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DEK: A letter from Provincetown


“L’Affaire Sal’s Place: Money and Meanness in the New Ptown."


By Peter Manso


The first thing you notice when you walk into the resurrected Sal’s Place, in the heart of Provincetown’s West End, is the hustle and bustle of a hot restaurant: the place is packed, the noise level is high, and the servers scoot nonstop to and from the close-set tables. There’s a museum-quality Hawthorne and other class art on the walls, but the place still has a fish shack feel, with exposed rafters and the rhythmic slop of the bay against the pilings on which the waterfront building partially sits. And the food—the Brodetto or Zuppa di Pesce that one Facebook blogger raves about as “so wonderful that Marcella [Hazen] herself would flip,”—well, let me tell you, the Zuppa is so sweet, so transporting in its plummy, tomato-y tannic richness as to have made Sal’s the vacation spot’s dining destination of choice near overnight.

All this was pretty much the word around town last summer when the fifty-four year old Sal’s Place reopened under new management. But the food wasn’t the only things people were talking about. There were also whispers that the owner—a single, self-described blue-collar woman who’d originally arrived in Boston from Tipperary at age 17—was at war with her neighbors—four wealthy men, all gay, who had recently bought the abutting properties for summer party pads, and wanted the place dead and shuttered. In fact, depending on who you knew, you might have heard about bouts of property destruction, interminable delays for the restaurant’s opening, and armies of lawyers getting rich on both sides.


As the not-so-secret knock-down-drag-out tumbled into public view, eating there became an almost political act. Now, after simmering all winter, locals in P-Town are waiting for the hostilities to start afresh.


One resident called the quarrel the “worst case of bullying” he’d come across in his 50 years in town. But you could just as well call the fight over Sal’s place a sort of battle for Provincetown’s soul in miniature—a David and Goliath story about whether the artists, fishermen, and non-mainstream types of all persuasions were still welcome in the new Ptown. Or is this haven at the end of the Cape destined to become an exclusive enclave for the rich gay elite?



To read further click  on the link below



Click Here for L'affaire Sal's Place

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Friday, October 31, 2008


I don't doubt for a minute that Michelle might post on here.  Or Mary
Jo, or anyone in the school department or pretty much anyone else
who's been maligned on this mess of a blog.  Can we trust that E
Michael Richards is who the post says he is?  Is Gregg Craig really
Gregg Craig?  Maybe Candace Nagel is Slippery Fish?  I can only
assume she sometimes posts anonymously.  Does Pru Sowers post here?

Face it, this blog has absolutely no validity.  And to those of you
who think this blog has political power, think again,  This blog
shows the worst of people and the worst of this community.

And I'll even sign this with my real name.

Dave, Dan, Blanche, Beth, Margie, Sarah, Barrack, George,
Hillary...Pick a name cause it really makes no difference.
10:54 pm edt 


10:52 pm edt 

Happy Halloween

Wow, what a jerk, but if he wants to waste his money
tilting at windmills - and it would be libel not slander -might be
fun entertainment for the cold winter months and a full employment
act for some attorney in this tough economic time.

Happy Halloween.

Herring Cove, Esq.

"definition: libel

An untruthful statement about a person, published in writing or
through broadcast media, that injures the person's reputation or
standing in the community. Because libel is a tort (a civil wrong),
the injured person can bring a lawsuit against the person who made
the false statement. Libel is a form of defamation."
10:51 pm edt 

Ooh, I'ts a Scary Time Now

And not only because it's Halloween. Scary people making scary
decisions. Seems like rationality left sometime ago. Maybe the trick
or treaters will come back with a plastic lit pumpkin filled with
good ideas, consistency, good will and long-term thinking. That would
be a frightfully wonderful experience.
10:48 pm edt 

Re: Postings

I have walked into the LILLY POND and have seen Donna on
line on this blog.  I have seen Michele Couture at the lilly pond on
line.  They are selling TRINKETS.  Why do they have to be on line ALL
DAY LONG?  It's not like they are on MANHUNT cruising!   I believe
all the posts AGAINST the person who first posted here about them are
all coming from Donna and Michele.  Do I know that for a fact?  Just
a good gut feeling, and I am not alone with those thoughts.
I am sure we will hear more from Donna and Michele and each of you
can make up your own minds what is real and not as this is a free
village last I looked.
9:52 pm edt 

Okay, How About This, Dear Fellow Citizens

 Lets take a previous poster's idea to heart, and clease ourselves from
this vile blog by turning away from it. I'm sure we all have life to attend to
that have nothing to do with this dark conduit to nastiness.
9:50 pm edt 

Maybe an Answer

Perhaps the answer to why this is such a three-pronge town mess, as
you interestingly put it, is that those making decisions--and this
includes the members of the Transition Team--have the head of a
Stegosaur. That's also why they became extinct.
4:20 pm edt 

Trick or Treat

Happy Hallowen. Hope everyone looks scarry, frightful, frightening,
or just beautiful! Hope you dance away the night and have a ghost of
a time! A toast to all!
4:19 pm edt 

Cheryl Andrews Vs George Bryant

I'll be voting for Cheryl.  She has it together and I've always
respected her opinion.

  . .and she doesn't have a trash dump in her yard.
3:23 pm edt 

Re: Mr. Craig's Offer

Talk about a tempest in a teapot! Nothing said, written, referred to,
assumed, whispered about, posted or sniffed at on this site rises to
the level of slander in regards to the matter in question. Opinions
were rendered. If the principal does decide to take you up on your
offer I hope you have deep pockets as a futile attempt to fashion a
lawsuit will cost a small fortune, enriching only the attorney(s) and
falling on the ears of courts as frivolous.

E. Michael Richards
1:16 pm edt 

So now we have individuals who feel it necessary to take a pair of
binoculars and watch what someone is doing on their computer??!! This
has to be another one of those posts that is a complete lie. But
whether it is truthful or not I never would have thought that we
could get any lower than we already have on this blog but this post
tops it all.

This is either a bad episode of the Twilight Zone or a bad Stephen King novel.

1:00 pm edt 


You stood on Commercial Street looking into someone's windows with a
pair of binoculars and you then post their activity on this website. 
And you think this behavior of yours is acceptable?  You're proud of
what you have done?  I'm ashamed for you.
12:55 pm edt 

How Can You Tell It's Almost November?

Some people have just too much free time. That goes for
Mr. Clean who threatens everyone. People who live in glass houses. .
. you know the rest.

Some people have just too much free time. That goes for
Mr. Clean who threatens everyone. People who live in glass houses. .
. you know the rest.
12:54 pm edt 

Streaming on as if You're Rational

Sounds like this guy, Graig, is losing it. Perhaps if he wrote in a
few sentences, we'd be freed from his arrogance and threats. Brevity
is surely not his strong suit.
12:52 pm edt 

Greg Craig: Get A Life

You  obviously have too much time on your hands. Try reading the
Financial Times and the Wall Street Journal. Try keeping busy. You're
a bit too bored and have lost it.
Get a life--your own!
12:50 pm edt 

Put A Permanent Sign In Front of the Trailers: Our Town Hall

Let's solve the issue and make the trailers permanent. They are
spending enough money on title five, electrical set up, fences along
the kids'park, heating, moving cost and new furniture. Let them
settle in and stay. We have found our solution and it is our lovely
yellow tinged trailers. Happy Trails!
12:48 pm edt 

Why A Special Town Hall Meeting?

It seems a waste of time, energy and money. Why a two vote November
19th election? Another waste of our time and money to set this up.
And all this for two votes, two ballot questions that could have all
been handled in the regular April Town Meeting. This is a pretense of
importance. A pretense that this must be done and voted on now. But
it doesn't need to be either discussed, voted on at town meeting and
then voted on a ballot at this time. False creation of a need that is
not a need at all. As if there is an emergency that must be faced,
discussed and voted on now. It doesn't. Perhaps this is all a circus
show to get us to vote on the "free cash" expenditures so that the
town can set our tax rates and then send out tax bill. Maybe that is
the only real reason for all this time, energy and money.
12:46 pm edt 

Confluence of a Mess

Starting Monday, town employees and thus all of who need anything
from town hall, go into a four day work week. Then on Friday next,
Town Hall closes and everyone moves into the ten tight Katrina
trailers. This is the same week we are having our national
presidential election on Tuesday.Please explain why anyone would put
all three of these major aspects together in one week? Most would
not. Why did we?

Others would have kept town hall open and everyone working on the old
schedule until after everyone has moved into the fancy vinyl
clapboard trailers. You would orchestrate the move after the
Presidential Election and after the town election. Then there's a
town meeting and everyone is still trying to move out and move in. It
cretes chaos when it is not needed. It just amazes me.
12:30 pm edt 

It Ends Here

I have today called the person who is being slandered by his fellow
Realtors and others on this website. I have offered to underwrite his
legal costs and a connection to a large Boston law firm with a
speciality practice in slander and libel. The purpose of this offer
were he to accept it would be to:

- sue for damages the people on this board who have made slanderous
- pursue legal and professional action against the realtors who have
violated Clause 15 of their Code of Ethics by participating in the
slander of a fellow Realtor
- sue for damages the owner of this website for publishing slanderous
materials under his editorial control and in violation of his stated
policies on the web site

In the process an attorney would obtain through Court discovery order:
- all records of internet and web traffic through this website
- all internet service providers' records of internet protocol
addresses that would tie the poster's computer to their posting.
- search all contents of any computer used to post or publish
slanderous materials
- compell all involved to file affidavits under oath and testify
under oath in court including the original poster and his nephew and
all Realtors and others who have posted on here
- determination if Mr. Cimikowski is a real person as his name name
does not appear in either the Provincetown assessor's database nor
the Barnstable County Deed Registry

I don't know whether the slanderee will take me up on this but what I
see here makes me want to vomit and compells me to this step. It
demonstrates the primary argument against ever making Provincetown a
fulltime home. There is a vicious minority of people in town who are
small minded, vindictive and just mean and don't give a rat's     who
they hurt on here or how. They hide under the ILLUSION of anonymity.
The witch hunt on here seems perfectly appropriate on Halloween
because it so clearly parallels what happend in Salem long ago.

Some on here have attempted to use unsubstantiated, unverified, third
hand remarks about a situation which may or may not have happend 
(which is common and completely legitimate even if it did happen),
posted by someone who may or may not exist, to tear down a fellow
citizen of this town. These sad people, as is so often the case on
here, are eating your own.

And people wonder why the town is losing fulltime population and few
want to move here on a permanent basis? If Mr. Cimikowski does exist
it seems the only type the town can attract are those who are only to
happy to jump on here and attack.

Shame on all of you who have participated in this heinous, slanderous
attack and shame on this website for allowing it to happen originally
and facilitating the continuation of it. It has caused a ton of hurt
and reflects poorly on the entire town.


Greg Craig
12:26 pm edt 


12:23 pm edt 

Barbara Rushmore

"I find it rather ironic that Barbara Rushmore is proposing
a real estate transfer tax with an exemption for people living in
town for over 20 years."
Ditto, it's only being done to get people who have lived here in town
for 20+ years to vote for her article.  To me, it's a bad idea, it
starts to set up different classes of residents.  Lived here 20years?
  You get special advantages.  Bad idea.  And I've lived here 18
years so if and when I decide I want to sell I'll probably qualify
for the exemption, but I still think it's a bad idea.
12:22 pm edt 


Michele Couture told me she doesnt read this blog.  That is not true.
  I was on commercial street and had binoculars and dear old Michele
was on mypacc behind her counter at the lily pond.
Yes, she was on this web site.  I have since gone back, and have seen
her other half, Donna on this site hour after hour.  Now watch this
my friends, they will have their laptop TURNED AWAY from commercial
street going forward.

So, some of these posts where it sounds like Michele, is Michele.
12:18 pm edt 

Cheryl Andrews V. George Bryant

One of the main reasons for this town's sorry present state is Cheryl
Andrews.  Why would anyone vote for her for anything.  George Bryant
understands Provincetown,  it's history and it's people. Cheryl stick
what you know, teeth.
12:17 pm edt 

Ouch, My Ears Hurt From Your Big Bad Capital Letters

I just read the Realtor Code of Ethics and it doesn't contain a
single clause pertinent to the discussion on this board other than:

"Article 15: REALTORS® make only truthful, objective comments about
other real estate professionals."

So it seems the only Realtors violating their professional "code" are
the ones jumping in to slime their fellow realtors who were the
original subject of the unwarranted attack.

I did notice a lot of other Code of Ethics clauses I've seen violated
many times by realtors here and elsewhere so thanks for point out the
code's existence.

I'm sure everyone who bought a property in Provincetown during the
2004-2007 time period for way too much money while being assured that
prices always go up and ptown is always a good value could benefit
from reading that code as well.

9:20 am edt 

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Let's Move on Please!

Great to know realtors have a code of ethics. unfortunately
it rings a bit hollow considering the way some of them manhandled
this town in the last ten years. trust? yeah, good luck with that.

nonetheless, as no business was being conducted, the point appears to
be moot. and tired. this kinda stuff is turning this blog into a
bastard child of fox news and perez hilton. do let's move on please.
10:45 pm edt 

Re; Provincetown Realtor


9:43 pm edt 

Barnstorm Rushmore at it Again...

I find it rather ironic that Barbara Rushmore is proposing a real
estate transfer tax with an exemption for people living in town for
over 20 years.  How long have you lived in town honey?  Why not 15
years? or 10 years?  Does 20 mean you paid your dues to the town and
should get a break?  After 5 years I feel like I have lived here for
20...  Does that count Babs?
9:41 pm edt 

No Such Time

No one is asking for $7-8 million right now. That question waits for
spring. Get it through your thick heads, it is cheaper to take out a
bond for the first phase, do it, and move back in than to have town
employees live in trailers. So even if the world is going to hell it
still SAVES money to fix town hall and get back in there ASAP. It
won't be a $2 million bond either given other money that is available.
9:40 pm edt 

This is No Time to Fund Such an Expensive $7 to $9 Million Project

Many towns are putting off plans for major projects. Others are
cutting staff. Companies are going into bankruptcies and other
companies are firing thousands of employees. The markets are down.
Retirement funds for some have been diminshed by more than half.

  This is not time to go after bonds for $2 Million and then another 
$1 million for Phase I and Phase II design. Let's be reasonable and
wait until Spring. Then at that town meeting--not this one--we can
see where we stand financially.

As someone else says here: What's the Rush? Prudence and
reasonableness would require caution and restraint.
7:35 pm edt 

Re: Paint Posting

Thanks for the posting on rhinoshield. I won't lose it this

6:13 pm edt 

No on 8 Campaign

Our fellow gay and lesbian citizens right to marriage in California
is close to being eliminated next Tuesday. The supporters of
California Proposition 8 which would overturn the California Supreme
Court ruling in favor of gay marriage have raised $3 million dollars
in the past two days. In addition they have compared gay marriage to
the rise of nazi germany and have launched cyber attacks on the No on
8 website.

Please, if you haven't already, go to www dot noon8 dot org website
and make a contribution in any amount. If you have already donated,
please contribute a bit more if at all possible. If you can't afford
a contribution call a friend or relative in California and urge them
to vote NO on 8.

Our right to marry here was only preserved by the financial support
and lobbying of national organizations, it's time to pay that love

Please, the No on 8 campaign must raise more money by tomorrow.

That is: www dot noon8 dot org

Greg Craig
5:49 pm edt 

Realtor Morality

How silly.  The fact that this individual is a realtor is irrelevant.
  What you are doing is criticizing the morals of the person and
apparently, you don't think their moral compass is aligned with
yours.  If this person were a retailer, a garbage collector, a
librarian, or even (dare a say) a selectperson, would it make any

This is Provincetown and many people have sexual proclivities that I
don't care to participate in, but being a PTowner, I try not to judge
as long as no one gets hurt and children are not involved.

So this person is a slut, some of my best friends are sluts.  Big Whoop...
3:06 pm edt 

What am I doing Wrong?

I have been standing out here on Commercial St for hours and no one
has hit on me. Just the guy who always bums cigs off of me. Can
someone tell me what I'm doing wrong? Several realtors have walked by
and nothing, nothing!

It's freezing out here!
1:55 pm edt 

You know It's True!

The only reason that this guys post bothers you guys is
because you know it's true.  We all know how some of the guys behave
in this town.  I've lived here for a long time and I don't like that
is how the public sees us because of a whorish few.  I don't like
Provincetown being real life 'Queer as Folk'.

Resident here; also homosexual; but very proud not to be trying to
hook up with my customers/public on the street who patronize my
store.  It's just bad business and very trashy.

Now I can't wait to see the responses to mine. I'm going to get
accused on here of being homophobic too and told I should just leave
Provincetown.  It's just how the girls fight back when they know
you're right.

My spelling is awful as well, but I guess that means my opinion as a
resident and business owner doesn't count.
1:53 pm edt 

If You Post You Should Expect a Response

RE: "Think before you write these rants and attack someone
for speaking their mind. Free speech is still a liberty in this town
and I believe on this blog as well?"

If you post on this blog you are asking for a response from the blog
community. If you attempt to assasinate someone's character by
posting very specfic information identifying who they are and
accusing them - wrongly - of inappropriate behavior then you deserve
what you get.

A "rant" is just as much an exercise of free speech as the original
post. If one can't take heated debate then one should sit back and
watch and not comment. If one's feelings get hurt when one gets
called out then one shouldn't post.

Also, are you kidding me? People shouldn't try to pick each other up
on Commercial Street, I'd write the response that this deserves but
your feelings would be hurt and I think the inanity of that statement
stands for itself.

Another Crock.

PS: where is it written that realtors are "entrusted" with anything
other than trying to make a buck of selling property or that they are
"professionals" like a doctor, lawyer or police officer? did I miss
the realtor version of the hippocratic oath? i know some professional
realtors but that has nothing to do with their personal behavior
except when they are showing me property.
1:50 pm edt 

Town Hall Renovation While Occupied

I've lived in a houswe while construction was going on so I
asked why town hall employees had to vacate town hall.

Town Hall Construction on phase one will be major with the east and
west *outside walls* removed and the beams reinforced with steel and
the balcony made secure etc.

It would be impossible for the town hall staff to stay in there under
these conditions.

The problem for me is financing phase two for a multi-million dollar
bond. Just today American express is firing 7,000 workers and
freezing raises. Bank of America is firing workers and so is Merek

We are in dire economic times with consumer confidence at the lowest
point ever recorded.
1:47 pm edt 

CPC Meeting

We citizens need to go to the selectmen's meeting on
Monday, Nov 3rd and MOST IMPORTANTLY the Community Preserevation
Funds Realloatin public hearing at 6pm on November 5th at the
Provincetown Community center, 44 Bradford St. and voice your concern
about the allocation of funds.

I personally feel that we need to vote yes on article one returning
the allocation to 10% to historicaly 10% to affordable housing and
10% to open land and 70% to be used as needed.

We have allocated 1.9 Million dollars to affordable housing in the
last few years and now that town hall will cost millions to renovate,
it behooves us to reduce the burden on the tax payers now that the
world is in this dire econimic situation.

They need to hear the voice of the people at the selectmen's
meetings, thi CPA meeting and on the floor of town hall at the
special town meeting. Don't just sit and post on the blog--show up
and speak up.

The financial destiny of our tax dollars is in the hands of town meeting.

Michael Rogovsky
1:44 pm edt 

Selectmen's Meeting
We must all go to the selectmen's meeting on November 3rd
and voice your concerns regarding the allocation of funds.

I personally agree with article one reallocating the CPA back to 10%
for affordable housing; 10% for Historical and 10% for open space

Go and state how you wish this money to be allocated. Tell the
selectmen, the CPA board, and speak up on the town meeting floor.

In these dire economic times of an economic resession with thousands
of people being fired from jobs; with credit frozen and spirling
costs, we tax payers need all of the funding that we can get to
aleviate the tax burden we carry.

Michael Rogovsky

12:35 pm edt 

Cyber Bullying

Lets look up the definition of Cyber bullying in the dictionary.  The
definition is:  When someone repeatedly makes fun of another person
online or repeatedly  picks on another person through emails or text
messages, or uses online forums and postings intended to harm,
damage, humiliate or isolate another person that they dont like. Does
this sound familiar to anyone.  This is usually something kids do. 
Its a ball less way of communication and a way to be anonymous so you
dont have to accept responsibility for your actions.  We have the
power to stop this.  Its very simple.  DO NOT TYPE ON THIS BLOG.  If
it is not used, it will be stopped, gone, finished.  The only
blogging that will be left is that of the web master and their
12:32 pm edt 

To: Crock

Hats off to a well written note! These people are pathetic.
9:21 am edt 

Walk Your Talk!

I feel sorry for people who have nothing better to do than
slander one another's characters on this blog. Finances and politics,
yes. Personal cuts and remarks, no. As the old adage says, what you
find so hateful in others is only a reflection of unresolved issues
with your self. Are you jealous? Lazy? Do you volunteer on any board
to help this town? Or do you just hide away and express your
exceptional example of manhood through the internet? Also, get the
facts before you post. Read the CPC mission statement. Obviously any
funds given to developers were approved by a town vote. Apparently
blogging is not enough so if that's your stance, pull you head out of
the dark hole and walk your talk.
9:20 am edt 

You People Are a Piece of Work!

I do not even know JD or Luic's co-workers, nor do I know them. I only
know that to make the comments on this blog about men hooking up with
men and approaching people to hook up, face to face, is a lot more noble
than the dick dock scene or manhunt random         sessions. If his thing is really
"cleanfun" then what, in God's name, is your problem! Leave our town
as it is. You obviously don't belong here if this offends you.
9:18 am edt 

Making Abuses Public

When one is in the trenches working side by side with folks
who get affordable housing, you see the truth compared to the
bleeding hearts in their McMansions who see taking our money to house
the homeless as heart warming and generous.

What I've encountered are some people who are so calculating that
they see it as a way to make money--get an affordable unit, get a
summer roommate and charge them a big rent or else sublet and rent it
out for the big bucks and say that you have an ill relative whom you
must nurse.

I'm so glad that the selectmen finally are making some of these
abuses public. We need to be able to know that these units are going
to people who WILL BE HERE Year round.

Of course, they will see how dead it is here in the winter (even now
I didn't see anyone on the street last night)and that there are no
jobs as more and more businesses are closing or reducing their hours
as we approach winter.

keep giving the Community Preservation Fund our tax money; let them
make the developers rich. At least this is  making some abuses public
and vindicating the people who have been stating this situation for
9:16 am edt 

Town Hall

If I have read correctly, these are the facts:

We have in the town coffers Millions of "free" Dollars, which have
been left over from other years.

In the historic/open space/ housing fund we also have millions of dollars.

Let us use the money that we have to fix town hall.
There is no need to turn it into a palace, make it weather tight, and
call it a day.
9:13 am edt 

Re: Affordable Housing Subletting

The selectmen had to curtail the sublets because it was
becoming an embarrassment. Could you imagine all of the affordable 
housing on shank painter road being so public and suddenly all of
these new faces appear for a few months?

The tax payers are already duped--but they don't know it. It just
takes a few bad apples to tarnish the reputation of others on
affordable housing.

If I was on affordable housing, I'd blow the whistle on folks who did
this because it turns the public against the idea. And why shouldn't
it? subletting

Our tax dollars going to help people live here without financial
worry and then they go and rent and  make money on sublets.
9:11 am edt 

Regionalization --

-------it's happening everywhere and in these
fiscal times it's time to become more open-minded about it.  Check
out the article in today's Cape Cod Times:
9:09 am edt 

Paint Posting

The product is called Rhinoshield. The website is You can also google it. It looks like a great
product. Good Luck.
9:08 am edt 

I Also Agree With What a Crock.

once again, somebody rolls
in to town and wants to have everything their way. why did you come
here anyway? how homophobic...

and news flash to all the anti affordable housing types...ted malone
IS a private developer. what's more, i believe he primarily uses
county, state, federal and private monies. not your beloved tax
dollar form provincetown. i mean, that is all you care about, right?
9:07 am edt 

Re: Affordable Housing Sublet

The person who wanted to sublet her affordable home only
wants to be with her dying Mother and can not afford to work and pay
her mortgage by being with her Mother! Do you not have a heart? Or is
your life all about MONEY? I feel sorry for your soul. Not everyone
is out to shaft the system.
9:04 am edt 

Re: John Waters

This blog would make a great new John Waters movie!
9:02 am edt 

A Very Sad and Mean Blog

As a person with AIDS I find that this blog should not 
have posted the very sad and mean blog on how the actions in the
eighties have brought AIDS to this community! Has this town turned
into FOXville or Rush Limbaugh's wet dream? I did not get AIDS from
sex and I have never been to dick dock! The web master does not let
people disagree with himself or Astrid. Why does he allow this venom
to be printed?
9:01 am edt 

How to Milk the System

Today's Banner
"Selectmen take action to restrict affordable housing

       So, now you got it,and now you don't want it for 3
months. To the renter or home buyer who has been given a golden ring
why would you want to sub-let? And who would want for a three month
rental? Certainly not anyone who will contribute to the town.
       Perhaps you want to collect unemployment and go to
Costa Rica or Thailand and not have to pay your mortgage or rental fees.
       This is just another illustration of "how to milk
the system". Get real and get into the mainstream.
       I also question the one year sub-let. When the CHC and the CPC
brought out their boxes of Kleenex, didn't they
state that more affordable housing would encourage a year-round
economy?  Why do they want to leave?
12:05 am edt 

Speaking in Public

I'm glad that the Banner reported the number of people at
the selectmen's meeting. People blog here but they won't speak in

I know that it is hard to expose yourself to scrutiny and to speak at
a public meeting--that is why I want to advocate that we have a
written ballot when it comes to the schools: the intimidation factor.

I don't jeopardize my job by speaking out--I just get cold feet sometimes.

However, the public is watching and the CPA is watching and they are
so complacent in their entrenched belief that the CPA funds are for
them alone--that we must stand up and speak out. The greater world of
the tax payers are watching.
12:03 am edt 

Don't You Just Love it

Must have struck a nerve with JD and Luic's co-workers!

I love this blog!
12:01 am edt 

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sharon, Here's My Wish

I wish you could stand up for yourself. But more importantly, I wish you
could stand up for us. I wish you could separate yourself, yes, cut the
umbilical cord from those who brought you here. You do not need to be
a mouthpiece for Michelle Couture is who is mouth piece for your once
kitchen cabinet.

You're here. Be here for all of us. Cut the cord and be strong. Then
Provincetown has a chance. It's in your hands.
11:15 pm edt 

Yikes, Your Logic is Below Par

Sorry to say this. But, you admit the economy is down but that means,
to you, that this is the time to spend money on fixing up town hall.
Maybe you've been spending just too much time talking to Michelle
Couture and the other Lily Pond frogs. This makes no sense at all.
11:13 pm edt 

Realtor Behavior

I also agree that someone who is entrusted like a realtor
should not behave like that. It gives our community a bad image. You
expect it in the bars, but not from professionals. Maybe they're not
professionals afterall. I don't trust half of them anyway.
11:12 pm edt 

Do You Think That You are the Only One or Two Who Is Posting Here?

You are perhaps too self-centered. Facts are Just or whatever the
Facts you are using to post here. There are many people posting here
and I do believe each one has to be posted individually. I posted
earlier today and it just appeared. So what's the problem? I know
that I'm not spending all the time it takes to get each posting on
this site. Maybe a little more patience and little less paranoia
would be helpful. At least, my dear friend, it's a start.
11:10 pm edt 

Go Phillies!

Congratulation to the Philadelphia Phillies on winning The
World Series! The city of brotherly love! Go Phils!
11:09 pm edt 

The Sky is Falling... Help!

What has become of the beautiful, serene Provincetown. Greed has taken
over and will be the end of us all. WAKE UP and smell the money burning all
over town. Do the right thing BOS and Town Manager before its too late.

11:08 pm edt 

Here's Why I'm Disappointed

I just want reasonableness in town hall. I just want solid decision,
a sense of hope, and the belief that Provincetown will thrive, even
in these hard times. I'm disappointed because it takes leadership for
this to happen. When times are tough, we need to look up to those in
power. Sadly, that's not what I see nor what I feel. Something is
lacking, some energy, some pizzaz, some direction for the future and
we are suffering for the lack of it. Kinda like a black hole.
11:06 pm edt 

I Just Love This Blog
It's gusty, funny, at times
riveting. It's fun to read and enjoyable to grasp the range of
opinions that exist in our small town. Glad many of you are off from
summer jobs. You're a hoot!
11:05 pm edt 

Couldn't We Hire a Brain for Three months?

We hire a lot of assistants and then assistants to assistants.
They're everywhere in this town government. But couldn't we hire a
brain for a few months? Someone who thinks clearly, is forward
thinking and can give solid, rational advice to our town officials?
I'd pay a few dollars on my taxes for a real thinker, sorta like a
leader. Rent a leader. We're renting trailers so this falls in line.
11:04 pm edt 

Let's Wait a Year; Let's Wait at Least Until April Town Meeting

There's not need to move on town hall now. Why are we even having
this meeting? To have town officials play with the so-called free
cash and use it to pay for what, really? And then to move to get us
now, at this time, to commit to spending over $3 million for town
hall phase I and then Phase II? Wait until Spring. When the crocuses
come up, then we'll reconsider what to do. When the daffodils come
up, we should have a better sense of what the economy is then. Wait,
just wait.
11:02 pm edt 

Yes, Yes, Yes

If you want more affordable housing, let private developers create
affordable housing. That is what is done in many towns. It isn't all
funded by town residents. We have done our fair share. Enough of our
tax money to support the dreams of Ted Malone that turn into the
nightmares for our tax payers.

If this Malone wants to build affordable housing, let him do it on his nickle.
Not ours. We have given to Malone in more ways than one, from CPC to
back door deals. We have given to Sandy Hill and there is Teddy again.
No, let's use our resources for our present need: town hall renovation from
CPC or not at all.
11:00 pm edt 

RE: What a Crock

Thank you. Your comments are well taken and saved me a lot of typing.

10:59 pm edt 

Paint Information

Last week a poster on this site wrote about a paint that
they recommended to the BOS in an email. If you could repost that
info, or if anyone else remembers it, I would love to know what it
is. I am doing a remodel and will be painting the exterior of the
house and I can't find where I wrote the information down. Thanks PBW
10:58 pm edt 

To: What a Crock: Re: Nephew Being "Hit" on.

What you said was so well written and right-on target.

Thank you.
10:55 pm edt 

I Say Close Town Hall; Demo it

Make a nice parking lot like someone suggested. Collect the money.
Put our town office elsewhere where they are clearly more efficient.
P-TOWN will always be historic even without the towering cash pit.

About P-TOWN being known for scandelous and what he described as
dirty. I totally agree and I don't think someone should be attacked
for pointing that out. P-TOWN has gotten a reputation over the years
because the gay men here were not careful about their sexual
activity. The same behavior that created the aids epidemic here in
the 1980's. We live in a little dream world here where we think
anything can go on because it is P-TOWN. I don't think it's prudish
of someone to say that someone who claims to be a professional in
town shouldn't be making advances on the sidewalk. I agree with that
and it doesn't make me prudish. I'm gay and proud of it but I don't
go to dickdock to statisfy my needs or hang out at a-house all night
trying to get my **** wet and I certainly don't try to pick people up
on the sidewalk of Commercial Street.

Think before you write these rants and attack someone for speaking
their mind. Free speech is still a liberty in this town and I believe
on this blog as well?
10:53 pm edt 

They Will Find a Way

You know it really doesn't matter how and what we vote for.
  The town manager and the BOS will find a way to circumvent our
votes to accomplish their agendas and not that of the people.
10:50 pm edt 

Here's Creepy:

The moderator of this forum is just plain not posting things which
contravene his view of the world and prove his cohort (or is it alter
ego) - Just the Facts - wrong. I posted much earlier today at a time
well before many of the most recently appearing posts (around 1:40
pm) - an additional response to Just the Facts' miscalculation of
bond debt annual service costs and demonstrating that my original
calculation was correct - eg less than than the annual cost of

It never appeared and will probably mysteriously be found AFTER the
FinCom meeting with claims of "web server" problems. For those
readers of this sad forum know that your opinion is being manipulated
by ommission of materials that are contrary to Just the Facts' view
of the world. He, as the owner of this website, is not interested in
the truth only promoting his view of the world.

He wants your to go up in arms to the meeting.

This will probably be spiked as well.

I don't know why I bother.

Facts are Just
10:49 pm edt 

To: It is About the Quality of Education Here Which Gets a C- at Best
If the quality of education is so bad at Ptown High, how does it keep
sending students to Top 50 schools (as ranked by US News and World

In the last four years Ptown has sent two girls to Smith and one boy to BC.

Ptown High sends a larger percentage of kids to four-year colleges
than any other high school on the Cape.

Nauset's not even in the top five.

How bad could the education at Ptown High be?
10:46 pm edt 

Re: Warrants

The Warrant is available on the Town's website, the link is
provided here
Go and present your views.
10:42 pm edt 

It's Nancy Regan Again

Just say NO! Vote against Phase I and Phase II at town meeting and
then on the election day on November 19th. Just voice NO. And you'll
be saying No to mismanagement, to fiscal irresponsiblity and to
wrong-headed thinking on the Katrina trailers and the emergency need
to get out of town hall. Who are they kidding? About to fall down
next month? And then put a fence around the building to protect
everyone from the falling apart and collapsing building?

Do they believe we are this naive? Or do they just believe we are
simply stupid?
10:40 pm edt 

One Word for the CPC: Disingenuous

Just as the school would not open one door for town employee space,
under the pretense of safety for our children, the CPC is sweeping all
the monies, all the available $1.9 million, for the sad plight of the
homeless, the jobless, the poor among us. Disingenuous!
10:38 pm edt 

Realtor Predators?

What a laugh. How about bar owners promoting any and all of the same?
If these young men (yes, legally, men) had been 100 yards back, in
either the LEATHER bar or any of the other establishments under the
same roof, it would have been perfectly fine? Get with it guy! Shame
on you for casting stones.
10:36 pm edt 

Dear Webmaster:

Why is that if one posts anything critical of or contravening Just
the Facts it takes a long time to appear and occasionally never
appears and is usually quickly formatted off the bottom of the blog
into archives? Converesely, why is that Just the Fact's postings are
so quickly displayed and always seem to appear as rebutals even
before the items he/she rebuts even appear on the blog? I've looked
back over the past two years postings and this is a common pattern.


Just Curious

Webmaster Comment: Shout Out! will be one year old this November.
10:35 pm edt 

Affordable Rentals

In these hard times, now more than ever, we need affordable
rentals to house the people that can't pay the $1,000.00+ a month
rents in this town for just a small one bedroom!
10:32 pm edt 

Do it Now!

NOW is the time to fix town hall while the economy is down!
If we wait it will cost much more! Lets get it done with NOW!
10:31 pm edt 

Trailer Site

There is NO title five at the trailer site! It is hooked up
to the sewer system!
10:29 pm edt 

Bridge the Age Divide

Many of our housing units are occupied by only one person.
Communal living would allow more people to use existing homes, for
example, a young adult could use an empty bedroom in the home of an
elderly person,  providing companionship and lowering the cost to
both parties.  It is time to think outside the box..and not further
the age divides.
10:28 pm edt 

The Most Stupid Statement!

"Provincetown is no different from any other small town or
resort"  that's the most stupid statement I've ever heard on here and
I've heard some real humdingers.

What other small town or resort community has something legendary
called DICK DOCK that people are proud of, what other small town has
dunes where guys go to have sex in public. What other small town has
a beach where people insist on nude sunbathing. Christ Fire Island
doesn't even push the envelope anymore as much as Provincetown. Now I
don't fault any of those behaviors and I accept them as being a
resident. I just fault stupid statements that say Provincetown no
different. This       wouldn't fly anywhere else. I agree with him.
Someone who claims to be a real estate pro should not be jumping out
of windows to chase some young kids down the street.  Not in
Provincetown or anywhere else. He's right in any other licensed
professional occupation you would probably lose your license to
practice. Maybe he should talk to the realtor association or
commonwealth about it. Lord knows this town could use about 30 less
realtors. People should know better. I'm a little ashamed things!
   like that go on in our community as well.
10:26 pm edt 

CPC Funds were Always for Three Different AReas, Not Just One

With all the behind the scenes work, including the Local Comprehensive
Plan Implementation Committee of 2001 and a few years afterwards,
they worked to alter our by-laws to make affordable housing a central
focus of this town. Who was on this board? Of course, Ted Malone. Of
course. Then they worked to change the CPC monies from 10% for Open
Land, 10% for Historic Restoration and 10% for Affordable housing to
make the CPC funds 80% for Affordable housing. Most town in
Massachusetts have 10% as a minimum for each category and the
remaining 70% depends on each town's needs. Needs change. But with
the behind the scenes AFfordable Housing Complex the push was to take
most of our tax payer generated CPC funds and give it to affordable

Now that we need money, serious money, for Historic Renovations, we
should be using CPC monies for this major need. But no. The CPC wants
to keep all the $1.9 million for affordable housing. Wrong decision.
This may benefit Ted Malone but it does not benefit most of us in
town. Time for a change. Time to free this town from the bondage of
the Affordable Housing Complex. Time that our tax monies go to
Historic Renovations and Open Space. These areas are also crucial and
should not treated as insignificant, unimportant and secondary to
Provincetown. Time for a change.
10:23 pm edt 

Oh Boo Hoo...

I eat in restaurants all the time; I try to look cute and young; but
I cannot seem to get any realtor to hit on me... just think, I have
been here for 15 years and have been ignored by the real estate
community!!! Oh, boo hoo hoo.

The above is meant as a joke.
The newbie in town is not gonna last here long if he doesn't LIGHTEN
UP!! Honestly, is there nothing else for this newbie loser to write
about? His nephew did not care, why does he?
Sorry, but perhaps you should look for a place in Dennis?
Here in Ptown, we try to have a sense of humour, and not paint an
entire profession due to two horny inappropriate persons. As far as I
know, realtors act under a fiduciary trust, not a hippocratic oath.
If said hottie nephew was not in business with the realtor, what was
the harm??
Get your nose out of yer     ,

10:21 pm edt 

Dear Just:

I respectfully differ with you again but we both need someone better
versed than us to referee.

Your calculation assumes that the town pays interest on $2,000,000
for the entire 20 years. It doesn't, it pays principal each year just
like a conventional mortage. So you've way overstated interest
payments. A municipal bond counsel told me that a municipal bond
amortizes just like a conventional mortgage which is why I used the
Excel function that calculates just such a payment. Even if your calc
was right it's $230k per year, close to trailer costs over time.

I've confirmed my calculation with someone who knows this stuff and
indeed they confirm it's cheaper to fix than stay in trailers.
Additionally they say 6.5% is too high an interest rate and other
saving/monies are coming.

Let's see what FinCom says this afternoon.


Facts are Just
10:18 pm edt 

Sell Town Hall

Find a developer who can turn town hall into a profitable structure
while maintainiing the historic nature of the building. We are in a
recession and the transition team has mismanaged the move out of town
hall and the move into the Katrina trailers. None of this makes sense
nor does it make sense that the building will fall in two weeks if
they don't get now.

That was a way for the structural engineers to get more money and do
more phase I phase II phase III and maybe Phase IV engineering proposals
and designs. And Michele Couture wanted this structure renovated now and she
worked to make certain that chicken little lives and danger is all around us.
Then orchestrate a move into the trailers so that this will not be permanent.

"They'll never let us stay in these trailers, sob, sob." Well, wrong bet at the
wrong card playing table. You took the risk and you lost. It's a mess
and let them stay in the trailers.

Sell Town Hall and do it soon. Work out a Public-Private-Partnership
and let others with a better business and financial sense move
forward. This entire mess is beyond reasonableness. It's a mess
multiplied by another mess. Town officials and the BOS should be
2:51 pm edt 

School Regionalization

Of course Nauset does not want to regionalize with us, they
are not idiots.
They will except the children of Provincetown, and give them a good
education, for a change, but why would they align themselves
bureaucratically with the second worst school in the state. Give the
kids a chance to get a decent education, and allow the town to
operate within the budget, because I can guarantee there will be no
more overrides.

And that goes for the renovations to, they should be able to fall
within the budget. We are the highest spending municipality in the
state per capita, and that is outrageous.

We should consider the fact that the next property revaluation will
drop the values 20 to 30 percent, slashing the tax base.

If the state income tax is repealed, there will be very little or no
state funding of anything.

Lets get real and smell the coffee before it is too late!
2:47 pm edt 

4PM Public FinCom Meeting

Is the 4pm public fincomm meeting regarding the special
town meeting articles to renovate town hall going to be televised?

Now is the time for all the people who want community preservation
money to go towards fixing up town hall to speak up.
2:45 pm edt 

Alarmist Nonsense

*STOP* this alarmist nonsense about boarding up town hall
and turning it into an historical eyesore.

We will vote to spend the $2,000,000 **with money from Community
preservation fund** et al and shore it up and make it weather tight
and then let the staff inhabit town hall.
2:43 pm edt 

Dear TC:

Sure, stoop to pejorative, ad hominem arguments to respond. You would
be more persuasive if you could spell.

I am not a realtor nor do I have any involvement with the office that
so offends you and which you are attempting to cause a witch hunt
against. The person's behavior, even if it was questionable which it
isn't, has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with their profession.

Your internalized homophobia is laid bare by your call to "keep it at
home." You sound exactly like the right wingers who say "I don't care
what they do as long they keep it in their bedroom."

Regarding "That my friend gives Provincetown the very dirty
reputation its [sic] come to bare [sic]" guess what? Men looking for
sex with men and any other combination isn't "dirty", it isn't
disgusting, and to assert otherwise is prudish, puritanical,
homophobic and again is exactly the argument used for eternity to
supress gays and lesbians.

Do you think the tens of thousands of gay men and women who come to
town from around the world all summer come here for sunsets or to
pick blueberries? Are they deterred by it's "dirty reputation?" Come
on, get real. Do you think the packed streets of ptown on a summer
night are full of people who should not interact with each other and
should reserve their behavior to furtively arranging liasons via the
internet and in the dark of night at their homes to avoid offending
your delicate sensibility.

If Provincetown bears such a dirty reputation why did you buy
property here only to immediately launch into an attack on the town's

I find it extremely offensive that you've just moved to town and
proceed to then dictate to the town what its morals and behavior
should be particularly by jumping on the town blog to express your
vehement puritanical "outrage" and attack specific long time
residents of town. Shame on you.

If you took five minutes to read Provincetown's history you'd find
that it is now a mere shadow of what it used to be back in the day
(see Cunnigham or Manso's books) and that decline is part of why it's
turning into a rest home for aging baby boomers.


What a Crock
2:41 pm edt 

There is no Free Money Any More..................

.....................................and that it is tantamount
that we do not put this multi-million dollar bond debt around our
necks at this time.

We should raise the cash to pay to shore up town hall and make it
weather tight, but we must postpone taking out this bond at this time.

We are living in a time of financial crisis: Lehman brothers is no
longer in existence and other financial institutions have been bought
out but the new owners have kept the old names.

Merek pharmacies, Bank of America, Fidelity investments, and other
major corporations are firing thousands of employees.

Pugeot and another car maker have totally ceased production for two
weeks. Japan has had its first economic decline in 26 years and Great
Britain its first in 16 years. The United States is in a recession.

Our neighboring state of Rhode Island has 8 percent unemployment.

Companies that issue MasterCard, Visa and other credit cards are
rushing to stop home equity lines of credit and balance transfers to
new cards.

  Big lenders like American Express, Bank of America, Citigroup and
even retailers like Target are culling their portfolios of the
riskiest customers.

Capital one has aggressively shut down inactive accounts and reduced
comstomer credit line by 4.5per cent. People who lived on credit
cards will find that it is almost impossible to do so anymore.

Now Town hall wants to drag us into this morass of debt and
unemployment and saddle us and mortgage our children with a multi
million dollar bond to renovate town hall.

The Board of selectmen were so busy compiling money for the
developers of affordable housing that they neglected their own house.

We must raise the cash to shore up town hallbut we cant mortgage our
future at this time with a bond of untold millions in a world full of
economic craters.

We must wait a year or so and do so only on a secure footing.
2:34 pm edt 

Correction To This Morning's Post


On the FY 2005 line the $12,595.00 belongs in the balance column. I
was not given the revenue nor the expenses for that year.

Further down my posting in upper case is; "THINK WITH YOUR"
and was incomplete. It was intended to read;

I apologize for the errors.
2:29 pm edt 

We Must Expose How Tax Payer Money is Being Used For Affordable Housing Special Interest

The Department of Revenue came to town to Audit town hall
and when they stumbled upon the school and saw the onerous cost to
the tax payers they blanched.

They have vindicated everyone who has called for the regionalization
of the school. Don't give up the fight. The entire arsenal of the
Department of Revenue has your back and champions your cause.

Now we must expose how tax payer money is being used for affordable
housing at the cost of town hall and further burdening the tax payers.

let private developers create affordable housing. We must unite and
STOP them from taking more and more of our tax payers money for
special interest development while other projects languish.
2:27 pm edt 

Very Creepy

Sorry whether the person in question was hitting on a guy
or a girl (doesn't matter) it's creepy that they were staring at them
in the restaurant from their office and hit on them when they came
out of the restaurant.

That's just creepy.
2:23 pm edt 

To: Facts Are Just

Your math is faulty as follows:

Principal of $2,000,000

Bond Interest rate of 6.5?% for 20 years= $2,000,000 X .065 X 20 (years)=
$2,600,000 (Interest)

Therefore: Interest + Principal=$2,600,000 (interest) + $2,000,000 (principal)=

In other words the total cost as calculated using your own rate of 6.5% per annum
for twenty years is a wopping $4,600,000

Just The Facts

PS And that's only the base cost, which does not include total operating cost
9:00 am edt 

To :Just the Facts

I did indeed include the costs of principal in the annual payment
calculation. You are wrong. To be specific I used Excel formula as
follows: =PMT(0.065,20,2000000).

Town Hall has to be heated whether anyone is in there or not if it is
not been fixed up. The moisture damage alone with no heat makes
draining it and let it sit there unacceptable. Additionally there are
stabilization costs that have to be incurred.

Further you fail to address any of the additional costs I have laid
out, though did not put a dollar number to. You also ignored the very
real possibility of loss of major parts of the structure as outlined
in the consultants report should a storm of sufficient power hit the

Buy the trailers? Are you kidding me? That's equivalent to me
abandoning my house, moving into a Katrina trailer in the front yard
and letting the house deteriorate.

Additionally a truly wise investment is to invest counter-cyclically
in our infrastructure. That means buying construction services and
supplies while demand is down so it can be done cheaper than waiting
until the demand picks back up which it eventually will. Tough
negotiating for the fixup contract might help get more bang or the
buck than was possible in the recent past. Perhaps the town should
consider, if legal, a local content provision for this to make sure
some of the work is directed to help support the local economy.

The marginal cost to each taxpayer for paying the for the debt
service on the Phase I and study of Phase II is minimal. The
aggregate costs to the town of abandoning town hall is unacceptable
both in the short run and long run and far higher than fixing it and
getting back in there. The attempt to spread FUD (fear, uncertainty
and doubt) amongst voters over the immediate and on-going cost of
fixing town hall is reprehensible and will be rejected by the voters
who have proved smarter than the naysayers on this blog who when the
time comes to vote represent a tiny and mean minority of voters.

Finally, let's just envision what the naysayers are advocating;
walking down Commercial Street at the heart of town one comes to a
large historic structure with chains on the door and boards over the
windows. Signs say "Town Hall Close Indefinitely, Please go to
Trailers for Town Business. Structure unstable. Please keep away.l" 
The collateral effect on the entire core would be enormous and if I
was the guy thinking of buying Cabral's Pier I'd say "what, invest in
a town that can't even keep it's town hall open, forget it." If I was
a property owner in the neighborhood I'd be furious just as I would
if my neighbor boarded up their house and let weeds grow in the yard
as is happening all over the country with foreclosure neighborhoods.

Let's hope the voters are smarter than you and your fellow naysayers
on this blog of yours Mr. Just.

And again, this is exactly how Town Hall and other infrastructure got
to where it is because short termism triumphed over long term
thinking. Don't buy it folks. Reject it as you have in the past.

Facts are Just
8:48 am edt 

To: Love All This Talk About School Regionalization

"Nauset has never ever offered to include Provincetown in its school
system." Get Real. This is another lie from someone working at the
school or on the school committee. Nauset called Jessica Waugh to
have a conversation about regionalizing with them and her response
was, "Thanks but no Thanks. That is the reality! And furthermore, it
is not just about the money. It is about the quality of education
here which gets a C- at best.
8:41 am edt 

The Schools Have Become a Fortress Against the Town

The school committee didn't even want us to vote there.

Now, with town hall going into trailers, we have to pay for the title
five installed in the parking lot; for the three transformers
installed on the polls; for all of the wiring and and cable etc. to
make a waste land of a parking lot into the nerve center to the town.

Too bad we didn't have a town building to enhance with all of the
latest technology.

Now the town wants to mortgage our children with yet another bond
debt of untold millions.
8:40 am edt 

Totally Foolish Article

Barbara Rushmores town meeting artical about giving all of
the community preservation money to the town government is a totally
foolish way to waste these funds. Said funds should go to the small
home/buisness owners who need help with keeping their property up to
code and help with  historic renovations. Also we still need more
rental housing to keep the town viable for all income groups not just
the poor & rich. Do we want to become like Aspen CO. where just the
rich live, and the help gets bused in? The few affordable homes
already in town plus the 12 on Sandy hill & the upcoming rentals on
Shank-painter Rd. are not even near what the town needs for all of
the workers needed to run this ship called Provincetown.
8:38 am edt 

To: Facts are Just

RE: Tuesday 11:06 pm posting

    Just a point of information in reference to the lost revenues
from performance space revenues in Town Hall.
    Here are some figures that I got from Alix Heilala last week.

2005                                   12,595.00

2006    32,758.00     24,075.00        21,278.00

2007    21,985.00     23,672.00        19,636.00

2008    13,905.00     22,975.00        10,566.00

Most of the expenses were for custodial services associated
with the events.
Remember, the fiscal year starts on July 1st and ends    June 30th.
Therefore, FY 2009 started on July 1, 2008.
There will be no revenues for FY 2009 since the auditorium was closed
this summer and will continue to be closed
for atleast 2 to 3 years.
It doesn't take a Brain Surgeon to look at these figures and see that
Town Hall Auditorium has been losing due to low rental fees and very
high expenses.

This is just another indication that the Town, a business
corporation, does not know how to manage a business and take
advantage of what could have been a fiscal enhancement. They just
know how to spend our money and raise our taxes.

If we conducted our businesses and personal finances in the same
manner, we would all be bankrupt by now. What bank would finance us
with such conduct?

Citizens, I urge you to attend Town Meeting and THINK WITH YOUR

I do believe that Phase I should be done to save the structual and
exterior integrity of the landmark. But I also feel that we should
find as much available funds that we already have in order to defer
the costs.

There is already a balance of $10,566.00 in the Auditorium
Account. That's a Start!

There is also a Fin Com meeting today @ 4pm in the Town Hall. Please
attend and ask questions about the pending
articles. Now is the time.
8:36 am edt 

What's the Rush?

I think the rush is that this town is undeniably a tourist based
destination.  Town Hall is the center of that tourism.  The benches,
the green space surrounding the buildings, the beautiful trees, the
performance artists.  Town Hall is the focal point of our economic
base.  The entire project, as proposed would take between 18 and 24

The answer to 'what's the rush?' is really a question.  How long are
you willing to have this mainstay of our economy be boarded up?

I'm not willing to risk my financial future on the desertion of that building.

We've allowed the deterioration of that building and now it's time to fix it.

Bite the bullet and do the complete project ASAP.  I fully support
the BOS and the TM and will vote yes on their articles.
8:32 am edt 

To: Facts are Just

Have you ever heard of "Life Cycle Costing"? If you calculate the cost of
buying the trailers, and not just the cost of renting the trailers for two
years, the trailers are a much more cost effective option.

Additionally, you have not included the paying of the $2,000,000 principal
as well as the $130,000 of interest per annum at 6.5%, which totals
$2,600,000 over 20 years.

Yes, you would have to heat and service the trailers , but you would have to
also do the same for the Town Hall.  Which would cost more?

I think you need to rethink your figures and include total cost of each option
over a similar period of time (1-20  years?).

However, the main thrust of "What's the Rush's" argument was one of timing.
If indeed for quality of life reasons it was desirable to return to Town Hall, a
valid question would be what is the optimal timing versus occupying the trailers, given 
current fiscal realities?

Has anyone done an analysis?

Ergo, What's the Rush?

Just the Facts
12:43 am edt 

Your Patriotic Duty

FACT: If Americans returned to their 1990 average body
weight and body mass index there would be enough savings in
primary driver of increased healthcare costs is people's slovenly
care for themselves and their increased weight/lac of exercise.

source: Milliken Institute as relayed on Charlie Rose Show

IMPLICATION: get you fat butt out from in front of the computer and
get some exercise and put down the Doritos, it's your patriotic duty.
I'd rather not pay for your fat related diabetes.
12:08 am edt 

Re: What's the Rush

Here's the math - and it's approximate:

1) Trailer rental for two years = $375,000 or $187,500 per year.
2) Annual debt service on $2,000,000 (cost of Phase I) bond for a 20
year bond at 6.5% = $181,500.

So, it is cheaper to pay off the debt than to rent trailers. This
does not take into account
- the additional added annual costs for heating and maintaining a
boarded up, empty town hall
- the cost of utilities, service, etc for trailers
- the cost of inconvenience, lost productivity, etc of being in
trailers for staff or the public
- the lost revenue from performance space rentals in town hall.
- the possiblity a a hurricane or major nor easter take out town hall
- the damage to town center's image of a boarded up unused town hall
nor the embarrasement

Each of these makes the case even stronger for moving ahead with at
least Phase I so that town functions can return to Town Hall.

In case you can't follow the math above IT IS LESS MONEY OUT OF YOUR

Facts are Just
12:06 am edt 

Townhall is the Heart Beat of Provincetown!

If we let it go, we will never get it back. However we should not blow all
the cpa funds for one project. We can afford to do it without ending the
great work that the cpc has done so far! The people who voted against
the cpa in the first place are the same people who want to use all of
these funds now. They want to put an end to any affortable rentals
and homes. They don't want compitition on their high rent condos and
12:03 am edt 

Finally an Intelligent Blog.........

........about all the doom, gloom and
nastiness on here! Thank you to the author of STOP PANICKING. I agree
with everything you said. And if we do go into hard times,
Provincetown will be a much better place to be than a city or
anywhere near a city. And to the newbie with the (straight?) nephew.
I question where did you get your information that anything goes in
Provincetown? As a very long time, year round resident, Provincetown
is no different from any other small town or resort. And for that
matter you can get more sex, drugs and rock & roll in the suburbs!
12:01 am edt 

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Keep it at Home

If you believe that type of behavior by a realtor in town
is acceptable, then I'm sad for you. Very sad for you. You can assume
anyone is gay in this town if you want, but it doesn't mean that it's
okay to stalk them from your office then chase them down the street.
That my friend is disgusting behavior. That my friend gives
Provincetown the very dirty reputation its come to bare. There's
something called ethics and there's something called descency. You
obviously have none of either. Perhaps you're a realtor? Perhaps you
work in that very office? I'm proud to be gay, but I'm also proud to
keep my personal business and sex life at home.

11:59 pm edt 

I Love All This Talk About School Regionalization

Nauset has never ever offered to include Provincetown in its school system.

Nauset has only suggested that we send our kids to Nauset.

They want our money.  We would have to send them 13K for each kid.

There are 50 kids, 7-12, in the system.  That's 650K.

Nauset has already told the school committe that Ptown would have to
pay all transportation costs.  That's 900 a day.  That's 162K per

Add the 23 kids who are already going to Nauset and to Lighthouse. 
At 13K a pop.  That's 299K.

Final tally: $1,110,000 every year going to Nauset.  And we wouldn't
have any representation on their school committee.

The high school costs Ptown 1.1 million.

Why would Nauset want to pitch in one penny if it didn't have to.

Financially, it doesn't save us anything to send our kids too Nauset.
11:57 pm edt 

Is Less More?

If less is more, why do you bother writing when you have
nothing to write about. Stop with the waste of time postings. If you
have something to say, say it. If not, don't complain about what
other people write about.
11:55 pm edt 

Cluck, Cluck, Cluck

What a crock. Mr. Cimikowski insinuation that a person hitting on
someone on Commercial Street is equivalent to a doctor abusing a
patient in their office is just plain wrong. That it involved a
realtor is non sequiter if even if there was merit to his concern.
Even worse is the sympathetic clucking of the truly slimeball
realtors who never want to miss a chance to slam a fellow realtor
(gee, by the way, let me pass you my card). What someone does on
Commercial St has nothing to do with their profession, unless for
instance it was a public safety official, in uniform.

For hundreds of years people have been hitting on each other on
Commercial St. Because this lame jerk's EIGHTEEN YEAR OLD nephew is
involved makes no difference. Really, how pathetic. I suspect your
nephew has probably hit on a girl or two in his time, are you going
to write and update us on how terrible that is? Didn't you say your
nephew was amused by the whole thing? Guess what it's a gay
destination resort and guess what gay men might just try to be
friendly to other men which under the laws of the Commonwealth is
what your nephew is.

That - and the responses - has to be one of the lamest, stupidest
posts I've ever seen on here and that is saying a lot.
11:54 pm edt 

I Totally Agree

I really like that phrase; What's the rush? That is exactly how I
feel too. Why rush to spend $7 million or $9 million to renovate town
hall? We do not need to rush to dot his now. Wait until Spring 2009
and let's see what our financial world is like then. Or wait until
Spring 2010. Then examine what our national and state and town
finances are.

Yes, What the rush?  The secret is that there is none.
10:12 pm edt 

How About a Few Paragraphs and Not a Novel

Copyediting is an art. Some could profit from fewer words. Less is
more. Especially here on the blog.
10:11 pm edt 

Put the Permanent Town Hall Sign at Jerome Parking Lot

Soon, soon, town hall will move to the great Jerome Parking Lot
location. Ten trailers will be lined up and inside all our members of
town hall. so be it!

Seems it should be the permanent home of Town Hall. Why not? Trailers
are paid for--for a few years. They'll be happy in the choice they
made for themselves in the Katrina trailers. Great choice of the
great transition team!

Let's rethink renovations in three years or so. If we are not in a
depression then, maybe we'll consider spending a few millions on town
hall. Otherwise, let these beautiful, state-of-the-art trailers, with
their almost historic fake clapboards, stand as the new home for town
hall. You made this choice and staying there a few extra years
shouldn't be any problem. Right?
10:10 pm edt 

So What is on the Auction Block?

Sounds interesting but what place is this? Do we have to guess? H-m-m-m.
10:08 pm edt 

Maybe We're Just Tired of Game Playing
And attending a BOS meeting is now becoming like this. The Frog
thinks she is the queen of the pond and her behavior is egomanical.
She is a nothing that is propped up by others and her behavior is
quite destructive for the town. Too many others are like bugs in the
frog pond. Vulnerable, tentative and afraid.

Then there is the grandmother that lives for affordable housing and
all other issues fall to the bottom. She holds the lily ponds for the
frog to jump upon.

Do we really need to be the audience for this frog circus? I don't
think so. But I do believe a tsunami will solve this dilemma. Even
tonight, the winds tell a tale. Let the lily pond suffer the upcoming
white caps. Let it rip and roar.
10:05 pm edt 

Please Sign My Letter to the State Government Concerning Regionalization

Peter Francese is a demographer and consumer market expert.
At the conference that he gave last October he presented his study of
cape cod and states the following: rising Property taxes depreciate
the values of homes.

There is no growth on Cape Cod and Provincetown has a declining
population. He states that it isn't affordable housing that is needed
but work force housing and middle class housing for middle class

(My question is where are the jobs for these middle class workers?
Another question is how much money does the town government get in
taxes from all of the existing affordable housing and from the 
housing that the tax payers paid for out of their CPA funds?)

The cape is the oldest county in all of New England. And out of the
3,000 counties in the entire United States, the cape is among the top
oldest. He states that the cape has too many school districts:
fourteen; and there are 4,500 fewer students now than we had six
years ago--but the costs keep rising.

The public schools on cape cod spend $350,000,000 to educate 26,400
students and Scottsdale AZ spends $100,000,000 less to educate 27,000

In April 2008, The department of Revenue presented its audit of
provincetown. In The audit of the schools, the D.O.A. states that the
tax payer is saddled with paying almost $4,000,000 to educate 46
Provincetown high school students plus the students from wellfleet
and Truro who go to the high school.

I called the legal department of the Board of Education and I was
told that a town can tuition out its students to another school if
less than 50 families have children in the school.

Last year we had 12 graduating seniors and this year we have one
student in the sixth grade.

In the strongest terms possible the D.O.R. states that the
Provincetown school committee is so entrenched in its entitlement to
these millions every year that it admonished the school committee to
seriously consider regionalization.

I'm incorporating the demographic facts of Peter Francese with the
facts stated by the Department of Revenue in their study of the cost
of the school and its burden on the tax payers and I'm in the process
of writing a letter which I will be sending out to Government
officials in the commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Chapter 40 section 3 of the Massachusetts General laws states that a
business can be run from a school if procedures are followed.

Town hall workers could have been housed in the school--but the
school committee said no--just as they said no to even allowing us to
vote there-until town counsel put its foot down and said that it is
legal under the law.

If anyone wishes to read and sign the letter I will be at the finance
committee Public hearing Wednesday at 4 PM in the Judge Welsh Hearing
Room at town hall.

The agenda is discussion on the Special Town Meeting Warrant
Articles. It is a public meeting which means the public is encouraged
to participate.

It is imperative to start now to wake people up to the cost of
running our own high school so changes can be made at the Spring town

At this special town meeting we must vote no on the article to spend
millions on a bond during these economically perilous times to
renovate town hall. We must find the cash to shore it up and make it
weather tight--but no open ended bond costing millions for renovation.
Michael Rogovsky
10:03 pm edt 

I'm Not at All Suprised

Some of the real estate agents here are not professional at all. They
would never survive anywhere else.

There are however a handful of good hearted, smart and reliable real
estate agents in town. Two of which I would trust with my own kids.

The duo you speak of everyone knows them. Their behavior is shameful
but what is more shameful is that the broker lets this go on in her
9:57 pm edt 

What's the Rush?

Consumer confidence is at the lowest rate ever recorded.
There are demonstrations on wall street.

Lay offs will be rampant..and Provincetown taxpayers are going to
burden themselves and ensnare their children in debt if they take on
this project at this time. vote no on the town hall project in these
economic perilous times.

We must wait a year and see if the economic climate changes.
9:55 pm edt 

Need More Information

There are always new people coming on here so it would
behoove the writers to give as much information as possible. Saying
two clicks of the town website doesn't mean much to some people..can
you give the address and mention what to click?
9:54 pm edt 

Stop Panicking

Oh doom and gloom, oh me oh my, the world is coming to and end! Not!

- FACT: If you've owned property in Provincetown since 2003 or
earlier your property is worth more today than you bought it for
unless you've completely neglected it and let it fall apart. It's
price if you sold it tomorrow is somewhat less than if you sold it a
year ago but relative to the stock market you are doing great.
- FACT: The stock market by any measure has dropped a lot in the past
six weeks but if you a) have a percentage of bonds in your portfolio
equal to your age you are cushioned agains the overall drop in value 
b) haven't sold you haven't "lost" a cent c) have no levergage in
your stock portfolio you are at no risk of being forced out while
prices arelow  d) if you have dividend reinvestment you are buying
while things are on sale
- FACT: There have been steep declines in the stock market every
decade some more brutal than others, this one is exacerbated by
people and organizations who had high leverage (eg, lots of borrowed
money) and are forced to sell. In the short term the stock market is
a popularity contest, in the long term a weighing machine and right
now it's a liquidation machine for those that were stupid enough to
have a lot of leverage and are forced to sell.
- FACT: Stocks are a better value, and probably ptown real estate,
than they have been in decades. It's like the MAP sale around
Christmas when things that were ridiculously priced are finally
selling for something close to what they are worth.
- FACT: If you are completely reliant on your savings and have it all
in the stock matter, no matter what your age, you are an idiot and
deserve whatever you get for being such a fool.
- FACT: If you have no stocks or bonds and have cash or close to it
as your life savings you have lost not one cent.
- FACT: If you have no life savings or stocks you are in exactly the
same situation you were before, there are no giant corporate layoffs
going on in Provincetown that I've seen and we had a remarkably good
summer given economic conditions, energy prices, etc.
- FACT: If you are living on social security income and have no
assets other than your home there are options for reverse mortgages -
from reputable banks that are heavily regulated - that can help you
out as well as town tax deferments.
- FACT: Energy costs for gasoline have dropped dramatically recently
and presumably to some extent heating fuel will as well.
- FACT: Interest rates are at historic lows and probably when the Fed
lowers them tomorrow will be even lower. Inflation while recently
above trend will slow dramatically and be well below trend.
- FACT: Revenue for town is tight but with energy costs dropping
there is some relief in sight. The Town seems to be taking prudent
steps to better manage is costs an explore ways to regionalize with
surrounding towns to further cut costs over the long term.
- FACT: Boston high end real estate (our closest equivalent) has only
dropped in price 7% from the peak of the market. While Provincetown
per square foot prices have dropped a lot more than that the high
prices at the peak were unrealistic and unsustainable. Also, you
haven't "lost" money you never had.
- FACT: Behavioral economics teaches that people bias their view of
the future by projecting the recent past into the future. So when
times are great they think times will always be great and when times
suck they think they will always suck.
- FACT: If you are a full time resident - and own a home - that home
has continued to deliver the same imputed rent of a roof over your
head in a very nice place, that most people would love to live in, as
it always has. If you took out a huge mortgage or home equity loan
based on inflated value and decided to consume rather than invest
that "extracted equity" you put yourself in the same position as
someone who borrowed against their stocks and thought lean times
would never come and deserve the consquences.
- FACT: Most people's income here is tied to the resort economy and a
big fat boarded up town hall in the middle of that resort economy
would hurt the town's image and income badly over time.
- FACT: The town derives imputed rent from occupying Town Hall the
same as town residents do from their homes. The trailer costs are
that imputed rent. Somehow making those evil town employees sit for
years in the trailers would not only punish hard working people we
need it would incur ongoing wasted expenses of not only the trailers
but bare maintenane upkeep to keep town hall from deteriorating
further. This would be equivalent to you moving out of your house,
letting it deteriorate, and renting a house next door. It would be
just plain stupid.
- FACT: the press loves gloom and doom and is reporting from within
an echo chamber of their own home values and 401k's being down and
everyone around them worried about everything, the reverse of how
they reported during the boom, the politicians love gloom and doom.
"Get very scared because only we can solve your problems."
- FACT: If you are a realtor, derive all your income from
commissions, and saved none of it during the boom and bought an
expensive car or a bunch of property you couldn't afford on credit
you are indeed screwed, but you deserve it, it's the cost of being
- FACT: we are in the tail end of the great foreclosure cycle brought
about by terrible lending practices of 2004-2006. By mid next year
resets on subprimes will peter out, the federal measures will be in
full effect and, as is already happening, the major western markets
of CA, NV and AZ that together account for over 40% of the content of
the "toxic" mortgage debt will be clearing themselves of inventory
and begin to stabilize in pricing and eventually turn upward albeit
not back to boom levels but back to a normal market. This in turn
will stabilize a lot of other stuff.
- FACT: Provincetown has a great finance committee ably led and
collectively has done more for this town than the collective hot wind
on here will ever do.
- FACT: This blog goes in cycles almost directly counter-cyclical to
the amount of tourist traffic and the weather, we're obviously coming
into nasty season when the blowhards have too much time on their

So, again, the economy sucks but it will get better and I don't see
too many people who are going broke here more so than from normal
causes so stop being chicken little, flapping your wings, etc.

We need to get the Town Hall fixed up enough to start using it again
and tighten the belt a bit but we don't need to slash and burn and
add to the misery or short-change the brighter future that is ahead.

If I'm wrong and we're headed into a depression we can always loosen
up the incredibly restrictive rules in this town, have chickens/goats
in the yard, veggie gardens everywhere, clamming/fishing, etc and
maybe it will again be fun like it was in the real Depression when
the town was full of artists, writers, late night drinking,
womanizing/manizing and all the other stuff that made it fun and has
been so ruthlessly purged by the new puritans or baby boomers as they
are also known. Maybe we could also get to know and cooperate with
our fellow townspeople and neighbors rather than jumping on here for
a little character assasination.

One person's opinion.

PS: to the newby to town, if your nephew is 18 - legal - who cares
that he got hit on?, guess what, you say he didn't seem to care and
one of the nice things about about ptown is you can geneally assume
guys and gals are gay and it's up to them to let you know otherwise.
if this offends you so much sell your place and go to suburban Boston
where you can nurse your hurt and cavort with the other soccer moms
at Starbucks and be sure no one will hit on your nephew. welcome to
9:52 pm edt 

High School Regionalization

With the devastating demographic facts documented by the
Peter Francese study of Barnstable county and the declining
population and the loss of 1,000 students last year; and with the
stern rebuke of the school committee by the Department of Revenue
regarding the school committee's refusal to regionalize the high
school and reduce the incredible financial burden on the tax
payers--tomorrow would be the perfect time to present the finace
committee with a written statement asking for their support in
regionalizing the high school.
9:43 pm edt 

To: T. Cimikowski

I agree with everything you said except please don't group all of us
realtors with those two folks. Those things happen but you can't
think that most people in a certain business would do the same.

Realtor Man
9:41 pm edt 

Can't Afford a 6 Million Dollar Bond!

I want to tell the finance committee that consumer
confidence is at the lowest level ever recorded. The fall out from
the contraction of the economy will soon be felt and it will deepen.

We are going into a recession; for the first time in 26 years Great
Britain's economy has decreased and the loss of jobs is starting and
will continue.

We can't afford a 6 million dollar bond for town hall.
9:40 pm edt 

Remembrance of Things Past

Is it true that       is on the auction block? I heard that
it has been foreclosed on and if it is true I am quite happy about
it. What a total dump. I had friends stay there this summer and their
room was filthy. There was pubic hair in the bed and when asked for
the sheets to be changed, they were told, "Oh, they come back that
way from the wash." Mold was growing on the walls of the bathrooms
and in the little fridge. How gross and disgusting. Also, the food
there was lousy. Glad to here its closed and being sold. Maybe
someone will buy it, fix it up and make it the classy place it used
to be.
T W Hunt
9:38 pm edt 

FinComm Meeting

Is on Wednesday at 4 PM in the Judge Welsh Hearing Room and the
agenda is discussion on the Special Town Meeting Warrant Articles. 
It is a public meeting which means the public is encouraged to

Two clicks from the town's website gets you this information.

My guess is that no more than three, maybe four people will attend. 
Barbara, Rushmore, Astrid Berg, Pru Sowers and maybe one of the

Some people aren't even willing to do the simple research to find out
the time/place of the meetings, but they'll be the first to     
(complain)about the decisions on here.
5:07 pm edt 

Finance Committee Open Meeting

Tomorrow is the open meeting of the fiance committee at
5pm. Can we make public statements or comments? Where is the meeting

  Too bad people don't post the meetings here and what the agenda is
and perhaps inspire people to attend.
4:19 pm edt 

We Are in a Dire Economic State.......

.........and it is only going to get
worse. There is no more free money and we must do all that we can to
stop us from making the catastrophic mistake of voting millions to
renovate town hall.

Corporations are shedding employees. People have lost a tremendous
amout of their savings and it will take years to recoup the losses.
We simply must tighten our belts.

We must shore up town hall but only with cash from CPA fund and we
must vote no on renovating town hall.
4:17 pm edt 

Re: We the Taxpayers As Landlords

Not a bad idea in theory but somewhat obtrusive. We all hear the
stories about folks who have affordable housing and obuse the
regulations and original intent of the program(s).

I would suggest that if I were a market rate owner living next door
to an affordable housing owner and I was suspicious that something "
didn't look right" I would have no problem reporting it.

These programs are for folks who truly deserve a leg up and the opportunity
to own their own home, not a venue to suppliment their income or work the
system. This is truly one of the advantages of living in a small town, everyone
knows everyone and it is our responsibility to see that those awarded the
privilege of affordable housing adhere to the standards set forth.
Affordable rentals? That will be a horse of another color. When the
90 Shankpainter project is completed and occupied it will take even
more vigilance to guard against bending the rules. I can smell those
problems already!

Again, these programs are truly worthy yet need to be aggressively
watchdogged, if not then they fail in theory and reality and serve no
one other than the selfish.

E. Michael Richards
1:32 pm edt 

Hot Air

By reading this blog you would think that hundreds of
people would be at the selectmans meeting last night or at the
community preservation commission this morning. I wish I could
harness all of this hot air to heat the trailers this winter!
1:28 pm edt 

Constrantly Running Uphill

No one wants to attend the BOS meetings when Mary Joe and
Michelle are going to do whatever the heck they want anyway. They
don't listen and when dictator Michelle doesn't like what you have to
say, she'll cut you off.

As long as we have retarded government in place, going to those
meetings and voicing your concerns is about as productive as swimming

I don't have the time for that.
1:26 pm edt 

Regionalize The School

It was brought before the BOS to put on the ballot a question
pertaining to closing the school. The selectman voted "NO". That's
when the school committee had the bogus idea to form a committee
(again) to see how to increase enrollment.

At town meeting, we all know the school committee and superintendent/
principal will be sitting in their section in the back so they can see us voting.
They will also "plant" a student to speak who probably truly believes they
have received a great education at PHS.

Hopefully this year, people will be able to speak and not be rush to move the
question by the school supporters. It is too important. While no one wants to see
anyone loose their job it is apparent that its not about the students, its about
the school employees paychecks. And now they are talking about hiring a principal.
Another principal who will come to fatten up their retirement and then leave, like so
many others. In the past ten years we have had more than 4 principals. The school
will close, one way or another.
1:24 pm edt 

Re: Affordable Housing

Again with the foolish and misinformed rants against
affordable housing, ie: your friends and neighbors. sandy hill was an
ownership project. you're not their landlord. and a website with the
financial information on tenants? why not everyone? why not tap the
phones and make sure they don't make dinner reservations? because
even under the patriot act, it's probably not legal. i mean, really.
where does this stuff come from? why such fear and loathing? and
before you go establishing rules for affordable housing, why not look
into the ones that actually exist. they're just not as controlling
and mean-spirited.

jobs have declined because the year round community has diminished.
the inflated real estate market made sure of that. if people were
here, businesses would have reason to be open like they used to be. i
don't understand the nastiness devoted to folks trying to do a good
thing. i've never seen affordable housing being so demonized the way
it is on this blog. i can't help but wonder why that is...i know i'll
be supporting the cause as long as i can afford to stay here.
1:20 pm edt 


Dear Bloggers,

I've never been impressed with the local realtors since we originally
bought our first vacation home about three years ago. I've always
felt there was a lack of professionalism, at least with those
realtors that I met here during our purchase. My partner and I moved
here earlier this year and we used one of this local professionals
and I use that term very losely.

So when my nephew came to visit the last couple of days with one of
his best friends, I never imagine something like this would happen.
He's straight and so is his friend. They went to dinner at       
      and when they left he and his friend were approached on the
street by one of our local realtors who told him that he had been
watching him from his office across the street. This may  sound
creepy enough but it's gets better. The realtor informed my nephew
and his friend that he and his boyfriend wanted to "meet up" with
them later for fun. A little forward? He asked my nephew if he was on
manhunt and told him to look up him and his boyfriend on manhunt
public profile "cleanfun". My nephew and his friend were a little
uneasy that someone would come up to them on the street in
Provincetown, let alone one of the real estate people and try to pick
them up.

When my nephew came back, he told us what had happened. This was his
first visit to Provincetown. Out of curiousity, I logged into manhunt
and looked up this public profile to try to figure out who it was.

As a gay resident, and someone who believes there is more to
Provincetown then just t-dance and dick dock, I'd like to imagine
that our local realtor community would be more professional than
stalking 18 year old boys out the windows of their offices. Not only
stalking them, but then waiting for them to leave dinner at a
restaurant to follow them and try to pick them up.

After asking around a bit, I learned that this realtor and his
boyfriend do this at work all the time and they work together at the
same office. What a great setup for them!

I know this is Provincetown and people think anything goes here, I
must say I'm ashamed of this. I would never trust selling my home to
someone who acted in this manner towards the general public. What you
do behind closed doors is your business. What you do online is your
business. What you do in a business setting and in public on the
street needs to be held to a higher standard. I know this is off
season boys, but lets not get so desperate this early that we need to
stalk people out our office windows.

My nephew got a kick out of it and says he'll come back to visit at
some point. We'll see. I'm still disgusted and ashamed of some of our
local real estate professionals. Would this be tolerated if you were
a physician or dentist? You would be in court and lose your license.

T. Cimikowski
New Yearrounder
1:18 pm edt 

You Raised a Good Question

Why weren't many people at the BOS meeting? I used to attend every
meeting. I believed that being there could sway how the BOS make
certain decision. But this is quite the board! They are not open. You
have Michele Couture who changes the agenda for most meetings. You
have Elaine Anderson who does what Michele Couture and those pulling
both of their strings, doing their bidding. There are times you don't
want to waste your time. Votes count. Speaking at Town Meetings
count. But you can attend these meetings and present rational
positions but they will do what they have already decided to do. Look
at the trailers. Look at the ballots already printed for two
choices--not choices most of us would have offered. Look at all the
time you can stand and present clear positions for cuts in the budget
and what do they do? Increase the budget and only cut one position in
Community Development and one in DPW.

Sometimes it's best to conserve energy and wait until our voices
match our votes.

You raised a good question. And others will have other answers. But
it's not that it's only about entertainment. It's about other
alternatives to standing and speaking to this group that often is
like speaking to the three monkeys: one blocking her ears, the other
covering her eyes and the third covering his mouth. There's more than
one way to skin a monkey!
1:13 pm edt 

Entertainment Only!
With the right  mental attitude, all things are possible. 
Belief in one's words and chosen action are among the factors that
separate success from failure.

I have always said I read this blog as entertainment and on occasion
think I am getting a snapshot of the people of Provincetown and their
wishes.  So as I have read over the past weeks, that people MUST
attend the BOS meetings and voice their concerns, I decided to attend
the BOS meeting at 6PM this past Monday, October 27th.   How
disappointed I was when there were only 7 people in the audience.  1
was a reporter, 2 were individuals that are consistently there, 1
individual was being voted on for an appointment to a board , and 1
person spoke at the public section about how to get a street
somewhere in Provincetown named to remember the Indians that were
here before the pilgrims.  Yes, only 1 person spoke at the public

Going back to my second sentence, if you really believe in your
words, WHY WERE THERE NO ACTIONS from all these posts?  Now go back
to my second paragraph, first sentence, I WILL READ THIS BLOG AS

9:20 am edt 

Live Like Royalty

We do not need year round housing..we need work force
housing. We have lost population because of jobs--not housing.

I'd love to go to a subsidized restaurant and get a two pound baked
lobster dinner with a bottle of champagne for Five dollars. You'd
have the town lined up.

Saying that 250 are lined up for affordable housing is a no brainer
too. Who wouldn't line up for subsidized housing if it was available.

Pay a third of whatever you make, get a job under the table, and
live like royalty.
9:17 am edt 

We the Tax Payers are Landlords!

Since the affordable housing building at Sandy Hill and the
land at Shankpainter Rd. was paid for by tax payers, we tax payers
are the landlords too.

We can make rules. A web site must be established where by any
resident can go on line and learn the financial history and the
current situation of anyone on affordable housing.

I'm tired of hearing from the person on affordable housing and his
cruises each winter (one year two) and his trips to up North.

First. Anyone who lives in this subsidized housing must live here year round.

Two. No subletting thus ending any practice where someone has to go
away in the summer and thus rents out their unit and reaps a summer

three. No roommates where by someone makes the sleep sofa in the
living room their bedroom and then rents out their one bedroom for
the summer and reaps a kings fortune.

four. Documentation of their housing qualifications Placed on line
for anyone to look up a current tenant and where they work and their
income thus blowing the whistle on the folks working under the table
who have their housing paid.

five. When folks on assisted living go on cruises or take trips to
Europe, their trip and length of stay must be posted on line.

Forced by CPA to be a landlord
9:15 am edt 

BOS Meeting Poorly Attended

One could count on one hand the number of people at the
selectmen's meeting. Astrid and Barbara Rushmore were there speaking
about an article as the 5pm meeting went over time. Too bad I didn't
know about the 5pm agenda.

I heard a person on the way out say that he thought that a lot of
people who write here would be there. He was shocked to see the
sparse crowd.

It seems the selectmen want to pass a regulation stating that people
on affordable housing can only sublet their units for a year to
someone else--not just for three months--and that they can't do it to
make a profit. This, after how many years of affordable housing in

Astrid, what is the story with the selectmen and the CPA funds and town hall?
9:13 am edt 

Monday, October 27, 2008

How About Seasonal Affordable Housing?

How about instead of year round affordable housing, where
we don't have enough people to qualify or fill the housing, we invest
in seasonal, short term rental units, for the workforce that comes to
town in the summer. You don't even need to winterize the building as
it would not be needed in the winter... just trying to think outside
of the box.

Is there a study that has been done that shows the need
for affordable housing and how many units are needed? Let's not build
what we cant fill and Lets not "Built it so they will come!" If we
dont have a need in town and build it so other from other communities
move here then I have a problem with that.

Provincetown tax payers money should be spent on Provincetown residents.
Remember we need affordable housing for seasonal worker.

Fiscal Freddy
10:16 pm edt 

Enough Affordable Housing Already

Rentals, yes, ownership no. As I understand it the last of the units
has finally sold at Sandy Hill and I'm not even sure that unit fell
under the affordable umbrella. Complete the 90 Shankpainter rental
project as that makes sense. I think even those of us generally
compassionate about these issues have come to learn that in most
cases these projects have become a rouse for the developers. It is
simple math, not enough people qualify under the strict quidelines so
therefore the units go to market rate.

E. Michael Richards
6:31 pm edt 

Why 250 More Affordable Housing Units?

Yes. Whoever questioned on here why we need 250 more
affordable housing units is making sense. Especially when there were
hardly any applications during the last lottery good ole Teddy held
at CHR. Pam's agenda is pretty clear, but when has it not been?

Take the affordable housing money and if we need to fix town hall, use the
money there. Let's get in reality folks. If Teddy wants to buy more
poorly constructed modular units from Canada to put in Ameria, maybe
he should pay for them himself.
6:03 pm edt 

It's About Fiscal Control!

Boo hoo about Town Hall! Yes I agree it's a historic
building but if we can't afford to maintain the dinosaur and keep it
safe for the public, lets flatten it and put in parking that we can
actually make money on.

I'm so sick of hearing people whine about preserving town hall, well
if you didn't screw up 10 years ago, it may have been resolved and
repaired then.

The bottom line, it wasn't done. Now we may not be able to afford it.
I'm not willing to fund anymore.

I say no on both phases. I say no on both ballot questions. I say yes
on getting spending finally under control.
6:01 pm edt 

The Mouse that Roared

Or should I say, the Mice that Roared? What audacity. They will say
anything to get their friends into affordable housing or the vested
interest that helps keep these two in power. What balooney! That
Michele Couture and Elaine Anderson, our own Frick and Frack, would
state that we need 250 affordable rentals is nuts. That's a fourth of
the people who live here in the winter. What are the 250 rentals for?
Their friends who winter in Florida and Costa Rica and who work three
months and then, with the remaining 2,600, leave town.

Sounds like the Manor deal where Le Couture wanted more and money to
be given to SeaShore Point. We gave and gave and now what does
SeaShore Point give us? No rehab for residents who need it. Just try
to see if a parent or loved one of yours needs rehab. You'll be
driving to Brewster or Sandwich daily.

Few of the old staff remain, most let go long ago. NO job security for
town residents. No medical and health care relationship with Outer Cape
Health which would have strengthened them financially. Poor treatment
for those who are there. Ask those who loved ones find themselves there.
As to apartments, ask         Anderson what she thinks.
5:58 pm edt 

If You Work for Ted Malone......

.......Then you think that the majority of town people want affordable
housing. Your job is based on more and affrodable housing so of
course you believe there is a huge group advocating for these units.
The majority of town residents, however, do not want more and more
affordable housing. We have given and given and now it's time to give
to our Town Hall and to restore this building with CPC funds.

Our town has more affordable housing than most town on the Cape.
Thank the Cape Cod Commission and Ted Malone and the past Local
Comprehensive PLan Implementation Committee, with Malone on it, to
change our by-laws to make affordable houisng and its high density

And now the new Ad Hoc group, again with Ted Malone on
this, advocates full throat for increase affordable housing. There is
much workings behind the scenes. There is much rousing of the troops
to stand up and speak loudly for affordable housing. But look at the
economy. Look at the Meadows. Look at what is not selling. Yes
affordable housing.

Enough charades.
5:55 pm edt 

If Town Hall Must Be Preserved

Then let's get the $1.9 million from the available funds from CPC. If
they are not willing to transfer all or even a large part of these
monies for Town Hall renovations, then let Town Hall stay as it is.
We make choices and there are consequences for our choices. Are
affordable future projects more important than renovating Town Hall?
That is the question. If you say Yes, then use the money for
affordable housing but put town hall renovations on hold for two to
three years. If you say No, then let those monies be part of the pool
of funds that help us renovate and restore Town Hall. You just can't
have it all. Taxpayers cannot continue to pay for everything that
town officials and the BOS want. Choices: Make them and live with

For me, If none of the CPC $1.9 million will be used for renovations
for town hall, then let Town Hall stay as it is and let the town
officials and employees remain snug as a bug in a rug in the Katrina
trailers. After three years of this, then let's see if the CPC will
give or will not give any of its money for what our taxes were
supposed to be used for in CPC funds: open space, affordable housing
and yes historic renovations.
5:50 pm edt 

Shame on You!

After living here awhile I am beginning to discover a
repetitive habit in this town. If we do not take responsibility for
it someone else will.

Can someone with some unbiased knowledge of town history indicate if
the following is true or false.

Is it true that the town had the opportunity to have sewer put in the
town and financed by the state but the town voted that down at a town
meeting because they did not want the streets torn up during the

Is it true that in 1988 a structural engineering firm was hired to
assess the work needed to be done on town hall and that report is
identical to the most recent report the town received on the
structural integrity of town hall in 2008 and that the estimated cost
in 1988 was only $1 million dollars?

If the following is true then shame on you if you are posting on here
ranting and raving about high taxes. Its because of you and your
short sightedness that we are now in this current situation. Its time
for all of us to take some community reponsibilty and solve these
issues and stop pushing it on the next generation of this town.
5:48 pm edt 

What's Up?

Why is it that the roads all around my house were torn up
for the sewer system and when repaired they are all even and
smooth--just a different color.

If drive down cemetary road and other streets around where I live
they are smooth and even. I don't know who did the area around
commercial street that people are complaining about--but let the town
make them smooth.
1:51 pm edt 

Shut Down Time

I sat at town meeting last year (well a friend brought me
.in a bowl full of water) and watched the school budget get
railroaded in.  We had Jessica with her rehersed student mouthpiece (
no offense to the young lady who was "used" by the system) plead for
the school; then we had a motion to pass, a quick vote and in less
than a minute 4 million dollars was spent.  The rest of the line
waiting to speak, oh well ...shut down time. My question to the
writers on this blog is how to prevent that from happening again. The
school budget is repeatly blocked from the ballot

Slippery Fish
1:48 pm edt 

Re: Vote For Affordable Housing

"The majority of the voters want affordable houseing, Only a
few voted against it! We will vote for it again."


Oh, so this means we will see the consortium of folks we rarely
encounter at town meetings show up again in droves to force their
issue--only to leave right after voting because nothing else matters
to them?  Bring it on.  Your cause is tired, your assessment of what
"the majority of the voters want" is skewed to the point of absurdity.

Please, everyone who reads this blog and PAYS taxes show up and vote
for the money to go where it should: away from a venture that has
seen its day and should be put aside for the reality of the times we
live in.
1:44 pm edt 

Intrinsic Part of Our "Skyline"

I have some real concerns about what I read and hear about
people's feelings about rehabbing Town Hall. Unfortunately,it  must
be done. It is the life blood of this community. I tis where we have
our meetings, our entertainment, get our permits and meet others
doing the same. Perhaps, most important for those who care about the
historic nature of Provincetown, it appears on almost every old
postcard of Provincetown and is an intrinsic part of our "skyline".

We are spending thousands to renovate that firehouse for toilets,
that will have to be maintained and staffed. That building could have
easily been sold, but no one would listen when Cheryl Andrews told us
there was no money for it. So we have toilets to no where but we
don't want to rehab town hall?

People have to get a grip--for all of you who want to maintain
Provincetown as a mauseleum -get out you check books and for those of
us who want to keep Provincetown a progressive and habitable fun
town-we have to get out ours as well. 

Town Hall must be preserved!
1:42 pm edt 

To the Renter Who Posted:

Thank you, very well put. Sounds
like you are a man of honer.

A Rat In The Basement
1:38 pm edt 

Short Sightness Abounds

With the economy in turmoil that hasn't yet abated, affordable
housing is not going to be needed. People will need jobs; to have
jobs, businesses are needed. In the equation somewhere is the
assumption that P-Town will thrive despite recession.  The D word is
next. Unless town leaders start to understand that  priorities have
shifted,that no one knows what the effect on Provincetown business will be in
2009, and that Provincetown powers need to prepare for hard times,
spending should be cut  to a minium.

My vote is NO.

Slippery Fish (reading the Wall Street news)
1:36 pm edt 

We Need Leadership

Our community does not have 10.million to fix a  cute old funky building.
We haven't fixed our roads for 10 millioon yet.

Why not?

The roads are a wreck!

It is a disgrace.....what a slum we all live in.

Sure. Congrate yourseveles  on your accomplishments.
12:40 am edt 

No Hate Community?

...and I thought Provincetown was a "NO HATE" community...
Shame on you

12:38 am edt 

I Agree 70% or 80% For Town Hall

"Let them change the rulling now so 70% or 80% can go to fix
town hall and then folks can vote in two years to
have the money go back to affordable housing. The entire town needs
this help now."

I agree 100%.  Town hall has to be fixed, we have to find the funds
for it WITHOUT borrowing more money
12:37 am edt 

Bond Town Hall Rehab

Some people just don't get that without affordable rentals,
  this town will not survive. Robbing funds from housing only makes
things worse. Town hall should be bonded. And has'nt the last eight
years of trickle down economics shown not to work!
12:34 am edt 

Vote For Affordable Housing

The majority of the voters want affordable houseing, Only a
few voted against it! We will vote for it again.
12:32 am edt 

To: Join a Board!

It's funny how some people's solution to every crises in
Provincetown is "join a board" and get involved. I am involved, I
fund part of this train wreck.  I am frankly embarrassed by our Town
government and would never participate.  It would be a waste of my
time as well as added frustration I don't need.  Even watching the
Selectboard meetings on PTV, my blood boils with the level of
stupidity I see at that table.  No, I'm not joining a board!  To sit
next to Mary Joe and listen to her rediculousness and then next to
her you have Couture who has her own personal agenda. No way!
12:30 am edt 

I Will Vote Yes on Phase I

I will be voting yes on phase I of the town hall
renovation.  If this does not get done, town hall will only get
worse.  Water is leaking in from the roof and it will only cause more
deterioration and make the situation worse and more expensive.

As to phase II, at this time I'm inclined to vote no.  My
understanding is that this is to repair electricl, the boiler, etc. 
We don't have the money for it and I don't want to add even more debt
to the town.

Should the warrant regarding charging the room tax pass and then be
approved by the legislature then I would be rewilling to look at
phase II.  The additional room tax would bring in more revenue which
could conceivably be used for infrastructure needs in our town.  It
would take a town vote to change the distribution of the room tax,
but it may be worth it to change it for X number of years.
12:27 am edt 

Substantiate the 250

Will Selectman Elaine Anderson and Ms. Pam P. please
explain why we need 250 more affordable housing units when the jobs
advertized in the banner are so few?

*Everyone* I know wants to live in Provincetown. Why should the tax
payers pay for this housing out of their pockets? It simply is not
12:25 am edt 

Re: DOA Report

I wrote that E.Michael Richards should quote the D.O.A.
report..but I didn't finish. I believe that *anyone* interested in
closing the school and sending the students to Nauset should just
stand up and quote the D.O.A.'s section 11 report where they state
that the school has only 46 students who are residents of
Provincetown (April 2008) and that the D.O.A essentially states that
the schools should regionalize.

We currently have one student in the sixth grade--the other parents
removed their children from the school.

It is the D.O.A. that holds this position--we tax payers are
following their instructions and getting the word out and supporting
their findings.
12:23 am edt 

I Just Don't Believe in Making Developers Wealthier

So, where are all these people in disadvantaged situations
that Parmekian writes about in the paper?  We should, apparently, be
tripping over them in the streets.

  I've lived here for over ten years and not just summer, all year
around. I dont own, I rent. Ive moved about 6 times in that period
for assorted reasons.  However, never have I felt the need to have a
committee find my next apartment for me.  Did it myself or found one
through friends who knew people and it always turned out fine.  Is it
expensive?  Yup. Do I make a lot of money?  No, God no. Do I feel
like I deserve a handout because it is expensive?  Nope. Do I feel
disadvantaged to the point that I feel deserving of having a bundle
of public funds build me an apartment thats cheaper? Um, no again.
Have I always been lucky to find a place to live in a town I adore?
Maybe, but generally the people I have rented from are all hard
working folks whose tax bills I would not want to see, much less pay.

  So let me be the apparently only voice here who is a renter who
thinks all this affordable housing hooey is thinly veiled
self-serving socialism. Ptown is a special place but last I checked
it didnt read Welcome to the Peoples Republic of Ptown on the sign
down the street.  And just for the record before anyone fires back
that I must be some right wing nut let me just inform you now that Im
so far left in my thinking that I make Keith Olbermann look like Bill
OReilly.  I just dont believe in making developers wealthier by
having the taxpayers manipulated into subsidizing affordable housing
developments so I can feel snug.
12:21 am edt 

Be Prepared

I hope that people are sharpening their speaking skills and
getting the facts to speak out against the $8 million dollar bond for
town hall. I hope that E. Michael Richards reads the D.O.A. report
and quotes it at town meeting.
12:17 am edt 

Cut Us Some Slack, Plesse

I went to yahoo and typed in bonds held by Provincetown MA
and found a $14 million dollar seaport bond, and under waste water
they state a leveraged bond, but I couldn't download the article to
get the facts.

Can someone get the facts regarding our bond debt? Can't affordable
housing let some of their housing money under CPC go to the relieve
the burden on the tax payers for just a few years?

  You special interests can vote to give all of the money to
Affordable housing developers in a few years--just throw us these few
crumbs. There are other citizens living here besides the new comers
who are on affordable housing.

There are residents who raised families here and now the only ones
left in the home are the widow or the widower on a fixed income.
There are worker families here trying to raise their children and
make ends meet. Can't you think of these year round residents
too--and give them a break?
12:15 am edt 

Such Anger and Vitriol on This Blog!

 My, my, my, my, my!
People, calm down and step back from your keyboards for a moment or
two! Now focus and take a deeeeeep breath.

Say it with me now: "I am going to work to help make things BETTER in
my town by doing my part. I will join a committee or board and help
to be a part of the solution, instead of the problem."

There now, isn't that better? Hey, you're face is all red and you're
turning blue! Come on, where's that good ole Townie spirit??  Oh
crap, did you forgot to let that deep breath out? You're hopeless vitriole
12:13 am edt 

What's the Cost of Our Existing Bonds

How can I find out what bonds we already have allocated our
taxes to pay? The school? The waste water treatment plant? The wharf?
Any others? We need to express to the tax payers the financial
situation inwhich we find ourselves and also state that under this
financial tsunami that we can't risk taking out a bond.
12:10 am edt 

Sunday, October 26, 2008

No free Lunch

We must go to the selectmen's meeting **Tomorrow** and
state that we can only spend the $2,000,000 in *cash* on town hall
and not take out a bond. We can't risk our economic future on this
enormous outlay.

This money isn't free--we start paying interest as soon as we get the
bond. This is too risky at this point in time.

As for Pam P.'s request, let them change the rulling now so 70% or
80% can go to fix town hall and then folks can vote in two years to
have the money go back to affordable housing. The entire town needs
this help now.

With Ted Malone's properties, with the land on Shank painter Rd.
being given to a developer and with the land on Race point road under
development and with all of the private landlords housing people
under the auspices of the Housing assitance corportation, the
Barnstable housing assistance corporation and the Yarmouth housing
assistance corporation..there is enough housing for the moment.
11:59 am edt 

Over Spending

I agree with cost cutting and budget cutting. Provincetown
is notorious for over spending and being wasteful. It's time to cut
back and spend less.

I agree to vote NO on the two ballot questions.

It's time for the town to realize we all don't have bottomless pockets.

And as much as Michelle keeps critizing people on here for speaking
out on the towns spending...we will continue to speak out.

It's OUR money Michelle that you're spending so freely.
11:57 am edt 

Re: To Webmaster

"Web master, how come someone can put down Ted Malone. But
when someone puts down Astrid you censor it?"

Has it occurred to you that Astrid is not implicated in possibly
questionable scenarios involving hundreds of thousands of tax payer
dollars like Malone has been? 

Why are you so intent about nailing Astrid?  Because she QUESTIONS
things that might, if they were ever fully answered, lead to you losing
your job with, say, A CERTAIN DEVELOPER? She's not the only one on
here questioning Mr. Malone's tactics or the actions of his disciples.

Haven't you been reading/listening? Many in this town don't want more
money to go to affordable housing again right now because there are
other pressing issues."

If you want to make a broad swipe at the other side of issues then fine,
but don't call her out personally.  See, the difference is that Mr. Malone
signed the papers, took the funds and made himself known.  Astrid and
many others in this town just want transparency with where all the money
is going from now on. If, in your mind, fiscal questioning somehow
tarnishes Mr. Malone's character then I would offer that you assess
exactly why that is.
10:07 am edt 

Saturday, October 25, 2008

RE: Under Spending Your budget is no Cause For Celebration!

You're the same person who keeps ranting 'cut the budget, cut the budget'.

What do you think under-spending a budget is?  Someone went in and
told the departments to stop spending thus resulting in DOR certified
free cash.  Instead of being grateful that someone finally realizes
how to run this town, you just crap all over it.  Now government is
lying to you for inflating the budgets to begin with.  What a piece
of work you are.  You will never be happy with any decisions people
in this town make.

Maybe you should run for selectman.  Collect your 10 votes and
finally realize that you do not think for the rest of us.  Your mean
spirited, anti-government approach only lives in your little circle
and benefits no one.  Oh, but I'm sure it benefits you.  You must
feel proud spouting your cynicism and negativity.  I'm sure you step
away from your computer feeling all smug in your beliefs.
11:26 pm edt 

On the Other Hand...

We could just practice deficit spending, get everything we want and
encumber an enormous debt. All the cool countries are doing it.
11:25 pm edt 

Ah, Yes, No More Blank Checks

That's a great campaign slogan. No Blank checks. And isn't this what
those in charge want us to do on November 19th? Vote two blank checks
for Town Hall Phase I renovations and then a blank check for Town
Hall Phase II design? There is no amount stated on the ballot. We are
being asked to vote in favor of these two with ALL costs associated.
It is, as you wisely state on another issue, a blank check.

Let's say No to two more blank checks. It's foolish, the timing is
just wrong and the approach unresponsive to these hard times. Wait
until the spring. Let's see how our town and state and national
financial situation is then. That makes more sense.
11:23 pm edt 

To: Webmaster

Web master, how come someone can put down Ted Malone. But
when someone puts down Astrid you censor it?

Webmaster comment: There is a difference between unsubstantiated purposefull darogatory comments and statements of opinion about public facts which allow for objective interpretation.

11:21 pm edt 

Since You Asked About the Ted Malone

Ted Malone received around $200,000 in advising fees from Gerry
Anatham and Cass Benson as their advisor to the Sandy Hill Lane
affordable housing motel project. These monies came from the CPC
funds. Ted Malone now also and interestingly heads the official
management organization in charage of Sandy Hill Lane. If you
remember, Sandy Hill Lane, and thus Anatham and Benson, received
$739,999 from the CPC funds and, with interest over time, it leads to
over $1 million dollars of CPC funds.

Then look at the Barnstable County HOME consortium funds that
Provincetown received in 2005. The $570,000 went to the development
of affordable housing projects at 27 Conwell Street, 27 Nelson
Avenue, 32 Conwell STreet, 58 Harry Kemp Way and Meadow Road. Look
closely to see TEd Malone's ventures here.

Let's say in these instances--and there are many more--Ted Malone did
not fund these affordable housing complexes using mostly his own
monies. He sought and went after Town monies, County monies, State
monies and Federal monies. And surely he has definitely tapped into
our CPC funds. And he's not done! That's why AJ Allon sits on the CPC.
8:27 pm edt 

Under Spending Your budget is no Cause For Celebration!

Instead of congratulations to the town management...I must say if 1.6
million is unspent...we have been lied to.

If the budgets did not need this money...once again we have be lied to.

If we should not have been taxed for these amounts.

When shall truth come out?

I vote no for town hall repairs.  No Blank Checks!

This 1.6M is Town Hall votes for fake budgets!

8:22 pm edt 

Re: Newbie Land Barons Displacing so Many Full tTmers

You mean those horrific land barons who overpaid old-time residents
for their houses where those residents hadn't invested a cent in
decent maintenance in many decades and gave those folks the money
they needed to move into assisted living facilities when they badly
needed to? You mean the land barons who invest in cleaning/fixing up
properties and adding thereby to the tax base? What horrible people,
really, let's just cut off their water, not pick up their trash, not
take their building applications from Sept to June. That'll serve 'em
right for ruining the community. What a great idea, more like that
and we'll have all the town problems solved.
3:39 pm edt 

This May Not be Popular But

Since we are in such a cash crunch and more businesses are open off season

Has there been any consideration of extending parking meters and lots
later in fall and starting them earlier in spring? What would the
payoff vs expense be?
1:58 pm edt 

Re: 1.6M Certified Cash

To the responder of the $1.6M certified cash:  If we
anticipate state revenues falling this year, then we should cut our
town budget to reflect those decreases (like all other towns in the
state are doing by the way) and not continue to build into the 2010
budget $500,000 which we can't afford. I rest my case:  The remaining
$500,000 should be applied to town hall renovations. Isn't it about time
to think of operating with less like every person has to do?
1:34 pm edt 

Thanks For the Information on the DOR Certified Cash On Hand and Also the MetroWest Cuts

      I didn't know about the $1.6 million on hand in the town
coffers. I appreciate all the information I gain from those who post
here. It's also good to know what other towns like Framingham are
doing now about the fiscal problems. It shows what others town, like
ours, need to do.

It helps us who believe reductions in budgets are a
must justify our common sense position. It's not super complicated
thinking to come to the conclusion that all towns, including ours,
need to reduce budgets and start to do it now.

This does not mean lack of concern for the town and employees but a
concern for us not to find ourselves into bankruptcy burdened with huge
projects like the $9 million Town Hall Renovations, the once proposed and
fought for $7 million for Commercial Street repavement.

We're still paying for the Manor land give away, the $750,000 we thought
was going for Town Hall renovations--now used up by the Katrina trailers and
consultant proposals. We just can't be like undisciplined children wanting
everything new in sight. We need discipline and adults who have the courage
to say No when NO is the right answer to "I want" "I want" "I want."
1:32 pm edt 

E-Mail to Selectmen

This is a copy of an email that I sent to all of the
selectman and the town manager. A friend of mine just used this
enamel based paint on his home near the ocean and it works
wonderfully. It is a little more expensive than regular paint (2.5
times more) but has a lifetime guarantee.

This maybe a good option so that we dont have to keep painting
the townhall or any other town building over and over again. I have
seen it mentioned here on the blog, but thought it best to email  the
town officials personally.

I have not heard back from any of them, but hopefully they have read
the email and will look into it. Although I am not registered to vote
in Provincetown due to my part time status- 180 days a year, I am
still very intersted in town politics and helping Provincetown.

Please feel free to look at the RhinoShield website and share it with
the town officials.


Paula DelPrete

"Hi, I would like to take a moment to share with you a product that
might be cost effective in repainting the town hall. Rhino Shield
costs 2.5 times more than regular paint but has a lifetime warranty
guarantee. It has been tested in coastal area and really works. It
can withstand hurricane force winds. I ask that you as town leaders
and fiscal managers look into Rhino Shield as an option to regular

Thank you for your time.

Paula Del Prete, Provincetown Property Owner
1:26 pm edt 


Bravo to you and your BMW I am so amused when I read the
nonsence on this blog, thank god I use it for a laugh and not to
better myself like some by vomiting my feelings as if I run the
place. You are 100% correct that if one has a problem of such
discomfort they shoul stepup to the plate and act in a adult manner
to correct it.  Never a dull moment
1:22 pm edt 

Re: Ted Malone and Non-resident Property Owners
Pop Quiz

For all the Malonaphobes/affordable housing haters:

How much money has Ted ever received from the CPC?

Or the Town of Provincetown?


How much money could we save for the year round community by cutting
services from September 1st to June 1st for all non-resident property
owners or newbie land barons who have displaced so many in the year
round community? Please be thorough and show your work.

Good luck. The truth really is out there.
1:20 pm edt 

To Everyone in Provincetown:

While we thrash it out here on ShoutOUT a more important issue is
about to be decided in California. We in MA have had same sex
marriage for several years now. Thanks to the tireless work of many
in the state, and incredible financial/political support from outside
the state from folks like Tim Gill and others that right to marry has
been maintained. We led the way and other states are following. It is
time to payback some of that outside support by lending a hand where
it is needed.

Our compatriots in California recently obtained the same right in
California through a ruling of the CA Supreme Court. However that
right is likely to be eliminated on November 4th by the passage of
Proposition 8 which would bar gay marriage in California. The forces
on the right, and most importantly the Mormon Church, have mobilized
millions of dollars to pass Proposition 8. The Church has issued a
world-wide appeal from the pulpit to support Prop 8 and is
responsible for over 1/3 of the pro prop 8 funding. Even more
worrisome is that the tidal way of voters for soon-to-be President
Obama may include a large number of voters who might vote for Prop 8.

No matter what your sexual orientation, if you believe in equal
rights for all Americans please do the following:

1) Go to www dot noonprop8 dot com and donate any amount, even $10 to
counteract the Mormon Church and others seeking to eliminate gay
marriage in CA.
2) Call any friends, relatives, friends of friends, etc. in
California and urge them to vote NO on Proposition 8.

Your immediate action is required.
1:18 pm edt 

Friday, October 24, 2008

Maybe They'll Need a Case of Kleenex

Oh, yeh. They will be crying on our shoulders at Town Meeting, having
their friends, sobbing at their housing plight. Others will stand to
agreee how sad it is to work here and not own a place. Really?
They'll cry out for all the CPC monies to stay in the affordable
housing bank account, under Ted Malone's name, of course. Then
they'll get up again and fight changing the CPC rates to 10% for
historic restoration, 10% open land and 10$ affordable housing. That
is because they don't believe any of the monies that we have paid
from our taxes each year should go to historic renovations or open
land. They, as they sob, choke up, and sniffle, want 80% of our
taxpayer funded CPC monies for affordable housing. So, get out those
hankies. The cry babies will be waiting in line to perform.
10:44 pm edt 

I'll Join Your Chorus

10% across the board cuts. Each department in town cut by 10%. That
would be a good and solid first step. As you wrote, $$$ doesn't grow
on trees.

But somehow town officials seem unable to confront that truth. They
seem unable to face the fiscal difficulties that affect this town and
all towns and cities in Massachusetts. Look outside the state and
each other state is facing hard times.

Wake up Sharon! Wake up BOS! It's later than you think!
10:42 pm edt 

Simple Simon

Really, some here, or the same boring one, always has one solution
for all town complaints and for issues of fiscal mismanagement or
lack of fiscal responsibility. And what is that overwhelming grand
solution that will fix all of our problems and guarantee no more
complaining on this blog? Joining a Board. How simple can you be?
10:40 pm edt 

RE: Certified Free Cash

"...which the Selectmen are hoarding to apply to the
2010 budget so that they don't have to make any tough budget cuts
for 2010 and avoid a Prop 2 1/2 and make them look like
heroes. This certified free cash is attributable to poor financial
management from past years."

First off, the certified free cash is from fiscal year 2008 ONLY
which ended on June 30th.  Congratulations to Ms Lynne and Ms Helalia
for their efforts.  What the free cash means is that many departments
UNDER-SPENT their budgets which probably has a lot to do with Ms
Lynne's mandatory department head meetings every Monday morning. 
She's on top of things (contrary to what many of you believe) and
works closely with the departments which is something this town
hasn't seen in decades.

Secondly, you should learn math.  Of the 1.6 million, $250K will be
going into the stabilization fund.  $400K will go to fix errors which
have been on the books for years (thanks Keith).  $300K will go to
the current fiscal year budget adjustments which are due to
decreasing revenues from the state, parking and rooms tax.  $140K
will be going to purchase a much needed front end loader for the DPW
(which we have been renting).  That leaves around $510K which is
being held as free cash to be used in case there is further declines
in revenues.  If at the end of fiscal 2009 there is money remaining,
it will be applied to the stabilization fund which we will have to
vote on.  No funds can be used in the fiscal 2010 budget unless the
funds are certified as free cash and approved for transfer by town

And by the way, the DOR has said that the use of these funds is well
thought out and would serve the best fiduciary interests of the

But all this is just too complicated, it's so much easier to say "the
BOS and TM are unable to do their jobs, lets take the money and fix
town hall!"  Oh but wait, maybe they do know what they're doing.
10:39 pm edt 

Embrace the Sheer Grace of Our Being Able to Have This Conversation

"time to put up or shut up"! The whiners
on this blog make me sick!

My BMW is awesome, thanks for asking!!

...Then might I suggest you go for a drive in it and cool down a bit.
  Oh, and not to point out the obvious, but if the "whiners" on here
cause you gastric discomfort you might consider reading other
things...Like Amendment 1 of the Constitution.  After all, it would
be terrible if you were to evacuate your tummy into your Beamer.

Listen, people have diverse opinions as to how we should proceed as a
town through this tense economic time. Perhaps all of the opinions
are not palatable to you but they are indeed legitimate--just as your
opinion is. I'm suggesting that you may want to temper your anger
slightly before you attempt to squelch the voices of others because
you claim they cause you to feel sick.

Embrace the sheer grace of our being able to have this conversation
as well as many conversations.  God help us all if things don't go
well on Nov. 4th. We are dangerously close in some factions of this
country to continuing a pattern which would obliterate diverse voices
under the guise of Patriotism. If you think I'm over reacting then
just Google Michelle Bachman's recent "un-American" diatribe. That,
my fellow blogger, merits a valid sickness.

  So, be sure to drive your "Beamer" to the voting booth--and push
whichever button your heart and head tells you to. But stay on top of
that nasty free-speech inspired illness.  You might miss the
irritation if the opportunity to experience it disintegrates into
just so much dust.
10:36 pm edt 

Department of Revenue Certified $1,600,000 of Free Cash Presently Exist in Town Funds

Does everyone know that the Department of Revenue has
certified the town as having $1.6M in certified free cash?
The Finance Committee will ask voters at November special town
meeting to place $250,000 in a Rainy Day Fund, the Stablilization
Fund, which is a good move.

Selectmen will recommend that voters authorize $350,000 from
free cash for overspent accounts. This leaves a staggering amount
of $1,315,000 which the Selectmen are hoarding to apply to the
2010 budget so that they don't have to make any tough budget cuts
for 2010 and avoid a Prop 2 1/2 and make them look like
heroes. This certified free cash is attributable to poor financial
management from past years.

This $1,315,000 should be used for town renovations or other capital
expenditures, not to keep the budget padded at its current level.
Voters will not be able to vote on the $1,315,000 in November because
it's not on the warrant.

However, a non-binding resolution could be voted upon in November
special town meeting to secure short-term borrowing until this money
is officially appropriated to Town Hall renovations at Annual Town
6:27 pm edt 

Metrowest Daily News...

To all of the Provincetown Government
this, its from the Metrowest Daily News... maybe you can learn from
them... we are in a recession.

FRAMINGHAM  In anticipation of state funding cuts, Town Manager
Julian Suso is warning his department heads to brace for the worst.

Suso has advised all department heads to prioritize their budgets and
prepare for 3, 5, and 7 percent cuts.

With the economy tanking, the town's financial management team is
preparing for things to get worse before they get better.

Read and Learn Provincetown. You need to start making cuts, $$$$
doesnt grow on trees. If you read any paper in Massachusetts, towns
are beginning to make cuts. Take your heads out of the sand and lets
go - cut, cut, cut. First off lets get rid of all of the Assistant
positions. We don't need them for a small town. Next cut 10% across
all departments. Let's go Ptown, let's go Ptown!

Fiscal Freddy
6:21 pm edt 

Time to Put up or Shut up!

For all of you on this blog that have a vastly superior
knowledge of how to run things in P-town, may I suggest: putting your
name on a list for a committee appointment?  There are many
committees in town that do not have a full compliment of members.

I you're going to       about how things are run, then do something.
It's easy to blame the School Committee for the perceived problems at
the schools, but at least those board members have put themselves in
the fight! It's also easy to blame the Selectmen; they obviously ran
for their respective seats so you folks would have someone to bash
when things aren't going your way.

The economy sucks for us ALL.. not just this pathetic lot that has
nothing better to do than cry and moan on this blog. As another
blogger so adeptly put it, "time to put up or shut up"! The whiners
on this blog make me sick!

My BMW is awesome, thanks for asking!!
6:19 pm edt 

Re; Electric Police Cars

I have some insight that may be of value to your sad and personel
feelings about those electric cars. First of all, there's not one
police dept member who did not find them a little on the embarassing
side to even have never mind use. That's why they call them "Clown
Cars" and not "Police cars".

They also are not set up to carry the equipment the Police cruisers
carry, they do not have blue lights, are a little on the
uncomfortable side when used for any length of time,they lack the
ability to transport a prisoner and are not suitable for all weather

When you see other agencies such as the Harbormaster Office using
them, it's primarily use is short term plus for the limited space on
the Pier they are more praticable.
I'm sure if you worked at the Police Station you would understand but
like most people it's easier to condemn the Police than it is to
support them.
6:15 pm edt 

It is no Wonder Town Hall is in Complete Disrepair....

If the opinions on here represent the average ptown voter (which past
experience proves they don't) it is no wonder the town hall and other
infrastructure is in the shape it is in. What town government would
ever want to bring a maintenance project to this sorry lot of whiners
and complainers. This is EXACTLY how we end up where we are. No one
ever wants to spend anything on unsexy infrastructure so the damage
continues to mount and the needed expenses grow due to higher
building costs and even more accumulated damage.

Sure, let's just close the thing, board it up and make all those
horrible high living town employees stay in trailers for the next ten
years. Better yet let's just sell it off at a firesale price. Good
freaking ideas. If this sorry lot had had its way we still be
collecting our sewage in our back yard pits, or more likely using
outhouses, and facing many millions more to build a sewer like other
towns on the Cape are now. Thank goodness that didn't happen.

You want an immediate real tax cut equivalent, nearly for free? Get
off the computer and go to the hardware store tomorrow and buy
yourself some of those new incredibly long-life, energy saving light
bulbs and replace every bulb in your house. Maybe that way there will
be at least one bright bulb in your house.

While you're there pick up a couple of cans of spray foam and some
rubber gloves. Spend the weekend sealing cracks in your foundation
and attic and anyplace air penetrates (a sign of this is presence of
cobwebs). Want to do even more good? Go to an elderly neighbor and
help them do the same. Just those two items will do more to cut your
expenses than all the yammering and useless railing on here. You'll
generate a lot more savings with simple measures like this than you
will railing against town government. Want to even more? Take a jog
or a bike ride this weekend and shed a few ponds so I don't have to
pay for your diabetes via medicare.

We aren't in a depression, we are in a recession. We are also seeing
a temporary financial market panic induced by the world wide decline
in housing prices that started first here in the US and will be fixed
here first. This situation will be fized in time as the massive
federal efforts take hold and there are already signs that the
housing market is correcting itself out west and other signs of
improvement like a revived muni bond market over the past few weeks.
And why in the world would you believe the gloom and doom from
financial press when the same folks were busy cheeering on the stock
market at its overvalued peak? Your savings aren't lost unless you
sell stocks while they are in the basement, in which case you should
never have owned stocks to begin with. Stop being chicken little -
the sky is grey but it ain't fallng - and do one positive thing this

Meanwhile, the town needs to continue to invest wisely for the future
- which includes repairing its key infrastructure - while tightening
its belt where it can to accomodate lower revenues and look at
creative ways to operate more efficiently, eg regionalization of
certain common costs.

PS: does anyone else thinking allowing skinny dipping after midnight
would be a great boost the economy next summer and a lot of free
publicity?  :)
6:13 pm edt 

October in the World Tsunami....ah Yes...the Tone Has Changed in October

Winter is closing in...the snow birds have flown away to their
Florida condos where they need not pay for state tax, or heating oil.
  It is predicted that this will be a very cold what
shall we buy food, fuel oil, medicine, or multimillion dollar repairs
to one of our poorly run fixed assets?

How about the roads?  My car has sustained two suspension injuries 
due to riding over these pot holed roads.  This is a travesty.

I don't write blank checks...and as a taxpayer 2008 is not the year I
will start.

Vote No on the Town Hall Great Train Robbery!
6:02 pm edt 

To Scam Productions...

You are so misinformed and off base. What's more unsettling is your
tone. Clearly you don't like Ted. And maybe some of his workers and
people he knows have been lucky enough to prevail in the lottery that
awards affordable units. (It is still a small town.) But your
contempt for your fellow citizens - many of whom I'm sure have been
here longer than you - who are only trying to stay in their homes and
at their jobs is, well, McPalinesque. Throw those lies against the
wall and see what sticks. Maybe you can ride to the polls with
"elitist town hall renovations". Shame on both of you. You betcha!
Maybe having to leave town after 17 years won't be such a bad thing
afterall...not if you folks are the future.
5:57 pm edt 

Do You Really Think...

..our town officials are that out of touch.  Did they put the entire
Town Hall Renovation on the warrant as one article?  No, they broke
it into two pieces because they understand that we MUST shore up the
building because the structure itself is in danger.  Then they are
giving you the choice whether you want to invest in the plans for the
second phase.  Even for the first phase, they are going after Land
Bank Funds.

They understand there's a good possibility that the voters don't want
to proceed with the interior at this time.  But in case you do, they
are preparing to attach monies from the CPA by also adding that
article to the warrant.

And when you all complain about this freewheeling spending you've
seen over the years, they are following your directives.  You voted
for the boondoggle of a library, the pier, the manor transition.  All
these things added debt service to this town which is now making this
town cash strapped.

I think the town officials are doing the right thing and are
seriously trying to work on our behalf.
5:55 pm edt 

Do Our Town Officials Read the New York Times, the Wall Street and/or the Financial Times??

And if they do read some of these key newspapers, do they understand
what they are reading? Our officials seem detached from the fiscal
disaster that is affecting every town, city, state, the nation and
the world.

But here, we are cheerleading high-priced, elitist town
hall renovations, new hirings like a new Buidling Inspector,
motorcycles for police and maybe seugways also for the police. And
the new town contract that goes into effect November 3rd gives town
employees the raises we denied at the ballot last time. Oh, nothing
the first year, but then raises the second and raises again the third
year. 6% more money at a time when we should be draconian in our

What does this say about respecting our votes when we vote NO?

Something's amiss here.
12:44 pm edt 

I Too Filled Out the School Survey

      I filled it out but the questions were odd. what I means is
that the questions encouraged a vote or check mark for the value of
small schools and small classes. Some of do value small size but
there comes a limit to what "small" is. Is a class with ony one
student small? Or non-existant.
I felt the questions were biased for support for the way the school
is presently being run. From a sociological perspective, this was not
an objective questionnaire. And I also wondered who would be reading
and maybe possibly discarding certain surveys.
12:40 pm edt 

Scam Productions

Yup, Bring a Box of Kleenex

Expect to hear the tears of those without housing who are on waiting
lists. Be prepared for sad stories of people who love this town but
can't afford to sty and so they wait and wait for these affordable
units. Expect the same players to get up again at town meeting and
cry about the pain, cry about the sadness of their situation and so
we should spend all of our money on them. Maybe someone representing
Town Hall should stand up and cry for what will not be done because
the Affordable Housing PLayers, our own theater group, providing
another production at town meeting.

Look closely. They all work for Ted Malone or are close firends of
those who work for Malone. Instead of the naming them the Affordable
Housing Players maybe they should be called Scam Productions.
12:38 pm edt 

Just an Observation:

Does anyone else think that its interesting that the level of
complaining on the website has icreased two-fold since the beginning
of October?

I guess all of those who have the luxury of closing their business
and not having to work the other nine months out of the year have
made their money, or are now drawing their annual unemployment checks
can now sit in front of the computer and tell the rest of us who are
still working are tails off how everything is supposed to run in this

Maybe you should run for a Board of Selectmen seat, School Committee
seat, or PBG officer seat (uh oh you missed that one)since you have
all of this knowledge, experience, and most of all time on your hands.

Hey I have an idea why don't you volunteer to work in one of the town
departments on a volunteer basis on Fridays since some of you are so
bent out of shape that the the town services will be closed on that

Its time for some of you to either put up or shut up.
12:36 pm edt 

Police Electric Cars

What was wrong with the two electric cars the police dept. had?  They
were quiet and carried two officers.  One car was given to or loaned
to the parking dept. for the attendants to drive around in and the
other car was given or loaned to the harbormaster dept. so the
assistant harbormasters wouldn't have to walk all the way to lopes
square, to get their coffee.  Its time for the police dept. to get
the cars back and use them for the purpose they were donated for,
12:34 pm edt 

We are Democracy--Not a Socailist State

We need to vote no on the town hall issues. We have no
concrete figure as to the  price of this massive financial

Greenspans says that we are in a Once-in-a-lifetime- financial,
credit tusami and that there will be layoffs and businesses will

We are a democracy--not a socailist state. We must end using
Provincetown tax payer money to buy land and create affordable
housing. Ted Malone has been doing it with Public money for over ten

The town is in its spending spree mode. Affordable housing has the
land on shank painter road. Ted Malone has ten years worth of
affordable housing and his new ventures on Race point road and shank
12:33 pm edt 

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Re: P.B.G.

I say amen about the PBG.  What a waste of time last night
and what a waste of time in general. Now Steve Tait re-elected
himself because no one else ran for president.  Another year of
unproductive rhetoric from them. It's truly discouraging.
11:33 pm edt 

You Hit the Nail on the Head

You say that this town has been fiscally irresponsible. I totally
agree. They show no restraint. They reveal not long-term
consideration for this town and for all of us who pay  the taxes that
support the large and small projects of this town.

Fiscally irresponsible is exactly the term that characterizes how this town is
managed or should I say mismanaged. And I do not see any changes. I
see them continuing on the same path: more fiscal irresponsibility.

Thanks for your posting. I appreciate your insights.
11:31 pm edt 

Well, How Interesting

If you are right and two names who are on the new Ad Hoc committee to
revise our bylaws happen to be Ted Malone and Ginny Binder, then I
find that more than intresting. Why? Because in 2001 and a few years
afterwards, who was on the Local Comprehensive Plan Implementation
Committee? None other than Ted Malone and Reginal Binder. All we need
is for Annie Howard to be part of this group since she was also part
of this early group.

And what did these members do? They rewrote our
bylaws so that the town would be more amenable to affordable housing.

They reworked our bylaws, with the backstage help of the Cape Cod
Commission, to soften up the town and alter our bylaws so that our
laws in planning and zoning would encourage affordable housing, allow
high density levels for affordable housing, and permit affordable
housing to go beyond rules that once stopped growth.

Oh, no conflict of interest here! No, no, no. Ted Malone is on this
Ad hoc committee because he cares for Provincetown and wants what is
best for all of us. His charitable concern alone must lead this kind
man to be part of this group!
11:30 pm edt 

School Survey

When the surveys are sent back to the subcommittee, who are they
addressed to? Or more specific, who is it that gets first looks at
them before they are submitted to the subcommittee for review? I am
very skeptic of the process. They should go to an intermediate body,
a firm from out of town or a group with nothing to gain or lose from
the outcome. For the principal to create the committee and then
appoint members makes me only wonder if its all just a royal scam.
The raw data is what should be revealed to EVERYONE. Freedom of
Information. But first, the surveys should be in the hands of an
11:27 pm edt 

How Wrong Headed!

So, now the Police chief wants to buy more toys for the
department to tool around on. First it was a seven thousand dollar
motorcycle but no that wasn't enough. Now he's trying out a new
SEGWAY for the police officers to ride around on... another five
MONEY... how about an old fashioned bicycle or better yet walk

Fiscal Freddy
11:24 pm edt 

Re: P.G.B.

I'm a Provincetown Business Guild member myself and I have
to say, I believe it has seen far better days. When Rob Tosner ran
the group, it was organized, well planned and had a good direction.

This new .      that Steve Malamed hired is never working. He's never
in the office. He never answers his telephone and he certainly
doesn't return member phone calls. Mine included. Then I went to the
meeting last night at Seashore Point and besides it becoming a 45
minute forum for Sharon Lynn to push her political agenda and trying
to encourage people to vote yes on the 2 ballot questions and raise
our taxes, it was  a waste of all of our time.

Typical Provincetown Business Guild meeting where they declared a
total victory, the executive director gave himself a good old pat on
the back for a great job? What?

I agree this is a member driven organization, however when it runs
by dictators and the so called executive director is a allowed by the
board to do whatever he wants with no oversight, member driven
doesn't mean anything. There's nothing you can do. I think hiring
this executive director was the worst thing the guild has ever done
and I think it's going to undermine the goals of the entire group.

Just my opinion since you shared yours. Maybe I won't renew next year
either. What if we all didn't?
5:09 pm edt 

Here We go Again!

Ahhhhhhhhhhh same school committee tactics but now with
different school committee members.  Years ago when there was a
combined principal/superintendent the teachers compiled the results
of a survey regarding the effectiveness of the joint position. 
Unfortunately the school committee didn't want to hear anything
opposing their view of the position and the results mysteriously
disappeared and the topic was never discussed again.  I'm having a
funny deja vu feeling and beginning to wonder if there isn't some
sort of secret school committee handbook that tells them how to
squelch views and opinions that do not agree with theirs.
3:21 pm edt 

Please Vote NO!

Our taxes are high enough. We pay enough to this town.

The Town of Provincetown has been fiscally irresponsible. Town
government is guilty of wasteful spending.

It's time that they tighten their belt and reduce spending in ALL departments.

The police department being permitted (or encouraged) to lease
motorcycles and more toys when we're in financial crises...not

Assistants for new town employees like the Tourism Director when
we're in financial crises...not acceptable!

Renting trailers to house town offices because we don't have the
stones to enforce the use of town owned structures that would be
adequate during the acceptable!

Now Sharon wants us to vote to override prop 2 so they have a blank
check to repair Town Hall....something that would have cost 1/3 if
they did it back when it first became a problem.

I don't think so.

VOTE NO on questions 1 AND 2. Just vote NO. It's time to cut spending
and put our foot down.
3:10 pm edt 

Pull Out Your Kleenex and Cry!

Read the letters to the editor in this week's banner.

Pam Parankian is back.
11:27 am edt 

Freeman Building Would Have Been a Great Choice

I'm sure some space could have been rented from Napi's and in
temporary situations I doubt all requirements for handicap
accessibility have to be met to a T. I also think the elevator was
put in to be handicappe accessible. I think it was forced to be put
in at a heavy cost at the same time they forced an elevator at the
Mewes. So I think you're facts are not correct.

It would have been great for the first floor of town hall. It makes
no sense to use all this space for tourism director and the PTV was
in Whaler's Wharf and could have gone back there. That would leave
the second floor--and there is much space in this great building--for
other departments.
Using this building would have a good image and be in an historic
site. In contrast to the Katrina trailers that bring down the image
of this town, and will cost quite a bit to heat, how could any
thinking individual, town manager or transition team make this
horrendous choice?
11:25 am edt 


As a member of the PBG for over 12 years, I disagree that it is
better today than before.  Before, people listened.  Before, more
people volunteered and there were always different people running for
officers on the board.  You have to question WHY for the past 3 years
it is always the same people.   IF one new board member were
selected, they would do a lot of work with very little results.  

Any individual knows that.   The people there now are all very close and
just YES everyone to death.  I have been both on town boards and the
PBG board.  It takes lots of work to make a change.   I would rather
spend the time and energy helping my business grow.  At least I can
see results.   I dont dislike the PBG, it just isnt  what it use to
be.  And the executive director..  Well if he isnt in NY or with his
Boy Friend, maybe more things would get done!
11:23 am edt 

School Subcommittee Report Delayed

Don't hold your breath for the next six weeks for the report to be
issued. It is my guess it won't be ready then either. I would love to
be a fly on the wall as the report is being written, parsing
citizen's opinions, selective data compilation, skewing to protect
the status quo. This should be the last time we go through this
exercise in futility. The handwriting has been on the wall for a very
long time, it is time to close our schools. It does not make sense
academically or fiscally. Ultimately our town and students will
benefit. Let's keep a vigillent eye on this most important matter
facing our future.

E. Michael Richards
11:20 am edt 

Affordable Housing Cartel of the Community Preservation Act

There are no jobs here and yet Elaine Anderson wants 250
affordable housing units built. We are a democratic-not socialist

Why is my money used to provide housing for people who come to town,
get off of the bus and then sign up for affordable housing? It isn't

The long term property owner who works for a living is the endangered
species in this town: the elderly and people on fixed incomes and the
working property owners.

The economy is frozen: unless you are a developer of affordable
housing. I'll sell 10 houses for affordable housing and sell 30 at a
kings ransom at market value. Well, these folks made their fortunes
in the hey-day and they still can now that we are in a recession.

The rest of us will just be turning our money over to them thanks to
the affordable housing cartel of the Community Preservation Act.
11:19 am edt 

What Will the Town Hall Renovation Cost Me?

Can anyone tell me approximately how much the Town Hall renovations
will cost an average property owner if we vote for the project?  What
would the increase be to the mil rate and for what period of time?
11:17 am edt 

Affordable Housing is Subsidized Living

If you get affordable housing, your rent is only 30% of
what you make. So, you work one easy job and perhaps pick up some
side jobs and your record only reflects your pay check. You make $300
a month? your rent is $100 a month. You make a $1,000 a month, your
rent is $300 a month.

Now do you see why fifty people show up when an affordable housing
unit is available? Hmmm, I guess that I'd go and eat at a restaurant
paying $5.00 for a lobster and $7.00 for a bottle of champagne--if it
was subsidized.  Affordable housing is subsidized living--living
large on the taxpayer's back.

If I was living fat and easy on affordable housing knowing that I
have special dispensation so my taxes never increase, I too would
vote to pave the streets with gold and turn town hall into a palace
and spend every penny of the tax payers money with glee.

Unfortunately, I work here and Im a long time home owner, so I'm the
one who is penalized. It is my money that the folks who only rent
here and don't pay taxes get to spend at town meeting.

Do you really think that the  housing cartel and all of the folks who
live here supported by the tax payers won't fill town meeting and
vote to spend, spend, spend?

They buy or rent and their rent or taxes never increase. It is so
frustrating. It will be the rich and the folks on affordable housing
who will be living here--but what happens if there is a crash and
they don't get their monthly dole?
11:15 am edt 

Provincetown Needs to Wake up to the Facts

Thursday, October 23,2008, THE BOSTON GLOBE Editorial Page:
"Because of declining student enrollment, the city recently announced
plans to save money by closing five elementary schools."

The schools aren't failing--the student population has declined.
Provincetown's student population is down to one sixth grader. Last
year we had 12 graduating seniors.

Provincetown needs to wake up to the fact that spending almost
$4,000,000 to educate some forty students who live in Provincetown is
too hefty a cost for the tax payers to carry.

$4,000,000 for the schools; $8,000,0000 for Town Hall, $8,000,000 to
pave the roads; millions more in raises and bonuses and Barbara
Rushmore wants to take more money from the tax payers to give away as
well as the affordable housing cartel.

We are in an economic recession with failed banks food prices higher
than ever and soon we worker tax payers will be feeling the squeeze
even more.

I'm so happy that the rich taxpayers and the town supported workers
are all feeling fat and snug in their cocoon of comfort.
11:10 am edt 

Ad Hoc Committee

Although not confirmed, the first two names I heard about
being appointed to the new ad hoc committee to rewrite the Zoning
bylaws were Ginny Binder and Ted Malone.

Confirmed is the fact that someone I know (who is just a regular
person, not any part of any special interest group) who volunteered
to be on the committee was not even given a chance to be given an
interview by anyone in Town Hall.
11:06 am edt 

Less Cats = More Birds

According to the Audubon Society the average roaming house cat kills
over 100 songbirds per year. Houscats are the primary culprit in the
nearly 50% decline in songbird population in the US over the past 10
years. If you let your cat roam outside the house at least have the
decency to put a bell on it. In the meantime, GO COYOTES, that's 100
more songbirds for ptown next year.
10:56 am edt 

Election Dates

There seems to be a little confusion.
I and Joe the Plumber were also confused until we read all the
reading that we could find.
Afteer many hours of analisis, we plus Antoony the Electician have
ageeeded to this conclusion.

The BIG ONE is Tuesday, November 4th
The LITTLE BIG ONE IS Wednesday, November 19th
When Special Town Meeting is; "I don't know".
What I do know, it is in betweenthose dates.

Sarah "gottcha" Palin

See you at the Pollins
10:55 am edt 

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Here We Go With The Freeman Building Again

The tourism director will not be returning to town hall.  that is a
permanent move.  the building also houses PTV (they pay rent to the
town) and the art collection will be safely stored on the second

though it may have an elevator, it is not up to ADA standards for
handicapped accessibility.

there is NO parking and for someone who uses town hall services
often, though it may not seem far, parking in the MPL would have been
a pain in the dead of winter not to mention when the lot is full in
the summer.

the Freeman Building was not a viable option for town hall offices.
10:25 pm edt 

A Question

Does anyone know who was "appointed" or "hand selected" or "named" to
the Ad Hoc Planning Committee. This is the Ad Hoc group formed by
Sharon Lynn to reconsider our town bylaws. Why form an ad hoc group?

Or, better yet, why not have posted a request for individuals to
submit their names for a new ad hoc group she was forming. This is a
bit disconcerting. Sharon also set up her own Ad Hoc group to deal
with the Murchinson property and then forced the new owner to agree
to certain actions on his personal property. What's the need for the
now sprouting up Ad Hoc groups being established by Sharon Lynn.

But if anyone knows who is on this new group, I'd appreciate knowing.
Many thanks.
10:23 pm edt 

I'm A Business Person too but I Don't Want My Taxes Increased

Running any business means paying attention to costs. It means
scrutinizing one's budget and when times get tough, cutting and
reducing. It does not mean spending foolishly or giving hands out to
whoever asks--and that includes this town.

We need fiscal responsiblity and always looking to raise taxes as the
answer to mismanagement and increasing cost is a poor solution. It
eventually catches up with you.

There are only 800 of us here in the winter. what type of staff we do
really need? Not all the people currently employed. At minimum, stop
replacing individuals who retire. And, above all, stop, stop hiring
10:21 pm edt 

Voting for Town Hall Renovations Does Not Happen on November 4

It happens after the fake town meeting and after the almost state of
the town meeting. Two days after this charade of a town meeting will
we be asked to come vote again. On November 16th a special election
to decide on only two issues: oh or call them rellay one. town Hall
renovations phase I and then Phase II. That's it. And don't expect
any actual monetary figures to be listed on this ballot. They just
want you and me to say: ok spend whatever it takes.

That's what's on the ballot on November 16th--not on November
4th--the day you'd think we would have combined issues and votes and
also have more people and also cost us less in a combined same day,
same ballot election.

But, no, not here in this land of unreality, more Disneyland and Fantasy Land.
10:19 pm edt 

Why Choose Katrina Trailers When You Have the Freeman Building?

Given a choice, I'd take the Freeman Building. It's historic. It's
well centered. It's a fabulous building.

Ah, the Freeman Building...once home to our library, it easily
handled hundreds of people a has a working elevator and
three bathrooms! For the last two weeks it has been a bee hive of
activity. DPW is busy making the first floor walls and
paint and rugs, even new mini nice.

Now you would think that a building of that size just might be able
to house more than a few of the displaced town hall workers...but
NO...remember, we were told that just like the community center and
various fire houses, that the Freeman building "needed too much work"
to house town workers. That said, you can imagine my surprise when I
was told that the building would be the new home of the esteemed
Tourism Director and her new ASSISTANT!

Two people? Two people get a ENTIRE Building?
Maybe that's the payoff for that great quote,
"Flat is the new normal".

Now if we could only get those 3 bathrooms open to the public!
10:00 pm edt 

School Subcommitte Report Delayed

Jeez, didn't see that one coming! HAHA Not due till Dec 09! Gimme a
break. Why can't this brilliant committee just get it over with! They
are wating for surveys from Wellfleet and Truro? Why? They should
have been given a deadline. Delay now and then they will delay again.
9:57 pm edt 

Re: P.B.G.

A member driven group is only as good as its members. I'm
glad that the poster who only gripes about it on here and will not
renew her/his membership. We need positive members who believe in
this great town of ours! Not a bunch of nay sayers. As a member of
the PBG for many years I can say that the PBG is better, more than
9:56 pm edt 

Hard Times Acoming

If you think cutting taxes will benefit the country, state
& town! Boy are we in for some hard times!
9:55 pm edt 

Off Topic, But Important!!!

Just left the Grand Union and saw a COYOTE cross Shankpainter in
front of Comcast with a CAT in its mouth!!!

That was so disturbing. Keep your cats in at night please!!!!!
9:53 pm edt 

Do You Think We Could Put Together a Mid-long Term Capital Plan?

If I were King or Queen of P-town I would not place anymore vital
service facilities in the flood plain. Our police and fire station
and the old and new Town Hall sites are all at risk.
9:52 pm edt 

"NO, No, No--------

-------When I have to vote on November 16th.....",

UM You are going to be lonely at the Poll on SUNDAY November 16th.
Voting day is TUESDAY November 4th.

8:01 pm edt 

They Think *OWN* the School

What you have are people who don't just state their
views--they also act. For instance, the school committee refused to
give the town any part of the school because they would have had to
re arrange some of the space there.

It took our Town counsel to finally state matter of factly to them
that elections can be held there. This school committee belives that
they *OWN* the school.

If the parents are so afraid of the public being anywhere in vacinity
of their children, then just send your children  to Nauset and they
will be away from the gay people here.

We pay taxes and the school committee wants to ban the citizens of
the town from being anywhere near the school. Just wrap it in barbed

Better yet, lets send the 40 students to nauset and close the high
school. The parents will automatically drive their kids to the
elementary school in Truro.
7:59 pm edt 

Votes Sure Do Count

And I'll be voting for everything necessary to fund, fully restore
and get the town hall employees back as quickly as possible.

I'll also vote yes for Barbara Rushmore's Real Estate Transfer Fee
and I'll be supporting the tax on Condo Rentals.  The more funds we
can raise, the sooner we can hopefully get our streets repaired.  I
just wish there was an article to increase the local sales and meals

We don't need to cut services, we need to raise revenues.

I own a business in town and the sooner we can restore this village,
the better for all of us.

All some of you posters want to do is cut cut cut.  My business and
many other businesses will not survive here without the services that
are currently provided.  If I were to close, 10 year round jobs are
gone.  If two other similar businesses close, that's 30 jobs.  Go
ahead, keep cutting and see what kind of town you are left with.
7:57 pm edt 

Suggested Reading

If you are new to this site, scroll up and read the
Department of Revenue report and read what they wrote about the
school: how the we have 40+ provincetown students in a shcool that we
the burden on the tax payers is onerous.

  The school committee refuses to consider regionalizatoin. It is an
eye opener.

Also read the Peter Francese interview where you will discover that
we are the oldest county in all of New England, that 1,000 students
left the schools last year and that regionalization is the only thing
that will save the schools because each school will get less students
if they continue as they are and they will cost the tax payers more

You will read that what is need is *NOT* affordable housing, but in
town apartments for young people and housing for families.

Read how provincetown has a declining population etc. etc. It give
you a broader vision of life here.
7:55 pm edt 

Votes Count

When I read some of the things being ranted about on this
blog, it reminds me that every vote counts!
6:49 pm edt 


While I understand the issues with PBG, it's a membership
organization.  If you as a member aren't willing to step up, be on
the board and make change happen then you are part of the problem. 
That may be harsh, but how can we complain if we aren't willing to
help to make change happen?

Even though I may have some issues with the PBG I won't complain
about them until I'm willing to take the time to be part of the
6:41 pm edt 

Re: DOR?

DOR stands for the Department of Revenue - Massachusetts

East End PJ
4:46 pm edt 

I"m Debating About Joining PBG This Year

I don't think that I"ll join again. I have been a member for four
years. It does need some drastic change. And that is not done just by
sitting on the board. It needs new leadership and someone who can
appreciate our diversity, not go singled minded into advertising.
It's too narrow. Business need all customers and all clients and I
find that PBG is getting narrower and narrower in understanding our
market--especially in these harder times.

So I understand this other blogger. It's not vindictiveness. It's not
negativity. Just doubts about PBG's direction and the cost of joining
when the benefits seem to be diminshing.
4:45 pm edt 

NO, No, No

When I have to vote on November 16th, I will check off: NO to the
first question. Then I'll check off No to the second question. I'll
leave quickly--since that's the only two questions we're spending
money on for this fake election--and then go to George's for pizza
and a little wine.

I'll hope others will follow me with No and then NO.
4:24 pm edt 

Why Choose Katrina Trailers When You Have the Freeman Building?

Given a choice, I'd take the Freeman Building. It's historic. It's
well centered. It's a fabulous building.

Now look at the Katrina trailers. I wouldn't put my dogs in these
trailers. What a poor choice; really a foolish one.
4:22 pm edt 

Only IN Your Dreams

Did the DOR send a letter in full praise of Sharon Lynn. Only in your
dreams has the DOR given this town high grades for its finacial
handlings. They still have long lists of problems they find with our
town and thus with Sharon. But in your dreams, life looks a lot
differently, doesn't it?

Open your eyes and see what is actually in front of you: questionable
practices, shifting accounts, and still a long way to go for fiscal rigor and
then, maybe, applause. But not today. And not now.
4:21 pm edt 

Yes, Yes: Let's Play Hardball

      I'll agree to say No to any monies for town hall. No to
renovation money when the CPC has the money we need for phase I. Are
we stupid? I don't think so. Are we that naive? I don't think so. I'm
voting NO for any repairs at this time.

      Put a holiday wreath on the trailers and use it for the next
two years. Or even three. Happiness is a fake, vynyl clapboard
wind-driven trailer. Happy Trails!
4:19 pm edt 


As a newbie

What is the DOR?

4:17 pm edt 

To: PBG Poster

Good bye good luck and good riddance!!

It is members like you who amaze me. You have the nerve to sit back
and criticize an organization that you claim needs to change, " a new
executive director" "better individuals on the board" but you, yes,
you a member did not run for a seat as a board member or officer
position all of which went unchallenged, I repeat unchallenged for
the coming year!

I have one question, for someone who wants to change the PBG why is
it when it comes time for action and an opportunity to do so you
would rather criticize from behind a computer screen than actually do

I think I know why, you are nothing but a coward!
4:15 pm edt 

Re: Time to Play Hardball

"They need to restablish our trust and they have done next
to nothing to accomplish that. Guess they must not have read the DOR

Next to nothing?  Thanks to Sharon Lynn and the BOS, we are no longer
on the DOR watch list.  The DOR has actually sent a letter to the
town congratulating them on submitting all forms on a timely fashion
and they applaud Ms Lynn on her use of free cash.  I don't ever
recall the DOR sending a letter like this to our town.  They deserve
our thanks and our praise for their hard work.

I may be the only one on this blog who thinks this, but I feel the
Town Manager and the Board of Selectmen are doing a great job
considering the circumstances surrounding this town.  We all knew it
would take a few years to step out of the pile of crap Keith left us
with and they are doing just that and faster than any of us could
have imagined.
2:02 pm edt 

The New Norm

What did Lisa say when room sales tax was down almost 5%? 
That is the new normal in this economy?  STUPID THEN
But I have one for the BOS and Town manager = Crazy Is the New Normal
among town officials.   Do we have to live with that?  Until we
either recall a few of them OR vote them out, CRAZY WILL BE THE NEW
12:53 pm edt 

Time to Play Hardball!

Provincetown Taxpayers must play hardball at the polls and
at town meeting. No to town hall repairs and force the
regionalization of our schools. secure one the of school buildings
for our town hall. Privatize town hall.

Besides I do not trust town government to maintain town hall once
repaired. They historically have been lousy guardians of town
property! They need to restablish our trust and they have done next
to nothing to accomplish that. Guess they must not have read the DOR
12:50 pm edt 

Black Bunny Which School Committee Member Are You?

You all are a bunch of cowards with your anonymous postings.
Shame on all of you for telling the public that if the use of either
school building were to change, which was the ground you stood on
not to convert one to a temporary town hall, the underlying bond
issue(s) would be called. You people are a bunch of liars!!

How about recalling the School Committee?

Heading of to my office in a XXX Katrina trailer thanks to each and
every board member of the School Committee!
12:48 pm edt 

Re: P.B.G.

Tonight marks the annual meeting of the P.B.G. I took my
dues invoice and tossed it in the the trash with the rest of the junk
mail. Give me value and I'll give you membership funds. Hopefully in
the next year they will get things straightened out. This is the
first year in 12 years I haven't given membership fees to the P.B.G.
Until they replace the executive director and get someone willing to
work for a living in the seat count me out. Until they get some
people on the board who are willing to fix things, it's just not
worth it.
12:44 pm edt 

Marketplace Realities

I had two plumbers this summer. One plumber's hourly charge
is *Twice* the wage that an emergency room surgeon makes. The other
one charges the same.

An emergency room surgeon makes $75.00 an hour. One friend had an
estimate from a local builder and it was incredibly  high and **Open
Ended*....needless to say, he got guys from New Bedford who did it
for half of the estimated cost.

This was two years ago--before the crash. Luckily, I don't need
anything done on my house except to have some trim to be painted.

Believe it or not, the guys in New Bedford are furious at the
Brazilians who are entering the construction business and
undercutting them.

The situation is dire: lobster men don't go out because they don't
make enough to pay expenses; building here seems to have come to a
halt. One neighbor is closing down a house with several apartments
due to the fear of the cost of heating.

Meanwhile, my friends are collecting over $600 a week in
unemmployement and are traveling for a month until they settle down
for the winter in warmer climates. One worker has already taken a
week's vacation in a foreign country and has returned to finish the
season and then will go away again for the winter.

In a few years of living this cycle of life they too will return here
and get on affordable housing and complain about the greedy landlords
after they spend their youth working in the summer and enjoying a
life of ease funded by unemployment while never saving a penny.

12:28 pm edt 

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

2 and 2 Does equal 4

Let town employees remain in their beatifully decorated, fake
unhistoric vinyl clapboard siding. Agree to spend NO money on Phase I
for town Hall. Let two years go by. On the third year, the high
school will be forced to close. Then rehab for town employees as they
move into the high school and all meetings can resume in this
building. Great parking. Good location. And the building is ours.

What do you think?
11:51 pm edt 

To: As They Say ....

Actually I must have hit a nerve with this one...its hard to be
grouped with someone you hate so much isn't it?

Truth be told I am not "one" of them I am just open minded enough to
read and listen to the opposing sides rants because...

as they say should keep your friends close but your enemies closer.

So I will just continue to give each of you a great big hug every
time I see you.

Remember I am among you.
11:49 pm edt 

To: This Isn't Hatred

Oh but it is hatred when you call teachers, police officers, dpw
workers,town hall support staff, and other town employees
unqualified, uneducated and stupid, there are those of us who put in
a hard days work to pick up your trash, keep your streets clean, keep
you safe so you can sleep at night, and educate your children. We are
not greedy, money grabbing or lazy. Trust me if we were greedy we
would take our educated selves and go elsewhere to get a job that
pays a lot more than what we get paid now. For most of us we came
here to escape some of the nasty and vile politics of the big cities.
Unfortunately it has even penetrated this wonderful place.

Remember we do not implement policy or create policy so stop blaming
us for just doing our jobs the best way we can. The fact that we are
living from paycheck to paycheck is hard enough as it is in this
town, we do not need to be verbally brutalized by you on a daily

So remember when you make your criticisms known about town politics
direct them at the actions taken or not taken, not at those of us who
are simply trying to do the best job we can under some very difficult
11:48 pm edt 


The Annual Town Meeting always has an Article which addresses
"Revolving Accounts". One of the accounts which has been consistently
included in this Article goes as follows;

to allow receipts from the rental & custodial fees charged for the
public use of Town Hall Auditorium to be segregated into a special
account; and with  funds therefrom, up to a limit of $20,000.00
annually, to be expended for the repair, updating & refurbishing of
the Town Hall Auditorium under the direction of the Town Manager and
Board of Selectmen.

It always passes.

I would like to know how much is in this special account. It should
be a good amount since it doesn't seem like they have been putting in
much towards repairs,updating & refurbishing.
11:46 pm edt 

Great Posting!

Hats off to Facts are Just! It spoke to the core of the matter

Just the Facts (the original)
6:14 pm edt 

Facts are Just (not Just the Facts!) asked the question

Will the economic slowdown and near cessation of new building mean
lower prices for the local market in trades/supplies/etc?

Since lumber is a commodity, some prices will see a drop. But since
labor is labor is labor, why would any contractor lower his price for
that? His expenses wont go down. Not the phone bill, not rent, not
food, not electricity, not medical care, not education, not legal
fees, not taxes, not the cost of cars, not the cost of insurance, not
the cost of clothes, not the cost of a cup of coffee on Commercial

There is no reason any contractor should drop his labor rate. And if
one does because he thinks that he needs to in order to get the work,
than he is being a fool with his money.

If you are in the construction field and are considering doing this,
please dont. The customers who would expect you to are the customers
you dont want anyway. Keep your rates the same and you will get just
as much work as if you dropped them. This is a proven economic
reality; dont let anyone fool you into believing otherwise.

The laborer is worthy of his pay!

BTW, lots of good questions in that post!

6:11 pm edt 

D.O.R. Emphatically Champions Closing the School

It is interesting how the school committee can refuse to
house town hall and then accuse people of always looking back. Lets
just close the school as the D.O.R. emphatically champions and then
let us tell the school committee to stop looking back.

The D.O.R. is the most fiscally objective oversight committee..if
they tell us to close the school--who is the school committee to
object? They should be cleaning out the school.
6:08 pm edt 

So Right

We've already emptied our piggy banks. We've already given a part of
our tax monies to the CPC each year. So, if there is now so much
money in that fund,and knowing we need to fix town hall, then that's
the cash we should tap. It makes sense to me. What's wrong with the
people who sit on this board? They are sitting on the answer to our
renovations problem.
6:06 pm edt 

Meeting at the Veterans Memorial in the Library

It's at four today. And look at the school comiitte agenda. A focus on
Professional day, discussions of the union and non-union contract. No
long-term thinking here. Seems like life--and thus the schools--are
usual. Of course. They're are not pressing issues they face, right?
6:05 pm edt 

As They Say

It takes one to know one. and for your astute question about this
being a local variation of Fox News, only you would have such
penetrating insight.

You are one of them, honey!
4:01 pm edt 

Thanks for the 2004 Town Meeting Article

We did agree that monies in any of the three ares covered and
supported by the CPC could be set aside for future use. This means
that we could now, "set aside" the $1.9 million that is in the CPC
funds and use these funds for the renovations of town ahll. This we
could do if---yes if--the CPC agreed. But with so many affordable
housing groupies and so many friends of Uncle Ted, as well as his
underlings, on the CPC and influcneing the CPC, they are saying NO to
town Hall and YEs to affordable housing. Enough is enough. Then we
should NO ourselves to any monies for town hall renovations.
3:59 pm edt 

School Committee Meeting?

When and where is the school committee meeting tonight:
tuesday oct 21?
3:57 pm edt 

It is Interesting:

As soon as someone questions the status
quo--it is considered hatred. Rather, it is citizens demanding
fairness from a school committee that spends almost $4,000,000 to
educate 40 students who are residents of provincetown..and the dept.
of Revenue is shocked at this burden to the tax payers.

CPC funds are going to developers instead of reducing the tax burden
on all of the towns tax payers. All we are asking for is some
consideration of the tax payers.
3:54 pm edt 

Trailers, Schools Buildings, Let it Go!

The town is set to move town employees into trailers from which they
will operate for the foreseeable future until something happens with
town hall. The town was unable to work out an arrangement with the
schools to utilize school space for this purpose.

So all the kvetching, recriminations, calls to school district, etc.
are looking in the rearview mirror which seems to happen a lot on
here. To much venom, too late. Such a waste of time and energy both
by those who are writing and those who have to read it. How about
looking forward for a change?

- how can 2009 tourist season's chances of success be improved?
- how can town hall repairs be properly financed
- what are advantages/disadvantages/costs/savings of regionalization,
what should be regionalized, what shouldn't?
- how can town's energy and healthcare insurance costs be lowered?
- should Provincetown's thousands of restrictions, fees, torturous
approval processes be reviewed and modified to facilitate lowering
housing costs and contribute to a larger tax base through improved
- how can the town's harsh noise law be changed in a way that makes
it constitutional and accomodates the need to continue to draw
tourists and allows property owners to enjoy their properties without
unduly impacting their neighbors?
- how can the town become more affordable for visitors so we can
lower the median age of visitors so as to attract the next generation
of consumers?
- what are ten ways you can help your elderly neighbor cut down on energy use?
- what will be the impact of a slowing national economy and how can
we best soften that blow?
- what will the town look like in 2020 when the Boomer's are all
passing on and a new generation moves into its peak earning years?
- why build more affordable housing when existing properties are
becoming more affordable by the minute? does it make sense to buy out
foreclosed properties and turn them into afforable rentals rather
than start from scratch?
- does the now under-way Boomer retirement phase mean the end of
buyers for Provincetown real estate?
- how can Provincetown encourage green building and alternative
energy without imposing yet more onerous restrictions and processes?
- will the current glut of real estate mean prices must inevitably
fall to the point where purchasing property for rental income not
phantom hoped for price appreciation justifies the purchase or about
circa 1999?
- how will we employ the scads of realtors who must be going broke
right now? same for builders.
- will the economic slowdown and near cessation of new building mean
lower prices for the local market in trades/supplies/etc?
- how can town boards and elected positions be filled with a
dwindling full time population? should the form of government be
- why have numerous restrictions on behavior and property when there
is no money to enforce them and they encourage a Stasi-like
environment where neighbors "inform" on neighbors for revenge?
- why would anyone consider making this their fulltime residence
after reading what gets posted on here?
- how can the town best facilitate, support and encourage the sale
and development of the Cabral Pier?
- will the fish stocks ever come back and will dynamic new ways of
managing the catch and rights to it being used elsewhere help the
Provincetown aquatic industry?
- should skinny dipping be allowed after midnight on town beaches?
- does the upcoming election of President Obama and near takeover of
Congress by Democrats mean a change in the way the National Seashore
is managed?

Just a few forward looking questions, some tossed out just to provoke
productive discussion, some just for fun. I'm sure there are more,
feel free to add yours. Let's work on the future and not wallow in
the past.

Facts are Just (not Just the Facts!)
3:53 pm edt 

This Isn't Hatred---------

-------it is the citizens wanting a full
accounting of how their tax dollars are spent. The Dept. of Revenue
emphatically stresses that the 40+ students are a huge burden to the
tax payers.

The school committee refused to let the town hall employees use the
school--so we have to now incure this huge cost of a quarter million
dollars. The school is too small and too expensive--it is time to
close the school.
3:45 pm edt 



      To see if the Town will vote, pursuant to Chapter 43 of the
Acts of 2000, to transfer from the Land Bank Fund the sum of
$26,029.00, representing 10% of Provincetown FY 2002 Land Bank
proceeds under Section 6 of Chapter 293 of the Acts of 1998, to be
expended for affordable housing purposes, said sum to be deposited in
the Affordable Housing Trust Fund, upon enactment of the home rule
petition passed by Article 6 of the April 2,2001 Special Town
Meeting, or to take any other action there to.

(requested by the Town Manager, Board of Selectmen & the
Provincetown Housing Partnership)

3:44 pm edt 


You must be from the public schools as well. Only someone from inside
would be familiar with what you have mentioned.

PS I know who you are...hows the new B'mer?
3:42 pm edt 

Department of Revenue Report

The Department of Revenue was so shocked at the cost of the
school to the tax payers that they steped beyond the  pervue of their
investigation and spoke out about the burden of the school to the tax
payers. It is in their report.

The Mass Genral law chapter 40 section 3 states that a business can
be run from a school with the permission of the school committee and
the comissioner of education--if it doesn't disrupt the education of
the students.
12:46 pm edt 

I Have a Question?

Is this the Provincetown local branch of the FOX News Bill O'Reilly
Blog Fan Club?

I have never seen so much hatered spewed from more people in my life.

But as many say here ...freedom of speech!
12:35 pm edt 

Community Preservation Committee By-Law

As adopted by the April 7,2004 Special Town Meeting Article I

5-14-2-3. The community preservation committee may include in its
recommendation to the Town Meeting a recommendation to set aside for
later spending funds for specific purposes that are consistent with
community preservation but for which sufficient revenues are not then
available in the Community Preservation Fund to accomplish that
specific purpose or to set aside for later spending funds for general
purposes that are consistent with community preservation.
11:54 am edt 

To: Public Access to the Schools

".................finding it hard to believe that the School
Committee's motive was to keep Town Hall out! Has anyone on this blog
bothered to speak to any of the School Committee members? I have.
It's not as simple as opening the doors back and welcoming the Town Hall
employees into the building with arms outstretched! Those buildings
are SCHOOLS not public offices! There are children in the buildings
trying to get an education. There are classrooms and computer
rooms,art room, lunch room, library..."

YAWN. Obviously someone from the school wrote this, probably someone
living in Truro. Yes we all know about CORI checks. The building could have
been completely seperated to house town hall. Just another reason to close
the school and give our kids the education they deserve.
11:49 am edt 

De Ja Vu all Over Again?

How interesting about the old Manor trailers. I had
forgotten that when they were constructing Sea Shore Point they too
brought in trailers. And I do rememeber how the group involved in
selling their condominiums and the assisted living units refused to
sell future units from the trailers.

They seemed to view the trailers as beneath them and as an environment
that would discourage selling their elderly places. And Keith Bergman and
the then Board of Selectmen agreed, without much discussion that night,
to allow them to use the Freeman Building. After a year, they wanted to stay
there even longer and promised to add some carpets. It was a done deal
and they stayed up until this spring, I think.

This is ironic.
11:44 am edt 

School Committee

Michael Rogosvsky Did Get the Answer from the Education Department
And it was that schools can be used combined with other functions.
But what does it first require? That the School Committee agree. And
this group never did and never would. Michael also found out when
speaking to the legal counsel for the education department that there
are ways this can be done. Surely it's done in many towns and cities
as budget change and as the needs of a community change.

The school committee has continued to say, publicly and privately,
that we cannot do this. That it would not protect the children. What
they were protecting was access to the schools that they wanted to
maintain fully.
11:39 am edt 

Public Access to the Schools

I find it hard to believe that the School Committee's
motive was to keep Town Hall out! Has anyone on this blog bothered to
speak to any of the School Committee members? I have. It's not as
simple as opening the doors back and welcoming the Town Hall
employees into the building with arms outstretched! Those buildings
are SCHOOLS not public offices! There are children in the buildings
trying to get an education. There are classrooms and computer rooms,
art room, lunch room, library...

Just because it sounds like a wonderful ides, it's a very narrow
minded one! The complainers on this blog no doubt have not had a
child in the school system. Also, has anyone heard of C.O.R.I.? What
would you do with the town employees that couldn't pass?

1 + 1 does not always equal 2.
9:43 am edt 

Mutual Respect

For almost a year, individuals have used their unique nom de plumes as
identifiers and these have been respected by all posters as far as I can

However, as of late, the use of ''Just the Facts"  a signature which I have used for
almost a year has been used several times by a poster, even after I posted
an objection.

It would seem that given the infinite variety of choices, one would, when aprised 
of the facts, change signatures, especially when the posters have different
views on issues.

In the Bloggisphere the only thing we have is our monikers.


Just the Facts 
12:20 am edt 

Monday, October 20, 2008

Good Teachers Need--

----students. And that is the problem here. There are fewer and fewer of
them. WE have some wonderful and quite dedicted teachers but with
fewer and fewer students, there is little room for these great
teachers. And our numbers will not increase. these great teachers
might find that teaching at Nauset will be a challenge and the
students there will be dynamic, engaged and exciting. such is the
future for our high school.
11:53 pm edt 

Re: Mary Jo

I love Mary Jo!  She shoots from the hip with good common
sense. She does not weigh every decision as to wether it is PC or
not.  We need more like her.
11:52 pm edt 

Hey Leo!

You forgot your last name! Just the facts.
11:50 pm edt 

Some Towns are Looking Ahead and Discussing Cuts and Reduced Budgets--Right Here on the Cape
Any chance anyone has heard such murmurings here around Town Hall,
somehwere along the first floor corridor? Any such talk about future
cuts coming from the lips of any member of the BOS? Mum's the word
11:49 pm edt 

Can You Answer This Question?

      OK I just saw the trailers at the Jerome Parking area. I saw
four trailers still mostly wrapped up. You can see a door at the end
and three windows across the length. But here is my dilemma and then
a question. These are the exact same trailers that SeaShore Point had
for their construction. You can still see one almost abandoned and in
rough shape on their grounds.

     But the staff who were engaged in selling these units and
selling the condos linked to SeaShore Point did not want to work out
of these trailers. That is why the SeaShore Point selling staff
requested and received from the BOS the permission to use the Freeman
Street Building for over a year and half. The cost: a $10,000 carpet
that we are not certain was actually put in.

     If the staff did not want to work and meet the public in these
trailers, and rented the Freeman Building as a much preferred
envrionment, why are town employees deciding to work in the same
trailers rejected by SeaShore Point staff? Isn't there some inherent
contradiction here, some convulted thinking? Can someone help me out
in sorting what appears perplexing. Why are we paying over $400,000
for trailers that no one at SeaShore Point wanted to work in? They
saw the benefit of using and working in the Freeman Building. Why
don't town officials see the same reality?
11:47 pm edt 

CPC and Town Hall Renovations

If the CPC won't give a Penny to Town Hall Renovations,
then I don't believe any of us should increase our taxes one penny
for the renovations. With $1.9 million available but with the
Affordable Housing Groupies hoarding these moinies for their vested
interest, then please tell me why we should take dollars, hundreds of
them, from our pockets for yet again another town project?

Use the CPC monies, which are raised for three areas, of which historical
renovations is one of three and then lessen the tax pressures on this
small town. But if CPC, with AJ Allon, Polites, and Denis Minsky
continue to do the bidding of Elaine Anderson and Michelle Couture,
then let's leave our hands in our pockets. Not one penny until the
CPC gives some of its cash reserves for town hall renovations.
11:44 pm edt 

Anonymity is the Name of the Game

      Yeh! It's the internet. I know McCain doesn't use today's
technology but for the rest, blogs are anonymous. That's what drives
the ideas and postings. It's not Letters to the editor and you don't
have to give your name and address. Frankly, I like this. And by the
way, isn't it the 21st century?
11:42 pm edt 

Re: Elaine Anderson

I agree, IF Elaine Anderson still
wants money to go to Affordable housing rather than historical;
putting more burden on the back of the tax payers, and doesn't feel
that fixing town hall isn't as important, WHY SHOULD WE?   Not ONLY
should we put the employees back at town hall AFTER we shore it up,

I am sure if Elaine Anderson was balancing her own books for her own
life, she would know YOU CAN NOT DO IT ALL!  (Well, some of us can,
but we know she can't, so GET REAL ELAINE ANDERSON)
11:41 pm edt 

Please Spread the Word!

The only reason why the town rented the trailers rather
than move town hall into the school is because the school committee
resoundinly said no. They did not want to give up any amount of space
in the school. Please spread the word.
11:39 pm edt 

All of a Sudden!

For some reason, it seems that people in town didn't
realize that almost $4,000,000 in money from tax payers in town has
essentially been given away to developers of affordable housing.

Perhaps it is due to the financial crisis gripping the world that
they are looking at what happens at town hall--and their money.
11:38 pm edt 

Re: Elaine Anderson

With the world in a financial crisis, Elaine Anderson still
wants money to go to Affordable housing rather than historical;
putting more burden on the back of the tax payers.
If she doesn't feel that fixing town hall is all that important--why
should we? Shore it up and put the folks back in it.
12:40 pm edt 

Re: Only Pebble on the Beach

The ONLY Pebble on the Beach recently posted the following,
and I quote:

"They will recieve a REAL EDUCATIOM for the REAL WORLD with

Pebble obviously hasn't met with any of the teachers in the school
system and should do a little research before lumping all the
teachers into such a narrow-minded view of educators.  As a former
teacher in the Provincetown school system for many years, I take
great offense to his/her post!  One of my goals as a teacher was
always to prepare my students for the REAL WORLD; over the years many
of my former students have thanked me for what I taught them and told
me they were glad they had me as a teacher.  Also, as with ANY school
district there are always going to be teachers who are viewed as
"good" teachers and teachers who are viewed as "bad" teachers.  And
Provincetown is no exception.  Whether "good" or "bad", they are REAL
teachers who are EDUCATED.  If they weren't real teachers, then they
wouldn't have the qualifications to be employed as a teacher,
CORRECT?  And OVERPAID???  Hardly!!!  If anything, teachers
everywhere are UNDERPAID.  Although I am no longer teaching in the
Provincetown school system, I continue to have the utmost
respect for the Provincetown teachers, especially when they are the
subject of such a narrow-minded opinion.  Pebble needs to take a
little time to get to know the teachers and all they do for the
students of the Provincetown system above and beyond providing them
with an education.

On a side note, notice Pebbles typos; maybe he/she should learn how
to proofread before sending.
12:38 pm edt 

Being on a Committee Does not Automatically Mean Concern for This Town

It usually means a personal interest that is being protected by
sitting on a board. It's been this way in Provincetown for how many
years. It meant the same thing when certain people applied for town
positions. Some found personal gain from their positions.

Being engaged in this town takes many approaches. Voting. Attending
town meetings. Writing an article. Getting signatures. Writing on
this blog. I value these acts even more than many who sit and fill
our town boards. There's not only one way to care and be involved.
12:35 pm edt 

Find Much Information and Different Perspectives Here on the Blog

And I'm grateful for the ideas, opinions, and insights that I find
here each day. Not everyone has access to the "truth" or has command
of all the facts, but few of us ever do. But I do appreciate the
various opnions people have and that does not have to be based on
facts. It comes from different positions, different viewpoints and I
appreciate hearing them all.

Thanks for the time you post and the ideas you write.This community
is not monolithic.
12:33 pm edt 

Looks Like Frick and Frack are Back on Line

Try taking a deep breath. Life on the Lily Pond must be getting
pretty cold, clammy and uncomfortable these autumnal days. Your rants
are croaky. Take a gulp or two. It'll clear your throat.
12:30 pm edt 

Hey Pebble: EDUCATIOM?????

Perhaps you need to go back to school too!
12:29 pm edt 

A Bright Idea for Affordable Housing....

Has anyone considered purchasing the trailers the town will use for
the restoration project and turning them into affordable housing
after town hall is renovated?
12:27 pm edt 

Re: Restaurant Review:

You're kidding right? You come here on a political blog to complain
about something so petty as not being served as fast as YOU wanted.
If this is the Restaurant that I am thinking it is, remember, they
hired a new Chef that has only been there just one week to do
breakfast and lunch.

With that being said, maybe the servers were busy at that moment, not
used to the new menu, overwhelmed with having to ask so many
questions such as "how do you like your eggs, bacon or sausage, what
kind of toast etc.

I will say, for your sake, it was a mistake for them not to come to
you and at least greet you.

Remember, this is mostly an EVENING Restaurant that has been so
successful this past season that maybe the new menu and style for the
AM is a bit new to them.

Breakfast and lunch now on weekends only.
Be patient. Stop being so critical, judgmental and try to put
yourself in other people shoes before you jump and attack.

You say you won't go back?
They probably don't want customers like yourself anyway. I take it
you're perfect and never make mistakes...right.

I'll pray for you.
12:27 pm edt 

Clicked on the Wrong Bookmark

I am the OP about the Town website being down.
Oops! I just clicked on the wrong bookmark in my favorites list. My
bad. Sorry.

Anybody notice yet that spelling is being corrected by this website

12:24 pm edt 

Is it Just Me?

Or is the most entertaining part of watching BOS meetings on PTV
watching Mary-Jo and Michelle make sparks?  YOU GO MARY_JO!
12:21 pm edt 

New Restaurant in the West

Yeah, the service at that certain new restaurant in the
west end of Bradford st. leaves something to be desired to say the
least.  great food.  but damn if the bartender can't even pretend to
12:20 pm edt 

Hey Webmaster...

It's MONDAY now!

Lippy the Lion
12:18 pm edt 

I Miss the Good Old Days

That's right, attack Beau Jackett! Attack and criticize
because of course you can do so much better (you forgot to sign your
name again!) Is there anyone left on this blog with amodicum of

I miss the good old days when there were a few people on this blog
with the cajones to sign their name. Where is Greg Craig? Where are
Peter Bez and Peter Page? Bring back the heady days of Candace Nagle
vs Kerry Adams (those were interesting and informative debates they
had and I actually learned a lot about the pier corp.).  Thanks
Cheryl Andrews! Thanks Astrid Berg! Bring back Cliff and East End
Eddy (always good for a chuckle)! I miss Rex McKinsey and I want to
hear from some true Townies!

Webmaster, it really makes sense to require names and email
addresses! Bring back the big brains! ;-}

12:17 pm edt 

Yo, Town Website is Fine

The town long ago changed its website to:

www dot provincetown-ma dot gov and it is working fine. If you
checked it once in a while to look up facts rather than spouting off
uninformed gibberish you might know this but that appears beyond your
12:26 am edt 


Provincetown Association of Crabby Curmudgeons?
Provincetown Association of Cranky Characters?
Provincetown Association of Crude Chumps?
Provincetown Association of Cooky Cretons?

How about some positive thoughts? How about some intelligient advice?
How about a suggestion or two that will be helpful and welcome? Stop
blaming the pepole that are out there trying their best and putting
the collective a**es on the line for you every day. Appreciate
something and stop expecting the sky to fall down on you!

C'mon P-town, you can do better than this blog! Get out there and put
your name on a Committee. Run for something! Stand for something! DO
SOMETHING! Get busy! Get out! Shut off your computer! Your brains are
rotting! Sheeeeeeeesh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next year Red Sox! Tampa Bay deserved the win.
12:25 am edt 

To Sitting at a Bar For Breakfast.

Liquor can't be served until noon. The mature thing to do is to go to
the manager and ask what the protocol is for ordering breakfast since
you seem to be ignored while sitting at the bar.

Be mature, not a drama queen; speak up and let the manager
know your needs. The bartender isn't a mind reader--you have
a voice, ask for a breakfast menu. What good is it to stew here?

Now, write a note to the owner, explain what happened and ask for an
explanation. If it isn't satisfactory, then don't go back. I never
allow myself to be a "victim". I don't look at myself as a tragic
figure--Be proactive in life and be happier.
12:23 am edt 

Re: Town Website

Before you are critical about town government and the town manager
over the town's website perhaps you should try entering the correct
site: it changed a long time ago.

It is amazing how people make comments on this site when they seem to
really be unaware of what is really going on.

Webmaster Comment: The site is .
This link was published only after testing and only because of the importance
of the issue raised
12:19 am edt 

Town Website

The town website is down because Beau (the magnificent MIS
manager) overlooked the re-registration of the domain name. Now
here's what happens, the domain goes into what's called a redemption
preiod. During which time, the town will need to pay a significant
fee, typicalled $75-$150 to redeem the domain, otherwise it goes out
on the open market.

I completely agree. Just wait...Sharon will hire an assistant for him.
12:13 am edt 

Re: BOS and Regionalization Participation

 From what I understand, the BOS and TM asked the good folks from our
neighboring towns if they could possibly change the time of the
meeting or better yet, schedule for another date.  They wouldn't even
consider it.

Wake up, they don't want us to participate.  Provincetown is and will
always be singled out and alone on the outer cape.
12:12 am edt 

An Earlier Blogger Wrote:

Provincetown, as mentioned earlier, should have sent someone to the
meeting for representation.


Thats a fair point. I totally agree.
  And the lack of representation was
one of the reasons i was disappointed. Sorry i wasn't more clear.
Perhaps there is more to the story about why Provincetown wasn't
represented .........than we know.

In any case, time will tell. And Provincetown should be at the table
and part of the conversation.

I guess i got confused about you writing that the selectmen were
"stubborn" and "arrogant" when it came to regionalization. Yes, they
can be stubborn and arrogant, but  I have never heard a one of them
speak that way about this 4 town collaboration.

If you have heard otherwise, please tell us !

12:11 am edt 

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Restaurant Review:

I am stunned at how poorly run a few local businesses are in this
town. I decided this morning to go out for breakfast to get away from
the grim news across the board in newspapers. I went to one of the
town's newest restaurants in the west end on Bradford St. and sat at
the bar.

The bartender nodded once briefly and then proceeded to completely
ignore me and everyone else sitting in front of him. He went and
chatted with other staff, filled two drink orders then walked around
the restaurant a couple of times and then stood with his back to his
bar. He failed to offer a menu, drink, a glass of water or anything!
Growing increasingly angry I couldn't even catch his attention to ask
for a menu. After ten minutes I picked my stuff up and left. Another
customer, who had been there unattended even longer followed me out.

This in a restaurant that was only 1/3 full. Note to business owners
(having been one myself several times, all sucessfully), this type of
treatment creates a lasting impression in the community and will sink
your business, even in good times much less in today's economy or
lack thereof. I know I'll be going elsewhere from now on and
terminating the money I was fairly regularly spending at this place.
12:51 pm edt 

Simply Inept!

I Wish I Believed that Sharon & the BOS are Considering Budget Cuts
But if I have to judge them by their actions, they will do nothing.
They will talk the talk of some cuts but they will not reduced the
budget. Just look at the FY2009 budget. Almost no cuts save one
person in Community development and another in DPW. But then a new
position as Assistant Clerk, Assitant Town Manager, Building
Inspector and more and more. It seems they only know how to increase
budgets, not reduce them. So I sadly see Sharon and the BOS looking
to maintain the same level and add, once again, overrides. The very
people who should be looking to reduce each department's budgets by 5
to 8%, will be the very ones who will look to increase the budgets. I
have little hope in their being able to handle a fiscal crisis that
we are now facing and will face even more when local aid is cut. They
are simply inept.
12:48 pm edt 

CPC's Interest is ONLY for Affordable Housing

It has abandoned open space and historic preservation. These are the
three areas that our taxmonies can be used as CPC funds. But the
affordabled housing complex highjacked these monies and created 80%
for affordable housing. That is not in the best interest of this

And now that we need monies for Town Hall renovations, the CPC
is against using the $1.9 million to help us out--we the town. And
Elaine Anderson, as she did on the CPC, is working to increase
affordable housing monies at the expense of historic renovations and
open space.

And now, the CPC itself, with representatives who should
be protecting open space and historic renovations, are co-opted by
affordable housing and are voting not for the town's best interests
but only for affordable housing.

It is distorted and perveted. Instead of Conservation and Historical
fighting for monies for open space and historic renovations, they are
oddly fighting for affordable housing. Strange, isn't it? And Elaine
Anderson and Michelle Couture continue to pull these strings for the
puppets who sit on this CPC board.
12:45 pm edt 

How Many IT Employees Does it Take to TRun This Town?

Hey guys, I just tried to go to our town website and got
this message instead: provincetowngov(DOT)org expired on 10/12/2008
and is pending renewal or deletion.
How many IT employees does it take to run this Town?
Apparently more than the three we have.
Maybe Sharon should hire a new assistant for them!
12:42 pm edt 

Spending Money in Town is Not Enough to Justify Affordable Housing

The point is that affordable housing units are owned by those who
work for Ted Malone. Some have one and their partners ahve another.
Some even have bought a magnificent home for around $250,000 when it
is worth around $800,000.

And, it's interesting to note that Pam Pamakian and Monica were able to
sell their affordable housing at market rate after the five years elapsed.
so what did we gain for our investment? Nothing. But Ted Malone and his
workers made out royally.

This is a joke, a sick game played on the taxpayers of Provincetown
under the guise that waiters, teachers, sales persons can gain
affordable housing. But ONLY if you work for Ted Malone or are having
a serious relationship with someone working for Ted Malone or happen
to be friends of those who are. Look at the record. Look at whose
names are selected and you'll see how abusive this system is.
11:24 am edt 

Dear Webmaster:

Perhaps a demonstration is in order for the persistently perturbed
poster who posits that mentioning Astrid gets them punished by denial
of publication.

I offer this example of what WONT get a writer to this blog posted:

Astrid Beg is a ******  *****  who has lots of money and dont do
nothing but **** with us cuz shes got money all you do is put her
letters in cuz you agree with her and not me and dont put my *******
letters in this here blog.

As opposed to this version which WILL get a writer posted:

I do not agree with Ms. Bergs statements. I believe that since she
may have a thriving business, her points of view are more readily
considered by the publisher of this blog than mine.

See, the two rants say the same thing, only one is for consumption
the other is just vicious bile.

Im trusting that you will insert the appropriate black-outs.  Now
maybe our highly opinionated but, apparently, editorially challenged
blog constituent can clearly see the difference as to what is
considered an opinion and what is considered an attack.

Sometimes you just have to put it blatantly so they get it.  And, as
a closing thought, it wouldnt hurt for a good many other writers to
read this also.


A Cook in Waiting

Webmaster Comment: It appears you have done the work
already, and it is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your concern and efforts.

Best regards
11:20 am edt 

Re: There Will Not be That Much Money Saved if the High Closes

   To the person who rambled on about how we won't save money by
sending our children to Nauset............we WILL save money BUT it's
not always about the money. Nauset will better educate our kids.
11:14 am edt 

Re: Regional Meeting

Check in the CCTimes. Thats a better description on what happened at
the meeting than Dr. Andrews' report.
11:12 am edt 

BOS and Regionalization Participation

Its too bad the Provincetown selectmen didn't participate at any
level. I just watched it on TV and the meeting was a very good ice
breaker in that the towns met to start the process. Once again, Ptown
is lagging behind. Did the group discuss anything in specific? NO,
but they did get a general idea on what they wanted to discuss.

Provincetown, as mentioned earlier, should have sent someone to the
meeting for representation. It's too bad Ms. Andrews was disappointed
in the meeting as she posted. The meeting was requested many weeks
before the date and anyone with problems on the date could have asked
for it to be changed.

Ptown just decided to not go, they didn't ask for a change in the date.
With the town in such fiscal chaos, one would think they would have made
every effort to join in.

There are 5 members of the board. Couldn't one of them break away from
their all important meeting to go? Or even send Gardener? SOMEONE! But no,
they were better and even a former selectman is now defending this action
because that's the schedule.

Does anyone wonder why the problems are as bad as they are?
11:11 am edt 

Cabot's Candy and Affordable Housing

Everyone agrees, congratulations to Cabots for creating more year
round work, but remember, these people need a reasonable year round

I'm no fan of taxpayer bought affordable ownership, but we do need
the affordable rentals that will be coming on line in the next two
years.  if we don't have it, people like Cabots would have no work
force.  Affordable Housing DOES work when done correctly.
11:07 am edt 

There are Serious Issues We Need to Confront

What is most important is to make people aware of what the
situation is in town regarding the school, town hall and  where their
money is going i.e. affordable housing.

Forget spending time talking about Kerry Adams etc. We are in a world
financial crisis. We have a town gov't that neglected town hall while
they poured $4,000,000 into affordable housing--and Elaine Anderson
is still adamant that we do that because she still won't put any
pressure on the affordable housing cartel to change the designation.

We have a school with 40 Provincetown Students. How terribly sad that
these students are forced to spend their teenage years together with
the same small group of tuitioned studetns from a couple of other
towns interacting only with each other all of their school-day lives.

All of these students should be in Nauset where they will have a
stimulating time and meeting a diverse group of young people.

We pay almost $4,000,000 to the school committee each year.   Write
letters to the Boston Globe; to the Dept of Revenue about what is
going on regarding the school committee: the chair of the steering
committee resigned over the school Refusing to consider
regionalizing; the principal resigned. Now they want to hire a
principal for $60,000?  $70,000 with benefits and eventual raises
etc...all of this when the nation is in a hiring freeze and millions
will be losing their jobs.

We have a seclectman, Elaine Anderson, who refused to vote to have
money that is allocated for affordable housing go to fix town hall.
They want to continue to take money out of our pockets for affordable
housing, but no one is helping 600 residents who pay pre and post
betterments every year for 20 years

We are a democracy, not a socialist country and it is totally unfair
that money is taken from hard working people who work side by side
with people on affordable housing. People who worked hard and saved
and bought a house are being penalized.

Let Private developers build affordable housing; The elderly who
can't work or who are on fixed incomes, the working tax payers who
are struggling because their houses have gone up in price but make a
non-town gov't town worker's wage with no benefits etc. should not
have to foot the fill.

And people can come into town, get off of the bus and go and sign up
for affordable housing.

There are serious issues to confront; to illuminate for  our fellow
citizens and for the Boston Gov't to see and understand.
11:06 am edt 

Dear Mr. Kerry Adams,

      Thank you for having the guts to step up and clear the air and
your good name! How easy it is for some here to try to discredit
folks like you on this blog. It's not only mean spirited, it's just
plain mean!
      After all of her shrill screaching, even Candace Nagle has seen
the light! Hey look, a pig just flew past my window!

      Thank you for your service to Provincetown!

Black Bunny
11:00 am edt 

To: Right Now, the High School Cost Ptown $1.1 Million Per Year

"It makes no difference whether you send the kids to Nauset or to Ptown."

Thank you for the math but you are wrong...
It does make a difference if the kids are at Nauset...They will
recieve a REAL EDUCATIOM for the REAL WORLD with



I remain,

The ONLY Pebble on the Beach

10:31 am edt 


The community preservation committee has always had the
best interests of the town, and town meeting has always agreed by
voting for the projects they have brought to town meeting. The person
who keeps writing bad things about the cpc must have been one of the
handfull of voters that vote down the cpc at every chance since the
cpc was started.
10:28 am edt 


Go Sox!
10:27 am edt 

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Re: Previous Comment Regarding Affordable Housing

A previous poster concluded their blog with the term "Just the facts".

I do not think they were using it as a signature: however, as I have
been using "Just the Facts" as my nom de plume for almost a year,
I want to clearify that  the posting in no way reflects my sentiments,
and in fact I totally disagree with the presentments. 

It more nearly represented a poster statement for those who have
and are benefiting from affordable housing. 

Just the Facts
10:53 pm edt 

From the Outside

I hope they all feel real comfortable inside the trailers.
I hope they love their new space. Because that's where they should
stay for the next four years. Maybe, then, bonds will be more
reasonably priced, tax payers may have more money, and the CPC will
decide to allocate some monies for renovations. But, if not, then let
them all stay in the trailers as a permanent home. Visitors can visit
Town Hall as a huge artifact that once meant something to this town.
They and we can appreciate what it was once was--from the outside.
10:38 pm edt 

Re: Personal Initiative

Bravo to him for his innovation.  He found a way to create a
year-round economy, at least for his business.  We could all learn
something from him.  I don't know him, but he certainly has my

Above all, he didn't need yet another *Economic Summit* or indepth
townscapes, or multi layered town permits. Or especially well paid
*experts* to tell us that we need to hire said expert to give us the
numbers we want. Just like smart Mr Ryan did for the Affordable
Housing Syndicate.

Enough is Enough
10:36 pm edt 

An Earlier Blogger Wrote:

"So we shouldn't be surprised that three towns are meeting to talk
about the benefits of regionalization but the Provincetown selectmen
were otherwise occupied.

Such stubborness and the arrogant sense that
we here in Provincetown are so special!"


Lets fight fair here. The BofS always, i repeat always, meets the 2nd
and 4th monday of the month. And when monday is a holiday, like
Columbus Day, its Tuesday night.
In my 9 years, we NEVER cancelled a regular "monday" night meeting,
so we could be somewhere else. It was not stubbornness or arrogance.
It was duty.
The Truro BofS did not choose a night/time  to allow all 4 towns to
meet in a convenient way.
And i was disappointed. But i did attend, and frankly, they  talked
for about 10 minutes. Nothing was accomplished except to define the
framework for each town to participate, which will be a town
administrator/manager and selectman from each town.

Hopefully, we will see Sharon and  one of our "gang" at the first
meeting of this sub-committee.
They really didn't miss much at Tuesday's meeting.

Cheryl Andrews
10:32 pm edt 

Re: Affordable Housing

To the ONE who keeps on blogin that affordable housing only
makes money for the developer (ie: Ted malone). Do you not see that
he and his staff all live on the cape year round and spend their
money on the cape? Thats what the goal of the very public and
overwelming support of the towns voters wanted! CPA and affordable
housing monies keep the money in town. Why are you so upset that some
of these units have gone to a staff worker of the developer? All of
the lotteries for affordable housing HAVE to go thru STATE & HUD. No
one can get away with anything illegal. And even if you think
something WAS illegal, call up the toll free numbers in your phone
book and report it. They will investigate and get back to you.  if
someone gets an affordable unit and also works in town year round it
helps us all. And if for some reason that person does not work, at
least they add to the fabric of town and spend here year round. Just
the facts!
10:29 pm edt 


Why can some bloggers name names but other
bloggers can't mention Astrid?
10:27 pm edt 

What We Citizens Must do is Get the Word Out

How many people really understand that $4,000,000 of their money
has gone to affordable housing while Town Hall was left to languish?

How many people actually knew that we were spending close to
$4,000,000 to educate around 40 Provincetown students? And that the
school committee This must sink into people heads.
10:25 pm edt 

Provincetown Schools

There will not be that much money saved if the high school closes.

If Ptown does have to bus kids to Nauset, Ptown will be solely
responsible for transportation costs.

It  will cost Ptown over $900 a day to ferry kids to the two Nauset
schools.  Thats 162K per year.

Why would Nauset ever agree to share this cost, never mind pay for it all?

Further, if Ptown sends 50 more kids to Nauset, at 13K a kid (which
is the going for a district when it sends one of its kids to another
district)  that's 650K being sent to Nauset.

Add the 21 kids Ptown is already sending to Nauset and to Lighthouse
Charter and, at 13K a kid, that's another 273K being sent to Nauset.

Then add the 162K Ptown will have to pay to transport these kids to
Eastham and to Orleans.

The total comes to 1.085 million dollars--every yearwith Ptown having
little or no say on the Nauset School Committee.

And though some people wish that Nauset would merge with Ptown, why
would Nauset agree to do so?

Why would Nauset want to take on Ptowns transportation costs if it
doesnt have to?

So, apparently, there will be little savings if Ptown kids go to Nauset.

Some say when the high school is sold there will be a financial windfall.

However, the high school has a considerable mortgage on it.

There are eight more years left on that note.

So there won't be much savings there.

Right now, the high school cost Ptown $1.1 million per year.

It makes no difference whether you send the kids to Nauset or to Ptown.

Sorry, that's just the way it is.

And, please, check out my facts if you don't believe me.
10:23 pm edt 

Yes, a Big Congrats to Cabot's Candy!

Way to go in keeping people working and more taxes coming into the
town. Maybe some of our other business owners can try to create more
ways to stay open longer or through the winter to provide jobs. It is
difficult to do with a clothing shop or a trinket shop. Cabot's is exporting
their product nationally, a big difference than lets say the Lily Pond.

East End PJ
4:50 pm edt 

Michael, Thanks For the Truth About the Use of the School

I too believed that the high school could have been used to house
some departments but all we ever heard from the School Committee was:
It's not possible! The State Will not allow this! The protection of
children is paramount!

But this was a ruse. The School Committee was trying to protect its
own space and it did not want town employees using THEIR space. It
was stingy, small-brain thinking and reveals how the School Committee
really thinks about the town. They would not give an inch of space.
This was also what the Recreation Department also cried. We have
children. WE can't have the public there too! Same argument. Same
wrong thinking.

Thanks for speaking to the legal counsel for the Education
Department. You did more than anyone on the School Committee or
anyone at Town Hall did.

I think what happened was that Sharon did not want to displease
anyone--either on the School Committee or in the Recreation
Department--and therefore saw the trailers as an answer that would
cause fewer people to be upset. Sometimes, making everyone happy with
you is not what's best for the town. Trailers, really? It's like a
bad joke.
4:47 pm edt 

Provincetown Selectmen Should Have Attended the Regionalization Meeting
I think it was this spring when there was a request for a meeting
dealing with regionalization of the schools. I think it was Truro
that requested the meeting and --oh what a surprise--the school
committee thumbed their noses at Truro. They refused to even meet.

So we shouldn't be surprised that three towns are meeting to talk
about the benefits of regionalization but the Provincetown selectmen
were otherwise occupied. Such stubborness and the arrogant sense that
we here in Provincetown are so special! We're not. And we should work
constructively with other towns for future discussions and possible
consolidation of certain resources and services.

Again, we are not so special. We are ordinary and facing
extraordinary times. Regionalization makes sense.
4:43 pm edt 

Affordable Housing is For the Have's

For those who work for Ted Malone or are friends of those who work
for Ted malone. Instead of bonuses, they get to own an affordable
housing unit. Just look at who works for Uncle Ted and you'll see who
owns affordable housing. Unfortunately, it is not for the have-nots
but those who are connected and whose names miraculously are "picked"
from the black hat.

And it is this access to these funds for the Ted Malone groupies that
the CPC--oh, what a surprise AJ is on this committee--is protecting.

When our greter need is for Town Hall renovations, when town tax
payers are going to be footing extra taxes (if they so vote for Phase
I) you would think that the affordable housing complex would
understand the political ramifications of continuing to claim this
money for themselves. The CPC is tax payer funded with tax payer
monies. It doesn't belong to Ted Malone nor to his worker-cronies.
4:41 pm edt 

Re: We Must Consider Regionalization

I Agree.

Keeping the school open is costing the tax payers too much money for
a system which is inferior to Nauset. Their excuses for keeping the
school open are flawed. Their reasons for not allowing town hall to
move there are also self seving. They do not want the community to
see how poorly the school is being run. It could have been sectioned
of with its own entrance but the Super/Principal talks in circles and
generally makes no sense at all!
4:38 pm edt 

Kudo's to John Cicero of Cabot's Candy

I read the article on pg 11 of this week's Banner.  He has a candy
shop that is busy during the summer, slow during the winter.  He
started to make Cape Cod Caramel Honey Crunch Popcorn which is more
of a fall/winter product and makes it using the same equipment he
uses to make candy in the summer.  He had a an order with the TJ Max
company that increased from 5,000 bags to 30,000 bags after they
tested his popcorn.  Because of his inovation he's going to be able
to keep his staff working year-round.  A quote from him in the Banner
"You can keep people busy and keep going even though the season slows"

Bravo to him for his innovation.  He found a way to create a
year-round economy, at least for his business.  We could all learn
something from him.  I don't know him, but he certainly has my

4:36 pm edt 

We Must Consider Regionalization

With the added cost of renting the trailers because the
school committee refused to let us use the school to house town hall,
the school committee will cost the town around $4,000,000.

Remember we have one student in the sixth grade and last year we had
12 graduating seniors.

In their Recommendation 11 The department of Revenue states: Assess
the Fiscal Impact of School Regionalization.

We recommend that the town pursue an independent study to determine
the financial ramifications of joining the Nauset Regional School

In terms of enrollment,Provincetown supports the smallest PK-12
school district in the Commonwealth.

As a direct result, its per pupil cost at $24,896 in FY2008 is second
highest in the state. (MinutemanRegional High School is highest with
a per pupil cost of $26,971).

Of 102 students in Grades 7-12, only 46 are Provincetown residents,
another 22 arrive from other communities by way ofschool choice and
34 arrive from Truro under a tuition agreement.

According to State Department of Education statistics, foundation
enrollment has declined in each year since 1999.During these times of
fiscal stress, it is sensible for town officials to investigate allpossible cost
savings opportunities, including the option to join the Nauset Regional
School District.
10:38 am edt 

Re: We Haven't Been Here Long Enough!

To the poster who thinks we haven't been around long enough
to know why we need affordable housing.

I have a hint for you!


Or go live somewhere that you can afford to live without sucking off
the     (breast)of the Gimmie Girl Socialist Welfare System!

A Rat In The Basement breast
10:32 am edt 

Are We Living in a Dream World?

There are many people who dont comprehend the devastating
economic crisis we are experiencing. For anyone to even think of
renovating town hall at such a time is in a dream world.

Imagine a building going up in flames and then throwing just one
bucket of water on it in order to stop it. This is all that our
governments $700 billion dollar bail out was able to do.

It needed the worlds nations to step in to make their own countries
banks financially solvent. Iceland was virtually bankrupt.

To go ahead with and $8,000,000 town hall renovation when our
governor must cut services across the board from programs for the
disabled to fund to cities and towns shows the severity of the

Governors across the land are initiating hiring freezes and yet in
Provincetown the school committee wants to spend close to $100,000.
To hire a new principal or superintendent.
10:25 am edt 

As a Point of Information

I called the board of Education and talked to their legal department
and I asked them if it was possible for the town of Provincetown to
use a part of the school to house town hall employees and they said
that it may be possible if we follows this procedure:

First get the approval of the school  committee, second get approval
from the commissioner of education and then see if the town would
qualify under the dictates of chapter 40 section 3 of the
Massachusetts general law (which essentially states that we could do
this if it did not interfere with classes. )
Michael Rogovsky,
10:23 am edt 

Re: Kerry Adams- I'd Like to Set the Record Straight Please

I received a call from a friend today informing me that I was being
"trashed" on the blog. How unusual I thought, Candace Nagle must be
upset with me again! I've been considering a response all day. Then,
after typing one I would delete it while muttering to myself "don't
let them suck you back in"! Oh well, just this once...

I take a great personal affront to accusations of abusing my "power".
What power? I serve on the Pier Corp Board of Directors as Treasurer.
It is a position that I am very serious about. I don't really see
that as a position of power; just me volunteering my precious time to
try to do something good and make a small contribution for the town
that I love. Just like the School Committee position that I was
elected to. Yes, I have children in the school here and yes, I still
maintain an open mind! I don't take my positions on either of these
boards lightly, nor have I ever or will I ever abuse them! But, I

This summer, my family was enjoying an afternoon of boating with my
In-Laws in their boat. As we were preparing to depart from Wood End
(inside the harbor) and return to town, we discovered that our
batteries were dead - completely. There wasn't even enough juice to
power the VHF radio to hail boaters in our vicinity for help! What to
do? I used my cel phone and called the Harbormaster's office. Is that
such an odd place to call in this type of situation? Harbormaster
Duane Steele answered my call and I informed him of our plight and
asked him if there was anyone at the pier or in the area that might
be available to give us an assist. He said he would see what he could

A short time later, a boat in our immediate vicinity offered to
assist and was on the way over to do just that when Harboraster
Steele arrived in the Harbormaster vessel. How fortunate we thought!
To his credit, Harbormaster Steele did an outstanding job of securing
our boat and towing us right in to our slip at Cabrals. We couldn't
thank him enough for rescuing us from a long wait and certain boredom!

But the story doesn't end there. As my Father-In-Law is not a tenant
of MacMillan Pier, there is a charge for towing services by the
Harbormaster's office. An invoice was sent out to my Father-In-Law
for the tow service and was subsequently paid.

Boats break down from time to time and it's not at all uncommon for
the Harbormaster's office to lend a helpful hand. I would hope that
anyone finding themselves in a similar situation could expect the
same courtesy. Had I even for one moment considered this to be an
abuse of my power, I would have thrown my phone overboard before
calling for help!

I guess the only quesion I have in all of this is why anyone would
take the time to attack me in this way without first acquiring the
facts? A simple phone call could have resolved the entire matter. In
all honesty, I thought that Candace Nagle was up to her old tricks
again. Imagine my surprise when I read her insertion here in my
defense. I never thought I'd say this here but thank you Candace, I
appreciate what you said!

In closing, I wonder if next month while I'm mackerel fishing from
the end of the pier: If I should happen to slip and fall into the
freezing water, would I be abusing my power if I asked for a life
line? Maybe I'd be better off phoning a friend instead! Lets ask the
audience and see what they think!

Thank you for the opportunity to clear the air.

Kerry L. Adams

PS. The two boats on MacMillan Pier that our office insures were
clients long before I became a PPPC Director and I disclosed this
publicly and will of course recuse myself from any vote that has to
do with them.
10:20 am edt 

Remember! If You Don't Like the Way Things Are.......

Get on boards, Run for a seat on the Board of selectman, school board
etc. etc. Just complaining only goes so far! If a person does get on
certain commissions or boards, of course she or he will push thru
what project they want, thats how town government works! However if
you don't have a majority vote on said project it will not get
passed. So if you want something, get on those boards and commissions.
10:14 am edt 

Oh well!

So long as the money that was there is spent on good things for the
town, you know, like affordable housing that lines the pockets of the
developers, I guess it's all for the common good. Too bad it couldn't
have been used more productively like hold up the towns historic
central government building. But why do that?
10:13 am edt 

Friday, October 17, 2008

A Slap Across the Face From the School Committee?

As a taxpayer and voter, I'm sure that our School Committee (a body
that WE elect) would have been more than willing to allow the Town to
use the schools during this time of fiscal emergency if they could.
But let's keep a few things in mind before we go laying blame and
casting aspersions:

The Department of Education makes the rules about who can use a
school building and when and how. There are very strict rules in
place and for good reason, to PROTECT children.

The School Committee has offered the schools to the town for use
during after school hours for meetings, etc. Town meeting will
continue to be held there. Several rooms have been given to the town
for storage purposes.

The school buildings just can't be opened up to the public because
the Town Hall is in a shambles. It took a lot of years for Town Hall
to deteriorate, something that has been known in this town for some
time. Let's not dump all of the town's woes and ill fortunes at the
feet of the school committee. There's more than enough blame to go
around for everyone! One of our current selectmen has been serving
off and on since the 1970's and has certainly known about the
conditions at Town Hall. But like everything else, mum's the word til
the crap hits the fan and then it's too late! That same selectperson
has been very critical of the schools and was the most vocal about
using the schools for town offices. Sour grapes anyone?

Black Bunny Lives!
8:51 pm edt 

You Just Don't Get It!

Sad to see that folks just don't get the need for
affordable housing. i guess you haven't been here long enough to know
why it's even needed. (hint: the real estate industrial complex.)
you're barking up the wrong tree. the paranoia is breath taking. the
nastiness is tired, but par for the course. the have-nots ganging up
on the haves...only in provincetown. stop being part of the problem.
get some facts.
8:47 pm edt 

I Have a Question:

Now that the town employees will soon be starting thier four day work
week why is it not being done on a rotation basis? At least one
person from each department should be working on fridays and have
mondays off.

This way there will be someone there to at least field
questions, take in applications, etc etc. I don't think that the
companies that have startd using this work week schedule are totally
closed for one day. Can anyone enlighten me.

A concerned citizen

8:45 pm edt 

There is no Immediate Project for the $1.9 Million in Affordable Housing Monies

This is the tragedy. This is the perverted reality. There is no
upcoming affordable housing project that needs or has encumbered the
CPC monies. What is really happening is that those on the CPC tied to
Ted Malone and working for Ted Malone and those on Historical
Commission, living in affordable housing and tied to their vested
iterest, have refused to move this money into the needed renovations
of Town Hall. CPC could have moved these monies, on a one time
basisn, or as a donation to the renovations, but they have REFUSED.
The affordable Housing Complex has placed its arms around $1.9
Million and they are saying to all of us: "Tough, it's ours to use
for our needs--not yours."

I find the CPC's behavior reprehensible. If they will not use any of
these $1.9 million monies that would cover Phase I of Town Hall
renovations for Town Hall, then why should any of us reach into our
pockets and give more money to the town for Town Hall renovations.
No, not a penny until the CPC agrees to use some of these monies.

Keep in mind that CPC funds across the state ususally work on 10%
minimum for open space, historic renovations and affordable housing.
Few towns have done what the Affordable Housing Complex, with
kleenexes and teary speakers, did: get a town to shift 80% of CPC
monies to affordable housing. And now, when there is no present
project for these monies, the CPC is hoarding these monies.

Again,it's reprehensible. Therefore, why should any of us give any
money to town hall for renovations when the CPC won't let go of even
one penny?
6:45 pm edt 

Provincetown Association of Constant Complainers

This site should be called the "Provincetown Association of
Constant Complainers". If you're not part of the solution, then you
are part of the problem. If ya'll were "Concerned Citizens" then you
might show up at BOS meetings and have your voice heard, but I guess
that would cut into your drinking in front of the computer time.

The Ogre
6:42 pm edt 

Questions on Affordable Housing -

Can someone tell me exactly how many units we need and how many
we presently have? I am interested in who will live there and where will
they work. Will the housing only be open to Provincetown residents or
will we get people who are presently living in shelters from other towns?

Are all of the present units occupied? I am concerned about all of the
money that goes to affordable housing when are buildings need to be
repaired and are literally falling down around us. Why don't we fix the
town hall and then use the trailers for affordable housing? The Provincia
could have been made into affordable housing...Is there an affordable
housing study that I can read? Please someone point me into the right

East End PJ
6:40 pm edt 

Re: Kerry Adams Above Reproach!

Kerry Adams did not abuse his position on the Provincetown
Public Pier Corporation vis a vis the accusations posted here about
the nature of a tow he received this summer. Without going into
specifics, he is above reproach on this matter.  Now when it comes
to having market rates on the east side.

  I do think Mr. Adams will show leadership on the board to secure
the much needed income for the town by establishing competitive rates
which could yield the town in excess of $100-$200,000 more income
annually by flushing out those on the east side who should not be
getting the Provincetown taxpayer subsidized rate.

Candace Nagle
6:37 pm edt 

Use the Process

Well fall's here, the weather is chill and the nutters are
back on their computers in force.

Do you think that maybe, just possibly, the town manager, selectmen,
and FinCom are aware of the current economic situation and may, just
maybe,  take it into account as they enter their normal annual budget
preparation cycle forhe FY2009 budget? Do you think that perhaps the
normal channels of government decision making might address things?

Perhaps they could use your constructive suggestions of what town
services could be trimmed or delayed, if you deliver it through the
same democratic process the Town has used for 200 years, eg, letters
or presentations to selectmen? Mob raving on here will be just as
ineffective as it was last year.

Is it possible, as has proven the case 100% of the time, that
screaming on here is useless, bitter, and just makes you feel good to
see yourself in print?

Even better yet, apply to one of the many board
openings and do something constructive.

By the way, it's a beautiful day here and in Washington and around
the country thousands of federal employees at Treasury, Federal
Reserve, FDIC, and elsewhere are working hard to implement the
billions of dollars of measures that will eventually address the
economic crisis. Also, at last check, west texas intermediate crude
is about $73/barrel, about half what it was last year at this time
and Warren Buffet says he's buying as much stock as he can get his
hands on.

So, go for a walk or bike ride, calm down and get involved in the
process if you want to make a difference. Maybe even help the local
economy by going out to a cheap dinner tonight.

I know this will fall on mostly deaf ears but had to write it anyways.

Facts are Just
6:34 pm edt 

Not Getting Published

I don't really know Astrid Berg but I certainly agree that
she or anyone else should not be assassinated on this site just
because they expresses what seem to be intelligent opinions. I trust
the webmaster to edit any unnecessary rancor or malice from
submissions. Up to now, he seems to have done an admirable, equitable

  Whoever it is who is feeling squelched by not getting published
here might want to consider this: What if you put your name on it? 
Would you send it then? It's amazing how taking responsibility for
one's statements tends to bring out one's inner editor. Give it a
shot, then rant away. We're all waiting to see just what exactly your
beef is... And eager to see your name signed to a well constructed
6:30 pm edt 

Hot to Savage!

Wow--that person sure is hot to savage Astrid Berg on the
blog. That must be quite a sizzling letter. Obviously, Astrid has
touched a nerve requesting CPC money for the town.

Who would have thought that someone would be savaged for trying to
help out all of the tax payers. This is why folks don't sign their
name to what they write.
6:27 pm edt 

Regionalization Study Report

Soon we will get the serious,in depth, objective, Steering
Committee STUDY regarding the school and regionalization requested by
the Department of Revenue.

Does anyone know when the next school committee meeting is? Will the
report be read at a selectmen's meeting?
6:25 pm edt 

A Slap Across the Face

The entire world is in a financial crisis of breathtaking
proportions. The School Committee could have let us have space in the
school for town employees--but they refused.

  Now they want to spend more tax payers money to hire a principal.
The spending won't stop until we send our 40 high school students to
a school with a serious student population and close Provincetown
high school.

If there was a crisis at the school and it was closed for two years,
the entire town would have rallied. We have a crisis at town
hall--and the school committee just slaps us across the face when we
ask them for help.
6:23 pm edt 


My letter to the editor was published in the Provincetown banner
advocating that the $1.9 million dollars in the CPC funds be
allocated to pay for the $2,000,000 first phase of shoring up Town

  At Tuesday's Board of Selectmen's meeting we were all informed that
yet again, the $1.9 million dollars has already been allocated to
fund Affordable housing. Thus, in the last three years they have
received almost $4,000,000 of tax payer's money. These folks sure
know how to get money for special interests: too bad they don't work
to get money for the town.

Michael Rogovsky
12:24 pm edt 

Thank You.

Many thanks to our friends who opened their hearts to our foster son
Travis, who affectionately called them Aunts and Uncles. Travis has
been reunited with his parents and is doing great.

Thanks Aunt Lee for your generosity and welcoming spirit, Aunt Melanie
for supporting his endeavor into vegetarianism and the sleep overs,
Uncle David for your good-hearted gym membership and Aunt Denise
for the personal training and motivation, Aunt Brenda for the sax lessons
and hanging in there with a schedule that changed too often, Uncles
Charlie and George for sharing your 3 dogs, Uncle Charles for supporting
Travis' desire to become an actor, Aunts Kelly and Cindy for the Halloween
treat bag and of course Uncle Clarence and Godmother Marcene for
laughter and support.

Many thanks to all who welcomed him to our community and family.

Tom Hochard and Larry Mahan
12:22 pm edt 

The Stinginess of the Affordable Housing Complex

The Ted Malone Affordable Housing Complex, with AJ Allon, Elaine
Anderson and Michelle Couture, have made certain that the $1.9
million in CPC funds will NOT be used for town renovations. How
stingy. How much more do they want for their vested interest, for
their friends and friends of friends, who work and support Ted
Malone. When the town can use these monies for town hall and they
stand in the way, we see how narrow their interests are. It's quite

If you, on the CPC and through the strings conected to them, do not
want to contribute to Town hall renovations, then why should we, the
tax payers, give even more? We shouldn't. Let the trailers be
12:18 pm edt 

Why Vote On Phase I Town Hall Renovations?

Since the town cannot get a bond in 2009--and we are yet to find out
why--then why would we waste our time dealing with Phase I when we
can only get a bond in 2010? Please explain what's the rush when no
bond can be acquired or issued to this town until 2010? This issue
can be dealt with at the regular spring town meeting.

It's a waste of our energy and time to discuss what cannot be funded
for two years or a year and a half. Also, the cost of bonds have
doubled and we need to see what the financial reality will be in the

Don't vote for Phase I when we cannot implement Phase I.
12:17 pm edt 

New Fiscal Realities

Each day the world financial meltdown continues...there are thousands
of jobs lost.  We are not immune to the tsunami's effects.

Jobs are being cut by the Commonwealth, by the Wall Street firms, by
the banks, auto manufacturers with lots of spin off around each of
the pink slipped workers. The Grand Union in Bourne will be closed 
and senior workers will be given the opportunity to replace less
senior workers in Provincetown's Grand Union.

On Cape Cod other towns are reducing their community work forces by
attrition, early retirement and outright downsizing.

It is time to downsize our government.  Our yearround population was
once over 4000, now it is 3300.  That is a reduction of 18%.  Sounds
like our town government should be reduced by 18%.  Or maybe the town
should close for the winter!

And the schools..the high school will make a good handicapped
accessible town hall with lots of parking.
The Veterans School should remain open if possible..but even that may
be non-tenable as more young families leave.  The inadequate progress
on the MCAS scores at the elementary level certainly will not have
young parents choosing Provincetown.

We have work to may not be easy but the hemorrhage of money
wasted on town staffing and projects has to be halted.
12:15 pm edt 

Provincetown High School is Just Not Viable!

Amazing! Even the Editorial in the Provincetown Banner
acknowledges that the high school can't remain viable as it is.
However, I personally think that The steering committee is a
sham--otherwise,Steven Roderick would not have resigned as chair.

The school committee is so entrenched in its divine right to almost
$4,000,000 of tax payers money to do with as they with the shcool
that it would be like wrestling a cub from a she-tiger getting them
to part with a penny of it. Between them and the Affordable housing
cartel, there will be blood in the water wresting our tax payer money
from their claws.

Of course New York city can have a specialized school--there are tens
of thousands of students there--they could have a school dedicated to
the most esoteric subject and they would find students to fill
it--but Provincetown?

Do you really think people will send there kids here to this small
school? Over 1,000 students left the Barnstable school system last

The Department of Revenue has given its imprimatur to closing the
school. With laser like precision they have completed a thorough and
comprehensive investigation of our school and they consider it urgent
that we regionalize. That is why the steering committee was formed.

If you want ammunition to close the school then just read section 11
of the Department of Revenue report and the Peter Francese report.
12:12 pm edt 

More Power to FinCom

I would like to advance an idea. How about changing our
Charter to lessen the power of the BOS and increase the power of
FINCOM? We gripe about our present and past BOS, but we could change
the structure of our government.

FinCom is more in line with Provincetown Taxpayers'
fiscal concerns.

Sans Souci
12:08 pm edt 

Re: Kerry Adams-Alleged Boat Tow

The Tow is in the log and heard directly from an AHM.
I can only imagine the fall-out if the AHM had said no. It was wrong
to do period. Whether the PPPC director owns a boat or was a
passenger, calling the HM's office for that tow was an abuse of
power. Period.

No more tie-ups and tows. Enough with the perks!
12:07 pm edt 

To: The Webmaster

Web Master, RE: Astrid Berg. So its ok on this web to
comment on anybody but Ms. Berg???

Webmaster Comment: It is not about the "who", it is about the "how".
It is again noted, that adherence to the published guidelines assures

Thank you
12:02 pm edt 

Re: 10% Across the Board Cuts

Cutting 10% across the board can be done and should be done
immediately. I understand that their are fixed costs but there is
always waste in government. Each department head should look at
their budget, line by line and make the cut. Cut paper, office supplies,
shut the lights,turn the heat down, use energy saving bulbs... there
are ways to do it but it will take a sacrifice.

WAKE UP PROVINCETOWN we are now in a recession and need to
practice fiscal restraint! I always love when the governor says during bad
weather that "non-essential" workers don't need to come in. What exactly is a
"non-essential" worker?

Does Provincetown have any non-essential workers? If so, why do we
have them in the first place if they are not essential???? Gotta love
government. So,lets start today by cutting 10% across  the board.

God knows I've had to cut my own house budget these pass few years to
make ends meet. My heat hasn't even been turned on yet this year, I didn't
use my AC, when I do use my heat it will be set at 58 during the day while
I'm at work and 64 when I'm home. No more steak, lots of pasta and chicken.

I could go on with many,many more cuts I've made to my families
budget. Am I happy about these cuts in my budget? No, but it is
important if I'm going to stay afloat. This is the time to tighten
our belts, make the cuts today!
East End PJ
11:57 am edt 

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cut by 10% Knowing There Are Fixed Costs

Each department cuts its budget by 10% knowing there are fixed costs.
They have the flexibility to find where the cuts should be, but all
departments would be forced to slash their budgets. Reduce hours, cut
expenses, reorganize departments--these are just a few ways to cut
costs. This should be done and done immediately.
10:24 pm edt 


I see in the CCTimes that the lower cape communities of Truro,
Wellfleet and Eastham got together to talk regionalization to save
money between the communities, sharing costs and services to save the
taxpayers. Where was Provincetown? Why didn't they play a part?
Couldn't they have sent a representative to the meeting considering
all the issues we have LIKE THE SCHOOL SYSTEM!
10:22 pm edt 

Re: 10% Across the Board Cuts

10% cuts across the board in all departments doesn't always
work.  There are a number of fixed costs that can't be cut such as
employee health insurance, utilities, union employee contracts, etc.
8:29 pm edt 

Tourism Fund Revenues Decline

That's a good sign, according to Lisa Boden, because the new flat is
down. Isn't that what she said?

This from the woman who drives around town in a car with New York
license plates pretending to promote Provincetown.
8:27 pm edt 

10% Across the Board Reduction!

I believe that the suggestion to cut 10% across the board,
and thus to reduce all departments by 10% is a good idea. What a
place to start! I like you're idea. I back your idea. Let's push and
advocate for a 10% reduction.
7:52 pm edt 

What Have We Heard From Sharon & the BOS on the Budget

Has anyone heard anything in terms of reductions and cuts? Are they
acting as if Provincetown is protected from what is happening to
other towns and cities? Wouldn't this just make sense to hear some
serious suggestions for how they  are going to handle reduced taxes,
less monies from the state, problems in gaining bonds, absence of
grants, and rising costs?
7:51 pm edt 

The School and Affordable Housing---

Special *SPECIAL INTERESTS* don't forget this. Tax payers money
used to pave the way for others to slide down easy street. No one is
helping me with my mortgage; no one is paying my benefits; no one
is not raising my taxes.
7:50 pm edt 

Hell Knows no Fury Like a Woman Scorned--

Well, they haven't encountered the Affordable Housing Cartel at town
meeting as we taxpayers seek to control our OWN MONEY. Be prepared
for a voracious are taking away the nipple of at which they
suckle and they will be vicious.

Like a mother tiger protecting her cub, the Affordable housing people
will pack the town meeting and we will hear their roar and gnashing
of teeth as we try to wrestle OUR MONEY away from their grasp--all
led by Elaine Anderson and the Ted Malone acolytes.

Oh the tears as we are accused of ripping babies from mothers and
casting them out into the cold...B.S. They have had our money long is time for to help all of us tax payers.
7:48 pm edt 

. .Famlies Have Left Town by the Groves. . .

What does it mean if families leave town by the groves?  Did they
drive by a grove of trees?

Unfortunately your rant is not the best reflection of the quality of
a Provincetown school system education.
7:43 pm edt 

Re: Kerry Adams and the Harbormaster's Office

How could Kerry Adams be towed in by the Harbormaster's
office? He doesn't even own a boat! Wow, the attempts to character
assassinate on this blog are amazing!

Smelling something fishy! Candace is that you???
7:41 pm edt 

Tax Payers Are Waking Up !

What is a town without a school? What is a town without
serious jobs with benefits? Read Peter Francese interview and you
will learn that Barnstable County is the oldest county in All of New

One Thousand Students left the school system last year. Married
Couples want security and a true living wage and financial security.
The Grand Union has only so many jobs; the top restaurants have only
so many openings; stop and look around and ask where you will be when
you are fifty years old.

Look at the year round jobs here--and walk here in the winter and you
will see no one on the street. Every few years we have an economic
summit here. What do you want to do? Build a town of affordable
housing--paid for by the working population?

Tax payers are waking up that they are making life easy and care free
for their co-workers on affordable housing while they struggle harder
than ever. Just ask Alex who spoke up at Candidates night.
7:39 pm edt 

We Need to Have a Secret School Ballot

I sent in my school survey telling them to close the
school. I feel like writing them a letter and sending it to them. Of
course I won't sign my name.

We need to have the school ballot a secret ballot. I've been critical
of the school and all I get are dagger like looks from people.

Imagine the pressure on the voters: The room is full of students if
one is in the library. A student comes up to the mike and gushes
about the school. It is all orchestrated..and only there are only
forty some students in the school who live in Provincetown.
7:36 pm edt 

The School Does Not Enhance My Life

There are only forty some students in the school who live
in Provincetown. The school, the students etc. have absolutely no
impact on my life except for the cost.

My life isn't enhanced by the school being here. The purpose of the
school is to educate students; plain and simple.

  Of course, the parents can volunteer at the community center if the
school should close. Wait--they don't even do that now; we have to
hire someone.

What I have heard from a dynamic young internist this summer when I
asked him if he would live here was this,"Provincetown is beautiful,
but my wife and I want to have children. The school isn't very good.
There was only one student in the sixth grad and only twelve
graduating seniors. He doesn't want to subject his children to that
kind of school life".
7:33 pm edt 

To: The Webmaster

Mr Webmaster, again I wrote to this blog about Ms. Berg at
the BOS meeting on Tuesday, somehow when I write something about Ms
Berg it does not get printed on shout out! WHATS GOING ON WITH THAT!

Webmaster Comment: Please read the disclaimer on the Home page.
Staying within those published bounds assures posting.

7:30 pm edt 

What's a Town Without a School?

You know, this rant is getting....soooooooooooo....old.

No one, thats right, no one has ever said we should have no school .
What many people have questioned is whether we can continue to have
Provincetown High School.

Truro doesn't have a High School .
Wellfleet doesn't have a High School . Wow.
  It must just be a miracle. How do they do it !!!

The time for intelligent debate and discussion about how to cope with
the changes in Provincetown and the Outer Cape, and how to keep a
grade 7-12 program here in Town is

And the members of the School Committee and the local "families" (boy
they love that word) that have refused, utterly refused, to work on
this issue, are the real culprits. They wait till their kid
graduates, and then tell all their gay friends........."Close the

It so old, and so sad. Its true. Get the school budget to a secret
ballot at town meeting, and you'll see a different result.

Won't be easy to get it to a secret ballot though.
5:22 pm edt 

Re: Provincetown School System

Having lived here for some time I too see how Provincetown
has changed, some of it good, some of it not so good.  But change is
a fact of life and you just have to deal with it.  The schools are
not the focal point of Provincetown, they may have once been, but
they are not any longer except perhaps to a select few people.

I don't really see that sending students to nauset will change the
fabric of what is Provincetown.  Sorry, it won't affect the great
majority of people who call this town their home.  I see being part
of larger, BETTER, school system a plus for our town.  We can be
assured that our students will receive a superior education and have
all the extra-curricular activity opportunities from which to choose.
5:20 pm edt 

Binary Bits vs Brains


Now, there's a good argument for shoring up our educational system if
I ever read one.

I'm afraid my earlier post about the mangling of intelligent writer's
words through malicious technology does not apply to this writer's
rant. Sometimes it happens organically.
5:18 pm edt 

What is a Town Without a School?

4:12 pm edt 

Here's the Cape Cod Times Headlines: $1 Billion Axed

      Looks like our newspapers are shouting out a truth: we face
hard times. Although there are no present cuts in local aid and in
general school support, it looks like these will be next. Even as it
is, local budgets will be affected by eliminating $4 million in
municipal police grants, $5 million from local law
enforcement-assistance programs, and reducing special education
funding by $13.5 million. I would think Provincetown will feel some
impact from these cuts. With $293 million cuts in Mass Health,
Provincetown residents will also feel these cuts.

     Spending on town hall renovations for even $2.5 million for what
is being termed the First Phase, seems out of place in this
environment. Seems like it's time to do nothing--not plan on how to
spend and tax for the real $8 million project. That's a luxury we
just can't afford now. Put everything on hold.
4:09 pm edt 

What Mangled Words We Weave...

Dear Webmaster,

Do look into finding a more functional program to upload entries onto
this blog site. Surely there is a more reputable and functional
program out there. From what I can tell, the one you are using now
mangles the writings of some intelligent and insightful people. This
is a shame because they come off as less than literate, which I know
for a fact they are not. I for one would like to be able to read
further recipe-postings as they are intended to be read;
effortlessly. This would allow the reader to revel in the humor, not
struggle through a jumbled quagmire of runtogetherwords. Certainly he
or she would not have posted it if it was known that the irony would
be lost to a technological muddle.

Signed: A Cook in Waiting
4:08 pm edt 

Tough Fiscal Times Ahead...

So who will the town's powers
that be decide to cut... we need to take a serious look at our
finances and be proactive in not overextending ourselves. All of the
wants need to wait... we can only have what we truly need... I say a
10% cut across all depts is a start... GET SERIOUS PROVINCETOWN or
soon we all will be broke
4:06 pm edt 

Do Not Ask For Whom the Bells Toll, They Toll For Thee

    AS the state jobs get cut and state department budgets get
drastically reduced, this is not only a sad time for Boston and
Beacon Hill. We, too, are involved in fiscal difficulties, tough
times and the need to cut our expenses and cut town positions.
2:17 pm edt 

Re: Inn Keeper Income

"Less people??? Don't think so.... Greedy Inn keepers who
under report income.... Hope you all get caught..."

Oh give me a break.  Do you have any proof of this under reporting of income?

No, I didn't think so.  Just mindless drivel not based on facts.
1:18 pm edt 

Re: School Committee

I hold members of the School Committee personally
respondsible for forcing our town employees into Katrina trailers.

They give new meaning to the word selfish.
1:15 pm edt 

You Guys Are Great---and Funny!

Oh, yes. Summer must be over. You guys are back and you are pretty
funny. Thanks for the belly laughs. Some very funny postings. And
some quite astute insights. I'm still laughing from the Bunny Stew, a
recipe for all of us!

Again, thanks for the laughs.
12:36 pm edt 

We Stand Alone!

Provincetown is the only town on the cape to be scrutinized
by the Department of Revenue of the commonwealth of Massachusetts.
They state emphatically that the school should regionalize. that
mean, send our 40+ students to other schools and close the school

If the top financial overseers of the commonwealth of the entire are
advocating that we close the school then what more does the school
committee or the residents need except to heed their excellent advise
after their in dept study.

We have 40+ Provincetown students; our enrollment has been declining
every year for the last ten years. And the school committee is
entrenched in receiving their (almost) $4,000,000 from the tax payers.
12:35 pm edt 

Patrick to Cut 1,000 Jobs From State Payroll

That's the Boston Globe headline. Cuts, cuts, cuts. Gov. Deval is
slashing the state budget by $1 billion. Yes, $1 billion from our
state budget.

I would hope that Sharon Lynn and the Board of Selectmen not only
read the Boston Globe today but, more importantly, take in the
consequences of these cuts for all of us here in Provincetown.

I would hope that Sharon Lynn will start to consider making serious
cuts to Provincetown's budget and cut some positions--yes, even those
new positions she recently created and funded. These are tough times
and they require strong leaders who can stand up and make hard

Let's hope Sharon cuts these frivolous assistants. This would show
all of us that she has the guts to act in a fiscally responsible way.
12:33 pm edt 

Does Anyone Remember Dana Berry?

      About 12 to 15 years ago, Dana Berry, the husband of our
Librarian, Deborah Jonker, was on the School Committee.
It was during his short term that the Town voted for a
$10,000,000.00 make-over for the High School.

      Mr. Berry was boo-ed and hissed at for being the Maverick who
had the gall to say that the enrollment would quickly demises and was
against the expenditure.

      He resigned after being taunted by the School Committee, who
named him a traitor and disinterred in children.

      Thank you Dana, you were the only smart one in that group.
12:28 pm edt 

What About a Mypacc Ad in the Banner!

Is there a way to take out an ad in the newspaper that
promotes my pacc... something like Read what residents think...get it
on This is an incredible way to get information and to
feel that one's ideas aren't his or  hers alone.

More people want to close the school than I realized. And, at the
spring town meeting, we must have ballot voting on the school
budget--not the raising of hands at town meeting.
12:24 pm edt 

We Are in Perilous Financial Times

We are in a recession. The DOW dropped precipitously yet again. The
Governor has slashed the state budget because there is no money.

We must halt all major expenditures. The Town Hall Renovation must
involve only shoring up the building--forget turning it into a palace
for $8,000,000. WE CAN'T AFFORD IT.

And don't forget-- only 40 some students from Provincetown use the
school. we must tuition out the students and regionalize and close
the school.
12:21 pm edt 

Close the School

Read Recommendation 11 from the Department of Revenue's critique of
the school. They say that as of April 2008 we have only 46 students
from Provincetown in the high school.

The enrollment of students has **declined every year*** for the last
ten years!!!

since then 6 students were removed from the sixth grade

They write that they strongly recommend that the schools regionalize
to reduce the tax burden on the town residents. And yet they mention
that the school committee is entrenched in continuing the status quo.

Translate: The school committee gets almost $4,000,000 from the tax
payers just for being here and not doing a thing--why should they

We must close the school...the All Powerful and almighty School
Committee wouldn't even let we residents save $300,000 by using space
at the school.
12:18 pm edt 

To: Hey Pebble on the Beach

"(you must be so proud you came up with such a
*clever* title for yourself), if someone kicked you into the ocean
would you leave us alone?

What the      is your freakin problem!? Do you hate children? Do you
hate teachers? Do you hate any and all public servants?
You know what?  Your 15 minutes are up! Go tie a big bag of those
pebbles around your feet and jump off the end of the pier!"

Who thinks the above vitriol spews directly from the superintendents office?
  "I do, I do, I do!"
Wow, those are pretty strong reactions, I guess the TRUTH HURTS doesn't it?
Everyone please note my post yesterday;
5 SC members = 8 Students = too many PAID ADULTS = OVER $4,000,000.00
(four million) of OUR TAX DOLLARS and rising steadily
And to answer all those in-depth, probing questions posed to me today
I will try to answer in kind.
Q... if someone kicked you into the ocean would you leave us alone?
A...Define "us"
Q...What the      is your freakin problem!? tell me
Q...Do you hate children?
A...I love children and believe EVERY child deserves A GOOD EDUCATION!
Q...Do you hate teachers?
A...NO and I respect REAL EDUCATORS, not the phony, uneducated,
OVERPAID BABYSITTERS in our School District.
Q...Do you hate any and all public servants?
A...a few who ONLY collect a paycheck but I, AM PUBLIC SERVANT you
     , I've never hidden that, how the      do you think I know so
Before moving on I would like to direct everyone to this weeks banner
and the article entitled "Dual School roles under debate" concerning
the oh so
multi positioned Jessica Waaaaaah. At NO time is the possibility of
closing the HS mentioned. I tell you folks, these people are as thick
as the bricks of the school buildings and will NEVER address the very
real problem of the VERY POOR EDUCATION we offer our kids..They
deserve better!
That said, lets move on to yet another example of ignorance in
action, tonight's broadcast of last nights BOS. A nice break from
real world politics and
finance. Thanks Michael R.. You don't post here anymore but I hope
you still read. I think you should get up at EVERY BOS meeting and
repeat what you said again and again and again..."less than 50
familles means we can tuition OUT our students" Think of it, a BETTER
EDUCATION for less...what
a concept! And thanks also to Astrid for your work on the CPA funds.
That is the only way I believe we can get the needed work done on TH.
I believe the voters are smarter than the BOS and will see through
the special interests involved with the Affordable Housing Industrial
Complex, Elaine and Michelle. It is really time to move on, just like
Pam P did, laughing all the way to the bank.
Well thats it from me tonight except to say,
I remain,
The ONLY Pebble on the Beach
PS As far as qualifications go, rest assured my CV is bigger than yours is!
12:15 pm edt 

Room Tax Revenues Down?

Less people??? Don't think so.... Greedy Inn keepers who under report
income.... Hope you all get caught...
12:08 pm edt 

Title: French Rabbit Stew

        If no Rabbit, substitute small-town population
          Yield: 3,400 servings

        1    Black Bunny Rabbit (or the populace), disjointed
        3 T  Butter or melted gold bars stamped Bergman
    1 1/2 ts Salt; optional-but local Old Salts are best
      1/2 ts Freshly ground black pepperor ground up       employee time cards
2  T  Flour or dust from bills found on the floor of the Bradford
      1/4 c  Beef broth or town waterboth are brown
      1/2 c  Dry white winemake it a gallon.  Youll need it.
        1/2  slab Bacon; diced like the sensibilities of the selectmen
       12 sm White onionsyes, crying is inevitable
        1 cl Garlic; mincedkeeps municipal Vampires at bay
      1/2 lb Mushrooms; slicedlike the spirit of the taxpayers

    Clean, wash, and dry the Populace.  Melt the butter/gold bars in
an Nstar powered Electric Dutch oven. Brown the Populace in it.
Sprinkle with Old Salts, ground up cards or pepper, powdered bills or
flour, stirring all until they nearly burn.  Add the brown liquid and
drink your wine.  Make sure youve got enough, its a long meal. Allow
the mixture to boil. Cover it and your fanny and it will cookor
rather it will unpredictably simmer for 4-5 years to a decade or
until Rabbit (or Populace) breaks down.

    While the Populace is cooking, crisp the Selectmen in a skillet;
    Pour off half the fatgood luck with that one.  Add the onions,
and sob until youve had enough. Toss in the garlic and your spirits,
sauté 3 minutes and in that time call your accountant if you have
one. Add this mixture to the now burnt populace and cook 15 minutes
longer or until the Populace is so overdone that it will soak up

    Note:  If this mixture seems dry, you can add a little more wine
to your stomach. You wont care then.

      Serve with imported Sour Grapes
12:07 pm edt 

To Greg Craig

Read Again. Think Again. If you had looked at the BOS agenda earlier
in the day yesterday and for a few days before, you would have seen
that there was a five o'clock meeting presented as NSTAR discussion.
Then there was a BOS agenda for six o'clcok. However, a few hours
before the first scheduled meeting, the agenda was changed. Instead
of NSTArR, it was posted as Town Warrant Articles. This posting
happened only a few hours before this scheduled meeting

That is what some of us--not you my perfect one--are complaining
about. Couture did a switch and bait and it is illegal. Had you
looked, had you scrutinized the agendas earlier in the day, you would
have seen what some of us saw and then experienced.

Before you readily attack, a little research would do you good.
12:04 pm edt 

I Concede to Dr Andrews

Further investigation of the Rooms Tax siphoned into  Wastewater
Enterprise Funds finds that in fiscal year 2009 the amount was

Thank you Dr Andrews for forcing me to do better research.
12:01 pm edt 

To Blog Invaluable:

There is this really nifty tool called Google that many knowledgeable
people on here like Ms. Andrews (as distinguished from those who make
up data) use to find information. This tool was invented a few years
ago and is even more invaluable than this informative forum.

If you go to Google (that's www dot google dot com) and type in the
following phrase you will find the article you are looking for:

steve roderick school committee resign

Peace Out
12:00 pm edt 

From WickedLocal:

The town received what some considered surprising news last week when
the state released the quarterly room tax revenue report.

Provincetowns room tax receipts this summer fell 4.81 percent over
the same May, June, July quarter in 2007, to $429,018. Based on
reports from business owners this summer, the room taxes receipts
were expected to be up or at least flat.
11:57 am edt 

Re: Pier Corp

If Joe Six-Pack couldn't start his boat after a day at
Herring Cove and called the harbormaster's office, they would be
directed to Flyer's or Seatow for a tow and rightly so.

But if you are a Pier Corporation director and you have the same
problem, you get your tow from the harbormaster's office at
taxpayer's expense. That is exactly what happened this summer. These
are the kind of self-dealings on the Pier Corporation. Right Kerry?
Didn't that happen to you? How much did you reimburse the town? You
really are a piece of work! You seem to have no problem with the
conflict of interest laws.

Sealed bids for traps sheds in the Banner? Please give us a break
when another director had his auto dealership out of state buddies go
before the board Sept 25 and never filled out the requisite
application nor got in queue like everyone else. ''outer cape artists
are being consider...''
Board frontrunning is dispicable! Guess whose on that submcomittee?

This board is not being properly overseen by the Board of Selectmen
even though their finances finally are! When is the Board of
Selectmen going to do their review of management as it was not in
FinCom's purview? The job is half done folks!
11:56 am edt 

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I Find the Blog Invaluable

I need a copy of the headline article in the Banner of the
resignation of the principal and also a copy of the article that has
Steven Roderick resigning from the steering committee.

I find the Blog invaluable. The D.O.R review and the Francese
interview and info from the seriouspostings gives me the ammunition I
need to open people's eyes. There are other Powers That Be besides
the ones here in this tiny town at the tip of the cape.
2:32 pm edt 

Come to Think of It

In all of the years that I've been
here, I've never seen a student walking around in the grand union and
rarely on the street or pass one by to even say hello.

The school might as well be some holy of holies temple high on hill
totally separate from anyone's daily life.

I've seen groups of teenagers by the monument hanging out or by the
skate park.
2:12 pm edt 

Room's Tax and the Sewer

The person who  posted that $800,000 of room's tax receipts goes
into the sewer fund every year

is giving you bad numbers.

Ouch. Cut it out. Check your facts before you post.

This stuff is  on the town web site. Ask around.

Municipal government receives between $800,000 and $1 Million dollars
in a good  year from that tax.

Of that, 19.13% goes to the Sewer (Wastewater Enterprise Fund), 45%
goes to the Tourism Fund and the rest (about 35.87% ) goes into the
general fund.

If in one year,  we take in $1Million  of room's tax revenue then the
sewer fund gets $191,300.

Go to the town web site, and GOOGLE  "room's tax".
Thats how i double checked this.

Cheryl Andrews
2:09 pm edt 

How Many Town Employees Does it Take to Change a Light Bulb?

     That's the classic joke. But we should ask this question. Seems
you need a head of a department, then an assitant department head to
carry out the order and then an assistant to the assitant department
head to see that a crew comes in to carry out the complicated deal.

     That's our little town. Even the most simple act requires a
complicated "team" approach.
2:07 pm edt 

Why Even Hold a Special Town Meeting

Sounds like this is just propaganda for the behind-the-scenes deals
they are already concocting. Why go? Why hold a public meeting that
is really a privately-orchestrated game? What's to be accomplished?
It's retrograde thinking by old people with old ideas. Sad but we
shouldn't be duped that something creative and good for the town is
being proposed.
2:06 pm edt 

Re: School Committee

How sad that the school sends out a survey. Why don't they
face reality. The principal quit because of incompetence;

Steve Roderick resigned from a committee entrenched in the belief
that they are untouchable because we tax payers MUST pay them
millions each year.

We don't need to take this any more. We spend almost four million
dollars and there are only 40+ Provincetown Students in the school. 
What kind of school experience is that?
2:04 pm edt 

Regarding Last Night's BOS Meeting

Not sure where the bad info on the start time of last night's BOS
meeting is coming from or why someone can't pick up the phone and ask
if the town if it is true. I was the NSTAR item, first on the agenda,
and the meeting started pretty much precisely at 6pm as public notice
stated in the paper, not 5pm as stated on here. So, whomever out
there is not taking their meds calm down, once again there is no big
conspiracy and your info is FALSE. The Board was on time and, at
least to me, efficient and professional in their conduct.


Greg Craig
2:03 pm edt 

We Need to Read This Again...

.....the school committee members
have 8 kids with parents on the board and a few others who
don't know any better, are responsible for keeping a $4 million
dollar machine, employing over 60 adults, going at Taxpayer Expense,
with NO oversight.
When I say some parents just don't know any better, I mean it.

Truro Elementary is a wonderful school that is bursting at the
seamsbecause of school choice. Kids learn art and music, have
realclasses, like science, language,etc.

Time to close the Provincetown schools.
2:01 pm edt 

Where Have All the Children Gone?

We should have closed the school five years ago. It is a
drain on the citizens of this town. Millions of dollars every year.
My parents say that they never see any children in this town. My
parents can't leave, but the students have other choices of schools
to attend.
1:58 pm edt 

The Pebble Needs to Get Dunked

Hey pebble on the beach (you must be so proud you came up with such a
*clever* title for yourself), if someone kicked you into the ocean
would you leave us alone?
1:57 pm edt 

We Are in a Dire Economic Crisis....

......and people want the town
to spend $8,000,000 plus to create a place out of town hall. We need
to wake people up. The banner needs to have riveting articles about
the dire economic news and the spiriling cost of living here.

After this and after the voting public is aware of the need to scale
back only then can we have the fluff pieces about the kids.

Look at the parents working too jobs and are just treading
water--they don't even have the time to go to a game. Praise of an
athlete has its place..but let it be a letter to the editor. People
here still don't realize the severity of the economic crisis. (That
includes some of the selectmen)
1:56 pm edt 

Here We Go Again!

Affordable housing is once again the
central concern of Ms. Anderson and Ms. Coutour and they rule the

We are in dire economic times with bank failures and credit simply
frozen...yet.... The Community Preservation fund with almost
$2,000,000 in it is already ear marked and that means that the
affordable housing developers have won again. That money is already

$4,000,0000 in the last three years and the affordable housing cartel
is dancing in the street and celebrating their hearts out.

I'll just get another job so they will have more of my money with
which to celebrate;I just hope that they leave me enough money to buy
matches to light the firewood that I'll have to stock pile from
scrounging around town since I won't be able to afford my medication
and pay for the heat too.
1:53 pm edt 

Hey Pebble,

What the      is your freakin problem!? Do you hate children? Do you
hate teachers? Do you hate any and all public servants?

I for one am tired of hearing you trash any and everyone who draws a
paycheck from this town be it a teacher secretary or public works. I
bet you would not last an hour at a public servant job, especially if
you had to listen to the      you spout off about on a weekly basis.

You seem to know so much about the schools but you really do not!

Why don't you get up from behind your computer and walk up to the
schools and visit for a day or two to find out what really goes on

You could actually shadow a teacher for a day and see what kind of
work they really do ...oh but you won't do that because that means
you may find out that you might just be wrong.

I am sure you would'nt last 5 minutes in a classroom. I bet you would
run screaming from the room!

You know what?  Your 15 minutes are up! Go tie a big bag of those
pebbles around your feet and jump off the end of the pier!
1:51 pm edt 

RE: Black Bunny

Perhaps Crow.  Were you dining with a spending-minded selectman?
1:47 pm edt 

Give Me a Break!

Kerry Adams is there any board you serve on that isn't self
servng? Let's see two kids in school, heh? On the school committee
board, heh? Income derived from MacMillan Pier, heh? On the PPPC
board, heh? Why don't you get on a board in which you do not have
obvious conflict of interest and perhaps clouded judgement?

You and your cronies bitch about Candice Nagle's float interests?
Give me a break!
1:46 pm edt 

Conflict of Interest
Ms Averllar runs from Judge Walsh's room everytime the pier
  is even whispered. But we learn on this blog that two
members of pier management have direct financial interest on
MCMillan? That's not only wrong. It's illegal for them to vote on
anything related to MCMillan Pier! Clearly these two people were not
vetted appropriately!
1:45 pm edt 

Re: Sewer System

There are $800,000 of Rooms Tax dollars that go into the wastewater
enterprise fund every year.  it is not only the users who are
connected that pay the operating cost of the system.
12:29 am edt 

To: The Banner

There was a wonderful letter to the editor in last weeks
Banner about a young man named Humberto Ortega who plays soccer for
PHS. He is very talented and exciting to watch. Too bad the Banner
consistantly misses opportunities to print stories like that one.
Note to Banner: get someone on your staff that has an actual interest
in writing about the local flavor of our town.

There are some awesomely talented kids here that would really enjoy
reading a story about themselves in their local paper. It would likely raise i
nterest and awareness about the kids in our community that are deserving
of some good press too!

Fishing for some real news
12:28 am edt 

Re: Black Bunny

If you ate the black bunny, then what was that that I
ate??? Oh my God!!!!
12:25 am edt 

To: Astrid Berg

"Last year I posted on this blog site the school enrollment
information. All you need to do is to call or e-mail the
Superintedent's office and ask for Alma Welsh. She supplied me with
last year's data and was very helpful"

Sorry to burst your bubble Astrid, but those figures that you were
given last year were FALSE, they were INFLATED, and they were down
right LIES.
  I have no doubt that Alma Welsh was more than helpful (to you). She
should be for $76,000 a year for a PART TIME SECRETARY with a new job
Please remember, Astrid, that the majority of bloggers do not have
your connections, bank account, or single name recognition.  Some of
us really do have to keep our identity secret for a variety of
reasons from job security
to neighborly relations. Some of us don't even have a pc and depend
on the public librarys computers to keep up, and some of us just
don't need the ego boost.
I doubt that any one of us could call the schools and find out ANY
TRUE information about anything. In fact I think there are (or should
be) confidentiality issues they can hide behind...and they will.
That said, I thought it would be fun to post the school committee
names and their assorted offsprings to get a picture of the future;
Threse Nelson.........2 HS students
Deb Travato...........2 HS students
Kerry Adams...........2 HS students
Shannon Patrick.......1 Middle, 1 elementary
Peter Grasso..........his kids are grown i think
                Total  8 students
Thats right, 8 kids with parents on the board and a few others who
don't know any better, are responsible for keeping a $4 million
dollar machine, employing over 60 adults, going at Taxpayer Expense,
with NO oversight.
When I say some parents just don't know any better, I mean it. Truro
Elementary is a wonderful school that is bursting at the seams
because of school choice. Kids learn art and music, have real
classes, like science, language, and
  phys ed. They even have books and computers!
All  dropped from our schools to cut costs and keep staff salaries
growing. Nauset is a wonderful school system and we all know the
great track record the Charter School has.
So Astrid, thanks for all you have done with the CPC funding changes
but spare us your happy interactions with anyone employed by Jessica
Waaaaaah. The only thing worse would be a quote from the third member
of the power tripod,
that other overpaid, uneducated double dipper        WhiteSAD for our students.

I remain,

The ONLY Pebble on the Beach
12:24 am edt 

Candace Says:

"At the next PPPC meeting, I will be asking
under the Freedom of Information Act, the insurance carriers and
policies of each and every non-transient boat tied to MaMillan Pier
since 2006. All public information as the insurance policies are
submitted each year to the
Harbormaster's office as part of the application process"

I guess that begs the question: why?? Are you looking to smear
another Pier Corp board member? The member that is in the insurance
business?? Do you think he might have a policy or two on a boat or
two down there Candace? Oh my gosh, oh my golly gee! Say it isn't so

Since you already have the Ethics Commission on your speed dial and
I'm quite sure the Attorney General's number resides on that phone as
well, you should start dialing. I'm sure you've got some juicy
insight into the goings on at the pier that need to be made public
right Candace?

Oh, but wait... weren't we all treated to a fully vetted discourse
with the Finance Committee pouring over the Pier Corp's books and
finding nothing wrong? Didn't the Pier Corp receive a clean bill of
health? Then what gives Candace? Still not satisfied?

It seems sad to me that members of town boards that do their best for
this town get treated to the likes of you Candace. You are truly a
sad and spiteful woman. Have you lost all reason or is your contempt
for these good people clouding what's left of your judgement?

When will the "big white elephant" leave the room?
12:17 am edt 

Re: Candace Nagle

Would anyone on this blog be able to tell me why Candace
Nagle has such a massive problem with the Pier Corp? This is a
volunteer board doing what appears to be very good work.

Candace: you bitch and moan that nothing gets done, yet you yourself
cite the sign at the beginning of the pier!
That is new this year! Aren't those two big trapsheds new also?? What
about that new gazebo at the end of the pier? New as well! Nothing
gets done Candace?????? REALLY?????

The pier certainly looks fantastic. The staff has been pleasant,
professional and courteous. I haven't heard a single complaint or
problem from anyone I know that uses the pier.

By the way Candace, doesn't a wave attenuator cost money?? Like, a
LOT of money?? Where will Pier Corp get the funds? Candace, you have
a floating dock that obviously needs protecting don't you? Conflict
of interest anyone???

There's an awful wreak of rotting fish on the pier and it's coming
from your float Candace! Get a freaking life! Or at least find a
hobby! Sheeeesh!
12:15 am edt 

Paid Lunch

If I remember correctly, the contract would ask that the employees
work four ten our days, thus 40 hours. They would start their day at
8:00 am and go home at 6:00 pm, ten hours. Paid luch in the middle
means they actually work only 9 hours but are PAID for the tenth. And
this is a good deal for the tax payers how? If they were to WORK 10
hour days and no paid lunch hour, they would work from 7:00 am till
6:00 pm, no? Therefore they ARE PAID FOR LUNCH, unless they start at
8:00 am, are NOT paid for lunch, go home at 6:00 pm and then actually
only work a 36 hour week. But then what does their paycheck reflect,
pay for 36 or 40?
12:13 am edt 

Bark Park

I made it a point to drive by the dog park this past weekend and
wanted to praise the progress that has been made. We should all
realize how much work has gone into this project. The fundraising,
major donors, volunteers, big and small is commendable.
Considering all the recent bad news we've been faced with the past
few weeks, a little joy like this is just what the doctor ordered.
Keep up the good work and I can't wait for it to be completed.

E. Michael Richards
12:11 am edt 

Police Inaction

There is a Bicycle bandit in town and our police force know the
culprit.  Their excuse for not apprehending the culprit is that the
thief is not taking their medications and once the medications take
effect the thief will see the error of their ways and stop stealing
bikes.  The problem with that reasoning is that those of us who are
having our bikes stolen have no leg to stand on.  We are told that we
should wait and hopefully once the thief is better the stealing will
What kind of Policing is that???????
Do we not get protection from our "professional" Policeforce?
We are told to produce bill of sales to prove that found bikes are
ours........last time I looked the DPW did not issue bill of sales
for bikes taken from there.
Please help stop the thefts,  this is our only form of transport in some cases
12:10 am edt 

Re: Soo Tired

Actually Soo Tired,  Taxpayers should Ban Anyone Who HaS a
Conflict of Interest And Celebrate Anyone WHo Sheds LIght On People
Who Are protecting their interests on the wharf board or any other
towhn board. Thou Sounds Like Thou Protests Too Much!
12:08 am edt 

Town Warrant Articles BOS at 5p.m. Today

It seems that this was changed illegally. I looked earlier today and
it was posted as the Nstar meeting at five. Too often I find that
Michelle Couture plays games with the agenda. This is not forty-eight
hour notice when what was scheduled for 5p.m. was NSTAR and now, a
few hours before the meeting, Michelle Couture changes the time.

This is plain wrong. And I believe the intent is purposeful. Too many
meetings with the BOS are scheduled late on Friday and, using
Saturday as a twenty-four hour notice, Cootie Couture schedules a
meeting for Monday.

Post the meetings and don't play games with the voters. Enough
working-behind-the-scenes by this sneaky chair.
12:06 am edt 

BOS Meeting

Selectmen/finance meeting at 5pm.... regular selectmens
meeting at 6pm ....3 things are on the agenda...
12:04 am edt 

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Re: Sewer System

Only the people connected to the waste water treatment
plant pay and pre and post operative cost for 10 or 20 years.
4:09 pm edt 

BOS Meeting Schedule Change

The time of the Selectmen's meeting has been
will start at 5pm...
4:07 pm edt 


You are now once again demonstrating yourself to be an absolute    
on this subject. This taxpayer trusts that the Finance Committee will
check in and make sure their recommendations are followed and that
their complete exoneration of the most                you told about
the Pier Corp should have put the whole thing to bed.

I think the Pier Corp should obtain a court order banning you from
any further interaction with the Board- an option available under MA
law if your sole intent is to harrass and harangue which is obvious.
You've gone way over the line and should get some      or other
sedative or move out of town.

Again, I say, how much to buy you out including a cease and desist to
shut up, including your anonymous alter ego? Name your price, $50k?
$100k? 300k?

Your vendetta is sad and pathetic.

Soooo Tired
4:05 pm edt 

Only Some Residents Pay?

To the poster who thinks that only the sewer users pay to keep our
harbor clean, your wrong.

if i'm not mistaken, close to $800,000 from the rooms tax goes to the
wastewater fund.  like it or not, that money could be used for other
services that we tax payers now have to fork over.  so we all pay,
every one of us are paying for the sewer, as we should.
3:22 pm edt 

Why Paid Lunch Time?

If Town Employees are not now Paid for Lunch, Why Should
They be Paid for Lunch in this New Contract?

Can someone explain why lunch was added to the new town employee
contract? As some bloggers keep mentioning, why will we now be paying
town employees for lunch, when they have never been paid to eat lunch
before? Does anyone know whose idea this was? Did the union push for
this? I'm confused why lunch was added to this contract.

  Can someone clarify?
3:20 pm edt 

Re: Dog Park

The dog park is a self funding park including the maintenance of the park.

To learn more:
3:19 pm edt 

Yes, the Below is True:

Candace Nagel volunteered to be on a PPPC Wave Attenuator
sub-committee with Director Phil Tarvers a couple of years ado.  To
this date no report has been submitted.

That was back in 2006 when I asked that a subcommittee be formed
because the Pier Corp.s board of five was doing nothing. I did
extensive research on it. But, unfortunately after repeated attempts
over a six-month period to be placed on the Pier Corp.s agenda, it
was clear the Pier Corp. was not interested in a wave attenuator.

Look at the minutes since 2006, virtually no discussion on a wave
attenuator. Something Pier Corp. chair Clingon said to the press way
back in 2006 was a top priority.  He must have meant back burner.

It took the Pier Corp. eight years to put a sign at the beginning of
Macmillan Pier and its still not finished!  Those empty white slates
attached to it that should inform tourists what is available on the
pier still remain blank. Look at the minutes; its not even addressed.
I guess they must think its finished.

Unfinished business is the business of the day for the Pier Corp.
Another example, purchasing the barge. When people buy something for
$46,000 they use it. But, not the Pier Corporation.

Speaking of unfinished business, if the Pier Corporation doesnt
implement every recommendation by the Finance Committee, including
having market rate slips, I will be advancing an article on the
warrant at our next annual town meeting that will require their new
lease to include all the fiscal and management checks and balances
recommended by the Finance Committee.

Candace Nagle


At the next PPPC meeting, I will be asking under the Freedom of
Information Act, the insurance carriers and policies of each and
every non-transient boat tied to MaMillan Pier since 2006. All public
information as the insurance policies are submitted each year to the
Harbormaster's office as part of the application process.
3:18 pm edt 

Re: School Committee

Change in the Schools will NOT occur until changes in the
School Cte happen.  People need to run for School Cte to make these
changes happen.  Until there are new open minded faces on the School
Cte it will be the status quo.
3:15 pm edt 


Last year I posted on this blog site the school enrollment
information. All you need to do is to call or e-mail the
Superintedent's office and ask for Alma Welsh. She supplied me with
last year's data and was very helpful.
When you get it, would you please post it on Shout Out

Thank you,

Astrid Berg
3:13 pm edt 

Put the BOS Back in Grammar School

    Maybe, just maybe, we can get the selectmen to return to grammar
school days. Maybe, just maybe, we can teach them three new words:
Cut, reduce, and freeze. We can put these on flash cards and force
them to repeat after us: CUT, REDUCE, FREEZE.

     I'd also invite Sharon into the classroom as well. Memorizing
these words and how to spell them could be the beginning of new way
to see the world. Please write these words one hundred times each day
until you understand their importance: Cut, reduce, freeze.
11:49 am edt 

Dog Park: Good Idea??? Perhaps

But my question is this:

Who is going to clean the poop? Will that person(s) be a paid
employee of the the Town?

Isn't the dog park a non-profit? I personally don't want my tax
dollars used to pick up dog poop at the Dog Park. It's only a good
idea when it's not costing taxpayers one thin dime!

Scoop your own poop!
Yours in government? Hey Candace?
11:48 am edt 

The Dilemma of the High School
    I believe in education and support the best and most idea-driven
learning system we can create and support. However, the idea of a
Charter school was what was proposed two and a half years ago when
the Great School Summit was held and so many fabulous ideas and
proposals came out of those two days. What was to result was a twelve
member Steering Committee including summit members from business,
non-profits, education and politics. That was to be the driving
committee to study, propose and create new,dynamic options for the
High School. And what really happened? Nothing. No one was contacted.
No Steering Committee was ever formed. No follow-up ever took place.

     Why? The school committee feared a loss of power and feared not
being able to control the fate of the high school, which they did not
want changed. Nothing, nothing happened. Many of us were left
frustrated, dejected and viewed our two day intense participation as
a waste of time, as window dressing for the
entrenched-in-their-thinking school committee.

      Two years later, the school committee formed a hand-picked
group of people linked to the school and hand-picked to maintain the
status quo--not a steering committee to research and objectively
present options that could save the high school.

      Now to talk about a charter school may just be too late. And
I'm not sure the school committee won't continue to undermine true
reform and any serious new options for the high school. I judge these
old-thinking members as obsructionist for any and all innovative
options. I do sadly believe they will find some covert ways to
undermine true reform. I judge them by their actions,not their talk.
11:45 am edt 

Candace Said:

"Provincetown taxpayers should thank Selectman Bedard for taking the
time to attend the Pier Corporations meetings. He has acted upon
taking the Finance Committees recommendation that the Selectmen must
get more involved in the management of our biggest resource" ...

Yes, thank you Mr. Bedard! The PPPC was totally exonerated by the
FinCom and BoS (I saw the meeting on PTV)! Yet, Ms. Nagle sees fit to
blast the PPPC every chace she gets. Wonder why? She has a HUGE
interest on the pier as a Float owner. Now she kisses up to Selectman
Bedard. hmmm. Her partner is Pru Sowers.... Banner reporter hmmm. Who
has the confict of interest here after all?

Candace, perhaps you should redirect your energy to something that
really needs attention, like somewhere away from Provincetown. Far,
far away!
11:42 am edt 

For God's Sake!

In the real world - which some of you seem
to have lost touch with - paid lunch hours and breaks are the norm.
get off your lunch bucket and focus on something worthwhile. town
employees are not going to eat you out of house and home. how petty.
how provincetown...unfortunately.
11:41 am edt 

Re: Black Bunny

Times are tough.  He was delicious.
11:39 am edt 

How Many Students are There?

How can I get an accurate account of the number of
PROVINCETOWN students we have in our high school? As of April we had
49 according to what I read in the Dept of Revenue report. Now we
have only 1 sixth grader, so five other students left the 5th we are down to 44. We can legally close the school

With 40 some parents in town, why don't they volunteer their time at
the community center; why must we pay to have someone there?
11:38 am edt 

Declining School System

Read the Department of Revenue's investigation of town
finances: They state that The population of the school has been
declining for the last 9 years and that it is a burden to the tax
payers. They strongly, *Strongly* recommend that the town set up and
independent group to study regionalizing the schools with Nauset.

We are at the tip of the cape. Barnstable county is the oldest county
in the us. The Peter Francese report states it all: no jobs for
people with families, no housing in town for young adults--and not
affordable housing he insists. the cape is a retirement
community--not a hot spot for young families..for ten years the
school has had a declining enrollment.

They are an extreme burden on our backs. $4,000,000 for the school,
$8,000,000 for town hall. $7,000,000 to pave the streets. Only some
residents are paying for the waste water treatment plant to keep our
harbor clean. You want me to pay almost Four MILLION dollars to send
forty plus students to school--but no one helps us with these added
bills that only some of us pay.
11:28 am edt 

Re: Yet More Assistants!

My dear Pebble, you must get facts straight before you condemn
people. When I first arrived in Town some 15 years ago Warren
Alexander was the Building Commissioner, and Roger Diaz was the
Building Inspector. These are and should be two very different jobs.
They have both existed and have been funded long before Share all my
money with everyone Lynne came to Town. For a short period when Lynne
was first hired we did not have both jobs filled because we could not
get anyone to apply for the jobs. Lynne then decided to use the money
allocated for the Building Inspectors position for some other purpose
and pulled the help wanted ad for the remainder of the then current
Town Meeting approved year. When the new fiscal year came up for vote
the position was there for all to vote on just like every other year.
And it was approved. The position was then filled. The new guy is not
an assistant Building Inspector, he is THE Building Inspector! But it
does appear that Russell Braun is using him as a sort of whipping boy,
so it does appear as if he is an assistant, and that is an ego maniacal act
on Brauns part.

Dont get me wrong Pebble I agree with your sentiments about all these
extra people we have on payroll, I just think that in order for you
to get anyone in charge to listen you must have the facts straight or
else they will just dismiss your whole point.

A Rat In The Basement
11:25 am edt 

Town Hall Repair

Town Hall Repairs - I urge the Town Manager and BOS to take
a look at a product called "Rhino Shield" when repainting the
exterior of the Town Hall. It may cost a little more up front than
paint, but it has a 50 year guarantee against, cracking, peeling,
splitting, etc... let's start thinking about the best possible ways
to get the job done.

Fiscal Freddy
11:22 am edt 

Employee Lunch

To the person who is obsessed with town employee lunch
hours you are a raving    . In case you missed the prior post, it is
federal law that workers no matter who they are, have to get a lunch
break and other breaks during the day,      .
11:20 am edt 

Bergman Principles of Finance

Regarding the proposed debt exclusion for town hall
renovation project, here's an idea. Let's apply the Bergman principle
to town hall finances.

Take the $500K from the Open Space Committee fund and the $500K from
the Tourism fund and boom... half of the $2 million is taken care of,
leaving the voters to cough up only $1 million.

It is a service for our tourists to reopen the town hall bathrooms...
and open space is enjoyed on the lawns and veteran's memorial
adjacent to town hall.

There is money in the town budget. We just need to be resourceful,
find it and use it.

Money is like manure. It ain't good unless it's used and spread
around into the community.
11:18 am edt 

What's True?

Who thinks that Town employees get their lunch paid for?
Stop pontificating falsehoods.
11:14 am edt 

Town Audit

Here we go again, same old crap.  This blog just regurgitates the
same venom over and over.

The DOR came in last year and did a full review of the town finances.
  You can view it right from this blog.  And in the past few weeks
the DOR sent a memo to the TM stating that they were very happy with
the timeliness of all the recent state reporting (good work Alex

All these missing and then found monies are left overs from Keith. 
At least the money is still here, misappropriated maybe, but here
just the same.

And to Astrid, save yourself the trouble on the CPC funds.  A little
birdie has told me that there is a town article for the special town
meeting that already asks the voters to change the funding.  hmmm,
seems the town leaders might know what they're doing after all.
11:13 am edt 

Monday, October 13, 2008

Unless the High School Can be Attractive to Those Outside Provincetown.....

......the school will soon close. Yet every time the idea of a new model, a
new configuration is raised, the school comittee finds a way to quash
the idea, proposal or recommendation. They are to be blamed for where
the school sadly is today.

What will it take for them to wake us and wisen up? Maybe when only 5
students are left and even then, they'll use new math to convince the
town that there are many more than five students. But smoke and
mirrors will no longer work. The end is soon approaching.
10:51 pm edt 

National Restaurant Association Must Love Our Paid Lunches

Was this an idea instigated by the National Restaurant Association?
Pay town employees to eat lunch and then our remaining restaurants
will prosper. Seems like a national campaign to gain worker rights.
Except here in Provincetown it's the right to stuff hot dogs, bite
into hamburgers, and chomp into fish fry all at the cost of the
taxpayers. Only in this town do we pay people to munch, crunch, bite
and chomp. A delicious solution during a tight fiscal time.

Maybe, Sharon, in the next contract, you will also pay town employees
for the cost of the food they eat during their paid lunches. Town
employees can keep a running tab at various restaurants.
10:49 pm edt 

Re: Candace Nagle

Arrrgh, winter approaches and Candace relieves her stress
over her decimated portfolio by picking up the cudgel against the
Pier again. Time to kiss this board goodbye because it's apparent
where it's going. Fish or not her one note banshee screeching over
the Pier is sad. One wonders how much it would cost to buy Candace
out of her Pier float so we'd never have to hear this subject again,
probably a lot less than just a few weeks ago.

Dog park's looking good though. Given this economy maybe some on this
board could be hired to pick up poop, clean up the grounds and
collect tips at the entrance like the public restroom attendants.
Maybe the Fish could use the work, since her pier business ain't
going to be doing so well, if it ever was.

Sooooo Tired
10:47 pm edt 

Forward Thinking in Charter School

I Agree with Charter School Poster.

As a relatively recent PHS graduate, and one who feels that my
education in the school system here has helped me immensely to
achieve my goals in life, I feel Provincetown is in the unique
position, and has a duty to, serve the families and children growing
up here (or thinking of doing so in the future).  So what if there is
a dwindling attendance in the school, thats not going to last
forever, its just a general trend.  And why shutdown the last chance
this town has at a real community?  We speak of wanting a year round
something, anything - but yet those same people also cry to close the
school - which aside from our post office, the GU, and the bank (oh,
and the sad people like us still left on this blog) - is one of the
few things keeping the year round community alive.

But since there is also the true and harsh financial reality the
free-spending fools in charge of the town have allowed, such as
financing the renovations of a high school as attendance dropped
(have we already forgotten about this foible as we enter the next
construction nightmare?) - we must look for other options.

Why not a Charter School?  It is certainly true that we will spend
over 1 million a year on our children wherever they go, and the only
other option is going to be merging all the grades into one before
that becomes an infeasible model as well.  At least with the Charter
option, we are sure to have a strong education for our kids, and
possibly even the ability to attract people and more economy to town.

This town needs to leave its old thinking behind.  As the world
changes, Cape Cod and Provincetown have done nothing to decrease its
oil dependency and think about how to survive in this changing world.

IF we close the school and send all of our future minds to Nauset,
there will be nothing left to save the future of Provincetown as the
largely older population (blogging here) leaves us behind with
nothing left but a ghost town, worn and ravished by greedy
condominium developers and anti-community business owners who didn't
even stop for a moment to consider the future of the place they claim
to hold so dear.
10:45 pm edt 

Again, Let's Demand an Audit

This is something the selectmen and the town officials do not want.
They keep saying audits are done. But that is by their own
accountants. We need external auditors. We need the state to come in,
delve deeply into the books and into the past and present practices,
and then get a true financial assessment.

What they do not want is an audit. This is exactly what they need!
10:41 pm edt 

Odd Advocate for the Schools

Uh-Oh. Whoa. If you're an advocate for the schools and you have that
negative, name-calling attitude, you are not a good reflection of why
we need to keep the high school here. With only 49 Provincetown
students, why have a school? The demise of the school is rooted in
many factors but surely demographics is one. Too few children, too
few students and thus an end of an era.

I do believe the schools could have been much more responsive to the
use of their buildings for town employees and town meetings. You and
they have continued to use the safety issue and public vs. school
delineation to keep the schools free--not of strangers but of people
here in town.

In time, the school will close. We may find our next town hall inside
the high school building. Sturdy. Traditional. Great parking. I think
we have our solution right at hand.
10:39 pm edt 

Yet More Assistants!

I forgot to include the Ass. Building Inspector,
Ass. Health Inspector, and the new Ass. Library Director...who is
being paid way more than Karen Mac who was fired (shes happy in Truro
now)to be replaced by yet another Sharon Lynn plant at huge salary
increase, experience not required. Then there is the Ass Parking
Director, Ass Accessor and there are also all sorts of assistant
positions in DPW...

David Gurtin has a Ass and so does Sandy Turner and so does Dana
Ferris. While we are on the subject what about Building and Grounds
Department? They don't even show up for work...they don't have one misses them and they all have radios just in case. No
clock punching here.

How about that worker named       ...he RAN OVER a local this spring!
The towns response? Now he drives a SECOND dpw worker around ALL day
with him...I guess to navigate...
The point of all this is that ALL these ASSISTANTS are the ones
moving into the plush double wides. They are the so called Transition
Team...David Gardener etc and will benefit
most an the new Taxpayer Trailer Trash Park...

The point of all this information is that NONE, NOT ONE of these Ass.
jobs EXISTED before Sharon Lynns arrival. Think about that...where
did the $$$ come from to fund all this?

Enough from the Pebble
10:37 pm edt 

BOS Meeting and Astrid Berg's Statement

Selectmen's meeting Tuesday at 6PM...we must attend and
support Astrid Berg's plea to the Town Manager and Selectmen. We
should all sign her statement and send it to the Newspapers.
10:33 pm edt 

Where is the Bunny?

Does anyone know what happened to the "Black Bunny" at the

The Ogre
10:32 pm edt 

Happy Christopher Columbus Day Everyone!

So many constructive posts in between the rest...
I too have wondered if Candace and Slippery Fish were one and the
same. I've come to the conclusion that it really doesn't
matter...Candace actually gets things done (unheard of in Ptown) and
Slippery Fish entertains me.

Now if we could just get Candace to put her focus on CLOSING the H.S.
SCHOOL now that the dog park is happening, I for one would sleep
better at night.

As to all the chatter about selling town property...
Thats NOT going to happen folks...there is way too much corruption in
this town for that to happen. All those propertys the town owns have
people attached...special interests like the Fire Department. But the
bottom line is that anyone who thinks there is a market who would
invest a piece of Ptown at this time is as stupid as the Town Manager
and Select Selectmen.

Oh! did I say stupid? Sorry I usually reserve that word for Jessica
Waaaaaaaah and the school board.

As to the school...where do you all get the enrollment figures from?
The banner? Don't believe everything you read...As of today there are
LESS then 50 STUDENTS in the entire school system!!!I repeat LESS
than 50 STUDENTS in TWO buildings! Wise up!

There are MORE paid adults than children up there...I am not making
this up, I happen to be one of those overpaid town workers so I know of
what I speak. 

So don't let anyone kid you that 49 local kids are in the HS....there
are NOT 49 kids in the middle and HS together! Ther is NO 1st grade,
4th grade, 1kid in 6th and NO 8th...its pretty ugly folks.

I'll finish off by answering the question about Sharon Lynn and her
assistants. Let's see, I'll start with the most OVERPAID...
Assistant to the TM David Gardener comes to mind, followed by the
Assistant to the Town Clerk.

Then there are the TWO Assistants to the Computer Genius Bo Jacket
(and no phones). Numerious Assistant Harbor Masters, don't forget the
Assistant to the Recreation Director...thank god the sexual predator is
gone(whats that lawsuit going to cost the taxpayers?)and I will end with the
ever important Assistant Tourism Director...Notice the LACK of Bus

Is that enough newly created (since Sharon) MIDDLE MANAGMENT WHITE
COLLAR, NOT in the Union jobs for you?
I'm sure I'm forgetting someone but you know what?
As O'B said, "That is above my pay grade"


That Pesky ONLY Pebble on the Beach

OOOH...A car dealer on the pier? Go get em., Candace!!!!!
10:30 pm edt 

BOS Myopia

The Board of Selectmen were so voraciously focused on
Affordable housing all of these years that they totally disegarded
the other concerns of Provincetown such as town hall. They
intentionally switched the CPA funds from Historical to Affordable

They closed their eyes to what was around them...and now we pay the
urgent price. Now citizens must be vigilant against such things in
the future.

Watch the School committee; watch the Pier Corps.; Watch the raises
and benefits---we citizens are the ones who pay and pay and pay.

Remember town meeting and the Housing specialist who stood up gushing
about her job---she resigned two weeks before Town meeting. The
affordable housing cartel pulled a fast one there.
10:22 pm edt 

Financial Relief

The school committee refused to even consider giving any
space in the schools to help out the town in its hour of need.
$4,000,000+ is what the schools are costing the tax payers this year.

Remember this at town meeting in The spring. 49 students are from
Provincetown and the Department of Revenue chastises the school
committee for not regionalizing and giving the tax payers some needed
financial relief.
10:19 pm edt 

Let's Put the Free Lunches on Hold

Why should the town be paying for town employees' lunch hour? At this
moment, there is no paid lunch hour. Town employees are anot paid to
eat. Why, in this fiscal environment, should they be paid to eat? Why
should we be paying anyone to sit at their desk or walk to a
restaurant or take take out? Lunch hour should be a non-paid hour.
HOw much would the town save? Plenty.

There's one thing to value town employees and another to pay them to
eat ham sandwiches or delight in filet mignon. Lunch should be a
non-paid activity.
10:18 pm edt 

Mr. Slippery is His Own Fish.

Provincetown taxpayers should know that in the Finance Committees
report on the Pier Corporation it states quote: The Pier Corporation
should review rates on a regular basis to keep them in line with the
market place (e.g. charter fishing boat rates on the east side of
MacMillan Pier) end quote.

But, in the Pier Corp.s last meeting they are only considering quote
a modest increase in slip rates end quote. Thereby flaunting their
noses at the Finance Committee. When you have one board member
selling ferry tickets from his lopes square store, Mr. Tarvis who has
never recused himself and complains about teddy bears being sold on
MacMillan Pier because he sells them in his store (a PTV tapped
meeting), another one who sells insurance policies of at least one
boat on MacMillian (one of my sub-tenants insurance policies is
written by Mr. Adams) who has never recused himself and another one,
Mr. Hitchcock who as acting chair put his out of state friends on the
agenda to get an art trap shed when the art trap shed rental
opportunities for 2009 were not even published in the paper as
required and no leadership to end these blatant violations of the
conflict of interest laws, no wonder Mr. Slippery appears to be
aligned with many of my concerns about the Pier Corp.

The fish won't be squished on this board no matter what his/its views
on the Pier (or underneath it) or anything else.

Candace Nagle
10:15 pm edt 

Re: Audit of Town Finances

The Shank Painter missing / found money issue is
disturbing.  It sounds to me like too few people are needed to
authorize / move / change town finances.  I think we need better
segregation of duties and more transparent reporting of our town
financials. Audit anyone?
10:11 pm edt 

Re: Wave Attenuator SubCommittee

Candace Nagel volunteered to be on a PPPC Wave Attenuator
sub-committee with Director Phil Tarvers a couple of years ado.  To
this date no report has been submitted.

Lets finish a job before your take your over caffeinated mind somewhere else!

Finish something already!
10:09 pm edt 

Re: Dog Park

I have no problem with the dog park, a private non-profit. 
What I don't want to see, ever, is any town resources to be used for
this non-profit.  I heard mention that town buildings and grounds
department would be maintaining the grounds.  I don't think so.  I
will appear at the next BoS meeting to bring this issue to bear.

You'll know me when I speak.
10:07 pm edt 

The Trap Sheds.....

The wharf was expensive to repair...lets get real....The TRAP SHEDS
are not the wharf.  Let's stop playing games....the wharf users have
to pay for their place of business.

There should be no art kiosks on the wharf.

Our art galleries are struggling ... and should not be undercut by
this triviaizatrion  of art on the wharf.   It is demeaning  to the
real hard working local artists who pay real high rents to have
gallery space here.

And WHOA....who brought in this entreprise district with extremely
low rents for enterprises we do not want? Time to bag the wharf
managment and to hold them accountable for their failure to have paid
principal for wharf repairs.

An auto dealership on the wharf...let's be real.

10:05 pm edt 

Benefit for tha Lesbian & Gay Anti-Violence Project!

Charlene, who sang "I've Never Been To Me" from the movie Priscilla
Queen of the Desert" will star!

Friday, October 24th, 6 to 9pm, at Club Cafe in Boston.

All proceeds go to the cause.

club cafe dot com.
10:02 pm edt 

In Response to "School Committee" and Others

I have had it with all of you who think you know everything about the
schools. You don't know crap!!

One, the reason town hall has limited access to the school is because
they are schools you idiots!! Its called "safe and secure schools".
You can't have people entering the schools whenever they want however
they want. Just because its a public owned building doesn't mean its
completely open to the public. Its so the kids don't have whackos
like you wandering around the building

Two, the reason the principal left is that he was incompetent! If you
believe what was put in the Banner you either work for that sorry
excuse of a newspaper or you have some personal connection to it with
someone who owns it or is on the staff.

Three, there are some teachers at that school who are busting their 
    for the children of this town. Why don't you get up off yours and
walk a day in the shoes of some these teachers who work very hard to
try and make sure the children have a chance of making something of
themselves rather ending up like some whiny, uptight, pathetic and
selfish person like yourself.

Four, and if you have anyone to blame about the situation in this
town walk into your bathroom and take a long hard look in the mirror
along with the other 3000 year rounders who are here and that will
answer the question as to why this town has become such a mess.
10:00 pm edt 

It Is Time for a Charter School

It may be time to consider converting grades 6-12 into a charter school.

Why a charter school?

Why let an Education Management Corporation (EMC) come into town to
run 6-12 as a charter?

First off, there would be savings.

EMC's do not deal with unions--at all.  They hire teachers who want
to teach and who will teach for far less money than Ptown is
currently paying its teachers.

(I thought Id get the most cold-blooded reasoning out of the way).

If any of the 15 teachers still left at the high school want to
complain about this, remind them that every kid in 6-12 will probably
be going to Nauset in three years (four years at the latest) and that
there won't be a 6-12 union job to be had in Ptown then.

By the way, there will not be much money saved if the high school closes.

If Ptown does have to bus kids to Nauset, Ptown will be solely
responsible for transportation costs.

It will cost Ptown over $900 a day to ferry kids to Nauset.  Thats
162K per year.

Why would Nauset ever agree to share this cost, never mind pay for it all?

Further, if Ptown sends 50 more kids to Nauset, at 13K a kid, that's
650K being sent to Nauset.

Add the 21 kids Ptown is already sending to Nauset and to Lighthouse
Charter and, at 13K a kid, that's another 273K.

Then add the 162K Ptown will have to pay to transport these kids to
Eastham and to Orleans.

The total comes to 1.085 million dollars--every yearwith Ptown having
little or no say on the Nauset School Committee.

And though some people wish that Nauset would merge with Ptown, why
would Nauset agree to do so?

Why would Nauset want to take on Ptowns transportation costs if it
doesnt have to?

So, apparently, there will be little (or no) savings if Ptown kids go
to Nauset.

Some say when the high school is sold there will be a financial windfall.

However, the high school has a considerable mortgage on it.

There are eight more years left on that note.

So there won't be much savings there.

Ptown could leave its education system as it is.

Unfortunately, Ptowns academic standing (as determined by SAT scores
and by MCAS scores) is the second-lowest on the Capebehind Mashpee.

Parents will continue to choose Nauset (as well as Lighthouse) simply
because its scores are higher than Ptownsand also because Nauset
offers more (and more rigorous) Advanced Placement courses.

Athletes will continue to choose Nauset and Cape Tech because of
Ptowns dwindling numbers and because of Ptowns lack of athletic

So why would a charter be better?

An Education Management Corporation (EMC) would lease the high school
from the town.

All the town would have to give up to the EMC is cost-per-student,
the same 13K Ptown is giving to Nauset and to Lighthouse.

Ptown would also save on teachers and administrators salaries, benefits
and transportation.

This is how it would work:

The EMC would make a bid on 6-12, sign a contract, sign a lease and
run the school as a private for-profit entity.

Once the EMC signs the contract, the financial running of the school
is totally up to the EMC.

The EMC will pay its own teachers.  It will pay its own janitors.  It
will pay its own administrative costs.  All that the EMC wants is the
opportunity to attract students and the 13K each town, including
Ptown, provides.

Sturgis Charter in Hyannis turns away over 200 applicants every year.

The Lighthouse Charter School in Orleans turned away over 120
applicants last year.

If there were a decent charter school in Ptown, parents would send
their kids to Ptown.

And when those kids travel to Ptown, those kids will be bused here by
the town's from which they come; and it is those towns who will be
paying ALL the transportation costs.

And if Ptown contracts with an EMC (like SABIS, which has dramatically
driven up MCAS scores and SAT scores in every school it has taken
over) parents will want to send their kids to Ptown.


SABIS is right now the only Education Management Corporation (EMC)
that is currently licensed to operate in the Commonwealth of 
Massachussetts.  SABIS runs schools in Springfield and in Holyoke.

SABIS would provide more (and more rigorous) Advanced College
Placement courses; its what their about.

SABIS is an international organization that would provide more
studying abroad opportunities.

SABIS has been contacted and he has already come to Ptown and talked
with Superintendent Waugh.

A comprehensive high school run in the old way will not work here
anymore.  It is too inefficient and too costly.

Busing kids to Nauset will not save us any money.

Selling the High School will save us little or no money.

The possibility of SABIS contracting with Ptown should be honestly
and thoroughly examined.

Finally, theres a rumor going around that the high school would have
to close for a year if it were to become a charter.

This is not the case.

If you want to save money on education in Ptown, while providing a
better education for our kids, a Charter School is the ONLY way to go.

A Concerned and Frustrated Parent
9:55 pm edt 

I Like Your Approach Astrid

Let the selectmen back what is a reasonable and wise proposal: Put
80% of CPC money into Historic Renovations, instead of leaving these
monies for more and more affordable housing. The town needs these
monies for itself and the CPC has given so little to historic
renovations. It is as if the CPC was secundered by the affordable
housing complex, leaving us with little conservation land and little
true historic renovations.

We've spent much on so-called affordable housing, surely more than
most towns on the Cape. Now let's use the tax payers money for town
hall renovations. Does this make too much sense for them to support
this? But with Couture and Anderson as affordable housing advocates,
it'll be up to Bedard, Knight and Avellar to go forward with your
well-thought out proposition. Let's hope the three reasonable
selectmen agree to this proposition.
9:47 pm edt 

OK What is Working at town Hall?

It's hard to say. What positive things are taking place? Seems town
hall is rather defensive. Seems rather wrong-way Corrigan!

Is it that difficult to run this samll town in a manner that is
consistent, reasonable, and cost-effective? Why can't one town
manager, without an Assitant Town Manager, one Town Clerk, without an
Assitant Town Clerk, one Tourism Director without an assitant to the
Tourism Director, and one Recreation Director, without another
Assitant Director, run this small place? Look at this town with 3,500
voters and actually less than a 1000 in the winter. Does it need such
administrative overhead? Does it also need so many police and new
detectives and new postions?

I'd love to see someone with vision lead this town. Make cuts.
Decrease department staff. Get the town lean and mean. We'd all be
better for a smaller staff with strong leaders. This is not Boston.
It's not Fort Lauderdale. Remember West Goshen. Keep it small. Keep
it working well.
9:44 pm edt 

Re: Kerry Adams

Kerry Adams did not hire the 4th Grade teacher. The School
Committee does not hire teachers. Why are you singling him out?
9:42 pm edt 

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Town Hall is Not Working Well

NO one answers the phones. Try to get a bulding permit and see if
anyone who can sign it is there. Not at all. Call and call and this
will only get worse when the new hours change after November. I doubt
you will find town employees there at six. They will say: I didn't
take my paid lunch--though I'm getting paid to take it and eat hot
dogs on the town budget-- so I'm leaving at five! Few people will
answer any phone after five or be at any window--if there are windows
in the  trailers.

Look for a fine kettle of fish from now on. I disintegrated mess. And
if you are attending a public meeting. Each week the place for Zoning
or PLanning or Historic can change. You'll be calling to find out
where you are defending your case and no one will be answering.

It is a leaderless mess.
12:32 pm edt 

Put the Renovations On hold and Let Them Stay in the Trailers

Wait at least six months to see how our national and state fiscal
situation is and, during this time, do nothing. Put the renovations
on hold. Since the Transition Group and town officials, including
Sharon and the erratic Couture, loved the idea of the trailers,
they'll enjoy viewing life from these metal bunkers. Let them work
there and eat their free lunch there. Do nothing with town hall now.
12:29 pm edt 

Tueday's Selectmen's Meeting

Thank you for posting the information about the selectmen's
meeting. I hope that we can flood the meeting with forceful
arguments...Plus, I would like to see Astrid Berg send her statement
to the banner...and I'd be anxious to sign it too at the Selectmen's
12:28 pm edt 

Google! Google! Google!

Let's see didn't Kerry Adams also hire the 4th grade school
teacher that when googled was fired immediately?

Hello! Sounds like even more egg on your face buddy!

Google! Google! Google! The town's new hiring mantra!!!!
12:14 pm edt 

PPPC and Trap Shed Utilization

Is it true that an automobile dealership is opening up on
MacMillan Pier? Really is that the direction the town wants to take?
RLH Sales, Inc. a licensed and bonded automible dealership, based in
Florida was guaranteed on Sept 25 a shed by the PPPC for next summer.
Just google the owner Russell L. Hurwich + Florida and see RLH Sales,
Inc.'s cars for sale on ebay.  This is an example of the PPPC not
doing its due diligence and requires Selectmen oversight as
recommended by the Finance Committee.

On Ebay Motors:

"eBay Motors: Chrysler : Sebring (item 290261382532 end time Sep-27-08 ...
russell hurwitch. rlh sales inc. 550 business parkway #5. royal palm
beach, FL 33411 ... This Car Is a Florida Garage Kept Non Smoker Car
that has NO Paintwork or ... - 133k - Cached
Ford : Thunderbird - ( item 290259970826 end time 21-Sep-08 12 ...
We are a Licensed and Bonded Florida Automobile Dealer. Contact
Information. russell hurwitch. rlh sales inc. 550 business parkway
#5. royal palm beach, FL 33411 ..."

The trap sheds last time I heard were for emerging artists. Leather
products? The company who has been filing corporate tax returns in
Florida since 2002 only sells refurbished cars. Could you please get
some references PPPC and evidence they are artists who sell leather
crafts? Because their company certainly suggests otherwise!

The Finance Committee is right. Our Selectman need to as a board get
involved in the management of MacMillan Pier.

Are you listening Michelle?
10:10 am edt 

I Can Not Afford My Heat!

Last winter I barely survived paying to heat my little apartment.
This year, although I worked 2 1/2 jobs, I made less money than last year.
My utilities have gone up, and the cost of heating has gone way up.
I will not be able to afford to stay this winter, for the first time
in many years.

I also cannot afford to vacation somewhere else for the winter.
It looks like a move to Key West, sharing an apartment, and working
through the winter, and who knows maybe I will like it more in sunny
Florida. (If only they did not have those bleeping cruise ships.)

I work very hard, and I love this place, and the people, the
diversity, and of course my friends. But all of the prices on everything
keep going up.

This beautiful weekend it is nice to see so many people here on
vacation, but I do not see manny shopping bags.

Gallery Night, Friday night my partner and I wandered down to the
East end (something we could not do this summer, because we were
working) and at 7p.m. all of the galleries were closed except 2. What
is up with this? Last night downtown the shops were all closing early.
No last Hurrah?

Well soon I will be packing to leave, and hopefully I will be coming
back next spring. I hope you all have a great winter. The upside is,
maybe I will not loose my tan this year, and I do have friends who
work Key West in the winter. so off to a fresh start.

Southward Bound
10:06 am edt 

Selectmen's Meeting Tuesday October 14th@ 6pm

      I will be attending the meeting and I am prepared to speak
during Public Statements.

      I am going to urge the Board to submit an article to the Town
Warrant addressing the distribution of the CPA Funds.

      The Commonwealth mandates a minimal 10% of the Funds to Open
Space, Historic Preservation and Community Housing leaving 70% to be
used where needed. A few years ago the Town voted to change the
distribution and moved the available 70% to Community Housing,
resulting in a 10-10-80% distribution.

      Community (Affordable) Housing has benefited greatly from the
CPA Surtax. There are no current applications for Affordable Housing
Developments, probably because they can't sell what they already have.
And remember, Shank Painter Road will be building Affordable Rentals
which I hope will be successful in filling the capacity.

      It is time to take the 70% away from Housing and move it to
Historic Preservation where it is greatly needed to fund the shoring
up of Town Hall.

      Barbara Rushmore is apparently petitioning an article
addressing this issue. Thank you, Barbara. However, I truly believe
this issue should be promoted by the BOS.

It is time for them to step up to the plate and rubber stamp the
distribution change in the best interest of the Town and the

      Tuesday's meeting is the last opportunity to voice out on
issues before the Warrant Deadline (Oct. 17th). If you are interested
in what I want to purpose or have any other issues, NOW is the time
to do so.

      I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday.

Astrid Berg
10:00 am edt 

To: Inquiring Mind (or should it be National Inquring Mind)

I swim in very free waters and do not need the protection of Ms Nagle's float.
I can read (an asset for a fish) and have noted that Ms. Nagle's name
has appeared frequently on this board and in the Banner both in
editorial letters and in articles.  I also watch meetings on TV where
Ms. Nagle has articulated herself and shown unpresidented DD on PCCC
issues. I may not totally agree with her, but I see results. THAT is
the bottom line.

My dog fish friend's have told me about Ms Nagle's community efforts
and SUCCESS in building a park where Provincetown's dogs and the dog
visitors my go to exercise without being inhibited by goverment
restrictions, an asset both for residents and tourism. Quite an
accomplishment in a town where everything gets talked about and
nothing gets done.

Do you have problems with winners? What have you done for
Provincetown, National Inquiring Mind?

Slippery Fish (just one of the fish in a small pond)
9:53 am edt 

Re: Town Hall

I called town hall Thursday Oct 9th over 15 times AND on Friday the
10th of Oct over 11 times till someone picked up the phone to
transfere me to the department I wanted.  Lucky for me, the
department head answered.  I can only think what will happen when the
are there 4 days a week?  VERY SAD.  And from the posts I see here,
the employees do not answer e-mail either!  Some of the BOS don't
answer e-mail.  Why do we put up with this?
1:47 am edt 

Slippery Fish Swims in the Best of Waters

Oh, to attack poor Slippery Fish when he is providing more options
than fishermen have hooks and worms. Oh, sorry,Slippery Fish that was
not the right metaphor for you. I"ll try to be respectful of your
nature. But you always offer up refreshing ideas. Plus, you know
what's going on here in the fish bowl, as well as along the piers.
A gurgling thank you.
1:44 am edt 

We Work and the Powers that be Spend!

Financially, the country is economically devastated.It is
an economic ruin and 700 billion dollars is but a drop in the bucket
compared to what it will cost to shore it up.

In the midst of this the town manager and the selectmen want us to
burden ourselves with $8,000,000 in debt to turn town hall into a

No matter how you state it with bonds and deferred payments etc..we
And Our CHILDREN must pay back $8,000,000 + and the interest to
transform town hall into what the Powers That be want it to.

They didn't even fight for the tax payers against the school
committee to save us $700,000 that we are paying for trailers.

Isn't it interesting: Pam Parmakian et al were so busy getting money
for affordable housing that they never even bothered to see what was
happening to the building in which they conducted town business?

I'm already paying for a betterment for being connected to the waste
water treatment plant. I'm already paying my own raised premiums for
my health insurance.

Why wasn't a bond floated to help out the citizens who are helping to
clean up the water and the harbor etc. by being connected to the
waste water treatment plant?

It is too bad that the folks at town hall won't have a palace to
return to when all is said and done.

Oh well, perhaps they will get a taste of what life is like for
people who toil and who have to take an extra job to pay the town
employees their raises and benefits while we work hard and long hours
and multiple jobs.

May you enjoy your car(s) and your boat and your other toys
and your IRA accounts and 401Ks at our expense and toil while working
in the same old building.
1:42 am edt 

School Committee

What a sadly, pathetic display the school committee is
making of itself. Two years ago the school had a rousing conference
that was supposed to turn the school around: and the grand result is
Now they have a blue ribbon committee and the result is that Steven
Roderick resigns because the school committee is wedded to the fact
that it can do as it wishes because we tax payers must give them
almost $4,000,000 to do with as they wish.
We have a principal who resigns because he felt he had no other
recourse: so much for the school committee and its concern for the

Even the department of revenue states that school committee is
entrenched in its opinions and will counter no question of it
regionalizing. The report also states that we have been losing
students since 1999.

There are now 49 students from Provincetown in the school. The school
refused to give the tax payers any relief by allowing town hall
employees to use the school.

Does the school committee realize that a school can be closed by a
town if less than 50 families send their children to school?

  We have 49 studentshow many families is that? So we bus 40 students
plus the high school studentsis it going to cost us $4,000,000 and an
arrogant school committee? I think not.

After all of this, a survey is given out in the banner for us to fill
out regarding the schoolhow utterly ineffectual and callow.

But what does the school committee care: next Spring they will get
almost $4,000,000 again. And they will slap each other on the back
and ignore the despised looks from the beleaguered tax payers
1:37 am edt 

Town Owned Properties

If we were to sell just a few of the properties that this town owns,
it would be possible to pay for renovations to town hall, build new
police facilities, public bathroom up the wazoo, etc. etc. etc.---Now
as a community we just need to let go of some of our hoarding disoder
and have a yard sale with some of our needless properties.
1:34 am edt 

Information of Value

I find this blog of infinite value now that we are
approaching another town meeting. This is such a source of
information for everyone. I come here to find out information..and I
do find it.

After reading what Astrid Berg wrote, everyone must ask town hall to
spend CPA funds on town hall. It is a travesty that it goes to
developers via affordable housing.

Now the properties....Now is the time to go to the selectmen's
meetings too--to ask them in person on camera..
1:32 am edt 


Could someone please list all these assistants Sharon is accused of hiring?

And to the person who is going to do all the research on that website
list of town owned property.  you could save yourself a butt-load of
trouble by just going into the assessors office and talk to the nice
people there.  pretty sure within a couple of minutes they will
narrow your search to just the few properties that are saleable. 
think that's what Bedard did when he asked for a tour of town owned
properties.   better yet, just e-mail Bedard.
1:29 am edt 

Candadce Nagle and Sloppery Fish

Anyone else curious that anytime Candace posts Slippery
Fish is right there cheering her on and also writes in the same
manner as she and about the same issues? One wonders if the Fish
doesn't swim very close if not under Candace's float? Is it possible
that much of what we read is simply Candace writing to herself?

Inquiring Mind
1:27 am edt 

Town Owned Property

I'll be the first to admit I'm not as smart as I sometimes
think I am.  Here is a better list of town owned properties.  There's
not much land that just pops out at you and makes you wonder why we
are holding on to it.  It would really take a change in the way we
think to sell town owned property/land.  Like, can we combine the
usage of certain properties/buildings that would free up others for
sale?  Here's a better list of the properties:

1 MACMILLAN WHARF $21,849,4001  -  MacMillan Wharf
5  RYDER ST $1,139,100  -  Ryder Street Parking Lot
19  RYDER ST EXT $10,058,500 -  MacMillan Wharf Parking Lot
55  COMMERCIAL ST $1,969,900  -  West End Parking Lot
57  COMMERCIAL ST $1,733,200  -  West End Parking Lot
189  COMMERCIAL ST $884,200  -  Firehouse #2
254  COMMERCIAL ST $800,100  -  Firehouse #3
260  COMMERCIAL ST $9,769,100  -  Town Hall
330  COMMERCIAL ST $1,481,600  -  Freeman Street Building
356  COMMERCIAL ST $5,521,900  -  Public Library
363  COMMERCIAL ST $2,125,900 -  Johnson Street Parking Lot
514  COMMERCIAL ST $540,800  -  Firehouse #5
682 R COMMERCIAL ST $3,439,100  Whistle Path Woods, Formerly part of
Locke property
784 COMMERCIAL ST $4,903,500-Foss Woods, acquired by Conservation Comm.
951 R COMMERCIAL ST $628,000-Vacant land transferred to Housing
Authority  (STM 2004)
4  JOHNSON ST $878,800  -  Firehouse #4
26  SHANK PAINTER RD $1,477,000  -  Police Station
15  BROWNE ST $393,300  -  Police Station parking lot
25  SHANK PAINTER RD $4,577,600  -  Fire Station
16  JEROME SMITH RD $1,880,300-Town Hall Trailer location
24  RACE POINT RD $3,503,700  -  DPW Highway Garage
90  RACE POINT RD $2,407,500  -  Transfer Station/Recycling
176  RACE POINT RD $1,926,100  -  Airport Hangar and Terminal (no land)
26  ALDEN ST $1,525,100  -  Grace Goveia Building
12  WINSLOW ST $32,039,000  -  Provincetown High School
25  WINSLOW ST $2,316,000  -  Motta Field
43  WINTHROP ST $791,300  -  Winthrop Street Cemetery
1 BRADFORD ST $1,133,600  -  Nickerson Street Playground
46  BRADFORD ST $1,662,000  -  Community Center
106  BRADFORD ST $596,600  -  Bas Relief Park
122  BRADFORD ST $69,500  vacant land corner of Bradford & High Pole
126  BRADFORD ST $518,800  Alden St parking lot
211 1/2B BRADFORD ST $353,400  Greenfelder playground
211 1/2A BRADFORD ST $415,200  Greenfelder playground
290 F BRADFORD ST $61,000  Old Curtis property/narrow strip of land
311  BRADFORD ST $23,300  vacant land
24  CEMETERY RD $4,669,100  -  Town Cemetery
25  CEMETERY RD $889,100  -  Hamilton-Gifford Cemetery
7  CAPT BERTIES WY $2,106,800  -  Water Towers
120  MT GILBOA RD $5,363,900  -  Water Tower
100  MT GILBOA RD $1,346,900-Vacant land abutting water tower
61  HOWLAND ST $3,170,600  -  Old railway right of way
63 R HOWLAND ST $601,000-vacant land abutting railway  (Conservation)
0 FOOT PEARL ST $248,500  -  1st Town Landing
0 FOOT FREEMAN ST $221,000  -  2nd Town Landing
0 FOOT GOSNOLD ST $227,700  -  3rd Town Landing
0 FOOT COURT ST $267,800  -  4th Town Landing
0 FOOT ATLANTIC AVE $212,300  - 5th Town Landing
0 FOOT GOOD TEMPLAR PL $1,487,700  -  6th Town Landing
113 FOOT COMMERCIAL ST $203,400  -  7th Town Landing
0 FOOT WEST VINE ST $232,000  -  8th Town Landing
0 FOOT WASHINGTON AVE $214,700  -  Town Landing
0 FOOT KENDALL LN $962,300  -  Kendall Lane Town Landing
185  ROUTE 6 $3,625,600  -  Shank Painter uplands
200  ROUTE 6 $4,148,100  -  Wastewater Treatment Plan
244  ROUTE 6 $4,448,300  -  Clapps Pond Duck Pond dedicated to conservation
500  ROUTE 6 $1,413,900-narrow strip of land from Rte 6 to ocean-avg 25ft wide
30  CREEK RD $545,000  - Vacant land for Cottage Street drainage project
33 A COURT ST $438,300  -  Vacant land
7  TREMONT ST $525,500  School Street parking lot
2  SANDY HILL LN $34,300  Designated wetlands
28 A WINSLOW ST $27,900  10 right of way between Mayflower & Winslow
62  HARRY KEMP WY $514,400  vacant land
82  HARRY KEMP WY $736,700  old Wells property, open space/conservation
1:25 am edt 

Saturday, October 11, 2008

To: Slippery Fish

Slippery fish, please just bite the hook and shut up, or
maybe get a job and find somthing else to think about other than what
this town should do to please your sorry mind  never a dull moment.
5:35 pm edt 

Re: Selling Town Properties

Who exactly do you think is going to buy them right now and at what
price. No real estate development projects are getting financing,
mortgages in resort markets (and elsewhere) are extremely tough to
come by, we have four years worth of private inventory on the market
right now, etc. While it sounds easy to say "let's dump em" it would
be at a fire sale prices, it would drive down prices for existing
private properties on the market which would ripple through to lower
assessed values across the board.
5:34 pm edt 

Provincetown Public Pier Corporation

Thanks Candace for your recommendation. How about putting
in the PPPCC's lease when it is due next year, that they are to set
market rates on slips, renting the pavillion, the art sheds etc. I,
too, think more money can be made from the pier.

No more give aways!
5:33 pm edt 

Re:Town Owned Property
I did the original search of the assessor's database.  And

I knew there were a number of buildings that are non-negotiable,
police stations, fire stations, cemetery, transfer station, etc.

I'm going through the list and trying to identify every property. 
I'll post the results when I've identified as many as I can.  My
original point is that if we have unused property/buildings and we
sold them, it would bring in much needed funds to town and add these
properties to the tax base.  Thanks to the person who added up the
assessed value and found it to be over $164,000,000.

What if 10% of the properties were found to be not needed and could
be sold?  $16,400,000 could fix town hall AND repave Commercial
Street.  It may not be that high, but shouldn't we find out?
5:31 pm edt 

By Steve LeBlanc, Associated Press Writer

"With the economy in a slide and the credit markets seized up, states
are slashing budgets, eliminating jobs, putting major construction
projects on hold and nervously waiting to see whether their shriveled
pension funds recover."


12:45 pm edt 

Slippery Fish is Right

Pushing for the spending of $7 million for town hall, even in two or
three seemingly separate propositions, is a waste of time. I agree
that many voters will not vote for this type of spending at this
time. Let's look for another possibility, for an alternate that makes
more financial sense. They have only looked at one possibility and
that is McKinley's proposition--one that costs the most and looks to
renovate at the top level. We need a bottom up, structural
renovation. Not pretty cornices, perfect steeple reconstruction and
picture-perfect details.

We have some good minds here in town. Let's use them. We have people
with structural engineering, construction, and re-construction
experience. Let's work together for a new, more acceptable solution
to our problem.
12:43 pm edt 

Send Information to Banner

Will the person who did the research on town owned
properties send it to the

What a shock to find this out!
12:42 pm edt 

Failure of Provincetown Schools

Survey seeks input on school future....thats a joke. The
Banner has the website to go to collect input(the Banner spelled
Provincetown incorrectly) but its down. What a surprise. I say send
our children to Nauset. Our school gets an "F".
12:40 pm edt 

It is Time That the C.P.A. go Back to 80% for Historical Preservation!

The Editorial in the banner is right on target. Two million
dollars to be spent only to shore up the building. Now we need this
money to come out of the C.P.A. fund that has been usurped by the
Affordable housing cartel.

  It is time that the C.P.A. go back to 80% for historical to benefit
all of the tax payers! Stop the give away to special interests!
Enough with spending my tax money to buy $2,000,000 worth of land and
property and then giving it away to developers.

isn't it about time people see what a scam this is? The man who spent
millions on the Murchison property made his  money through affordable
housing development. We must demand that this C.P.A. designation be
12:39 pm edt 

Provincetown Public Pier Corporation
The Provincetown Public Pier Corporation at its last
meeting suggested it was going to only increase the slip rates on the
east side of MacMillan Pier quote modestly.

Their current slip rate for a 40 -foot vessel is $2,137.20


Bismore Park Hyannis   $7,040
Barnstable $9,660

Rock Harbor, the poor mans harbor, charges only $2,480 because the
closest fish are here in Provincetown.  They spent three hours to get
here and back and almost $100 in diesel.

At the Pier Corporations Sept 25 meeting, Director Tarvis admitted
publicly there are recreational boats on the east side and that many
boats rarely go out.

The current slip rate for a recreational boat on MacMillan Pier is no
different. Its $2,137.20


Fishermans Wharf: $2.50 per foot with a 40 foot minimum. Thats
$100.00 per day.  Four months of slippage rates yields Fishermans
Wharf   $12,000! Or almost 600% more than what the Pier Corp. is

This past August, $150,000 in federal aid was awarded to six
Provincetown federally permitted draggers and four state permitted
small fishing boats.

Perhaps it would make sense to look at the criteria for eligibility
used by the federal government when deciding which vessels on
MacMillan Pier get the Provincetown taxpayer subsidized slip rate.

But perhaps it would make more sense not leaving up to chance that
the Pier Corporation will have market based slip rates on MacMillan
Pier. Perhaps it should be decided at Town Meeting.

Candace Nagle
12:35 pm edt 

Sell the Land

We have 2 houses that are run down and of no use.  Sell one and use
the money to fix the other up.  Repair town hall with the resources
the town has rather than burdening the taxpayers this time.
12:33 pm edt 

Only in Provincetown

12:31 pm edt 

Time to Shut down the Schools:

Send the students to Nauset!

12:30 pm edt 

RE: Town Owned Property

I think this is what Selectman Bedard is already looking into.  I
remember hearing him also say that he wants to look at the properties
listed as 'owner unknown'.

People looking at this list, please keep in mind that some of these
properties are: cemeteries, fire station, transfer station, police
station, school property, etc.  Pretty sure the actual list of unused
property is quite small.
12:28 pm edt 

Yes, Yes: Let's Find an Alternative to Town Hall Renovations

You are so right. That is it exactly. Let's look for an alternative
and let's have the BOS and town officials working with us to find a
reasonable, cost-effective alterative. How right you are. Let's get
some momentum behind this idea. I totally support you.
12:27 pm edt 

Agree With the Selling of Town Owned Land ASAP

The total is $164,276,200 for town owned land according the previous poster.

It seems like this list, which is very accurate, seems to have quite
a bit of land that could be sold.

We could sell off one building a year for the next 10 years and be in
much better shape.
12:25 pm edt 

Friday, October 10, 2008

Town Owned Properties

I did a search of the assessor's database, search terms
were all properties with owner listed as 'Town of Provincetown'. 
It's listed below and includes the address and the assessed value. 
Obviously we are not going to sell all town owned land, but is there
a plan for each of these properties?  Is there a reason the town owns
them and isn't selling them to put them on the tax base?  I didn't
take the time to add up the assesed values of town owned land, but
you can easily see it's a very large amount.

Town Officials:

For each of these properties I think the town residents would like to
know what we are planning on doing with the property.  A simple
classification of (1.) Essential property not to be sold (2.) Held
for future town need (explain possible need)  (3.) No plan for
property, may possibly be sold.

Any property that is sold brings much needed funds to the town and
also adds that property to our tax base.

176  RACE POINT RD $1,926,100
0 FOOT WEST VINE ST $232,000
57  COMMERCIAL ST $1,733,200
55  COMMERCIAL ST $1,969,900
1  BRADFORD ST $1,133,600
30  CREEK RD $545,000
7  TREMONT ST $525,500
46  BRADFORD ST $1,662,000
26  SHANK PAINTER RD $1,477,000
15  BROWNE ST $393,300
25  SHANK PAINTER RD $4,577,600
185  ROUTE 6 $3,625,600
43  WINTHROP ST $791,300
33 A COURT ST $438,300
12  WINSLOW ST $32,039,000
244  ROUTE 6 $4,448,300
16  JEROME SMITH RD $1,880,300
200  ROUTE 6 $4,148,100
7  CAPT BERTIES WY $2,106,800
28 A WINSLOW ST $27,900
25  WINSLOW ST $2,316,000
2  SANDY HILL LN $34,300
24  RACE POINT RD $3,503,700
90  RACE POINT RD $2,407,500
0 FOOT COURT ST $267,800
189  COMMERCIAL ST $884,200
0 FOOT FREEMAN ST $221,000
1  MACMILLAN WHARF $21,849,400
19  RYDER ST EXT $10,058,500
0 FOOT GOSNOLD ST $227,700
254  COMMERCIAL ST $800,100
260  COMMERCIAL ST $9,769,100
106  BRADFORD ST $596,600
5  RYDER ST $1,139,100
330  COMMERCIAL ST $1,481,600
122  BRADFORD ST $69,500
26  ALDEN ST $1,525,100
126  BRADFORD ST $518,800
24  CEMETERY RD $4,669,100
25  CEMETERY RD $889,100
4  JOHNSON ST $878,800
356  COMMERCIAL ST $5,521,900
0 FOOT PEARL ST $248,500
363  COMMERCIAL ST $2,125,900
82  HARRY KEMP WY $736,700
62  HARRY KEMP WY $514,400
63 R HOWLAND ST $601,000
61  HOWLAND ST $3,170,600
500  ROUTE 6 $1,413,900
211 1/2B BRADFORD ST $353,400
211 1/2A BRADFORD ST $415,200
514  COMMERCIAL ST $540,800
0 FOOT KENDALL LN $962,300
311  BRADFORD ST $23,300
290 F BRADFORD ST $61,000
682 R COMMERCIAL ST $3,439,100
784  COMMERCIAL ST $4,903,500
100  MT GILBOA RD $1,346,900
120  MT GILBOA RD $5,363,900
951 R COMMERCIAL ST $628,000
2:26 pm edt 

To the Selectmen...Timing is Everything

Now is the time to come up with an alternate plan for town hall renovations.
I doubt very much if taxpayers will okay any spending by voting yes. I, for
one, will not.  Wasting time trying to push this issue is just that,
wasting time.  All spending in the town will come to a halt.  That
includes town hall renovations, school spending (hear that Jessica),
frill personal (including assistants (hear that Sharon), affordable
housing (hear that Michele), DPW services (hear that Dave)... and the
list could go on and on.

Going to town meetings has not helped any of these issues.  The only
thing is the vote.

I will be warm and well fed this winter.  My neighbors may not be.
Helping the residents of this town by providing heat and food would get
a loud YES vote from me.  That is the sense of community which is

Slippery Fish (no joke today)
2:18 pm edt 

What Beautiful Weather

Happy Columbus Day Weekend. I hope local businesses do well and I
hope everyone has a wonderful and enjoyable weekend. Maybe a few last
sails and a few great walks along Herring Cove and Race Point. It's
time to enjoy the beauty that is here and the greater silence that
comes in October.
2:15 pm edt 

This is Such a Challenge for the Finance Committee

What are they thinking these days? They can see ahead and yet I
wonder what they will actually do. I hope they have the       to act
according to the fiscal realities they know we face. I hope they find
courage inside their hearts and minds and hope they will do the right
thing for all of us. They are in a privileged position to guide this
town wisely.
2:13 pm edt 

Put All Big Budget Projects on Hold

      Why doesn't this make sense? Why not put all big projects on
hold for the next three to six months? The trailers are already
rented, the move is unfortunately on its way, the town employees will
soon have a four day work week, so put anything else that is new and
costs money on hold.

      This seems like a good time for prudence. Yes, I know that it 
is an old virtue, but why not?
2:11 pm edt 

Why Even Have a Special Town Meeting?

What's the reason? what's the use? There is no money. Credit is as
tight as a fist. Bonds will not be easily given out. Grants are dead
on the vine.
Why even hold a special Town Meeting? It's dead even before the fish
begin to gurgle.
2:09 pm edt 

We MUST Vote to Keep the State Income Tax....

..otherwise, our property tax will go through the roof. Plus,
everything will have a fee imposed.

Look at this town: The powers that be want an $8,000,000 town hall;
$7,000,000 paved road when we have a speed limit of 20mph. Now the
police chief wants a new Police Station.

Well, I want to be able to heat my house and pay for my health
insurance--and it all comes out of my pocket. No one is helping me or
my family. Yet all these town got pay raises at my expense--thank you
fellow citizens.
2:08 pm edt 

Oh What a Grand School Committee We Have

Oh, there will be people at the selectmen's meeting now
that the banner too is pushing for a no vote for a $8,000,000 old
town hall.

Why didn't they demand the space from the school...the kids are
rattling around in all of that space. Almost $4,000,000 **A YEAR* and
the tax payers are banned for any use.

  Oh what a grand School Committee we have...they sit back knowing
they will get millions in the spring for the school and in the mean
time we have one sixth grader..who wants to move here and put their
child in a school that had 12 graduating seniors?
2:06 pm edt 

Oh Just Too Funny, Your Doing Somthing About What? The Pier?
Boy you must be a very powerful person on this little sand bar you
washed up on?   I just cant stop reading this nonsence. If you
threaten to put a stop to somthing with your power on this little
sand bar why not own it and put your name on your msg so we wont
think of you as just another guest of this town thinking it's yours
while sitting at your computer with a bottle of cheap wine, oh god
never a dull moment
2:04 pm edt 

Financial Meltdowns All Over the World

We may be a distance from Wall Street, but the financial tsunami is
at our shores.  Last winter was quiet and a chore for our community
to weather through.  With retirement savings wiped out...this year
will be tougher.  People will be choosing between food, fuel and
medicine...and will be having a much more difficult time getting by.

Our state aid to cities and towns will be less.  If the repeal of
state income tax succeeds on our ballot in November...there will be
less and less.  The state will be forced to borrow...and its labor
force reduced.  Pension funds for retirees have lost 30% in value.

Foreclosures continue to soar.  Real estate taxes will not be paid by
people losing their homes.

Our town leadership seems lost in the clouds.  We cannot spend money
we don't have.  We should not load up the Town Debt with multimillion
dollar spending items.  Who will lend to us, in the current credit
crisis...and at what cost.

Town is a ghost town already this fall with empty vacation homes
closed for the season.   Those that can are leaving this community
for the winter.

It is time to slash the budget of this town...and not hire more
consultants to run the community.  Why do we need a $14,000,000 Town
Hall renovation?  Our consultants have told us so.  Leadership is
asleep at the wheel of our runaway train.

It's time to turn off their cash.
11:15 am edt 

Wow, What a Bunch of Community Spirits

As the financial markets melt down a few people seem to have to
direct their pain into savaging everyone in sight. How about this; it's
time for this community to pull together and be proactive. Maybe
indeed some projects need to be shelved for a while, maybe some
cuts are inevitable. But, instead of pouring forth vituperative crap why
not roll your sleeves up and offer to help, would that be too much to
ask? Would an appearance at Selectmen's meeting with constructive
criticism or helpful suggestions be too much to ask?

The three remaining posters on here vary between bitter, paranoid
ranting and writing back of forth to themselves congratulating
themselves and pretending they are different people. Doesn't bode
well for this community or at least for this bitter tiny subset.

Hats off to those like FinCom and the Selectmen who actually care
enough to do the hard work and don't sit pouring forth their
bitterness through this forum. But, I guess it is offseason and with
winter and town meeting approaching we can expect more of the same.

The entire freaking country needs to pull together now and for the
difficult, foreseeable future, how 'bout we start here?

Facts are Just
9:11 am edt 

There Will be No Overrides

The world has now officially entered a recession, and is
speeding into a depression.

During Depressions, you do not spend what you do not have.

A depression will drive real estate prices much lower, and the next
reassessment could very well cut up to half of our tax base.

There will be NO OVERRIDES

So everyone at town hall should be thinking about a budget of 1/2 to
3/4 what we have now in the town budget.

People's retirement funds have just lost 1/3 of their value, and
millions of people who were planning on retiring, cannot in the near

It is time for everyone to tighten our belts.
we are all going to loose some weight.
So lets start trimming now, before we loose our shirts (literally).

A concerned citizen.
9:07 am edt 

MacMillan Pier

In yet another twist of self-dealing on MacMillan Pier by
its directors, a corporation based in florida for the last several
years whose president is a buddy of one of the pier corporation's
directors has been virtually guaranteed an artist's trap shed by
being given an opportunity to appear before the pier corp. before an
advertisement of the art trap sheds in the banner was even published.
His out of state friends received assurances by the board that they
would be given an art trap shed. It was tapped by PTV.

But yet the new application for an art trap shed will only consider
quote emerging artists. end quote.

What emerging artists businesses do you know who been incorporated for years?

The fish continues to rot on MacMillan Pier.
9:05 am edt 

Repair Town Hall

Sell all the town land.  Repair the town hall and move on with life.
9:03 am edt 

Look at Harwich

      They have a brain. CUT, CUT, CUT.
This is a non-political message to the public.

9:01 am edt 

Dow Falls 678 POints and GM Stock Tumbles

And what is happening here in our little town? Oh, we are looking for
ways to spend more and more money. We are looking to spend almost a
half million on trailers and then looking for the tax payers to foot
a bill for more than $7million dollars to fix town hall. Really? Do
you know what is happening in the world around us? Obviously not.

time to pick up a newspaper town officials. Time to read the
Financial Times and the New York Times, not only the Banner. Time to
realistically assess what is happening with consequences to any
project in Provincetown that requires huge sumes of money.
12:01 am edt 

Thursday, October 9, 2008

That's Good: PIn the Tail on the Donkey

That game surely brings me back to childhood birthday parties. But
you're use of this game as a metaphor for assessing blame is a good
one. With all the BOS with blinders on and many town voters wearing
the same blindfolds, Sharon should run for cover. Because all these
people holding tails with pins sticking through them are searching
for her you know what!
11:59 pm edt 

You Are funny: True Trailer Thrash

Maybe Town Hall and the BOS have found their true home:  Trailer
Thrash Park. Why bother with the rehab? Leave them all to work and
live in these Katrina trailers. That's what they wanted. so let them
stay there and let them all retire from there. You think this was the
best decision, then live with the consequences of your poor thinking.

But I like the greater metaphor: trailer thrash. The choice surely
reflects the level of thinking and the level of decision making from
town hall. Now, we find Poor White Thrash!
11:58 pm edt 

Governor Patrick Deval Will Meet with Town Mayors

Wishing that our little town manager would be meeting with Deval.
Then maybe she'd hear that cuts to local aid will happen; departments
will be cut; and the state and cities face serious fiscal

Maybe our little town manager should also meet with the Governor of
Virginia. He just cut millions from his executive office, just put a
freeze on state employees raises--yes, Sharon some people do do
this!--and he may even deny the raises themselves.

But then Sharon, you could meet with just few "enlightened" members
of the town--not your kitchen cabinet this time--and you would hear
the true fiscal difficulties we all face: in this town, this state
and the nation.

Does it take a fiscal calamity for Sharon and her side kick Michelle
Couture to even slightly glimpse the possibility of serious monetary
problems? They both seem blind to real fiscal issues and seem to act
as if life was still as it was in the late nineties. That's over,
kids. Wake up and see what is really taking place in our world. And
if it takes a real financial meltdown in our nation and in Wall
Street for these two peas in a pod to grasp what is truly facing our
town, then at least something good will have come from this devastating
financial situation.

For if our deep recession turns into a true depression, these two
peas in a pod would look to resurface Commercial Street at $7
million, renovate to a state of perfection Town Hall at $11 or 13
million, and then bring in new consultants (which they are doing now)
for affordable housing and give more give aways. They live and work
in La La Land and it is tragic.

Oh, and guess what, the Dow dropped today by 515 and fell  today
below 9000. Does that cause you--Sharon and Couture-- to think twice
about anything? Probably and sadly, not.
11:57 pm edt 

Thanks Slippery Fish,

Yes, I am doing something about the pier corporation paying
lipservice all these years to the importance of a wave attentuator to
protect Provincetown's 13 million dollar pier, stay tuned.

There are some people who have set the bar of management expections
of the pier corporatoin so low one can't even see it. But our most
important municpal resource is too important not to continue to
challenge the pier corporation when they perform with mediocrity such
as not having a wave attenuator to protect MacMillan Pier.

See you at the next fincom/pier corp coming up soon!
2:33 pm edt 

Yo Landlubbers!



2:32 pm edt 

Thoughts from the Other Side of the Tracks

a. Use all the CPA funds for Town Hall, and how bout the extra money
that keith bergman borrowed too. why not.

b. As soon as the building is deemed safe next spring  , move
everybody back in. if the BofS expects a $10M rehab of the building
in this fiscal climate, they've all lost their minds.

c. I finally saw children playing soccer on the Rte 6 field instead
of Canada Geese. I enjoyed that.

d. Yes, if michelle is out lobbying for her landlord, you should all
be quite upset. This is bad behavior. We really need to recruit more
new candidates for our town gov't. Where exactly is the Banner on
this stuff?

d. Has someone made of a list of all the town owned buildings and how
much it would cost to bring them all up to code and into  reasonable
shape?  We can't have a $25K per student school system AND a ton of
old buildings that need major repairs . lets get one or 2 of these
onto the open market...........once there is one again.

e. The Town Admin pushed themselves into a corner by getting staff to
declare that town hall could not survive another winter. They decided
to play chicken with us. Thats why those trailors were ordered. Thats
why the employees are moving out. They gambled.    Think there is any
regret about that now?

And with all these wonderful town owned buildings, not a one could be
used for the displaced employees.

2:28 pm edt 

Re: Candace Nagle

Whether you like Candace or not, she has managed to get
more done than anyone else on the board.  She has put her efforts
where her mouth is which is more that can be said for any of us,
myself included.

She has a valid point about the waves and the exposed part of the
pier and my guess is she will do somthing about it.

Slippery Fish (riding the tides)
11:30 am edt 

Cost of Repairing Town Hall:

With the new estimate for repairs going up to $9 million, I was
wondering if the company doing the repairs will be Deborah Paine
11:28 am edt 

Department of Revenue Findings

The Department of Revenue investigated the finacial
situation in Provincetown and this is what they recommended regarding
the school: Even they are telling the the powers that be that
something needs to be done regarding the cost of the schools on the

Recommendation 11:

Assess the Fiscal Impact of School Regionalization
We recommend that the town pursue an independent study to determine
the financial ramifications of joining the Nauset Regional School District. In
terms of enrollment, Provincetown supports the smallest PK-12 school
district in the Commonwealth.

As a direct result, its per pupil cost at $24,896 in FY2008 is second
highest in the state. (MinutemanRegional High School is highest with a
per pupil cost of $26,971).

Of 102 students in Grades 7-12, only 46 are Provincetown residents, another
22 arrive from other communities by way ofschool choice and 34 arrive from
Truro under a tuition agreement. According to StateDepartment of Education
statistics, foundation enrollment has declined in each year since 1999.

During these times of fiscal stress, it is sensible for town
officials to investigate allpossible cost savings opportunities, including the
option to join the Nauset Regional School District.
11:27 am edt 

We Must Follow the Lead of Harwich

Fellow Citizens, we are in a financial crisis. We must end
the spending spree at town hall. We must follow the lead of Harwich
Town Administrator James Merriam who said a hiring freeze is now in
effect and all municipal purchases for $500 or more must be

He also laid off seasonal employees earlier than usual and advised
selectmen to review and adjust fees for municipal services.

We have a school with a huge amount of space that could have
accommodated the town hall employees. There is a huge area in the
back of the school with doors to the parking lot. We could have built
a solid wall to separate the public from the school.

The school committee wouldn't give the taxpayers the space--we won't
give them the $3,500,000 they will demand from us again at the Spring
town meeting.
11:21 am edt 

CPA Account

It is time that the Community preservation Account be used
to benefit all of the citizens by using it to pay for the $2m town
hall renovations. $2,000,000 has gone to the special interests of
affordable housing.

Now the world is in a Financial Crisis; if voters rid the state of a
state income tax, our real estate taxes will soar.

We must put a freeze on spending, hiring, raises etc. The town will
have to make do just as we homeowners must.
11:08 am edt 

There is Not an Origional Thought in the Bunch

What a brilliant move! Put Dave Gardener in charge of the situation!
Congradulations to whoever posted the above!

You have really pinned the tail on the donkey...
Sharon Lynn is such a nothing...both personally and
professionally...she has slowly filled the white collar job market in
town gov with people no brighter she is. There is not a origional
thought in the bunch. This town has finally slid into True Trailer Trash..
.double-wide at that! And you the taxpayers are going to be paying for

David Gardener's excuse that the trailers are already ordered as a
reason to proceeed with this foul plan should scare the hell out of
us everyone!

Couple that with the ignorance of our elected officials in regard to
major capital decisions facing the entire country or world for that
matter and we are really up the creek.

Michelle Couture thinks the town should just bite the bullet...this
from a woman who has NEVER paid property taxes, has NEVER even OWNED

Has anyone tried to contact Town Hall lately? Good Luck! The
telephones have been out of order for weeks and there is no hope of
them ever working again...too hard, too expensive...why bother? The
town has three...count em, 3! full time IT employees...someone tell me
please, what the hell the 3 of them do all day video games?
Are they going to get their own on it!

And then there is Candace Nagel...Enough with the Pier Corp, you are
NEVER going to be satisfied...Stick with the dog park...Oh
yea...Someone tell me who is going to pick up all the dog poo at the
new park? Candace is that you? Somehow I doubt it... the location of
the new town 'offices" begs the solution...

sign me,

The ONLY Pebble on the Beach
10:52 am edt 

Welcome Back Candace

I'm glad you're back. Looking for more comments.
And now where is Michael Rogovsky? Looks like he got lost somewhere
along the shore? Stuck somewhere between the school issues and the
dedication to his work. Leave the nudes, Michael, and add some words
here. Let us know what you're thinking these days.
10:25 am edt 

Re: It Must be Coming on Winter

It must be coming on winter in your house...
Way to spill hatred and then decry it all at once
10:24 am edt 

Would That a Little Harwich Sense Came to Provincetown

      Reigning in spending. Cutting back on expenses. Wow. What a
refreshing idea. That's something that never surfaces here! Amazing
that some other towns are driven and lead by rational, down-to-earth
realities. And fiscal difficulties are surely part of this mix.

      But here--we spend and spend and then look or more ways to
spend. And the BOS and Ms. Lynne are surely great spenders and great
shoppers! I'm not sure that's what our town needs but that is what
you got!
10:21 am edt 

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

It Must be coming on Winter

Here she comes again folks, Candace and her crusade against the PPPC.
Even with a clean bill of health from the FINCOM she has to start her
tirades again. Just get your floats that you run as a business out of
the water by November 1st like you are supposed to and there is a
good chance they will be safe as most of the storms from that
direction occur in the winter to say nothing about the floats having
been there for 50 + years before the Provinca arrived.

7:15 pm edt 

Thinking Outside of the Box

sell town hall. hold the school committee's budget hostage
until they agree to consolidate the two school buildings.
move town hall into one of them.
If municipal debt is involved, ask the state for emergency relief and
not force us to pay it back sooner--allow for the same time table of
servicing it. That is thinking outside of the box!

i am voting NO on repairing town hall because i don't trust the
numbers coming out of town hall and it is not fiscally prudent to
repair it when we have alternatives.

I for one want to get our town employees out of those damn trailers
as soon as possible as they are the victims of bad municpal
management of town owned property.

Nostalgia is overrated! sell town hall!
4:15 pm edt 

Great Posting Rattlesnake

How about running for selectman?
3:36 pm edt 

Town Hall Renovations

What a brilliant move! Put Dave Gardener in charge of the situation!
Stated in the Banner, he says the project needs to move forward
because the trailers have already been rented? THAT'S why we need to
move forward regardless of cost? And not having the building
renovated and updated is really going to be a burden on the employees
of the building? Really? I don't think so! At Jerome Smith, you have
more parking, direct access from the highway, better work
envoronment, no fuel smells from the basement and more efficient
heating and cooling. And all that is going to be a burden? Or is it
that he can't do all his great work in an old building? If not, go
away! The building needs repairs and the employees are going to need
to leave regardless of when or even if the building gets repaired.
The trailers are needed regardless of Daves schedule. As a matter of
fact, someone already suggested moving town hall to the Jerome Smith
parking area permanently. Not a bad idea. But what to d!
  o with the old town hall is the bigger issue. The reason the voters
will balk is due to the fact that all avenues, all schedules and all
options for reconstruction and costs have not been analyzed.
3:35 pm edt 

To: It Would be Nice to Think Ahead About Our Problems For a Change...

Provincetown Public Pier Corporation
Meeting Minutes of
Thursday, August 10, 2006

Public Statements

Candace Nagle: Hopes that the PPPC continues to follow the momentum
that the Banner has provided with its editorial on the wave
FinCom rightly reported the lack of fiscal and management oversight
of the Pier Corporation by the Board of Selectmen.  The Provincia,
however controversial, did provide a wave barrier. But the lack of
follow-through on the wave attenuator by the Pier Corporation has
made the west side of the pier and new courtesy float vulnerable once
again with the departure of the Provincia.
According to their FY 2008 statement, they made less than 8k. 
Provincetown taxpayers are less than 8k away from being burdened with
even more than the millions of dollars of municipal debt on the pier
that we were told by past town officials we would not have to pay
for-that the pier would pay for itself.

  Provincetown taxpayers should thank Selectman Bedard for taking the
time to attend the Pier Corporations meetings. He has acted upon
taking the Finance Committees recommendation that the Selectmen must
get more involved in the management of our biggest resource.

Candace Nagle
3:34 pm edt 

Re: Provincia

I stood on the beach and cheered yesterday as the
Provincia was lead out of the harbor. What a fantastic sight it was!
What a blight it has been on the beauty of Provincetown's harbor!
   Thank God it is gone.
11:44 am edt 

A Smarter Person Than You

I see beauty and I see being fair to everyone.  It is you that only
sees bitterness when you don't get your way, whom ever you are.  If
more people were fair in this town, more people would get along, but
everyone has to be out for themselves only.  WHY?
11:23 am edt 

Big Deal

      That Pru Sowers spelling Tom Coen's name as Tom Cohen. She does
some great reporting and such meanness for her one spelling error is
shameful on your part. You're the same negative person writing
against the Cabral's.

     Rest your fingers, my dear, and we'll all be better for it.
11:21 am edt 

Today's Cape Cod Times


      Harwich Town Administrator James Merriam said a hiring freeze
is now in effect and all municipal purchases
for $500 or more must be pre-approved. He also laid off seasonal
employees earlier than usual and advised selectmen to review and
adjust fees for municipal services.

      Highway director asked for a year's postponement in
construction of a new highway dept. maintenance garage which was
approved and financed for $600,000.00.

      Now,that's a town with FISCAL COMMON SENSE.

Provincetown's administration and selectmen need to get their heads
out of the sand dune and realize that it is time to implement similar


9:00 am edt 

Regarding Ms Sowers Spelling Error

Try emailing her directly at

oh, but then she would know who the bitterness comes from.
8:58 am edt 

Pru Sowers and the Banner

The correct spelling of the Chairman of Fin Com is Tom COEN

Did you not go to journalism school?

COEN not Cohen....
12:13 am edt 

Re: Fishermens Wharf

Vaugn Cabral's quote in the Banner about everyone in this
town can just kiss his Portuguese *** clearly shows their defiance
and arrogance to what they feel they are entitled to.

Could not agree more.  That one quote clearly shows his attitude, or
you put it better - his defiance and arrogance.
12:11 am edt 

Re: A Smarter Person Than You

Bitter, bitter, bitter - I feel sorry for you whomever you are.  You
are the skid mark on the underpants of our town.
You see ugliness where we all see beauty. Why?
12:09 am edt 

The Provincia

So long fair lady. I am surprised that some of the, let's say, more
negative bloggers haven't offered up some suggestions on where she
should go. Let me fill in their blanks.

-Haul her up to the Murchison property for affordable housing

-Drag her to the Bark Park for the pups to, well you know

-Use it for the Town Offices, park it in one of the Town Lots

-Forget restoring Firehouse #2, here's your restrooms

-Michelle Couture's shop's new digs

All in good fun, my friends.

12:07 am edt 

Re: Provincia

I wonder if anyone is doing anything about the loss of the
attenuating effect the Provincia has had on all of the marine
interests to the east of it?

Won't the loss of this huge blockade from the unprotected southwest
winds and surge cause new chaos on the finger piers?

I'm not an expert on this - just a casual lover of the town and
general disliker of the negative nature of this blog - but since
there has been such trouble with the small piers during the northeast
winds, it seems like the same problem would come into play now that
the west side of the marina will be wide open.

It would be nice to think ahead about our problems for a change...
12:06 am edt 

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Partying Aboard the Provincia

I've just opened a copy of the Banner for June 2004. And what do I
find on the last page? A great ad for the Portuguese Festival with an
opening reception on the Gazela and then move with us to the top deck
of the Provincia. To kick off the Provincetown Portuguese Festival
with dancing to a Calypso band and light fare and a cash bar. This is
what the Cabral's always graciously offered to the town and many
people had some great times aboard the Provincia. All this should be
remembered as this grey vessel leaves our shores this afternoon and
takes with it many wonderful memories.

Thanks for the memories and for your generosity during these last few
years. The Portuguese Festival wouldn't have been the same without
1:33 pm edt 

A Crab In the Basket

You exemplify the problems in this town. Always trying to undermine
someone else's possible success. I do believe you were a problem for
the Cabral's when the Provincia came and you remain a problem as it

You're glass must always be half-empty.
1:29 pm edt 

New England Development and Fishermen's Wharf

Rest assured if New England Development does close on
Fishermen's Wharf, it will have all permits and licenses in place

It will certainly realize the full economic potential of Fisherman's
Wharf as it has in Nantucket and Portsmouth unlike Provincetown's
municipal pier with only a restroom and a soda machine offered as
amenities to tourists.
12:02 pm edt 


Using another restaurant's license to have appetizers on top of
the Provincia ?  yes, it was a great idea, BUT they should have
gotten their own license.
Why should they be allowed to use someone elses license?  If Bayside
Betsys wanted to open up ANOTHER restaurant anywhere in town, it
should have to get a new license for that location just like any new
restaurant coming to town.  For anyone to think that you can PIGGY
BACK a license from another location just shows me how STUPID some
people in this town really are.
So, your saying Crowne Point doesnt have to get a license now for the
Brass Key since they already have one license for one location?  GIVE

A smarter person than you
12:00 pm edt 

Today is the Day, Fairwell Provincia!

The tug boats will arrive around noon time to begin the process
of removing the Provincia.

We should all pay a fairwell visit.  
10:23 am edt 

Wrong, Again

   The Cabral's followed the marine rules. There were some in town,
some on water-related boards, that made each project impossible.
There were some who brought issues to every department at the state
and federal level to prohibit the Cabral's from developing this
barge. You, my friend, were probably part of this questionabale group.

     Using another restaurant's license to have appetizers on top of
the Provincia was a great idea. It would have allowed so many to have
oysters, clam casino, lobster rolls and enjoy such a spectacular view
of Provincetown. But, no, other restaurant owners felt threaten and
as often happens here, the crabs in the basket bring everyone down
with them.

     Look at our harbor. Look at our wharves. We should have
resturants there. Tourists enjoy socializing along the water. But
that hardly ever happens here with restaurants putting their backs to
the ocean and fronting " front" street, Commercial Street. It seems
that if anyone else puts a restaurant along the water, all the others
make certain it won't happen.

      We could all learn from Newport and its wharves and
restaurants. We could learn from Nantucket as well. People love being
on the water and they love eating and dining there. The Provincia
could have afforded that luxury to all of us. Could have. But, alas,
that opportunity will leave as the Provincia leaves today.
10:20 am edt 

Monday, October 6, 2008

Re: Provincia

They weren't prevented from developing that floating scrap heap by
the vast conspiracy some on here are so prone to imagine. They failed
to read even the most basic rules and regulations of the town, state
and coast guard. They tried to open a restaurant by illegally riding
on another restaurant's licensing. They tried to create housing
without ever considering the US Coast Guard's federally mandated role
in judging the seaworthiness of vessels and suitability for a
purpose. Ignorance or contempt for the law deserves exactly the
response they got and good riddance to that tub.
11:57 pm edt 

Cabrals Wharf

I just hope, based on past experiences of the local boards and
regulatory offices, that the new owners have boat loads of money to
take all of their issues to court. The local boards won't have the
knowledge to handle the new ideas this guy brings with him and thus
will make the guy take the issues to court. Look what happened to Joe
McNiel years ago on MacMillan Wharf. The town screwed him over and
over and finally he left town. Sad. He had great ideas but the town
was too ignorant. Same went for the Cabrals on their wharf. They
wanted to put in a marina but the town and the state screwed them too
and bled them dry.
11:56 pm edt 

Location of the town Conflict of Interest Laws

Goto the town website.  On the left of the site, click on Town
Boards, click on Town Board Handbook.  It's all right there and every
elected or appointed official should receive a hard copy when they
begin their term from the Clerk's office when they are sworn in.

As a past elected official (BOS), I have personally called the State
Ethics and spoke to a lawyer who specifically stated that I should
recuse myself and LEAVE THE ROOM.
11:54 pm edt 

We Also Make our History

It's not static and it's being created as we live. The Provincia has
been part of our history for a few years and it also came with its
own history.

You could twenty barges along the pier and if the pier is sold,
you'll have extended slips, developments, and it will all dwarf the
once Provincia.

Vaughn's attitude is reflective of how he and his dad and the
Provincia were treated. They were prohibited from doing many things
that now we will encourage new owners to do: build restaurants, serve
food, increase slip capacity and add more moorings. Why not encourage
the previous owners and still owners of fishermen's Wharf? Why not
have alowed a restaurant atop this barge. It would have been for
tourism and great to enjoy the fabulous views from the top of the
barge. But no. Not for them. But for others, the town will give and

Like this historical structure. Like its presence that has been here
and I'm grateful for the memories. It was interesting, fascinating
and it helped to protect many vessels. Adieu!
10:40 pm edt 

Conflict Issues

What is an adminisrative directive? Is that a town regulation of some
sort? If so, then is does go above and beyond the state laws. The
selectmen however, due to the fact as you point out, having no
appointing authority to petition to, go by state laws. The state laws
have no administrative directives. The state laws don't ask you to
leave the room.
9:39 pm edt 

To: Some Who Appreciate History

I also appreciate history and having lived in this town for over
thirty years, i respect the history of this village.  The Provincia
is not part of this town's history.  I don't remember ever voting
that our precious harbor would become a museum.

The Cabral's should never have brought that vessel to our shores. 
Then they unilaterally tried to create an 'economic engine' on that
rusting hulk while expecting everyone in this town to just jump on
their bandwagon.  They 'created' real estate that never existed here

Vaugn Cabral's quote in the Banner about everyone in this town can
just kiss his Portuguese *** clearly shows their defiance and
arrogance to what they feel they are entitled to.

I love history and that vessel is not part of this town's history and
I'm thrilled to finally see it ship off.
9:38 pm edt 

Re: Provincia

A public landfill could be considered a historical
structure but I do not think I want one next to my house.
9:37 pm edt 

Some Appreciate History and Historical Structures, Others Don't

      We have a difference of opnion. I also like the old barge. I
find it an interesting seaworthy structure that found an interesting
home here in Provincetown. I love this grey barge and I like looking
at the structure along the pier.

     Some others will miss the Provincia but only when emptiness and
absence stand as a presence. Then it will be too late. It will be
gone forever.

     Thanks for the memories and for this grey presence here for
these last few years. Barvo for having been here. Still wish you were
3:12 pm edt 

CPA Fund Contribution to Town Hall Renovation

Now that the BOfS will be asking the tax payers for two
million to start work on Town Hall, is there enough CPA money to
cover half of it?
3:10 pm edt 

Thanks for Providing the Directive on Conflict of Interests

Possible conflicts of interest are serious. They demand that BOS and
town board members act according to the rules. And the rules do
require that Selectmen and also Board Members physically leave the
room when any possible conflict of interest exists. It is not
arbritrary. It is not personal choice. It is demanded by State laws.

This is why MaryJo physically leaves the room when the Pier Corp is
brought uop or the office of the Harbormaster. She is following the
rules. We can only wish that other BOS members, and specifically
Michelle Couture, would also follow our state ethics laws. But this
is not the first time she had publicly advocated for actions that
benefit her or her friends. Think of the many times that Michelle
Couture attended a board meeting and proposed actions that the boards
should take, insisting on her position. I can think of at least three
other times and each was wrong on Couture's part. Power is not to be
used for your personal advantage or for your friends. Legitimate
power, which is what authority is, should be used for the good of the
town and everyone treated equally. Such is the law.
10:12 am edt 

Also Questionable

Would be Ms. Couture's inquiries and interference with the seating
capacity at the Euro. Her involving herself in this business and her
attempt to monitor how many actual seats they had for the coffee and
for the upstairs restaurant is also prohibited. Ms. Couture cannot do
her landlord's bidding by intruding into the Euro's business. Yet she
did and made inquiries that should not have been made. She also can't
use her position to affect her living situation and lessens someone's
business to her advantage. Ms. Couture cannot interfere with business
that may benefit her living or business situation. She also can't
make proposed changes to a restaurant difficult because of her
dislike for more traffic or for possible increase of noise that may
disturb her sense of peace. Such behavior is illegal.
10:10 am edt 

You Must be Kidding!

What is it with this town and its fascination with things that look
like crap!!

Look at most of the public buildings, they have been pathetically
maintained, Town Hall, Firehouse #2, Rec Center, the old public
library, more and more I am disgusted!

Another thing people come in to town and by a private residence that
is run down, overgrown etc etc and the neighbors complain when
someone wants to make it look nice? Its ridiculous!

I am completely amazed that people are sad to see that god awful
eyesore in the harbor leave.

The Provincia is leaving... thank god!!!
10:09 am edt 

Sunday, October 5, 2008

To the Person Who Thinks They Know the Conflict of Interest Laws...

From administrative directive 97-3:

2.2 Actual Conflicts of Interest: Do Not Participate: Do Leave The
Room.  A town board member or representative shall not participate in
his/her official capacity in matters in which such participation is
prohibited by the Conflict-of-interest law.  The town board member or
representative shall, at any meeting where the particular matter is
discussed, disclose orally the existence of the conflict-of-interest,
remove himself/herself from the meeting at that time, and leave the
meeting room during all times that particular matter is being

The directive goes on to say that the board member may get a waiver
by disclosing the conflict with the appointing authority prior to the
conflict.  The selectman have no appointing authority since they are
elected officials and therefore must recuse themselves when there is
a perceived conflict.

Ms Couture may have gotten legal advise prior to these meetings and
was told she could participate, but I highly doubt that.  The lawyers
almost always say that even if there is a slight impression of a
conflict, it is advised to state the conflict and leave the room.
11:06 pm edt 

You Musn't Attend Many Town Board Meetings

If you did, you would see many of us leave the room when abutters
present their cases for decisions. That is the rule. That is what you
do when you face a potential conflict of interest. And abutters and
also renters of landlords who are presenting cases, if they too are
in position of power, must recuse themselves and leave the room. If
you have any potential financial gain from any decision, you must
recuse yourself. That is the Mass Ethics and it applies to
Provincetown, even though many here think laws per se have little to
do with them. Sorry, La Couture, it also applies to you.
11:03 pm edt 

Conflicted on Conflict

I would recommend calling the state ethics board for clarification on
the conflict of interest issues. I KNOW you are wrong, a person does
not have to leave the room and also, if a decision is to be made on a
property next to someone holding office, that person is asked to
recuse on the decision but by all means, that person has the right to
be in the room and also has the right to speak to the issue provided
that they make a disclosure at the beginning of the conversation
declaring who they are and why they are speaking to the issue. Just
becaue MJA leaves the room means nothing in terms of the law. She, as
you will remember, thumbed her nose at the DAs office in regards to
the open meeting law so why would you assume she is right on this
matter? Call and find the real answers. I have and I know.
10:11 pm edt 

Provincia and Wave Attenuators

The Provincia was an important wave barrier and protected
the west side of MacMillan Pier. With it gone and no wave attenuator
to replace it (thanks to the Pier Corporations inaction), MacMillan
Pier will face serious damage in future storms. Who will pay? We
will, of course.

The potential buyer of MacMillan Pier recognizes the
importance of a wave barrier and it will be a top priority. Let's
hope he closes soon! But in the meantime, we can kiss that new
courtesy float good-bye!
10:09 pm edt 

Question For PTV

How come the BOS meetings on the PTV only goes up till Aug 25th?
8:49 pm edt 

Wishing the Provincia Would Be Staying Here

I wish it were staying. I wish the Provincia would remain and be part
of Provincetown's seascape. I like the World War II history of the
barge, its former use as offices, and its present presence here. It's
a wonderful structure that did no harm to the town.

There was an attempt to undermine the Cabral's and the Banner was
part of that attack. But this barge did no harm and added much to
protection of other vessels. Remember that even the Pier Corp bought
a barge, even as they found problems with the Cabral's barge. Yet the
Pier Corp's barge is unworkable and a financial disaster.

Again, wishing the Provincia could stay. It's been great seeing this
wonderful historical structure here in our waters. I will miss seeing
it when she leaves our shore.
8:48 pm edt 

Michelle Couture and Potential conflict of Interest

You Do Need to Leave the Room Where There is a Possible or
Actual Conflict of Interest

Why do you think that MaryJo Avellar always leaves the room when the
issue of the Pier and the Harbor is a topic? Not because she likes
getting up and leaving but because she is following the procedures
when there is a possible conflict of interest.

Take a look at other boards. If a board member is an abutter to a
property under consideration, the board member must leave the board
and leave the room. Decisions made on the prperty of an abutter can
potentiallly affect the financial interest of the board member's own
property. When the case is over, then that member returns to the room
and deals with other cases.

Michelle Couture cannot be in the room advocating for her landlord's
property and advocating for increased gallons and more seats for her
landlord when that action could potentially benefit her. For her
actions, Couture could get lower rents for where she lives and lower
or no rent for the business she purportedly runs and also rents from
this same landlord. Her potential gain makes such action prohibited
and the use of her position to gain such an advantage for her
landlord is quite problematic, if not illegal.
8:46 pm edt 

CPC Funds and Town Hall

After reading this weeks Banner, congratulations to David Bedard on
the BOS and Tom Coen from the FInComm for speaking some truths and
finding some realistic answers.  Finally maybe someone there has a
brain and realizes what we are facing.  if this were left to the rest
of the BOS members, they would have tried to force this down our
throats and it would have surely failed.

I remember Bedard is also trying to sell off some of the town owned
properties that are languishing out there.  Keep it up.  If he can
get the BOS to present a clean and reasonable budget next spring, I
may have a new hero.

This town's not going to turn around overnight, but at least I feel
there's a little hope on the horizon now.
5:42 pm edt 

Good Riddance to the Provincia!

It is nothing more than an eyesore, environmental hazard and more
than anything else the middle finger of the Cabrals pointed straight
back at the Town.

Please tow that heap of junk away.
5:39 pm edt 


I have relatives that live in W. Yarmouth, their GU switched to Stop
and Shop last winter.  The store is cleaner, better supplied, BETTER
SPECIALS, more varied produce and deli depts.  I think it is head and
shoulders over its former incarnation (the locals in W. Yarmouth were
disappointed since they already have a S&S nearby (Hyannis).  I dont
know what this means for us in PTOWN but just thought I'd let ya know
what I observed elsewhere.
5:38 pm edt 

Conflict of Interest

You don NOT need to leave the room on a conflict of interest issue.
You have the legal right to stay. If the other board members are
scared to make the right decision for fear of reprimand, they shouild
not be on the board. You may not comment on the issue from any angle
or level and you should not act in a way that would cause the other
members to sway their votes due to your demeanor. If her landlord is
requesting something in regards to a different property and not the
one she rents, it might be a stretch to call conflict of interest.
How is she gaining? Thats the question.
5:37 pm edt 

Grand Union

What's interesting about the Grand Union closing in Bourne is that
the employees there with seniority are bumping some employees in
Provincetown.  About 12 of the Provincetown employees are being let
go because they are being replaced by more senior employees from
Bourne who did not want to leave the company.  I heard several of the
gals in the office and some of the managers are leaving even with 18
years experience.

According to the Grand Union website, with the Bourne closing there
is only one Grand Union stores left on the Cape, Provincetown, and
only two other store in all of Massachussetts in Seekonk and
Nantucket.  What do you think is going to happen to the quality of
merchandise now?
5:36 pm edt 

Couture and Possible Conflict of Interest

Does anyone know the BOS meeting date that Couture spoke
Out for Increase Gallons and More Seats for the Coffee Pot?
IF you want to watch channel 17 on the web for that date, and review
exactly how she put it, then maybe if you feel it was out of line and
a conflict of interest, you can forward it to the state for

If you know the exact date, I would like to review it also.
10:23 am edt 

Who Is Couture's Landlord and Is She Running His shop?

She seems obviously in conflict if Couture did actually and publicly
present a case for incresed gallons, as someone wrote. If she called
town officials and board members to try to influence their votes on
increasing gallons and gaining more seats for the Coffee Pot, then
there is a conflict of interest.

Even if she showed up at the Zoning or Planing Board meeting, even
her presence in the audience is questionable. She should not have
been in the room at all. That is why elected memebers and appointed
memebers of town boards have to leave the room--they cannot even stay
and sit in the audience--is enforced. It is assumed that your
presence in the audience can still influence the outcome--a wink, a
smirk, a smile, a certain antagonistic look are all possible
influencing factors. Such is the law. You leave the room. Not
purposefully show up and present a case for your landlord. Just Wrong.
10:20 am edt 

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Good News: Shellfishing Opens November 2nd

     It will be good to be back on the flats and clamming. In a few
weeks, we can walk along the breakwater, bucket in hand, rake in
hand, and scratch for the sweetest littlenecks.

     See you soon along the flats.
11:28 pm edt 

4 Day Work Week and Now Recycling and Garbage PIck up Will Change

You should check on the new days for garbage pickup and for
recycling. Now both will occur on the same day. Starting November
1st, we can all look forward to less days when our town services will
work for us. What happens when Monday is a holiday and that only
leaves three days for a four week garbage/recycling cycle? Will town
residents have to wait two weeks for garbage pickup? and when
residents who return on the weekends, they will find nothing open on
Fridays. Sharon states she will be here but who else? I do believe we
will all be hurt by this poorly thought out four days, ten hours a
day schedule.

But everyone should check the new days for garbage pickup. Otherwise,
you will wait for services on a day that will have no services for

Thanks to the bright bulb who came up with this plan. Like Sarah
Palin, someone is winking, smiling, and telling us, this is just
great. Another maverick has come to town!
11:27 pm edt 

Thanks For the Memories

I Do Remember the Couture Speaking Out for Increase Gallons
and More Seats for the Coffee Pot

      I too believe this is problematic. It does seem like a conflict
of interest. Couture should not have been a cheerleader for her
landlord. Couture should not have called town officials and made
inquiries for her landlord. Couture should not have engaged herself
in promoting more seats and gaining more gallons for her landlord.
This is wrong. This is what conflicts of interests are all about. I
do remember this, since someone jogged my memory about her
questionable behavior.

      If you can gain, any way, from your public actions as a public
official, you can't take such an action. If the person who you are
advocating for is the person who sets the rates for your rent--both
where you live and the shop you ostensibly run in town--then there's
a possible gain and this action is prohibited by the state's ethics.
Plain and simple, such cheerleading is wrong.

     This bothers me. I don't know if others are bothered by such
actions, but I do find Couture's public cheerleading for her landlord
11:25 pm edt 

Is the GU Gone?

I Did Hear that the GU Will Change Hands and Become a Stop & Shop

     Last Thursday, some deal was made. And now workers at the GU are
preparing themselves for a possible change. It does look this time as
if the GU will be a Stop & Shop.

      At least, the rumors are back and they are strong that change
is in the air. And it's not only Barack Obama. It's new owners for
our one major grocery store.
11:20 pm edt 

I Will Miss the Provincia!

     I will look to this space on the pier and see emptiness. I will
up at the holidays to see the festive lights and see only darkness. I
will look up to see magnificcent views of Provincetown and now see

      I love creative ideas and using a barge in such many possible
ways. They broke no laws. They were attacked for their inventiveness,
for daring to do what others failed to do.

      I salute Vaughn and Bobby Cabral for their vision and for having
brought this wonderful barge to Provincetown. There were many
wonderful possibilities but they were not allowed to move forward.

      It is a shame and there is a clear sadness in the leaving of
the Provincia. Farewell and Bon Voyage!
11:19 pm edt 

Grand Union

It will close in Bourne and open again as a Stop & Shop. GU can't
afford the store. If they can't afford it in Bourne, what do you
think it costs them to ship goods to and run the one in town? Get
ready, here comes Stop & Shop!
8:23 pm edt 

Affordable Houaing Industrial Complex

A minimum of 10% of the annual revenues of the fund must be used for
each of the three core community concerns, and up to 5% may be used
for administrative expenses of the Community Preservation Committee.
The remaining funds can be allocated for any combination of the
allowed uses, or for land for recreational use. This gives each
community the opportunity to determine its priorities, plan for its
future, and have the funds to make those plans happen.

And so much has been used for affordable housing: This is why it has
been designated the Affordable Houaing Industrial Complex; they take
from the tax payers to spend the money on special interests--and no
one can stop them.
7:35 pm edt 

Farewell Provincia!

Latest word is that the Provincia will be towed away from Provincetown at High tide on Tuesday.
I for one will miss her. Another example of this town's  lack of vision.

Bon Voyage Bon Ami! Here's to what might have been!

Just the Facts

6:32 pm edt 

Cape Cod Times Today!

Grand Union in Bourn to close in two weeks!
6:21 pm edt 

Re: Use of CPC Funds

A minimum of 10% of the annual revenues of the fund must be used for
each of the three core community concerns, and up to 5% may be used
for administrative expenses of the Community Preservation Committee.
The remaining funds can be allocated for any combination of the
allowed uses, or for land for recreational use. This gives each
community the opportunity to determine its priorities, plan for its
future, and have the funds to make those plans happen.
4:55 pm edt 

Re: The "Hey Astrid" poster:

"The Community Preservation Act (CPA) is an innovative tool for
communities to address important community needs and finance specific
community preservation acquisitions and initiatives....The Act
stipulates that a Community Preservation Committee composed of 5-9
members representing various boards in the community recommend to the
communitys legislative body how to spend Community Preservation

The above is from the Executive Office of Environmental and Energy
Affairs, State of Massachusetts.

Last I checked, that "communitys legislative body" noted above is our
local boards and our selectmen. Astrid is on the correct track in
suggesting ways of getting the funds diverted for renovation of town
hall to avoid a further tax burden on the community.  If some change
in specifics has to be made or a plea made to the state then that
change and plea should be spearheaded by our town
representatives--after a proposal is approved by the voters of the
town. Furthermore, Im sure that when the town voters are all
assembled for meeting and they are told that there are OVER A MILLION
DOLLARS OF FUNDS IN AN ACCOUNT theyll vote to do whatever it takes to
get them used logically.  One doesnt keep money aside for a nice two
car garage someday when the main house is in utter shambles.

So don't address Astrid like she's an idiot. Shes actively thinking
about and presenting various ideas which might save the community
from frittering itself deeper into debt.
4:53 pm edt 

CPC Funds

Only $100,000 per property will be used from cpc money for
historical reasons. That is the only fair way that everybody has a
chance to use these self help grants. To give all the CPC money JUST
to town hall is crazy!
2:14 pm edt 

Regarding Butts:

   I said "smoking park" not smoking beach.I'm not too sure these
butts break down so easily or quickly.They should not be on a beach
or floating in the water no matter what!Why would people be so
disrespectful of what they find so beautiful?

   To the person who wrote in about the cigarettes coming through the
storm drains,that is so true.It is a problem,and I agree with you
that people should never throw their butts in the street.It is
litter,and it is just wrong.

   We are all so lucky to live here.I'm sure the seagulls are happy
to live here too.I can assure you,they don't love cigarette
butts.Would the person who wrote that want to eat his or her own

   I'm all for starting a compaign!

  Tired of the butts
2:13 pm edt 

Hey Astrid:

Why don't you join the CPC & Historical 
meetings, then you might know that by state law you may NOT use that
money for what you want!
2:11 pm edt 

To: E. Michael Richards:

You are so wrong about your views on what cigarettes contain. They do
not contain harmless cotton. Cigarette filters may look like cotton,
but are made of cellulose acetate, a plastic that is slow to degrade
in the environment. Cigarette filters are specifically designed to
accumulate particulate smoke components including toxic chemicals.

Smokers discard billions of cigarette butts yearly, tossing many
directly into the environment. Cigarette butts accumulate outside of
buildings, on parking lots and streets where they can be transported
through storm drains to streams, rivers, and beaches.
Hopefully smokers who treat outdoor spaces as public ashtrays may
reconsider their behavior when they learn that cigarette butts are
made of plastic, not of cotton and paper; and worse, that cigarette
butts contain chemicals that can kill some of the animals (those
seagulls who consume the butts Michael, as you mentioned) that occupy
critical positions in aquatic communities. It is important that
smokers' littering behavior be modified to decrease this source of

2:10 pm edt 

Re: cig butts

Perhaps when Candace realizes that no one wants to use that horrible
excuse for a dog park, it can be used for all the smokers in town.

A real dog lover.
2:08 pm edt 

Re: Barry Scott

Power to him for going the distance for what it is right. Who in this
town is doing that in our leadership? None of them.

Also power to him for making changes in our police department. We
have a new police chief because of him.

the web site is lost forty five dot com and the link is there with
the info on his sad case.

Our town has spent too much money on this and they should realize
their wrong and stop wasting out tax money now!
1:33 pm edt 

RE: Town Hall Renovations

Absolutely, we've done this worn-out dance about spending money on
affordable housing long enough.  The CPC funds that Astrid Berg
mentions SHOULD go to Historic Preservation and the renovation of
town hall.  Look, were not in a position as a town or as members of a
country whose economy is being strangled by its own mismanaged hand
to be waffling on where to spend monies. The center of our
government, Town Hall, is falling apart due to neglect.  Do we rant
and moan about how to raise more money in these constricted times or
do we act intelligently and put the monies we do have where they can
perform most valuably?

The Politically Correct Whining Proponents of Affordable Housing have
had their day and then some.  I advise EVERYONE who reads this blog
to re-read what shes written and pester the BoS to do just what she
advised--wrestle the 1.5 million into the account it should be in.
Fact is, if all stays as it is now--designated for affordable
housing--there isnt going to be any town to house ones self
affordably in.  Get the monies to Historic Preservation to preserve
the most important Historic building we have.  And if someone on THAT
committee has a problem with spending funds on town hall then they
should really re-assess what the heck it is they are there to preside
over. Its time to pull our collective heads from our benchwarmers and
say something to the people weve appointed to do our managing.
1:32 pm edt 

If Michelle Couture Pays NO Rent and Does Her Landlord's Bidding

The BIG IF, is IF she pays no rent.  I would be willing to bet she
pays rent.  It might be slightly less than the market rate, but what
would cause a conflict of interest?  10% below market rate? 20% or
And Michelle MIGHT have her girlfriend, Donna's name on the leese so
it would look like she isn't connected by any dots.

I bet if you ask another selectperson, David or even Mary Jo as we
know Mary Jo and Michelle are like oil and water, they might be able
to help and lead you in the right direction

A Frustrated resident
10:34 am edt 

Re: Barry Scott

Totally agree with the last two sentiments expressed. I only know him
casually from town and the idea of our summer police beating that
tiny bald guy up in a backyard for a noise bylaw early on a Saturday
night, with just                 as the person complaining (and she
does complain a lot!), is ridiculous. By all witness accounts, he did
as the police asked and he was then smashed into a house! The owner
of the home was the one who should have been arrested, because he
didn't shut the party down.

I too googled and found his website and donated money to his free
speech cause. If you care about the constitution and don't want to
see the police get away with crimes, this will help not only him, but
all of us.

He has become a symbol of what is wrong with this town whether he
wanted to be or not.
10:23 am edt 

You Have to Be Kidding or Worse?

      Is someone suggesting that town residents get reverse
mortagages so they can pay higher taxes? That seems to be what the
intent was. Reverse mortgages have their limited role and yes now
Bank of Americak and Wells Fargo are getting into the Baby Boom
driven market, but that is nok reason to advocate for town taxpayers
to move in that still riskky direction.

      Keep your house and the full equity in it. Let the town lower
its taxes since assessments are now much lower. And those who believe
our taxes are not high enough, send personal contributions to Sharon
Lynne. She'll send you a warm thank you.
9:35 am edt 

If Michelle Couture Pays NO Rent and Does Her Landlord's Bidding

Then it is an issue that should be investigated. She surely publicly
advocated for him to increase additional seats at the Coffee Pot, a
property he owns. That in itself is a conflict of interest. To use
your position as Selectmen and to publicly advocate for your
landlord's property to his financial advantage is unethical. And if
she now gets another commercial space and pays no rent for that
space, then we need to know how influenced she is by the deal she has
and has had with her landlord. How many people rent living space and
then rent commercial space from the space landlord and are selectmen?
Does she pay rent or is she doing his bidding? Is there quid pro quo
9:33 am edt 

Friday, October 3, 2008

It's Like Sticking 3,500 Thumbs in Provincetown's Dike

This is what raising taxes and then rasing even more taxes is like.
It never fixes our problems or works to remedy the real cause of our
shortfall. It just acts as an immediate fixer for a present fiscal

At some point, you have to reign in spending, assess the source of
the additional costs, and arrive at a solution for the present and
for the future. Cutbacks are part of good thinking and planning.

But we've become addicted to the Dutch Boy and continue to stick our
thumbs in the thousands of holes in our dike.
6:41 pm edt 

Reverse Mortgages

In the past people on here have trashed the idea of reverse mortgages
as the province of thieves and swindlers. I just saw an ad on TV for
Wells Fargo Reverse Mortgage program. Wells Fargo is a very
reputable, heavily regulated bank. I would trust any product they
offered. If you are 62 years old or older, have major equity in your
home, and need money you might want to look into this. I know you can
find the Wells Fargo program through Google and perhaps their local
office can also help. A properly structured reverse mortgage can be
an excellent way for someone (in this case over 62 years of age) who
has a lot of appreciation in their home and wants to tap it without
selling their home.
5:52 pm edt 

Cost for Interior Design Plans?

They have already paid Mr. Rogers for interior design space at a cost
of $47,000. Then they also paid for interior assessment from this
McKinley group. Why would they have to pay again for interior
analysis? this would be the third analysis of interior space. What
are they looking for? The perfect office space for them to carry out
their work? Leave it all as is. Shore up the bulding and go back
where we were. This is not a time for ideal new designs but for
minimum work. What are they thinking?
5:51 pm edt 

Butts on the Beach, Highest Taxes In the Nation, Barry Scott, Town Hall, Michelle Couture...

A smoking beach? They are all smoking beaches my friend and should
remain that way. Granted, smokers should clean up their debris but to
ban smoking or to have a smoking section is whack! And, by the way
the butts that are left behind break down, remember the remnants are
paper and cotton, not nuclear waste. Seagulls love them.

Dropping property value? Ask to be reassessed. Massachusetts has the
highest taxes in the nation? Think again, it may seem that way but by
state's ranking we are 17th.

Trailors? Most everyone agrees, expensive measure to take but we have
no choice at this point. Town Hall has to close. Where are these
offices going to be housed, your place?

To the blogger who complained "why is the town spending so much money
on this case?" It is Mr. Scott who has chosen to persue this at his
own expense, not the town. The only ones who stand to gain are the
battery of lawyers Mr. Scott has engaged and dismissed.

And to the blogger(s)who want to know what Selectwoman Couture pays
for rent, mind your own business. It has nothing to do with anything,
no matter how hard you try to connect the invisible dots.

E. Michael Richards
5:50 pm edt 

Butts on the Beach:

I posted the dog poo item and I also agree completely on cig butts.
However we also have to realize that a lot of cigg butts also wash
into storm drains and then on to beach. For instance, there is an
employee of MAP who sits out front and chain smokes and then throws
his butts into the street. These then wash down the storm drain into
the ocean and beach. Gross yes, what can be done about it, I look to
other SHOUTOUT readers for answers.

An aware smoker
5:47 pm edt 

To A Taxpayer

Just to correct your misinformation, on a per $1,000 basis
Provincetown is in the lower half of MA tax rates. However, because
Cape Cod and Provincetown are in the top 10% for average house value
the absolute taxes are high. To put it another way you pay more
absolute taxes on property that is worth than a lot more than most MA
properties. Another was to look this is since the aggregate value of
Provincetown property is much higher per capita than most communities
in MA it makes sense that we pay a higher level of taxes to protect
and maintain that property.

A knowledgeable taxpayer
5:46 pm edt 

Re: Provincetown Next Economy

I found a post card on the table in the hallway in Town
Hall this week being distributed by Town Hall employees. It is an
advertisement for a web site for a new organization in Town which
bills itself as a collaborative effort between the Provincetown
E.D.C., the Cape Cod E.D.C., the Town of Provincetown, New Commons,
residents and visitors to Provincetown. I cant post a link because of
this blogs rule of no links. But I hope it is safe for me to tell you
that the name is Provincetown Next Economy.

I went to the site and I think it is interesting, but since the
inception on 7-29-08 they have had only four comments posted, and
apparently no further activity by the originators.  I think we all
should give it a look and start posting some of ideas about the
future of Provincetown since that is what they are asking the public
to do.

I dont know if our webmaster will let me post the published Purpose
of this group which follows.

Provincetown has embarked on a process of determining its next
economy. Begun in June of 2008, a working plan will be ready by the
spring of 2009.
Disclaimer: This is not an official site of the town of Provincetown.
Rather, this site was developed by New Commons to conduct public
outreach to Provincetown residents, non-residents and visitors.
Focus of the plan

In reading 12 or so study plans for Provincetown, it is clear that
for both this next process and next plan, Provincetown has to be
looked at as a whole place and not just its economy in isolation.
Yes, the centerpiece is public participation that produces a plan of
action for building the next economy, but it will be done by
integrating these essential elements:

 Culture and character
 Housing
 Common infrastructure needs such as parking and transportation
 Marketing Provincetown as a destination
 Nature of future buildings
 Geography and ecology

To produce the plan, New Commons will:
Integrate the plans and studies already completed wihch will serve a
s the foundation for Provincetown's Next Economy;

 Form a steering committee composed of members of the PEDC
and citizens;

 Conduct surveys to assess the needs and desires of residents
and visitors, especially young people and those new to the town;

 Hold public forums (read our link omitted by poster)) and;

 Build a network for continuous implementation.

If you visit tell me what you think.

Web Master, I will not be offended if you find it necessary to edit this post.

A Rat In The Basement

Webmaster Comment:

Although Web Links are not supported for security reasons,
it is permissible to post an address as a series of alpha numeric characters.
5:43 pm edt 

Re: Seashore Point

Point of Clarification on Seashore Point.  Of the 16 units
sold, 9 are affordable housing which were paid for by the $1,000,000
grant from Community Preservation Act funds because Keith Bergmann
said that this was the only way the project would be financially
4:37 pm edt 

Some Things Don't Change

And so it goes... the gears of our Town Government grind
ever slowly. The complainers keep complaining. Some things just don't
change. I haven't read this blog in several months.. NOTHING HAS
CHANGED except the number of postings; which is significantly lower!

Oh... and Clarence, isn't it time for a NEW Editorial? The Emporer
has been away for a VERY long time!!!!

Not missing this Blog!
4:35 pm edt 

Raising Taxes is a Poor Excuse for Mismanagement

We have used raising taxes to cover and mask poor jugements, bad
deals, foolish projects and megalomania. Bergman exemplified this but
so does the chair of the BOS. But at least Bergman had to pay his
taxes and contribute where Frick pays no real estate taxes but sees
this as an avenue to have all others foot the bill. She is a renter
if not a freeloader since we don't know exactly how much "rent" she
really pays. Given that she does her owners' bidding, she may pay no
rent. Who really knows?
4:33 pm edt 

Here We Go!

Lets watch the number rise like a thermostat. Initially told $5
million, then $7 million now $8 million. Any bets on where it ends,
all costs included like the trailers, moving costs, new septic out at
Jerome Smith etc.?
4:32 pm edt 

Butts on the Beach

Most people pick up their dog poop on the beach. But as
long as we're talking about raising fines for people who leave that
which would taint our shores,I think a far more pressing issue is the
amount of cigarette butts on the beach! Why are people not outraged
about this?? There are thousands on the beach.How much marine life do
they kill or harm?

  Try sitting on the town beach without coming into contact with
these disgusting things.Do people think they are not a health hazard
for all concerned? Smokers have gotten away with this for far too

   Why don't we establish a smoking park?


  Tired of the butts
4:31 pm edt 

Re: Barry Scott

In my opinion, the charges against him were bogus from the start. He
was hurt by our summer police and is doing the right thing to fight
them, even though his conviction cost  $600!

This town is stupid for pursuing this and spending the hundreds of
thousands of dollars needed to bring these charges against him during
15 court appearances and a trial!

You go Barry! I don't want to be beaten by our police and I'm glad
you are making this statement. You are very brave. Many people here
are behind you. Remember that.

As for the fundraisers, from what I understand, he has gotten quite a
line-up of musical stars to host benefits in Boston and all his fees
will be paid. That's his option and the reason they picked on the
wrong guy that day. Our taxes have to fund our fight, which is sad.
This town should let it go. How would you feel if you and your loved
one were injured by our police while obeying the law? His trial was
corrupt from everything I have read and seen.

By the way, even I'll go see his KC & The Sunshine Band concert when
it happens...even traveling to Boston for it!
4:29 pm edt 

To: The Person Who Feels We Do Not Pay Enough Taxes


You are allowed to give as much as YOU want to the town. Go ahead,
publicly or privately pull out your checkbook and give till it hurts.
Most taxpayers in this town are already hurting, so please do not
tell us how lucky we are. We already pay more than our fare share in
taxes. We do happen to live in a democracy, and we get to VOTE on how
we spend OUR money. We have spoken in the past, and we will speak
again, in the BALLOT BOX.

We are  all blessed to live in this special place.

It is my understanding that this town spends more per capita than any
other town in Taxachusets, which has amongst the highest taxes in the

The value of real estate has in the last 2 years decreased here by
%20 or %30, so our taxes should have gone down, not up! What is up
with that?

Well guess what, the next time we are reassess, if it is done in a
legal way, the taxes will drop by that %20 or %30, unless values go
down even more.

Every government, big and small, across this country is slashing
budgets to keep up with the economic situation.

And guess what the first thing they are doing, closing schools

Businesses are not able to meet there payrolls.

Wall St. has crumbled.

Banks have NO money to lend.

But we are going to RENT $500,000.00 trailers for 2 years and hope
that we can get a bond to fix tow hall for $7,000,000.00 (or  more,
it is never less).

Oh wait, has the town voted to spend $7,000,000.00 to fix town hall?
I do not recall that VOTE.

But beyond the lack of a vote, banks are not lending money, and bonds
are not being issued. So the issue is not even possibly on the table,
but the trailers are going in, and town hall is going to move. Why.

First, should we think about going to town meeting and voting for the money?

I just had an idea.
At $250,000 a year the trailer rental could be rented for 28  YEARS
for the same cost as fixing town hall.
We could probably buy them for a million.
It will save a lot of money, and we will only need an extra $250,000
to buy them.
Then we could fix town hall when things are better, and rent it out.
That building could generate huge revenues for the town, and could be
a real asset for the community.

Now just in case anyone in charge over at town hall is reading this,
these are not just idle grumbling. Things are tight. Town Hall needs
to be fixed. but please remember that we are all on tight budgets,
and the town will not vote for any overrides. So please make sure the
budget is within the budget, because there will be NO OVERRIDE at the
ballot box.
Thank you.

A Taxpayer
4:27 pm edt 


      I just read the Ca