is denying that--but
everyone must tighten their belts. Don't you think that the citizens
of the town would heap benefits upon you if they could do so?

Please don't ask for pay increases and benefit perks when times are
so tough and jobs are in danger.

Did you read about the fishermen and how tough life is? These are tough times.
Another voice of concern.
7:54 pm est 

Clean Beaches, hmmm, What a Concept

People buy beach front property and expect the town to keep it clean! 
How about all those restaurants on the water that don't do a thing to
keep their view clean! Let's not forget all those c-stores and food outlets
with their throw-a-way containers, wraps, bags...

Lets get real, there should be a trash tax on all take away
containers and dedicated to keep the beaches clean!

How's that for a positive idea!
7:51 pm est 

Do Not Look For BOS Leadership Regarding Bubget Reduction

Why would anyone think the selectmen or town manager are
going to slash any budget? We approved how much in overrides
recently? Until they have been given a mandate by the voters or much
needed guidance and leadership by FinCom, one would be naive to think
any selectmen recommended budget would reflect possible lower parking
revenues, room tax revenues,  tax payment arrears etc.
This town is not one to be pre-emptive. after all all these years we
just started our rainy day stabilization fund.

We should all get down on our knees and thank barbara rushmore in
steering us away from voting for the 7000000 commercial street
I hope people will step up at spring meeting and vote down ridiculous
capital expenditures. The sevicing of our budget could face serious
7:42 pm est 

Re: Misrepresentation of Name!

Thanks for setting the record straight, michael. I was hard
pressed to think it was you.

That person who misrepresented you is very threatened by your
opinions on either affordable housing  or regionalizing the high
school.  The list of suspects is quite short.
7:37 pm est 

Misrepresentation of Name!

I just read that someone used my name saying,"Bah, Humbug
to all"--that wasn't from me. How sad that someone can stoop to such
a low level. That person is to be pitied.

Michael Rogovsky

Webmaster Comment: Misrepresentation of Poster's identity is
a flagrant violation of MYPACC rules of usage and is not condoned.
5:33 pm est 

Ads By Google

Can someone explain again what the ADS BY GOOGLE have to do
with what is on this site?   I use to visit this site 3 or 4 times a
day.  I now do it every other day.  I can NOT stand all the EXTA JUNK
that the web master has put on this site.  Maybe he has to pay his
bills like the rest of us, but he should have taken up a "donation"
from the readers.  I would have been happy to send in something.  BUT
not anymore.  This site has gotten WAY to commercial for me. 

See you all in 2009 MAYBE?
5:26 pm est 

Town Hall Building Permit

Before you all went off ranting did anybody check to see if a permit
was issued? The permits have recently been posted only monthly in the
Banner. That is, a full month of permit activity is published once a
month. December permits will be published in January. I checked the
Town website, where building permits are also posted and there was no
permit issued in Sept., Oct or November. December permits are not
online yet.

So Mr. Rat, please crawl out of the basement on Monday morning and go
over to the big trailer, ask in person and report back to us. Until
then I find the bloggers here highly unreliable and I'll give the
Town (and Mr. Braun) the...

..Benefit of the Doubt
5:24 pm est 

January 22, Deadline For CPA Fund Proposals

We are in a dire economic time and the state must slash
programs and funds in order to balance its budget. The board of
selectmen will have to hold the line on wages and benefit increases
and make severe cuts in services and in funding projects.

The deadline for the proposals for the Community Preservation funds
is January 22nd.

May the proposal presented by the selectmen to the Community
Preservation committee state that the funds be used to renovate Town
Hall and thus reduce the financial burden on the taxpayers.

Michael Rogovsky
5:22 pm est 


The economic news across the country is terrible. The
Washington D.C. News papers are stating that one out of ten
businesses are expected to go bankrupt.

By law, every state in the union must have a balanced budget.
Programs and funding is being slashed. We are in for very hard times.

Now that we are in our quiet season, people aren't aware of how bad
things are. The Board of Selectmen is going to have to cut the
budget--and every facet of town government is going to have to cut
their budget.
5:19 pm est 

Maybe Provincetown Meets Wasilla

I don't mean as the meth capital of Alaska but as a city that
requires absolutely no building permits. That is how Sarah Palin
built her questionable home. Who are the contractors? You won't find
out from the building permits. There are none.

So Provincetown may come to have even more affinity with Wasilla!
Then we don't need to pay our building commissioner and we don't need
to pay or keep our new building inspector. If nothing much is being
done, as some imply, then we could save perhaps $100,000 in getting
rid of two positions.

Such a solution for Provincetown!
10:49 am est 

Friday, December 26, 2008

Houston Comes to Provincetown

Perhaps what I'm reading in the lack of enforcement of Zoning laws
and historic district by-laws seems to imply that we have no
enforcement of these rules. It is like living in a town without
zoning rules and rstrictions if no one is enforcing the rules. So,
maybe Provincetown is becoming like Houston: a city without any
zoning laws. Houston is the only major city in the US without any
zoming laws. Not surprising, it's in Texas. But now, Provincetown
embraces Houston in philosophy.

Oss, isn't it?
10:50 pm est 

Who is Our Building Inspector?

Wasn't Russell Braun's relatively high salary based on his doing two
jobs: building commissioner and building inspector?  So who is the
building inspector? And why do we need two people?

Since Russell Braun replaced Matt Mulvey, there is almost no
enforcement. It's a problem. Sitting at a desk is only part of the
responsibility. The Building Commissioner should be out and about, on
the streets, observing and making decision when work is being done
without the proper permits.
10:48 pm est 

Beach Clean Up

While we are on the issue to clean up the beaches, whats
with all of the boats lying on the beaches for years! What an
eyesore, not to mention how the boats are keeping the beach grass
from growing!
10:47 pm est 

Provincetown Should Clean up Its Beaches

The beaches are key to tourism and to those of us who live here. Yet
the beaches are allowed to be filled with thrash. They should be
cleaned daily. We need DPW involved with picking up thrash on the
beach and seeing that Provincetown's beauty remains unmarred by
thrown cans, bottles, paper, and garbage.
7:44 pm est 

Put in a Call to the BOS or Zoning Board Members

If someone calls a board member and complains about a breach of some
zoning or historic rule, that member must bring that complaint to the
building commissioner. So contact someone on Zoning and request that
they investigate why no permits were applied for in town hall
constsruction. Also, you can call one of the BOS members--not Michele
because she won't do anything on this issue--but anyone else and ask
that they look into this. They will.

The town should be a mdel of rule enforcement. It should not act as
if it is outside the purview of the laws of this town.
7:42 pm est 

You've Missed the Point

The Town and its buildings must follow the same rules as residents.
The town cannot exempt itself because it is the town. It is bound to
follow construction rules and it must apply for permits when
construction is done on any town property. This follows for the
Library, for the Grace Coveia building, the recreation building, the
Freman LIbrary, and the schools. They are not exempt and should not
be. This is not to be against construction but to make certain that
by-laws are followed.

The town must also follow Historic District Guidelines.

These are our rules and no one is exempt. The town cannot act beyond
the law. I know this town often does but that is not correct.And the
town should be applying for and getting the necessary permits for the
work being done.

And the building commissioner and the bulding inspector--yes we have
both now--should be enforcing the rules.
7:41 pm est 

Are Some More Equal Than Others

If the town is not an "Evil Empire" as someone states, then
why do they make others spend TIME and MONEY to get permits?  Should
we treat towns people different than the town itself?  It only
achieves that EVERYONE IS EQUAL.
7:39 pm est 

Once Upon a Time

7:36 pm est 

Ryder Street Parking Lot

Regarding someones concerns about the parking in the Ryder st.
lot and on Ryder st. itself, I don't think the spaces will open up to
the general population. I think they might be needed for construction
workers, their machinery and as possible staging areas for equiptment.
I don't know this for sure but looking ahead it seems possible.
1:30 pm est 

I Can't Resist

Yes, the town is shabby - it's a beautiful location and a beatiful
bay, but what does the town do ?   The bay beach is disgusting in the
summer - the main street is a mess and the electrical wires look like
a third world nation.  And, that's just for starters.

The mentality has been let's save a buck for

Oh and let's park cars on the bay instead of gee......restaurants ?
1:20 pm est 

Re: Town Hall Construction Permits

". . .If I believe the fence around town hall is illegal and
no permit was pulled or applied for. . ."

Let's not forget, the town is not some outside evil empire that we
should all fight against.  WE are the town, you and me.  It will be
as good or as bad as we make it.  If time is spent trying to obstruct
the town from making things happen is it really going to make things
better?  What will that achieve?
1:19 pm est 

The Town Must Follow Zoning and Historic Guidelines

There should be a building permit for the construction being done on
Town hall. Also the fence is a structure, as someone wrote, and it
should involve applications and rulings from Zoning.

However, Russell Braun hardly enforces anything. He is never on the
street enforcing Zoning or Historic by-laws. His sense of enforcement
is to wear a blindfold. Why is this his approach? I leave that to
others but he is a developer and that influences how he sees
construction in Provincetown.
1:17 pm est 

To: The Fence Vigilante

Could you possibly find something less significant to waste time on?

I didn't think so
1:16 pm est 

Re: You Have to be Kidding

    And that's why I think Patrick Eeley, as Chairman of the ZBA
should be the one who asks the questions of Mr Braun.

A Rat In The Basement
1:14 pm est 

Re: Construction Permits

So who really cares if the town did not get a permit? If
they get a permit it will cost the tax payer! US! What a dumb
question to ask on here.
1:13 pm est 

You Have to be Kidding

So, let me get this straight.  If I believe the fence
around town hall is illegal and no permit was pulled or applied for,
I have to go and file a complaint with Russell Braun the zoning
enforcement officer and building commissioner of Provincetown?  
Hmmm, then when I need a permit that I apply for, they will surely
make sure EVERY SINGLE i is dotted, and T is crossed and G-D forbid I
miscalculate something by 1 inch, they will make me jump through
hoops and it will end up costing me thousands more.   How many
citizens will ask Russell Braun to look into this?   Dont think
anyone will.   Just another example of the chicken watching over the
chicken coop.
1:10 am est 

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to one and all.

Merry Christmas!
10:13 am est 

To: You Have to Pay Attention to the Details In Re: ZBA

You misunderstand the power of the ZBA. The ZBA has NO power to reach
out and take cases they think should be heard or to mete out

The ZBA only has the power to rule on cases brought before
them. Who decides what cases the ZBA should hear? Who decides what
fines to levy?  The zoning enforcement officer is the one with that
power, Mr Russel Braun.

And yes, ALL of the work that the Town is doing is subject to the same Zoning
by-laws that the citizens are.Official requests for "zoning Enforcement" for the
town can be submitted to the Zoning Enforcement officer which he is then
REQUIRED to respond to in a time frame set by Massachusetts Law. He can either
say, NO zoning enforcement is required or he can refer the case to
the ZBA.

If a citizen files such a request and disagrees with Mr
Braun's decision, the citizen can then file directly with the ZBA to
"overturn" a decision of the building commissioner.

I hope that clears things up.
9:57 am est 

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Banner is a Small Time Paper With a Minsicule Journalistic Mind

One of the most important stories -- the fate the of the volunteer
fireman facing several charges -- was not covered yesterday. Why?
Responsible journalism requires the timely reporting of news that is
of interest to the community. The Banner has failed in its
journalistic commitment and wins the award for being the bust of

Breeding is what it is.
8:04 pm est 

Oops! Wrong Town

Isn't this town supposed to be known for its tolerant
attitude? Isn't that why many people moved here? All y'all are narrow
minded bigots and should move away!
8:02 pm est 

Happy Holidays Everyone!

As one writer said - Provincetown
is beautiful when it snows. Now to business.

First of all, I think a vibrant, healthy high school is a joy to have
in a community. The major situation with the Provincetown High School
is that the enrollement is dropping every year. This is happening in
many communities across the country. There is no coherent plan to
increase the number of students. So, the number of students will drop
year by year. The question to the school committee is at what number
of students would be essential to close the high school - 60?35?

The school committee needs to take responsibility for the lack of a
plan to increase the number of students. Before the vote of the
budget, the school committee said they were working on a plan. But,
nothing was heard until the next town meeting vote. Now, it is too
late. They could have developed a charter school. This town is filled
with talent and expertise that could have been utilized. A boarding
school for the arts or marine activities could have been explored. A
boarding school is the only option to increase the number of
students. Where the local students may not want to be bused up Cape,
the same holds true that the Upper Cape students wouldn't want to
come to the Lower Cape. Provincetown is not the only town
experiencing a drop in the number of students - it's happening to all
the other towns. So, whatever plan to encourage students to come to
Provincetown would be dealing with a declining number of students

Of the five families I know who send their children to Nauset, not
one of them mentioned they sent them because of the talk of closing
the high school. They sent because of the superior academics, wider
selection of courses, more sports and extracurricular activities.

I went to a union school composed of six towns. It was a wonderful
experience. None of the individual towns could have offered what the
union school offered. It would be sad to close the high school with
all the emotion, traditions and history tied up with that decision.
However, times are changing. We have to adjust to the change.If the
school committee waits too long the decision about the high school
may be taken out of their hands by the voters or the State Department
of Education. The effort now should be to save the elementary school.

I worked as a substitute teacher years ago. I was told that
Provincetown is known for, and actively recruited special needs
students. With 25% of the students who are special needs what you end
up with is chaos. We spent 80% of our time just trying to get control
of the class. (By the way I have dyslexia and hyperactivity.) One
class had eight students, two teachers and three assistants.

The taxpayers can and should be asked to support a high school that
is viable. They should not be asked to support nostalgia about a high
school that once was.

Mama Bear
8:00 pm est 

Alert to Rannai Gas Heater Owners

      I just read in the Cape Cod Times that Rinnai models
RHFE 431 and 556 distributed to dealers and contractors from Feb.
2000 to Dec. 2007 are in question for potential carbon monoxide
poisoning. I just called F.A. Days and they are aware of the recall
and will make the proper adjustments. Please call your installer or
Rinnai @
      In the meantime, It is a wake-up call to us all to have carbon
monoxide monitors and to keep them up to date. Just the other day a
man died of the poisoning due to a raccoon dead in the chimney.

      There are enough problems in the world, this is something that
can be prevented. Happy Holidays to All.

Astrid Berg

7:56 pm est 

Never Mind!

The cockels of my heart have been warmed up after reading
the blog. Ahh Christmas, the season of joy, giving, and  fellowship
to all mankind...??? But here on the blog we attack, condemn, insult,
and berate our fellow townsfolk. How easy too, no names here.

People, some of you need to get lives. There is so much more out
there, trust me on that. There are vacancies on many committees and
town boards that are crying out to be filled. Of course, that would
mean that you'd actually have to do something constructive! You may
not have that free time to bitch and complain on the blog about
everybody else that you hate! You won't be able to fix all the towns
ails from behind your computer screen with your poison pen clenched
firmly between your teeth.

What am I asking? Do something... positive??? Never mind!
7:54 pm est 

Strongly Held Misinformed Opinions

Where do you get off talking about the ex-Chief's contract when you
clearly have no clue.

I'll betcha a million dollars that his daughter's special needs are
not mentioned in the contract. Rather the family moved to Town,
enrolled in the school and boom Town is responsible to educate. This
applies to ANY student who moves into any district in the state.
7:52 pm est 

You Have to Pay Attention to the Details

A second homeowner who has had to jump through numerous
hoops to get work down on her house asked me the other day if the
work at Town Hall is being done without a Building Permit? She has
yet to see it advertised in the Banner.

And the fence they put up is over six feet tall, which makes it a
structure according to our Zoning Bylaws, meaning they should have
gotten a Special Permit to put it up. And don't give me any crap
about it being temporary. Remember the house on Commercial St. next
to the Kabutz a few years ago that put up temporary staging? They
were told to apply for a special permit and it was denied! Then they
had to remove it. And that was staging not a fence. Staging is
allowed for construction. Fences over six feet aren't without a
special permit, weather they be for construction, temporary, or
permanent.  How come the Goose dose not have to follow the same rules
as the Gander?

I think Our esteemed Chair of the ZBA, Mr Patrick Ealey, should pull
out his Kahunas and start making Town Administrators follow the
Zoning Bylaws.

And when are they going to change the signs in the Ryder Street
parking lot to allow resident parking during Town Hall hours? Its not
like anyone in Town Hall is going to use them for the next 3 years.
And what about the parking meters on Ryder Street? Same problem. How
about some follow through guys? Chezz if your going to take on a
project this big you have to pay attention to the details right from
the start.

I'm afraid that if these little not so important things are not being
taken care of now, than how can i have any confidence that the
important things will be done right?

This is why I have a problem giving my Tax dollars to these people.

A Rat In The Basement
7:50 pm est 

Re:Good Citizenship

You wrote:

"This town of a little shabby as work has not been done."


Pleas explain Lucy?

A Rat In The Basement
7:47 pm est 

Hook & Ladder

It is my understanding that the new-old hook & ladder is going to be
funded by the Provincetown Fireman's Association. I found this out
after I made a donation to them the other day. They and the Rescue
Squad do not hire an outside solicitor. All donations go to them
directly. If you have not contributed to them in the past, you might
rethink. We are very lucky that we have such a dedicated group of
volunteers. Without them our town could go up in smoke in no time or
a loved one might not make it to the hospital in time.
7:46 pm est 

Michael Rovogsky

Ba Humbug to you all! 
Michael Rogovsky.
7:44 pm est 

Taxpayer Relief Must Surely Come!

So many budgets will have to be slashed due to the
disasterious economy. Funds need to go to reduce the tax burden on
the taxpayers.
1:50 am est 

The Scandle!

Why are there 14 homeless people in Provincetown when there
is a house sitting empty because The housing advocates have been
giving CPC money to developers instead of fixing up this house? That
is the scandle--and a terrible reflection upon the use of CPC
money--again--given to developers.
1:48 am est 

Re: Ted Myers' Contract May Be Null & Void

Without the contract in hand, its hard to see the fine print but my
understanding for the position is that the chief LIVE in
Provincetown, not be a legal resident. I also doubt the contract has
anything that requires the ex-chiefs daughter be enrolled in the
elementary school locally, in that the school doesn't have the
facilities necessary to accomodate her. I doubt also the contract
outline a definition of what the teacher needs to be certified in.
Home schooling apparently may count. If all it says is something
along the lines that so long as he resides in the town then his
benefits will be provided for, the contract is still in force unles
the benifits are tiied to his being actively employed by the town as
chief. Keep in mind, he may be a legal resident currently in that he
did take out papers to run for selectman. Also keep in mind that this
contract was "negotiated" by a group of people that have no clue what
they are doing in a negotiation. Could they read the fine p!
  rint of a contract put before them by a professional that has been
through many contracts in his past and knows how to slide one by
those that don't know better? You bet. Is the town now stuck with it?
You bet!
11:01 pm est 

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I Value Those Who Have Lived Here For Years and Those Born Here

I repect the rich tradition that was here and for some continues. I
believe in valuing the history of any community and, for those who
came later, we should look back. We should know who in the past
helped to shape this town, who once were key individuals, and who
were past leaders.

Provincetown didn't begin last week and we should know its history
and not only from reading documents. There is a rich living history
here and it is carried in many who are older and who still live here.
10:59 pm est 

Re: Ted Malone

i don't believe we as taxpayers have given ted any money.
not local dollars anyway. put that in your stocking. get a clue!!!
10:57 pm est 

Pier Corp

The PIER CORP blew their independent status. Budget
approval, MUNIS accounting, regular meetings with FINCOM
just to name a few things they must do. All would not have happened 
if their wasn't gross incompetence.  We all know look at the behavior
not the words.  The actions recommended and insisted
by the Selectmen is all the evidence anyone needs to determine the
fiscal incompetence of this board.

I would beg Candace to be on my defense team, if needed any day.
8:22 pm est 

Proper Use of CPA Funds

Ted Malone has been selling houses at market rate for
years; he has created housing developments from Mat Costa's property
to the old A&P property. He just bought a building from Clem and

He has a staff of workers. This CPC money is chump change for
him--but it will be a big help to the taxpayers in this town if these
funds go to pay for renovating town hall.
8:21 pm est 


I think I need new glasses, Alice. I am reading about inbreeding on
the Provincetown blog. What fascinating reading. We thought the idea
of homo-sex was disturbing. Now we have inbreeding, my dear sister
8:19 pm est 

Re: Big Rock on Beach

"I've been living in this town for ...years!"

When I hear these words uttered by the person who has the floor at
town meeting, I just tune out and the hairs on the back of neck stand
at attention.

Red Flag!
This person is speaking as though theirs is the word of god. "I, all
knowing, have spoken, so be it." I AM A TOWNIE.

New Years Eve will prove to be a success, as always. People flock to
the shores of Provincetown. It is tradition for many a person from
Boston and the other parts of the state to start their year here. It
is a safe harbor for them. They may revel and party safely. There are
taxi's and no need to drink and drive. It is safe to be gay, and it
is safe to be straight and sober. It is a safe place for all.

Maybe you need to reconsider your business strategy so you too can
enjoy a profit. Like a previous blogger stated, it is better to rent
a room at a discount, then leave the room empty, collecting nothing
but dust- due to arrogance of not reforming to the economy.

Happy New Year, Mr. Rock. Try not to get washed out in the high tide
of a lack of business awareness.
8:18 pm est 

To: Don't Agree With Giving Developer More $$$

I am not, repeat not in defense for Community Housing Resource
getting half a Mill. for seed money. There are reservations to be

However, I do not agree with your statement that we have given Mr.
Malone enough already. "we" as town-taxpayers haven't GIVEN ANYTHING
to CHR yet.

We have leased land on Shankpainter Rd. LEASED as in the town will
own the land parcel for 99 years. It is not a give away.

Don't look now, but your anti-affordable housing cheeks are showing!!!

Merry Christmas
PS. may I remind readers that as of today there are 14 homeless
persons living in Provincetown. FOURTEEN HOMELESS.
Count your blessings that you have your own roof over your head
tonight! May God Bless Us All (even you *****)
8:15 pm est 

Facing Financial Disaster

We have a Town Hall that is being refurished. Phase one
will cost taxpayers over a million dollars.

There is money in the CPC fund and there is a choice to put this
towards the cost of fixing town hall or giving it to a rich developer
with a host of housing developments to use as equity.

Over $2 million dollars has already gone to developers.

Our economy is a financial disaster, the state is slashing its budget
and towns are slashing their budgets. Woe to the taxpayers of

The logical answer is to put the money towards fixing Town Hall and
reduce the financial burden on the taxpayers.
8:13 pm est 

Good Citizenship

I am happy to pay my taxes - the rate is way lower than
anywhere else I know about.

I am happy to pay extra for Town Hall - no big deal.

This town of a little shabby as work has not been done.

I believe in being a good citizen and leaving things a little better.
8:10 pm est 

Again - This is Better Than Television

Corruption, in-breeding, townies vs. washashores, Portuguese vs. gay, greedy
developers, seized businesses, food servers' wages, and Harper Valley

Happy Holidays to all!
8:09 pm est 

Replacement Fire Engine

The handsome ladder truck from Orleans arrived yesterday afternoon!

Orleans appears to have taken nice care of this truck which is no
youngster.  Thank goodness they parted with it for only $4000.  Thank
you Orleans.

Since it was x-rayed and found to be structurally sound in its ladder
system, let's take fine care of it...and let's not talk about
replacing it in one year.

A lot of us drive old cars and trucks.  With good tlc...let's get
this baby to KEEP ON TRUCKING>
8:07 pm est 

The Finance Committee is Not the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Nor does it have the same authority or power to make demands. The
Finance Committee report  is less credible as it is more of a
political document.

Ms. Nagle has been gracious considering how the
pier corporation maligned her character when she was just exercising
her 1st  amendmendment rights andher rights to get public records.
8:06 pm est 

There's Much to Learn on This Blog

I find that I come to know quite a lot about what is happening in
this town with this blog. I also come to know about some possible
occurrences. What I find is that the "rumors" are often truths that
came ahead of the breaking news. There are some smart and savvy
people blogging here.
1:40 pm est 

I Don't AGree With Helping a Developer Get More Money

When is enough enough? I do not support giving Ted Malone $500,000
for his Race Point High-Density Development. If it's 40 B then let
him go the state and see what they say.

We have already given so much--and some would say too much--to
affordable housing and to Ted Malone. Put all his people on the CPC
committee, fill the boards with his associates. No, we've had enough.

Town hall needs CPC monies. That is where we should put CPC resources
for the next two or three years. Then we can re-assess what our
entire town priorities are--not those of a narrow vested interest
group that constantly has their hands out looking for more and more
of our taxpayer money.
1:39 pm est 

Bah Humbug!

Candice Nagle's half-hearted attempt to defend Kerry Adams
was most laughable. Someone stated that she (Candice) would not rest
until Adams was behind bars.

Candice "rushed" to defend Adams by saying she would be part of his
defense team. Take note Kerry: ANYONE but Candice! After she sticks
up for you, she plunges the knife in your back all the way to the
hilt by calling you "incapable" and "unaware"! Funny, I remember the
whole Finance Committee review thing and I don't remember anyone
saying anything derogatory about Adams or any of the other Pier
Committee board members.

How nice that some of us (Ms. Nagle) in town have so much free time
on our hands to bash others. Kerry should take it as a hell of a
compliment that he's being insulted by Candice Nagle!

Merry Christmas to all!

Bah Humbug Candice!
11:39 am est 

Business Turn-down?

I keep reading how "Business" is going to be down for New Year's. I
have a guesthouse and have been sold out for weeks for New Years. And
I DIDN'T have to lower my prices, I keep my prices on the
"reasonable" side and have had no trouble filling them. In Fact, 2008
has been my best year ever. It's called GOOD BUSINESS practice.
Better to have an occupied "moderately" priced room than an empty,
expensive room. YES, you can make more money charging LESS than the
prevailing rates!
10:48 am est 

Re: Inbreeding

To the person who is so interested in "inbreeding"

You need to find a job or get a life elsewhere,obviously your bored
and your trying to stir things up here on the blog, well no one cares
what you think or write so, think of something else to write about or
shut the      up. Stupidity come to mind when i read things like
this, loser.....geeshhhhhh,
9:58 am est 

Re: Kerry Adams

Kerry behind bars? That wouldn't happen as I would be part
of his defense team.

being unaware, or incapable of performing his fiduciary
respondsibilities as treasuer of the PPPC hardly makes him a canidate
for bernie's roommate.

I do wish he took some respondsibility for his role in very, very bad
municipal accounting. I would respect him for that disclosure.
but more importantly, I am  making sure improper accounting doesn t
continue by the PPPC as well as many other concerns I have about what
is going on down at the pier and on the board.

9:56 am est 

Business Down-turn!

I do not care if New Years falls on a Tue, Wed, Monday or
Friday, it is NEW YEARS and I have been in town over 15 years and
know many Inn owners and each and everyone of them have said the same
thing.  Business is way off in December and New Years bookings are
down.  So please don't tell me I don't know what I am talking about. 
Yes, there might be a few that are booked, but do you know what they
lowered the room rates down too?

9:54 am est 

Merry Xmas!

Merry Christmas Eve - Eve. 12/23/2008     ho ho ho!  lol
9:52 am est 

Re: Inbreeding

I know a few incest facts that would blow your mind if I
told you who the families are. But I would never say it on here like
most of you do. What is this? Days of our lives at the harper valley
9:51 am est 

Affordable Housing

As long as we get more affordable housing on the outer
cape, I think helping a developer get seed money from our CPA funds
is a good way to get more year round people to live here. As long as
they are rentals, and watched like the CCCDC & HUD section 8 staff,
watch the rentals they take care of! What good will giving away most
of the CPA funds to fix townhall when only the rich will own the real
estate here? They don't stay here in the wintertime! The only other
people here now are people in homes that their familys gave them,or
people like you who got in before real estate got out of hand, and
people who now have or want affordable housing!  And if there are
people who need housing from other areas of Massachusetts and want to
live here year round, so be it! This is America Mikey and half of the
CPA funds come from ALL Massachusetts tax payers in the CPA program.
They deserve The same right that you have to live here. The only
difference is that you made your mone!
  y when times were better, taxation helps fund things to keep
America & yes-Provincetown strong! And if qualified local people feel
they haven't gotten affordable units in town they should report it or
shut up!
9:50 am est 


I too wonder why a rich developer should get hundreds of
thousands of dollars to go towards yet another of his developements;
when the money is available to go towards renovating town hall?

That is what the question is regarding the the CPC funds, which is
taxpayer funded.
12:31 am est 

Monday, December 22, 2008

Be Careful What You Wish For Santa

It could the Santa that fronts the front of the Banner. Be careful
what you wish for. This Santa, and he is not Saint Nicholas, could
show up again somewhere in town trailers! Yikes! Rudolf beware!
10:54 pm est 

Ted Myers' Contract May Be Null & Void

Why? Because Ted Myers and therefore his daughter and of course also
his wife were never residents of Provincetown. He was not a voter and
his daughter was never a legitimate student of Provincetown.
Therefore, Ted Myers cannot obligate the town to pay for special
education for his daughter when neither he nor his daughter was
officially a resident of this town. That was part of his contract but
he never was a legal resident of Provincetown. He lived here but he
never was legally a resident and therefore Provincetown should not be
paying for his daughter-- not now and we should not have paid in the
past. Ted Myers may have been a resident and taxpayer of another town
but he was not a legal resident of Provincetown while he was chief of

The obligation for his daughter and the $100,000 we have paid each
and every year and the apartment for his wife and the schooling and
tutoring for his daughter is illegal. The bill should not be paid
anymore. Since it should never have been paid in the past.

This is like part of the Madoff Ponzi scheme.
10:52 pm est 

Inbreeding Can Happen!

When the same families over generations concieve children from the
same population of the same familys in a small village or town. I for
one have wondered about how most long time Provincetowners are
somehow always related to somebodys cousin or great Aunt. Maybe
they are not sisters and brothers, but if you go back a generation or
so you can connect the dots!
8:05 pm est 

Slow New Years Eve

Please keep in mind that New Years Eve falls on a Wednesday this
year.  It's going to be an 'off'  holiday regardless of the economy.

And to the person who is so concerned at Clem and Ursies paying their
water bills.  All delinquent water, sewer and taxes get settled at

And to the person who dared to use the words 'inbreeding', you have
now entered a new low onto this blog.  Please name any brothers and
sisters or first cousins in this town who have had children. 
Ignorant, no.  Stupid, yes.
2:05 pm est 

Re: CPA Funds

Thank goodness that the majority in Provincetown do not
agree with Mr Rogovsky! When we raise taxes it is so we can all pay
for the betterment of our town. The CPA funds are a good way to
invest in our future! If 3% out of his or anyones tax bill is a
problem, I feel sorry for you, but if you don't give back, the town
will become a ghost town -  year round. 

CPA funds were never intended to pay for the everyday running of the
town, townhall restoration should have been an ongoing budget at town
meeting each year!
2:03 pm est 

Inbreeding Genetic Factor?

Is anyone going to mention that inbreeding among a small
town could be the reason of the large % of special needs?
11:05 am est 

Re: Ted Myers and Special Education Issues

He lives here and yet his wife and child live somewhere else. Doesn't
that seem strange to anyone? The town is paying for all the benifits
he had while he was chief because, as it states in his contract
somewhere, so long as he lives in town, the town will pay those costs
associated with housing and special education for his daughter.

The wife is the teacher and therefore she is paid for her services as is
the housing and all. This is all thanks to the GREAT wisdom of the
selectmen who made up and "negotiated" this contract, not realizing
they were WAAAAAYYYY out of their league in trying to do so.

These are the same people that didn't renegotiate the contract for an
additional year when they could have possibly negotiated that clause
OUT of the contract and THEN give him the no confidence vote to get
rid of him. So long as he remains in town, these costs continue.
Nice, huh?

And these are the same people STILL running the town.
11:04 am est 

Took A Break From myPACC For A Few...

...days and now I am catching up on my reading. interestingly enough for
ma are a few observations:

-since the google/adds there has been NO change in tone or direction
or slanted editing. (thanks Clarence!)

-the school issue is unraveling into something that seems to be
finally getting somewhere, for the good of the kids. (sorry about the
fate of your job ms. Waugh)

-Mr. Rogovsky still doesn't realize the purpose and intent of the
CPA. (although his anti-affordable housing demeanor greatly increases
with every blog and letter to the editor)

-Ms. Nagle will get to the bottom of pier corp and will not rest
until Mr. Adams is behind bars (merry xmas Candice)

-there is a majority voice that blog here with a self serving selfish
goal- to keep THEIR $$$ in their OWN wallet and NOT spend any (all in
the name of taxation) god forbid one helps out a good or worthy
cause. ohh, by the way, Town Hall is NOT a worthy cause!

This is a season to reflect and to give back a little to those who
can not give to themselves or their children.

After reading this blog this morning, I am saddened by the tone of
bitterness directed at our community, the haves and have nots.
Angered by resentment and pettyness. I'm done with it.

Looking for more Joy-2-the World less GRINCH that stole xmas!

I wish there was a Santa, because there will be a lot of coal dumped
on Provincetown this December.
11:00 am est 

Our Schools Are Special Needs Centers, Not Really Community Schools

If the main reason for having our schools remain open is to support
special education, something seems off here. I keep hearing it's
about community schools but maybe this is why Provincetown students
go to other schools more focused on high-quality curriculum and less
focused on adjusting to special needs students. Why would the special
needs percentage be over 25%? ONe in every four students is a special
needs student? And how much of the school budget involves special
10:54 am est 

Re: Special Education

Please tell me how many special needs kids from truro and
welfleet are enrolled in ptown's school system. does the 26 percent
reflect only ptown residing special needs students?

I am again interested to know if a student with dyslexia would be in
a special needs or another category? but would benefit from smaller

Thank you.

I feel intuitively more info has not been forthcoming. but I am
interested in looking at this as a way perhaps the only way to keep
our schools by addressing the special needs population.
10:52 am est 

Holiday Low

I thought the issue of the school was supposed to be about
the kids. but now look who's under attack on here...the kids. and
those with special needs to boot. a new holiday low.
10:51 am est 

Special Needs Students...

Have been in our schools since the 1980's at least.  Back in those
days when "creative thinking" was hailed as the teaching style to
emulate, students were encouraged to write with misspellings, never draw books rather to write essays...and were told that
not knowing proper spelling and arithmetic sums were ok.   Well, two
years later...many of our youngsters were two years behind...enter
the SPECIAL NEEDS MACHINE.  When placed in this program, children
could spend time playing with blocks instead of phonics, they could
go for walks in Beech Forest with counsellors...and did so during
school hours.  There was a notorious RUBBER ROOM where you could just
play and roll around, presumably getting occupational therapy.   It
is no suprise that these students never got our of our Special
Education "curriculum".  They were ripped off...not taught to read
and write properly...and many of them as current 30 year olds work in
menial jobs around town.  Many of these students dropped out long
before the MCAS tests would have flunked them out.  Many of these
students were allowed to skip the reading and writing demands of a
real elementary school.

It is not ok, not to educate 26% of our basic standards.

We already have  a Special Ed school....and it is not working.  These
children are not retarded...they have been discarded by the faculty.

Let's discard the faculty that is responsible for this.

Faith in the children.
10:50 am est 

Breakdown of Special Students in Provincetown,Truro and Wellfleet

Here is a breakdown of Special Ed students in P-town, Truro and
Wellfleet.  There is no way of telling how many students are
tuitioned-in to P-town from elsewhere. (Sorry if formating of columns
does not work properly.)
                       Truro      Wellfleet       Provincetown
Adjusted Total                                          213         
    122            132
SPED Total                                       57                  
  19              12
Intellectual                                       3                 
      0               0
Sensory/Hard of Hearing                1                        0    
Communication                               8                       
0              0
Sensory/Vision Impairment             0                        0     
Emotional                                        0                   
     1              1
Physical                                           0                 
       0              0
Health                                              6                
        0              0
Specific Learning Disabilities         29                        6   
Sensory/Deafblind                           0                       
0               0
Multiple Disabilities                          2                     
   0               0
Autism                                              2                
       1                1
Neurological                                     0                   
     2               0
Developmental Delay                       6                        9 

Daily Reader

Webmaster Comment: Sorry, but the format was not maintained.
Please resubmit.

10:44 am est 

Personal Observations

Does anyone know about the Sunoco gas station and general
store there on Conwell Street?  Is it true that the DOR closed it
down and seized it also?  And did Clem ever pay the 11 thousand he
owed for this years sewer betterment OR did Provincetown management
finally do something right and put a lien on his building?

I walked around town on Commercial Street this weekend and it does
seem quieter than in past years.  Just my observation, but more so,
after talking to 3 store owners, they did say it has been dead.   A
few guest houses have mentioned that even New Years is off from past
years.  The economy in Provincetown is no different than anywhere
else in the United States.  It will and has already been affected.

10:40 am est 


There is a high number of special ed kids because the school system
bumps the numbers to get more reimbursement from the state and
federal governments. The problem is the stigma stays with the kid
forever. Good grades but was a special ed kid. Not good for college.
11:19 pm est 

Re: Ted Mayers and Special Education Issues

Ted Meyer's is No longer Chief so why would Provincetown be
paying for his daughter's education in another town? Did someone say
we are paying his wife too? Why? What is this about? Is this a
11:18 pm est 

Re: Ted Myers and Special Education Issues

I"m Confused. Why are we still paying for Ted Myers'
daughter? Do we really pay about $100,000 to cover the cost of her
special needs? Does Ted's wife have an apartment that we, in
Provincetown pay for?

Can someone add some facts here? This seems rather unbelievable to me.
11:16 pm est 

Sunday, December 21, 2008

More Tolerance Would Be Good

If someone states a percentage of special needs and that percentage
is wrong, have a little patience. Some come down on these bloggers
like they are purposefully being deceitful. We can have hunches. We
can have insights. Stating them on this blog should be exactly that: 

  Stating opinions without some attacking. Let opinions be opinions. If
  you have more information, then share it. But you don't have to
  attack some unfortunate person who just blogged here. That's really

Let people have their say.
10:04 pm est 

Re: Special Needs

I mentioned my idea about building on our reputation as a
place that is more suited for  special needs kids to someone who is
well informed about the schools etc.  the feedback: 
The best idea i've heard. 

I would like some feedback from the person who directed
me to the website please.

Seems to me it addresses a need for a type of student, keeps jobs and
the community so many are afraid of losing with no school.
10:01 pm est 

26 % Special Needs Seems Rather HIgh

And what percentage of students enrolling from Truro and Wellfleet
have special needs? Do they view Provincetown as good for them
because it is small scaled and can handle special needs? If this is
the case, then the entire issue of small classes is quite different
then it is presented by the school committee. This becomes a place to
place special needs students--not a place that has a fabulous
curriculum and is more tailor-made for our students.

If more than 25% of our students are special needs, how much of the
staff, costs, curriculum are used for special needs? The image that
is evolving is one quite different from the community schools image.
It seems more a place to handle difficult educational children than a
place for excellence. Why should our special needs percentage be so
much higher than that of the state? How many special needs students
are Provincetown students?
9:58 pm est 

Re: Re: Special Ed Stats

"School District Population = 213
Special Ed (SPED) Students = 57 or 26.8%.

The state average = 16.7%, with some schools having higher %'s than
Provincetown.  26.8% still raises some questions, but it isn't "80%"."

I may be mistaken, but I do believe those numbers reflect the student
age children that reside in this district.  it does not include SPED
students who tuition into our district.  I know there are parents of
SPED students in other towns who send their kids here because of the
individual attention they can receive here.

If our NON-SPED students tuition out of town and SPED students from
other towns tuition in, that changes those percentages dramatically.
9:57 pm est 

Re: Special Needs

Thank you for feedback on the ptown special needs stats.
respectfully, I did go to the right source  Ms. Nelson
said she and her colleagues read this blog.

Are special needs the same category as a child with a learning
disability?  More than one out of four with such a small enrollment
that have special needs? that seems problematic. Is it? Could we look
at a specialty school on the cape for that type of student?
9:54 pm est 

Re: Special Ed Stats

I guess it is much easier to repeat baseless figures, than take 5
minutes and do a simple Google search.  If you check Google for
"special needs population Mass.", you'll find sites such as this:


Click on either of the bottom 2 reports on the resulting page and
you'll see stats for every town in Mass. for the year 2007.  Here are
some Provincetown stats:

School District Population = 213
Special Ed (SPED) Students = 57 or 26.8%.

The state average = 16.7%, with some schools having higher %'s than
Provincetown.  26.8% still raises some questions, but it isn't "80%".

Next time you hear some weird figure, please do the rest of us a
favor and take 5 minutes to try to find a few actual facts before you
"Shout Out!" - it isn't that hard.
7:37 pm est 

This Seems So Important Now

I do believe the many issues we discuss here are beyond just
Provincetown. Tihe analysis, the criticism, the opinions are attempts
to make sense of our lives and how this town, this place is run. I
find these paragraphs from  Daniel Boorstein so poignat and fitting:

    "In this book I describe the world of our making; how we have
used our wealth, our literacy, our technology, and our progress, to
create a thicket of unreality which stands between us and the facts
of life. I recount historical forces which have given us this
unprecedented opportunity to deceive ourselves and to befog our

      Of course, America has provided the landscape and has give us
resources and the opportunity for this feat of national
self-hypnosis. But each os us individually provides the market and
the demand for the illusions which flood our experience.

      We want and we believe these illusions because we suffer from
extravagant expectations. We expect too much of the world. Our
expectations are extravagant in the precise dictionary sense of the
word--"going beyond the limits of reasons or moderation." They are
7:34 pm est 

Re: "Ignorant"

To the person who said I was ignorant because I wanted my
kids to go to neighborhood schools -

7:32 pm est 

What Happened to Geroge's Pizza?

Did anyone go to the auction? Who bought what? What will now happen
in this space?

I miss George's Pizza. There was always some life in the cneter of
town. Now it is dead.
7:30 pm est 

I Heard the Townsend Mac Seafood Deal Fell Through

If they are cleaning out Clem & Urise's then maybe the deal was
brought forward and something new was added to make it happen. But I
heard the deal with them fell apart.
7:29 pm est 

Re: History of CPA

I Remember Otherwise

The CPC already had 80% of CPC monies for affordable housing. But
that was not enough. They wanted an Affordable Housing Dynasty. They
proposed as an article for a transfer tax that would net affordable
housing $20 million in a few years. They proposed as an article had a
director of housing at a salary over $90,000 and then additionally 
proposed another assitant housing director at around $65,000. They
were going to establish Affordable Housing as a permanent part of
town government, with a seat at the table. They were going to be a
department and the tax transfer fee was going to fund even more
monies for the great Industrial Afffordable Housing Complex. And Ted
Malone was going to be the hidden king behind the warm and fuzzy
affordable housing kindgom.

This was voted down at town meeting two years ago. And thank God. It
was the beginning of a town waking up to the sham and deception
occuring always under the guise of the poor, homeless, town worker
and town teacher and town fireman. Townies were never part of this
deal. They were the cast asides and they still are. However, this
entire Affordable Housing Industrial Development Complex Dynasty was
insightfully voted down.
7:26 pm est 

Re: Special Needs

    It would be important to get the number of special needs
students. I think that some of the students coming from Truro to
Provincetown are coming here because of special needs. I do believe
the special needs situation is a factor that is generally not
discussed but is part of the number of students who still remain here
in Provincetown and part of why some students from other towns come
here. Some students with special needs have one teacher assigned only
to them in Provincetown.
     And if we are going to bring up special needs, we have to look
at why we in Provincetown are still paying hundreds of thousands of
dollars for Ted Meyer's daughter when she long ago was not a resident
here. We are paying for his wife to have an apartment near their
daughter's school and paying for disability education.
     It's one thing when students were residents here. It's another
when that daughter hasn't been part of Provincetown for five or six
years. And even more important: Ted Meyer was not a resident of
Provincetown when he was Chief of Police and his wife was not a
resident. Therefore neither was his daughter. So why are we still
paying all this money for a daughter that is not legally part of

Does anyone have an answer for me?
7:24 pm est 

Strategic Planning Committee Report & Recommendations

If you did not watch the presentation on PTV, the entire
subcommettee report on the schools can be downloaded from the
Provincetown Schools website:


Daily Reader

Webmaster Comment: Thank you for your concern. Please note
that a direct link has been provided above.


7:19 pm est 

Re: Special Needs Education

If 80% of the students in Provincetown schools have
learning disabilities, something is terribly wrong here!
4:56 pm est 

Special Needs Education

Does anyone know the percentage of kids in the high school
that have learning disabilities? I got a sense that the majority of
kids who are staying in Ptown schools are because they have special
neeeds.  Clearly there is a reason our test scores a so much lower
than Nauset's even with smaller classes and more access to help.

I had heard last year from a teacher that 80% of the kids have
learning disabilities. I was shocked but dismissed it. But, I am know
wondering since regionalizing the schools is now recommended by a
subcommittee and the DEP,  if much of the school committee's
resistance is because of the unspoken.
These kids are certainly better off with higher student to teacher
ratios. as peter grasso said more tutorial opportunities to meet
after class vs. making an appointment with a teacher. do any of the
school committee's children have special needs or learning
disablilities where perhaps they can't be objective? Could we turn
our high school into a special needs school?

Please accept my apology if anyone finds this post offensive but it's
time for everything to be considered.
3:53 pm est 

Re; Rumor Has it......

Wrong. Try again.
2:14 pm est 

Re: "Ignorant"

It's not ignorant to have or express an opinion. But when
you call someone ignorant for it, well, in another word, you're just

just sayin'
2:13 pm est 

Advertising Compromises This Blog

I agree with what "See You In The Funny Papers" wrote. Advertising
casts a pall over this forum.

The ads I've seen - for real estate and guesthouses - are
questionable because they represent Provincetown's establishment. How
shall criticisms of moneymaking businesses now seem in the context of
an ad nearby? What about posts having to do with related legislation,
or what was said about it at the latest Board of Selectmen meeting?

How are we to view redactions of names on this blog? Will it happen
for legal or taste considerations as in the past, or so as not to
offend advertisers and friends and affiliates thereof? Any PACC
editorials will seem especially suspect.

Sorry, guys you know I'm telling you true...this is the what ruined
The Banner. As its real-estate section grew fatter than the main news
section, it was no wonder that its coverage went limp.

Then again, this blog isn't The Banner. You haven't changed your
mission in favor of becoming a traditional, moneymaking media
enterprise right? If recouping expenses is the problem, what efforts
have you made towards soliciting reader donations as an alternative
to this apparent conflict of interest?

I invite the webmaster's comments...

- Laughing Last
2:10 pm est 

Inferior Over Priced Schools Are Hardly a New Issue

When I washed ashore some 25 years ago one of the 1st things that
struck me as I came to know the year round residents was the number
of kids who were sent away to boarding school. At first I thought
there must be some hidden wealth in these otherwise ordinary families.

Then a couple of years later a family that owned a business and a
home in Town took a year round rental in the Nauset district to get
the kids out of P-town schools. This was before school choice or
charter schools. They were so frustrated with the schools that they
commuted here to work and spent weekends and school holidays here but
lived up cape during the week.

More recently I learned of a family that had to relocate out of Town
for a family emergency. The kids were getting A's and B's in P-town,
but when they were evaluated for placement in the off Cape school, it
turned out they were a year or two behind academically. That family
plans to return to P-town after the kids finish high school.

There have to be scores of other stories along the same lines. It
just could be that merging with Nauset could bring more families to

We certainly have little to lose.
2:07 pm est 

History of the CPA

The CPA was adopted by Town Meeting as a compromise. Housing
advocates were pushing for a RE transfer tax to fund affordable
units. The real estate owners and brokers objected to the transfer
tax and supported the CPA, with 80% dedicated to affordable housing,
to avoid the transfer tax. This compromise was reached after several
years of debate and discussion between the interest groups, the way
it should be done. It was a hard fought battle, not always pretty,
and feelings were hurt and relationships altered. But in the end it
was good legislation. The CPA tax was a bitter pill for the RE people
to swallow and the housing people did not get as much money as they
wanted. Maybe times and our needs have changed but consideration of
the history of the CPA is worthwhile as we tinker with again.

That is the way I recall events anyway. Maybe others who were
politically active or aware at the time could share their
2:04 pm est 

To: Dawn's Early Light

A Finance Sub-Committee member put it best: the treasurer was
in name only.

The treasurer of the PPPC is Kerry Adams. Because he wasn't
performing his duties as treasurer, it is costing us $10K for the
Mark Abrams analysis and $10k to go on the Town's Munis System.
Those costs in these tough economic times reflect how poorly the
accounting has been handled.

Really madam what does 'family man' and someone who speaks' his mind'
have anyting to do with fiscal respondsibilites as a treasurer?
2:00 pm est 

Re: Family Man

Madoff is a man too....
1:56 pm est 

Clem & Ursies Restaurant

This past week chris townsend and his partner that owns macs rest
in welfleet have been cleaning out the restaurant. A large dumpster
has been filled. Chris townsend owns the restaurant at the foot of
cabrals wharf.

So it seems clem and ursies is no more.
1:54 pm est 

This Town is Not a Two Season Town!

Anyone who attended tonights holiday show at the Provincetown theater
can tell you what a wonderfull place we live in! It was packed with a true
cross section of Provincetown, all enjoying each others talents and

To the ba-humbugs on here like mikey, get a life and enjoy one of the
best places on earth - Provincetown! Its no wonder people from around
the world ENVY us here and pay big bucks to move here, we are a real
community and we don't mind paying our share of taxes to keep it
going! Things are bad everywhere not just here! And as John Thomas
said tonight, we here on the outer cape know recession! We go thru it
every winter!!! Investing in our community will give back more than
just money it gives us life! Even if my taxes go up,(like everywhere)
I'm glad its here where we take care of each other.

Thank you Provincetown!
1:53 pm est 

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Re: Community Schools

"If I wanted my kids to go to Nauset, I would live in Eastham.

It's called community schools for a reason.

There is a lot more than education that goes on in schools."

In a word, you are "ignorant."
10:37 pm est 

Re: Rumor Has it......

......that Clem's sold a few days ago. Cape Tip Fish
is the purported buyer.

Anyone know?

I just checked the registry of deeds website. No deed has been
recorded for the premises up to close of biz on Friday.

Anybody go the DOR auction at George's last Thursday?

Do Tell
10:35 pm est 

A La Provincetown

So much pettiness and greed so close to xmas.

Another only in provincetown I guess.
10:33 pm est 

Dawns Early Light!

Boy when light dawns on marble head it shines, I just
figured out why you people have such a problem with Kerry Adams!  
He's a family man and speaks his mind and is respected for that.
Smart man among fools
10:32 pm est 

Re: Michael Rogovsky

If mikey would remember when the town joined the CPA, It
was clear, NOT to let town government ie: (town manager/board of
selectmen) use these funds for things that should be paid with from
the general fund monies etc. That is why anyone who wants a
grant/loan from the CPA has to go thru all of the taxpayer volunteer
boards to get passed, then if it passes those boards then it goes
before town meeting for a final vote. Just imagine if it was up to
the BOS & town manager what those funds would have been used for!
They most certainly would not have been used to pay for community
PRESERVATION. These funds are NOT to lower your tax bill! They are to
build an economic base that we can build on and build for a better
tomorrow.(lower taxes). I am sure that SOME of the historic funds
will go to the RESTORATION of the outside of townhall and maybe some
funds for the historic staircase etc. But as far as funding
everything short of a loan, I don't see it. Maybe we can get so!
  me of the open space funds to redo the landscape around townhall
but I'm pretty sure the state CPA would not allow that. These funds
are only for 20 years! Lets use these funds wisely so we'll have a
tax base! We've given enough to townhall.
10:30 pm est 

There's no One Here!

There's few jobs, few businesses open. We surely do not need more
affordable housing. We need industry. And we must face the facts: we
are a two season town at the max. Perhaps we are truly a one season
town. WE also need fewer services, fewer employees. It's a small town
that becomes a tiny atoll, overloaded with high expectations and an
unrealistic image of itself.
10:28 pm est 

Rumor Has it......

.......that Clem's sold a few days ago. Cape Tip Fish
is the purported buyer.

Anyone know?
5:18 pm est 

Town Meeting Will Decide Fate of CPA Funds

If the town wanted 80% of the CPA funds to go to the town
hall project they would have voted for Barbara Rushmores crazy idea
of putting 80% of the funds into Historic. But they did NOT! They
sent a clear mandate NOT to spend all the funds on one project. The
businesses to be built at 90 Shank-Painter RD. Will be affordable
rentals that will bring much needed year round only store fronts into
town. These will have strict leases and rents that will change as the
income changes. Remember all of the units to be built are to help
provincetown be more affordable and year round. Ted Malone and/or
anyone else can apply for funds, but it is up to town meeting to vote
yes or no to all CPA funding.
5:17 pm est 

Barge Costs a Moving Target!

"The Barge did not cost the Town $46,000. We/PPPC  paid $26,500 to the
town of Chatham for their Barge that they spent over $90,000 on."

Kerry Adams Dec 30 2007

Didn't you say to the selectmen last monday it was going to cost THE
TOWN over 40K? why are your barge costs a moving target??  Imagine
the DPW pulling that stuff. No, I can't imagine it.

$80 grand to finish it BY contracting it out?? being forced to have
it finished in-house by an amateur because of escalating costs AND
legal restrictions????


WALK AWAY FROM OUR CHECK BOOKS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4:00 pm est 

Kerry "it Will Pay For Itself in no Time" Adams

..MMEDIATE ACTION???????????????
3:56 pm est 

Wags For the Barge-Gate Update Candace

I am furious our
good money has been spent on a lame brain idea clearly not thought
out. I can spell MISLED!!!

They should have cut their losses when they were caught flat footed
about the costs to get it in the water and start working...paying for
itself....bah humbug...

Let's hope instead of the gringe stealing christmas, it will steal
that white elephant so we can file a claim and get some $$ back!!!!
3:52 pm est 

California STate Workers to Take a Reduction in Pay

And what is being asked of town employees? What is being asked of
town departments? This is budget time. Does anyone anywhere hear
anything about reduced budgets, cuts in employees, freeze on hiring,
freeze on pay raises?

Shouldn't this be what we are hearing from town trailers? Shouldn't a
voice of financial reason be forthcoming?

Inquiring minds would like to know.
3:49 pm est 

Why Commercial Businesses as Part of 90 Shankpainter Road?

Why should CPC monies and sale of the townland at so little of its
value be used to support commercial businesses? Isn't there a
contradiction here? Taxpayer money supports a developer who will
choose and construct commercial spaces that will compete with other
businesses in town and some along Shankpainter Road? Something's not
quite right here.

Can anyone explain this taxpayer supported endeavor?
3:47 pm est 

Community Schools Without Community Children....

......becomes a problem, a dilemma, a conundrum. The children are few and
many of those Provincetown children and teenagers do not want to
attend Provincetown schools. I think the percentage of Provincetown
students not wanting to attend Provincetown schools is 41%. This
exodus to Truro, Wellfleet and Eastham indicates some key problematic
and damaging factors about the Provincetown schools and its
curriculum--facts the school committee continually overlooks and

In other words: there are few kids here and 40% of those who live
here refuse to attend school here. The community school fails their
3:44 pm est 

80% CPC Funds for Affordable Housing Has Been Changed and Eliminated

This is the old, former vote. We voted again and this time we voted
to be in line with most cities and towns: 10% for historic, 10% for
conservation, 10% for affordable housing leaving 70% to be used as
our town sees fit. 80% for affordable housing has been overwhelmingly
replaced and eliminated. That's our present and much more enlightened

Let's make certain that the CPC committee reflects the town's present
needs for the use and application and granting of the 70%.
Overwhelmingly that is for town hall renovations and not for
affordable housing that has already been granted millions and million
of tax payer money. And not to Ted Malone who insisted at one of the
last CPC meetings that he needs and wants and expects to get $500,000
for his Nelson Avenue/RacePoint Road Super Development.
3:40 pm est 

Barge-Gate Update:

The one year anniversary approaches of the posting below:

Sunday, December 30, 2007

"Our intention for the Barge is to use it to to take care of our
mooring field. We would like to use the barge to replace the Fender
Piles that surround the OUTSIDE of the  Pier.

  we plan  to use the Barge to add floats at the end of the Pier. This will
facilitate a way for the large transient yachts that berth on the
Pier during the summer to back in Mediterranean style. By doing this,
we will be able to accommodate more of this type of traffic on the
which will result in an  increase in profit.

There is also the possibility for us to lease the Barge to other
Town's / Entities for a fee. There
are MANY cost effective and  profitable uses for the Barge, we know
it will pay for itself in no time!
Kerry L. Adams

we know it will pay for itself in no time!  How are we to trust the
current board of the Pier Corporation when that barge has never been

The barge construction is being completed by an assistant
harbormaster who has no barge construction background. Can you spell
liability?  After getting quotes from those companies who do that
kind of work, the completion of the barge would have been in excess
of $80,000. Anything over $50,000 without Selectmen approval, is a
violation of their enabling legislation. Why didnt they know that
going into this sizable capital expenditure? Municipal equipment such
as a pile driving barge which requires OSHA training, in which there
are documented cases of serious injuries even death must be built
only by bonded professionals for both safety and liability reasons.
Sound management oversight would never have signed off on such
recklessness by the Pier Corp.
In the Finance Committees Report, it cited that management issues
that could have financial consequences such as the barge were not
part of their review.
One of my 2009 goals is advancing the necessity for a full review of
the management practices of the Provincetown Public Pier Corporation
including the Board of Selectmen appointing a colleague on their
board to act as an official liaison between the two boards.
Otherwise, reckless, ill-conceived spending often with liability
consequences will continue.

Candace Nagle
11:16 am est 

The Contemp of the Few for the Many

It seemed impolitic that the school committee would refuse
to let anyone ask a question at the presentation of the report. It
isn't as though a thousand people were there clamoring to speak.

One would think that the School Committee would want to show how
concerned they are about being open to everyone since it is the
taxpayers who support the school. It would have been an act of good
will--instead they came off as arrogant.

Why would they go out of their way to antagonize the selectmen by not
inviting them? Look how they behaved in front of the staff of the
school. Perhaps the steering committee would have received another
public compliment on all of their work.
11:12 am est 

Re: Community Schools

If I wanted my kids to go to Nauset, I would live in Eastham.

It's called community schools for a reason.

There is a lot more than education that goes on in schools.
11:11 am est 

Re: CPA Funds Usage

Remember that the cpc was voted in 80% affordable housing.

Not to create a pot of money to use on town projects.
11:09 am est 

Re: CPA Funds

EVERY cent of CPA funds have been voted for at town
meeting! Meaning thats what the majority wanted, and still does now
more than ever because of the economy!
11:08 am est 

Re: Shank Painter Road

Ted Malone has nothing to do with 90 shank painter road!
11:07 am est 


"If a person didn't know about 90 Shank-painter Rd. at this
point! Means that he does not go to town meetings or reads the paper!
Face it Mikey your lost on this one!"

Correction, I'm not lost on this one because I'll make sure that
everyone knows that a real estate developer received the funds that
could have helped the taxpayers in Provincetown.

Evidently, you still don't realize the dire collapse of the economy
of our country; and yet a man with a vast array of housing
developments in his name received money that could have gone to
renovate town hall.

I won't rest until every single person in Provincetown realizes that
they were sold down the river in order to benefit a real estate
developer. It is Ok if this is what they want--I just want them to be
aware of what can be done behind their back. Thus, taxpayers must be
ever vigilant.

Michael Rogovsky
1:12 am est 

Say What You Will:

The department of Revenue examined the
situation with the school and not only raised red flags--they set off

The steering committee had no choice but to acknowledge the truth.
They want to maintain the status quo--but they can't. due to the
truth staring them in the face
1:09 am est 

This Says it All:

Does anyone else notice that after every
School Committee meeting,the committee goes into executive session to
discuss employees or contracts.

  Even the BOS doesn't go into executive session that often and they
oversee three times as many employees.

  The school committees working to save jobs because they feel those
jobs are the heart of the community, not the children.
The truth revealed--*Finally*!
1:08 am est 

The Next Step

Can someone fedex the DOE the steering committee's report?
1:06 am est 

What a Sight

Is there a prettier place to be during great snow storm than
Provincetown? I don't think so.

Ken Kruse
1:04 am est 

Friday, December 19, 2008

Seems Like the School Committee is Blogging

Now I read: it costs the same to close the school as to send children
to Nauset. Case close. This issue is resolved.

No, the case is not closed. That was only one fact in the report and
the only one that school committee members said they agreed with. Of
course, it reinforced their parochial thinking, their
small-mindedness, their determination to only take their own
positions as the truth.

The report is thick, fact-filled, chart-heavy and statistics-rich.
You have to do more than highlight one line and one fact.
10:33 pm est 

To: Michael Rogovsky

If a person didn't know about 90 Shank-painter Rd. at this
point! Means that he does not go to town meetings or reads the paper!
Face it Mikey your lost on this one!
10:31 pm est 

Action is Required Now!

The Department of Education would never have cited the
concern like Ms. Nelson did about job loss if our high school were to
regionalize. I was horrified it even crossed her mind! The Department
of Education needs to step in and conduct an impartial analysis and
recommendation now. Not two years from now!
9:15 pm est 

To: Webmaster

Now that the steering committee's report is a public document, could
you please post it? Only a handful of people attended their
presentation to the School Committee.
It would be very helpful for everyone.

Thank you.
9:13 pm est 

Dear "You know what is great"

There is indeed minimal $$$ difference in keeping the school open. 
But that is not what is important.

Did you also read that there is no child in the 6th grade which means
in 6 years there will be no graduating class.

The report clearly says that even though there is little savings in
transitioning the high school, for the benefit of the children's
education, the School Committee must take action.  If they fail to do
so, the school system will fail.

I personally have no faith in the School Committee acting in the best
interest of our children's education.  I'm waiting to hear what the
Department of Education determines is the best situation for, not
only Provincetown, but the outer Cape.  They have the authority,
without emotion, to do to what is best for our kids.  If they decide to
keep Provincetown Schools status quo, then I will support their

Does anyone else notice that after every School Committee meeting,
the committee goes into executive session to discuss employees or
contracts.  Even the BOS doesn't go into executive session that often
and they oversee three times as many employees.  The school committee
is working to save jobs because they feel those jobs are the heart of
the community, not the children.

And all of their meetings should be broadcast by PTV.  These are
important issues the community faces and we should all be witness to
their discussions.
9:12 pm est 

What Does itTake?

The school report states that we have had a declining
population for ten years. The department of Revenue states the same

Two years ago the mighty school conference took place; hailed as the
grand epiphany of a new Scholastic era.

The outcome is what you have witnessed the last two years.

Now we have this report and the school committee will either be pro
active and initiate change or it will be running after it trying to
cluth a fading illusion in their hands.
9:09 pm est 

Re: DOR Report

Read the Steering committee report and Read what the
Department of Revenue Says about the school.
9:07 pm est 

Step Back and Take a Good Look

Isn't it sad that this is how grown people respond to a
situation: What an example to their children :The school report said
NO DIFFERENCE IN COST - keeping the schools the way they are and
enhancing them or sending the kids 60 miles round
trip to Nauset.

way in your twisted little minds you might save a buck or two !

So people without kids don't even need to discuss the schools anymore
as you won't save a penny either way.

......some people just refuse to look at the whole picture and just
lash out, very, very sad. The school costs close to $4 million. It
isn't about saving a buck or two--it is about looking at the entire
situation. Read The Report.
9:05 pm est 

Here is the Situation

I was stopped by a man in town who
has a business and is involved...and he didn't know that we bought 90
Shank Painter Rd. and gave it to a developer.

One of the top professionals in town was amazed to find out that
affordable housing didn't go to locals. All of this since May. That
is why I keep repeating some of the same facts.

Michael Rogovsky
9:01 pm est 

You Know What is Great ?

The school report said NO DIFFERENCE IN COST - keeping the schools
the way they are and enhancing them or sending the kids 60 miles round
trip to Nauset.

way in your twisted little minds you might save a buck or two !

So people without kids don't even need to discuss the schools anymore
as you won't save a penny either way.
5:14 pm est 

Assignment for the School Committee

Put on your glasses. Sit with the committee report and read each
page-- slowly. Continue to read until you get it!
5:10 pm est 

Re-Read the School Survey.....

.....and you'll see that time spent on the bus was of little concern. It
was in the least important category, even though the school committee
continues to emphasize how awful it would be to be on the bus! Read
the survey results and you'll also see that college prep was the
highest concern and less so the small class size that the school
committee raises ad nauseum.

But the results showed that a great curriculum and preparing students
for college was much more important then time spent riding a bus and
the small size of Provincetown's classes. That is not what the school
committee expected and the way this questionnaire was written was
skewed to favor the importance of small classes. They were some of
the first issues listed on the survey and they kept repeating small
classes. Yet in spite of the sociological skewing, those who answered
still ranked a top-notch curriculum and solid college prep as the
highest values.
5:08 pm est 

The Heart of the Town is the Community

It isn't the job--it is the person. The school is where the students
go to do their "job". I went to school to learn.

It isn't the heart of the town; it is where the parents meet and
become entwined in each others lives due to their children's interest.

The living situation has changed on the cape. The baby boomers have
aged; the soaring summer crowds have dwindled and now the economy has
taken a drastic turn for the worse but it hasn't registered with
Provincetown folk because they are used to a quiet fall and winter.

The town is faced with needing to make severe budget cuts that will
affect every aspect of life in Provincetown. So much was taken for
granted--but soon we will feel what we have lost due to this
collapsed economy with its government budget cuts.
5:05 pm est 

Thinking Out of the Box

Why not reverse the inconvenience of this storm and do your
Christmas shopping in town. That's the very best way to support the
local economy!
4:45 pm est 

Michael R & CPC Funding..

I must admit that Mr. Rogovsky finally posted a blog that is
rational, intelligent and not full of emotion, pitting taxpayer vs.
special interest, although using the $2M statement of giveaways to
the developer is getting old. Can you think of another reason that we
should petition the CPC to fund the additional 70% to town hall
besides your evident disdain for the affordable housing part of the
CPA equation Michael?


Sick of Hearing About The Developer!
4:43 pm est 

At the Taxpayers Expense

Affordable housing industrial complex: What else would you
call it? Ted Malone has housing developments all around town, he has
been creating them for over then years. He has how many employees?

What else would you call an organization that had an employee on the
board of selectman before she resigned? Now another employee is on
the CPC board.

All the taxpayers want is a financial break. Why give a financial
break to this real estate developer?
4:41 pm est 

Ballot Question

I read that Superintendent Jessica Waugh will be in contact
with the Dept of Education to talk about the school situation.

This report has the attention of the school committee. The steering
committee put a lot of time into this report and they aren't going to
sit by and have it ignored--the school committee ignores it at their
peril. The school must act on its future before it is just handed to
them as a fait acompli.

I felt that we played hard ball with the school committee when I went
before the board of selectmen and asked them to put a question on the
ballot for the voters asking if the school should remain open.

Now the ball is in the School Committee's court. I wish that we had
500 hundred students in the school and that the town was bustling
year round

what is pressing now is that the CPC committee vote to give the tax
payers a break.

Michael Rogovsky
4:39 pm est 

Oversight Subcommittees

Our President-Elect said more 'adult supervision is needed'
when referring to the banking and securities industies.

We are doing just that by forming subcommittees to look at  how shall
I put it,  our problematic boards.
12:09 pm est 

The School System is Not the Heart of the Town.....

The rationale that closing the schools prevents families with
children from living here is false.  Wellfleet and Truro have no high
schools and their communities are more vibrant and filled with
children than is Provincetown.  There are 22 youngsters in
kindergarden in Truro...There are 46 students from Provincetown K to
12!  These numbers do not work.

The scores on the MCAS tests in our neighboring communities are
consistently better than in Provincetown.

We have had an entrenched bureaucracy tolerant to mediocrity take
over our schools...Sure there are some good
teachers...but...seniority has kept some real losers on the staff. 
These teachers have been waiting for retirement for 30 years.

In the 21st century a good education is critical for our children. 
The schools should not be allowed to continue with their mediocre
agendas.  For a lot less money than we spend on our 90 school
faculty, our 46 students could get a decent education.

The children deserve nothing less.

Close the schools.  Merge with Nauset now.  A New Year is a good time
for change.  To remain in the past is to lose the future.
12:04 pm est 


Someone asks to help relieve that tax burden on the
taxpayers--and it unleashes the pent up resentment in someone--what a
happy camper!

No one is trying to take away your affordable housing unit...just
relieve the burden on the tax payer--so you are safe.
12:01 pm est 

Let's Play Hardball!

Town officials should sendState Commissioner Mitchell Chester the
subcommittee's report on the Provincetown School system based on
the school committee's reaction to it.

If Town Officials won't show leadership,  a private citizen should submit it.

This is now a public document.

Commissioner Chester just stepped in recommended closing
Boston's Uphams Corner Charter School because it was in the best
interests of students.

Michael how about it?

Let's Play Hardball!
12:00 pm est 

Re: CPC Allocation of CPA Funds

January 22 is the deadline for the applications to make
their appeal for the CPC funds. I hope that everyone who believes
that the funds should go towards the renovation of town hall lets
their voices be heard in support of this appeal.

Since its inception, over $2,000,000 of this money has gone to
affordable housing developers--let it benefit all of the taxpayers
who are living here now.

We are in a dire economic situation with millions being cut from
budgets. Here is a chance for these funds to relieve some of
financial burden carried by the taxpayers in this town. Please
support giving the CPC grant money towards the renovation of town
Michael Rogovsky
9:51 am est 

And Then There Were None

It is time to support the schools and the children in this town.

If you don't you are responsible for the demise of this town.

There aren't many, but there can be more once your generation moves on.

And there can be more if you stop saying you are going to close the schools.

It's cute to say you used to take a bus, but the reality is 30 miles
is way to far and people will never raise kids here if that is the

You have come here to retire and you don't seem to have any
investment in the community, just your measly little problems.

Or you were born here and your kids have left to have their families
elsewhere - they probably moved to Truro when that was cheap and less
urban than Provincetown.

You will all be gone soon and what have you left ?
9:49 am est 

Missing Soda Revenues

Did you ever find where you put the soda revenues generated on the
pier this past year as you were unable to find them in your
financials when the Finance Committee asked you last Monday?

Perhaps you should spend less blogging on this site and start writing
a grant for a wave barrier to protect the third set of floating docks
you want us to pay for in just five years.

candace nagle


When are we going to see the barge we paid for start paying for
itself? It's been 16 months and hasn't seen a drop of salt water!
9:43 am est 

Re: Michael Rogovsky

Mikey forgets that Provincetown takes care of its aged in
town! We give them many ways to pay taxes, and to keep them in their
homes, and when they can no longer stay in their homes we still take
care of them. Yes mikey as always you have everything wrong about why
taxes might seem high but only to you! Provincetown believes in
taking care of all town people be they old, young, straight, gay, and
yes even future town people just off the bus who become waiters and
artists just like you once were. Taxes are to help people and keep
the town running. Provincetown helps her own and if that means more
taxes, I say its money well spent. Not everyone can afford to fly
back & forth between here and NYC like you do, but we know when to
shut up or put up. We love our shools the way they are and we believe
in helping people get affordable housing. 6% added to your tax bill
is chump change for you. We give back to this great town though
taxes. Just like the rest of America gives. We vote for these at town meeting and yes we vote with a HEART!
I did not see you at town meeting last month. Every time you hear a
bell, an angel gets its wings!
9:41 am est 

Mikey Times 2
Try Candace times 3.  I would bet about 20 percent of the posts here
are the two of them supporting their own prose.
12:32 am est 

Sorry Mikey!

Talk of closing the school did not start on this blog! It
started many years ago! Sorry mikey.
12:04 am est 

Change Will Come

Oh. and wealthy taxpayers are a huge special self interest.
don't be fooled by their "burden" of luxury. puhleeze.

change will come.
12:02 am est 


Now we KNOW that mikey writes to himself on this blog!
mikey----    just because you don't sign your name to all of your
rants, does not mean we don't know it's you! Your accent comes thru
in your writings.
11:59 pm est 


......and wealthy taxpayers are a huge special self interest.
Don't be fooled by their "burden" of luxury. puhleeze.

Change will come.
11:57 pm est 


Take your senior friends to the coa and check out the abatements on
taxes for seniors.

Others... Lay off the hard working waiters. What's your problem?

Is this the best you can do for Pamela Anderson?

More rich folks complaining. What did you think you were buying in
to? Shangri La?
11:54 pm est 

Open Your Wallets!

The servers of Provincetown deserve a break! They get      
on by foreigners who don't believe in tipping. I always tip 20-25%,
especially in this economy. Imagine how difficult it is to make a
living when not as many of us are going out to dinner. Good service
deserves good tipping. Don't be cheap, open your wallets and help out
the servers.

Tipper Smith
11:51 pm est 

Wait-staff of Provincetown

Pretty pathetic when mypacc picks on the wait-staff of
provincetown. who is next? the construction guys? suppose it is their
fault that real-estate is so $$$.
I do not envy the waiter/waitress industry here. imagine this; it is
10 minutes to closing the kitchen and a couple walks in, sits down
and orders cocktails, not even opening their menus. tick-tock the
other part of the dinning room is completely empty and dark. next
they order a bottle of wine and appetizers. you politely inform them
that the kitchen is about to close. attitude! they feel entitled to
take their time because they got in under the gun! and they let you
know it,too! it is another hour when they finish dinner and want
another bottle of wine. everyone has gone home except you and the
owner who is hiding in the office. you pray that they don't order
desert -knowing they wont, god forbid they sober-up! then they pay.
they do not feel they need to tip on the alcohol, so you get 15% of
the food and you lost 2 and 1/2 hours of your life for $2.25 shift
$$$yeah, bundles of cash$$$
p.s. these are even townies!!!
11:48 pm est 

Thursday, December 18, 2008


"......if a waiter works lunches at the lobster pot and
suppers at Front Street--they will make a *huge* bundle."

And wouldn't they deserve same? Do you have any idea how demanding it
is "Jumping for Joy"? Or how hard it is to work at a fine dining
restaurant full of intoxicated self important fat      that do not
even fit in the chairs?

God Bless the Servers. They deserve every dime.

-Never worked in a restaurant and consider myself lucky!
3:08 pm est 

Re: Community Center

There is concern about the community center funding and
what is happening with the funding of different projects. The economy
is tough.

Why don't the parents get together and volunteer at the community
center? It is just one day every couple of months..I don't get it. It
is for their kids--one would think that they would be glad to this
place for them.
2:15 pm est 

To: Hey Shouting in!

While I appreciate your comments about all taxpayers paying for the
cost of the waste water treatment, I do not think that would be fair.
We had to install an alternative septic system which was very
expensive and we have to pay a yearly fee to have it maintained plus
have it pumped out ever year or so. At least two of my neighbors have
the same or similar systems and most who have a system that fails in
my neighborhood will also have to have one of these alternative
systems. Some of these systems run constantly which dramatically
increase the electricity bill. Thanks for your thoughts though.

Mr. X
2:13 pm est 

What People Write is Printed Here!

What do the ads have to do with what people write?

A year ago the school wasn't on anyone's radar. After some citizens
held the School committee's feet to the fire and went before the
selectmen asking that a question be put on the ballot for citizens to
vote if the school should remain open or closed got the ball rolling.

Ten months later the report is presented.

Now the school committee will have to make some tough decisions.
2:12 pm est 

Sewer Fees?

Why would anyone on private sewer (septic systems) be obligated to
pay for those on town sewer? Should we pay twice? Pay for our title
five systems and maintenance and your town system as well?
2:10 pm est 

See You in the Funny Papers

Now that this site has gone commercial I am done!  Given
that you are now advertising for local businesses your objectivity
is, now more than ever, questionable.

Oh Well, see you in the funny papers!
11:52 am est 

Someone Asked:

How do we form a tax-payer industrial
complex that looks out for the interests of *ALL* of Provincetown
residents--not just the special interests?
The answer is:*MYPACC"--It is here..and it is working!!!
11:51 am est 

The Weirdest Explanation for School Enrollment Decrease

Looking for a demographic explanation? Seeking a sociological
analysis for fewer Provincetown students in Provincetown schools?
Here's Terese Nelson's explanation: talk about closing the schools
causes Provincetown students to leave the system. Here we have it:
THE answer to our problem. Solution: Stop the talk about closing the

Question. Answer. Solution. Ditto for every other school committee
member. WE have found the answer and it is us!
11:49 am est 

Re: Michael Rogovsky

WOW! Did anyone see Michael R.'s letter in the banner
admonishing the CPC committee to give funds to help the taxpayers
instead of giving of hundreds of thousands of dollars to Ted Malone
and other developers?

Four years, millions towards housing projects paid for with tax
payers money--it is time that the money go to benefit all of the
taxpers by easing the financial burden of renovating town hall in
phase one.
11:48 am est 

WOW, Did Anybody See Mikey...........

No, but I saw you in the comfort of your armchair watching.
Can I get you another pillow to make you more comfortable?
He must really hit a nerve with you. and be on to something you don't
like as you seem obsessed with him.

Why don't you counter his concerns constructively? Oh, but you can't can you?

Michael, good letter to the editor. Keep the issue in the public's
consciousness. Keep repeating your concerns over and over as you
continue your campaign for change.

I was sitting in front of you that night. thanks for a good laugh!
9:27 am est 

Lights, Camera, Action!

A spotlight is illuminating the school committee and the
school. The school situation will play out one way or the other.

The student population is declining and at some point the school will
reach the tipping point of no return.

It is in their best interest to be pro-active--otherwise, they will
be dictated to by the department of education, the Governor's desire
for regionalization and the desires of the parents of the students.

The school committee has the choice to determine its destiny or have
it determined for them. And now the school and the school committee
are forever in the public eye. The finance committee, the budget,
town meeting, the public--all are aware and looking.
9:24 am est 

There is a Reason to the Madness

Why do you think the wait staff at Front Street, the
Lobster Pot, the Mews ect. ect. keeps returning every year from the
four corners of the earth?

Hardly anyone imports waiters--they import kitchen help, dishwashers,
people to bus tables. How many help wanted signs are there for
waiters at some of these places?

Imagine, if a waiter works lunches at the lobster pot and suppers at
Front Street--they will make a *huge* bundle.
9:22 am est 

Lighting Votive Candles

I saw Michael R. on TV--he just went up there to make a
public statement during comments about comcast. Boy, he will take any
opportunity to stand up for the tax payers.

(He was lighting votive candles at church praying that the CPC money
goes to help pay for town hall--to take some of the burden off of the

When you think about it, he has a point. It was the best thing that
he could do--show how important this is to the tax payers. Draw
attention to the issue.

A former selectman works for Ted Malone, A current Selectman, Elaine
Anderson, was the chair of the CPC committee.

AJ works for Ted Malone and votes on the CPC committee--there really
is an affordable housing industrial complex--I hadn't thought about
it all before.

They all want to give the CPC money to affordable housing
developers--not help the tax payers. How do we form a tax-payer
industrial complex that looks out for the interests of *ALL* of
Provincetown residents--not just the special interests?

Again, the bail-outs go to the well connected--and the tax payers get
butkus (sp?).
9:19 am est 

Hey Shouting in!

How about starting a movement to have the
cost of the waste water treatment plant be paid for by all of the tax
payers in town? It stops polluting the ground and the bay. We all pay
for the school, don't we? We all pay to give land to the developers
of affordable housing, don't we?
9:16 am est 

How Fair is it?

How fair is it that some year round restaurants are actually open
every day of the year and some other restaurants, that have been
closed, are suddenly going to open and take away some of the holiday
profits from the ones that serve the community every day?

How fair is it that 90 shank Painter Rd. will have 25 one bedroom
apartments when everyone is clamoring for families to move back to

How fair is it that Ms. Teresa Nelson will ridicule an establishment
she believes should be renovated for families--but she doesn't wait
for families to buy the property that she used to flip?

How fair is it that CPC funds have gone to affordable housing for
four years and now that they may be used to offset the cost of town
hall--the tax payers have to fight and lobby for this money?

In every other town in the USA, the citizens pay a sewer fee. How
fair is it that only a few hundred home owners have to pay thousands
each year for the waste water treatment plant that keeps our harbor
clean--while we pay millions to keep a handful of students in the
schools in Provincetown?

Just want things to be fair
9:15 am est 

Yeah, It Was Pretty Funny That..................................

.......................I got up and started talking about CPC funds going
towards the renovation of town hall instead of into the pockets of

After over $2,000,000 has gone to developers, with its inherent years
of debt service, it is time that this money--our tax payer
money--goes towards the renovation of town hall.

There are elderly residents on fixed incomes, struggling families, a
work force which pays its own health insurance and benefits and *NOW*
this is a chance for these CPC funds to be used to help alleviate the
cost of renovation town hall that will be borne by the tax payers in
this town.

Michael Rogovsky
9:13 am est 

WOW, Did Anybody See Mikey........... the BOS meeting of 12/08? It
was shown AGAIN Wedseday night. The meeting was about Comcast and
mikey gets up and starts ranting about how he wants the CPC to fund
what he wants funded (town hall). What is his problem? He was out in
space somewhere. The BOS had to stop him!
11:10 pm est 

Re: It's About How the Game is Played

You are totally delusional. do the math $20,000. in tips over 12
weeks would be $1,666. per week. Not that we even have 12 weeks of
prime season. Assuming a 15% tip, the server would have to have sold
$11,000. in food and drink in the week. $1,571. per day. It just does
not happen. There might be a few bar tenders who ring $2,000., on a
rare shift, but they have to tip out others.

Lets put it this way: If waiters were earning that much money, we
would not need to import restaurant workers because all us real
estate brokers in Town would wrap that white apron around the waist
and sell you some hash in a NY minute.

Furthermore, we need a good infusion strangers every year. It gets so
boring just talking about us.

Finally, I've never seen you out to eat except at the Mayflower and
they say your good for less than 10% on a good day
11:08 pm est 

Dearest Shout In

I am in awe of the ideas to help the town that you post on this blog:
Blah Blah Blah. Do you have anymore facts & figures to add to your

Guess you have a problem with the two subcommittees reports on the
school and the Pier Corp?

Guess it wasn't constructive enough for you? Not enough
FRESH ideas for you?

Do you sit on both boards and are in a rental situation? You are much
to hostile in your post to be anything otherwise. No one likes to be
told what to do. But get used to it or resign! You had your chance on
both boards but you blew it!
11:05 pm est 

Re: Michael

The only person who thinks everything in town is bad and
over taxed is mikey. And when things come up for a vote at town
meeting he is one of only a handfull of people to vote on such crazy
ideas he comes up with.

11:03 pm est 

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What's My Problem?

We (town hall/voters@annual meeting) spend like we live in Boston or
New York! Big projects! Spend spend spend, all they (fin-com & bos)
have to due is say "Your property tax will ONLY increase $35.00 if we
pass this Article!
Enough of the ONLY
Enough of the BIG tax & spend projects!
7:09 pm est 

We Have a New Cartel In Town

There is a new cartel up on Winslow St. headed by the Waugh/Nelson
factor. What hogwash we have been fed!
We should have demanded PTV to be there to film. More people need to
be aware of the stonewalling. Talk about apathetic and
non-responsive. It is amazingly blatant that it is all about JOBS and
NOT education!
7:07 pm est 

So What's Your Problem Again ?

Tax are extremely low here due to the offset in tourist tax
money to the over all town budget - go look at the annual report.   
Go look up Boston $12 per $1,000, nyc $20 per $1,000, etc., etc.  
Here it is like $5.5 per $1,000.

Even NH and Fla are extremely high as there is no income tax so they
just take higher.   Miami Beach is $3,000 per $100,000 -

S o what's your problem again ?
6:24 pm est 

My Image of the School Committee

As they responded to the in-depth report: each school committee
member engaged in swatting flies. Nothing more important than 
buzzing flies that needed to be killed. They were irritated and
immediately started swatting any new idea, swatting any bold
suggestion or swatting any recommendations for change.

Here's my question: how can we have a school committee that lacks the
intellectual capacity to truly analyze this document?
6:03 pm est 


Last week Terese Nelson said "This committee will take action. 
Nothing is off the table."

Apparently this week, regionalization is off the table.  And even
though their sub-committee recommended changes occurring within the
upcoming budget, this seems to be off the table too.

I attended both these meetings.  What troubles me is that at this
weeks meeting, some decisions had been made by the School Committee. 
There were no other posted meetings between the two meetings.  The
School Committee is violating the Open Meeting Laws.  There have been
chain conversations between the members regarding this report.  Those
conversations were not held in a public setting.

Now there's the question that Pru Sowers should be pursuing.  Request
copies of their e-mails and communications and hold them accountable
to the law.

Also, PTV should be taping and airing their meetings.  What's
happening at the schools will effect all of us and we deserve to be
witness to their decisions.
5:13 pm est 



4:37 pm est 

To Laughing Last:

Thanks.  Yes, I'm always amazed how a person can see one car accident
and then boldly and without reserve proceed to report that ALL cars
have crashed.

And to all others who report here consider that food for thought. 
The sky does not fall always, just on some days.

Signed: Former Filet Flinger
4:35 pm est 


The same ole crap day in and day out.. Candace Nagle hates the Pier
Corp. The schools should close. Affordable housing isn't affordable
or available. The natives hate the washashores.......

Puleez people, how bout something positive and helpful. It's so easy
to       and gripe. Do something constructive and offer some helpful
advice. How about a section on the Blog for new and fresh "IDEAS"?
Now there's a thought! Hmmmmm... asking people to actually "think"
about something and them commit to writing it here. Webmaster, are
you getting this?????

Shouting IN
4:31 pm est 

Kudos to Fillet Flinger and "To Angry Gay Townie"

..for telling it like it is, and in CONVINCING detail.

It must have taken a steady hand to reply to those posts about
overpaid, freeloading waiters; and the good old days when the
Portuguese community overflowed with good will towards gays and
lesbians as we stormed in from the flatlands with dollar $ign$ in our

There's no comparing your examples with their rants. Interestingly,
the author of one of the earlier posts admitted to painting with a
broad brush, yet still presumed that we are gullible enough to
believe such baloney.

Happy Holidays!

-Laughing Last
2:46 pm est 

Re: How the Game is Played...

You say: "I've Seen Their Unemployment determinations...:"

Big whoop. Unemployment determinations take into account EVERYTHING
one has earned in a year or, in many cases, over 15 months. That
includes OTHER jobs besides waiting tables. Listen, I've tallied over
a thousand nightly check-outs with a staff of waiters at one of the
busiest restaurant in town over the course of several years so I
speak with a heck of a lot more authority than some silly piece of
paper that illustrates nothing.  You're wildly mistaken, horridly
misinformed and generally consumed by some weird fascination with
"exposing the truth"...or some such rot about how much money waiters
make. Maybe, to soothe your apparent impotence concerning this issue,
you should get a job as a waiter next summer. I'm sure any place
would happily hire you...After all, you certainly show dedication to
the smallest thing.
2:44 pm est 

Kudos to the School Report Team

I was impressed with Don Murphy's presentation to the select group
called together by Terese Nelson. The invited guests, so-called,
included one select person and one town manager and two reporters.
Instead of a true public meeting, only those invited at the table
could speak. The best and most in-depth questions came from Pru
Sowers--not anyone on the school committee. She asked penetrating
questions, many that could not be answered by the school committee.

So what will be the result? You remember the three monkeys: See no
evil, hear no evil, speak not evil. I saw eyes blindfolded, ears
stuffed with heavy cotton and bandaids over the mouths of the school
committee members. They were not open to the data and they will stick
to their stuckness: no change, same budget, keep the schools open.
Only one message: nothing changes.
1:33 pm est 

New Blood Needed

Based on last night, the only way we are going to see the
recommendations of the school committee is having people run
against them whose platform is one of reform.

I would run but I have a conflict of interest.
1:29 pm est 

Re: The Moral to the Story

I recall the story about the Figurehead well and remember the people
that were alweays refered to a group, not individuals but a "family"
of sorts, all caring for each others futures and outlooks. I don't
see any of them homeless today so they must have found places here or
elsewhere and as a matter of fact, one of the displaced tenants now
owns a HUGE captains house in the west end, alone I assume. With all
those rooms she now has, how many have been rented to her former
neighbors from the Figurehead? Its funny how the owner of the
Figurehead is chastised for trying to sell the property but nothing
is said about one of the old tenenats that could easily put a roof
over the heads of those displaced.
1:27 pm est 

Re: Candace Nagle

Why doesn't the finance committee and the selectmen invite
Candace in for an indept discussion and let her tell what she knows
and present what she has sent to the state and then let these groups
go to the pier corps for their responses?

Something is going on because Selectman Bedard mentioned charter boat
fees at the selectman's meeting and there was some hedging about it
being a legitimate fishing concern or not. Once and for all, put
everything in the open,.
11:34 am est 

My Perceptions

I've been thinking about these postings the other day on a
long drive by myself. Looking at them kind of in the vein of an over

What I see are people with an outlook and a personal force that is
engaged in accomplishment and achievement in their lives through
their own actions and hard work.

And then I'm also aware of others who seem to cloak themselves in a
mantel of "victim hood": The attitude of look how life has treated
me; look what I deserve and what I should be entitled to have done
for me or given to me. A victim of a town with a seasonal economy
ect. ect. Do you see my point?

Think about this for a while--about what you have read here by
different folks. I think that I'm right in my perception.
11:31 am est 

To Angry Gay Townie:

Please get help for your anger; it is a cancer growing inside you and
I worry for your health.

Also, please remember that this town used to make gay men register
with the town in order to be able to work as waiters here (not very

When I first moved here more than 20 years ago, my Portoguese Townie
landlords never greeted me with a fresh baked pie when I came home
from work; more like distant disdain; they loved my rent check, but
not much else about my gay self. Their kid often referred to me as
"the f*&&*t", the Mom would pretend not to hear me when I said
"hello". Nope, no fresh laundry or home baked goods. I could not wait
to move out at the end of the summer to escape the demeaning hate.

There used to be neighborhoods that a gay man was risking his life to
walk through. Good luck getting any justice if a townie kid beat you
up, or stole your bike.

I am not denying that many many local folks were fine upstanding and
tolerant people who truely did make moving here a treat... but
please, don't look to the past through such rosey glasses that you
fail to see clearly.

One last note, there is a big difference to being "tolerated", as
opposed to "welcomed"
11:29 am est 

Provincetown Is The "Make A Wish" Town

I wish I can live by the ocean.
I wish I can only "kinda" work 6 months a year.
I wish I can have free health coverage.
I wish I can have a cheap place to live in.
I wish I can eat free food.
I wish I can get unemployment.
I wish I can call myself an artist.
I wish I can go to many gay bars.
I wish I can go to Florida in the winter.

I will move to Provincetown it's the new Make-A-Wish Foundation!
11:27 am est 


Some call me a naysayer, grumpy,bitter whatever. I chose to say
disgrunteled at what I see here in town. I use this forum as a
sounding off place to vent my disatisfaction on the high taxes and
waste at town hall, BoS, and the affrodable housing scheme. I do know
some frauds who expect to live off the backs of us. Come to town and
work under the table and wait tables to collect unemployment and go
to other places to work off the books and still collect unemployment
which is paid for by us, the taxpayers. Affordable housing is paid
for by us, the taxpayers. The school is paid for by us. The list goes
on and on. If I want to go to Victor's and enjoy a meal with friends
I will and not feel guilty about some of you on here. I have worked
hard and saved money and invested wisely. Get over it.
11:26 am est 

Good Morning Provincetown

Pru Sowers reports today on yesterday's meeting with the School Committee.

What planet do they live on?  They have not done their homework.  It
is the elementary school which has seen the largest egress from our
schools the subcommittee has reported.
Witness the 6th grade with no students.

If we were to consider regionalization...comments the chair, Ms.
Nelson....IF!!!!!  "We live in an area where real estate is very
valuable'" she says.  "Provincetown would keep control of buildings
and fields" a tuition situation..she says.
I suppose this would be like the school committee refusing to allow
the drag ballgames last summer without an exorbitant rental.  It
would also be like the situation of moving our town offices, where
the committee stonewalled.  Does Ms. Nelson expect that the school
committee would continue to control if the district changes?

Let's hope that THE REPORT will not be buried...and that this will
kindle the fires of change.
11:23 am est 

It's About How the Game is Played

Why do you think people come here and work at the high end
restaurants, go away for the winter and return year after year for
over ten years? The Money! June to Sept over $20,000--and more for
the folks who stayed longer. I saw their unemployment
determinations--$600 a week.
It is incredible that no one believes me.

Now I know that no one will believe me if I tell you what a high
roller leaves one server at least once a summer.

Affordable housing was trumpeted as being for locals and then these
strangers came to town and got it. That is what folks are upset
about. No one is "against" affordable housing--they are against how
it is perpetrated.
11:21 am est 

Waiting For Godot

There was no doubt in my mind that the School Committee is
going to drag their       for several years on the subcomittee's
recommendations. Many of their answers were coy. I left feeling they
are going to do everything they can to do nothing.

In terms of saving money, we still couldn't get a straight answer from them!

Done with the library of lies, half-truths and school committee propaganda.
11:18 am est 

The Moral to the Story

The sad thing about the figurehead house is it has now sat
empty for over a year. The landlord kicked out his tenants so that he
could sell for 1.7 million, (What a joke!) and now it sits empty. He
would have been smarter to let the tenants stay until he could sell
it. Let the new buyers know that you need to give the tenants time to
get there stuff together and then close the deal. Again, the greed of
some people got in the way. People were displaced and the Figurehead
House sits empty. With the way the economy is going, it will be lucky
to get sold over the next two years. Maybe if the price were dropped
to 500,000 it would sell more quickly... The moral of the story...
Greed will get you no where.

Shanice Beauregard
11:14 am est 

Pier Corp Bookkeeping

Gee Whiz, I am looking at my market activity at Goldman
since 2005 and I can't believe  interest hasn't been credited to my
account in five years? What an oversight.

I can't believe I didn't catch it or my broker. I hope when I call
Goldman tomorrow, they won't think I am 'harping about the past.'

What a      that blogger was. I can only imagine why he wants to
leave the past alone.

I am sure he would be all over it if his statements weren't properly
credited. But, it's ok if the Town's arent? Give me a break! It must
be one of those pier            !

Mr. Adams should not be Treasurer of Anything except his own piggybank!
11:12 am est 

You Must be Kidding!

Someone on this site is blaming Kerry Adams for the
perceived problems with the Pier?

11:09 am est 

Please Reply

Do you really think the PPPC did anything with malicious intent?


11:07 am est 

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I Agree With Filet Flinger

Those waiter incomes seem inflated. i've been here a while and
those jobs are few and far between.

If you want to declare the town dead in the winter, stop attacking
folks who do whatever they need to in order to survive. wherever they
choose to do it.

For every bad tenant story there's a bad landlord story. see also
figurehead house for example. either way, it's unfortuante when it

If you think the housing lottery is rigged - and i do not - why not
volunteer to draw the names yourself? somebody's got to do it. and
you'd get to brag about how involved you are in town affairs!

Rich people milk the system too. usually on the backs of the poor. so
why the resentment on here towards the have nots? it's sickening.
stop the nastiness for cryin' out loud.

And the google ads? while it is ironic that they feature housing
info, i'm not crazy about them. but not surprised. you gotta do what
you gotta do to survive. n'est ce pas? unless it means putting a roof
over your head and then it's just nervy. or milking the system.

Between the pier and the affordable housing haters it reminds me of
nancy drew and the hardy boys. you can close the high school but you
can't close down the high school mentality. why don't you all start a
year book? or throw a prom?

Just some mypacc inspired thoughts.
6:33 pm est 

To : "True Story No lie"

I can do one better!

My friends rented out their A frame years ago and there was a
ladder to the loft..and the tenants burned the ladder for fire wood.
It is the A frame up on a hill a few streets before Michael Shays.

To E. Michael Richards--you made me laugh. However, I want to thank
the legal dept of the board of education for all of their help; the
folks working at town Hall for all of their help from the clerks to
the Town Manager's office; the different members of the boards, and
the folks here who have given me a great deal of information too and
kept me abreast of meetings etc...and the biggest thank you to the
webmaster for creating this website and for keeping the Dept of
Revenue report here and the Peter Francese report here. They were
invaluable and have had tremendous influence beyond what anyone would
have expected.

Michael Rogovsky
6:29 pm est 

To: Clarence

I don't know what the impetus is for linking to
the bearded yahoo in the video who thinks he knows what a recession
is (he's wrong in the opening statement by the way) but there must be
better content out there to link to.  Just because a head talks on
the screen doesn't' mean there's always something interesting that
comes out of it.  Case in point: watch a selectmen's meeting on PTV. 
Humor us a bit here...political or economic information is a good
thing but this hooey is dry,dry,dry....  Oh, perhaps a nice dry
martini now!
3:36 pm est 

True Story no Lie!

Here is a true real estate nightmare. former partner lives
in boston, purchased 2 condo apts. on mechanic st. in the
early1990's. rented 1 to a year-round tenant. only requirement is a
job and be involved in the arts,actor, writer,painter. the other unit
was to be used in the summer season by us, then rented out in the
winter season to a local. things were fine at start. then in january,
no rental revenue from both units. in april the seasonal apartment
was vacated in the middle of night. other unit tenant could not catch
up on delinquent rent. so we tried again believing in the local
preference thing, to give back,keep it in the town. leasing the year
round apartment to a qualified tenant so we thought, and seasonal
unit to local. the seasonal unit was trashed by local revelers and
parties. clean-up was more then deposit could render. the other
unit's tenant could not pay rent in february and march, complaining
of lack of unemployment funds. sold both units and now my ex- summers
in state of Maine, vowing never to return to Provincetown.

Moral of the story, keep your property locked up during the off
season. unless you enjoy nightmares and have deep pockets.
3:34 pm est 

My Dear Webmiester
Thank you for the links below about government grant programs. I
intend to take my Section 8 voucher and leave this poor excuse of a
town. (not enough rich gays)
I hear Hawaii has some fabulous waterfront apartments I can live in
and collect my Mass.Unemployment via online and have it directly
deposited into my Seaman's acct.
Thank you for giving me the tools to further milk the system.


Desperately Seeking FREE Solutions!
3:30 pm est 

Hey Mikey

One of the former tenants of the Figurehead had an apartment in
NYC...Manhattan. So technically she was not displaced. Maybe you
should invite her to your next NYC gallery show?
3:28 pm est 

Wow -

I have to say I was dissapointed in TV's Fall line up
of new shows this year, and then I discovered MYPACC.  This is all
the entertainment anyone needs!
1:06 pm est 

Serving on Boards and a "Not So Secret Santa" List...

Civic duty is not just defined by sitting on a town board. Many of us
participate in more quiet, unassuming ways as is our nature or many
times, as our schedules permit. You blowhards that subscribe to the
theory if you're not of a higher profile, board sitting citizen you
are not worthy of expressing an opinion. Stop keeping score.

Now here's the "Not So Secret Santa" List...

Candace- Forensic accounting of the Pier Corp
Michael R- Surgery for the carpal tunnel syndrome he's
         developed by posting on here!
Pier Corp- QuickBooks, overwrite disabled
Astrid- Good fortune with your acquisition of Victor's rest-
         aurant! (Ha, a joke, not happening)
Stop and Shop- Free shuttle to the nearest Grant Union
All Those Who Rail at Don at PBG- GPS with homing device
         tagged to Don
George's Pizza- Some of the $700B bailout $$$
Clem and Ursie's- same
Level- Ditto
Town Hall- Anything that's left
Ted Malone- Nothing
Fire Department- Fill in the blank
Provincetown High Shool- Hammer, nails, plywood

Happy Holidays to All

E. Michael Richards
1:04 pm est 

Questions to Candace

Please reply

Do you really think the PPPC did anything with malicious intent?

Do you agree that they have changed or are in the process of changing
the way their finances are handled?

Do you think it really serves this town for you to continue to dig up
issues which are currently being resolved as opposed to allowing the
PPPC to move forward?

If you agree that the PPPC has instituted all the changes the the
FinComm has recommended, why is it necessary to continue to harp on
the past and not allow them to spend their time managing the pier?
1:01 pm est 

Hey Candace:

             ! Get over yourself! Gawd I am sick of
hearing about the &#$@* Pier Corp.! Move on please and find something
else to annoy us with. Your ego is growing too big its own good.

1:00 pm est 

The Townies Sold Their Homes

I was here. All of the talk was did you hear what so and so got for his
house? When the houses on the other side of Bradford Street started
selling at prices reserved for the houses on the beach--people stood up
and took notice.

My friends sold their homes in Provincetown and built brand new homes
in Truro and put the rest of the money in the bank--or else bought a
second home!

My spouse wanted to do the same thing--but I like living in town.
Please don't stereotype people. People moved here and stranger became

You have your facts wrong and your anger has blinded you to the
truth. It does no good to have all of this built up resentment inside
yourself; analyze why you are angry with the town or the people here.

You need to realize what you are carrying around with you and why and
find a way to dissipate it. It is sad that these feelings are what
you carry around with you in your day to day life.
12:58 pm est 

I Know This is Old News.......

......but I am wondering about Emily
Forbes.  She was the civilian passenger in the fire truck at the time
that Elias Martinez crashed the Provincetown ladder truck.  She was a
summer police officer in Provincetown.  Do you think she will get
re-hired this year?

Even though she wasn't working for Provincetown at the time, it shows
a really bad judgment call on her behalf for allowing an intoxicated
Martinez into the truck.  I don't recall if the police report said
that they were both intoxicated, but it's scary that a former police
officer and a member of the fire department would be intoxicated by
9:30 on a Sunday morning and that both would exercise such poor
judgement.  Will the police department exercise equally poor judgment
by hiring her again?
12:54 pm est 

Re: Kerry Adams

Someone on this site is blaming Kerry Adams for the
perceived problems with the Pier? Sounds like Candace Nagle again to
me! The schools too? Of course it's all his fault  why didnt we see

You really should get your facts straight BEFORE you attack a good
person. I don't know too many people that have the character and
integrity that Mr. Adams possesses. Have you even talked to the man
about what you think is going on?

Someone here needs to get a life, and soon!
12:53 pm est 

Here We Go Again With the Townie Thing!

May I remind the *Townie's* and so called *Natives* that we are ALL
washashores (a name/label I personally am growing to resent).
The only Natives were slaughtered by the direct descendants of the
Mayflower! Ironic, nes pas?
Thus, no more Natives!

Get over the entitlement!
12:51 pm est 

Being a Good Citizen

One does not need to serve on a board to be a good citizen here in
Provincetown. There are many unsung heroes in our Hamlet by the

People volunteer their good deeds at the SoupKitchenInProvincetown
and help feed those who are financially burdened during the winter
AIDS Support Group, look at the wonderful work that volunteers have
done over the years in answering phones and helping with the annual
auction. Church groups here in town have actively reached out to the

Neighbors who help there neighbors during illness and death. Such
comfort and compassionate people I have has the opportunity to meet,
humbled by their humanity, needing no praise.
There is an undercurrent of such wonderful people, who do not
complain about their conditions here in town. They quietly show up at
town meeting, vote, and go back to being quite heroes, year after

To THEM I wish a very Merry Christmas, Seasons Greetings and Joyous New Year!
12:50 pm est 

School Committee Meeting and BOS Meeting Today at 4 o'clcok

Here's the agenda:

The BOS states that it is a public meeting but here's the school
committee agenda which seems to show a different take on this
so-called meeting:

Round Table Discussion
Strategic Planning Presentation
Terese Nelson
Peter Grosso
Jessica Waugh

Sharon Lynn
Michelle Couture
Pru Sowers
Maryann Bragg
Tom Coen
Donald Murphy

Looks like no room for the public and also only one member of the BOS
sitting at the table. What is this guests category? Where's the

Well, here's the agenda although I find it rather strange, selective
and idiosyncratic.
12:48 pm est 

Welcome to MYPACCville
Sure, let's all us MYPACCers vote "NO" on everything! Close
the town down starting with the school! Pack em up and bus em off to
Eastham! Then sit back and watch your toilets back up when the septic
fails. Don't bother to call the fire department if you need them,
they won't be there! Oh, and let's not forget the police... no pay
raises for them = NO service for you!

Here's an idea for the MYPACC gang, why don't you all secede from the
state and form your own little municipal government with your
webmaster who stands for everything but won't run for anything! Sure,
and Mikey Rogovsky can be the Mayor of your little community. And
Candice Nagle can take care of the finances cause she gots a MBA from

You won't have a school in MYPACCville, too expensive. Besides,
children wouldn't be welcome there (they cost shhhhhhh m-o-n-e-y! No
DPW, who needs roads or running water? Forget about Police, that's
not gonna be necessary and who can afford the raises? Plus, we all
hate the color of those cruisers! NO affordable housing in
MYPACCville either only the wealthy need live there. If you haven't
got a job, stay behind cause you might need some help and help is not
on our menu in MYPACCville!

Hey everybody, the bus is leaving for MYPACCville! Awwwww, sorry, the
bus ran out of gas and the driver says his MYPACCville debt card
won't work! No banks in MYPACCville cause no one can trust anyone to
watch their money!

Guess you'll all have to walk. It's not far... really! Go to Truro
and look for Highland Road, follow it all the way til you see that
big red and white building with the light on top that goes round and
round. Walk past the big light house (it's called that, a LIGHT
HOUSE!)and look for the water and just keeeeeeep on walking, that's
it keep going, you're almost theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere!
12:46 pm est 

Google Adds !?!?!

Will this effect the content and tone of the blog? What a sad time we
live in that everything is centered on the bottom line, MONEY$$$
12:41 pm est 

TO: Overpriced Filet Flinger:

One word to sum up your blog; BRAVO
12:40 pm est 

More Untruth

Now there is the assumption that all the rents for one bedrooms at 90
shank. are at $320. a month? you must income qualify to pay THAT
rent. it is a guide for a scale used by the state. very few residents
will actually pay that low rental price. it varies, year to year,
after every resident completes income verification, year to year. if
you receive a section 8 HAC voucher, then you income qualify TWICE a
12:38 pm est 


I said that this friend lived here before--he
worked there last summer too. He went back this summer..arrived just
before Memorial day, left in September. I saw his unemployment
determination. It said $600 a week...and he made over
$20,000...working as a waiter and another job too. It is a very busy,
popular resturant. The other friend worked both lunches and dinners.
Telling the truth.
12:37 pm est 

Re: You Poor Things -

****No matter how many times people explain
to  you the lottery for housing is fair and regulated - you make up
your own little stories - you poor old grumpy things ! *****

Again, thats what I'm trying to understand. If it is rigged, how does
it stop or are we to just continue to go along with the same old mess
that some think we in. Or is there a way to change it that will make
all involved somewhat happy? Now with the new units on Shankpainter
being built by someone other than Malone, is the system going to be
fair? And if Malone is involved with another project in town like the
one he's involved with on Nelson Ave, is it going to be the same old
so called corrupt system? What can be done to make people happy with
the selection process? I'm sure i'm not alone in trying to figure
this one out.
12:35 pm est 

Letter to the editor, Dec.16

(I hope that the banner will print this letter)
A few years ago the front page of the banner had a story about long
term residents who had to leave the figure head house, I believe,
because it was being sold. There was another story about a  property
in the west end where a number of people lived. They were all renters
and long time residents--one I know of for over 20 years.

Provincetown is their home. These fellow citizens need to be
contacted and asked to look at the plans for 90 Shank Painter Rd and
asked if they are interested and if they qualify. It is the long term
residents that I want to see living in these affordable units.

Over and over we hear how we need 250 units for people. I  would hope
that a list is being compiled now of all of the people who will be
able to avail themselves of these units it they so desire.

Our money went into buying 90 Shank Painter Rd. It isn't fair to have
people flock to town once these units are finished and move into them
while long time citizens are forced to leave town.

Michael Rogovsky
12:25 pm est 

There Are Ponzi Schemes and Then There Are Ponzi Schemes

Ponzi schemes are a classic form of financial fraud. We all
are learning about Bernard Madoff and the magnitude of his

One thing that was of great concern to me, was the way the Pier
Corporation was handling the Towns mooring revenue.  They were
treating the Towns mooring revenue as their own, running it through
their books and inflating their bottom lines. The result, their P &
Ls were a lot rosier than they really were.

There was no way to see looking at their financials, that the mooring
fees were being reconciled and going back to the Town.  In fact, last
years statement (FY 2008) had no line item (6150) for mooring fee
reimbursement and in FY 2007 line item 6150 Mooring Fee Reimbursement
showed $00.00. Although the Finance Committee has found no missing
money, they did not look at whether the Pier Corporation was using
the Towns mooring revenue to meet its cash flow needs through-out the
year before giving it back to the Town. The Pier Corp. is now
required to have a separate fund for mooring fees thanks to the
Finance Committees review. What the Pier Corp. had been doing was not
only a stunning failure of truth in accounting but, by all accounts
was most likely illegal.

The Pier Corp. said they tracked the mooring fees better by running
them through their books. Were they just ignorant of proper
accounting or...?

Going forward, whether they have been using the Towns mooring revenue
to meet their cash flow needs will be evident with a legitimate
accounting  system for these revenues now in place.

Was the smoke and mirrors accounting of the Pier Corp. a Ponzi
scheme? Not in the classic form.  But, the Town has lost interest
income from this form of accounting since 2003 as there was no line
item for mooring interest income reimbursement let alone any of it
seeing its way back to Town coffers. As an example, the Pier Corp
stated $12938.29 in income on its FY 2007.  How much of that was
interest from mooring revenues?

I will follow up on interest earned from this separate new account which
will help see what the Pier Corp. wrongfully kept for themselves all these
years. However, I suspect mooring revenues will find their way back to
Town coffers a lot quicker now and it will result in less interest income on the
Pier Corp.'s books. This new accounting of mooring revenues will be
very telling.

Candace Nagle
12:23 pm est 

I Agree!

Hate the google ads on the sight.
12:17 pm est 

Now I Get it.!

I, too, went on the Town's website to look at
all the boards appointed and elected. Uhmm, Kerry Adams sits on both
the school committee and the Pier board. Both stubborn and inflexible
boards that hurt us, both hiding their financials for years refusing
to go on the Town's Munis system of accounting for transparency, both
not wanting to answer to the Selectmen and public. Shall I go on?

Very interesting! So Adams is responsible for everything you find at
fault with Pier Corp. and Schools? Funny, as I recall he was the last
member appointed to the Pier Board and the most recent electee to the
School Cmte. Are we to believe that the "problems" as you see them
(which existed long before Adams joined either board) are simply
because he is serving on these two boards? Could it be that you have
a problem with Mr. Adams?

It's truly unfortunate that there are people on this blog that find
it necessary to attack the folks that are willing to serve on town
boards. At the rate you people are going, the list of volunteers will
get smaller and smaller. Instead of pointing fingers and trying to
place blame, how about pitching in and doing something positive? Take
a page out of Mr. Adams' book. I have a great deal of respect for
anyone that is willing to commit the amount of time and energy that
he is to help the town. Exactly how does any of this benefit him?

By the way, Adams is on the CC National Seashore Committee too! What
can we blame on him for that?
12:14 pm est 

Townies Were Pushed Out

Please stop saying that the townies sold out, took the
money and ran. Yeah they sold. But they were pushed out
by you.

Anyone who says the townies sold out is a washashore, the very people
who have changed the spirit of Provincetown into what it is today.
Hateful unfriendly and just plain mean.

You should talk to someone who came here when it was filled with the
townies you berate, belittle and disrespect. The  portugesepeople
were the very reason you showed up here and wanted move here. Look at
what you washashores have turned this lovely town into. None of you
even know how beautiful a place this was.

Provincetown was a place where the townies did not care if you were
gay or different. They welcomed everyone who came to this town. They
invited you into their homes and made you part of the family. It was
gay friendly. Now it is filled with mean spirited, greedy

It is a gay town where no one is welcome. The gay people
are so evil they don't even like or support each other. They hate
each other. The men hate the women and the women hate the men. Why
they even complain in the Banner how they hate gay family week cause
it cuts into their gay MONEY. Everyone says it in secret!

There are so many lovely people who came here got a cheap apartment
in a Portugese house. For a small rent they got one job and made
money at that one job to live or go to school and became a part of
the community.

When they got home from work there could be a fresh
baked pie at their door, or clean laundry, or a hot meal. The most
you will find at your doorstep these days is a gay eviction notice
because the gay owner is selling the gay building. A building that
was in a Portugese family for a hundred years but has been bought and
sold 8 times in the last 10 year "each time for more money" by the
new washashores. Guess what that does for affordable living.

Ask someone who lived or moved here at that time. They will tell you
how wonderful the townies were to them and why they wanted to become
a part of the portuguese community.

Then, gay brought gayer. And you all started to turn the town into a
gay town where no one is welcome instead of a friendly town where
every one WAS welcome. Well now all you washashores are getting what
you deserve but do not blame us! You did this to what use to be our
town. Now, it is your "gay town". You all run the town. The "ole boy
club" you love to blame is now a bunch of lesbians and gay men. There
is no townie ole boys club. Look around there are no townies in
Provincetown government except Mary Jo. I think she may be the only
straight one too.

Greedy lesbians and gay men have bought out all those TOWNIES ( most
of which could not afford the taxes any more ) and have turned their
homes and town into a condo village. Condos that they refuse to rent
year round. Hundreds of empty apartment because you all make your
money in three months. If you cared about each other you would rent
to yearrounders instead of going for the MONEY. 

You are the ones who have bought and sold these houses (at a profit) so
many times it has become impossible to live here. I do not know of any
townie developers doing this. There is a long list of gay and lesbian
developers who are doing this to the townies and their gay brothers
and sisters.

The townies all sold once and got the hell away from here. It was you
opportunist washashores who changed it and sold out over and over again.
You have chopped these beautiful houses into apartments the size of postage
stamps. All to make a profit and in turn raise the rents to these unheard of
prices per square foot pushing the working class right out of town. So now
the few townies who still live here have to pay for your greed.

Shame on you all. You turned a beautful open, gay friendly portugese
fishing village into gay hell. I am a gay townie and I am ashamed to be
apart of this new community and very proud to be a Portugese townie.
Shame on you all. Don't blame us for wanting to leave.

You brought this on yourself. I have had to listen to a gay realator
tell me that he did not think that townies deserved to get as much
when they sold, since they did not owe much or any on their homes and
did not deserve it.

Wow who do you think made out on the deals he made.
Oh and yes he is in town government.
Washashores wake up and smell the coffee.

I do realize that I have used very broad strokes here so please do
not call me anti gay or some other bull. This is written to enlighten
the ignorant not insult the knowledgable. You know who you are.
12:12 pm est 

Son Sad, Too Bad

Now this blog has gone commercial with all the ads...sad,
too bad, too many hands in the pie.
12:02 pm est 

To: Unbelivable

RE: My friends came here in June, left in sept
and made $23-$24,000. working as waiters, sometimes two shifts...

Your friends told you a lie.  Ive worked as a waiter on and off in
this town for well over a decade at several nice restaurants and the
BEST one can manage to earn in a season of waiting tables is roughly
16kand that is if you walk home with 175.00 a night six nights a week
and do not spend ANY of it.  ($7-10K a season for housing anyone??? 
If that isnt obscene enough....)

This fiction about waiters making tens of thousands each season in
Ptown has gone on too long.  Its perhaps inspired by the waiters
themselves who have a penchant for inflating their nightly tips to
each other over expensive cocktails.  Its absolutely, 100% false that
anyone is making any more than 20K for a season unless they work six
doubles a week from MAY to the end of October. Over years and years
of observation I have only known of ONE person who possessed the
stamina and work ethic to manage that.

So, from now on can everyone stop perpetrating the bull that waiters
make a kings ransom each season (hello!!!! Our season is 75 days at
BEST despite the misinformation that it goes gangbusters for four
solid months.  Need I remind everyone of the dismal Junes we
suffer?). This is all just another over-inflated, glorious Ptown myth.

Oh, and by the way:  No one walks into town their first season and
snags the shifts necessary to facilitate earning massive money.  Just
doesnt happen.  There still remains a level of seniority which is

Former Over-Priced Filet Flinger
12:00 pm est 

You Guys are Just Too Funny

I go on this blog and then find that the Beijing housing market has
slumped 70% That is amazing but I guess you'll never know what you'll
learn from this blog. Trouble is everywhere, isn't it? And our tax
assessments will be just as high as they were last year and the year

Please have the town assessor view your video. Maybe
something will jog his brain and he'll see there's something mightily
wrong in trailer land. the worl'd real estate value goes into a
cascading descent but here in Provincetown the assessments remain at
a market level that no longer exists and has not for over a year.
11:00 pm est 

Monday, December 15, 2008

Can't Afford $320 a Month For Rent??

If you can't afford $320 a month for rent and you have no legitimate
disability, then you either need to get a second job or you need to
find a roommate.  If you're unwilling to do either, why should we
subsidize your lack of ambition and basic self worth.

This is America, you can be and do anything you want.  But if you
chose to do nothing, don't expect me to support you.
10:48 pm est 

To: Unbelievable

My friends came here in June, left in sept
and made $23-$24,000. working as waiters, sometimes two shifts. One
is doing the winter circuit inorder to make another 20-30 tousand
dollars...and one is lounging in the sunshine.

A third is spending time in South America.

They come in the summer, leave for the winter. One used to live here
year round--it was too dead. He would walk down the street and not
see a soul. Life isn't a struggle for them.
10:46 pm est 

Provide Concise Information

Folks, please don't say things like it is on the school
website or it is posted on the town gov. website; do us a favor and
take it a bit farther and PRINT the website as well. We obviously
don't about it. Not everyone on here has been here since day one.
10:44 pm est 

Re: The Changing Faces of Our Town

"Rather than achieve, people simply feel entitled to what other
people have earned through hard work."

You're so right! It's terrible! Let's put a stop to the welfare
"queens" of Provincetown right NOW!!!

-Laughing Last
10:11 pm est 

Re: They Also Serve Who Stand and Wait

There is a strange belief in this town that people serve the town
mainly and mostly and primarily by serving on boards. Look at those
who serve and then see the relation between their businesses and
their boards. Often there is a direct relationship. They serve their
own interests in many situations and that is why some "serve."

And then too isn't it a good thing to have people with an expertise
in a particular area serving the Town. Would you expect me to serve
on a board that I knew nothing about and could not care less about.

Keep standing by, but don't       [complain] about people who get into it and work.
10:09 pm est 

O.M.G. Anyone Who Knows That ******Knows He's Never in the Office

That's no frigin secret.

I'm sure the only people that would actually think the PBG isn't
being run into the ground are Steve Tait, Steve Malameda and Don

A.K.A. The PBG "Cartell"

10:07 pm est 

You Poor Things -

No matter how many times people explain
to  you the lottery for housing is fair and regulated - you make up
your own little stories - you poor old grumpy things !
10:03 pm est 

You Have Gone Commercial

I won't be back!

10:02 pm est 

No Vote!

Hate the Google Ads.
10:00 pm est 

Re: Abuse of Parking

Is anyone else bothered by the parking snitch?
9:59 pm est 

Unbelievable !?!

"If you can't afford to live here, then move! Go to Arizona where
rents are cheap?"

Such compassion. This town needs carpenters and painters and waiters
and other blue collar laborers. Some people work 5/6 days a week
fishing or doing construction and only make 20-25k a year. Maybe a
bit more, but have a family with a kid or two to support. Some have
lived here all their life and do not want to leave because this is
their home.
To simply dismiss them because the taxes and cost of living has risen
is not their fault. This "reverse" entitled mentality is just as
wrong as those who feel they deserve affordable housing just because
they WANT to live here. I work hard to support myself and kids, do
need feel like I deserve to eat at these over priced restaurants cuz
it is not important to my family. We eat at home. We like it that
way. We get by. But we have an ever growing awareness of this new way
of entitlement that is creeping its ugly attitude into our town. It
is not how this community should behave. It never was like that.
9:57 pm est 

Re: Lisa Bowden

The town's Tourism Director was forced to
resign for some performance related issues this week, I guess if she
didn't resign they were going to fire her.Maybe the ED at the PBG
can be next?Let's start over.Maybe the PBG can get Rob Tosner
back.Real estate can't be doing well right now.He did a good job when
he was ED.Maybe there's some hope for a fresh start.
9:55 pm est 

Abuse of Parking Space

Why in the world would anyone care that someone is
"abusing" a parking space. This person's threat to abandon this site
should be received with glee. Get a life!
9:53 pm est 

We Shall See!

The affordable housing built here in the past is tainted
with innuendo because a builder of affordable housing gets to
dispense with certain rules and regulations--and he controls the

What he does with some of the houses after they are built using tax
payer money--is what is in question. With staff working for him and
with their housing involved raises questions in people's minds.

Fast Forward: 90 Shank Painter Rd. is rentals built by an outside
concern. They aren't living and working here and hiring staff that
works for them and lives in their built housing.

We shall see what we shall see. What I do know is that what is seen
will be broadcast on this blog for all to read.
9:51 pm est 

To: Asymptotic

Let me take your comment simply as one who professes to know whats
going on regarding public education only because you spent time in a
public school. My experience shows that those who take that approach
are what one would define as, someone with a little knowledge is
considered extremely dangerous.

Lets look at your post...

  "How is it that Boston can close schools to save money, but
if we do it, we don't save anything? This was an "in house"
study--like asking the Pentagon to justify its $600 toilet seats."

The study was not what you seem to insinuate an in house study. You
are assuming that everyone on the committee was pro-Provincetown High
School. They were not. Each came with a different viewpoint and tie
to the community. It was a combination of long time residents, the
current chair of the Finance Committee, three educators, a local
minister, local business owners and a parent. Their task was simply
to gather FACTUAL information about the types of school programs, and
FACTUAL information from surrounding localilties and state
information. In addition there was also a survey of the residents of
Provincetown (of which only a few hundred responded). The committee
was then asked by the school committee and superintendent to base
their recommendations on what information they found. For you to
insinuate that the committee was stacked or dishonest is a disservice
and disrespectful to those who spent 10 long months working on this
valuable report. The fact that the results are not to your liking does not
invalidate what was done. You might as well call all of them liars.

"How much pressure was put on the committee not to talk about
regionalization? Last year the headlines in the paper was Nauset
wants to talk with Provincetown about it. How can we find the true
costs and savings?"

Second there was no pressure from anyone to NOT talk about
regionalization. The only pressure I am aware of was for the
committee to make a recommendation(s). The topic of regionlization
was obviously discussed based on what the chair reported on Tuesday
night.(Read the Banner article page 1) As far as true costs, again
the facts and figures were acquired from those localities that
provided the information. I guess all of those people they spoke to
were liars too. My advice to you is call the localities your self and
compare what you get with what is in the report. If you want to
prosecute the committee and their work it would be up to you to
provide the evidence to refute their work rather than dropping
questions in order to provoke and or agitate dissension. The question
to you should be, how are you going to provide the information to
counter what was in the report?

"It is incredulous to think that we must spend $4,500,000.00 to
educate around 40 Provincetown a few years it will be
$5,000,000 and then $6,000,000---with less and less students."

And finally to say that $4,500,000 million dollars is being spent on
40 children is a fallacy. This slanted and twisted view is promoted
by the anti-high school movement in this town. You can not take the
entire budget of the school sytem and apply it to just the 40
students who live here when that total budget amount is based on both
students who live here and those students who tuition in to the
school system. Just because we send the students to another school
system doesnt mean that the costs will disappear and that the money
can now be available for town use. If that were true I have a
automobile pass for the Cape Cod Tunnel from Ptown to Boston I want
to sell you.

Now that the report is published (it is on the school website)for all
to see, it is time to have an intelligent conversation/debate on the
issue which is based on the facts from both sides not slanted, false,
irrational and emotional personal points of view.
9:49 pm est 

Look to See Me no More!

The funny thing on this blog is that before developers
build and make money selling condos is that somebody had to first
sell them the property. Most of them were long time Provincetown
familys who sold the family home and took the money and ran!
9:44 pm est 

To: Maybe in Georgia:

Yes $320.00 is a lot of money for rent
in this town when your only making minimum wage or less! And it is
all across this nation. Maybe you can afford $320.00 a month, but
don't put down someone who can't. Someday you might be one of us!
9:43 pm est 

Re: Here's Some Facts on the Affordable Housing Lottery

Apparently, there are still some out there that think the system is
riggerd in favor of Ted Malones control. If, as some say, the names
are randomly put into a jar and drawn in front of everyone, how can
that be rigged? A name is drawn, the person either can or can't
afford the unit and then the next name is pulled. I don't see the

Regardless of what I see or don't see, what can be done to eliminate
any possibility of rigging of the system? Is it as simple as not
having Ted Malone pick the names? Should there be possibly a "double
blind" system where the applicants are assigned a number and names
are replaced by a number and are placed in the jar and the applicants
keep their numbers secret until the numbers are pulled, matching
their number in their hand to the one from the jar? Could it be
computer generated random names? What could be done to make it "above
boards" and make everyone happy with the results?
9:41 pm est 

Re: Tourism Director

Did she quit or was she fired.......or some hybrid of Both?
9:39 pm est 

As Others See it

The whole problem with affordable housing is that it is a way for
developers to roll right over regulations that stop other developers
and thus get special dispensation to overbuild and make huge profits
while building a few residences for the needy poor; meanwhile, some
units have gone to "special people".

According to the Cape Cod Times editorial, for every market rate unit
built, three affordable units are built. Remember what houses went
for two years ago--a king's ransom! And a developer in town has been
building "affordable housing" for over ten years.

And all the while, the displaced and poor in Provincetown are always
on their lips as though this is only for Provincetown residents--when
anyone is eligible for affordable housing here.

There are vast numbers of people in town from bankers and lawyers,
and business men on down to lowly workers who speak with derision
when affordable housing is mentioned. I'm only repeating what I've
heard myself.
12:21 pm est 

To: Webmaster

You have chosen not to post my email of yesterday referencing
the abuse of parking behind firehouse #2. i have a 30+ year
history in this Town and i know what I am talking about. I will
immediately stop visiting your site. your motives are clearly not
objective & honest in running this site. Maybe you are one of the
chronic parkers? Goodbye

Webmaster Comment: Please forward your comment again. As it 
apparently was inadvertantly not posted.

Please accept our apology
11:32 am est 

Asymptotic Approach to Regionalization

How is it that Boston can close schools to save money, but
if we do it, we don't save anything? This was an "in house"
study--like asking the Pentagon to justify its $600 toilet seats.

How much pressure was put on the committee not to talk about
regionalization? Last year the headlines in the paper was Nauset
wants to talk with Provincetown about it. How can we find the true
costs and savings?

It is incredulous to think that we must spend $4,500,000.00 to
educate around 40 Provincetown a few years it will be
$5,000,000 and then $6,000,000---with less and less students.
11:01 am est 

Re: Victor's Parking

There are parking spaces in front of the Restaurant and in the back
(behind the condos )the last time I was there.

Spots are labeled "Victors" for restaurant customers.
10:58 am est 

Restaurant Subsidization, Yeah!

I want subsidized restaurants. I want to be able to go to a
beautiful restaurant and dine using china and crystal and have soft
cloth napkins as big as hand towels.

I want champagne with my pate, the soup of the day, and a different
wine with each course: the fish course, a touch of sorbet to cleans
the palate and then the meat course. I want desert, coffee, cheese
and then finish off my meal with port.

I want all of this for $5.00--because I'm *me* and I deserve it
because I want it and thus I'm entitled to it.
10:57 am est 

They Also Serve Who Stand and Wait

There is a strange belief in this town that people serve the town
mainly and mostly and primarily by serving on boards. Look at those
who serve and then see the relation between their businesses and
their boards. Often there is a direct relationship. They serve their
own interests in many situations and that is why some "serve."

When people run for office, often their own self-interests are also
present. Few run just to give of themselves. If you think that is why
people run, look carefully at the Governor  of Illinois or the
Congressmen like Duke Cunningham or Rep. Ney --who are in prison now
for their illegal acts--and the intricate self-serving network
created and fed by Jack Abramoff. Not to see this dimension of some
on boards and some elected officials is to be blind and sadly naive.

Also, many people who care about this town serve it in other ways
than serving on boards. Ifind the constant admonishment to bloggers
to serve on boards misdirected, misinformed and again naive.
10:54 am est 

Re: ED Sightings

"The Executive Director of the PBG was not in town this past week. He
was in New York. There seems to be a hole in your claims. Call the
new Office Administrator, he can tell you Don wasn't here. So much
for seeing him twice.

It appers there are several people on here that like to make up lies
to be able to sit on some soap box."

On December 9th, which would be the past week, I saw and spoke with
PBG executive director at the Provincetown Next Economy meeting at
the Center for Coastal Studies.  I'll make sure I keep track of his
every move for you.

You are right, it does appear there is a person on here that likes to
make up lies to be able to sit on some soap box.

I don't really like fish, but agree with the slippery one here.
9:14 am est 

Now I Get it.!

I, too, went on the Town's website to look at
all the boards appointed and elected. Uhmm, Kerry Adams sits on both
the school committee and the Pier board. Both stubborn and inflexible
boards that hurt us, both hiding their financials for years refusing
to go on the Town's Munis system of accounting for transparency, both
not wanting to answer to the Selectmen and public. Shall I go on?
9:00 am est 

The Changing Faces of Our Town

What will it be like living here year round in a few years?
Look at the small population--and look at the substance abuse. How
much desperation is there? Listen to the resentment registered here
now from some people.

Rather than achieve, people simply feel entitled to what other people
have earned through hard work.

There are rich people here, there are white collar professionals and
blue collar workers. There are people who work here and their jobs
close down in the winter and they collect unemployment.

A carpenter or fisherman etc. works and gets paid for their work. If
someone is a writer or painter or dancer or ceramicist,etc. they have
to get a job to support themselves and their art. All work is

I can see how affordable housing is necessary for them, but something
is out of kilter when someone's priorities are getting their ganga
and going surfing all year or living for their play station and they
are salivating for the affordable housing units.

There are all kinds of people waiting for the housing units and some
of them aren't in town yet. In a couple of years, it will be
interesting to go to a party at the clubhouse with the people who
live there.
8:59 am est 

Maybe in Georgia

After reading some of these attacks on people, do you see
why we don't sign our name to what we write?

There are bitter, angry people here who have lived here for years
making poor choices and having bad planning and now their life is an
emergency--but bad planning on their part doesn't' create an
emergency on our part.

I read that a rental unit at 90 Shank painter rd is going to rent for
$320 a month. Who in their right mind would come here to live if all
they can afford to pay is $320 a month? What do they do, work one day
a week?

The people living in these units had better be elderly and infirm or
have a disability. If rugged young people are living in them, you can
bet the system is rigged.

$320 a month is the price one expects to pay to rent in some little
back water hamlet in Georgia--not on the coast of Massachusetts. Lets
see the list of renters.
8:56 am est 

Another Hole Found

I never said I saw the executive director twice last week.
That was another blogger who also thinks you are way off base. If you
called my office, I would have my assistant tell you not only that I
was out of the office but that I was out of the country. If you have
a general problem, the new asistant is quite able to handle it.  All
major issues are passed to the director. He will either call back,
email you, or have his assistant relay information.  I am sure that
the first thing the assistant does when he receives a call is to
say," There is nothing that can be done. The director is in New York
with his boyfriend." I am sure that the president of the PBG and
other board members are so irate that they are ready to tell him off
based on your nonsense. Opps, another one of your holes. Talk about
holes in stories.
Slippery Fish ( afraid to swim by the bridge because of the troll in
the waters)
8:53 am est 

Re: Affordable Rentals

Ah yes, the days of old when you used to pocket your tips
at the Moors without reporting them to the IRS are over, I wonder ?
If you were a waiter in todays market, would you be able to own your
own home and travel the globe? Consider yourself lucky that you got
what you have, when you did! Putting people down now because they
arrive in Provincetown on a bus and don't have enough money to rent
one of Babs over priced condos is bad karma on you. You say you want
the people who "deserve" affordable housing to have it. I ask why
those locals who think they've been passed over for affordable
housing havent called for an investigation of the lottery if they
think its rigged? I wish more people would want to live in
Provincetown year round but without affordable housing that will be
impossible with the rents that people charge now! The only way to
level the rents in town is to build more affordable rentals so the
high priced rentals stay empty. Then watch the rates come !
  down to a level that is affordable.
8:51 am est 

Re: Where is it?

Just a question about Victor's. I was at aboard meeting when his limited  
parking was discussed. He was granted his license becaused he promised
he would have off site parking. Where is it?
8:48 am est 

To: Slippery Fish

I don't personally have a grudge against anyone on the
Business Guild however it appears the Slippery Fish makes up lies. I
mean I've seen holes in your other comments but you've caught
yourself in a big lie this time.

The Executive Director of the PBG was not in town this past week.
He was in New York. There seems to be a hole in your claims. Call
the new Office Administrator, he can tell you Don wasn't here. So
much for seeing him twice.

It appers there are several people on here that like to make up lies
to be able to sit on some soap box.

I don't get it.
11:05 pm est 

Hey There Mr. Boooo Hoooo!

I just went on the Town of Provincetown's website and didn't see a
Booo Hooooo on any Town Board. I guess you didn't look for Ms.
Nagel beyond Airport Commission either?????

You are probably one of those profusely sweating board members under
the kleig lights she has had on you for over a year? I looked at that
MA general law 66 section 15, up to a year in jail for altering
public records? You should all lower your heads in shame. You have
violated your positions on a town board, the trust of the Selectmen
who apppointed you and the public!!!!

You can run but you can't hide from Ms. Nagle!
11:00 pm est 

Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Affordable Housing Magic Show

I take it that some of you have, in your lifetime, have been to a
magic show. There you will see a little rice turned into a cascade of
rice, overflowing with the magic wand. Then there are mighty pieces
of glass that become punctuated with the tip of a pencil. Then two
separate wands become one. Abracadabra! And women are sliced in two, 
right there in front of your eyes. Sliced, cut and halved and yet she

You are right there. You see but do you see?

And when you attend an affordable housing lottery, it's all there,
right in front of your eyes. Just like a magic show and Ted Malone,
in his magic black cape, and his wand takes out one name, then
another so lucky name. There in front of your eyes. You look, my dear
friend, but you do not see. You are being played for a fool, like all
who love and are entertained by magicians.
10:35 pm est 

Dear Boo Hoo

I am chair of the Animal Welfare Committee, a town board.
Tell me what town board you sit on?

Also, I am the President and Co-Founder of the Provincetown Dog Park
Association a public-private partnership with the Town of

I helped bring fiscal checks and balances to the Provincetown Public
Pier Corporation in 2008. Tell me
what you did to help Provincetown in this fiscally challenged time in
our community?

In 2006, I did want to be on the Pier Corporation. I saw
mismanagement and financial irregularities by the Provincetown Public
Pier Corporation. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts agreed with my
findings. See ''Breaking News.'' A lack of a board appointment did
not diminish my determination to bring accountibility to that board
for the betterment of Provincetown. I just had to do it from the
outside and I did.

But enough about me, Boo Hoo. Tell us what you did in 2008 to help
our community and what if any board you served on?

I won't hold my breath, however.

Candace Nagle
10:21 pm est 


Victor's is NOT FOR SALE! Repeat NOT FOR SALE!!


Open Year round!


I just ate there this weekend and was told that starting Jan 1st.
Oysters and shrimp were going to be 1$ each with dinner.

Now that sounds like Victor is trying to bring in business.

Mike is right. The place is amazing!
10:19 pm est 

Re: Suffer the Children

OK, I'll say it: I value our children. Now, let's close the high
school. We can't afford it.
10:17 pm est 

Re: Candace Nagle
It seems that someone is very jealous of Ms. Candace N. for
making some real changes on the pier and making them accountable.

Some one is on a tear about Michael R. and is also in need of some
therapy to deal with their anger, resentment and rage about the
condition of their own life.

Makes one scared about the type of people waiting to get in on this
affordable housing stint. Good luck ..and please get some help.
9:03 pm est 

Why Deny Anothers Happiness?

Why would anyone impoverish themselves to live in a place
if they can't afford it? One can go to Tucson and pay $550 for an
apartment that would cost them $1,100.00 in Provincetown.

No one is putting a gun to anyone's head to live in Provincetown, so
why stay here and become sour, bitter and resentful of people who
thrive and have a wonderful life here and lash out and snarl at them
for enjoying life in this beautiful town celebrating it every day?

If you can't afford enjoy going out with your friends for a lovely
meal in the ambiance of a warm and cozy restaurant, for instance,
then don't lash out at the people who do.

It only shows how desperate and miserable you are and gives credence
to the survey conducted last year that states how depressed people on
the cape are who live here year round.
9:02 pm est 

Canadace Nagel's Work May Seem to be Quite Enlightening

I must ask though , what town boards does she sit on?  From what the
town web site indicates it would be none.  She is an over caffeinated
bored individual filling her trust fund time.  She attacks those who
serve on town boards and does not have the temerity to sit on a town
board.  Her animosity to the Provincetown Public Pier Corp may be due
to the fact that her request to be appointed to the PPPC board by the
Board of Selectmen was denied.  Can you say "Sour Grapes"?

Boo Hoo
8:43 pm est 

Affordable Housing Lotteries

are subject to strict procedures and conducted in public. I attended
a lottery conducted by Community Housing Resource. The names of each
qualified applicant for an available unit were placed in a big jar,
mixed up and then the names were drawn. They drew a winner, and then
a 1st and a second runner-up, just in case one of the Buyers dropped
out. Then process is repeated for the next unit, and again until all
are unis spoken for. It gets very emotional at times with tears of
joy and disappointment.

The only way it could be rigged is if someone were a magician. But
most of the applicants and their support teams, friends and family,
are right there. The lottery I attended was in the auditorium at Town
Hall and there were at least 50 people in the room.
8:11 pm est 

Come on Down!

Here's Part of the Problem If Affordable is for Wellfleet
and Eastham and other Towns

Then let these towns pay, subsidize, increase their taxes, and pay
CPC taxes for their residents. The PR is that affordable housing here
in Provincetown is for the established community, those who have
lived and worked here for years. But this is pure bull. Affordable
housing is for anyone getting off any bus and coming here. So
advertise in South Beach. Let the world know in Fort Lauderdale, then
call anyone from Boston, Savannah, and Dallas. Just show up. We've
got affordable housing for you. Just line up, kiss Ted Malone's
tulip, befriend AJ, smile your begonias off with Monica, be sweet to
Pam and buddy you are on you way to living here at our expense.

As Bob Barker used to say: Come on Down! We're dying to subsidize
you're arrival into our community. That is what we have been doing
for years--sometimes without knowing it!

But come on down!
8:05 pm est 

Here's Some Facts on the Affordable Housing Lottery

The Lottery is run by a state-approved lottery organizer. And guess
who is a state-approved, official lottery runner? Yup. Ted Malone. So
what we have is that Ted Malone builds affordable housing and then
Ted Malone controls and organizes the lottery.

If these two functions were separate, then we could have more faith
in a fair and equitable lottery. But if you control both, then you
can also control whose name is "pulled" from the hat. You have
various lists and a person is No. 8 on one list, then that same
person is No. 12 on another list and then that same person is No. 21
on a third list. And so forth. Then NO. 8 comes out. Wow, it's Polly
or Sue or AJ or Pam or Monica or Rex. Then another number is pulled
and other pages of "official numbers" have the same person on twelve
different numbers. What luck! What a surprise! You won!

And the BOS should have separated these two functions, then we could
believe in some sense of fairness. But combined, it's pure

Luck. I think not. Connections. Ah, there you are.
8:02 pm est 

I Like the Google Search

I'm always on Google. Now I like that I can access Google from
Mypacc. You guys are great. What an advantage. Thanks
7:37 pm est 

Hey Mikey!

I'm hungry!
wanna fly to New York for dinner?
no big deal, right!
7:36 pm est 

Rogovsky The Restaurant Critic?

Dear Lord, gives us a break!
Michael...who gives a rat's *** about          or the       If I need a
high colonic, I will eat breakfast at                  You are
so out of touch. I can barely pay my bills and you have the gaul to
tell me to support a rude business owner from the         One of the ,
worst steaks I ever tried eating in my life and            didn't have
the courtesy to remove it from our bill!
Nerve, Rogovsky.

You stand on your soapbox, but yet are SO out of touch! Enjoy your
next four course meal with your wanna be chef. The Mews, maybe???$$$$
7:35 pm est 

Affordable Housing Lottery Drawing

Does anyone know FOR FACT how the lottery is run for the drawings for
affordable housing units? Is it random, does Ted do the drawing, is
it first come first serve, does the town have anything to do with it
and so on. Some in here seem to think its rigged but is it in reality
or is it just a great coincidense that some of his employees got
housing? Just curious considering the new units on Shankpainter will
be up soon and a new drawing will be held. If in fact there is a
drawing. If not, for that matter, how do the units get assigned to
those that apply?
6:37 pm est 

Slippery Fish is Right-On!

"...YES its pretty clear that the fish doesnt know anything
about the pbg or where the director is.sounds like slippery fish is
about as useless as the director"...

You are one cranky one.

I've never had a problem getting in touch with the PBG ED. Not once! 
Seems you like to come on here and bash those with whom you hold a
grudge and make up the facts as you go along.  I've seen the PBG ED
twice in the last week, he must do alot of flying back and forth if
he's spending 98% of his time in NY as you stated previously.

The slippery fish is right on this one
5:29 pm est 

To the Person Who Calls Me Mikey--

You have no idea what you are talking about regarding me and the house
in which I live. You are so wrong.

At least I stand behind what I write, sign my name, and write what so
many others just talk about among themselves. Other people are afraid
to speak up due to their jobs, their co-workers, their position in
town etc.

Michael Rogovsky
4:57 pm est 

Look at the Secodary Benefits

Even if the affordable units planned (not built yet) were
not filled with people who live here in substandard, unstable rental
housing - what if someone moved here from Wellfleet or Truro or even
farther up cape ?

Isn't the secondary benefit of affordable housing the stabilazation
of year round living in Provincetown ?

Why are you soon paranoid about new people ?

And don't say there are no year round jobs - there are plenty - have
you seen traffic coming in to town in the morning ?   And guess what
- those who work 8-9 months a year, live here now.
4:55 pm est 

Yes, Victor's Is Wonderful Now But !

What Happens in February? And March?

Victor's has been a wonderful addition to our restaurant scene. The
food and atmosphere are great but that is not the point. Victor's
received a dispensation from having to build one or two affordable
housing units on his property IF he was to keep the resturant AND IF
it was to be a Year-Round restaurant.

Now he's ready to sell after less than a year here. And if he does
sell and when he does sell, then he has all his very affordable
housing and the profits from the sale of the restaurant. That is the
point--not his "fine" cuisine.

It's the game that is played to get what developers want--remember
the Dairy Queen was destroyed for this--and Licata's was destroyed
for this--and what will remain in a year from now? Housing. Condos.
And goodby to any memories of year-round restaurants or restaurants
per se. Like the Moors, Victor's will be memory that a few enjoyed
and delighted in. But we will be left with the dredges of the
rich--more expensive unsold condos and the promises made but left
unfufilled as the profits and the cuisine leave town. Once again.
4:52 pm est 

Re: PBG and Slippery Fish

YES its pretty clear that the fish doesnt know anything
about the pbg or where the director is.sounds like slippery fish is
about as useless as the director.the pbg is a waste of money.what
once was productive and a good organization has gone down the tubes
thanks to steve tait and malamed.
2:32 pm est 

Arf Vs 3Rs

Geez, maybe we can get the dog park committee to do the
school committee's job. The dog park was done in less time for less
money... out with the school committee and in with the dog bark

2:30 pm est 

Sometimes We Miss What's In Front of Our Eyes

The Provincia provided great protection for the sail boats and others
boats that were at the slips along Fisherman's Pier. And the
Provincia help protect boats further away at MacMillan Pier. The
damage from storms was lessened and it helped the town as many in the
town begrudged this grey barge. She was a wonderful,
taken-for-granted wave attenuater.

I also enjoyed it's festive lights at the holidays and its presence
along the wharf.

The case of the Provincia destroying eel grass was quite the
environmental juggernaut! Illusion presented as truth and believed by
too many.

What would have happened to the eel grass with the large-scale
development on the pier? With hotels? With restaurants? With slips
for 350? Please, bureaucratically created "problems" served some in
this town who wanted this barge removed and were determined to have
her leave.

She has left and now we suffer some unexpected storm-related consequences.
2:26 pm est 

Observations From the Bright-Side

I went to Victor's last night with a friend who is a
fledgling cook and our dinner was friend, the neophyte
cook, said that the chef must be a master!

Plus, Michael F., the chef's black and white pictures, adorned the
walls of the  dining rook.

Our dinner was a culinary delight...and then my spouse and I  went
back for Noreen's breakfast.

Barbara Rushmore has spoken wonderfully about the Bistro at Crown pointe.

There are wonderful places to eat in town from Michael Shay's to the
Red Inn. Go out and enjoy and celebrate the season with friends and

Michael Rogovsky.
2:24 pm est 

Re: Mikey

Strange that Mikey is the only one who seems to think that
the wrong people are getting an affortable place to live. However
when he bought his place here in town he forgets that a full year
round family used to live in that very house, and I'm sure that he
got it at a bargain selling price. And when he sells he'll be even
richer than he is now!
2:21 pm est 

Of Course Section 8 has Been Around For Decades

No one is talking about the folks who deserve it.

It is the person who sailed into town, got affordable housing, went
on his cruises twice a winter, had a fancy truck and got his big apt.
and only paid a fraction of the cost.
2:18 pm est 

To: The PBG Director Basher

You really haven't a clue. 
The director is in Ptown. I really don't care where his boyfriend
lives.  Are you stalking him?  I have no problem seeing him when I
want or getting responses from emails that I send him.  Seems he
wants to avoid you . He is a very intelligent man.

Slippery fish (putting black-out curtains on my bowl)
2:16 pm est 

Class Differentiation

Anyone can come here with a wad of cash and buy your
landlord's house (there's one born every minute) and bump you out.
Nobody talks about that because rich equals good on here. only the
working poor have the nerve to work their butts off and go on a

this is all so classist.

just sayin'
2:15 pm est 

Suffer the Children

I have never once heard anyone say in this town that they
value the children that are here.
2:12 pm est 

Re:Re: Go Back a Few Weeks

Did Candace Nagel just rebut a blog that hasn't even been posted on
this website? Just curious...
2:11 pm est 

Affordable Housing Comments

These blogs are good. People need to know the facts about
who can get affordable housing. Soon there will be Public meetings
about 90 Shankpainter Rd. An educated electorate will be prepared to
ask and get the facts here and verify them at the meeting. And I'd
take a tape recorder.
2:10 pm est 

The Law is the Law Regarding Affordable Housing
Unfortunately, vast members of the community believe that the housing
is for residents who are displaced.

There are people who are banking on being able to move into
affordable housing and so they are living with no cares and
worries--except wondering how long they can keep it up.

There are people who came to town expecting to take over their old
job waiting on table, but new people have taken their place.

You can't keep a fresh, hot shot, wait person working lunches forever
with the promise of a night gig while everyone sees that the old
timer has been smoking ganga a bit too long, has too much of an
attitude and has turned into a primadonna. (the hot shot will go
someplace else to work).

I'm afraid that when these folks start packing expecting the keys to
their affordable rental, there won't be any vacancies--how many
vacancies do you expect to find here in five or six years--much less
in two or three?

Lets see who they curse then.
2:07 pm est 

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Re: Look Back Further Than Last Two Weeks?

The school committee s report was a culimination of 10 months work
the dog park was  the culmination of 18 months work.

Provincia leaving puts macmillanpier in harm's way as the pier corp
paid lipserviice to their top priority: wave attenuator.  I was all
for its leaving but not at the expenseof protecting our $13 millon
pier. our new courtesy float is one bad storm away from being
destroyed again.  

candace nagle
4:31 pm est 

Re: Affordable Housing

Affordable housing is nothing new in Provincetown, its just
that now people are more aware of it, and it has a different name.

I have a friend who has had section 8 housing for years! And yes
he lives here year round and yes sometimes he goes on vacation just
like real people.
4:27 pm est 

Re: Affordable Housing

To get affordable housing you have to first get on the
list. Then when they have a unit, you have to let them know that you
want to be on that list. Then they have strict laws on who gets the
housing first. You'll have to call and ask what they look for as the
law sometimes changes.
4:26 pm est 

It's Not True!

All the Housing Advocates are stating that the housing is
for the dispossessed residents of Provincetown, the mother and
children and people priced out..or forced out by condo development.

FALSE. Anyone can come here and get an affordable housing unit. The
Housing advocates just won't be honest and state the truth. Wait and
3:42 pm est 

Make Provincetown a Theme Park!

I've got the answer to all of Provincetown"s money problems;Charge
admission prices like Disneyworld does,Sell One,Two and Three Day

Don't forget to give AAA discounts.
3:41 pm est 

That's Just the Way it is

If we kept the CPA funds 80% housing, the idea WAS to start
having a residency law! But it looks like we will have to keep
getting matching grants from HUD etc. Then they tell us you can not
stop people getting off the bus the right of affordable housing!
Thats just the way it is. And by the way, when I first came to town .
It was on a bus and thanks to the town government I was able to get a
Barnstable county housing grant back in the seventies.
3:39 pm est 

Re: Bravo For You!

You can NOT have a three year residency in Provincetown
because we use matching state & government funds! its the law!
Nantucket uses its OWN money for affordable housing so they can do
what they want with their laws. If Provincetown added an extra new
tax when people sell their homes, Then we could build our own housing
like Nantucket does with a residency law that we like!
3:16 pm est 

Bravo For You!

To the person who has lived here for 30 years and is now in
affordable housing: Bravo! You are the type of person in mind when
affordable housing was created.

Do you see the difference between you and person who gets off of the
bus and waltzes into an affordable housing unit because they

What about the idea of 3 year residency such as they have on Nantucket?
3:03 pm est 

The Best Revenge

Those of you who insult sun-chasers can say what you like. Nowadays,
I'm getting off on it.

I'd be bitter, like you, to see my rat-race fetishe$ about home$ and
401(k)$ go poof!

Time and tide are beginning to validate our bummy, sun-chasing
lifestyle and the value we put in people and life experiences, not
things. The affordable housing culture that some of you revile is
merely a reflection of a community that, by and large, shares our

If only I could take credit for saying this! But nobody did so better
than Voltaire: "God gave us the gift of life; it is up to us to give
ourselves the gift of living well."

-Laughing Last
2:46 pm est 

What's the Scoop?

I have been trying to post blogs on the nonsense that Astrid
Berg recently spewed on this site such as defending a drunk jr
firefighter that destroyed our town ladder truck, I'm not sure why
they havent been posted, her rebuttle to my blog 2 weeks ago was to
call me a low life and that was posted mmmm i wonder what this blog
is turning into? perhaps I'm not in their loop?
2:44 pm est 

To: Slippery Fish

Get the facts before you attempt to speak.
The PBGExecutive Director's boyfriend "Pascal" lives in New York
City. This is where he spends 98% of his time these days. You will
not find him at the PBG office, you will not even find him in
Provincetown. If you had any source of information, you would be
aware of this. The membership is not pleased and it's been brought to
the board's attention. The fish needs to be flushed as it provides no
value to this blog.
2:42 pm est 

Dear Candice

I wish to thank you and your fellow volunteer committee members who
worked hard and created the dog park. Thanks to everyone involved.
What a joy to see everyone out there.

I did not follow the MacMillan Wharf thing because I do not own a
boat and it is above me. But the diligence you showed is commendable.
I hear that when you think there is a problem, you really do look
into it. Maybee you could see about this new economic summit thing?
It sure would be great for them to have you on their side. You seem
to get things done around here.
1:58 pm est 

Agreeing with "The Clock Hand Turns"

Good blog-

We tried giving valuable suggestions to the school years ago. No one
listened! Talk about a Cartel... there certainly is one up on Winslow

Shame on them!
1:56 pm est 

To: Slippery Fish

That was the best one yet!
Don't let Astrid get waterlogged!

Laughing and Blowing Bubbles
1:54 pm est 

The Clock-Hand Turns and Closes the Circle Upon Us

This needs to be repeated. This is why people are upset
with the school committee. People aren't against students getting an
education, we all know that they are the next generation of
citizens--we are concerned about the quality of their  entire
scholastic & social school experience--not just the teacher/tutor
situation we have in the school.

We have a High School with less than 50 Provincetown studetns in
attenedanc. The population is aging, what happens when we are down to
a school with no Provincetown students in it? When do we tuition out
the students and decommission the school?

The Time For Innovative Schools and Charter Schools Is Over

We had this chance and especially at and immediately after the great
School Summit three years ago. The ideas were flowing, town people
were committed, and the decision to establish a twelve person
Steering Committee to implement new ideas was put forward. But what
did happen? No one was called. No Steering Committee was put
together. No follow ups to all the action plans ever happened.
The School Committee went into a huddle and never came out of it.They
put their arms around each other and kept the rest of the community
away. All the major art institutions were there, all key businesses
were there, politicians were there and even a few academics.

Nothing happened. Nothing.
1:10 pm est 

Thanks For Affordable Housing

I'm thankfull that I have affordable houseing now. I've
been living in town year round for over 30 years. I even owned
propery in all of those years! Now because of health reasons I've
lost all of the little money I had! Thanks to affordable housing I
can stay in the town where Ive lived for more than half my life!
Thank-you Provincetown! And to those who want to stop affordable
housing, shame on you!
1:05 pm est 

Something is Rotten in the State of Denmark

You Can't Evaluate Our taxes Without Analyzing Our
Over-priced, Desperate Real Estate Assessments

You could look at the tax rate or even look at what you are
personally paying. But that is not enough to judge taxes in
Provincetown. Take a critical look at the uneven tax assessments on
real estate here in Provincetown. If the person works at town hall or
is elected, the assessment is quite low. If you look back through two
or three years, you will see many properties increased by 20 to 30%
but when you look at other larger, waterfront properties, their
assessments strangely went down 20%. Herein lies the inequality and
the over-assessed real estate that burdens this town. And the
rational for some high assessments are based on odd logic.

Our taxes, for this reason, remains high and continues to increase
and increase even as property values decrease. Another financial game
being played in the trailers and those in the know, know. Not a fair
or well functional system but one set up to rake in the money, like
gamblers at Las Vegas.

10:42 am est 

It Gives One Pause

Living in Provincetown, where the town goes to sleep half
of the year, and yet has a debt of $44,000,000 and rising--and all of
these town positions--it gives one pause. We aren't Bustling Boston.
10:14 am est 

I Would Like to Add on to Candace's List.

voting to repair town hall
positive feedback from Dept. of Revenue about addressing their many concerns
CPC  allocation configuration changed.
10:12 am est 

Get a Life!

You really seem to get off on lying about the PBG director
living in NY with his boyfriend. What is your problem? Also, many gay
visitors come from NY.  It is a good place to advertise. There is
also a lot of PBG advertising in Boston. I guess that means the PBG
director must have another boyfriend in Boston. Get a life and a real

Slippery Fish (hiding Astrid in the fishbowl)
10:10 am est 

Re: Year -Round Economic Community

Trying to make Provincetown a year-round economic community
is like fornicating for virginity! We have a 3 season limit, and that
is a stretch. Can we concentrate on that equation? What can we do to
make the Spring and Autumn season stronger? What does the PBG think?
The Chamber of C.? Summer is a win-win because of our beach. We are
lucky enough to have some beginning events in the shoulder season.
Let's turn up the volume.
10:08 am est 

Woke Up This Morning & The Sun Is Shining!

Feeling pretty good about life today!
reading some of the blogs and realizing that we live in a rockin'
community. people on here talkin' some serious stuff 'bout some
serious issues- right-on!
homeless/over shelter the not so needy, local school/ regionalize,
corruption, the real needs of community,lower taxes? fix the sagging
town hall *sad*
PFD,CPC,BoS,IRS,NRA... it's all good today!
we live in a caring place, there is mutual respect.
I may not like your political view, but I will say HI to you in the
GOO- sorry, stop& shop.
in Quincy they call it "the stoppy".
It's good to know that we have friends here. family here.
It's good to read that people care here.
It is a time for peace & good will, we may not have peace (thanx to
Cheney/Bush) but there is plenty of good will in our little fishing
village w/ a big fiscal problem!
to everyone, make it a good day! grab it by the proverbial testies!
be kind to your neighbor!
10:06 am est 

Hey Mikey

10:04 am est 

To Cnadice N;

Yes, we as a town do have things to look back upon as 2008 rears;
-New Stop&Shop
-New Doggie Bark Park
-Dr. Jim Lear is Back!!!!
-My rent only went up $112.00
-Town hall phase one vote passed
-Deserving local folks did get into Sandy Hill
-Closing of Clem/Ursie's (sorry,NEVER a fan)
-New bike path renovations out @ seashore
-Pier Corp transperency
-School committee report
-East End Market (formerly Patrician)
-Bradford Heath Food (formerly Lemba's)
-Lower water rate
-Still have garbage pick-up (remember that one?)
-Sharon L. seems to be cleaning up the mess that Kieth left
Yes, the glass is half full in Provincetwn!
10:03 am est 

Re: Reflections on the Good

Come on Candace! Look back farther than two weeks of topics in this
blog. How about a new police chief, the Provincia leaving the
harborfront, George Bryant staying as our rep to the delegates, and
the passing of articles at town meeting that will allow for town hall
to be rebuilt. Victors, sandy hill and gulls nest? You've got to get
out and see more than this little blog.
10:02 am est 

School SubCommittee

Too the person that attended the subcommittee meeting.  Why you
decided to mentiong that is is not about the money but about the
ABOUT JOBS.  JOBS THAT WOULD BE LOST.   Yes, that was said more than
2 times during the meeting.  So it was not stressed, and to say they
need to challenge the children, why all of a sudden they are going to
say, WE CAN DO THIS.  They have had almost 3 years talking about the
declining enrollment and that something needs to be done.  Now its
time to do it, and we are going to hear, GIVE US MORE TIME.

10:00 am est 

To the Webmaster...

Ever hear of where's Waldo?  It's a game.  Maybe someone was
playing where's Astrid. Lighten up and stop being everybody's parent.
9:58 am est 

Count Your Blessings

And if you think that Provincetown has high taxes, oy vay -
  you haven't lived in the suburbs lately have you! For the quality
of life that you get in Provincetown, taxes are not that much. Be
thankfull of what you have here!
11:20 pm est 

Point of Clarification

I want to make a correction and explain that when I called
Astrid it was only to ask her where I could find out where the
various meetings were posted.

I mixed that up with my own desire to find out whom to contact and when.

I'm sorry that I involved Astrid in my e-mail which went on to
discuss things in which she had absolutely no imput.

Michael Rogovsky

11:18 pm est 

Friday, December 12, 2008

School SubCommittee

I attended the subcommittees meeting and the one major thing I got
from the excellent presentation was that it is not about the money. 
It is about the children.  It was stressed over and over that it was
about challenging the children and how the school system as it stands
does not address this.  At no time did they ever emphasize the cost
savings, it was geared towards making sure the children were educated
in an environment that would be competitive and challenging.

I for one would pay even more towards the schools if I knew that the
children were in a competitive environment.  I do have trouble paying
for the current system when I think that the children are strolling
through a pampered curriculum.
10:04 pm est 

Restaurants and the Economy

When people here keep equating the failing economy with the failed
restaurants in Provincetown, please keep in mind, these restaurants
failed because of severely bad management decisions.  Their failures
had nothing to do with the economy.
10:02 pm est 

It Will Make no Difference!

Once again, I repeat-there already is hardly any yearround
community. You are kidding yourself if you think closing the school
will make a difference in that.
10:01 pm est 

The Time For Innovative Schools and Charter Schools Is Over

We had this chance and especially at and immediately after the great
School Summit three years ago. The ideas were flowing, town people
were committed, and the decision to establish a twelve person
Steering Committee to implement new ideas was put forward. But what
did happen? No one was called. No Steering Committee was put
together. No follow ups to all the action plans ever happened.

The School Committee went into a huddle and never came out of it.
They put their arms around each other and kept the rest of the
community away. All the major art institutions were there, all key
businesses were there, politicians were there and even a few

Nothing happened. Nothing.

Now we have the results of this continual year-after-year inaction,
of this morbid secrecy, and of this collective anxiety of losing
power by the School Committee.

They have killed the schools and asured their death. We have only the
School Committee to thank.
9:59 pm est 

I'm Concerned About Taxes and I Have Only One Home

This town taxes everything. It jacks up assessments for a certain
percentage of residents, decreases the assessments of those
politically connected--look at the assessments and you'll see such
uneven assessments you just won't beleive it--and I"m concerned about
the fiscal irrresponsbility of the town. It lacks fiscal discipline.
It views more and more taxes as the answer to its poor fiscal

Have you heard our town leaders--a strange term to use for this
particular group, I know--talk now about budget cuts, departmental
reductions, and tough fiscal decision? The town departments have been
putting their budgets together for a month and this is not what I am
heard from the top. There seems to be no mandate to reduce spending,
to cut departments across the boards, even as local town aid will be
cut 5 to 10% in FY 2010.

Will Sharon and Michele's answer be: raise more taxes. Create more
overrides. Put in a local food tax. Push for condo rental taxes.

See the so-called answer for Sharon & Michele: taxes and more taxes.

That is poor fiscal management. Reduce spending, cut where needed,
stop hiring more and more assitants to this one and assistants to
that one and then assistants to the assistants. Watch David Gardner
get an assistant to his own assistanship soon!
9:56 pm est 

Dear Clean Sweep:

May I suggest that you have some first hand knowledge or new
information to share before you blog and besmirch? Your speculation
that the singled out individuals had been seasonal residents is
unfounded. And the suggestion that one who works for tips is taking
the money and running is so weird. Perhaps you were born with a
silver spoon in the mouth? Too bad it led to feet of clay.

Go back and look in the mirror.
(Then follow previous instructions.)
9:53 pm est 

Just Came Home From Going to the New Stop & Shop

It was surreal.

Fresh produce.

Fresh meats.

Smiling employees.

and I didn't feel like I needed to take a shower after shopping there.

What an amazing difference new management makes.

Can we get Stop & Shop to come and take over management of the town?
Maybe they can replace the entire B.O.S. with intelligant and
competant individuals?
9:51 pm est 

Hey Michael:

The reason that we have so much PBG
advertising in New York is because our executive       is living in
NY with his boyfriend instead of here doing his job. If you compare
Key West's advertising to Ptowns, we fall behind in a serious way.
It's good to hear we're getting something for our dollar though.
9:49 pm est 

The Fault is Not in the Stars But in Our Attitude

The longer I live, the more I realize the impact of
attitude on life. Attitude, to me, is more important than facts. It
is more important than the past, the education, the money, than
circumstances, than failure, than successes, than what other people
think or say or do. It is more important than appearance, giftedness
or skill. It will make or break a company... a church... a home. The
remarkable thing is we have a choice everyday regarding the attitude
we will embrace for that day. We cannot change our past... we cannot
change the fact that people will act in a certain way. We cannot
change the inevitable. The only thing we can do is play on the one
string we have, and that is our attitude. I am convinced that life is
10% what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it. And so it is
with you... we are in charge of our Attitudes.

  Charles R. Swindoll
9:48 pm est 

Reflections on the Good

I just went to oz ie the new stop and shop and I got to
thinking about what things happened in 2008 that changed ptown for
the good of our community:

Not in the order but here goes:

--gull's nest
--sandy hill
--dog park
--pier corp financial review

I'd like to add one more:
--subcommittee report addressing our school system

Would anyone else like to post their list?

Candace Nagle
9:45 pm est 

Only the Lonely

You think if you jump up and down three times and keep
saying families can't live here you can make the children go away in

Then who is left ?  A bunch of old grumps ?
9:43 pm est 

To Mr. Richards:

I don't believe it's provincial to want to create an innovative
school system with a rigorous curriculum residing within the
Provincetown community.  Just because regionalizing has been around
for a long time, doesn't make it right for Provincetown.  Sending
students off to Nauset is not going to help Provincetown develop a
growing base of year-round residents.

Do you really believe what you wrote?

"If anyone would exclusively base their decision on being a year
round resident on where students are taught would be missing out on
the scores of advantages of living in this beautiful town. And that
is very short-sighted to say the least."

Every single person I know who has children made decisions on where
to live based on the school or school choices.  It is not
"short-sighted" for families to stay away from a beach community as a
permanent, year round residence when they are looking at what is the
in the best interest of their children.  The "scores of advantages"
that exist in Provincetown are nothing to a child in this community
without a quality education.

Ask any of your friends with children in school - would they want to
live in a community where their children board a bus in the dark of
morning and travel almost 30 miles to school, and return in the dark
of evening after another 30 mile bus ride?  This scenario would not
encourage families to stay in Provincetown, and it certainly isn't
attractive to potential families considering moving to the area.  It
would be easier to simply live in Brewster - and that is what will
happen if the schools close.  This is being "grounded in reality."

Again, if people want to ensure even fewer year round residents
closing the schools is the answer.

Paul T.
9:42 pm est 

Astrid in South Beach

I just came back from a walk with my pooch and I swear I saw Astrid
sunning herself on the beach. Yes, I'm pretty sure it was her...big
sunglasses and all. Maybe her mother is in Flordia? It's warm here so
who can blame anybody taking a sunny getaway.

Webmaster Comment: Let's not go to far afield. Astrid Berg is in Provincetown
and her mother is in Massachusetts, soon to return to Provincetown.
9:39 pm est 

What is the Real Cost?

What do you people think nice suburbs around Boston or NYC
cost to buy a house - 10 cents ?

You can move to Hyannis now and find a house for $200k, but do you
want to ?   Or do you want to move to the mid-west ?

Why don't you go to and see what some nice "suburbs" cost ?
9:34 pm est 

Education and Affordable Housing

I've never put anyone down who lives in affordable housing.
I'm happy that some folks I know can stay in town because of it.

I have former neighbors and fellow artists who have been able to move
into units and stay in town. Luckily, these units went to long time
residents and not to someone brand new to town--or to someone who
manipulated their way into one.

My first contact with affordable housing and The Housing Assistance
Corporation in Hyannis was over 20 years ago.

In the past, I lobbied and went to Town meeting when the Late Mr. Jim
Jeffers was the Town Manager and Ms. Kristine Hopkins and others
wrote up a proposal and presented an article for affordable housing.

Mr. Ted Malone is a developer who has been building affordable
housing projects for over ten years and has never used CPC funds.

For four years Affordable housing has gotten over $2,000,000 of CPC
money for affordable housing--now that town meeting has voted to put
the 70% where needed it seems that the full amount can't go to
renovate Town Hall--but the full amount went to developers for the
last four years.

I have a degree in education and when I was getting my M.F.A in
drawing and painting, I applied for the art teacher's position at the
high school in 1976-77.

I know what affordable housing means to people who can remain here in
town and I know what it is to teach a class room full of students all

A good teacher can teach a year and a half worth of material in one
school year and a bad teacher can only teach a half school year's
worth of material in one school year.

My concern is that having such a small high school is not challenging
enough for the students because students also learn from other
students as well, with their lively exchange of ideas and insights.
Questioning things and having a critical eye isn't being mean--it is
being concerned.

Michael Rogovsky
9:32 pm est 

Anybody Who Knows Astrid

.......will know that she is a snow bunny. There is no way she is in
Florida. She is probably jumping off a hellie and skiing in powder in
9:29 pm est 

Please Remember We Can't Go Back

To the blogger that wrote: "it's time to bring them down!
unfortunately, to them it is NOT about the kids. Its about their

I thought the School Committee were elected volunteers? When did they
start getting paid? Bring them down? Can anyone think of a person in
this town that would want their job?? I take my hat off to them for
sticking to their guns (popular or unpopular) and doing what they
think is best for the town. I'm fairly sure that they have our best
interests at heart. It has to be a tough job for them. Let's be
patient enough to give them a chance to weigh the options carefully.
There are so many people that are affected by this: Parents,
teachers, administrators, janitors, kitchen staff, taxpayers,
non-taxpayers... but most important are the children. Let's not make
hasty decisions that we have to live with forever. Remember, you
can't go back.

9:27 pm est 

In the Good Old Days....

People of all persuasions lived together in harmony in old
Provincetown.  In the good old days there were lots of fish and
fishermen shared free fish at the wharf with those who needed them. 
The wharf was funky but usable.

In the good old days in the 1980's homes were available for sale for
$40,000 to $150,000.  Interest rates sailed however up to 18 to 20%.

In those days 30 infants were born in Provincetown per year with
equal numbers in Truro and Wellfleet.  The schools were expanded and
rebuilt here.  However by 2001 there were only two births in

The economy based on restaurant jobs has become a low paid service
economy.  A service economy here has become seasonal and increasingly
not viable.  The fish are gone,as are the seasonal workers.

It is time to allow our small number of students to pursue a regional
education.  These 40 youngsters are being held captive by the 80
employees of this school system.

The real estate bubble has filled many pockets of developers.  As
lending becomes more unattainable for the myriad small condos that
are seasonal, these condos are less than attractive to buyers.  See
the piece by R. Courgee on the new Fannie Mae guidelines in the

Suddenly our "Valuations" are not real.  Our tax base will become
smaller...and with rising restaurant foreclosures..something has got
to give....and its not the taxpayers again with our empty pockets.

This is a recession.

Let's cut spending first with the school...then with better wharf accounting.
9:25 pm est 

Nauset is Not the Solution!

Closing the school and shipping our students off to Nauset
will NOT, repeat NOT save taxpayers any money. It is in fact
inevitable that it will cost us MORE money in the future.

The school is not the problem. Taxpayers will have to pay no matter
where the kiddies go. Now suppose just for the sake of argument that
we did regionalize with Nauset. What is to stop them and their
declining enrollment problem from deciding that P-town's cost to
tuition in is going to go up by say 10% each year? That will be more
than we already pay now to keep out children right here! What do you
intend to do then? Your other choice has always been P-town but
you're prepared to lock the doors because you "think" it will save
you money!

Provincetown schools provide a quality education that allows the kids
to PARTICIPATE FULLY in whatever they want to do. There is a
fantastic Academy program that pairs the kids with their own mentor
from the community to guide them in the course of study in an elected
field of their choosing. The percentage of college bound seniors
exceeds the norm by a large amount. Class sizes are small enough to
keep the one on one relationship. Course choices are expanding
annually. And let us never forget the town's amazing generosity in
awarding scholarships to these kids! It is one of the most
heartwarming stories we tell in P-town! The community has always
played an integral part in the schools with its generosity and

And you wonder why some of the kids and parents are choosing to go
elsewhere and the school population is dwindling? It's pure and
simple FEAR that their school might close! Stop being a part of the
problem and help be a part of the solution. There is a wonderful
opportunity here if you just open your mind to the possibilities.
While youre at it, look at the number of children in the Pre-K and
Kindergarten programs and ask yourself if a town without its school
is really the option you want.
9:22 pm est 

Provincetown is a Commutable Town Boston, NY, etc.

There are lots and lots of people here now who communte all across
the country and beyond.   These same people make a lot of money.  
This combined with the fact that a lot of poeple do live here because
it is a great place to raise kids.

Open up your minds you       !
9:19 pm est 

MYPACC Posts..............

...........seem to be posted in a timely and at regular
intervals-morning noontime and evening.

thank you webmaster!
9:16 pm est 

Is it Just Me?

Or does anyone else notice that when Michael
R. makes some outragous comment (such as giving case studies of
unnamed persons going to Florida and wearing $100 perfume) that soon
after an anonymous posting is placed stating how very very true
whatever claims he made are?
Is it just me, or does anyone else thinks perhaps Mr. Michael
Rogovsky posts both his initial "I happen to know of people who..."
comments, and then soon after posts another (anonymous) post saying
"Michael is right, I know those people, too".
Seems odd to me, that another would just happ-en to know all the same
folks... but so does everything that blow hard says. Mr. Rogovsky,
your bs is showing!!!
9:14 pm est 

Dear Mr. Webmaster

First of all I appreciate the work you do to keep this blog running. 
While I fequently disagree with a large number of the bloggers,
don't appreciate the large number of negative complaints, I do
appreciate the forum for the ability to exchange ideas and thoughts.


When the time is posted on an entry is it when the poster wrote the
entry or is it the time when you have reviewed it and put it up on
Shout Out?


Webmaster Comment: Time Tags are indicative of the postings actual
publication on Shout Out!, and therefore do not represent the actual time
(real-time) comments were actually posted by the writer.

Thank you for your inquiry.
9:12 pm est 

We All Make Choices In Life

They have to live with the consequences! If one wishes to frolic ones
life in a manner of a snowbird as a seasonal employee, looking for
the constant sun, that is one's right. Eternal summer. like being a
lifeguard in Hawaii, or a surfer chasing that wave around the world.
Then the time comes when you wake up and you are 60/65 years old! no
retirement/401k/pension or real estate assets.
I repeat
DO NOT expect the other taxpayers of the community to support you
financially and shelter and feed you! you are responsible for your
9:01 pm est 

I Found Her!

I talked to Astrid last night asking about tips to lobby
for the 70% of CPC fund to go towards town hall renovation.. and she
told me how to find meetings on the town website; she knows her
stuff..and she is fine.
Michael Rogovsky
9:00 pm est 

School Steering Committee

The school committee really is its own kingdom. The biggest
eye opener of this report is that keeping the high school here or
sending the H.S. students to Nauset is virtually a financial wash.

This is the news that I would have had on the screen at the meeting
and then announced with trumpets and flashing red lights.

Everyone is aware of our geographic location, the declining
population and our dimishing student body--but for the first time the
school committee has addressed it--by having their feet held to the

Bravo to everyone who pushed for closing the school which resulted in
stirring the school committee to action.
8:57 pm est 

Sun's Out!

It stopped raining
Go out and get some fresh air!
8:54 pm est 

Schools, Schools, Schools and Astrid

It's not geographically where you get your education, it is the
quality of that education. It's not like regionilization is some new
idea that just came down the pike but you would think so by some of
the provincial posts on this blog. In an ideal world it would be
great for local students to walk out their door to the school across
the street, but we must be grounded in reality. If anyone would
exclusively base their decision on being a year round resident on
where students are taught would be missing out on the scores of
advantages of living in this beautiful town. And that is very
short-sighted to say the least.

And to those concerned about Astrid...she is is around and fine, as
far as I know!

E. Michael Richards
10:11 am est 

Re: Paul T & School

Thank you for your eloquent blog on the situation of the school and
what would work. unfortunately we have been down this road before. we
have brought to the table ideas about using our natural resources to
promote biology, marine science and maritime study, along with the
arts, theatre, fine art, photography. Massachusetts budget cuts and
regionalization from other corridors of the state have demonstrated
at this time the needs of the taxpayer, as well as keeping the kids
well educated.
Nauset can accommodate that, except we are at the mercy of a few in
denial who just happen to be on the school board and the
superintendent. so, it's a "rigged-up outfit" up on Winslow St. and
it is time to bring them down! unfortunately, to them it is NOT about
the kids. it's about their jobs!
10:09 am est 


Where In The World Is Astrid Berg?
10:07 am est 

Response to: " I Talked to a Professional Couple..........

.................and they love the town,
but they don't want to live here because they couldn't
live with themselves if they sacrificed their child to a school with
so few students."

You make my point for me - closing the school will ensure that
"professional couples" with families choose to live elsewhere. 
However, having a high quality, innovative school system will draw
more families to Provincetown.  Schools are a very important anchor
in any year-round community.  We need to improve the schools - not
tear them down brick by brick (and then turn them into condos).

Paul T.
10:06 am est 

Re: Where's Astrid

Astrid is not in Florida you         .  She's been caring
for her mother who has a broken hip.  Just because it's winter and
she owns a restaurant doesn't mean, automatically, that she goes
south.  As far as I know she's one of the few people who run a
seasonal business and who actually stays put.
10:03 am est 

PBG Advertisements

I was in New York a few weeks ago and several people told
me how impressed they were with the agressive advertising of
Provincetown being done by the PBG.

Thought that I'd pass that along since I read some disgruntled
comments here regarding that organization.

Michael Rogovsky
10:01 am est 

Community Development Housing?

Contact David Gardner and go to the next Community
Preservation Committee meeting and ask how to secure a residency clause in
the town's contract with Community Builders Inc.

I just love the names of these developers of housing projects with
community written all over them.

Isn't the rental office by Yardarm liquor called Community
Development housing?

Is the rental space subsidized too?
9:59 am est 

Clean Sweep

Didn't the three people cited here on the ..sun
their 20's and 30's then woke up here in their 40's realizing their
sun following lives  were were problamatic because of they could no
longer summer here on a fistful of tips?

I don't like cleaning up after people's messes and those three
unfortunately are.
9:57 am est 

Tis the Season

The season of the selectmen and the FinCom dealing with the
budget will soon be upon us.

In Boston, Mr.DiMassi wants to pass legislation where by communities
can by pass the unions and swiftly enroll them in the municipal
health care programs without debate.

If it is a cost saving measure and quality isn't sacrificed, I hope
that this is accomplished.

In these dire economic times every penny counts, I hope that in this
budgeting process that the Powers That Be adhere to the same belt
tightening logistics that individuals and families must adhere to.

We must use our Community Preservation funds to renovate Town Hall.
Since its inception, over two million dollars has gone to affordable
housing--it is time to alleviate the financial burden of the

With a debt of over $44,000,000.00; it is beyond the time to be fiscally

Michael Rogovsky
9:56 am est 

Hey Mikey

In one blog you put down people living in
affordable houseing. Then you put them down for working for Ted
Malone. Then you ask where people in affordable houseing will work!
Make up your mind.
9:53 am est 

The American Family

A family with two small children and well, let's say a small dog. 
Typical American family.

One of the adults is offered a great job here in town.  Perfect
scenario.  We now have a family moving into town creating this
fantasy of saving our little community and our school system.  This
family has planned ahead and saved.  They qualify for a mortgage of
$500,000.  They check out the housing market in this lovely fishing
village.  $500,000 will get them a small two bedroom condo with one
parking space and an exclusive use deck.  Sure the kids could share a
room, but certainly no place for a swing and slide set for the little

So they look at property in Truro and Wellfleet.  Now they can buy a
small home on a private lot.  They can fence in the yard for the dog,
maybe put in a little waiting pool for the kiddies.  They can even
plant a nice vegetable garden for everyone to enjoy.

Families will not move to Provincetown.  Families want to live in the
suburbs and that's a fact.

Provincetown will lose it's school system.  That's a fact.
9:52 am est 

When do We Admit the Time Has Come, When is Over, Over?

Attention! Where are the jobs for the residents needed for
all of the housing that Selectmen  Elaine Anderson and  Michelle
Coutour say we need?

How much are they going to ask the CPC to fund the renovation of town
hall; or are they going to strap this burden on the backs of the

Four million dollars and a school...and less than 40 students.
12:28 am est 

To: Paul T

Dear Paul T. I talked to a professional couple and they
love the town, but they don't want to live here because they couldn't
live with themselves if they sacrificed their child to a school with
so few students.
12:25 am est 

Guard Your Wallet From Developers Bearing Gifts

The School will cost the taxpayers over $gift4 million dollars; gifts
millions have gone to affordable housing--but the CPC has to be
wrestled to the ground kicking and screaming before they will give
any money to help pay for Town Hall.

Yet, they were falling all over themselves to throw millions at
affordable housing developers..and now we have the developers of 90
Shank Painter Rd. with their hand out--after we give them land for
which we paid over one million dollars.

Everything for developers--nothing for the struggling taxpayers.
Watch the budget process...and guard your wallets with you life.
12:22 am est 

Only the Connected

I've been told by a dynamic professional that he loves the
town but won't move here because he and his wife want to have
children--but he couldn't live with  himself if he put his future
child in a school with so few students.

The Powers that be want 250 new housing units, but George's pizza is
out of business and so is the Landmark, L'Uva, Clem and Ursie's and
possibly Level.

Where will these people work? Where are the year round jobs. Hey Mom
and Dad, I want to grow up and have the struggling tax payers in
Provoincetown pay for my housing. Shame on the sham of affordable
housing--it is for the connected.
12:20 am est 

Re: The Sky Will Hold

"Provincetown is already a ghost town in the winter!! Closing the
school or not, will have no impact on that issue."

I do spend time here during the winter - so I am well aware of what
it is like. My partner and I are in the process of adopting our first
child.  It has always been our hope to move to Provincetown year
round, but like many other families the uncertainty of the school
system has stopped us from making definitive plans.

Closing the schools will definitely stop any potential growth to this
community, and would contribute to a decrease of even more year-round
residents (employees of the school department).  Dont fool yourself
into thinking that closing the school will not have an impact on this
year round community - the impact will be devastating.

Paul T
12:14 am est 

Are There no Jails no Workhouses?

It seems to me that the only people concerned about taxes
going up, are people with more than one home. SAD how the cricket has
turned into the midas man, or is he really Mr.Scrooge.
12:10 am est 

Re: Where's Astrid?

Astrid is in FLORIDA.
12:08 am est 

The Sky Will Hold

Many towns without schools have some of the greatest year
round towns to live in. The sky will not fall when we close the
12:07 am est 

Chasing the Sun

If you do your homework you will note that there is no law
against people going on vacations to Florida! Even people in
affordable housing. Affordable housing does NOT mean prison! Just ask
12:05 am est 

Re: Where's Astrid?

Astrid relocated last week to Chicago where shes been
selected by the US attorneys office to assist in gathering evidence
against Blagojevich.  Seems someone in DC got wind of her detail
gathering skills, her ability to decipher even the most hideous of
slurred wiretap profanity and her familiarity with governmental
corruption.  Word has it that she'll return Sunday armed with
innovative tactics for cutting through the gloss of sullied
government boards.  Someone alluded to her on the Huffington Post
yesterday: Blonde Battles Blagojevich; Feds Hail Tenacious East Coast
Rabble Rouser!
12:04 am est 

Clem & Ursie's

What ever happened with Clem and Urses  sewer betterment
that was due November 3rd to the town for around 11 grand?  Did they
ever pay it and if not, did the town put a lien on their property on
shank Painter Road?
12:01 am est 

To: The Big "L" poster

Your vicious and uninformed post has truly brought this blog to a new
low and therefor I nominate you as the Biggest Loser in P-town for

The individuals you single out are exactly the kind of people
affordable housing programs are designed to assist. They have lived
here for years, worked all kinds of menial jobs, and now that they
have a stable housing situation they are giving back to the
community. They are hardly living in the lap of luxury or knocking
down megabucks.

There is no conspiracy here. Like minded individuals found one
another and are working together to help others get a hand up.

It is probably the rest of us that should wear the big L's.
Lucky that we got here early enough and were able to buy. Lucky that
our parents died and left us the property. Lucky that we took
disability retirement when we could. Take a good look in the mirror,
then smash the mirror and slit your wrists with the shards. I only
hope there is no EMT available because her car broke down and she
could not get here from Mashpee.
12:00 am est 

What Are You For?

Okay - you are against year round affordable housing - you
are so afraid someone from out of town might actually move here - and
now you want to make sure children and their parents are forced out
of town when they have no school to go to - so who is this town
exactly preserved for ?
11:58 pm est 

The Blog is Rigged!

It seems pretty obvious that the same people who are
running this BLOG are also the same people who have their own agenda
pertaining to issues being raised in here...How does someone write a
blog at 5;16pm on a certain day already has a rebuttal blogged on 10
minutes later? This BLOG is rigged!!!!!!!!!!!!!
11:57 pm est 

The Sword of Damocles

What would be the procedure to recall the members of the
School Committee who refuse to proceed with the recommendations of
the Department of Revenue and the subcommittee on a 'timely' basis?

I went to a regional high school. They closed our high school in the
60's as our town was only 3,000 or so. The building converted to a
police station and still is today. The town today remains a vibrant
small town with a wonderful sense of community. So, I don't believe
in those naysayers that Ptown would die or the equivalent. It's

Anyway, I think the Damocles sword needs to be held above the School
Committee to let them know loud and clear to 'take immediate action'
or we will!

Let's play hardball!
11:55 pm est 

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Anyone Seen Her?!

Excuse me for being nosey, but where has Astrid gone?
5:38 pm est 

Re:The Need For Vision Coupled With Action

It's clear you aren't a year round resident. Provincetown
is already a ghost town in the winter!! Closing the school or not, 
will have no impact on that issue.
5:35 pm est 

The Big "L"

I would be so horrified if people were constantly reminded
I needed help from the government for housing like AJ, REX and
MONICA. I guess I would feel less than in the eyes of the town
feeling like I was walking around with a BIG L on my forehead. We all
know who those poeple are that needed a helping hand in life. I'm
sure it can't feel good let alone everyone knowing about it. Being an
economic loser is no fun for anyone. They should receive empathy from
5:20 pm est 

Michael is Correct

Michael R. is right.I know of the people he is talking
about. They are doing the Mass./Florida thing and collecting. What a
scam. They dont deserve affordable housing. I wish I could buy a $100
luxury item. Merry Christmas.
5:18 pm est 

The Need For Vision Coupled With Action

I am prefacing this entry with the understanding that I am
not a year-round resident, nor do I have children (yet).  But I do
pay taxes and I fully support the public schools in Provincetown.  I
feel that closing the public school in Provincetown will be
devastating to the year-round community.  Closing the schools and
merging with another town will ensure that Provincetown will lose any
sense of a year-round community, and will push the town further into
the mode of "beach resort summer destination."  This would give
people even less of a reason to move or stay here year-round and all
that would be left are more condos, developers, real estate offices
and cheap t-shirt sales.  Closing the school would 100% ensure that
Provincetown become "Ghost town" in the winter.

I cannot speak to the quality of the Provincetown education system. 
Although, I did attend a graduation ceremony two years ago and I was
moved by the community support that the high school graduates
received.  I would hate to see this gone forever.

What I think would be a benefit to the community is to ensure
academic excellence.  To have an innovative and high quality
educational system that brings people to Provincetown.  I do not know
the number of students that come from Truro or Wellfleet - but an
outstanding, nationally recognized educational system will ensure
that Provincetown families and families from surrounding towns will
want their children in the Provincetown public schools.

I am disappointed in Therese Nelson and the way she handled the
school committee meeting.  The fact that the school committee had no
questions for the sub-committee and the fact that she didn't allow
PTV to televise the school committee meeting (regardless of whether
they have televised them in the past), doesn't demonstrate good
school leadership.

Someone, earlier on this blog, made a good point - there are children
at stake here.  Shouldn't the community and the school committee work
together to do what is best for the children?  I have heard people
argue that sending the students to Nauset would be in their best
interest.  In my opinion, what lies in the best interest of the
children is creating an outstanding educational system of which the
whole community can be proud.  Fostering a sense of community and
preserving the heritage that is Provincetown will help ensure the
future and the success of this town.

A program of academic excellence begins in the high school and works
its way backwards through the grades to primary schools.  We have in
our backyard a wealth of history, culture, art, literature and
science.  Does the high school have partnerships with museums for
budding artists?  Do we have programs to foster the arts among our
own - or have we simply accepted the fact that we have a handful of
local artists who work and live here and allow the galleries to
represent artists from NYC?  Do we have partnerships with any of the
hundreds of colleges in Massachusetts in history, literature or
science?  This is what Provincetown needs.  And, to all of the
naysayers who claim this can't be done in Provincetown and we must
therefore close the schools' doors - you have become part of the
problem.  There is a solution to this - and the right leadership with
support from the town is what will help to ensure the success of our
students and our community.

Paul T.
5:16 pm est 

Delay is Tantamount to Denial

This Needs To Be Repeated: Excuse Me, But: Give the School
Committe Time to Deliberate? When they have been "deliberating"
discussing, debating, conferencing, seminaring, theorizing,
chattering,  and talking and talking for years. (AHMEN)!

***!!!All the while, avoiding the key issues they must
face: what to do with the future of this school. ****

They have done everything they could to cut the public out, to stick
their collective heads into the sand, and to bully their way into
another year, another budget.

Give them time to "deliberate"? They will take a year or two to
"deliberate" too afraid to face the hard decision
that they must, at some point, make.

Isn't it time now? If not now, when?
Thank you for saying this.
4:54 pm est 

Re: Re: Mr. McMahon

Thank you for your response. Without saying much and chosing your
words carefully you actually spoke volumes. It must be difficult
separating the citizen from the advocate.
And I too sincerely wish you a Happy Holiday Season!

E. Michael Richards
4:52 pm est 

Citizen Involvement Works

I just read the Banner article on the pier finances. No
wonder Ms. Nagle was upset about the mooring revenues at Town Meeting
last year. It is dispicable that pier management was inflating their
bottom line with mooring revenues which by law belong to
Provincetown. Were they just stupid or what?

Smoke and mirrors accounting, fraudlent accounting lands people in
the private or public sector in jail! Thank God for all of us they
are now being forced to have accurate accounting.

This is a good example of the Selectmen taking seriously the 2009
town wide goal of proper fiscal management oversight by forcing them
on the Town's accounting system.

It took a private citizen, appointed and elected boards to
force another board to make substantial changes in the way they
operate. But, it can be done. Hint, hint....!

Kudos to the Selectmen, Finance Committee and Ms. Nagle!
4:50 pm est 

Down to the Wire!

The School committee was warned that if they don't
reorganize swiftly, "They will lose everything".

It seems that the people who have been demanding regionalization have
been right all along--if it wasn't for them, the school committee
would have just been going along as it had been. Putting a critical
eye to things in town isn't a bad thing.

It is obvious that the parents and staff are passionate about the
school; they need to love it less and help it more.

According to the 10 month study of the school situation, we have a
school budget of $4,300,000.00 this year, a staff of 90 people, no
sixth grade class, and less than 40 Provincetown students in the high

Even if we close the school, we will have a $3,900,000.00 school
budget to pay retirement pensions and support the elementary school.

What will the outcome be? Will we know on December 16th? Will the
public be invited to hear the results? Or just the press
4:46 pm est 

Quote From Ms Nelson

"The selectmen aren't the school committee", said school committee
Chair Terese Nelson before the meeting. "Its a regular school committee
meeting. We don"t have PTV at our regular meetings."

Maybe if they had their meetings broadcast they would have been held
more accountable for their actions.  The selectmen are accountable
for every word spoken.  Considering the power that the School
Committee has, why aren't they held to the same standard?  Their
secret conclave must end.

Open meeting law my XXXX.  These people are ELECTED officials.

The Strategic Planning Committee's recommendation was that change
MUST be included in their 2010 budget which is coming up this spring.
  There is urgency in this report.  If the School Committee continues
to live in their bubble, then they must be recalled.

I am tired of them, the public is tired of them and it is time for decisions.
4:44 pm est 

The Ant & the Grasshopper
People will always cheat. Affordable housing too. If a
Governor is going to cheat--why wouldn't someone who can live off 
of the taxpayers?

The ant and the grasshopper. Except that we have affordable housing
for the grasshoppers because they will find a way to get housing and
developers will get the rent whether from someone deserving or a
conniver. All the developer cares about is getting his monthly rent

Its not his town--only his goose that lays the golden egg each month.
4:41 pm est 

Re: Affordable Housing

When bringing up the affordable housing lottery, remember
that they were for SALE housing units and not RENTAL units yet to be
built. And whats the differance between the two? LOTS. Look it up or
call the housing people.The things brought up on this blog are so way
off base. The US government & the STATE government watch every
concern brought up here. Nobody is getting away with anything. If you
think somebody is getting away with something illegal, call up HUD
and report it. And if somebody is doing something not in the guide
lines, does not mean we should stop funding this very real problem of
living in Provincetown. Town meeting was clear about keeping the CPA
funds going to all the groups including HOUSING!
11:31 pm est 

To: Mr Diego

You have been out of town too long to know that
the Pier Corporation has failed miserably in fulfilling its enabling
legislation, Chapter 13 of the Acts of 2000 as it has not brought
sound market based management practices to MacMillan Pier. They
exposed the Town to criminal and civil penalities by not having a
viable records management policy. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts
does not have a personal agenda as you suggest.  See 'breaking news'
on this site.

So, when you state: "It seems to me that it's ok for them to earn
lot's of money for the town but it's not ok for them to spend any of

Clearly you have not reviewed their financials. Last year, they
netted less than 8k for the Town of Provincetown. But Provincetown
taxpayers service millions of dollars of the pier's debt each year.
We take umbrage that we have been underwriting private charter boats
and pseudo-fishermen  getting only $2k per slip when Hyannis' Bismore
Park and Borne get $8-9,000 per slip. We have lost 100s of thousands
of dollars in income over the years if not close to a $1,000,000
thanks to the Pier Corp.

I would be happy to show you MacMillan Pier and all the damage that
has resulted in it not being properly maintained or the 50 holes they
put in the concrete to secure a few tented events that now have four
inch cracks and the beginnings of spauling the next time you visit
Provincetown. As well as show you the duplicate set of books they
were maintaining and giving out to the public with no footnotes.

Candace Nagle
11:29 pm est 

The Truth

Thank you Jack McMahan, its nice to read something on here
from somone with a level head! The truth is out there.
11:25 pm est 

To: Mikey

I think you have totally lost it mikey. Who has been
messing with your mind? Do you watch fox news maybe?
11:24 pm est 

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

To: Sorry it is Bull

Dear Jack:
Get your facts straight. The condo Pam Parmakian bought from Ted was
at market rate. It had been on the MLS for months. He could not sell
this market rate unit, so he sold it to Pam in a private transaction.
Developer lost$$$. Now she too has it listed on the MLS, for about a
year and she cannot sell it. There is a dog in every project.

Monica's new house on Race Point Road is excluded from the affordable
housing proposed. Separate lot. It would have been a tear down, but
she bought it, saved it and renovated at her own cost.

As to Henshe Lane, Monica, Rex and AJ bought there under an
affordable "homeownership" plan in a market rate-mixed income condo
project. - Meaning the deed restrictions were different from
affordable rentals now proposed.

Jack the point is all new proposals are for affordable RENTALS, which
is what we need.
10:07 pm est 

What I Want is Merely Good Government

"Mr. Rogovsky, as a concerned citizen is trying his best to
sort out what is good for the taxpayer and what is waste.  I am
trying, hard as it is, to see his side of the issues that he raises
here. Unfortunately, attacking his so called Industrial Housing
Cartel is not productive"

..I appreciate Mr. Jack McMahon acknowledging what I'm trying to do.

I want you to know that I know folks who have been able to buy
affordable housing units who live and work here year round and I'm
thrilled and happy for them. They are hard working and creative and

Here is my problem with affordable: manipulation. In 2001 I ran into
a guy who was supposed to have left for Southeast Asia. When I asked
him what happened, he said that he postponed his trip because he was
waiting to participate in the affordable housing lottery.

He continued, saying that he wants a two bedroom apt. so he can have
a friend stay over. (translate, to rent out for the summer).

This guy brags about his $100 cologne and his jewels and his
investments--and he works his one job here and usually spends the
winter dipping his toes in the warm waters of Florida.

He was in his early 20's when he first came here in the 70s. He is
still here in the summer, working  his one shift, and he will
eventually end up in an affordable housing unit.

Another person told me to my face that he and his partner were living
in a state down south and searched out the states with the best
benefits and discovered that there were two such states: New York and
Massachusetts. He chose Massachusetts and came to Provincetown and
ended up in one of Ted Malone's units.

I know a person who has been waiting on tables here for over ten
years who is doing the
work-the-summer-and-collect-unemployment-for-the-winter circuit whose
retirement plan is to get an affordable housing unit here when the
time comes.

Of course, that is a long way off becuase this person is under 40,
makes good money in the summer, collects unemployment in the winter
and travels and enjoys life.

Then there is the person who won a unit in the lottery but had to
give the unit back due to the hue and cry because people recognized
him and knew that he or his family was flush.

Selectman Michele Coutour told me that she became a selectman due to
two issues: the school and affordable housing. Ms. Pam Parmakian
became a selectman and she worked for Ted Malone and I felt that they
gave away all that they could to developers to create Seashore
point--even when it didn't belong to them--my money to connect them
to the Waste water treatment plant. Everything was sacrificed for the
developers as long as the words  affordable housing were attached to
the project.

So, if you can guarantee me that these affordable units will go to
first responders and *Residents* who have lived here for *Year* and
are displaced or the children of long time residents, then I'll be
satisfied--but you can't do that because the law states that anyone
who is eligible can rent these units.

We can pave over the Provincelands and we will only have a fraction
of the housing that is needed by people in this country.

Over 3,100 people are on a waiting list for section 8 vouchers
provided by the Housing Assistance Corporation in Hyannis. There are
lists with the other housing authorities as well.

Should we taxpayers be buying land and giving it to developers to
create housing developments that gives them units to sell at market
value because the developers also create affordable housing available
to any of the 300 million citizens who qualify?

Where are the jobs for these people? Will they take the summer jobs
away from the seasonal workers?

I wish that there was a meeting where people could ask questions and
get answers from the selectmen or others in charge.

So, I've started calling people and writing letters and I send a copy
off to the newspapers and sometimes they are printed and sometimes
they become editorials or inspire editorials.

It isn't due to my ego--it is due to the fact that I woke up last
year to discover that the town was going to charge me and every other
person connected to the waster water treatment plant to cover the
$800,000 connection fee of seashore point.

Now I realize that no one is looking out for the taxpayers--Town Hall
is looking but it is looking to see how much money can be taken from
the taxpayers. You don't believe me? Just look at the overrides at
the Spring town meeting.

For four years Affordable housing has been receiving millions from
CPC and suddenly there are all of these stipulations why Historical
can't get it and the sky will fall in if these funds go to renovate
Town hall. Where was the concern for open space when Affordable
housing got its millions?

I hope that this helps you understand that what I want is merely good
Michael Rogovsky
10:05 pm est 

Let's Not Lose Sight of All Terese Nelson Does For Town

In her day-time job she is a speculative real estate developer. She
buys homes, renovates, turns them into weekly rentals and then flips
the property. She just completed a condo conversion flip on Browne
St. This is just another Peyton Place and they're all Harper Valley

And she can see Truro from her house!
9:58 pm est 

Two Sides of the Story, Jack?

Perhaps you actually need a rubic cube and someone able to decipher
the answer. It's more complex than you know and much convuluted than
most are privy to.
9:56 pm est 

Excuse Me, But: Give the School Committe a Time to Deliberate?

When they have been "deliberating" discussing, debating,
conferencing, seminaring, theorizing, chattering,  and talking and
talking for years. All the while, avoiding the key issues they must
face: what to do with the future of this school. They have done
everything they could to cut the public out, to stick their
collective heads into the sand, and to bully their way into another
year, another budget. Give them time to "deliberate"? They will take
a year or two to "deliberate" too afraid to face the hard decision
that they must, at some point, make.

Isn't it time now? If not now, when?
9:54 pm est 

TO E. Michael Richards

I have no public opinion in regards to Community Housing Resource and
the CPC due in large part that they (CHR) have not as yet applied for
a CPA grant to help fund the Nelson Ave. development.

It would be inappropriate for me to speak on behalf of the CHC.  My
past two entries on this blog were as a citizen, not Board member.

If and when the time has presented itself in front of the CHC, then
and only then would I give public comment.

I have read the previous blogger about not "drinking the kool-aid"
and I respect the individuals right to think as they wish.  That is
what the spirit of blogging is.  We may not agree, but we can agree
to disagree. Politely.

In conclusion Mr. Richard's, I feel the need to concentrate on other
issues pertinent to my life here in Provincetown.  You must know by
now that I am an advocate for affordable/community housing here on
the Outer Cape.  That is my final statement on the issue.  Enjoy the


J. McMahon
9:52 pm est 

School Regionalization

The number of Provincetown students in the high school is
around 40--forget the 200 number being tossed around. The sixth grade
class now has 0 (zero) students.

Mr. Steven Roderick resigned from the committee because of the
committee wouldn't consider regionalization.

If the shcool had faced its problem of declining students years ago,
all of this wouldn't have hit them as it did last Spring.

Remember the headline? Superintendent Jessic Waugh refuses to meet
with Nauset to discuss regionalization?

Answer these questions:

What would it cost to close the school and tuition out the students?

what school would our school district contain?

If we keep the school open, it will cost more and more as time goes
on--is it worth the cost?

Parents who want to move here won't move here because they don't want
to put their children in such a small school with so little
9:50 pm est 

The Banner is Out.......

........and the report is that this blog did have the story correct.
The school committee denied PTV the ability to tape the meeting. This 
is against the law.

Not one member of this current school committee will get my vote ever again.

They have crossed the line with me.

Refusing to release a public report?

What planet are they from? The word..clueless..seems to be appropriate.

Therese..I am so disappointed in you.

A former supporter.
9:48 pm est 

Re: Pier Committee

Why is it that I only hear about the negative aspects of this group
and never a word about anything positive that they have done, such as
the quality service and accomodations they have provided the 3 Ferry
lines that have brought much needed revenue to Provincetown, not only
in docking fees but in the millions of dollars the passengers spend
into the merchants bank accounts. just to name a few.As a past
resident of this town for many years I have firsthand seen the
progress Provincetown has made to make it a better destination for
tourism and travel.It seems to me that it's ok for them to earn lot's
of money for the town but it's not ok for them to spend any of it. I
still say that the attacks on this committee are being driven by a
personal agenda.And shame on that member who actually sells tickets
in his store,I'd put that crime on the same level as selling Obamas
Senate Seat to the highest bidder.Maybe this blog could address some
the the good things Provincetown has done to keep it and make better
as a great Tourist friendly Vacation spot.

Donald Diego
9:45 pm est 

Wow Two Sides to the Story?

Issues not one dimensional but interconnected?? no villains? can't
say i know mr. mcmahon but what a breath of fresh air. i wish other
folks could recognize that the the school, jobs, children, housing, the
economy, our open space and our town hall - all our issues and concerns
are connected. it's called the big picture. kudos to mr. mcmahon for
raising the smart bar.
9:28 pm est 

Re: School Committee

" ...perhaps it's time that we all come together as a
community and unite behind the School Committee as they
work on what has to be an extremely difficult decision for them..."

You can't be serious?  The school cte has done nothing to warrant us
uniting behind them.  Quite the opposite, they have raised their
middle finger to all us.  I find their actions extremely offensive.
1:57 pm est 

Todays Breaking News!

  This came from the CCTimes;

A study group appointed by Provincetown School Superintendent Jessica
Waugh has recommended that school officials take immediate action to
stem declining enrollment including partnering with the state and
other school districts.

The group, composed of townspeople, unveiled its 10-month findings at
a school committee meeting yesterday. School Committee chairman
Therese Nelson promised to discuss the findings at a Dec. 16
committee meeting, adding that her board needs to be mindful of jobs
that may be at risk and the impact of potential changes on
currently-enrolled students.

"This committee will take action," Nelson said.

Provincetown is among the smallest K-12th grade school districts in
Massachusetts, with about 200 students, and the district has one of
the highest per-pupil costs, according to state records. As a result,
school officials have struggled in recent years under pressure from
town officials and property taxpayers to expand enrollment and reduce

The annual school budget is around $3.6 million, according to town records.

The study group specifically recommended that the school committee
participate in talks with other Lower Cape schools about
regionalization including accepting a recent invitation to talk from
the nearby Nauset Regional School District.

The regional school district includes the towns of Brewster, Orleans,
Eastham and Wellfleet, according to state records. Each town has
separate elementary schools and sends older students to a regional
middle school in Orleans and a regional high school in North Eastham.
A charter school in Orleans also serves grades six through eight.

Orleans is about 30 miles from Provincetown, which is located at the
tip of the Cape.

The study group also recommended that the Provincetown School
Committee seek help from the state Department of Education and
prepare next fiscal years operating budget with regionalization in

We'll see what happens next.
1:55 pm est 

Sorry, But this is Pure Bull!

Transparency, Openness, Fairness and Concern for Comnity. Call it
community but it is more anyone off the bus, those secretly called to
come to town--I know a few--and those "lucky" enough to get pulled in
the so-called, so-named "lottery." Again, Rex and AJ and they were
just lucky. Monica and Pam Parmakian were just lucky. And Monica was
lucky to get her new house on the hill sold to her from Ted Malone at
such a price! AFter she sold her affordable housing at market rate
since the five years of affordable deeds were over after five years.
And they all happen to
  work for Tex and Re is AJ's partner. Such a coincidence.

Affordablehousing has been a sham, a game, a front. It has served
some people's interest but it has hardly served the town people. It
has not served teachers who can live here, not firemen who live here,
nor long-term workers who haved
lived here for years. No, their names just never get pulled from the
black hat.

      Ted Malone has made money, plenty of it, and the funding has
been from tax payers, at the federal level,
now the town. He has "received" huge amounts from grants and now
wants to get, if not demand, $500,000 for his Race Point development
and he wants this from the CPC. They will probably thank Ted for all
he has done and gladly hand over
$500,000 with smiles. He has publicly stated he wants this money from
the CPC and needs it for his bank arrangements.

Please, enough of the PR for affordble housing. We in town
have already given and given again and few of us who reside
here for years, or our good friends, are ever in this
camouflaged pool.

But Jack, your friends are. If you want to be a spokesmen for Ted
Malone, well, go ahead. But we don't have to drink the kool-aid.
1:52 pm est 

It Was Unequivically Illegal

I can absolutely say that it was unequivically illegal for
the school committee not to allow PTV to tape that meeting. It is in
direct violation of Massachusetts open meeting law. I don't live in
Provincetown anymore, but if I did I would be calling town hall and
reminding them that there is an open meeting law. It doesn't matter
that a School Committee meeting hasn't been taped in a long time,
anyone can do it and put it on access TV. In fact I remember a year
or so ago seeing a School Com. meeting on TV, well orchestrated in
favor of staying open. This move will backfire, and a savvy press
should be filing a freedom of information request. This was even in
defiance of the Selectmen. Executive session is the only exception.
Even the Selectmen can't deny a meeting be videotaped for accesss TV
as long as it airs in its entirety.

Come on... The people are paying for this. 200 some odd students, 90
something employees. Are you really going to let this continue
Provincetown residents? The interests of a few are outweighing the
best interests of the many as they become blatantly more entrenched.
Bush administration tactics are now out of style. It's time to do the
right thing by the kids and the strapped taxpayers.
12:23 pm est 

Re: Mr. McMahon

Nicely put, I love civility but you really didn't express an opinion
did you? CPC funds for Mr. Malone? Your thoughts?
Schools report? I'd like to hear your opinion on that as well.
Vigilant yes, anything less at this time produces nothing.

E. Michael Richards
12:21 pm est 

What About Facts?

You can read it here on Shout out! The Department of
Revenue exhorted the School committee, which it states is entrenched
in the current status quo, to investigate regionalization.

What did the committee do--it stated over and over again that it is
about the students--not the money.

Everything is based on an emotional survey--what about facts?

It would be cheaper to regionalize because the longer the school is
open, the more teachers we will have to support in retirement when
the school does finally close.

In Rhode Island, they are spending more money on retired teachers
than they are on the current teachers salaries in the schools.

This is such a tough call. How do we debate this? Millions and
Millions of dollars every year for a handful of students? 90 jobs. It
is a very tough call.
12:19 pm est 

Give the School Committee an Opportunity to Deliberate

The meeting yesterday with the School Committee was done so
as an informational meeting presented by the committee that was
appointed by the Superintendent to present their findings to the
School Committee.

Does anyone on this blog realize that there are children involved?
There are parents that have to make important choices for their
children. Please also remember, there are jobs involved. There are
decisions to be made that will likely effect a number of people.
Where is the community support that was asked for at the begining of
the meeting?

Did Terese Nelson err when she refused to make a copy of the report
available to the press? Probably. Instead of pointing fingers,
placing blame and crying foul, perhaps it's time that we all come
together as a community and unite behind the School Committee as they
work on what has to be an extremely difficult decision for them.

It's so easy to point fingers and cast aspersions. Perhaps we should
place ourselves in the shoes of the people that have the tough
decisions to make. Or better yet, place yourself in the shoes of the
kids that this could potentially impact! We've done this to them
before and they are still smarting. Stop being so narrow minded and
short-sighted. Give the School Committee an opportunity to
deliberate. This has to be a difficult time for them.
12:17 pm est 

Time For a Special Town Meeting?

Can we have a special town meeting about regionalization
and keep Jessica and Terese, along with the rest of the school board
out of the building?  Can we do behind their backs, what they have
done behind ours?


Push the knife further in my back
9:54 am est 

Trying To See 2 Sides Of Story

Affordable, Sustainable, Community Housing (what ever label we put on
it) is a need to help the area's residents stay and work and try to
live in town.

Open Space is to save land that is a precious resource out here on
the sand bar.

Historical Preservation facilitates a need to save the integrity of
our past in architecture and history.

As a town, we need all three elements to work cohesively in order to
achieve success for the use of the Community Preservation Act.  It is
not perfect, but we have an opportunity to receive matching funds
from the Commonwealth. So in theory it is our taxpayers dollars,
every taxpayer in Massachesetts.

Slandering our fellow citizens in an open forum as this blog is not
going to help the situation.  I read here the names of a certain few
that are involved with community housing that are being unfairly

There is transparency through these processes.  The Board meetings
are open to the public for comment, and the minutes are posted for
public view.

Mr. Malone's office has set up a website, and if you are sincere, you
will get an interview with the organization.  Every project in his
organization has oversight with the County, State or Federal Laws
from inception, to completion.

We have gone over and over this last winter.  Let us please move on,
in a productive manner, to try to keep our eye on the big picture.

Mr. Rogovsky, as a concerned citizen is trying his best to sort out
what is good for the taxpayer and what is waste.  I am trying, hard
as it is, to see his side of the issues that he raises here. 
Unfortunately, attacking his so called Industrial Housing Cartel is
not productive.  As I mentioned earlier, we have been through this

The proper channel is through our committee meetings.  Attend the
meetings or write letters and voice your concern.

I am very proud of the work we do, and I have the privilege as a
member of the Community Housing Council, as well as the Conservation
Commission to help give back to this town, this wonderful community
that I believe in.

Thank You,

Jack McMahon
9:52 am est 

To: Michael

I"m glad you're back. When you get involve, you
get involve. Thanks for your energy and persistence.
9:48 am est 

Schools, Affordable Housing...

Round and round we go, I am getting dizzy. The school report has been
issued but no copy for the press and PTV not allowed to record the
meeting. How arrogant. The sub committee didn't even make comment on
what to do with grades 9-12 and ultimately with the high school.
Wasn't that one of the reasons this committee was convened ten long
months ago? It is clear as I have stated here too numerous times to
count that for the most part this was another exercise in futility,
self serving and for self preservation. What's the next step? We need
real action to regionalize ASAP, no more stalling tactics.

And another thing, NO CPC funds for Malone's project! Let him use his
own money as we all know ultimately the majority of the set aside
affordable units that don't sell will be offered at market rate.
We've been there, done that.

E. Michael Richards
9:46 am est 

I Could Easily Name 10 Leaders in Town

There are a number of people I would consider good leaders in town. 
They are not always visible and in front of a camera, but instead put
forth their efforts without much publicity. 

They make things happen.
9:44 am est 

To Whomever Wrote:

"Those that post little nasty blogs directed at you are
scared. They work in the affordable housing industry and you threaten
their financial security."

Sorry, but I neither work in Affordable Housing, and that self
involved Michael R. could never threaten my security; financial or
otherwise. I just HATE every self important, 'look what I can do I am
so great' posting that Rogovsky writes.

I just wish he would shut up. I am tired of him. I think the only
thing uglier than what he writes is what he paints.
9:42 am est 

Just the Facts Please & Civility

I read this blog daily now - and I have to say that I
applaud the people who sign their names and provide us with facts. 
But that has opened them to personal attacks on their motives and
their backgrounds - it's a shame that other people who counter their
views don't sign their names or provide any type of credible evidence
to the contrary.  Let's stick with more facts, less assumptions and
fewer personal attacks.

Paul Soares
9:40 am est 

It Only Moves if You Push it!

We taxpayers need to be ever vigilant. The affordable
housing lottery is only supposed to go to the most eligible people
after a "thorough eligibility investigation"  and yet I remember when
an affordable unit had to be taken back when people in the community
recognized who received it and there was a public outcry.

Affordable housing is available to any of the 300 million Americans
who qualify.

The 600+ people who pay for the wastewater treatment plant were
going to have to pay the $800,000 hook up fee of Seashore Point if
the town didn't get a grant. Luckily it did. It is an outrage that
Town Manger Bergman gambled with OUR MONEY.

Clem and Ursie's waltzes into the selectmen's meeting claiming that
they are going to stay open year round and get valuable water
gallons. They sell one building to Mr. Ted Malone and promptly close

The developers of 90 Shankpainter state that they will talk to the
legislature and ask that they make a special dispensation about who
can get the affordable rentals when the law is that any one in the
country with a section 8 hosing voucher is eligible.

There is a waiting list of over 3,100 people for this voucher at the
Housing Assistance corp. in Hyannis; a waiting list for 40-B housing,
which I'm told is called shelter care for the homeless and people
living with AIDS at the Yarmouth Housing Authority. There are a
number of housing authorities on the Cape with lists as well.

Does this mean that the folks at Foley House will finally be first in
line for their own apartments?

As sad as it is, we have a school with a student population that has
been declining for ten years, has no sixth grade students, and we are
essentially implored to keep the school open because 90 jobs are at

I was personally at the Finance Committee meeting prior to town
meeting when we were told to go to the CPC meeting to essentially
lobby to have funds go to historical.

I attended the CPC meeting at 6pm at the Community Center and spoke
to have the funds go to fund the Town Hall renovation when Mr. Ted
Malone got up and said that he needed five hundred thousand dollars
to back his 40-B Affordable Housing Complex.

This is why I'm writing here as well as sending letters and articles
to the Cape Cod Times, the Department of Revenue the Department of
Education, the Attorney General's office, and attending meetings. I
want to inform people of what is going on to change things.

You can rant here about me all that you want--but I want to change
some things.

I don't want the taxpayers taken advantaged of and I want to ensure
that my tax dollars ARE SPENT WISELY.

Michael Rogovsky
9:37 am est 

Good Lord

there is no cartel. ted has been in town for years. i don't consider
him an outsider. he is not friends with everyone in affordable
housing. remember the lottery? all these rantings are just foolish.
grow up.
9:30 am est 

Fiscal House of Horrors is Now Closed!

Provincetown taxpayers can take a half breath of relief as the Pier
Corporation is incorporating all of the Finance Committees
recommendations. Hopefully, that fiscal house of horrors on the
harbor is closed forever!  The financial practices of the Pier
Corporation were so horrific and possibly criminal that the Selectmen
unanimously agreed that the $20,000 it will take to get that board on
the Towns Munis System is money well spent.

  But, clearly the Pier Corp. also needs intervention with their
management of the pier and harbor as evidenced by their coy answers
to management practices.  A special two hour meeting is scheduled in
January with the Board of Selectmen and Pier Corporation specifically
to address their controversial management of our greatest resource.

We all know who will keep that ball of accountability rolling!!
9:28 am est 

Stewardship.... an ethic that embodies cooperative planning
and management of resources with organizations, communities and
others to actively engage in the prevention of loss of habitat and
facilitate its recovery in the interest of long-term sustainability

Challenge yourself to this ethic every day in your life in Provincetown -
9:26 am est 

To: CPC Committee Member

"All of our records are public and all of our meetings are
public and any CPA funds given, have to have Town Meeting support."

Please explain the process that Mr. Ted Malone has to go through to
get the money from you.

I was told at the finance committee meeting that we had to go to the
CPC meeting to convince you folks to give the money to Historical.

last year Selectman Coutour told Astrid Berg from the town hall floor
that she essentially didn't jump through enough hoops to get her
article passed.

This is why I've been lobbying for the money to go to Historical.
Bill Dougal was quoted in the Banner as saying that there wasn't a
mandate for the CPC money to go to renovating Town Hall.

Michael Rogovsky
9:24 am est 

No Way!

Why would anyone sign her/his name on this blog? Only to
have it dragged through the mud afterwards? NO WAY!
9:21 am est 

Re: Steering Committee Report

The steering committee did a great deal of work on this
report. It should have been done five years ago. The result is that
it is truly sad to realize that the end of the school in Provincetown
will be a reality.

The reality is that the school is not about the children; it is about
the jobs.

Michael Rogovsky
9:20 am est 

Re: Steering Committee Report

The steering committee did a massive amount of work; it is
too bad that this report wasn't undertaken years ago.

Five ye
9:18 am est 

I Was There When He Asked!

I was at the CPC meeting when Mr. Ted Malone came in and
said that he needs the $500,000 to go forward with his 40-B project.
Barbara Rushmore was there, Astrid Berg was there. It was the meeting
at the Community Center. Clarence Walker was there. That is when I
was given. Michele J.s card

Michael Rogovsky
12:38 am est 

You Miss My Point!

I know that the CPC has never given Mr. Ted Malone any
money. THAT IS THE POINT!!!! That I'm trying to get across. He built
all of his units WITHOUT ANY TAXPAYER MONEY. That is why I don't want
the CPC funds to go to  him now when we need the Money for Town Hall.

FINALLY ****you understand****, Michael Rogovsky
12:36 am est 

Lack of Leadership

Can someone give us a list of 10 people in this town who show
leadership qualities because I am at a loss to think of more than a
small handful.
12:34 am est 

Thank You Mr. Rogovsky

Mr. Rogovsky has the backbone to sign his name to his
postings. None of us think those passionate anti-Rogovsky postings
are not from people who work for Mr. Malone. Michael, thank you for
keeping the subject part of the Town's dialogue!!
12:33 am est 

One of the Beautiful People

Looks like Michael Rogovsky got it wrong again! IT WAS TOWN
THE PAST! The few who voted against, are still against affordable
housing, Michael Rogovsky among them. Michael, as the Beatles song
goes: How does it feel to be, one of the beautiful people! Baby your
a rich man.
11:41 pm est 

Re: In Reference to Michael Rogovsky's Comments

As a CPC member,  Mr Michael Rogovsky keeps writing that
the CPC has given Ted Malone money. Unless Mr Rogovsky knows
something the CPC does not know, the CPC has of this date of December
9 2008 never given or been asked to give any loan of CPA funds to Mr.
Ted Malone or any of his developments. All of our records are public
and all of our meetings are public and any CPA funds given, have to
have Town Meeting support.

Webmaster Comment: When speaking as a member of a public committee
protocol begs your signature.
11:28 pm est 

This Afternoon's School Committee Meeting

What a great presentation.  What a massive compilation of data which
was given clearly and respectfully of the schools and the community. 
It was about education and not cost.  It was sad. It was promising. 
Even a moment of humor when the famous M R tried to ask a question.

And then POW, Terese Nelson blows it with her reaction to the request
from the press for a copy of the report which happened moments after
her asking the press to be accurate in their reporting.

The meeting ended with people talking about that instead of the fact
that the schools will be closing if no action is taken.

If Terese Nelson has any sense as an elected public official, she
failed to bring it with her today.

The one subject the report failed to include was the lack of
leadership by the school committee over the last ten years.
11:23 pm est 

Rule of Open Government Gone Amuck

Jessica's sidekick Terese refused to release a copy of the subcommittee's
report to the reporter there! I have NEVER been to a public meeting in which
the board refused to release public documents to the reporter.

Doesn't this board know that stonewalling can only work for so long?
I felt compassion for the school committee and the town being at the
crossroads and watching the presentation. but when they pulled the let's limit
the access of this report to the public card, they absolutely lost me.

Now, I thinks its not about for the good of the children we are going to keep
the status quo, it's about keeping the 90 jobs including their own.

They didn't shoot their feet tonight, they blew them off!
11:04 pm est 

Affordable Housing Not for This Community

Affordable Housing is set up to forge and shape a community--but not
the community that is here in Provincetown. It is for outsiders,
friends of friends, associates of Ted Malone and his cronies, friends
of other developers. They become part of a new community and then
this new community is viewed as Provincetown's community. But it
isn't. It is a pretense. It is a fake. It is a mall-created
community. It is a numbers-game community. But those developers like
Ted Malone are not here to strengthen the town residents and offer
them affordable housing. He cares little for you. IN fact, he has
disdain for you and your heritage.

      Malone is here as the outsider working to bring in more
outsiders. His goal: To create a new community. It's an odd creation
that benefits him and his workers. those who get affordable housing
are in fact his workers' friends. They are not long-term town people
and all this affordable housing, paid by the town, is not for those
who have lived here, worked here, and cared about this place for
years. It has little to do with the town but it has much to do with
using the town to pay for, financially support, and use up the town's
    Sadly, my dear town friends, it has nothing much to do with you.
11:00 pm est 

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

So What Exactly are We Scared of?

We need new young stable households. The people who win affordable
rentals are subject to background checks including credit, criminal,
and the standard landlord/neighbor review. One has to be squeaky
clean. God knows I could no pass the sniff test. Could you?

God forbid that your child should be able to live in Town.
10:57 pm est 

School Committee Meeting

I thought that I was going to the school to hear a report;
instead it was like the unveiling of the dead sea scrolls--such
secrecy--as though The Truths of the universe would be revealed
before our trembling eyes.

So this was the *pre-release*. No questions please...and, again, my
question was ***ABOUT*** THE COST!! If it is a
wash--financially--between regionalizing and staying put...then that
might change opinions. (around page 50-54)

But banning the press! Refusing to give them the report--where are
we--in Soviet Russia?

I hope that Selectman Avellar isn't her reticent self. (Being
Facetious) the Provincetown Banner.

Michael Rogovsky
10:56 pm est 

To: Michael

Michael, don't you have a picture to paint or something?
10:54 pm est 

Enough Already, Rogovsky...

Stop the grandstanding.

Get off the soapbox!

Please, for the love of God and Provincetown, (along with us who read
this blog) take a break and research some of the causes you are
trying to tackle. (affordable housing, community preservation, school
regionalism, elderly, taxation).

If any correct information is needed, I certainly wouldn't relay on
ANYTHING you blog!
10:53 pm est 

An Island Unto Themselves

I didn't realize to what a degree the school committee was
an entity to itself. It can ban PTV from it meeting as well as refuse
to give the thrice postponed report to the press.

Luckily the gag order over the sterring committee's report to the
school didn't extend to the members who wrote the report--so I had my
question answered in the parking lot of the school regarding the cost
of tuitioning out the students to Nauset as opposed to keeping the
high school open.

I already submitted a letter to the editor today regarding the need
for CPC funds to go towards town hall, so I can't write one about the
school and submit it to the banner.

Michael Rogovsky

10:50 pm est 

Me Thinks They Doth Protest Too Much

The more opposition there is to CPC funds for historical
just manifests for all to see that there truly is an affordable
housing cartel that exists to enrich developers at the expense of the

Four years of funds to the affordable housing, over two millions
dollars, years of debt service--and the money pours in to the
developers: deveopment fees, rents etc. etc.
And the taxpayers pay and pay and pay.
10:48 pm est 

See Our Future

In Provincetown it should be called Stablished housing, not
affordable housing.

If we do not spend the cpa money on "stabilized housing" for this
community we will look back and say what a shame -we had that money
to spend (pojected originally as $7 million over 10 years) and we did
not create as many units as we could have.   It will be just like why
didn't they bury the electric wires or had town wide sewer or fix
town hall when they could have or should have.

Remember too that this is 100% state match and although the match has
decreased slightly this year, it is still $1 from taxpayers and $1
from the state.   What a deal !

Try to open up your minds a bit to the big picture of the future of
Provincetown, not your own little world - which seems to get more
narrow every day.
10:46 pm est 

PTV and Legal Rights

Someone posted earlier that Jessica Waugh has banned PTV from
attending the meeting this afternoon.

I don't know all the facts but i do know, that no one, can ban PTV
from any legal posted public meeting.

That is the law.

So, if anyone  believes that Jessica has banned PTV, they should
contact PTV immediately and find out the truth.

In the meantime, the law allows ANY of us to taperecord or
videorecord any public meeting we wish, as long as we do so in a way
that is not disruptive to the conducting of the meeting. So, show up
and use your videocamera yourself. But, first. Call Beth O'Rourke at
PTV and report back to the mypacc blog.

I'd like to know the story.
10:44 pm est 

Why Does Malone Need CPA Funds?

The land next to Cumberland called 90 Shank Painter road
was bought by the tax payers for $1,000,000.00 and then given to The
community Builders Inc. of Boston.

The total cost of this project is estimated at $11,000,000, to be
financed through federal, state and county sourses, according to Jan
Brodie, regional director.

With sources of funding through the federal, state and county sourse,
why should Mr. Ted Malone, who already owns housing developments in
town deserve this money?

Why does the CPC committee even considering giving Mr. Ted Malone the
CPC funds that could go towards renovating town hall and giving the
tax payers a break?

If these CPC funds go to affordable housing instead of towards the
renovation of Town hall, it will only demonstrate the stangle hold
that the affordable housing industrial complex has on the committees
and officials in Provincetown.

Michael Rogovsky
10:41 pm est 

An Observation

From reading all of the blogs this morning it looks like
Mikey is the only one who is doing the writing!
10:39 pm est 

To: Michael

Maybe now that you are secure with your two homes
you think that everyone else should just live on the streets! How
dare you question who should live in affordable housing? You were not
from Provincetown and as a matter of fact unless anyone in town is a
native American we are all from somewhere else. You have your facts
wrong on how the vote went in november as well. 80% of CPA funds are
not all going to historical. You do not speak for the majority or
anyone else in town but yourself! Why not do something to help the
town instead of trying to tell the many boards and commitees what
they should be doing. You say your trying to help lower taxes for the
elderly but everything that you want only helps you and all of the
other rich wash ashores who rip off tourists into buying overpriced
artwork and to eat at poor excuses of restaurants in town. Give
something back Michael.
10:38 pm est 

Hi Michael

Thank you for your determination to address the inefficiencies of
affordable housing in Provincetown.

Those that post little nasty blogs directed at you are
scared. They work in the affordable housing industry and you threaten
their financial security. But, like the school system and the pier
problems, this area will change for the good of most people in
provincetown and it won't stay the same to benefit just a few.

Keep you head down and keep
on doing what you have been doing!
10:36 pm est 

Mr. Ted Malone Vs Town Hall Rehabilitation

90 Shank Painter Road will be worth $11,000,000 when it is
completed. What are Mr. Ted Malone's housing developments worth?

Mr. Ted Malone has money to build these developments and he does not
deserve the CPC money that can go towards reducing the tax burden of
the Provincetown Taxpayers--the money should go towards the
renovation of town hall.

Michael Rogovsky
10:34 pm est 

Save Your Four Leaf Clovers

Good luck getting any needy folks into the 90 Shankpainter
affordable housing project in Provincetown. Last month, there were
over 3,100 people on the wait list for section 8 housing at the
Housing Assistance corp. in Hyannis.

At the Yarmouth Housing Authority, there were 50 people on the
shelter care list, which I was told by a staf person there is 40-B
housing for the homeless and people living with AIDS.

I know someone who has been waiting 7 years for affordable housing.
MEANWHILE; folks come to town and are eligible for affordable housing
and they can can get it through the lotter.

It was funny, because last night, at the meeting, I was telling one
of the developers about these concerns and Mr. Ted Malone said
something to another developer and he said that there is one in every
crowd--YES, I will be the person informing people if LOCALS GET the
housing first.

Michael Rogovsky
10:57 am est 

Ya Just Don't Get it, Do Ya Mikey?

There are 16 homeless people living year-round in Provincetown.

Many people have been displaced over the past few years, not because
of a lack of employment, but because of displacement largely due to
$$condo conversion$$ (greed) and very high rents (comparable to

**Hm mm, why rent it when I can sell it and make more money?  Who
cares about the tenant I have!  I'll sell it for seasonal (vacation)
use. (better yet, rent it out weekly to pay my mortgage).**
That's the NEW way of thinking here in P-town!

Many people hang on by living seasonal place to seasonal place, i.e;
summer shares then moving to a winter rental.  Talk about a secure
living situation, right Michael?

I am certain you will sleep well tonight knowing that your future is
secure here in P-town, which is turning more and more into a rich
summer haven for the $$Haves$$ and becomes more disproportionately
difficult for the Have Not.

Go ahead and try to mandate the next round of CPA funds for 80% to go
to Historical Preservation.  I promise you, there will be opposition,
not only from the advocates of community housing, but also open space
and I do believe historical itself!

The intent of Article 1 at last falls Town Meeting was to give the
CPC more fluidity with the percentages... NOT mandate it.  We did not
vote to give 80% to fix Town Hall, Michael.  I am sorry to inform you
that once again, you are wrong in your thinking.
9:54 am est 

Truth to Power

Who does Jessica Waugh think she is banning PTV from todays
subcommittee report to the School Committee ? How dare she thinks she
can keep us in the dark about the subcommittees findings and

It is time for a coup detat. I am interested in bypassing their
authority to address the poor school education in Provincetown. 
There is now a playbook written on by-passing stubborn boards that
dont have the Towns best interests. What that woman will do to keep
her job and that school committee to have their kids educated is
nothing short of reprehensible!

Lets play hardball too!
9:51 am est 

Shankpainter Projects

Is it true that the police station may relocate their headquarters to
the retail space in the new Shankpainter Projects?  Not a bad idea
since the chief is looking for new space and the retail units will
probably not rent in this economic climate.
9:49 am est 

Keeping an Eye on the Prize

We are supposed to be subsidizing the fishing boats--but
the charter boats are subsidized too?

Hmmm, affordable housing is supposed to go to local people who are
displaced by condo conversion etc. and the children of locals too who
have a heart-felt-zeal to live here year round as well.

40-B development is open to any of the 300,000,000 Americans who are
eligible--just ask the people with a section 8 voucher; they can live
in any part of the continental United States and Hawaii.

Some apartments will go for market rate--and some will go to the
deserving poor.

Lets just keep a spotlight on 90 Shank Painter Rd. Who gets to live
there and if they stay year round. It won't be hard--look how fast
the news got around about the Landmark and Clem and Ursie's.

I'll probably get a unit in the complex--well, I'd better...and as
God is my witness--I'll make sure the units are fully occupied and go
to local first responders--or you will be hearing about it (if the
web master doesn't black out their names).
9:48 am est 

Good Business Sense

You must be the victors owner?

For someone to say giving $25 vouchers (and I believe the poster said
ONE not MANY ) is like extortion is so out of whack because other
business don't do that. 

Well the restaurants  are in a different
category.  95% of the people that come to this town have reservations
already to stay somewhere.  They don't need a place to stay.  But
they ALL, 100% of them eat.  It is either going to the grocery store
to buy some food for the condo or room they are renting or going out
to dinner/lunch/breakfast.  

The person was not going to give out
vouchers to individuals; she/he was using it to "sample" the food to
make recommendations.  If you think it is extortion, see how well the
RED INN does with the program they do for the hotels and B&B's.  And
they own a B&B and still do it. 

IT IS SMART BUSINESS and that is something this town LACKS.

9:46 am est 

Be What You Came Here For

You seem to attack affordable housing and the schools and
are so afraid someone new might move here.  There are lots of year
round people who barely make it here that stable housing would help
so much.   And yes this is a great place to raise kids.   Do you know
that people with children get out of here because you talk about
having a high school 30 miles away for their kids ?   Think about
some new blood in this town - how bad would that be ?

You just seem like a bunch of grumpy old men with nothing better to do.

You better watch out or they will start calling this God's waiting room north.

Maybe you should get out and take a walk and remember why you moved
here or why you stay here.
9:42 am est 

Today: Meeting of School steering Committee

Tuesday Dec.9th, 4pm the Veterans school
library--the thrice postponed, Dept of Revenue mandated steering
committee of the School committee will unveil its study of
rationalization etc. and how it proposes to make our schools overflow
with students.

Be there!
9:39 am est 

The Hands That Feed Them

Terry C. using the school for an art auction?  I thought a
school was for children and education.  We have stores on Commercial
Street.  Since when is a school a store. What about the businesses
like galleries that support the school with their taxes.  Hats off to
the school who just took a big bite out of the hand that feeds them.
9:37 am est 

Hats Off to Ms. Nagle!

The semi-autonomous Provincetown Public Pier Corporation is a lot
less semi-autonomous after this evening!  You have indeed made
good government tonight by keeping the pressure on and the Pier
people in the spotlight with a little sweat on their brows if I may add.
They are going to adopt every recommendation of the Finance Committee.

There is not one citizen I can think of who has increased the accountability
of a semi-autonomous board!

God, I love your playbook! It should be an inspiration to all who
want to change government in Provincetown!


Could your next act be regionalizing the school? Please?
12:44 am est 

From: Michael Rogovsky

Thanks for telling me about the town website--I just need
the address! You tell me to get a life?

LOL! Here is a secret: You only live once, and once is enough if you
do it right!!!

And tomorrow---the in-depth, riveting, investigative report of the
school committee. 4pm Veterans Elementary school.

Hmmm--I wonder what they will say about regionalization--they're
probably just giddy to send it to the Dept of Revenue--You Betcha!

Michael Rogovsky
12:40 am est 

Affordable Housing Development at 90 Shanpainter Road

It was quite a presentation seeing the power point display
of the affordable housing development at 90 Shanpainter Road : Five
buildings, a couple retail spaces, 25 one bedroom apartments and the
rest that are 2 and 3 bedrooms.

There was some discussion about dishwashers and garbage disposals;
some units will have their own washers and dryers and rest will have
a laundry in the basement for sharing.

Of course, Mr. Ted Malone was there probably talking about all of his
developments and comparing notes and enjoying the bonhomie of the
moment with the other developers.

The developers get the land and a developers fee and the rents from
these fifty units will pay the mortgage on the of
course they are jubilant.

The rest of America is suffering--but not the developers of 40-B
affordable housing.

Hallelujah  Provincetown! Yo! fellow taxpayers; lets celebrate the
good fortune of the developers--and the new apartments of the future
residents of Provincetown.

Heck, lets give Mr. Ted Malone his $500,000 so he and the new
developers can have a race to see who can build their housing
development the fastest.

Don't worry about water use, we will have two new housing
developments--but we residents who *do* live here still can't use a
sprinkler for our yards or wash our cars--but why quibble.

Yahoo! Affordable housing have won once again.

Michael Rogovsky
12:37 am est 

Monday, December 8, 2008

BOS Irate Over the School Committee's Handling of Special School Report

At tonight's Selectmen's meeting, the ire of the board
flared up over not being invited to the long awaited, thrice
postponed Special school committee report session which takes place

Since January, the Board of Selectmen have been imploring the School
Committee to meet with them--almost one full year--and the result has
been complete silence.

Now, the most anticipated report regarding the school is going to be
unveiled...and who in town government was invited? Only the chair of
the Board of Selectmen.

The arrogance of the school committee is beyond the pale. They won't
allow the taxpayers in the school, but they rent it out to Mr. Terry
C. so he can have his art auctions there.
10:57 pm est 

Well said When Is Enough, Enough!?

I think the most disturbing thing I ever saw was when the fire
department shut off the lights in the station to hide the wrecked
ladder truck from the television cameras. It immediately sent a
signal that they were hiding something. When public officials or
authorities start hiding things, altering records, lying, it's
indication that we are in trouble.

I'm personally disappointed in the
fire department. You can say it's one person, but we all know how the
click works. The good old boy club will circle the wagons when there
is a chance they will be found at fault.

You can say its in the courts hands now, but I also think as a town
and considering we need to pay the bill, we have a right to some
answers ourselves. I'd like to see the idiots on the B.O.S. call a
public hearing about this with the fire commission present but we all
know they wont. That would be far too intelligent. Regardless of what
the court rules, the town is at stake.

Waiting To Write The Check
10:54 pm est 

Re: Re: Re: Revenge

Thanks for the feedback to my inquiry..As "Paul Harvey" used to
say."And now the rest of the story"..

Donald Diego
10:51 pm est 

Hey Mikey...

Get a grip!
better yet, get a life!

Do you ever think to look at the town web-site?

Take a few days and do some MUCH NEEDED reading on that web site and
then get back to us!

p.s. You should also brush up on your town politics before you go on
your next rant.
10:50 pm est 

What is the Real CPC Schedule?

I went to the community center at 4:30 pm thinking that the
CPC meeting was there today at 4pm, monday...Dec.8th. Brandon told me
there is one at 9am this true?

Michael Rogovsky
6:11 pm est 

When is Enough, Enough?!

In regards to this whole Fire Dept. issue, I think the problems
starts at the top. Michael Trovato, is the Chief of the
department and needs to step up to the plate and start being a Chief
instead of a cry baby.

He's supposed to over-see everything, and know
what's going on with everyone in his dept, and he's not doing that.
Its not about Joe & Son Appliance; it's about being professional and
being a Chief of the dept, which he's not.

As a tax payer I'm very disappointed in the way he conducts himself and
handles things. If he can't take the heat he should get out of the kitchen!
Start taking responsibility Mike and stop blaming everyone else and saying it's 
everyone elses fault!

Let's face it, the morale has been down in the FD for a long time and the
lack of training leads to incidents like this with the ladder truck; for which
I hold him responsible.

I understand he doesn't even attempt to go to Chief meetings Up-Cape
because Provincetown is too secluded from the rest of the world and therefore 
he can do things differently from the rest of the departments. This must be
true because he still flaunts the law by allowing members to stay on the Fire
Department after age sixty five, which is the age of mandatory retirement in
the state of Massachusetts for Fire Fighters. Tell me that's not a liability for the

He  threatens to quit all the time, well maybe he needs too, because what he's
doing to the Provincetown FD is just bringing it down and there is no one in this
world that isn't replaceable.

Remember Mike it's not about micro managing and being on a
power trip and singling people out. Stop criticizing your members and
start being a professional. Its time to get rid of the good old boy club and
get new blood in there. Do what's best for the town Mike "GET THROUGH"
6:09 pm est 

To: Michael

You should really do your homework.  Michelle J is not on the CPC.

And with all your ranting, there is still money available (allocated)
for affordable housing which in no way diminishes the money that may
be available for historic preservation.

Why don't you wait till the BOS submits their proposal to the CPC,
then make a statement in support.

If you're really so concerned about the elderly on fixed incomes,
have you called the Council on Aging to see where or how you can
directly help them?
5:33 pm est 

The Shape of Things to Come

Victor's for sale? Yes it is! So is Lobster Pot, The Mews,
Napis and Rosses Grill! Vorelli's is for sale; Sal's place is for sale.
All the successful ones are up for sale!!

In the meantime, The Landmark owners just walked away from the
business; George's Pizza has been seized by the D.O.R.; Clem and
Ursies is closed; Level is under some kind of financial situation.

Hey, lets build hundreds of units for workers to come and take our
jobs! They can work for a fraction of our pay because their housing
is subsidized.
3:10 pm est 

Victors for Sale?!?

Yes it is! So is Lobster Pot, The Mews, Napis and Rosses Grill!
All the successful ones are up for sale!!


Sounds like someone has an issue with Victor to me.

Wait until the lines are out the door this summer for Noreens breakfast!

Cha Ching!

BTW the food and service is great!
2:58 pm est 

Open Lettrer to the CPC

The following letter was sent to Michele Jarusiewicz of the
CPC since I won't be there in time for the public statements:

Dear Community Preservation committee:

Provincetown citizens voted at the special town meeting to have the
CPC funds go towards the renovation of Town Hall. Since its
inception, over two million dollars in CPC funds have gone to the
developers of affordable housing.

Now we are in a dire economic recession that is spiraling downwards
every day and finally there are funds available to help take the
burden off the backs of the taxpayers as we go forward with this

I implore you to think of the taxpayers: the elderly citizens on
fixed incomes, the working families who are struggling; the working
taxpayers who pay their own benefits; think of these fellow citizens
and tax payers and vote to allow these funds to go towards the
renovation of town hall.

Respectfully Submitted,

Michael Rogovsky
2:56 pm est 


I'm hoping this blog doesn't turn into a review of
businesses in town, but in the interest of balance. . .

I've been to Victor's twice, once for dinner and once for Noreen's
Bistro breakfast.  Dinner was in the middle of summer with a group of
nine.  We all loved our dinner and had a great time sharing the food. 
In November, three of us went for breakfast during a slow weekend. 
It was excellent.  We sat by the fire on a cold November morning and
really enjoyed ourselves with excellent breakfast choices.  Service
was very good both times and I'll go back.
2:18 pm est 

Use of CPA Funds

Last year, article one, which was essentially Astrid Berg's
article, was roundly defeated at town meeting. This year, it was
enthusiastically, almost unanimously approved at the special town

I feel that the tax payers in this town deserve a break. We have paid
over $2,000,000 to affordable housing developers and we have years
upon year of debt service due to our largess. Provincetown tax payers
have a town debt of over $44,000,000.00

Now we have the opportunity to use these CPC funds to help to reduce
the financial burden on the tax payers by applying these funds to
renovating Town Hall.

Mr. Ted Malone has been developing broad tracts of land and turning
it into housing developments for over ten years without the need for
any of this CPC money.

It is my belief that the CPC funds should go towards reducing the
financial burden on the elderly on fixed incomes, the working
families and the tax paying workers in this town.

I'm sorry, I just can't comprehend how a committee can even consider
giving this money to a developer of such vast properties instead of
helping our citizens struggling during these devastating economic

Michael Rogovsky
2:16 pm est 

Re: Re: Revenge

Thank you! Motivation is the key word here.

"Yours in good government" is not the motive for all the energy put
into this issue.
It is always about money or sex. How will Nagle profit if she
succeeds in busting up the Pier Corp? She is about as altruistic as a
shark. Although it is politically incorrect to say so, the truth is, 
there are women in this town who hate men and this could be Nagle's
motivation as she is gunning exclusively for men...
2:14 pm est 

Re: Community Housing Meeting

An invitation to the meeting today?  Doesn't J. MacMahon know these
are public meetings?  I don't need an invitation!

Also, what happened to connect the dots?
Ted Malone + AJ + Community Housing + Community Preservation = Cartel.
2:12 pm est 

What Is It With You?

Sure you want $25.00 gift vouchers to be handed to the guest house
owners, how about giving a voucher to the restaurants. There have
been many times that I have referred my guests to accommodations, one
hand washes the other. What you are suggesting is extortion. As small
as it is, it is still coercing a business to give discounts and
receive benefits from the referrals.

Legal Beagle (not bagel)
2:09 pm est 

Playing Judge & Jury...

I appreciate Mr. Sallinger's response to Mr. Page's blog of support
and tolerance to family of E. Martinez.  Truly informative on the
statutes of insurance and law.

Unfortunately, there was a bit too much emotion attached to
response... Get it?

It is up to our judicial system to try and convict...
Get it?
2:08 pm est 

Victor's is Up For Sale

They may have added pizza and they may have Norren, and New Year's
may look great, but then what? Their license is for a year-round
license, not a seasonal one. What will happen come February, March,
and April?

And it is up for sale. Easy come, easy go!
2:07 pm est 

Victors Restaurant Review

SOUNDS like an owner wrote it.  I have heard OVERPRICED for what you
get, but food decent.  Most of my guests (I own a guest house) go
there once and say they would not go back)  I have not eaten their
myself, so can not tell you from my own experience, but when 20  25
guests tell you the same thing, its hard to go and spend my hard
earned money.  I will say from LOCALS, I hear better things.   It
always amazes me why new restaurants dont go around to guest houses
and Inns and hotels in this town and give like a 25 dollar voucher if
they feel they want MORE business.   I dont recommend it to anyone at
this point in time.
8:33 am est 

Re: Facts & Figures

Facts and Figures are what got us into the War in Iraq.Facts &
Figures can be twisted to justify someone's personal agenda.This is
how the White House manipulated the country into the mess it's in
right now.Let's really look at the facts and figures before we take
one person's side of a two sided issue.As one great economist once
said"Figures don;t lie,Liar's figure"
8:30 am est 

Re: Revenge

There's a story there somewhere as to the motives for such
vicious attacks on the Pier Committee,can't be bad recordkeeping or a
disagreement with policy making and I'm sure no one is accusing
anyone of illegal use of money. Come on bloggers, what's the real
poop here?
11:25 pm est 

Re: Victor's Restaurant

Victor's is not going anywhere.
Another rumor.

They added Pizza nights on Sunday and have a great New Years Eve
special dinner that is almost sold out. Not to mention  60.00 pp.

It was a very successful summer and I am sure next summer will be
even more successful.

We eat there often.
The place is amazing, the decor is great and the fireplace is
wonderful this time of year. Not to mention the food, the price and
Victor is wonderful.

Keep on bringing the good food Victor's!
11:24 pm est 

Re: Provincetown Public Pier Corporation




  Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 66: Section 15. Penalties

Section 15. Whoever unlawfully keeps in his possession any public
record or removes it from the room where it is usually kept, or
alters, defaces, mutilates or destroys any public record or violates
any provision of this chapter shall be punished by a fine of not less
than ten nor more than five hundred dollars, or by imprisonment for
not more than one year, or both. Any public officer who refuses or
neglects to perform any duty required of him by this chapter shall
for each month of such neglect or refusal be punished by a fine of
not more than twenty dollars.

Has the Provincetown Public Pier Corporation since 2003  been
violating GL 66 Section 15? Please refer to my letter from the
Commonwealth of Massachusetts under 'Breaking News' as it references
this Massachusetts General Law.

Their P & L July 2004 through June 2005 and Balance Sheet
June 30 2005 submitted to the Finance Committee June 2008 are
different than that submitted to the BOS on December 12 2005. They
made 21 changes to the P & L and 20 changes to the balance sheet.

Their Profit & Loss July 2005 through June 2006 and Balance Sheet
June 30 2006 submitted to the Finance Committee June 2008 is
different than that submitted to the BOS on August 29 2006. They made
a total of 44 changes. Let me share one written over line item which
disappeared all together: line item 5570 vacation $600.

It is unethical and fraudulent to present one thing as true, and then
present another thing as true without expessing why in accounting.

In the Oct. 23 2008 minutes, PPPC director had the nerve to say: "due
to the problems that the Town is having with its books we would like to
keep ours separate end quote."

It is inexcusable to release inaccurate (perhaps fraudulent,
intentionally or unintentionally) financial statements to the public
and the Board of Selectmen. The Provincetown Public Pier Corporation
should count its lucky stars that the Town of Provincetown or
Provincetown taxpayers has not taken the Provincetown Public Pier
Corporation to court... yet.

So, don't even think for one moment George that the PPPC is going to
continue to keep its books separate and not go on the Town's munis
system and agree to every recommendation the Finance Committee has

Candace Nagle
11:22 pm est 

There are Other Worthwhile Projects

At the last CPC meeting, Barbara Rushmore asked which
commitee members were Provincetown tax payers. Every CPC member
raised their hand. So try not to make this push for all of the CPA
funds to go to just one project(town hall) sound like an us (tax
payers) against them (CPC members). A lot of us taxpayers want those
funds to go to other things in town that need help also, like saving
open space in town, and making sure that some of these funds will be
around for other worthy projects that may come up in the future!
11:17 pm est 

BOS Meeting Monday

I find it worth noting that Metcalf & Eddy are coming in front of
the enlightened BOS to ask for an $95,000 change order. Any chance
they are requesting a lessening of $95,000 for their work? Or, is
there any possiblity, that Metcalf & Eddy are requesting another
$95,000 over and above the amounts they are already getting for their
splendid work?

What do you think? Perhaps, we have $95,000 in some drawer and
someone will uncover this amount. And what, pray tell, do they need
another $95,000 for? With tough financial times, this is not time to
readily grant an additional $95,000 to the high every-month subsidy
that Metcalf & Eddy get from this town. They already get at least
$48,000 every month and that translates into a bundle of cash for
this company.

How much more do they really want? Shall we place bets, ladies and
gentlemen, that they will be thrown the cash across the roulette
11:14 pm est 

Pier Corp Meets at 5p.m. With FinCom Tomorrow, Then at 6 with BOS

This will prove interesting. Will anything substantial come up? Or
will both boards nod, smile, smirk, chatter away and then end the
Perhaps here's where BargeGate and PierGate meets FrogGate.
In other words, nothing much will happen. All will be "explained" and
covered up. The virtual free cash and the virtual accounting of
Provincetown will rise again to render any problem, not a real
problem. I expect that Rex McKinsey will be given a raise for his
tight controls and great management. I hear them applauding now. Do
11:12 pm est 

No, There's Not Only One Person Complaining About the Pier Corp

Many, yes many people, have posted here for quite awhile raising
questions about the Pier Corp. Many have been concerned about
mismanagement. Many have raised questions about financials. And now
it seems: they were right. Something's not quite legit with the Pier
Corp and it's not only one person, not only one inquiring mind, who
wants to know: What is actually happening? What numbers are real
numbers? And what in the world happened to last year's numbers and
the year's before?

Who's in charge? Who authorize someone to write over the financials
for 2006 when 2007 came about? And now who's allowing the writing
over of the 2007 financials because,yes,it's 2008? This is insane.
And it's illegal.
11:10 pm est 

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Let's Not Be Naive

Some serve on boards because they deeply care about the town. Others
serve on boards because they deeply care about themselves and their
own interests. Let's not conflate the two.
10:38 pm est 

Hey Mikey!

if you were at town meeting you would know that
the town did NOT vote to give ALL the CPA funds to town hall! The
funds will go to any project that meets public needs in three areas -
housing, open space/recreation, and historical. If any funds go for
town hall they most likely will be matching funds from other loans
that the town will have to come up with. You have to realise that the
CPC is like a bank loaning you money to fix your house. I doubt that
Seamens Bank would give All of their loan money to just one house.
10:37 pm est 

It's About "All You People"

Perhaps you have not noticed but you are part of "all you people."
You are not separate. Not distinct. Not outside this group of
bloggers. Perhaps you could simply address those on the blog as "you"
or "as someone said" or "town people."

There's more disrespect in your phrase "all you people" then you
might wittingly or unwittingly know.
10:29 pm est 

Volunteer Citizens of Provincetown?????

No, two are not. Two are out of towners with business interests here
like the guy who sells ferry tickets in lopes square or the guy who
tried to make sure his out of town childhood friend got the first art
trap shed at the beginning of the pier  because the traffic would
benefit him better than ones further down the pier. 40% of that board
are NOT ..volunteer citizens of Provincetown.. But you know that,
don't you?

The guy who owns the store that sells ferry tix in lopes square
really  cares about this town. his windows in lopes square really an
inviting message to people visiting..all covered with brown paper. .
why doesn't he have art covering his windows like his next store
business neighbors, long john's or lewis'? His neighbor the chamber
of commerce, really encouraged businesses that are closed to make
their windows attractive with art available from our, yes our school
children! he is the poster director for conflict of interest. They
both should resign and be replaced with ..citizens of provincetown...
who are ethical and really care about provincetown not to advance a
personal agenda whenever they can.
10:28 pm est 

To: Peter Page

It's very clear that you don't know anything about Municipal
Insurance or Government Liability. If so, you couldn't even compare
the wreck of a ladder truck by a town employee who was under the
influence of alcohol to borrowing a friends car. You compare this
situation with a civilian driving a friends car and totalling it.
These two circumstances are not in the same ballpark and don't even
fall under the same MGL categories.

Let me point out some differences for you so that you can't
understand why we are stuck paying 100% of the bill the replacement
of the truck.

Friends car you borrow; maybe 40k in value max?
A ladder truck; upwards of 500k in value. This difference puts it
under a different class of insurance, subject to different rules and
regulations. Get it?

Friends car you borrow and drive drunk; personal use.
Town fire truck; municipal/governmental use. The liability is far
greater. Get it?

Friends car you borrow; personal liability and loss.
Town fire truck; operated by a town EMPLOYEE. It ups the stakes
significantly. Get it? Let me point out that even though he is a
volunteer, according to insurance and municipal law, he is an
employee no matter what he's paid or not paid at all.

As a former adjuster for municipal and governmental insurance claims
I can assure you that the town of Provinetown will single handedly
pick up the cost of the truck in the event he is convicted guilty or
in the event he pleads nolo.

Now I appreciate that you support his family. I can imagine those
folks are having a terrible time and I feel for them. Unfortunately I
can't feel badly for him as this is a major mistake that whe
concluced, after the extensive police department investigations,
after the attorneys fees, court fees, insurance premium increases and
replacement of the truck will far exceed $1,000,000. That's
$1,000,000 that could be fixing town hall.

Everyone who supports him seems to keep overlooking that what he did
could have killed someone. It's a miracle that he didn't. He wasn't
driving a small pick up truck, he was driving a large, heavy vehicle
that could have killed many people.

This needs to be responded to with zero tolerance and he needs to do
some time behind bars to set an example.

As far the fire department. I do appreciate their service but right
now, they need to rethink their policies and procedures and perhaps
consider some corrective department training. When people question
the fire department right now, it's because they need to reacquire
our respect in the community. This is truly a black eye.

David Sallinger
10:15 pm est 

No Revenge Like That of a Woman Scorned"?

On the Outside Looking In

What facts coming from the State aren't good enough for you? Yeah,
right. Sure you are on the OUTSIDE LOOKING IN.
You are most likely part of the problem!

Please thou protest too much. Stop your personal attacks on Ms.
Nagel. What don't you start posting facts, figures and reports like
Ms. Nagel?
7:56 pm est 

Re: Community Service

Serving on a board is a community service and employers
should see it as such.  It's not like we have big conglomerates
serving our town.
7:54 pm est 

Pier Corporation

Is it not funny that the only person on this blog
complaining about the Pier Corp has an incredible amount of money
invested there.  Can you say Cheney!
7:53 pm est 

On the Outside Looking In

Just read ''breaking news''' as we all have been duped by the PPPC
into believing their finances are in order!
7:51 pm est 

Too Much Time to Kill

All you people have far too much time on your hands.
Instead of speaking badly about someone else, you should get out
there and find someone to help.
7:50 pm est 

To "On the Outside Looking In"

You asked, "Would someone in the know please enlighten me to what
exactly are the reasons for the personal attacks against the Pier
Committee members by one person who it appears to be out for revenge
on this group of
volunteer citizens of Provincetown."

I don't know all of the players involved, nor do I know the history
behind this - but it does appear that the Pier Corporation is in
violation of having accurate records.  You stated that Candace Nagle
is a woman scorned and this is nothing more than revenge, but the
Pier Corporation is not providing the town or the state with accurate
records - which is in violation of state law.  So, if it is revenge,
shame on the Pier Committee and the Pier Corporation for giving
Candace Nagle the ammunition, because it appears that there is some
sort of cover-up happening here.

The real issue here is that the Pier Committee is not properly
overseeing the Public Pier Corporation, and the Pier Corporation
isn't providing accurate records.  And I would like to point out that
Ms. Nagle has signed her name on this blog - yet you claim to be on
the "outside looking in."  When you have the conviction to sign your
name to your entry, perhaps people will take your revenge theories
more seriously.  But in the meantime, I support Candace Nagle in her
fight to hold the town and the Pier Corporation responsible for their

Paul Soares,

Provincetown & Boston
7:43 pm est 

Committee Meetings Scheduled at Inopportune Times

Why is it that the town allows the scheduling of committee meetings
at 4:00 pm on a workday? How do you expect working people to come to
the CHC meetings? This is absolutely ridiculous, or maybe it is the
plan, that way no one can show up and the CHC can make whatever
decisions they want in their own little bubble. This is not democracy

4:59 pm est 

Re: Town Board Statements

It is my understanding that one may write a letter to the
representing agent of that particular board and have the statement
read at the public statement session of the next meeting, during your

Contacts may be found on the town website via town board index.
4:33 pm est 


Fincom's Recommendation:

"The Maintenance Reserve Fund should only be used for emergency repair
or replacement of out of warranty operating equipment, or to make
emergency repairs to the Pier. Use of these funds should require
the approval of the Pier Corporations Board of Directors, the Board
of Selectmen and the Finance Committee."

Where did the money for the barge, crane, hydraullic thingie a magigy
come from?? Did the Selectmen approve it or not?

this barge story never ends!!

Waiting for a ride!!
4:30 pm est 

Re: Pier Committee Vendetta

Would someone in the know please enlighten me to what exactly are the
reasons for the personal attacks against the Pier Committee members
by one person who it appears to be out for revenge on this group of
volunteer citizens of Provincetown.This can not be about good
government because it isn;t about one issue,it's about any issue that
can be dug up.Does this person have a personal interest in the demise
of this Committee or is this just a case of "No Revenge like that of
a woman scorned"?...Please enlighten me to the real issues..Signed,

On the Outside Looking In
4:27 pm est 

E-Mail Address for Comments on CPC Usage of CPA Funds

Yes, please list an email address so that we may weigh in
on the usage of CPC funds at the next meeting. Good idea Michael!
4:26 pm est 

CPC Use of CPA Funds Should be Utilized for Town Hall Rehab!

For four years, over $2,000,000 has gone to affordable
housing. Mr. Ted Malone has been building affordable housing in
provincetown for over ten years and has not needed CPC funds for his
housing developments.

Now we are in dire economic times--a full recession with over
2,000,000 jobs lost in the last few months. The taxpayers are faced
with paying for the renovation of Town Hall.

We taxpayers voted at town meeting to have the CPC money go towards
the town hall renovation to help alleviate the tax burden.

If you give this money to a developer, we not only have to pay for
the renovation of town hall, we are saddling ourselves with even more
debt service. We tax payers have no clout.

The children in this town are already mortgaged with a decade of debt
service on the two million dollars already given to affordable
housing. This Town has over $44,000,000 of debt.

How much money will take from us before we get any financial help to
renovate town hall?

We can vote at town meeting--but we are told that it isn't a mandate.
Well, if only the tax payers voted at town meeting IT WOULD BE A

Please, CPC committee, help the tax payers who are living here, the
working tax payers, the elderly on fixed incomes, the working
families struggling to make ends meet--not the developers a decade
worth of housing developments who will make money on future residents.

Apply these CPC funds voted at town meeting to renovate Town Hall.

Michael Rogovsky
4:23 pm est 

Re: Mr. Jack McMahon Invitation

I appreciate Mr. Jack McMahon inviting the public to the
meeting at 4pm on Monday, December 8th. Unfortunately, I have a
doctor's appointment at that time--and,routinely, my job doesn't end
until 5pm.

How can I get my comments heard at the meeting?

Thank you,

Michael Rogovsky
2:37 pm est 

Re: Affordable Housing

On the affordable housing Cartel; even the Cape Cod times
laments: "After all, the chapter 40B program, which has driven much
recent housing development in the state, has produced THREE HIGH-END
UNITS for Every affordable unit".

Do not allow CPC funds to go to any more developers when we need it
to renovate Town Hall.

For once since its inception, after giving the affordable housing
developers over $2,000,000; we demand that this money be used to
alleviate the tax burden on we tax payers.
2:35 pm est 

Re: Clem & Ursie's

To the person who wrote this: Clem & Ursies can not now or
anytime in the future use the
extra gallons for housing. The extra gallons are only for a year
round restaurant. They have to be given up if they are not used for a
restaurant that must stay open for 11 months in the same year!---Be
know that the Bonnie Doone Restaurant was turned into Muscle beach
gym. Some Developers can do what they wish it seems--so don't be so
sure about Clem and Ursies...We have seen how things happen in this
1:25 pm est 

Concerning Affordable Housing

First, I wish to state I am not writing this as an alternate member
of the Community Housing Council but as a citizen of Provincetown.  I
have only served on the Board for six months, volunteering as a
result of an investigation into affordable housing issues raised on
this blog last winter.

I performed much research, read bylaws, state and government laws,
the Ryan Report and conducted phone interviews, ad nauseam.  My many
findings were reported on this blog.

Myself along with Astrid Berg consulted on changing the formula for
the Community Preservation Act for last years spring Town Meeting,
resulting in two separate articles.  After meeting with the BoS,
Community Preservation Committee and other Boards, I decided to
indefinitely postpone my article.

The article passed this fall giving the CPC more flexibility each
year to distribute the funding percentages, which as a citizen I
agree is a win for the CPC.

It is a year later and I am once again reading much misinformation
regarding affordable housing on this blog.  There appears to be a
certain direction that a few deem appropriate in the funding of the
CPC formula, thus creating a false impression of affordable housing
and the CHC.

Please, by all means attend the Community Preservation Committee
meetings and make your voice heard.  But as a member of the Comm.
Housing Comm., I can honestly say that these same voices are not
present at the CHC meetings to make public statements to the Board.

I extend an invitation to you, as a private citizen, the same as I
did last winter, to come to the next CHC meeting on December 8th at
4pm. Voice your disapproval with our work face to face, or state any
other concerns you may have with affordable housing.  Maybe the
Council can clear up some of the misinformation that is spreading,
once again.

Respectfully submitted,
Jack McMahon
1:22 pm est 

Fishermens Pier

Let's put affordable housing on the pier and just sit back
and watch heads spin. such holiday fun. maybe clem and deb can
oversee the whole thing. with ted's help of course.

Rest in peace sunny.
1:19 pm est 

Victor's Restaurant

Someone wrote about Victor's restaurant. Does anyone know
what his plans are..?
1:17 pm est 

Disappearing Barge

Whats the WOOF about the barge? havent you ever bought like
a car without testdriving it? or like bought a car and dint' get
around to using it for a year or two???

Where is that beast? i looked for it at the transfer station and
didn't see it.
1:16 pm est 

Re: Selectmen's Meeting at the Elementary School

If it wasn't for Mypacc's "Shout Out" no one would really
know the depth of what Ms. Candace Nagel has uncovered. She is asking
for accountability and good government. The tax payers and the
selectmen should be rallying such citizen concern. I will definitely
be at the Selectmen's meeting at the elementary school Monday night.
Michael Rogovsky
1:14 pm est 

Re: Clem & Ursie's

Clem & Ursies can not now or anytime in the future use the
extra gallons for housing. The extra gallons are only for a year
round restaurant. They have to be given up if they are not used for a
restaurant that must stay open for 11 months in the same year!
1:12 pm est 

Saturday, December 6, 2008

To: Ms Candace Nagle

Ms. Nagle, the PPPC can't possibly do what the Finance
Committee recommends, it will take hours and hours of extra work for
them. You and the committee are unrealistic!
All of you need to get a life and leave that board alone to run the
pier! So, what if a few dollars don't find their way back to us!
10:45 pm est 

Some Here are Quite Humorous

Read closely and what do you surprisingly find: references to
quadratic thinking. And then there's even more: Babylonian
mathematical structures. That's very funny in what we face when
attempting to acquire real answers and real figures here in this town.
Next we'll get Wittgenstein's philosphical underpinnings of
Provincetown's finances. Some of you are very good and I like the
hidden nuances.
10:44 pm est 

Ms Candace Nagle's Letter to the BOS

The joint meeting with the PPPC and BOS is Monday night.
Below is a copy of the email I sent to the BOS.

To the Board of Selectmen,

Please use your power as landlords of  McMillan Pier to make sure the
Finance Committees twelve recommendations in its report on The
Provincetown Public Pier Corporation are fully implemented.
If you do not get a commitment tonight from the directors of the
Provincetown Public Pier Corporation to implement those
recommendations, please support asking for their resignations.

The Finance Committees recommendations:

1. The Pier Corporation should meet with the Finance Committee
quarterly to track several expenditures versus the budget and
annually to review its proposed budget for the next fiscal

2. The Pier Corporation should also meet with the Board of Selectmen
on a regular basis to ensure that policy and management issues are
resolved on a timely basis.

3. The Pier Corporation should migrate from its stand alone
accounting software package to the Towns MUNIS system
4. The Pier Corporation should make interim reports consistent with
its year-end financial statements.

5. Contributions to the Pier Corporations Maintenance Reserve Fund
should be raised significantly to cover emergency repairs to MacMillan Pier.

6. Mooring fees should be accounted through as a pass through to the
Town, not as revenue to the Pier Corporation.

7. The Finance Committee should report to the Town on the Pier
Corporations budget and its recommendations in its annual Letter to the

8. The Pier Corporation should review its rates on a regular basis to
keep them in line with marketplace and it should continue to look for
new revenue streams
9. The Pier Corporation should hire a Collection Agency to pursue
payments for debts more than 180 days old, as is done by various
Town departments

10. The Pier Corporation should include routine maintenance and
supply costs in its baseline budget. These costs should not be
charged to the Maintenance Reserve Fund: they should
be paid out of the Pier Corporations annual revenues

11. Capital improvements and replacement of capital assets, based on
their anticipated life span should be detailed in a five-year Capital
Improvement Program (CIP).

12. The Maintenance Reserve Fund should only be used for emergency
repair or replacement of out of warranty operating equipment, or to
make emergency repairs to the Pier. Use of these funds should require
the approval of the Pier Corporations Board of Directors, the Board of
Selectmen and the Finance Committee.

Yours in Good Government,

Candace Nagle
7:23 pm est 

Re: Provincetown Public Pier Corporation
Ms. Nagle has The Commonwealth of Massachusetts in her
corner. I just wish she had asked for their help years ago!
She is to be commended for her tenacity as taxpayers will all benefit!
4:30 pm est 

Thank You Candace.......

.......for showing us another way those people 
violated their respondsibilities being on that board. Is there a way
we can file a class action suit against them? I read what they sent
you ...criminal and civil penalities....

Clearly the last poster, doesn't give a damn about the corruption on
that long thing that sticks out in our harbor!

Keep truckin' woman!
4:29 pm est 

Candace Nagle

Thank you for your interest in my obtaining public records
of the Provincetown Public Pier Corporation. Would you like a copy of
the check I have written to the Pier Corporation in the amount of
$116.90 for the time it will take to produce the requested documents?

Candace Nagle
4:27 pm est 

I am "Give Me a Break"

I have been happily married to my
husband for over 15 years.  I have a very successful business in
Provincetown for just over 15 years.  I make more money than I need. 
My husband and I spend every moment together and we only wish there
were 30 hours in a day.

I am not on any meds.  My meds are the air in P-Town and my second
home in the south where I get to spend 5 months.  As I have said
before, more business owners need to go back to the basics.  The
economy is tough, but even in 2 tough downturns in the last 15 years,
there has been plenty of money for my help, myself, charity and a
whole lot more.

4:26 pm est 

To: Candace Nagle

Go girl go........  Don't let others bully you here.  Your doing a
great job.  We all have agenda's and if I were a renter on the pier, I
would be doing the same thing.  Wishing you all the best.......
AND don't let others fool you, you are well liked by MOST people. 
That is better than I can say about some of our BOS.
4:23 pm est 

To: Candace

Though I do honestly feel you are for 'good government', I feel your
persistence of the PPPC is more of a vendetta than anything else.  I
don't think you will be truly happy till the PPPC is dissolved and
you finally get to do what you want with your float.  Your more of a
bully with a big bank account and way too much time on your hands.

It's my understanding that it is now going to take over $100 just for
the PPPC to copy all the paperwork requests that you have submitted. 
And that's not including the man hours that someone will spend
amassing the data.  Then you'll be the first to bitch they're not
doing their jobs when you've got them all buried digging up paperwork
for you when they should be running the pier.

I for one don't want to see them hire another person just to compile
your never ending request for information (which if they don't get it
to you on time, you run to the state).

Again, I would trust your signature "yours in good government" if it
wasn't tainted with the feeling of you being a disgruntled tenant. 
Even though I'm quite sure there are a number of people cheering you
on          , there are even more that wish you would just go away on
this subject.
1:31 pm est 

Re: Provincetown Public Pier Corporation

I have heard from a reliable source that the coast guard
has refused to certify the homemade barge because of inferior
vertical welding. This is the same barge that the Town of Chatham
sold because it had liability concerns.
I requested under the Public Records Law, copies of the stability
tests. The Pier Corp in a letter to me dated Nov 20 states: does not
have records responsive to your request for documentation of
compliance with OSHA training requirements, stability tests performed
on the barge..'

The Pier Corporation has violated their enabling legislation and as
they have put well over 50k into the barge in order to operationalize
cost of barge $26, 511
Pine Hill Equipment Inc.
quote to operationalize barge: $41,960
quote for barge engine: $12,500
Total $80,971

I do believe they bought a cheaper engine for $5k.

It is stunning to me that they would buy a crane and hydraulic power
pack for the barge (minutes oct 9) and have never conducted stability
tests (or have and the barge failed them) let alone conducting them
before using $26,511 of taxpayers' money to buy the barge.  It has
quietly sat out of sight at the highway department for months.
Remember, they purchase their toy Sept 2007 and still havent played
with it.

They are required by law to get Selectmen's approval for any
aggregate purchase over $50k. In addition, they gave fraudulent costs
of how much it would cost to operationalize the barge (Sept 27
2007..'completing the barge will take another $15,000) and the ROI to
do it in-house vs. contracting it out.

I will be bringing this violation to the attention of the
Commonwealth of Massachusetts because the Commonwealth is the only
entity that can ORDER them to do anything (see Breaking News--letter
to me from Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

For five years, the Town of Provincetown has not properly overseen
the Provincetown Public Pier Corporation. It is time for the
Commonwealth of Massachusetts to step in.
And they have. The Supervisor of Public Records dispatched personnel
here just a few weeks ago. I suspect they will be back.

On Monday, the PPPC has their annual review with the BOS. Last year,
one selectman who has since resigned said to them: I am a numbers
person as she was perusing their illegal records and the only, only
question she asked was: whats the ROI on your trapsheds?. Is that
about all we can expect Monday night from this Board of Selectmen?

Candace Nagle

Are you or are you not going on the Towns Munis System? You still
have not voted on the Finance Committees recommendation
12:43 pm est 

Re: Fire Truck

I am truly sorry that Mr. Elias Martinez drove the fire
truck when he was operating under the influence of alcohol and
crashed it. I'm so thankful that no one was killed.

Mr. Elias Martinez is no innocent choir boy.

One can only hope that he will grow responsible and mature from this
calamity and weigh his choices and decisions and learn to act with
the measured maturity of a man. Actions have consequences--a truth
one hopes he has learned.
9:00 am est 


Cruises to Europe on $900 a month. are you serious?
8:48 am est 

The Coming Storm

George's Pizza is closed by the Dept of Revenue; Clem and
Ursie's closed before the D.O.R. closed them; the Landmark across
from Town Hall is gone; Level restaurant is in Financial trouble.

I'm being laid off, but imported workers are still working where I
work. Elaine Anderson and the housing cartel keeps saying we need 250
more housing units for the year round workers in this town.

And I know a guy who is hunting the streets desperate for a job.

Affordable housing developers must be salivating over the Clem and
Ursie's property with all of its available water--now it too can be
turned into affordable housing.

Watch and see.
8:46 am est 

Friday, December 5, 2008

A Thought

To carry a grudge is like being stung to death by one bee. 

William H. Walton
10:42 pm est 

Celebrate and Have Fun

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa and any and
all holidays... celebrate, have fun... life is way too short...Enjoy
the beautiful beaches, sunrises and sunsets... smoke a J and have a
wonderful day

High as a Kite
10:41 pm est 

To: Give Me A Break...

........take a chill are one out
of control sort of person! You should be happy that you wake up
everyday and are breathing. You act like this is the end of the
world... go do a tour in Iraq and then bitch to us about your tough
life. Stop taking yourself and your life so seriously and lighten up
or your going to end up seriously ill with a stress related illness.

Jaime L.
10:39 pm est 

Is it Just Me.....

......or did you notice that the bloggers on Friday have vanished since
the Town went to a 4 day work week?

Just askin'
10:37 pm est 

Affordable Housing

There are over three thousand people on the list at the
Housing Assistance corporation in line for a section 8 housing

There is a list of people for shelter housing called 40B--homeless
people and people living with AIDS.

We had half a million people fired from their jobs last month..all of
these people are eligible to move to Provincetown and live in the
*future* affordable housing that is proposed to be built.

People with a housing voucher pay 30% of their income as their
rent--the government pays the rest. If your rent is $900 a month, the
voucher holder pays $300.

Thus, someone can come here and live very nicely and go on cruises
and travel to Europe--as I know has happened--compliments of the
housing voucher and affordable housing.

Affordable housing makes deveopers rich; the gentleman who bought the
Murchinson house has been building affordable housing units on an
Island off of the cape.
10:35 pm est 

Re: St. Nick

Someone's going to get a big chunk of coal in their
stocking... Gotta love ya, St. Nick
4:53 pm est 

Anti- Affordable Housing???

I know quite a few people that like to post on this blog, and I have
never met anyone who was totally against  affordable housing.

What i have heard people  say is  that as long as their tax dollars
were being used to subsidize it, they expected some accountability.
But, unfortunately, in our town, if you ask are
deemed ANTI-AFFORDABLE housing. If you think a bylaw needs more work?
You get booed and hissed.

If you ask why you didn't get the next unit up for grabs, you are
deemed a malcontent.

I actually heard Michelle Couture, at a selectmen's meeting deride a
totally anonymous selection process for this housing.

She said "well, what if someone is not appropriate?"

What the     does that mean?  People need to ask questions. And when
our leaders get defensive, people should ask even more. That does not
mean they are anti-affordable housing at all.

It means they have questions.

I say, keep asking.
1:44 pm est 

Dear St. Nick

Maybe you should be reading children's literature. There you find
happy thoughts and happy endings. The characters say wonderful things
and all the families smile and are perfect.

But that is not this town and not this blog. 'Tis the season for
truth and reality. 'Tis the season to investigate and know. 'Tis the
season for accountability and a scrutiny of town finances, town
records, and town actions.
11:59 am est 

Here's the Problem with Affordable Housing Facts and Numbers

Try to get the real numbers. No one in town hall seems to have the
accurate numbers. How could anyone print what they don't have. And it
seems when someone gives numbers and gives percentages about how many
affordable housing units we have, it's based on quadratic thinking.
Ted Malone throws in his numbers, fails to add in the Meadows
numbers, fails to add in SeaShore Point and fails to compute other
affordable housing units in town not under his control.
And what do we have? Numbers based on Babylonian mathematical
knowledge. And who could decipher such intricate, convuluted numbers?

Few can but our town brain, Michelle Couture, believes she can and
knows. The woman is a mathematical genius.

Just ask her for the number.
11:57 am est 

Dear Give Me a Break

You must be an absolute joy to live with.
11:55 am est 

Some Questions That Make Me go ...hmmmmm....

Is there a hidden agenda behind the anti-affordable housing movement
on this blog?

Why are the people who post here r-e-a-l-l-y against affordable
housing and those associated with it?

Are those against affordable housing actually the property owners who
will lose renters, which will mean a loss in revenue for them?

And finally ...why has no one who posts on this blog ever asked these
11:53 am est 

Re: Spread Good Cheer?

What good cheer?  And I dont celebrate Christmas so dont tell me TIS
If I want to complain and bitch, I will .....


Wow, someone needs a hug. Or a therapist.  Chill, brother. Not
everyone is in your head (which seems pretty crowded with goblins and
grumps) and as long as you're breathing and don't go to bed hungry
every night life probably isn't as bad as you think. 

Good luck.
11:50 am est 

It's Back

Seems MYPACC was down again.

Glad it's back!

Woo, i was starting to get the shakes.
9:26 am est 

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Re: Spread Good Cheer?

What good cheer?  And I dont celebrate Christmas so dont tell me TIS
If I want to complain and bitch, I will spread my beliefs here.
And with all the cover ups from our town officials here, most of us
are just being realistic.
If our town leaders were a bit more realistic during the last few
years, we might not be in such a mess and or getting deeper in dept.
I want to know what the town is doing about Clems sewer betterment
that was due November 3rd?   That is 11 grand that can go towards
paying some dept off.  But no, because the BOS think these two
brothers and sisters have been here longer than me, they deserve more?

9:08 pm est 

Spread Good Cheer!

Tis the season to be jolly... lets stop all of the
nastiness and try to spread a little love and peace. It is the time
of the year to share and spread good will... Let's put a moratorium
on all of the bad things people are saying and post some nice things
about each other.  Merry Christmas!

St. Nick
8:29 pm est 

Beached Baby Seals

Baby seals often come up onto the sand to sunbathe to warm
up. It is very normal and the seals should not be disturbed. You will
find them off and on in the winter on the bay beaches, sunning
themselves for the day and then they go back into the water at night.

8:28 pm est 

Affordable Housing Fact Sheet

somebody once requested a "fact page" about affordable
housing. i see you posted "grave concerns" but have yet to devote any
space to the truth about affordable housing eligibilty and
regulations. most of what posters suggest is pretty silly, terribly
misinformed and usually misinterpreted. some facts would be helpful
to those willing to admit they don't know everything and want to be
informed. please? and thank you.
5:58 pm est 

Beached Baby Seal

Just walking the dog on the beach and we came across a live
baby seal on the beach behind Lands End Hardware.  Anyone know if
that is normal this time of year?  We left it alone and watched and
it eventually went back in the water.
5:56 pm est 

Finagle the Bagel Dialogue

we've had more than a schmear of dialogue about the
finagled bagel. and yet, no one said anything about the use of the
word "lynching" in regard to the firetruck guy. maybe it's me, but
that word always makes me cringe a little. i found it curious. but i
guess words and phrases like those get watered down in time so as to
take away the sting. some think it's a good thing, some think it's
not. some groups even take over a slur (as in the "n" and "f" words,
for example) and use it freely within the group but still find it
horribly offensive when it's used against them by an outsider. it's a
complicated and fascinating topic. but alas, sensitivity is somewhat
in the eye of the beholder (or is it the ear of the behearder?). it's
unfortunate someone was offended. we should all be careful with our
language. but we should move on to some of the more pressing issues.
then again, what do i know? my irish catholic mother always called me
her little meshugena.
5:55 pm est 

Re: E. E. Cummings

The refference was to the conspicuous lack of capitalization....
5:48 pm est 

CPC Funds for Town Hall Rehabilitation

Provincetown has created more affordable housing than any
other town on the cape. Ted Malone has been developing properties
around town for over ten years.

Now is the time for CPC funds to go towards renovating Town Hall and
thus lessening the financial burden of the tax payers.

The Department of Revenue has essentially stated that the tax payers
of provincetown are carrying a heavy financial burden on their

We pay the second highest cost in the commonwealth to educate a few
dozen high school students--and our school budget is in the millions.

We 600+ residents have to shoulder the cost of the sewer--the highest
sewer rate in the state; we have given over $2,000,000 to affordable
housing and are mortgaged to a decade of debt service.

Now the powers that be want the CPC funds to go to an affordable
housing developer which millions of Americans are eligible to
receive. We can't discriminate and have housing only for Provincetown
residents--it is open to everyone.

It is time to raise our voices and say NO to giving this money to
developers--it must go to Town Hall and help alleviate the financial
burden of the elderly citizens who live here on fixed incomes, the
working families, and the year round working taxpayer.
4:50 pm est 

How About Some Calm Discussion About Our Fire Dept...

Someone earlier posted that because of the recent rollover of the
ladder truck we should end our volunteer fire dept, and "go

Well, I read the papers. Seems like the "professional" dept they have
up in Boston is full of guys who are on a fake disability , and party
way too much. Worse, it costs the city a fortune.

In the end, I think we get a pretty good deal from our Fire Dept. For
the most part, they are a great bunch of guys, and are respected on
the Cape for the work they do.

Lets calm down. We can support our volunteer fire dept, without
condoning what all of us know , was a serious , serious mistake by
one, young member.

I don't know anyone that is defending what he did. His fellow firemen
are "closing ranks" and being defensive because that is always what
we new englanders do.

Especially from the small towns.
But i know our fire dept members are just as unhappy about what
happened as we are.

For me, i plan to let the court handle this case.
And not ask too many questions.

But, when it comes to picking up the cost of the new ladder, thats
where the debate will come.

Somehow, it just doesn't seem right that the general taxpayers should
have to pay for this.

I hope our fire dept Board of Engineers can do what they have done in
the past...find us a good truck thats affordable. Then, either
through fundraising or some other creative financing, they must find
a way to replace the truck without  going to town meeting looking for

I hope they can pull it off.

A battle with our volunteer PFD, would be just darn stupid. I know I
appreciate them and support them.

But i sure don't feel like paying for a new truck.

Good luck guys.
4:46 pm est 

Must Have Missed E.E.Cummings

What was the reference? Can't seem to find it. I do remember loving
e.e.cummings and especially his phrase "when the world is mud-lushes
and puddle-wonderful." One of my favorite lines and years later it's
still great.
4:42 pm est 

Thanks to All the Bloggers

I do get a sense of the concerns of people in town when I read the
Blog. And I don't have to wait one week for the Banner or one week
for the Cape Codder. Plus what I like is that I can sense a possible
rumor and then sometimes see it develop as truth, as bloggers add,
expand, give facts, or provide opinions. It's a great learning
process. And it doesn't have to be judged by actions at town
meetings. Issues continue long pass votes and votes for projects
aren't sealed at town meetings. When local aid is dramatically cut in
the spring, will taxpayers jump up with waving hands to spend $7
million more, as budgets get slashed, town departments get painfully
cut, services get put as overrides and the town cries about deficits
and declining revenues. Surely, it's inevitable.

Those who vote don't often read enough or grasp the consequence of
the financials that the nation is facing. They vote with their hearts
but need to engaged their minds as well. Spring will tell but until
then it's instructive to hear what is bothering those living in town.

This is not something I get from the Banner or from the Cape Cod
Times. I also don't get it from attending BOS meetings. But I get
much from just reading. It's quite interesting and informative.
4:40 pm est 

Isn't This the Problem and Not the Solution

If the records are illegal and some non-existant and if they are
overseen by the BOS, Town Manager and FinCom and none of them have a
problem with the Pier Corp books, therein lies the exact problem we
are facing. That is not the asnwer or the solution. All three are
part and parcel of the quagmire Provincetown is in.

I'm saddened that Fin Co found little problem with the Pier Corp and
its records. Obviously, there's a serious flaw, serious gaps in
accounting and a dangerous lack of ovedrsight. Why didn't Fin Com
alert us all to this?

I felt good that Fin Com had looked, observed, analyzed and rendered
the Pier Corp in good standing. Now I believe I've been deceived.
Somebody didn't do what they professionally should have been doing.

This is serious and a breach of faith.
4:37 pm est 

Re: Fire Truck

It is not being unreasonable or harsh to assume the the man who
wrecked the fire truck should be held responsuble for paying the cost
that is not covered by insurance. It was his mistake and he should
pay for it. And it might be a good idea for people who are quoted in
the news to stop calling him a "boy". He's a man and is responsible
for his actions. Taxpayers should not have to pay for this.
3:06 pm est 

"Full-Time Fire Department

Oh my! who do you think y o u are for attacking someone
who's posting their opinion on here about the pfd.looks like they hit
a hot button issue with you.could it be because youre ashamed of your
departments bad image.i agree with the comments about thd pfd.couldnt
have been better said.the pfd is costing us hundreds of thousands of wrecked your ladder truck with stupidity..."

I'd like to be the first welcome E. E. Cummings to the mix...
3:05 pm est 

The People are Learning and Eventually Will act

Until "Shout Out" appeared, there was no venue for citizens
to express their concerns. Do you really think that Truro is a
bucolic little hamlet where the people are docile sheep?

How do you know that people in Truro aren't posting here? People
speak up and what they must realize is that people are looking at
them on their message is getting out.

Some people are just waking up to the process.

The town gov't and the committees are all folks who know each other
and some have their own agenda (Selectmen Michele Coutour and Elaine
Anderson care more about the development of affordable housing and
would rather fund developers than help existing tax payers pay for
town hall).

The electorate is learning about CPC money going to developers and
about the Dept. of Revenue's report. They will demand good government
and true transparency.
3:02 pm est 


Is there an email address to weigh in on where one would
like the funds to be directed?

3:00 pm est 

What a Bunch!

"I'm goimng to the selectmens meeting to demand a full
investigation!", "Nows the time to rally the taxpayers", "Now is the
time to attend the selectmens meeting and speak and listen". Gimme a
break. Everyone in here talks the talk but never walks the walk. This
sight provides an arena for all the blowhards to spout off all their
venom and their intentions but NOTHING ever comes of it. Remember
Town Meeting anyone? All the issues brought up in here went the exact
opposite way this site was promoting, promoting through and by its
posters. Nobody in here has the guts to sign their name with all of
their genius and insight so what makes anyone so gutsy to show up at
a selectmens meeting to do what they spout off about? What a bunch of

ps  And I hope the firefighters all quit and go to Truro and join
their volunteer department. They need people and they're respected
over there. Lets see how many in here cry about the new 2 million
dollar full time department they got because the firefighters called
their bluff?!
12:51 pm est 

To: The Person Who is Not a Lawyer But Asked About the Pier Corporation

The Provincetown Public Pier Corporation was authorized by Town
Meeting to run the pier instead of the selectmen. The town, however,
still owns the pier. You do the math.

12:45 pm est 

Re: Pier Corporation

I'm just trying to figure out how the
town is liable for the Pier Corporation's misdeeds.

It still is a town board. It has also been cited by the finance
committee in their report on the pier corporation as not having
proper oversight by the selectmen.I guess that could be damaging. the
selectmen appointed these people on the pier corporation. These
people who for five years now appears to have written over their
financials illegally and god know what else if the Commonwealth looks
into this further.

Illegal records keeping by the town really isn't a big deal
historically. This too will pass. The selectmen, fincom and tm
totally support the Pier Corporation.
12:42 pm est 

Re: Pier Corporation

The Pier Corporation is a fiscal, management and ethical
trainwreck in which taxpayers have paid for dearly since it was
formed in 2000. Provincetown taxpayers were lied to by town officials
that a new MacMillan pier would pay for itself and gave us bogus
projection returns so we would approve it.  approving it got us the
grant money to rebuild it but we are in the whole for millions of
dollars which we service as the grant money did not pay for the full
construction costs. every year we subsidize the pier to the tune of
millions of real and hidden costs. they also get hundreds of
thousands of dollars each year in management fees. they will be
asking us for money to replace all the floating docks on the east
side that have been destroyed because they paid lipservice to their
number 1 priority: wave barrier which of course we still don't have.
unless of course you say that their throwing some tires together just
last month is the all protective wave barrier.

they control all the revenue on the pier and spend as they please.
for instance they bought a homemade barge sept 2007
from Chatham who sold it because of liability concerns and cost
overruns. the damn thing has never been used and it is sitting at the
highway department! they have spent over $50,000 on it which is
illegal according to their enabling legislation as they need
selectmen approval for capital expenditures over 50k. they stayed
under the radar by piecemealing it together. the coast guard refuses
to certify it because of inferior welding. the selectmen have shown
no concern about this waste of taxpayer monies or any concern in
general. besides they can't do anything about it anyway. dissolving
the pier won't look good for a lot of people. it will compromise
future grants according to the fincom report.

two board members are out of towners. one has a store in lopes square
that sells ferry tickets and he uses his position on the board to
advance his interests. It's unbelievable, read their minutes the guy
never has recused himself let alone left the room when matters
pertaining to ferries are brought up! he complained about teddy bears
being sold on the pier. he sells them in his store! the meeting was
taped by pt tv.

how's that for an intro into a failed experiment?
12:40 pm est 

We All Must Shout Out!

"Shout Out" has done its duty by keeping people up to date
on what is going on with the fire truck accident. We will wait and
see how the outcome as the investigation unfolds.

Now it is time to go to the selectmen's meeting and speak..and to listen.

Now is the time to rally the tax payers to attend the Community
Preservation committee meeting on Jan 22nd or write them a letter and
ardently speak to having the CPA funds go to reducing the burden on
the tax payers to renovate town hall.

Provincetown has done more than any other town to create affordable
housing--not it is time to consider the tax payers.
12:36 pm est 


To the offended party:

Grow a thicker skin and life will be a bit easier for you.

There are greater battles to be fought other than your hurt feelings!

As other posters have pointed out, there was a restaurant chain with the name.

Merry Christmas!
12:32 pm est 

Re: Full-Time Fire Department

" looks like its time for a full time professional crew."
10:53 am est

Don't you think that if you want a full time fire department, that
you, the taxpayer of Provincetown will have to pay MORE than
replacing the truck that was damaged in the accident? This
replacement will be handled as a one time fee, whereas, hiring a full
time paid salary crew will cost the town MILLIONS of dollars each

Think before you speak, you are not making any sense.
11:12 am est 

Pier Corporation

I'm not a lawyer, so that may be why I don't understand the situation.

The Pier Corporation is a separate entity correct?  Does the town
'own' the Pier Corporation?  I'm just trying to figure out how the
town is liable for the Pier Corporation's misdeeds.  If the town does
indeed 'own' the Pier Corporation and is liable for its actions then
it certainly needs to exert more control over the corporation.
11:10 am est 

Bogus Ryan Report and Housing Developers

The focus of the town government and the town boards is so
entwined with the developers of affordable housing that we tax payers
are nothing more than their money source.

Where is their concern for our tax relief? They want to bleed the tax
payer dry for the projects of their special interest developers. We
have given over $2,000,000 to affordable housing and incured decades
of debt service..and now we must pay for town hall out of our pocket
too if the CPC gives the money to the developers.

Why is the CPC so adamant about giving Ted Malone $500,000 of tax
payer money when there are senior citizens living on fixed incomes
struggling to pay their taxes--why is the focus on enriching

Where are the jobs for the 250 new units Elaine Anderson Wants built?
Forget the bogus Ryan Report; read the Peter Francese report
devlivered to town managers etc. of the entire cape. People gasped.

Even he says that creating these affordable housing developments for
year round people isn't the way to go to strengthen a town.

I can go and ask 500 people if they rather would pay the upscale
restaurant prices for a lobster and champagne dinner or would they
rather get the same luxury dinner for a fraction of the cost by going
to a subsidized restaurant?

How you respond? Voila, now you have your own report to publicize.
Ryan report that we need 250 subsidized units indeed.
11:09 am est 

Re: Finagle the Bagel

Perhaps if one just said "Finagle", there would be no
problem, but to put 'Finagle' together with 'Bagel' sure sounds like
an anti-jewish slur to me.

I wonder why the person who originally said it doesn't just apologize
and stop defending themselves...

growing up in NYC, to say someone 'finagled the bagel' was ALWAYS a
phrase used to demean our jewish neighbors and make them come off as
stereotypically cheap.


At first I was not offended by you using this phrase, but your
insistance that someone needed to be "searching' for offense to feel
it certainly makes me side with the other party. Me thinks the lady
defends herself too much.
11:01 am est 

Stop- & Shop-Sensitivity Police

Has anyone heard the current Stop & Shop renovation is
temporary and they will close for Jan. & Feb. to convert into a Super
S & S? Rumor?

To the sensitivity police; there is a bagel chain called Finagle a
Bagel. If this were offensive to anyone but you it would not exist.
Lighten up, come in off the ledge.
10:58 am est 

Finagle Brouhaha

It's funny how when someone has their insentivity pointed out, they
will defend themselves into a hole.

Yup, that's the definition of "finagle"... now put it together with
"bagel" and you have an anti-semtic slur.
Nope, I really did not need to search for the prejudice here... maybe
you did not mean it, but you offended someone. Are you going to just
keep insisting that you did not? I am sure you did not mean it, but
to keep defending yourself just seems to make it sound as if you knew
you were wrong all along.
10:56 am est 

Provincetown Public Pier Corporation

Why are we in this weak position? The Commonwealth of
Massachusetts can DEMAMD and DID DEMAND that the Provincetown Public
Pier Corporation, I'm sorry they were quote ORDERED to work in
cooperation with the Records Management Unit to ensure that the
records of the Pier Corporation are properly retained and readily
available upon request. end quote

But our Finance Committee and Board of Selectmen can only make
''recommendations'' to the Pier Corporation. This is one of countless
problems with the set up of the Pier Corporation.
10:55 am est 

Full-Time Fire Department

oh my! who do you think y o u are for attacking someone
who's posting their opinion on here about the pfd.looks like they hit
a hot button issue with you.could it be because youre ashamed of your
departments bad image.i agree with the comments about thd pfd.couldnt
have been better said.the pfd is costing us hundreds of thousands of wrecked your ladder truck with stupidity then maybe you
should have a few bake sales to pay for the next one.i used to
support the pfd and think we had a good crew until i saw them
blacking out the video on the television cameras filming at the
station and trying to cover up this accident.too bad they couldnt
alter the police reports then they could have really covered this
up.makes me wonder how many fires the idiot brigade shows up to looks like its time for a full time professional crew.
10:53 am est 

CPA Funds Should go to Rehab Town Hall

The selecetmen approved changes to the town's community
housing rules to increase the categories of people granted preference
when they apply for affordable housing--but the truth is that the
Dept. of Housing and Community Development does not allow this
typically but *might* consider it.

The truth is that millions of people are eligible for affordable
housing and they are eligible to come to Provincetown and reside.

There isn't a list of people and one goes down the list giving away
housing. Developers have ready tenants to whom they can rent.

Since affordable housing first came to town, the law is that the
developers can build units for the deserving poor and then build
units to sell on the open market and during the boom years they raked
in the money.

Now they will rake in the rents; these developers aren't
philanthropists who build and don't make a profit.

Don't allow them to take the CPA funds to fund their projects and
saddle the tax payers with more debt.

Write a letter to Michele Jarusiewicz stating your oppostion to
developers getting this money and that you want the funds to go to
town hall. She will be asked at the Jan 22 meeting how many letters
she received pro and con regarding this issue.
10:50 am est 

Housing Developers Will Win Again

Provincetown Bannner, Nov. 20, page 22. "Article 17, which
called for the floating 70% to be specifically designated town
Town Hall restoration was defeated by only a small margin, but
still defeated.

That sent a message to the Community Preservation Committee...Bill
Dougal said Tuesday he didn't believe voter sent a mandate that a
large percentage of CPA funding should necessarily go towards
restoring Town Hall.

If only the tax payers were allowed to vote, one would see a mandate.
Affordable housing must be made available to anyone in the country
who qualifies for it.

Section 8 vouchers allow any citizen who has one to live anywhere in
the United states, even Hawaii, and their rent is only 30% of their

There is a list of over 3,000 applicants at the Housing Assitance
Corporation. How many in New Bedford, Fall River, Brockton?

Developers can pave over the Provincelands with affordable
housing--it won't be the displaced local who gets first crack at it.
It is the law. Anyone from any state can come to Provincetown and
sign up for affordable housing.
10:47 am est 

George's Pizza

Anyone know what is happening with Georga's Pizza?  Did the
DOR ever hear from the owners?  And if so, did they set up a payment
10:43 am est 

Re Fire Truck

Just a day or so after the fire truck roll over, posters on
this blog were talking about the need to know the blood alcohol
content of the driver.

If there was an article in the newspaper or if it was stated in the
news cast reports that the blood alcohol content of the driver was
also under consideration, there wouldn't be this feeling that
information was being held back.

Now we can't help but wonder what else is going to be revealed
regarding this investigation.
10:41 am est 

My Understanding of No Fault Automobile Insurance in Massachusetts is:

Youre drunk.

Youre driving your friends car.

You get in an accident and damage your friends car and some public
property, say a stop sign.

You are giving a field sobriety test.

You must also give a blood sample to Police.

Both tests are positive for alcohol over the legal limit.

Your friends Insurance Company pays to repair all of the damage
because it was not your friends fault. This makes all the innocent
parties whole again.

Because the test shows you were intoxicated, the insurance company
brings you to court asking the judge to order you to pay them back
all the money they paid out.

Or possibly it is your insurance company that pays your friends
insurance company back, and they in turn take you to court.

The Town is not on the hook (wink) for the whole replacement cost,
only the difference between the insured value and the replacement
cost.The truck was under insured iregardless of the accident,that is
a separate issue of someone in Town Government not planning well for
the unexpected.

For those of you who want to lynch the young man, be careful what you
ask for, because when you or a loved one or just someone you know and
care for are charged with a similar crime we will lynch them too! We
have a set of rules and laws that will punish him accordingly if he
is found guilty.

Does anyone remember the fire at Whalers Wharf? Do you remember how
it started? Do you remember who was responsible for starting it? Do
you remember how brutally that man was treated by some Towns people?
Do you remember him becoming so despondent that he jumped off the
Pier? Do you remember him shooting himself in the head? Do you
remember how he eventually did kill himself? Did anyone learn a
lesson from that?

I for one am standing behind that young man and his family with any
support I might offer, not to defend his innocence but to comfort
another human being in a time of trouble.

Peter Page
10:39 am est 

Re: Clem & Ursies

Don't forget that Clem & ursies pay less taxes already than
other restaurants, because they are in the economic redevelopment
district of shank-painter road!
10:35 am est 

Re: Fire Truck

Some on here think that we should treat the fire fighter
like a little boy who did a boo boo! This is a MAJOR expence for the
taxpayers of Provincetown! Let him pay for his boo boo of a macho joy
ride with a chick & drinks on a sunday drive.
10:34 am est 

Re: Clem & Deb Silva

How rude are Clem & Deb Silva! Who do they think they are
to get special treatment. And how childish & dumb was Clem (talking)
shouting at the selectmen the way he did. What a drama QUEEN.
10:33 am est 

Provincetown Public Pier Corporation

As a relative newcomer to the Provincetown community, could
someone explain to me what the Provincetown Pier Corporation is and
what they do?  Thanks.
10:31 am est 

It Takes a Village to Heal

The firefighter has been charged. There has been no cover up. We need
not try him in this venue. That is for the court. I do not know the
individual, but I know it is time to back off. We can only cause more
harm by ...continuing.

10:29 am est 

Re: Fire Department

Considering that Mrs. Travato takes such offense that
someone, heaven forbid, criticise the fire department I'd like to
remind everyone of something that is being overlooked. This 21 year
old member of the fire department was driving, while under the
influence, a multi-ton killing machine. This accident may not have
turned out so well and could easily have killed other motorists or
caused much greater property damage. I realize that the fire
department would like to down play this, but let's be real. They
drive ambulances, fire trucks and other vehicles at times at high
speed responding to/from emergencies. I don't think you have the
right to be offended when someone criticizes the department because
they have brought this on themselves. What I find particularly funny
is that when you're picking on them, its the brotherhood, etc. When
there is talk of this major mistake, all of a sudden it's one guy who
had an unfortunate situation. I'm going to go before the BOS this week and demand that a public hearing be conducted following
the conclusion of the charges.
10:26 am est 

Re: Fire Department

um... how is it that a 21 year old under the influence of
alcohol was able to drive off with a friend in our only ladder truck
in the first place? where are the keys held?  who oversees the use of
town owned property? who gave him the keys?

just saying. or in this case asking.

and boy, was clem arrogant...
10:23 am est 

Re: Finagle the Bagle

"Finagle -A- Bagel" is a chain of bagel shops in the Boston
area, one in particular I remember in Harvard Square.
prejudice...bigoted... I think not!
10:21 am est 

I Feel For Eli And His Family--

What a terrible mistake for the young man to make.  I am sure he is
filled with regret and remorse.  I have known him for a few years,
casually.  He is NOT a bad guy.  He did, however make a serious
mistake.  As a blog, we are not the judge and jury.

We have a good fire department.  As a town, we should pull together
and find a solution for the firetruck, in a constructive and positive
way.  Investigate the possibilities.

Name calling and lame accusations are not going to get a new
ladder-truck back.  Let the court system deal with the offender, let
the fire department and town deal with the insurance and replacement.
10:20 am est 

Shocked at the Condemnation

I find it hard to believe that people in here are condemning the
entire fire department for the actions of one. The department didn't
know specifically what he wasdoing, he was doing what normally goes
on, he was taking the firetruck out for a test run to keep the vehicle
in operating order, making sure everything was working prior to any
emergencies. It's what the volunteers do. We've all seen it but never
noticed until now. This was different in that he was under the influence
and again, nobody in the department knew this prior to him getting
behind the wheel or they certainly would have denied him access.

He acted alone. He's also an adult. Although his father is also a
member of the department, he's not responsible for his adult sons
actions. The department is made up of a group of highly trained
dedicated volunteers who really do risk their lives when fighting fires.
The department didn't do this nor does the department have rampant
mayhem within. One bad apple does spoil the whole bunch.
10:18 am est 

Re: Fire Department

Leave "the department" alone. Waaaaaa! Waaaaaa! Leave "the
department" alone.  The only individual who would refer to it as "the
department" is a member of. The truth is just killing you.

First of all, you need to GROW UP and stop crying like a baby. You
need to accept responsibility for your actions as "the department"
and straighten your act up considerably. I'm so sick of the "they're
volunteers" cry baby attitude. This is a major mistake! If you're not
grown up to do the job, you shouldn't be doing it. It's still a job,
even though it's volunteer. There are a lot of volunteer departments
in The Commonwealth and all over New England. Only in Provincetown
would a drunk 21 year old, be permitted to joy ride in a fire truck
unsupervised and with a civilian passenger.

Waaaaaaaaaaaaa! Waaaaaaaaaa! You're picking on "the department"
again. Oh my god, the sacred "department". They may threaten to not
be volunteers anymore. That will be the next step. Guess what? We
won't respond to the threats or fear anymore.

An "unforunate" accident you call it. I call it a major screw up that
will cost the tax payers nearly half a million to fix. Yes it's
unfortunate but as much as you try to trivialize it, it's a BIG ONE!
10:13 am est 

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Finance Committee's Report on the Pier Corp

Can someone (like Ms. Nagle) add some color to my concern:
In the Finance Committee's report on the Pier Corp, they recommend
that the Pier Corp. go onto the town's Munis System.

However, well after the report was issued, it doesn't sound like they
are going to do that. Because in their Oct 23 minutes, under
directors statements, George Hitchkock says....due to the problems
that the town is having with its books would like to keep our books

I am deeply  troubled now that the state has said WE (Provincetown)
could face civil and criminal penalities because of their illegal
bookkeeping practices.

How are we going to deal with this since they are autonomous?
It's unbelievable that we don't have any say.

Thank you.
4:32 pm est 

Re: Fire Department

"Who the     do you think you are bashing our Fire
Department, you forget their "volunteers"? H E L L O. People like you
are ignorant, ..............................................................................
Yes, whathappened was unfortunate,and i am sure he will pay for his
mistake,but leave the departament alone.Grow Up"

4:27 pm est 

Dog Park & Fire Department

I too am impressed with the dog park. Great job by a
dedicated group of people. I too am ashamed of this scandal with the
Provincetown Fire Department.  Just what we need right now.

IN RESPONSE: "If the fireman is convicted of OUI, does it affect
recovery of insurance for damages to the truck?"

Of course it has an effect! The insurance company will not cover the
claim if he is convicted of OUI and the town will left to foot the
bill. Even worse, this may increase the town's municipalities
liability premium.

3:13 pm est 

Re: Fire Department

Who the     do you think you are bashing our Fire
Department, you forget their "volunteers"? H E L L O. People like you
are ignorant, and have no concept of what these guys and gals go thru
for "our" town(your home) when theres a fire,if it werent for these
voluneeters this town would have burnt down along time ago.  Give
these firefighters respect!  I would love to see you run into a
burning building,HA  you'd probably go running for help. Yes, what
happened was unfortunate,and i am sure he will pay for his
mistake,but leave the departament alone.Grow Up
3:11 pm est 

Me, me, me...

I want an extra two bedrooms for my property because I just had three
kids.... Oops, changed my mind I'm moving out of town because I cant
afford it - lucky me - I can now sell my property for more...where do
I apply?

Clem & Ursie are just plain greedy and out for themselves.  They
broke their deal and the  BOS should take the extra gallons away.
3:05 pm est 


Its definition: To obtain or achieve by usually deceitful means. This
word has general use and lacks any prejudicial intent, either
directly or indirectly.

Look for prejudice, turn up all the stones, and yes, you will discover it!
11:59 am est 

Re: Fire Department

If the fireman is convicted of OUI, does it affect recovery
of insurance for damages to the truck?

How will the town's insurance premiums change?

What, if any new m.o. will PFD (and other town departments with
vehicles) annnounce to minimize the chance that this kind of incident
will recur?

Just asking!

- Laughing Last
9:35 am est 

Re: "Finagle the Bagel"

"Finagle the bagel" is a term used to describe being tight
and cheap with money, as well as underhanded.
"Finagle" is a yiddish word, "bagel" is a traditionally Jewish
food... if you cannot see how this is an ugly phrase to use maybe it
is because you are insensitive. I did not need to search for
prejudice to feel slighted by this term which is simply another way
to say someone was cheap like a Jew.
Yes Virginia, You are a Bigot!
9:33 am est 

Pier Corp, Dog Park and ...

I went to the Bark Park this past Saturday and was quite impressed.
Kudos to Candace et al for all the hard work over the last couple of
years to put this together. This is a great addition to Provincetown.
This is what happens when you are organized, determined and have a
passion for the greater good.

The same can be said for the persuit of the truth