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DEK: A letter from Provincetown


“L’Affaire Sal’s Place: Money and Meanness in the New Ptown."


By Peter Manso


The first thing you notice when you walk into the resurrected Sal’s Place, in the heart of Provincetown’s West End, is the hustle and bustle of a hot restaurant: the place is packed, the noise level is high, and the servers scoot nonstop to and from the close-set tables. There’s a museum-quality Hawthorne and other class art on the walls, but the place still has a fish shack feel, with exposed rafters and the rhythmic slop of the bay against the pilings on which the waterfront building partially sits. And the food—the Brodetto or Zuppa di Pesce that one Facebook blogger raves about as “so wonderful that Marcella [Hazen] herself would flip,”—well, let me tell you, the Zuppa is so sweet, so transporting in its plummy, tomato-y tannic richness as to have made Sal’s the vacation spot’s dining destination of choice near overnight.

All this was pretty much the word around town last summer when the fifty-four year old Sal’s Place reopened under new management. But the food wasn’t the only things people were talking about. There were also whispers that the owner—a single, self-described blue-collar woman who’d originally arrived in Boston from Tipperary at age 17—was at war with her neighbors—four wealthy men, all gay, who had recently bought the abutting properties for summer party pads, and wanted the place dead and shuttered. In fact, depending on who you knew, you might have heard about bouts of property destruction, interminable delays for the restaurant’s opening, and armies of lawyers getting rich on both sides.


As the not-so-secret knock-down-drag-out tumbled into public view, eating there became an almost political act. Now, after simmering all winter, locals in P-Town are waiting for the hostilities to start afresh.


One resident called the quarrel the “worst case of bullying” he’d come across in his 50 years in town. But you could just as well call the fight over Sal’s place a sort of battle for Provincetown’s soul in miniature—a David and Goliath story about whether the artists, fishermen, and non-mainstream types of all persuasions were still welcome in the new Ptown. Or is this haven at the end of the Cape destined to become an exclusive enclave for the rich gay elite?



To read further click  on the link below



Click Here for L'affaire Sal's Place

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Monday, March 31, 2008

What is the State of the Town?

Please, please, please,,,What, Oh What is the
"State of the Town?
I want to go to bed but need to know the state of the town or I will
have Nightmares
11:59 pm edt 

Dear Mypacc Bloggers -

What an informative little meeting
tonight a la "State of the Town"! There was ample good and respectful
information to be had by all. Mary-JO's little displays every time a
Pier issue came up were bordering on the spectacular! Mary- JO, note

Our Town Manager did a wonderful job outlining the past year and
received a well-deserved standing ovation. There was however very
little drama or fireworks that were expected. Unless the sustained
applause for the mean spiritedness of this blog counts?

The only fascinating quasi slug-fest was between the Pier boys and
Candice Nagel. Candice got up first and faced the voters with a
grouping of figures that seemed to leave most nonplussed albeit
confused. She heaved and parried her numbers like a boxer throwing
punches, such as the Harbormaster has received a 10% raise each year
for the last 4 years!

After Candice finished, Harbormaster McKinsey took the mike and
returned fire with a couple shots across Candice's bow and good
broadside blast with the statement that the raises of 10% per year he
received were in fact not true. Candice was reeling,

Then Kerry Adams got his turn at Nagel and Kerry proved he was a
contender with a few hard jabs about the numbers Candice gave being
NOT taxpayer funds at all! Then he landed the knockout with a
breakdown of what the Pier actually costs the taxpayers. Candice was
down for a standing 8 count.

All in all, some good information and some pretty cool heads for a
change. What can we expect on the 7th? Bloodshed?

11:58 pm edt 

While You All Have Been Dream Voting About Selectmen.......
The town employees=union voted overwhelmingly to not accept the
contract offered to them...I contract that would cut salarys...So now I am
curious how the "state of the town" went now that Sharon Lynn learned
at 5pm that the union wasn't going to play and so she will have to
find the $$ someplace else. I do hope someone will post a update on
the SOTT...state of the town and let us know if we are sunk yet.
11:54 pm edt 

To Nobody Owes You Anything....

It is true nobody owes anybody anything.... but I wish we could look
at these issues as a community.

I sympathize with those who feel that they are paying too much in
taxes. But just saying NO NO NO, is not the answer.

It would be better to work at creating affordable housing (which we
need, regardless of the naysayers) and helping to keep taxes low. 
These two concepts are NOT mutually exclusive.  Rather than just
saying you don't want to pay more in taxes and therefore there
shouldn't be affordable housing, work with the town to help create

It seems to me that this is going to have to be the approach in
solving all of the problems that are facing our town, and I realy
wish that the dialouge on these issues was more thoughtful and less

11:50 pm edt 

No to Anderson

I have seen her approach at the conservation committee level. Very
aggressive, not one to act as a group, steps into the crap way too
often. Seems to want to "be in charge" too much as opposed to part of
the group coming to a decision. And if you don't think SHE has
special interests coming from the conscom .....
11:49 pm edt 

Stop Bashing Michelle...

the town's problems are not her fault. clearly they're too nuanced
and complex for most of you to follow. or maybe you haven't been here
long enough to have a sense of history about this town. the "real
estate industrial complex" was at work long before you started
attacking the affordable housing advocates. they inflated your
property values (yippee i'm a fat cat in a million dollar home! i'm
rich!!) but then your taxes went up as well... too bad the wealth was
only on paper. or that you can't have it both ways. there are many
examples of where some bloggers fall short on their research and
subsequent understanding of the problems the town faces or where they
originated. no labor force? maybe it's because they left after being
abandoned for cheaper, "in-sourced" labor. well the salad days are
over. i guess business owners will just have to pay a living wage.
stop whining and get off your butt and do something positive for the
town. and for god sakes... could you check your !
  spelling and grammar. it's as embarrassing as some of the lies and
half-truths one reads on here. i won't go on lest someone accuse me
of kidnapping the lindbergh baby....
11:47 pm edt 

I Don't Have a Problem With George Bryant's Property

I've been a neighbor of George Bryant for over ten years
and I don't have a problem at all with his property.

It says more about those who don't like it, wanting to control how
others live. Not everyone shares the same vision of how things should
look. Disney-like standards are an anathema (hopefully) to

No one has surveyed the opinion of the people who live in this
neighborhood, as to our feelings. The over-sized out-of-place museum
that looks like a highway rest stop,  is much more of an eyesore than
Bryant's property IMO.
11:44 pm edt 

About That School Boy Crush......

In regards to the blog writer thinking Selectman Couture is
contributing here while sleepwalking.....well that is entirely false.

As the writer of that letter with the subject of the 'crush', it is
an observation by me and many other individuals.  It's just common
sense that has brought us to the 'crush' conclusion.  The negativity
directed towards Selectman Couture borders an obsession with the
constant bashing of her actions ....very much like school children
with crushes.

And by the way please read my letter once again.  I was not
referring to the few people on this blog who dislike Selectman
Couture.  I was making a statement about one particular individual
who surely does know who he is.

Once again it is not just my observation, but the observation of many
other sane individuals.

Can't you just hear the theme song to 'Titanic'?
11:42 pm edt 

Nobody Owes Anybody Anything!

But if the town does not have affordable housing, only very rich
people will live here and then you will have even higher taxes!
5:13 pm edt 

Exactly My Thoughts.

 Mr Bryant.s property IS everyone's concern and it says a
lot about the candidate as selectman.  His flagrant disrespect for
his neighbors says much about the man's character.
  My votes will be going to Green and Anderson. 
I have not seen any behavior from Bryant that indicates to me that he
would make a good Selectman.
5:06 pm edt 

Why do We owe You

Since when does Provincetown "owe" people a place to live?
What makes people feel that they are entitled to come here and say
here I am, buy me a place to live and pay for it with your taxes?
5:04 pm edt 

To: Michael

Michael Read your 2 posts.  Case closed.
5:02 pm edt 

Mirror Mirrior on the Wall............?


Step back and take a look at the forest. Now turn and look at the trees.
And lastly, take a close look in the mirror.  You can fill in the blanks.

Either you or one of your minions have taken the most outrageous
approach to explaining opposition to your nonintellectual, spend-thrift 
philosophy of governance.

The citizens don't like you. Your appeal to the populace reminds one
of Robespiere and Danton, the founders of the French Revolution.
Please remember they both died on the guillotine, which was an instrument
of their creation for administering justice.

Now, your time has run out. The people now know that each time you voted
without consideration of cost, that you in actuality voted not on their behalf,
but for your self interest. With less expenditures, we might have never had
a problem with the schools or police/town workers salaries to mention just a
few issues. 

Now the very populace, which you played to, will  escort you to the voters

Au Voire Ma Chere
4:58 pm edt 

To: Michael

I recall that it was going to cost $700,00 for a complete survey of
ALL THE TOWN STREETS and that the cost to repave would be between $5
and $7 million.
4:26 pm edt 

More on the Banner Article

"At last falls special town meeting, voters did not approve
a debt exclusion, which asked for $566,380 for engineering and design
fees associated with the possible repaving of Commercial Street.
Townspeople made clear by their overwhelming vote against the article
that they want more public hearings to determine the scope of the
project and design elements and then proceed with engineering plans.
Initial plans for the repaving and redesign of the sidewalks, which
are not compliant with the Americans With Disabilities Act, shocked
townspeople with a price tag estimated to be between $4 million and
$7 million."

Michael Rogovsky

4:24 pm edt 

From the Banner:

"Calls for repaving the towns main thoroughfare grew in intensity
over the past year and the town hired the engineering firm of Stearns
& Wheler to present a preliminary plan and cost estimate for the project.
However, the firms initial $4-7 million estimate was rejected as being out
of reach for the town."

Michael Rogovsky
4:22 pm edt 

Ever Read the Banner?

The article in the banner stated that it would cost
$500,000 to do a complete survey of commercial street and according
to this survey the streets would cost beteen $5,000,000 and
$8,000,000. Am I the only one who read this?

Michael Rogovsky
4:20 pm edt 

To: MYOB - please!

Mr Bryant.s property IS everyone's concern and it says a lot about
the candidate as selectman.  His flagrant disrespect for his
neighbors says much about the man's character.  And when someone is
running for an elected public office, no one has the right to tell
someone else to 'mind their own business'.

Though he may have all the characteristics of a Boy Scout, he is
not a person I would want sitting as a selectman.
4:18 pm edt 

The Winning Ticket!

I am another tax payer who believes we need to completely change the
direction of town in order to focus on all of the issues and not a
certain few.  I support Green and Bryant and thank them for throwing
their hat into the ring.

No more special interests!
4:16 pm edt 

Gee Michele!

     You must be writing on the blog while you are sleep walking.
Only you would believe that the individuals who take offense at your
vested interests would be motivated by attraction!! You haved to be

Leaves me speechless.
4:15 pm edt 

Tonight's Meeting: State of the Town Address and Public Forum

     Tonight's meeting with Sharon Lynn will be held at the Veternan
Memorial Elementary School at 2 Mayflower Lane. The meeting begins at

     From the publc posting, the State of the Town will be followed
by a Public Forum. Members of the public are encouraged to attend adn
to discuss their concerns with the Selectmen and the Town manager.
This is the posting.

     Hope this answers a blogger's question. See you there!
4:14 pm edt 

Fact to Rogovsky:

Ted Malone does not use tax payer monies
because he sells them for profit and NOT for affordable Housing. 90
Shank-Painter will be 100% affordable Rentals, not for sale! The town
needs these rentals because some people in town can't afford TWO
homes like you!
4:12 pm edt 

Couture's Actions Say Volumes!

Seems to be a lot more than one person that has problems
with Couture. Please,  her actions or lack of speak for her.
4:11 pm edt 

To: Regarding the Fireworks

The vote for not supporting the 4th of July Fireworks was a unanimous
decision by all members of the 4th of July Fireworks Task Force.

This vote was taken for the reason that the Task Force felt that the
Fireworks was being used as a political ploy to promote Overrides.

It was the Task Force position that if its efforts were being inveigled in a
political struggle; it would not participate, and would leave the field to the
business community and town management to promote the 4th, who
in fact are the actual beneficiaries of the the event.

The actual cost for the Fireworks was approximately $17,000 and the barge
$6,000. In support of this effort the Task Force raised $33,000 last year, of
which $6,000 after expenses is currently held in escrow by the town.

The override actually included expenses beyond the actual Fireworks, totaling

Additionally, it was the Task Force observation that the other ancillary costs
associated with the fireworks would still exist e.g. Police, Sanitation, EMT,
Fire Department and Advertisement support.

The task Force was committed to providing funds for the barges and pyrotechnics
which were to be greatly expanded this year through the use of national corporate
sponsors, which required a definite and early affirmations of the town's support for the 
fireworks. Town Meeting was too late from the sponsor's perspectives as well as ours. 

Point of fact, I was not the head of the Task Force, only a member.

        Clarence Walker,
        Former 4th of July Task Force Member
4:06 pm edt 

To: Michael Rogovsky

Rogovsky Fact: $8,000,000 to pave Commercial Street  
Haphazard numbers
3:11 pm edt 

School Boy Crush?

 From my observations and the observations of others, I must say it
seems we have an elementary school boy in our midst.

I often wondered why there is such meanness directed from one
individual when referring to Selectman Couture on this blog.  I have
often wondered the same thing when I have viewed Selectman's meetings
on PTV, since that one individual aggressively blames Selectman
Couture for everything.

A few of us have gathered that it's an elementary school boy crush
that is directed at Selectman Michele Couture.  It seems the only way
to express himself is by being nasty.  What ever happened to tugging
on a girl's braid?

Is this the brunette that got away???????   After all you do seem to
direct way too much attention to Selectman Couture.
3:09 pm edt 

To the Poster Who has Concerns About Bryant's Private Property

 MYOB - please!

You would be a happier person if you did not concern yourself so
deeply about how someone else chooses to live.

If your life is perfect - write a book about it so we all can follow
your example.

I think Mr. Bryant would make a great selectman. We need independant
thinkers who are not beholding to special interests. (Unlike the
current board.)
3:04 pm edt 

Another Vote for Green and Bryant

I don't know Green but I do know Bryant. George is VERY wise and has
years of memory in that head of his. He may not be able to come up
with the quick responses at a candidates forum but if given the two
or three days prior to a meeting, he will certainly do his homework
before making a stand on an issue at a selectmens meeting. He's not
dumb. He's actually quite brilliant and has the time to do the work
necesary to be an effective selectman.

The issue with his property will take care of itself. Thats a private matter
and shouldn't effect his selectmans positons. It doesn't effect him as
representative to the county delegates representing P-town for how many

A vote for George Bryant is a vote in the right direction. He has worked
with the seashore in the past on issues, has worked with other towns
on common issues like water which is big right now and, as mentioned,
isn't in anyones back pocket. The other guy mentioned in here, Brian
Green, I don't know but I do know Couture.

Thats why my vote goes to Green.
3:01 pm edt 

Needs Information on the State of the Town Speech

What time is the state of the town speech--and is this the
school at the top of Winslow street?
2:57 pm edt 


There is no way I'd vote for George Bryant, too much
baggage attached to that man and I'm not talking just about the
garbarge dump in the East End.
2:55 pm edt 

Hmmm, So I'm All Mouth and no Action

That is a simplification. Plus, someone wrote stating:Rogovsky fact as
though they are lies.

Is it a lie that the Provincetown two schools cost the
tax payer over $3,500,000 a year and that we have 11 or 12 graduating

Is it a lie that a million dollars of *tax payer* money was
spent to buy 90 Shank Painter Rd. for affordable housing when Mr. Ted
Malone has been building affordable housing for over 10 years and not
using a penny of tax payer money?

Is it a lie that when I went before the selectmen at the meeting
during public statements and said that there is no concern for the
long time home owner that Ms. Coutour said that she ran on a platform
of affordable housing, the school and the cape end manor--essentially
dismissing the fact that any other tax payer's concern have any merit.

Is it a lie that when I asked for a ballot question to be put on the
may ballot regarding the school that the selectmen said no but
pointedly stated to the school committee that they have been trying
to meet with them for months? And didn't it finally force the school
committee to establish a committee to look into the situation of the
schools in a serious manner?

Sorry that you don't like *facing* the facts.

Michael Rogovsky
2:53 pm edt 

Regarding the Fireworks:

I just heard something about the fireworks and was wondering if I
could get the facts.  I was told that Clarence Walker was in charge
of raising $38,000 from the business community for the fireworks. 
When he found out that town was going to put in an override for the
cost of the extra police, EMTs etc. he stopped the fundraising.  Is
this true?
Just because you are not pleased with the idea of an override, I
think it is in poor form to stop raising the funds you said that you
would help raise.

Seems rather spiteful.

I want the fireworks and will vote to have them...
2:48 pm edt 

Questions to Ask Sharon Lynn

Yesterday a list of questions was posted for Sharon Lynn to
be asked tonight. Someone did a good job. I hope that we will be able
to present these questions, but more important I hope we get
legitimate answers.

Ive cut and pasted the questions and will be
bringing a copy with me, I think that you should do the same. And add
your own too. I dont know what rules will be followed for running the
meeting tonight, but it is possible that each of us will only get to
stand and speak once. If this is the case we need to be prepared in
advance to say what we need to say. And if someone else misses their
chance to ask a question, others need to come up and ask.

Dont be afraid of asking questions! Getting informed answers is the only way
we can work our way through the mess. And dont be surprised if you
dont get the answer you want. It is possible that what you think to
be true is erroneous.

Here are some questions I would like to ask:

I would like to know it the Town will publish the professional resumes of
all department heads and their assistants; and if not, why not?

What qualifications does David Gardner have to justify her appointing him
Assistant Town Manager?

Why do we now need an Assistant Town Manager, when for years we did
not fill the position?

Why did she not take a pay freeze along with her newly appointed
staff members?

Why did we hire a developer as Building Commissioner against the
advice of his predecessor?

When will the Building Commissioner take the certification examination?

What qualifies Susie Futz to be Assistant Town Clerk?

What is the status of the Recreation Director?

Why did she reduce the personnel size of the Community Development

What is the estimated cost for Town Hall rehabilitation?

When will she or the Building Commissioner provide documentation supporting
the increased Building Permit Rates?

How many replys did the town receive for the RFQ to provide Architectural &
Structural Services for Town Hall repairs and how many respondents did they

Are any of the finalist for the position of Police Chief from Texas?

Is Town Counsel within the funded budget; and how much is that budget?

If Town Hall personnel will have to relocate has a plan of action
been developed?

Given the new crisis of "Town Hall", which new projects would she
recommend for

What is her long-term goals for Provincetown i.e. schools, affordable housing,
economic development, regional cooperation, fire/EMT/police services,
municipal services?

Why did she not come forward sooner with the information about Town Hall
rehabilitation, so that issue could have been factored into the
budget equation?

How does she rate her performance to date on a scale of 0%-100%?

What is it that she would like to do to improve town government?
2:46 pm edt 

Mr. Bryant Would Make a Wonderful Selectman

Yes, It is wonderful that Mr. George Bryant is running for
selectman. He is a town historian and will be able to see below the
surface of projects and not be blinded by the sleek, shiny exterior.

We need someone who will consider all of the citizens of the
town--not just the special interests. Bravo that he is running. Ah,
how different things would have been if he had been on the board for
the last three years.

Michael Rogovsky
2:41 pm edt 

Wow, Ask and You Shall Receive
      Well, I did ask what some of you would ask Sharon Lynn at
tonight's meeting. OK I did gent a sense from one of you bloggers
what you would ask. I'd like it to be you and Sharon. That would be
quite a meeting.

     thanks for letting me know what you'd like to aks her. I hope
others let us know as well. Let's all be there tonight at the
elementary school. Let her be the leader of this town and let's see
if she takes charge.
2:38 pm edt 

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Agreeing with George Bryant's Independent Spirit

     Right on that fact. George Bryant is an independent spirit and
not caught in the following the expected responses and the accepted
practices. He is no "yes" man and you are right about George Bryant.

      I'd also like to have someone with his experience and knoweldge
of the town. He knows Provincetown and he will take tough stands. Not
whimpy and voiceless. Not a lump upon a tree stump. and I wouldn't
hear the dribble of Couture and the "oh, gosh, wow, what a wonderful
project this is" from this man. I want selectmen who dislike and
fight against projects that are not financially good for the Town,
instead of embracing each new project as a child at Christmas
morning. I guesss I'm saying I want adults on the board of selectmen,
not immature individuals with a childish response that eventually
does us in with the weight of debt and more debt.
11:20 pm edt 

And Can I Also Add......

......that I too was impressed by the way Mr.
Adams came to the defense of Mr. Tarvers. I thought that was a class
act. I should not wonder what the motive was of the blogger that
posted the mean spirited and nasty comment here on this board. I hope
we will not have to read such ugly remarks here again, it takes away
from the debate of forward thinking people that want to help their
town. Please leave your dirt somewhere else.

Poster Child saying good night
11:18 pm edt 

I Too am Glad George is Running Again.....

.....but I am deeply
concerned about the state of his own property and the 2nd dump that we
have in town. If he can't clean up his own yard, how can we expect
him to clean up the town?

Poster Child
11:15 pm edt 

Sharon Lynn and the State of the Town Speech

Here are some questions I would like to ask:

I would like to know it the Town will publish the professional resumes of
all department heads and their assistants; and if not, why not?

What qualifications does David Gardner have to justify her appointing him
Assistant Town Manager?

Why do we now need an Assistant Town Manager, when for years we did
not fill the position?

Why did she not take a pay freeze along with her newly appointed 
staff members?

Why did we hire a developer as Building Commissioner against the
advice of his predecessor?

When will the Building Commissioner take the certification examination?

What qualifies Susie Futz to be Assistant Town Clerk?

What is the status of the Recreation Director?

Why did she reduce the personnel size of the Community Development

What is the estimated cost for Town Hall rehabilitation?

When will she or the Building Commissioner provide documentation supporting
the increased Building Permit Rates?

How many replys did the town receive for the RFQ to provide Architectural &
Structural Services for Town Hall repairs and how many respondents did they

Are any of the finalist for the position of Police Chief from Texas?

Is Town Counsel within the funded budget; and how much is that budget?

If Town Hall personnel will have to relocate has a plan of action been developed?

Given the new crisis of "Town Hall", which new projects would she recommend for

What is her long-term goals for Provincetown i.e. schools, affordable housing,
economic development, regional cooperation, fire/EMT/police services, 
municipal services?

Why did she not come forward sooner with the information about Town Hall
rehabilitation, so that issue could have been factored into the budget equation?

How does she rate her performance to date on a scale of 0%-100%?

What is it that she would like to do to improve town government? 
11:08 pm edt 

What will you be asking Sharon Lynn?

     Will some bloggers let us know what questions you will be asking
Sharon Lynn tomorrow night? I know that I plan on asking her,
personally, to speak to issues. I want her to speak and not always
Alix and David and the BOS. What is her vision for this town? What
doe she see as the future?

     But would some of you inform us what you see as pressing
questions that you want Sharon Lynn to answer and respond to? I'd
find that informative. Obrigado.
10:24 pm edt 

A Notice to Bloggers When the Blog Goes Down

     Any time that there is a glitch in the system and you find "no
page exists" or you can't access Shout Out, you will have to change
your favorite settings. At least that's what I've found in the last
months. If the site is down, even for a little while, I have to
eliminate Mypacc as a favorite, then I go back and put in and when it appears, then I make that a favorite.
Otherwise, every time you hit your favorite, you will get that the
site is not running.

      I've found that this helps. Technology is great when it's
working but when there are glitches, it can be frustrating for a
little while. See if this helps.
10:22 pm edt 

George Bryant Would Make an Excellent Selectman

From an Engineering and Architectural point of view, given all of the
large projects we are having to consider, George Bryant would make
an ideal Selectman.

Having attended MIT and with his knowledge of town government as well
as his independent spirit, we would be sure of the interest of the town
being taken care of, as opposed to the special interests.

George Bryant is a townie who was born and raised here. He is totally familiar with the
institutional history of Provincetown. He is quirky as is the manner of our towns
people and solidly his own man, and will be immune to the pressures of
the "powers that be".

I think the combination of George Bryant and Brian Green would go a long way
to set this town government on the right track and to provide direction to the
existing rudderless board of Selectmen.

Vote "No" for Couture and "Yes" for Bryant and Green!
10:21 pm edt 

Glad George Bryant is Running

      One thing's for sure: George Bryant will not  say what others
want him to say. He will not be anyone's mouthpiece. He is not linked
to any interest group and that, in itself, is a breath of fresh air.
It is refreshing to me. He is a long-term resident, born here and
lives here and is engaged in the issues of the town. He has his ways,
that is for sure, but he cares deeply about the direction of this

    He is against large projects, big developments, and is a fiscal
conservative. He will look into the numbers and will ask probing
questions. Again, that is refreshing.

     He will not be pushed around by any other selectmen and will not
be silenced by any of them. That's a plus.

     George Bryant has my vote for fiscal responsibility and saying
what needs to be said--to the Town Manager and to any one else.
Sounds like solid government to me.
10:02 pm edt 

Three Cheers to the Shellfish Committee

     Yes, I totally and thoroughly agree with the blogger. It's just
the best committee. They use so little money and they give back to
the town so much. They know what they're doing and Tony Jackete has
done a profesional job. He knows his littlenecks, clams, scallops and

     It was a great idea years back when some members of the town,
and I think Sal Del Deo and JOsephine were part of that group,
decided to work to seed the flats and the breakwater areas. I love
seeing so many out there with their buckets and rakes and for the
hard working clammers---a fabulous bucket of littlenecks. It makes
for such a great winter!

     Thank you all. YOu make being here in winter a sheer pleasure.
10:00 pm edt 

Shut Up and do Some Research

Michael Stop regurgitating figures with no factual basis. 
You do it constantly and quite frankly you are annoying because no
one can believe a "Rogovsky fact" . Shut up and do some research
before you open your mouth.
6:16 pm edt 

I Know Brian Green.

He will speak for himself.  He is a
man of integrity and vision. He is intelligent and deserving of

Slippery Fish
6:12 pm edt 

To: Is it April Yet:

What cover up? The police were cleared of any alledged wrong doing
so....   Let it go ... he lost.. fired his attorney. Hired another to
start over agin.   So lets move forward.......
6:10 pm edt 

To: P.J.

We pay our taxes to operate the town. There are
things that are necessary and needed and there are things that people
just want. It is like someone spending every penny that they have to
buy the most glorious kitchen counter tops. The individual is reduced
to crushing poverty--but they can enjoy the food from the soup
kitchen while admiring their counter tops.

We don't need to spend $8,000,000 on a silken road to drive upon when
we have a town hall that is essentially condemned.

The beauty of the landscape surrounding us which is so protected and
beautiful will last until reclaimed by the sea. What becomes of the
town and the people we must protect by voting what is truly in the
best interest of all of us--and sometimes these choices require belt
tightening and financial and emotional sacrifice.

When the pyramids were being built, the first blades of grass were
growing on Cape Cod. The grass will still be growing here long after
all of us who are here today are gone. We will leave a legacy with
our passing and I hope that this legacy is one that is just and
honorable for all.

Michael Rogovsky
5:59 pm edt 

Interesting Story From NJ Star Ledger of Feb 26th:

Consolidate towns to lower taxes:

"Governor Corzine's stark budget message today picked up on this
theme: New Jersey has too many municipalities, let's start merging
towns [to save expenses and therefore reduce local taxes].  The
governor used 10,000 population as a benchmark, and proposed creating
financial incentives for towns smaller than 10K to consolidate [with
neighboring towns], along the lines of merge or lose state aid."

The NJ governor thinks the savings would be big, especially in
salaries (i.e. reduction in number of dept. heads, supervisors, etc.)
and office space costs.
5:56 pm edt 

To: All Mouth and No Action!

Michael Rogovsky signs his name, writes letters to the news papers, contacts
the various school principals and district attorneys. Attends BOS meetings and
expresses his opinion without fear. What do you do? What is your name.

Yours is a classic case of the nay sayers that are in and of themselves 
incapable of making a positive contribution. there is no need to be so 
disrespectful of another's opinion. The freedom afforded by the use of
anonymity obligates your restraint.

Respectfully yours 
5:51 pm edt 

Who is Brian Green?

Does anyone on this blog know about Brian Green besides
Rogovsky? What is his past and what are his qualifications?

Inquiring Minds
5:42 pm edt 

If Michael Rogovsky Likes Brian Green, I am Fearful!

The Rogovsky's of Provincetown are a dime a dozen.

All mouth, no action.
5:40 pm edt 

Candidates Should Use This Forum to Tell Us About Yourself

I don't know much about Brian Green, perhaps he could tell
us a bit about himself here? I find it hard to know about so many of
the candidates with a forum for them to express their opinions.

If I could and he were running, I'd vote for Kerry Adams. He
certainly seems to be a man of character, integrity and intelligence.
His postings here are bright and sincere and he stands up for his
fellow board members like a true gentleman. I am impressed by you Mr.
Adams and I hope that you will consider a run for the Board of
Selectmen. You are a passionate man and I appreciate your service to
our town. You have my vote.

Antoinette R.
5:38 pm edt 

Brian Green Has My Vote

Cool, upfront and upstanding!  He
will do right for us!!
5:34 pm edt 


Why don't you let Mr. Green speak for himself?

5:33 pm edt 


"I look forward to our continued service to
the Provincetown Public Pier and the local community"

Somehow, that didn't seem like a resignation to this blogger. Perhaps
it was wishful thinking for you?

5:29 pm edt 

To: Confused

Did Kerry Adams just resign in his latest letter in here? Sure sounds like it.

5:28 pm edt 

Let's Stop Maligning Others

To all who live,work,and serve in the town of Provincetown. Let's
just get along and work together to keep Ptown the beautiful place it
is. Let's stop maligning others. My dad always told me,"If you don't
have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all." I think
that many of the bloggers need to heed this advice.
To East End PJ,
I appreciate and agree with your comments, but as you probably
already realize most people come on to this site to complain and
attack.  Very few come on to offer constructive positive suggestions.
  Attack and complain isn't really going to effect the positive
changes we want is it?

Unfortunate, but true.
5:26 pm edt 

S.O.S. Is there Anyone Out There?

This town is like a ship lost in a sea of confussion, without a
rudder to steer by.  It is time to send out an S.O.S. and abandon
ship.  In times like this, you need a person like the "Old Pro" to
take command, fix the rudder and sail this ship into calmer waters.
We can do it.

The "Old Pro's" first mate.
5:25 pm edt 

To: "This Shout Out! Page is Like a Drug"

You evidently miss the point about voting "NO" on all Capital Expenditures.

By voting "NO" at the regular Town Meeting, the citizens are given a chance
to factor in the new information we have just been given about the
requirement to Rehab Town Hall; which could represent an increase to the 
proposed budget of 60%-80%.

By not passing Capital Expenditures, the BOS is compelled to finance operations
at Level Funding, until the Summer Special Town Meeting. By that time we will be
better informed as to the various alternatives available for consideration.

We will then have an opportunity to efficiently factor in all of our costs vs needs 
and to develop long term goals (maybe 5 years).

No need to rush! 
5:22 pm edt 

Mr. Brian Green is Running for Selectman

He is involved in housing but he isn't a one issue candidate. His one
issue is making things better for all of Provincetown.

I'm writing this for all of the people who jump all over me for being
critical of the fact that we tax payers spend a million dollars to buy
90 Shank painter Rd. and that we are giving it away to a developer.

I'm very happy that Mr. Brian Green is running for selectman. I'm voting
for him.

Michael Rogovsky
5:08 pm edt 

Ah, JP East End

      Maybe this is the solution for your problems. You need to go
out immediately and buy this record ahd hear:

      Mr. Bluebird on my shoulder
      It's actual
      It's satisfactual

     Then all together we on the Blog can sing:
     Zippity Doo Da, Zippity a
     Wonderful feeling, wonderful day.

     What a great feeling. What a great blog this will be.
     Zippity Doo Da, Zippity a.
5:05 pm edt 

90 Shank-Painter Road......

......will be and has always been a RENTAL
development. It will never be a for sale property.
5:02 pm edt 

Thanks to the Shellfish Committee

      Today was the last day for clamming! The last day to "scratch"
for those delectable littlenecks that are such a delight. It was
great to see everyone out there today--truly the Last Hurrah.

     So many thanks to Tony Jackette and the great work he does to
make certain we have a wonderful winter of clamming. And thanks also
to all the other members of the Shellfish Committee who are dedicated
and caring and whose work bring us such joy on the flats.

      Looking forward to next year when we will all meet again, this
time along the breakwater, rake in hand, bucket swinging by our side
and an eager look upon our faces.

     Till Then.

Webmaster comment: Thank you for all your efforts on behalf of the town. 

5:00 pm edt 

To: The Writer of a

A Poor Soul

At some point you do the Pier Corp. a great disservice by the continual
bombardment about the same issue.

It is obvious, considering syntax, grammar and language, most of
the writing is coming from the same disruptive person.

You are making Kerry look bad and wasting time of the serious reader.
Serious reader? Not likely! There's not much here to be serious about! We all
know who attaked Travers and nothing is said about that? Probably
black out the name anyway! Thats why this site is a joke!
4:56 pm edt 

This Shout Out! Page is Like a Drug.

I crave it, I need it but then afterwards I feel bad, I feel depressed. I
guess like every good high you must come down. And like every good
drug you must quit at some time or it is a detriment to your health. I
think the time is now for me to quit mypacc.

Citizens of Provincetown, don't shoot off your foot to spite your
leg. You are going to vote NO on all capital expenditures? Are you
that short-sighted that you see no good in the expenditures? I just
don't understand you folks. I guess being a wash-a-shore gives me a
different perspective. When is the last time you have been off Cape?
You live in a bubble here. It is such a gorgeous place but the
behavior of the citizens is deplorable. So much anger!

You want to have a voice in government but through these pages it
looks like you are planning a coup. I can see the ambush tomorrow
night, then the following week, another ambush and your swan song on
election day. As I read the pages I think there are more conspiracy
theories than I saw on all the seasons of The X-Files!!!

I don't think the hosts of this website wanted to create a venomous
dialogue or did they? I have only met them in passing (and they
seemed lovely). I like to think the best of people so I will believe
that the intent was to effect change. Let's try not to use this forum
for personal attacks. I sometimes tell people I live in the only open
air asylum. Please prove me wrong!

Thanks for reading.
4:52 pm edt 


Did Kerry Adams just resign in his latest letter in here? Sure sounds like it.
4:48 pm edt 

To PJ East End

     Do you only want to hear sweet things? Do you only want nice
postings? Do you only wish to see positive things said about this
town? And do you want only rosy scenarios, happy endings, and smiling
faces? This Blog is not for you, my dear. You need a different
diversion. Maybe fairy tales, comic books and novels with the central
figure being none other than PolyAnna. Sorry to say but such pablum
is for children not adults committed to making changes.
4:46 pm edt 

I Feel Cheated!

I feel cheated because I always thought that the Town
Manager and the B of S and the FinCon had the best interest of the
citizens at heart.

According to the Finance committee, it seems from the article I
read that they question the raises some people are receiving who
are close to retiring.

Affordable housing is the reason two selectmen joined the board--to
further their cause.

Now I've discovered that there is a law that forbids towns from
enforcing zoning burdens that make a development "uneconomical". So
if it turns out that an affordable housing complex isn't economical
because the units aren't selling, the developers have a right under
state law to achieve an economic return. This is why the units can be
offered to anyone if they don't sell. (question: is it possible that
this *could* be the fate of 90 shank painter Rd)?

Now we are told that Town Hall is unsafe and this burden,too, will
fall upon the tax payers.

I know that people are dead tired of hearing that there are senior
citizens on fixed incomes living here--but there are--and there are
senior citizens who are working to make ends meet--and paying their
taxes is a burden to them.

Wishing for good government,

Michael Rogovsky
4:28 pm edt 

Get Your Facts Straight!

For the most part the numerous shout out comments that
appear here have often seemed (to me) like the same random (albeit
slightly addled) ramblings of the same 10-12 people over and over
again.  What was meant as a way to gain information and spread the
word about issues involving Town Government has given way to personal
attacks and a senseless wars or words. Such a waste!

Mob mentality will not replace financial decisions based on sound
judgment and good old-fashioned common sense.

And to the member who hastily posted this entry

To the Blogger.........

.....who thinks the police beating up a person
for no reason helps the town: You are crazy. grow up. think before
you type.

To have your home town known for Police Brutality is NEVER a good thing.

Google it. Learn it. Fight your leaders.

Stop it!

Get your facts straight!  Why do you think the Townspeople keep
allowing two close-minded champions of justice who work supposedly at
the tip of the spear while proudly huddled safely behind their
keyboards blogging away a constant message of hate and posting travel
warnings and advisories for our friends in the GLBT community is
beyond me.  All of this effort so that their friend can keep his DJ
job.  SHAME!

Where are the PBG, Women Innkeepers, Chamber of Commerce and the
Towns Tourism Director during all of this?  The reason you Google and
find these lies are because they are not being challenged by anyone. 
Wait till the court case is over.  I wonder why we have not heard
from the homeowner?

Fight your leaders only if they are not idiots like this blogger!
4:00 pm edt 

Thank You Mr. Adams

Thank you Kerry Adams for your candor! I wish I served on a
board along side you. You are a true gentleman.
3:53 pm edt 

From the MA Municipal Association Website

Most towns (well over 200) operate with an Open Town Meeting where
any voter is permitted to attend and vote on legislative matters:
budgets, bylaws, zoning, etc. Fewer than 50 towns operate with a
Representative Town Meeting where voters vote for representatives to
attend town meeting. These representative legislative bodies vary
from less than 100 to more than 300. Towns of less than 12,000 may
not have a city form of government and towns of less than 6,000 must
have an open town meeting. The executive authority in towns is held
by elected boards of selectmen together with an appointed chief
administrative officer called a Town Manager or Town Administrator.

3:52 pm edt 

Is it April Yet?

You know it's March when people start to complain about
things that simply make no sense at all.

I find it rather interesting that over six months after the "DJ
incident" tempers are still flaring.  What happened in that case?  I
remember reading (in the Banner?) that there were eyewitnesses that
had captured the incident... on video, cell phone, and digital
camera.  Where is all that evidence?

All that I have read is that the police were investigated for alleged
misconduct.  Not once, but several times.  By the Town Manager.  By
the Police Chief.  By the District Attorney.  All of those
investigations came up empty.  Yet, the charges against the DJ still

Perhaps the entire nation is involved in this unbelieveable cover up.

Is it April yet?
3:48 pm edt 

Let's Stop Maligning Others

To all who live,work,and serve in the town of Provincetown.
Let's just get along and work together to keep Ptown the beautiful
place it is. Let's stop maligning others. My dad always told me,"If
you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all."
I think that many of the bloggers need to heed this advice.

3:46 pm edt 


I was told many years ago that this town could not have a mayor
because of it's size.  apparently there has to be a large enough year
round population.
3:44 pm edt 

Poor Display of Judgement Skills

I heard it through the grapevine that the newly appointed Tourism
Director threw a hissy-fit at the PBG meeting last week at Crowne Point
when her coat went missing. The coat was later found with her cell phone
in it.

She made such a commotion that the police had to be called to remove
her from the premises. It is my understanding that this latest Sharon
Lynn appointment has either been placed on suspenion or terminated. 

Our Town Manager has made, what in my opinion are several poor dicisions
in the hiring/appointment of personnel e.g. Russell Braun, Building
Commissioner; David Gardner, Assistant Town Manager; Ms Lisa Bowen,
; Tracy Rodiricks, Recreation Tourism Director-maintaining her on duty in
the midst of a sexual harrassment charge against her; Ms. Susie Futz,
Assistant Town Clerk. 

Town Manager Lynn is now in the process of chosing a new Police Chief,
am I supposed to feel confortable about this? I don't think so!
3:41 pm edt 

Maybe We Should Change Our Form of Town Government

It seems to me that if we vote NO on the 2 1/2 over-rides
that we can step back and see the full impact of the Town Hall
renovation costs at play in the fiscal portion of the 09 budget.

Unless we lock the door on the Hall and wait untill 2010.  Maybe by
then we as a town can decide if a Town Manager is a good idea, or
should we go the route of a Mayor and vote on every line of spending
at an annual general election, instead of town meeting?

Then the townspeople could vote their conscience without wondering
who in the audience is looking at them raising their hand to vote on
what article?

Things do not seem to be working the way that they are set up.
Maybe we do NEED TO CHANGE out town government?
2:57 pm edt 

State of the Town Meeting

We should all go to the meeting tomorrow to hear the Town
Managers "State of the Town" address.

Maybe this will be the place where we will receive factual information
concerning the town's actual financial and operational condition.

I want to hear facts and figures, especially about the additional
costs associated with Town Hall construction and how it affects the
2:53 pm edt 

If Only We Used All This Energy to Make Positive Changes

There is so much good in this town, so many good people in
this town.  It's truly 'like nowhere else'.  Unfortunately reading
this blog only brings out the negatives when there really are so many
positives.  If only we used all this energy to make positive changes
in town.

So many times I take my dog for a walk on the beach and I look around
and think, I can't believe I live here.  Absolutely there are things
we can improve, but we'll only do that by working together to make
things even better, not by attacking each other and tearing each
other down.

2:45 pm edt 

What Happened to Shout Out?

I could not gain access for hours. I'm glad to see
your back on line.

2:30 pm edt 

My Name is Kerry Adams:
As most of you know, I serve as Treasurer of the Provincetown
Public Pier Corporation (PPPC). I have enjoyed my service to the
town on both the PPPC board and the Provincetown School Committee.
It has been hard work that has taken many hours from my family, my
job and my friends, but I have always felt that it was worth it.

Today, a blogger posted a very nasty and hate filled comment against
a colleague and friend, Mr. Anthony (Phillip) Tarvers. To be honest,
I hadnt considered placing a posting here as I have not been on the
Mypacc site for some time now; but a despicable and cowardly act was
perpetrated here on a fellow board member that I can not leave

It has been my sincere honor and privilege to work with Phil Tarvers
on the PPPC board. He brings many valuable attributes to our board. 
I have always felt that we are fortunate to have a Lopes Square
merchant join us and bring his unique perspective to the table. Phil
and I dont always agree, but we do have a mutual respect for one
another and neither of us is afraid to admit when an error is made.
We are human after all. Phils past may not be a perfect one, but it
is after all his past. We are a board that looks forward to the
future for the prosperity of the pier.  Phil Tarvers swore the same
oath as the rest of us did and he abides by that oath at every
meeting he attends.

I am truly grateful for the experience and humbled by the trust
placed in me by the Town of Provincetown to be a steward of MacMillan
Pier. Thank you to my fellow PPPC board members: Anthony (Phillip)
Tarvers, Len Clingham, George Hitchcock and Lee Ash for your
dedicated service to the town. But most of all, thank you for your
trust and friendship. I look forward to our continued service to the
Provincetown Public Pier and the local community. It has been my
honor and privilege to serve with you all!

Kerry Luke Adams, Treasurer
Provincetown Public Pier Corporation
12:43 am edt 

Say Goodbye to Couture!

Most voters would be happy to see Couture defeated. They
have had enough of her costly antics.

We cannot afford her and Affordable Housing. She has voted
yes on all of the major construction projects at a tremendous cost
to the town!
12:39 am edt 

Where are the Selectmen, What do They have to Say About Town Hall?

Why have we not heard from the Selectmen about the Special Town Meeting?

Why are we being informed by Sharon Lynn through the Banner and not
a pip from the Selectmen. Where is the leadership?Whose running the
ship? What's our long-term plan? Do we have one?
12:31 am edt 

Town Hall Rehab Question

When the Request For Bid (RFB) for the rehabilitation of Town
Hall went out, were there other respondents. Were there other
bidders, and if so what were the comparative bid amounts and
proposal analysis results.
12:23 am edt 

Just Vote No on the Overrides!

Just like a previous blogger said,if we are going to have a special
town meeting, we don't have to pass the overrides at the coming
April town meeting. We can leave ourselves time to decide what to do by
the time of the special town meeting this summer.
12:18 am edt 

State of the Town Speech Sharon Lynn's Show!

We must all go to the State of the Town Meeting this Monday to
hear Sharon Lynn, Town Manager. I want to hear her rational for
her and the BOS actions concerning the budget manipulations.

We must be prepared to ask her questions that compel direct
answers. I am assuming that we will be able to ask question,
at least I hope so.

And, I for one don't want to hear from her minions, this is her

Madam Town Manager, this is your show!

12:10 am edt 

Saturday, March 29, 2008

A Poor Soul

At some point you do the Pier Corp. a great disservice by the continual
bombardment about the same issue.

It is obvious, considering syntax, grammar and language, most of
the writing is coming from the same disruptive person.

You are making Kerry look bad and wasting time of the serious reader.
11:59 pm edt 

No Word?

 Why hasn't Adams come on to the blog to blaze away at       
              obviously attacked one of his pier pals! No word from the
PPPC board members?
11:52 pm edt 

Selectman Couture Must Go!

Vote "NO" on all increases for Capital Expenditures. We must force 
the Town Budget into Level Funding, until the Summer Special Town
Meeting; at which time we can consider all of the Capital Expenditures
including Town Hall Rehabilitation at the same time.

Come May, we have to get rid of Michele Couture. she is the moving 
force behind all of the major construction projects.

It's time for her to go! 

11:49 pm edt 

Is Town Hall Dangerous?

What does our building inspector have to say about the safety of Town
Hall? Afterall, he is the one charged by state law with determining
if a building is safe or unsafe.

Is it or is it not safe Mr. Building Inspector? Look at what the
building code says you have to do.

Again, we are paying for inexperience that will cost us money if
something happens at Town Hall and someone gets hurt or killed.

The Old Whippersnapper.
11:42 pm edt 

WOW! Did I Read What I Thought I Read Correctly?

A Director of the Pier is trying to protect local businesses from
competition from the Pier?  Well as a local business owner that
pays $75,000 for a small store front I'd like to say THANK YOU
to that director!

As a long time reader of this blog, I'd also like to say "Pier Your
Arts" to                who I assume was the author of the attack on
the Pier Director.        authored most of the other attacks. Wasn't
that you          that came up with the artists on the pier idea in
the first place? Werent you the one that was angry at the Pier for
not pushing your idea harder? Now you attack a Pier Director for
seeing it through? What a hypocrite you have turned out to be!

Why don't you attack someone else!
11:40 pm edt 

Hat's Off to Mr. Tarvers for His Modest Entry Here.

Had I been the recipient of the attack that he got, I would have been
boiling mad. He handled himself with professionalism and dignity.

To the small and disgusting individual that attacked him... I hope
you have no skeletons in your closet dear! Perhaps Boston is better
suited for your ilk!

11:36 pm edt 

Dear Mr. Tarvers,
I am so sorry that you were maligned here
in such a shoddy way! I think we all know who was behing the
contemptable posting. I wish to thank you here for your service on
the Pier Corp and to you for your military service to our country as
well. I wonder if               can say the same?
11:34 pm edt 

An Attitude that Protects the Town at the Expense of the Voters

     I think back to a response Cheryl Andrews gave to the question
of what made a sexual harassment act an harassing act. She gave a
good response and I thank you for trying to answer some blogger's
question. But what I remember distinctly is that she stated that when
and if the present sexual harassment case against the town is
settled, we will not know the results. She clearly stated that this
is because, above all else, it is the role of the Selectmen to
protect the Town.

     But, lately, this attitude seems not to be the solution for our
problems but part of the problem itself. It seems that the selectmen
sees themselves are exactly this: protectors of the Town, but not
necessarily protectors of the town people. They seems to make this
distinction and I find it rather faulted. The Town includes the
voters and the Town includes the taxpayers and the Town includes the
Residents and the Town includes the tourists. To make this
distinction between protecting the Town and the people who I see as
part of the Town leaves the selectmen protecting an artifice. They
are protecting an administration. They are protecting a legal entity.
And yet they are representatives of OUR issues, implementers
protecting our interests.

     I see the Town Hall Debacle in the same light. The selectmen
with the town manager acted to protect the Town. They didn't act to
inform the voters when they knew, in their hearts, if they did not
read it in writing, that the report from these structural engineers
was going to be devastating. They knew this at the four-person
presentation of these structural engineers on January 23rd. And they
acted to keep it quiet until it was too late to be included in this
year's town meeting. They did this--to protect the Town, not to
protect us. This I find problematic and enblematic of Provincetown's
present difficulties.

      Since they do not seem to carry out our wishes and our votes,
then maybe it's time for a new type of government. Maybe it's time to
have a mayor. It couldn't be worse than this. And maybe we'd find
less chicanery.
11:31 pm edt 

Yes, Hitting Ctrl Key and the F5 Keys Produce New Entries

      I often hit both the Ctrl key on the left and the F5 at the top
of the keyboard at the same time and then I find recently posted
entries appearing on Shout Out. I sometimes do this two or three
times a day and it seems to bring up the newer postings immediately.
I surely would recommend this to all bloggers who want to read the
most recent entries. It's a great help.

     I can't explain why it works but I do know that it's a great
help for reading the newest postings.
10:07 pm edt 

To: "Thank You Pier People"

I couldn't agree more! What a pleasure it is to go on the pier in the
summer. I have guests that come here by ferry many times during the
summer. Each time that I go to the pier to receive them; I am treated
professionally and extremely courteously by the Harbormaster staff.

The traffic is directed and even the taxi drivers who occasionally
get impatient are treated with respect and dignity not often
witnessed elsewhere. I am often amazed at the flow of people and
vehicles on the pier and yet the harbormasters are there to keep
everything flowing and calm.

Once, I asked one of the staff on the Pier, Mr. Ribas; whom should I
thank for this splendid service? He told me that the Harbormaster Rex
McKinzy was his boss and the pier is run by the P-town Public Pier
Board. So, may I say THANK YOU here publicly to you all for a
magnificent job well done! Congratulations for making what would seem
to be a congested and difficult situation a very pleasant one! Bravo!

Margaret Saltsberry
10:04 pm edt 

Phil Tarvers

    Mr tarvers in his well presented statment, modestly neglected to
also mention, that he  volintered, and served honorabley for four
years  in the United Sates Marine Corps. an achievement many would
like to claim, but only a few can  do so.

He served then, and serves now.
10:01 pm edt 

The Police Beat

    Take a break. Would the same monotonous voice take a breather. Go
out. Go to bed. So somewhere. You are boring us all. I don't sense an
overwhelming issue with the police at this time except for your
constant blogging on the same issue over and over again. You are
writing to yourself.

     Get over yourself

9:59 pm edt 

Vote No on Article 2

      Concerning the articles for Town warrant, I am definitely
against borrowing or using $200,000 for the optimization and
extension of the sewer projcts. This is a vote to spend $200,000 for
studies and reports on how to e xpand into Phase III. And again, who
is the beneficiary of this Phase Three expansion? Ted Malone and the
Race Point 38 unit development he is proposing and the commercial
development he has already created.

     The town cannot and should not afford $200,000 for Phase Three
and incur  more millions and millions of debt for a sewer system that
is wrought with problems and continues to cost the sewer hook up and
bettermen voters too much money.

     Enough is enough. No is my vote on Article 2.
9:58 pm edt 

The State of the Town?

    Really? Is this what we will really be discussing Monday night at
6p.m.? Is Sharon Lynn going to address this issue head one? Will we
be able to discuss the warrant when there is an elephant in the room?
With Town hall and its emergency status now being declared, isn't
that going to be the focus? And what will she and the other shes and
he say? That they only just received the report from McKinley Gaslow
and it came as a shocker to them as well? Oh, really?

    P_L_E_A_S_E! We are not idiots. We are not stupid. We can smell
deception a mile away.

     The State of the Town? Ludicrous and Childish in its games. The
logic given will the logic of deceit. This timing is not accidental,
but we will hear this mantra stated over and over again.
9:56 pm edt 

Thank You Mr. Tavers

Shout Out! is a vehicle for the expression of the town's people
concerning their government, not the personal back biting that
has taken place over the last day and a half.

The personal attack on Mr. Tavers is unwarranted. The slanderous
comments made regarding the Police and the Pier Corp. do nothing
to solve the greater problems this town is faced with.

We have only a few days before we will be asked to render
decisions at Town Meeting which will have lasting affects on all
our lives. Can we not pull ourselves out of the gutter and raise
the tone of our dialog?

We complain about the other persons writings on this blog. We/You
are the other!

This is not a chat room or personal column. I for one would ask the 
Webmaster to censor further comments involving personal attacks, street
talk and sexual proclivity.

Thank you again Mr. Tavers and we all receive your response with respect and 

8:50 pm edt 

TO: We Wish We Had The Same Good Fortune;

You weren't here in the 70's when a few of the women from the Old
Colony use to go behind Land's End hardware and mess around. What a
mess! It was a horror show!

You are jealous of men having sex under a pier?!?
How nice!

I hope your not a father!
You don't mind that they sneak around the backyards of some of homes
at 2a.m. & ally-ways, looking for a nook or cranny to fallate each

A few years ago, 2 men were fornicating in my backyard, under a
bedroom window. When I shouted for them to stop, that I was claling
the police, they continued and giggled and mumbled something about me
shutting up!  Like it was Ok because they are on vacation?  What if
my niece's were in that bedroom, as that is the room they use in the

Arrogance.  Indecent entitlement.
8:31 pm edt 

To: I Just Don't Understand

  I can't figure out what you don't understand about "breach of the a
peace" read the law...Until you know what your talking about,  maybe
you should re think what you say.   Let's have a party in your yard
sober or not that wasn't the issue and keep all your neighbors awake.
  Oh thats right, The police are brutal..  UNTIL YOU NEED THEM.... 
That could be you someday.....
8:29 pm edt 

Crazy World of Police

You know the police have no control of the situation in town when
they themselves are "handcuffed" when they need to arrest cops from
neighboring towns when they are too drunk for public decency but

What has this town come too?
8:28 pm edt 

Michael Rogovsky is Back!

 A sad commentary Mike. If only it
had been you leaving instead.

Color me gone
8:26 pm edt 

Police Need Our Support.

They have a difficult job and when they tell citizens they can't do
something, all hell brakes loose.  I would dare anyone in town to
act out in anyother town the way you do in Provincetown and see
what happens. 

Provincetown Police need to be less tolorant to your behavior. 
The police react to you reacting.  That is what they are trained
to do to keep themselves safe. 

To the person at the party?  You have no clue what you are
talking about. There were people at that party that know the truth
but are too scared to speak up against their friends.   The police
gained control and de-esculated a bad situation. 

Good job police.  Keep up the good work.  I'll vote yes.... In my 35 years in
Provincetown, I have had one contact with an officer when I was
stopped and he was nothing but polite.  If your not doing anything to
encounter the police you will have positive experience.  So get it
together and start obeying the laws or move out.
8:23 pm edt 

Sad Farewell

Mr. Sinan Unel's plays have received critical acclaim and
he was the subject of a full page, in depth article about his new
play, "The Cry of the Reed" in the March 28th Arts and Performance
section of the Boston Globe. Mr. Unel and his partner have lived in
Provincetown for more than 15 years and are in the process of

There are deeply talented people living in this town of solid
accomplishment. It is a real loss for the town whenever good citizens
leave; and a double loss when it is a person of such accomplishment.

Michael Rogovsky
6:31 pm edt 

the board of directors of the PROVINCETOWN PUBLIC PIER CORPORATION. I
live in Truro and before I was sworn in by the town clerk I informed
him of that fact. He looked it up and because it is a PUBLIC
CORPORATION and  not a town board per se it was perfectly legal for
me to serve as a director. The blogger who keeps bringing up this
fact knows that but still keeps putting out this lie.

To quote the Blogger of 9:49am est this morning "He is now on the
attack!" and asks me to tell the board how I protect my businesses in
Lopes Square buy setting retail policy on MacMillan pier and that is
the only reason that I ever wanted to be on the board. The board
knows better than that because I have stated at least six times that
I don't think the Pier Corporation or the Town of Provincetown should
be in competition with ANY SHOP OWNER that pays big rents wether he
is in Lopes Sqare or anywhere else is the Town of Provincetown.

That is the reason that the PPPC is trying to attract artists and crafts
people that will be able to work and show thier works in the trap
sheds that are on the pier for a seasonal rent of $5,000.00 which was
advertised in the Banner for the last two weeks.

In fact the art idea for the pier was presented and accepted by none other
than Ms. Candace Nagle who was allowed by the board to do a pilot art program
on the pier. She built a booth for the art work and I believe she even ran it the
first year. It WAS and STILL is a great idea that the board is now trying to
carry on.

Now for the last item that this mystery blogger keeps harping about
is that I cannot own a float on MacMillan Pier. That is true as one
of the two reasons that a person can not own a float space on the
pier is that you have been convicted of a felony.

This mystery blogger keeps using the term convicted felon. This part is true, in
1985 I was convicted of drug charges and was incarcerated.

YOUR DEBT TO SOCIETY that you may rejoin that society as a law
abiding citizen, WHICH I HAVE and in fact it is the reason that I am a unpaid
volunteer on the PPPC and willing to take the abuse that some people seem to
love giving out and I see as my way of still paying my debt to society.

Thank You for allowing me the space to try to set the record straight.

Anthony P. Tarvers
6:27 pm edt 

Full Disclosure!

Provincetown residents have every right to know about the
background of our elected and appointed officials. I question anyone
who is against full disclosure.
6:18 pm edt 

Status Quo

The superintendent of the school has a trained committee to
ruthlessly investigate all of the choices regarding the school--Any
bets that the results of their investigation will be status quo? Can
you say business as usual; heavy on administration and support staff
with bulging salaries--and less than a dozen graduating seniors.
3:42 pm edt 

Regarding "Insulted by the Town manager and the B of S":

I hope that at the state of the town meeting that the town manager is
politely-but pointedly-asked just this. I will be there to hear the
public response.

I'd also like to hear what the town manager thinks about the school
committee having its "trained" commitee seek answers to the almost
$4,000,0000 school situation with less than a dozen graduating
seniors. Perhaps names of committee memeber will be revealed.
3:40 pm edt 

Crocus are up!

The bunch of you should go out and stomp on some crocus.
3:38 pm edt 

To the Blogger.........

......who thinks the police beating up a person
for no reason helps the town: You are crazy. grow up. think before
you type.

To have your home town known for Police Brutality is NEVER a good thing.

Google it. Learn it. Fight your leaders.

Stop it!
3:34 pm edt 

Jump on the Blog Now Nagle......

.......and blame your former "good
friend" Phil Tarvers for the problems on the pier! We see what kind
of person you are now! I am so happy you were never my friend! Got
anybody else you want to fling under the bus and drive over a few
times? You are a real shining example of why this blog sucks!
3:32 pm edt 

To: What a Mess

SO if they did have FIRE IN THEIR BELLIES, what would you say then?
They are arrogant and they are pushy and they are disrespectful!

You people need to get real lives!!!!!!
3:30 pm edt 

What a Mess!
    Is leadership a lost art? Are we fated to have managers instead
of true leaders guidng Provincetown? Is there no courage, no fire in
the belly of those who hold the top[ offices? Psuedo-leaders, that's
unfortunately what we've got. What a burden!
12:32 pm edt 

I Just Don't Understand....

..why people continue to rationalize the police behavior.

besides the DJ incident, let's not forget jennifer cabral who was
having a catered party in her home and was removed, hand-cuffed after
a noise complaint.

the police were called for noise complaints, granted the parties were
loud in neighborhoods that are dense, but the response by the police
was extreme.  there were no other citations issued.  no one was
arrested for drugs.  no lewd behavior, no minors drinking.  they're
only offense was being loud.

when the only response to quelling an over zealous group of party
goers is force, there is a real problem.
12:31 pm edt 

You Weren't There!

I was at that party where the DJ was assaulted. I saw what
they did to him the very first time they had met him that night. He
wasn't approached by any cops until the 3rd call...the homeowner and
a party goer saw them the first two times.

You weren't there. Don't be like the police and lie. Or are you a cop?

By the way, this was an AA group of non-drinkers. They were a group
of 40 year old adults (not a 'cicuit boi' in the bunch--thanks for
your silly lingo) in a provate backyard. The party was from 6 to 11pm
and stopped at 10:20 or so. It was never loud.              was the
only complainant.

Get your facts straight!

I witnessed the Provincetown Police in action that night, my friends.

Be very, very afraid.

And stop the lying...especially that coming from Shankpainter Road
11:01 am edt 

We Wish We had the Same Good Fortune

There is rampant drug use and I worked with the locals who
grew up here and they were using drugs in high school--so be careful
about whom you speak.
I, for one, would appreciate having gay men walking up and down the
beach outside my house all night because they aren't bothering me as
long as they are quiet and discreet--which they are. They would be a
source of protection against robbery and arson.
Here is another truth that we straight men only acknowlege privately
(hold onto your hats): My friends and I have always been jealous that
the gay men have a place to go and meet; we wish that we had the same
good fortune to find such a place filled with women. (you are lying
if you guys deny it)
10:59 am edt 

Insulted by the BOS and Town Manager

     The issues of Town Hall were presented to the BOS and to Sharon
Lynn on January 23rd as one blogger stated earlier. They knew THEN
what the dire situation of Town Hall was according to these
expensive, elistist experts. Why did they cancel the next meeting to
be held with McKinley Kaslow in Febuary? Because they would have had
to put on the warrant the future costs of fixing Town Hall. But that
is what should have happened. NOt purposefully cancel the scheduled
meeting and then act, Oh, so SURPRISED, that the building needs
emergency work. What a ploy!

    And now we will spend extra money to have another Special Town
Meeting this summer and, if it involves an override, and extra
election as well. How much will this costs because the BOS and Sharon
Lynn did not have the courage to confront us now? Did not have the
integrity to state the real issues but played this deceptive game?

     I'm disgusted with their actions. This shows such a lack of
leadership, such cowardice. Is this what the commitee to hire a new
town manager believed would happen? Is this what voters believed
would occur when we voted for three new selectmen? This "dream team"
has turned into a nightmare. This is inexcusable.
10:54 am edt 

It's a Good Thing the Season is Getting Closer..... some of these
irrational incompetent and attitudinal bloggers can morph into
irrational incompetent and attitudinal hosts to our visitors.
10:51 am edt 


Sell 90 Shankpainter Rd
sell 90 shankpainter rd
...sell 90 shankpainter
..........sell 90 shank
10:49 am edt 

Another Pier Cover-up

All this pier ranting and anonymous blogging reflects what
transpired Thursday at the public PPPC meeting. A humiliated director
Phillip Tarvers admitted in his director's statement that he couldnt
legally own a license on MacMillan Pier. What was it you said?          
        ? You must have learned a lot about overseeing our MacMillan
Pier           . He didn't disclose this information to the BOS either
when he went before them as a PPPC candidate for director. Another
Pier cover-up.

He is now on the attack! Grow up Tarvers. Tell the board how you
protect your businesses in Lopes Square by setting retail policy on
MacMillan Pier and that's the only reason you ever wanted to be on
that board. He doesn't even live in Provincetown but he is spending
taxpayers money and preventing any economic development on MacMillan
Pier that competes with his businesses! That's one of the reasons we
never see much money going into town coffers.
9:49 am edt 

To The Blogger Who Just Returned From Florida

Re: Police Brutality

You say that tourists everywhere are looking at this?

Maybe some of these people will realize that Provincetown is not
going to tolerate disrespectful behavior at 1 in the morning!  That
Provincetown residents do not appreciate lewd and disruptive acts in
their backyard.

Let the "party-boi's" of the circuit go back to Fire Island if they
want to play all hours of the night. (It isn't that we do not want
them here, just play by the rules)

And by the way, did you enform your friends in FL that the police had
to return 3 times to be confronted by the entitled DJ who wanted the
crowd to uproar?
9:42 am edt 

Our Police Department

The Ptown police have quite a "Dog and Pony" show to keep in lawful
order during the season!  Can you imagine Chatham or Brewster police
putting up with some of the acts of indecentcy that occur here in the

PLEASE, they are doing a good job, so leave them to it!  There is
rampant drug use, sex in the alleys and beaches, drunk belligerent
behavior at 2am. and very loud noise coming from some of the homes
that are rented out for the week, some in local neighborhoods with
year round working people.

I hardly think this live and let live attitude would be tollerated in
any other town on the Cape!
9:40 am edt 

Police State (Town)

No, I don't think we live in a police state-town.

No, I don't think its odd for a town that prides itself on diversity
and freedom, that I have to warn my tenants and friends to be careful
when they come to town.

No, I don't find it odd that when I send info to tenants that I have
a warning that states:

If you drive, beware of agressive police in Eastham, Truro and Ptown
(bad start to a vacation) so you don't get a ticket

If you fly, beware of agressive security people who will throw you in
jail (happened to two friends) if you happen to have a substance that
is legal in most states or just having your HIV meds.

If you walk on Commcerial Street, and you have had too much to drink,
you may be arrested, put in jail for your 'protective custody'

If you decide to go swimming without your bathing suit in an isolated
part of our miles of beaches, a ranger with binoculars will give you
a ticket. Or better yet they follow you to see if you and your
husband are going to make love in the park.

And beware of the many police cars on Bradford Street speeding
dangerously to catch someone not wearing a seat belt.

And if you are gay and play loud music, you will be arrested but if
you are from               then you can play your loud music across from
town hall as late as you want.

Provincetown's new slogan ..... Ptown, Now Behave !
9:38 am edt 

The Road to Home Ownership

I'm confused about affordable housing. Units sell for over
$100,000 and yet in New Bedford one can buy a two family home with a
finished attic, big landscaped yard and basement for $150,000.
Imagine, with a two family, you can rent out one of the apartments
and get help paying the mortgage.

Meanwhile, in Provincetown, a one bedroom condo unit goes for
$115,000. It would be better for a couple of people to buy a house in
New Bedford and rent it out and then sell it when the market turns
and use the money for a down payment on a house in Provincetown. We
hear about groups of people being evicted---this would be a way for
them to buy--they only need a 20% down payment--and then get on the
road to home ownsership.
9:35 am edt 

What Thievery:

I just read that *We have no Choice" regarding 90 Shank
painter Rd because it was assessed for $2,000,000 and that we tax
payers paid $1,000,000 for it and that we are giving it away for
Affordable housing. What thievery: and Parmakian and Couture knew all
along that Town Hall was deemed unsafe and going to be closed down.

9:32 am edt 


A typical Ptown solution concerning Town Hall. Just fix it a little
and let someone in the future deal with the real problems. In all due
respect to our some local contractors, a building like this needs an
experts opinion.

These consultants are supposedly experts in the field of historic
restoration and reconstruction. Cheap quick fixes don't work in
historic rehab, just ask the Historic Commission in what they have
made me, and many, do for the sake of historic preservation.

Ask the library people about their building. Look at Firehouse #2. Oh
yeah, the town has a great record for taking care of old buildings
while the town forces me to make "improvements" to my property
because I happen to live on the wrong street.

If certain people "lucky" enough to live in the historic district
have to abide by strict rules enforced by this town then Town Hall
must have the same scrutiny and expense. The town's definition for
historic preservation - just for my lifetime! If we truly have a
problem this extensive, then deal with it.
9:30 am edt 

To Quote the Banner

Under pressure from town and finance
officials do discuss reorganizing or restructuring the Provincetown
school system, Waugh said she is reconvening the strategic planning
subcommittee on Wednesday to begin researching various option that
would help Provincetown school attract more students.

She goes on to say that the subcommittee team has been trained and
their first idea is to find out if we can merge with a charter school
from a different district?  What exactly did this trained Strategic
planning subcommittee" propose before? Are they just going through
the motions?

It would seem that meeting with the principal of Nauset
High school would be the top priority since one assumes that the
"strategic Planning committee" had exhausted all other venues during
their first creation.
9:28 am edt 

We Need to Sell 90 Shank Painter Road

We are engulfed in financial disaster as a town. We have no recourse
except to sell the 2.53 acres at 90 Shank painter Rd. Right before us
on the Real estate section of the banner are listings of the units
sold. These are individual units; if they are selling for almost a
half a million dollars; what would 2.53 acres of land bring the town
in revenue that we so desperately need?
9:25 am edt 

Ideas Are Shared by Being Expressed.

 If any reader
consideres this rants--why are you here reading them? Is it a "rant"
to read and then make a comment about the school having a "trained"
subcommittee of concerned citizens and the first thing they do is
pursue merging with a charter in another district? One phone call
would show that it isn't feasible.

  It makes no sense to creat a charter school in Provincetown since
it won't attract a new body of students; the students who want to
study here are enrolled here.
The editorial in Friday's Boston Globe regarding the low school
population and the emotional parents who fight the hardest shows how
tough it will be to close the school

9:21 am edt 

How Ironic!

Monday, March 31st...State of the Town meeting at the VMES
school, 6:00pm. Very important that people show up for this meeting.

Tuesday, April 1st (how ironic), School Committee and BoS to meet at
4:00pm at VMES...even more important that parents and other community
members show up for this meeting!!

Strange how Town Hall has come to the school to help with the
situation that all of a sudden becomes "not safe" for a large
capacity of people.

Somehow the school is fit to hold Town Meeting, but not to keep open
in order to educate the students.

You know who i am :)
9:19 am edt 

It Makes Me Laugh.

You people who intend to tear the police depatment apart.
Please let me inform you on a few things !!! I work in a night club
here ..and I have been bleed on, pissed on, puked on, slapped punched
sued and handcuffed... and this is just what I go through as a
security guard. I have seen people destoned to take on the police
because their tax payers and I pay your sallery.....unless your in
the trenches with them you have no right to speak this way about our
police....they put up with butt heads like you all the time their job
is hell.. so unless you want to wressel some twiked queen to the
floor, or stop the bitch fight between to women  go right a head ..
less work for our police to do. they work hard AND THEY DESERVE
RESPECT.. and if your talking about the dj mess ...have no fear my
malcontent friend the truth wii pervaille
9:17 am edt 

To: In Case You Didn't Know

The only reason the 'out of town' police chief from 5 years ago was
unable to do his job correctly was because Tobias was undermining him
throughout the department because he was pissed he didn't get the job.

He felt entitled to that job then as he does now.  He is just a small
town bully who should have been fired years ago.  Why he was ever
allowed to remain as 'acting' chief for this long is what should be
questioned.  The chief's job should have been filled immediately when
myers left.

Tobias has been nothing but a disgrace to the department and this town.
9:14 am edt 


I don't even understand this blog:

"The only so called laughing stock of the Provincetown Police is from
other communities who can't belive what is allowed to go on in Ptown.
    Let the police do thier jobs....."

Sorry, but people who smoke crack should not be allowed to type
9:11 am edt 

Save Your Whining For the Phone When You Dial 9-1-1

The next time your neighbor's party cranks up too loud! Blame the cops,
til you need them!

What a sorry group this is! I hope the people on this blog aren't a
true representation of Provincetown. If so, we are circling the bowl,
real fast!
9:08 am edt 

Re: Police Department

The only so called laughing stock of the Provincetown Police is from
other communities who can't belive what is allowed to go on in Ptown.
   Let the police do thier jobs.....

12:41 am edt 

Re: The Provincetown Police

In case you didn't know, we had a Chief from outside 5 years ago and
what a disaster that was.  Do we need another disaster...  If you
don't know what your talking about, maybe you should check first.
12:40 am edt 

This "Blog" has Become a Rant-fest!

Mr. and Mrs WebMaster, perhaps you should let the good people that take the time from their
busy day to post and let them know that YOU decide what is fit for
them to read on this OPEN PUBLIC FORUM! This blog has reduced itself
to the worthless ravings and rantings of the disgruntled few. Heck,
why don't we all stop typing and go help with the Town Hall? At least
THAT would be something positive!
12:38 am edt 

Glad This Site is Finally Recognizing the Problem........

...........................with our entire police department.

It is very sad when I travel to Florida, tell people I am from
Provincetown and have to hear about how they 'beat up people there.'
This happened just last week.

It sickens me that this is our new reputation across the country and
while our Town Manager does NOTHING about it; tourists everywhere are
paying attention to this.

It is sickening that even my own fellow residents are looking the other way.
12:36 am edt 

I Can Only Suspect That the "WEBMASTER" Won't Post This

(I will email it to several friends to be certain however)

Of course, this is a fictional story, but just imagine if you will ..

Webmaster Comment: This board, as a policy, does not publish
fictional material

12:33 am edt 

Friday, March 28, 2008

Suing the Town May not Be an Obstacle for Running for Office

     Consider the number of residents who have sued the town for
decisions made at Zoning or at Planning or through Historic District.
Just look at the list in the Town Report for this year and for all
the preceding years. Or consider the suits that some have made
against the Town for Sexual Harassment. That would not prohibit any
of these individuals from running for Selectmen.

      If you are a felone, then that's a different situation. But
simply suing the Town is your right if the Town took actions and
decisions which you find deleterious or incorrect or just improperly
10:42 pm edt 

Concerning 90 Shankpainter Road

     The restriction that the Town agreed to in puchasing this
property for $1 million--which Peter Page maybe right that it was
first offered by Cumberland Farm for not one penny--is that the Town
or whomever is using this land may not compete directly against
Cumberland in seting up either a convenience store or a gas station
in this 2.53 parcel of land. That is the only restriction the Town
agreed to.

     As to the CPC Monies that were used to puchase the land, it
states in the town vote that the Selectmen may offer this land for
amounts that are in their authority to establish and that they may
establish a minimum determination.

     Obviously, the decision to offer the developer the 2.53 acre
parcel of land for a 99-year lease for no payment-- -not one penney
or one dollar--and for no rent is surely and ridiculously minimum.
The Selectmen may determine to exchange the land for $500,000 or even
more. They could try to recover the million dollar costs from the
potential developer and guess what? The Town could use the million to
fix some of the structural problems that exists. Couldn't someone in
Town use a million dollars? Couldn't the school benefit from this?
Couldn't the police fund their raises through this? Couldn't trash
pick up benefit from this?

     It seems reasonable to think that some department in this Town
could benefit from $500,000 or $750,000 or even $1 Million. Don't you
think so?
10:40 pm edt 

To: "Its Not Fair" "Its Not Fair".

Being a senior citizen on a fixed income
and having you demean me shows your tremendous disrespect and
disregard for people in my situation. Shame on you! You have no idea
what life is like for people like me with spouses with illness and
family members that are struggling.

I can clearly see that the selectmen have their own agenda for
affordable housing for people like you. I hope that you take a good
long look at yourself in the mirror and that someday you think about
this and the shame that you inflict upon yourself.
10:38 pm edt 

How do We Get the Rats Out of Our Basement?

Who should I vote for? I want Michelle Couture out but want to be
careful not to split the vote and get stuck with her in office for
another 3 years.  Any advice on whose values are consistent with our
mission statement?
10:34 pm edt 

I Can Only Suspect That the "WEBMASTER" Won't Post This

(I will email it to several friends to be certain however)

Of course, this is a fictional story, but just imagine if you will ..

Webmaster Comment: This board, as a policy, does not publish
fictional material.

10:32 pm edt 

Oh Great

Now this blog wants to micro-manage the reconstruction of a 150 year
old municipal building.

Yeah, i want the guy who built my garage to rebuild town hall.
10:26 pm edt 

Why Would Any Contractor Get iInvolved With This?

I bet Peter Page will lose jobs because of his blogs on here!
10:24 pm edt 

Thank you Re-Posting the Local Contractor Suggestion

     Here's a question for Peter Page: Do you think it's possible
that we could round-up a group of local contractors and get a new
assessment of the immediate structural problems of Town Hall? Could
we get you, Golden Hammer, Sea Level Construction, Augustus
Construction, John Lisbon, Michael Cyzkowski, and others to work
together and come up with an assessment that fixes only the immediate
problems and only the necessary problems? In others words, an
analysis of the building and an evaluation that is down-to-earth. The
goal is not to restore this building to perfection, not to fix the
bulding to its premier condition but to fix the necessary and
immediate problems.

     The Town does have $600,000 in funds to fix and repair Town
Hall. Couldn't we fix some problems with these monies? And maybe we
can get more monies from CPS to fix a second set of problems.

     The McKinley Kaslow contract for structural analysis and
evaluation for $67,000 should have gone out for competitive bid. We
should have received bids from local contractors and received their
analysis. Can we get your opnion, analysis and evaluation, including
a sense of the cost, to fix certain limited problems making, so they
say, Town Hall unsafe for more than 210 individuals?

     We don't have the money to carry out the ideal and idealistic
plans--including new offices, new reconstruction of space, alteration
of the first floor and basement for more efficient use of space and
more service-friendly space.

      So, is this a possiblity? We could be in a much better position
if this could occur.

      Looking forward to hearing from you and from other contractors.
9:20 pm edt 

Local Contractors

Won't stiff you because they are taxpayers? Oh god, thats rich! Just
like when Rogers was hired right and all the times he's been hired
he's saved the town big dough? Ya, right. The local guys can't and
won't do the work because they probably aren't certified to do
municipal work, something required when a town project is put out to
bid. The other reason is they don't want the job, too many like those
in here to critisize the job, as if anyone in here knows how to do
the job. There is way too much other work to do in town to make their
money instead of getting tied up in this rat trap.
9:19 pm edt 

It's About the Provincetown Police...

You all are missing the biggest factor in the town's future
tourist problem. It's the same problem that caused Oprah not to do an
entire HOUR on Provincetown and how nice a place it is for people to

It's about the Provincetown Police...the past year of terror overseen
by Tobias (who now wants to 'retire' on $90,000 a year for a ten year
old made-up ankle injury); the beating of a DJ and mistreatment of
other people...They need to hire a leader from outside this place,
just to save face for the entire department--not a laughingstock
across the country.

The town is in trouble. As a resident, screw the town hall and the
people in it and start paying attention to the real problem. Get rid
of these leaders...they do not lead effectively.

Then, find a new building or a condo for them to meet in.

The town hall is more than just a symbol of this town's decay.

Wake up before it's too late.
9:02 pm edt 

Gotta Question

  How can George Bryant run for selectman
when he is suing the town and the town is suing him? Isn't this a
conflict of interest?

Slippery Fish (in a quandry in the hull)
7:39 pm edt 


Let's get the local contractor guys to check out town hall and see
what their opinion is.  they wont gouge us because they are taxpayers.
7:37 pm edt 

Read the Fine Print

I believe the way the purchase of sale is written in regards
to 90 Shankpainter, as a town, we can not resell the land.  It was
assesed at almost $2M and the town bought it at $1M. a $1M below
market rate savings (for lack of a better word)

The parcel must be used for affordable rentals as per RFP.

However, there may be some fine print that Keith had put in re: a
bailout or resale? (maybe not, he was too short sighted)
Marcene Marcoux Article 33 would have merit as well, placing a
moratorium on this parcel.

however, bedcause of Astrid Berg and Jack McMahon Article 29 & 30, we
can change the CPC mandate of 80% af-frod-able housing percentage!
put $$$ back into historic preservation.
7:36 pm edt 

Reposted at the Request of a Reader

I vote that John Lisbon, Golden Hammer, Sea Level
Construction, Peter Page et al go and take a look at town hall
because I had an addition put on my house that doubled the size of my
house with a foundation and my builders came across problems--and
came up with solutions--they didn't just ring their hands.
I would just like to hear what they have to say.

As soon as I talk about town hall suddenly being closed people see
right through it .How "conveniently" this has all happened right at
this time.

We must take the 80% from affordable housing and put it towards
fixing town hall. Can we now sell 90 Shank painter road and put the
money towards town hall? Lets do something for our current citizens.
6:30 pm edt 

Could You Post the Suggestion of Local Contractors' Assessment

     Could you post again the blogger's response who suggested that
we ask local contractors like John Lisbon, Peter Page and others to
help do an assessment of town hall. I looked for it and can't locate
it. I'd appreciate reading the entire response.

    Or maybe the blogger who suggested this, could send  their
suggestions again. It was an important idea.

     I do feel we need another assessment for Town Hall and one that
looks at the minumum that needs to be done to make the building
safer. Not the most we can spend and all the should be done in the
most ideal scenario.

    Thanks for this.
6:13 pm edt 

To Much Misinformation...

Please if your going to talk about something at least have some since
of knowledge behind you.. The land for the dog park... yes the town
gave it to them, and it will be divided up for large dogs and small
It's a leaching field. Do you know what that is?? you can't build on
it..Pier parking ...turn it into restaurants and shops ? are you
kidding..are you new in town.. With parking at a premium where do you
expect people to park ? do you know about the towns water issues ?
Stop trying to demean people and speak about solutions to our
problems not being part of them....Do you think for a minute that the
people of this town will close town hall and make it's
just these kind of stupid ideas that got us in trouble in the first
place..We must work together and not tear each other down. If we
persist in this manner we are destined to destroy ourselves
6:11 pm edt 

It's Not Fair! It's Not Fair!!!

I have to pay tax.  I own my own house, but my taxes go up!  There
are people here waiting on me, serving me dinner and cleaning my
toilet and they, ya know, "those people" get to go to Florida in the
winter, and they, ya know, "those people" get free health care and
they, ya know, "those people" get unemployment and a place to live
and they don't pay the taxes that I pay and It's Just Not Fair!!!

I can't help it if I'm well invested in the stock market and I own
many shares of Halliburton, Exxon and Verizon!

I can't help it that I can sell my house for over a million dollars,
but they can only sell their condo for about a 7% profit, but I don't
care cause it just aint fair--
6:08 pm edt 

Hey Dog Park Critic...

Seems that you are attempting to go
after Ms Nagle via the dog park. How low can you go...Wanna limbo
under the dachshund?
Slippery fish (waiting in the Chico Jess with doggie fish)
6:06 pm edt 

Jack McMahon & Peter Page Have Found Answers--

--- to many of the questions and false statements that have been
blogged here in regards to affordable housing.  There has been much
research- including interviews and meetings with town hall officials
and CHR employees.

Facts have been printed on this blog for the past few months from
these two dedicated citizens.

It seems to me, there are a few of you who just can not accept the
truth in affordable housing, and INSIST on creating lies and
deception, for your own agenda of denouncing any further progress of
needed units for the  deserving people of town.

Now that you have found out that owners of affordable housing
property taxes DO go up, what new lie can you create and spin to
allure new spiders into your web of deceit?
6:05 pm edt 

Ok I've Shut Up Long Enough!

Lay off Adams, Rex the
Harbormaster and the Pier Corp! They are doing a terrific job! The
Pier looks great and things finally work down there!

I work on the water as a fisherman. I have to leave my vehicle on the
pier. The Pier Corp and Rex have made my job a lot easier and have
helped us fishermen through some difficult times. The traffic in the
summer gets handled effectively. The Harbormaster staff is
professional and courteous to EVERYONE!

Candice Nagel, don't you have float spaces to rent or something?
What's your problem anyway? You take plenty of money off that pier
and you don't pay much for the priveldge either! You should close
your mouth before we start a petition to have you removed from the
wharf too for being a troublemaker! Vote Candice Nagel's Article to
dissove the Pier Corp DOWN to ChinaTown!

Fishing for Change
6:03 pm edt 

Oh My,

Someone's IP adDRESS is showing!!!! - How
embarrassing for you Candace!
6:01 pm edt 

Town Meeting April, 2007, FY 2008

      There was also a request for $50,000.00 for drainage.
It seems that these two go hand in hand each and every year? I too,
would like a report on the work, how much it costs and where and if
there are any reserves.
      Remember, this year the sidewalks and drainage is under a 2 1/2
Prop override. Time to ASK questions and gets numbers and reports on
the repairs.
      De'ja vu again,
5:59 pm edt 

Hey "Oh Brother"

"me" meaning "my town" ----- another
crazy-paranoid-shoot-someone-down PACC blogger
5:58 pm edt 

Shout Out! Received More Publicity in This Weeks Banner.

It also shows how Ms. Pam is all for affordable housing and no other
issue. Ms. Coutoure is the same. They had a free ride until Shout
out! illuminated their connections and their antics for all to see.
There are other issues and other people in town than just affordable
housing but this is all we long time residents are getting from them.
5:56 pm edt 

Land Give Away ...

Does anyone know if the town gave away
land for the Dog Bark Park? The site on the corner of Shank Painter
and Route 6 is prime land and would make a great site for a post
office, town hall, a business etc.

Part of me hopes the town DID give it away.  Let's say I'm visiting
Ptown and go there with my dog and someone else's dog attacks me or
my dog.  If I'm going to sue someone it might be the other dog owner
or it might be the town (they probably have deeper pockets).  What
I'm saying is that I hope the town doesn't have a liability issue for
what happens in the dog park.
2:55 pm edt 

Oh Brother!

More pier propaganda:  I actually was proud to say
thank you to the many people that congratulated me on the changes on the pier.

What a freudian slip!
2:21 pm edt 

People on This Blog are Really Becoming NastY...........

....Are you trying to indicate that the people you are referring to
are "washashores"? I hate that name! Whoever you are, you seem to
have an agenda. Not sure what you're beefing about! Candace is all
about Candace, yes that's true. She is driven and seems to believe in
her mission whether she's right or not. Not quite sure what you said
about Mr. Enos since the webmaster censored that piece. Sharon Lynn,
a politician??? That's interesting! Kerry Adams is arrogant? That's a
stretch and half! Are we talking about the same people??

I don't know WHO you're talking about... perhaps you don't either!
2:19 pm edt 

From April 2007 Town Meeting:

Article 6. FY 2008 Capital Improvements Program.
5. DPW Street Sidewalk Maintenance
Michele Couture moved that the Town vote to raise and appropriate the
sum of $50,000 to be expended under the direction of the Town Manager
and the Director of Public Works for maintenance of streets and
sidewalks, and costs related thereto.  Motion Passed.

When we approve funding at Town Meeting do we ever receive a report
as to how those funds were expended or if there are funds left over
from this specific project?  I can't recall seeing any work on
sidewalks in town (must have been the streets), the sidewalks are
still a mess.  And now Article 6 of this years town meeting warrants
asks for the same thing, another $50,000 for maintenance of streets
and sidewalks.  I would hate to think these funds just go into the
DPW budget and there is no specific accounting for it.

It might be easier to vote yes on Article 6 this year if I knew how
the funds were expended last year.
2:17 pm edt 

More Than My Fair Share

Perhaps there are people who would love to have these town
jobs if other people quit them. Look at what they get: benefits, paid
vacation, retirement. I don't get any of this--I'm just one of the
tax payers whoes money pays for all of them and for the 11 graduating
seniors and for affordable housing. I pay more than my fair share;
let them take a cut in pay or get a second job--that is what I did
when I needed to get more money.
2:15 pm edt 

Dear Pauline Richmond,

The situation is that I've lived here for years and my taxes have
gone up $3,000 since 2001; I have to pay my own health insurance,
house insurance taxes and I don't get a cost of living increase or
any benefits. I also pay to be connected to the waste water treatment
plant. And I will have to pay for the deaconess connection.

I'm sorry if I'm not sympathetic to town workers who get benefits and
life pensions and cost of living increases--I'm the one paying for
them--while I don't benefit.

No one is trying to control the school budget with the high salaries
and life time pensions--and suddenly there is a big increase on
people nearing retirement.

I'm soundly saying NO to pay increases and I will vote for no
override because all of the concern is for people on affordable
housing (buying land and giving them 90 shank painter road)--not the
long time residents.

These are the true facts.

Provincetown citizen
2:13 pm edt 

Thank You Pier People

I just felt the need to thank someone about the Pier. After many
visits to the pier last summer to pick up friends or guests, I have
to say that I experienced a level of professionalism that never
existed before.

The new pavillion, the sun/shade structure, the live parking areas,
the little houses for retail, the new walkway. The staff was always
there to direct me to the best area for waiting and for a quick exit.
The traffic flowed, the staff was courteous (unique for this town)
and I consider it the best public relations and tourism change that
could have ever happened in this town.

Speaking as a year round property tax paying resident (and not
connected in any way with the Pier) it is a great welcome for our
visitors (and for us) who are spending a fortune here. Finally,
something world class and to be proud of. I actually was proud to say
thank you to the many people that congratulated me on the changes on
the pier.

Thank you whoever you are. You can't please everyone but you have
certainly made me proud of our "front door/curb appeal" to the town.
Keep up the good work.
2:10 pm edt 

To Pauline -

What's your point? You don't want jobs, wages or services cut, but
you also don;t want taxes raised. Something has to give. Expenses
rise over time, especially benefits for town employees and insurance
costs.  So there are three options - cut expenses (jobs, services,
benefits), raise taxes, or do something to increase the town's tax

Seems to me no one is really focusing on how to improve the tax base.
  We limit the amount of outdoor seating restaurants can have, the
peirs are totally under-utilized(no restaurants, shops, etc), a prime
piece of town property on the waterfront is being used for a large
parking lot rather than developed into a prime waterfront shopping,
restaurant and tourist spot.

Clearly our town leaders(or non-leaders) have no vision, imagination
or ability to do anything other than focus on their special interests
(affordable housing for example).

Perhaps the town meeting should be moved to the summer months so
there is more representation from people who cannot be here in April
(oh, but wait - that might prevent the special interests from getting
their way).

Time to flush more than the sewage down the town sewer!
2:08 pm edt 

Land Give Away

Does anyone know if the town gave away land for the Dog Bark Park?
The site on the corner of Shank Painter and Route 6 is prime land and
would make a great site for a post office, town hall, a business etc.

After the Dog Park is all set up, will it be impossible to get the
land back if we want to use it. Is this another example of giving
away our resources?
2:05 pm edt 

Just because...

From a previous blogger: "Why do the budget cuts have to rest on the
backs of town employees?"

Just because you work for a municipality does not guarantee you a job
or a raise.  the largest part of any municipal budget is payroll and
costs associated to payroll.

There are a number of positions in this town that should be eliminated.
2:04 pm edt 

Oh How Sexist ....

How dare you assume that this is a boy/girl thing. So very, very
stupid and sexist! The point being that when you constantly talk/rant
about an isssue it diminishes the effectiveness of the argument.
Candace may have a valid point to make, but who is listening. Very
unfortunate  because it is probably a very good point.

If you ever had to deal with Candace in a customer relations way, you
would know that her behavior is the same, all the time. Wants
something for nothing, belittle hourly help and downright rude.
People's writing style rarely differs from their in-person reality. I
have had staff run when she approaches. Just try being civil and
acknowledge others point of view, show some respect for the working
force in this town -  it may go a long way in making your point.
2:01 pm edt 

Wake Up Fellow Townspeople!

Why do the budget cuts have to rest on the backs of town
employees?  Some live here and some don't. The people who pay taxes
here and want to stay won't be able to with job cuts.  By raising
taxes and cutting town jobs...  NOT A GOOD CHOICE. 

We all need to seriously look at the town warrant because our town
government is so "get on the board of choice, get what you want from
the town, quit or resign after what you want has been done and do no
more for the town!", most taxpayers haven't a clue whats up.

So many people are only here a few months a year that own property.
They can't come back to town in time for town meetings or annual votes,
yet when they come back they don't like the way town works.

If you cut the DPW this whole town will look like one big garbage dump.
Its bad enough now folks don't want to pay for disposal of their debris
wether they have a trash pick up or not.  The school system is going to
hell also. 

People with children, senior citizens and folk on fixed incomes still can't
afford to keep their homes or pay high rents.  If we vote prop 2 1/2
override then you will see more for sale than ever before and less bang
for your tax buck!!!
What happened to all the money already alloted for some of the things
they town government) are asking for. WAKE UP FELLOW TOWNSPEOPLE!!!!

Do you want to see recievership in our future.  Do your research.
Because if you don't know, you can't fix things.

Pauline Richmond
11:55 am edt 

Thanks, I Found the Meeting on PTV and Started to Watch it.

I will have to continue later to get the full report. I am still
confused why there is no mention of it the minuets. Jan. 14, 22, 23
and the next meeting are all posted. Thank you Web Master for posting
the televised meetings.

Astrid Berg
11:49 am edt 


I haven't read a blog FROM Candace in a while.  All that seems to be
printed here are 5 paragraph hate letters addressed TO her.

Cut the chord gentlemen.  Seems to me your sexist jelousy is getting
the best of you. Are you that threatened by a smart independent
women?  Yes, she has an impressive degree.  Yes, she has a problem
with the PPPC.  Yes, she is just trying to get some accountability
for their budget.  Its a free country last time I checked.

KEEP IT UP CANDACE!!!!!  You are really pissing-off the "good
ole-boys".  It actaully amuses me to see the creative ways these
cry-babys TRY to insult you.  You GO girl.....fight the power :-)

Working Class
11:47 am edt 

Pier Corp Consumes too Much of Our Resources!

I for one believe something must be done to shut the door
on an organization that is sucking up so much municipal revenue with
what appears to be so little regard for costs which deprives the Town
of a valuable revenue stream.
The Pier Corporation is taking in almost $600,000 in 2008 but they
have a projected net loss of of $130,927.
The year to year budgets posted on the town's website are

I will be voting to dissolve the Provincetown Public Pier
Corporation at Town Meeting.
11:45 am edt 

Hi Clarence,

I'm sorry I didn't explain myself more clearly.  My point was that it
IS possible to include grant monies, not that we should do so.

I'm not familiar enough with the probabilities of receiving the grant
to say whether we should or should not include it.  It does appear
that in the past they included the full amount of the grant with no
assurance that the full amount would be received and that was a
mistake and against accounting standards.

Having worked as a CPA before I will say that my policy was always to
err on the side of caution, something which it appears that Mr.
Bergman did not believe in.  It appears that he desired to make the
picture as rosy as possible and deal with the consequences later. 
It's unfortunate the past BOS did not hold him more accountable and
did not question his estimates or projections.  We are paying for
that now.

The Former CPA
(or I guess I'm still one, just not practicing)
11:43 am edt 

Firehouse #2

THANK YOU Larry Mahan for your comments regarding the accountability
that Couture and Avellar own regarding long standing issues. Naturaly
emotion is involved in many of the postings on this site, but to be
truly effective on issues, follow the history and paper trails of the
problem spots the town is facing. Specifically be very careful how
you tred with the future of Firehouse #2. Your annual Town Reports
starting from 1988 give a good overview of the mismanagement of this
property. Provincetown/BOS easily has another lawsuit waiting to
happen if they get too sloppy with their decisions.
10:37 am edt 

In Response to Astrid Berg's Questions

     First, thanks for your in-put. I did not look at the minutes of
the meetings and let me say that even before Vernon was sick, there
were few minutes from the BOS that were posted. REmember when Couture
admonished the EDC for lack of minutes and found them at fault but
she should have looked at her own minutes which is all of their
responsibility. The BOS have been irresponsible on this count.

     I just went to this Blog--yes, MYPACC. I went to For the Record
where all the videos of the BOS meetings can be found. I had to check
through a few meetings to find these four characters from Mckinley
Kaslow. I do know that the video goes on for one hour and twenty
minutes and Mary-Jo says at the end that they have to close the
meeting since they have another meeting they have to attend or call.
So, I think it could have been the four o'clock meeting or a five
o'clock meeting. Let me mention that it was not open for public
statements and it didn't seem as if anyone else was in attendance.

    So, hit the January 23, 2008 BOS meeting that is called Town Hall
Building Assessment and you will hear the lengthy presentations and
the role of these four gentlemen from McKinley Kaslow and each
"expert's" assessment that is dire.

     I was also struck by the fact that Michele Couture and I think
Sharon Lynn together were involved in the external analysis with the
third person who sppoke. I think that Michele Couture was even in the
bucket that went up to the cupola with this guy. Listen and see if
I'm right. How did she and not the others know exactly when the
bucket was going up? They wer surprised to hear her tell this. A
little behind the scences involvement and again you'll hear her
incredible remarks: "It's such an amazing report" and then again she
is overwhelmed with this "wonderful piece of work." Is that the
reponse we want from four gentlemen who are presenting the level of
deterioration and appraising all of them how many deteriorating
aspects characterize  this building? I, for one, surely don't.

    But they all were informed on Janauary 23, 2008 and they heard
what you will hear. It was thorough, dire, and major problems. And
then only THIS Monday, McKinley and Kaslow pronounce that the
building is unsafe for more than 210 people? REally? Hardly!
10:35 am edt 

To: Former CPA

It is true that reasonably expected funds can be carried on the books
with a foot note, in the case of the USDA projected grant funds, we
were led to believe a year ago that we could expect $800,000 and
accordingly carried that dollar value on the books; it was not forthcoming
and our books now reflect that shortfall.

This year the amount of expected funds has been reduced to $250,000-
$320,000, at what period in the sequence of events of projecting a budget
does one disallow rosy guesstimates.

As a former CPA, what would you carry on the books if this were a client
and you were certifying the books.

On what grounds would a bank give a mortgage to an applicant with
financials supported by a similar promises?

I know for a fact that indeed, Director Guertin, of DPW has received a letter
from USDA projecting the latter sum of monies, I personally read it; however, 
it is not guaranteed. As a CPA, what would you carry on the books this year;
and what would you add as a foot note?
Thank you for your response.

Best regards,
Clarence Walker

10:30 am edt 

I Think the Only True "Piece of Work" on This Blog is Ms. Nagle!

"You guys are a piece of work" - Hey, is that you AGAIN
Candace?? You're like a Pit Bull, once you get a hold of something,
you just can't let it go! Do you really think you're fooling us by
not signing your name? We know it's you Candace, slither out from
under the keyboard and sign your name! You are the only person on the
blog that wants to extract your own pound of flesh from the pier

I think the only true "piece of work" on this blog is Ms. Nagle! Talk
about a blow-hard! Must we suffer through the unending events on the
wharf with a blow by blow description colored a la Candace? Your
coloring book is missing some crucial colors Candace; you know, the
ones that actually color in the truth (oops, now I've gone and done
it - I said the truth!).  The problem with your pictures is that you
keep coloring outside the lines, so far outside the lines that you're
creating totally different pictures!  But then, that's the way you
color isn't it?

I'm actually kind of glad that Adams and McKinsey left the blog. It's
obvious to me that you will only continue to distort the true facts
in order to either make them look bad, or make yourself look good.
Why don't you use your MBA for good purposes? There must be a board
in town that could use you. You seem like an intelligent person, use
your powers for good!

I'm sure that after I post this, Miss Nagle will blame Adams again.
I'm not him, but honestly, I have a great deal of respect for him for
going toe to toe with you and arguing for something he believes in at
the risk of his character and reputation. How many other town board
members have appeared on this blog and signed their names? What have
you to lose Candace?

10:03 am edt 

Dear Selectmen:

Barry L. Clifford
16 Macmillan Wharf. Box 403
Provincetown, MA 02657
Town of Provincetown

Dear Selectmen,

Last November I met with Mr. Rex McKinsey  to discuss the removal of
the Town floats from 16 Macmillan Wharf owing to their poor design
and the potential for damage to our property.

I informed Mr. McKinsey that I had made arrangements with Vaughn
Cabral to haul the floats onto his dock with his crane, where I would
then have them transported to the Town dump where the other damaged
Town floats were stored.

Mr. Mckinsey said that the floats could not be taken to the Town facility.

I therefore informed Mr. McKinsey that the floats would be tied to
the steel piles at 16 Macmillan Wharf where they could be removed
when and where he wished.

At the same meeting, I offered to raise the Chico and Jess. No cure
no pay and that I would complete the job within 24 hrs. I explained
to Mr. McKinsey that I had extensive experience in raising sunken
vessels, including raising the MV Islander. Indeed, early last fall,
Mr. Mckinsey had witnessed our raising of 15,000 lbs of cannon from
the Whydah site that we successfully FLOATED twenty five miles
(around Race Point) and lifted to the Town pier.

I explained that I had all of the equipment NEXT DOOR and that my
crew had offered to do the job for a days pay.

I made the offer to the Town in the sprit of solving an environmental
problem. I was also concerned my property might be damaged, should
the vessel come apart in a storm.

Mr. McKinsey told me that they did not need my assistance.
I have repeatedly asked Mr. McKinsey to remove the Town/PPC float
tied up at 16 Macmillan Wharf before a severe storm causes it to
inflict more damage to our property.

I look forward to working with you in resolving these issues.

Kind Regards,

Barry Clifford
10:00 am edt 

People on This Blog are Really Becoming Nasty

Perhaps many 'washashores' do well in town because they
know how to spell.

People on this blog are really becoming nasty. Guess I can rant my random

Candace is all about Candace. I have recently met Kerry Adams, who
leaves no impression at all, expect slight arrogance.

Sharon Lynee is a acting like a politician, not a manager. Tobias is
a              Glenn Enos is on          more than most on this

Like it or not  Couture is running this town and needs to be stopped.
9:58 am edt 

Dear Peter Page

Thank you for looking into this--but it seems that you didn't get a
straight answer. I would like to know what the owners who bought
affordable housing units paid in taxes 11 years, 8 years ago, even 5
years ago and what these same owners are paying now. I was told by a
person in the know that their tax rate went up only if their income

9:53 am edt 

To: Clarence

I watched your comments on the BOS-Finance Committee meeting.  I
respectfully disagree with your comments about whether to include the
USDA grant in the budget for FY 08/09.  It is possible to include
revenue in an upcoming budget year if it has a high probability of
being received.  I think the question about whether it is appropriate
to include it depends on the probability of it being received.  And
that's the $64,000 question, if we don't have evidence of a high
probability of receiving the grant, then it should not be included,
but if the probability is high, then it may be included.

A CPA in my former life.
9:51 am edt 

Comparison to Other Similar Towns.

Can someone from the Finance Committee answer this question for me? 
Has Provincetown done an analysis comparing our expenses with those
of similar towns?  Other towns on the Cape as well as other resort

Like or dislike her postings, Ms. Nagle has pointed out the
difference between Ptown's Pier budget and those of other towns on
the Cape.  We also have a vague idea of how our school budget
compares to other Cape towns.  Is there a comparison available of
Provincetown's budget compared to similar towns?  I'm wondering how
our DPW budget compares, how about the COA, the Recreation
department, town hall administrative staff, etc.

This would be a good place to start in discussing whether our
expenses are out of whack.
9:49 am edt 


      I just received a reply from the Town Clerk in reference to the
1/23/08 meeting. Apparently, the 4:30 meeting was canceled, therefore
no minuets. I re-checked the Minuets of the 6:00 meeting and saw
nothing about the Town Hall and McKinley, Kaslow.
      It seems that the previous poster was at this meeting on the
23rd since you wrote in such detail. I also checked the minuets of
the other meetings during that week and nothing on this issue.
       Perhaps the previous poster would like to find out where the
dialog with the enginneers is.
Astrid Berg
9:47 am edt 

So Let Me Get This Straight,

ANYTHING that goes wrong on
MacMillan Pier is now the fault of Kerry Adams? That's very
interesting! The one member of the Pier Committee that has had the
guts to write in on this blog and even sign his name? Wow, you really
give him a great deal of credit Miss Nagle!

Next Candace will have us believing that Mr. Adams swam over to the
floating debris with a knife between his teeth and then cut the
debris loose so it could end up under the pier and cause damage! YA,
SURE Candace! You really do have an interesting sense of humor!! Oh
Wait, I know, Adams sunk the Chico Jess too! Right Candace? Sheeesh,
talk about desperation! Keep posting Candace, you look like a bigger
fool by the day!

I know Kerry Adams and there isn't a dishonest bone in the man's
body! He does so damn much for this town and this is how you pay him
back? You should lower your head in shame Miss Nagle! You can add me
to the LONG list of taxpayers that won't be voting for your
ridiculous article! What ever became of your "facts and figures" that
you were working so hard at impressing us with? Do you really have to
stoop to this level? You are after all, the only person on the blog
with an axe to grind against the Pier Committee!  What happened, they
didn't play nice with you Candace? Is this your version of a grown up
temper tantrum?

I think I'll put an article on the warrant next year seeking to
dissolve you, or at least your hate filled commentary on this blog!
Go back to your dog park, maybe you can see that through! My dog's
been holding it for months waiting for that park, where is it?

9:45 am edt 

Time to Hunker Down not Spend like a Hollywood Startlet!

Town meeting should vote to sell firehouse #2. We should
sell the 2.5 acres of 90 shank painter Rd. (Ted Malone can buy it
with grant money and build the affordable housing--he bought Clem and
Ursie's affordable housing bldg.)We need to cut the DPW and the
police Budget. We need to get the school to slash their budget.
We are in dire straits: Bear Stears was selling at $171.00 a share in
June and now it is going at $2.00 a share. It is time to hunker down
instead of spending like a hollywood startlet
9:41 am edt 

Banner Should Feature an Article on Town Hall Timing!

I read the post entitled "the timing of town hall being
unsafe" and sent it to the editor of the banner asking that an
article be written about this. Lets hope that it happens.

Provincetown citizen
9:39 am edt 

Local Experts Should Take a Look at Town Hall

I vote that John Lisbon, Golden hammer, sea level
construction, Peter Page et al go and take a look at town hall
because I had an addition put on my house that doubled the size of my
house with a foundation and my builders came across problems--and
came up with solutions--they didn't just ring their hands.
I would just like to hear what they have to say.

As soon as I talk about town hall suddenly being closed people see
right through it .How "conveniently" this has all happened right at
this time.

We must take the 80% from affordable housing and put it towards
fixing town hall. Can we now sell 90 Shank painter road and put the
money towards town hall? Lets do something for our current citizens.
9:37 am edt 

Chainging Things for the Worse!

  . .I am tired of all you washashores coming to town changing things
for the worse, fattening up your pockets and then leaving.

Perhaps many 'washashores' do well in town because they know how to spell.
9:34 am edt 

Kerry Adams owes NO apology to Barry Clifford!

Kerry Adams
is NOT the author of earlier postings regarding the damage to
MacMillan Pier! Kerry Adams does NOT deserve the credit for posting
the facts as I have laid them out here. I am the author of those
pieces. I refused to sign my name on principal; simply because 99% of
the rest of the cowards on this site don't have the cajones to sign
their names either, so why should I?

You give Mr. Adams too much credit Candace! Get yourself a real life!
I'll leave you with my initials so you can guess who I am! You really
are some piece of work!

MP (go ahead and think, you'll figure it out!)
9:32 am edt 

To Those Who Blame The Previous Town Manager For Our Problems:

I would like to remind everyone that the selectmen are the town
manager's boss and supported his decisions. Couture gave him more
points during his appraisals because she stated that her colleagues
were going to give him lower grades. She should have been evaluating
him on the merits of his job performance. Couture has been a
selectman for much of Bergman's time here and Mary Jo Avellar has
been in town government for decades. These two are at least partly to
blame for the state of affairs we are in. We also have to look at the
fact that we as citizens elected these people and we are their
bosses. Please remember this when casting your ballot in May.

Larry Mahan
9:31 am edt 


Why is it that every time I see something written about the Pier that
I ignore it. Thank you Candace for making an issue so unappealing.
Thank you for crying wolf so many times that even if it is something
important we don't even see it anymore.

Maybe that's why we don't pay attention to anything anymore because
we have so many people like her in this town. And Town Meeting, you
ask why so many of us hate going. I am certain it will be all about
Nagle or Ritchie or Rushmore or so many others. Yawn. I'm tired
already. Let's watch American Idol.

(and no I'm not Rex or Kerry or anyone else with the Pier)
9:28 am edt 

Boston Globe Articles

Front page news of the Boston Globe:State takes aim at
police details: New regulations will encourage state and municipal
officals to rely on civilians in bright vests with flags instead of
officers to direct traffic and monitor some low-risk construction
~~Editorial page: Boston can no longer staff and maintain 144
school.Enrollment has closings are inevitable...The
new school superintendent must eliminate dozens of administrative
positions to balance her budget. Who determine's the school's budet
in Provincetown--of course, the school committee. They should be
given a budget--not just ask for what they want--and then they get
applause for reducing the cost.
9:25 am edt 

To "Timing of Town Hall Being Safe..",

      Thank you for your information. I just looked at the BOS
minutes for Jan. 23, 2008. The 6p.m. meeting is posted, but there was
a 4:30 p.m. meeting and those minutes are not available as of this
      I am assuming that the 4:30 meeting is the one with McKinley, Kaslow.
      I will e-mail the Town Clerk now, and request that those
minutes be posted ASAP. When I get a response, I will post it.
      Thanks for your input on this serious issue.

Astrid Berg
9:23 am edt 

Getting the Fact Right About Affordable Housing Property Taxes

Lately there has been a lot of talk on the board about what
the owners of affordable housing pay in property tax. The most
distressing statements I read are that the amount never increases
from the original.

Last week I went to Town Hall and asked Paul Gavin, our Assessor,
about this. He explained to me that the tax rate for these properties
are established and monitored by the State. And although the rate may
be different than ours (Provincetown property owners) it isnt
necessarily less.

The assessed value is of course less because the property has a
certain legally set market value that is less than the average in
Town. And for that reason these property owners pay less in taxes.
But I think that it is also very likely that there are (few) similar
properties in Town that are assessed for low market value for other
reasons (poor condition, land locked, cess pools) who also pay less
than the average.

He also explained that although the Town has no control over the
amount of future Taxes to be paid, that the formula the State uses to
determine the amounts is not stagnant. It does take into account the
economy, the value of the dollar, the real estate value in Town and
the County. And giving all these factors the amount of Taxes paid by
owners of affordable housing is subject to change, and it could go
up, or it could go down.

So the bottom line is No the owners of affordable housing do not have
there property taxes frozen at the amount it is when they first

Peter Page
9:22 am edt 

The Timing of the Town Hall Being UnSafe is Questionable

      Some people in town leadership knew about these structural
problems and the seriousness months back. Here's what appears to be
the scenario.

     Sometime in October 2007, Sharon Lynn hired McGinley Kalsow at
$67,000 to do an analysis. This included another interior design
analysis, an internal structural analysis, an external structural
analysis and a rules and regulations compliance analysis.

     Sometime in December, questionnaires were answered by town
employees about their work and the working space. During this time,
an analysis of the amount of space in town hall and the 30 employees'
needs was analyzed.

     Then on January 23, 2008, McGinley Kaslow attended a BOS
meetings on the Building Needs Assessment of Town Hall. Four people
from McGinley Kaslow attended and the meeting lasted an hour and
twenty minutes. The first person did a space and remodeling
assessment and how the basement and first floors could be changed for
interior remodeling.

     Then a second person spoke and addressed the structural analysis
of Town Hall as seen and studied internally. This person spoke about
five major problems: 1) Trusses 2) Truss supporting posts as too
slender and severly over-stressed 3) sills and post sunk into wood 4)
wall plate and water damage and 5) shore and deficiencies in the
brackets attached to truss posts. It was detailed and revealed major

     Afterwards, a third person spoke to the structural analysis as
examined externally from the cupola, roof and exterior aspects of the
building. He spoke to sagging, cascading water damaging the

    Lastly, a fourth person spoke to rules and regulations needed to
be enforced in restoring the building. This included making the
building more accessible and all public entrances being handicap
accessible. Then he addressed the need to replace the heating system,
the electrical system and the problems with the antiquated fire
protection system.

      They were asked what the costs were but never answered this
question. But from this presentation, the structural difficulties and
the deteriorating problems were presented to the BOS and to Sharon
Lynn on the 23rd of January 2008.

     Why did they wait until this Monday to arrive at newer and
immediately enforced issues? Or is this a ploy? Did the
Selectmen--all of them--and the Town Manager realize that town voters
would never vote an override for the millions needed to restore Town
Hall at this time, given our fiscal difficulties. So, a better
scenario was to wait. Wait until after the warrant was complete. Wait
until the budget was finalized. And then declare, with the help of
McKinley Kaslow, that Town Hall is now in an emergency condition and
only 210 people can be on the third floor. They did not say this on
January 23rd 2008, but they perhaps believed that town officials were
going to get the approval for this monumental restoration.

     Once McGinly Kaslow realized that the restoration work they were
looking forward in acquiring as a lucrative contract may not happen,
they worked with Town Manager and the BOS to declare Town Hall unfit
and unsafe for Town Meetings and even unsafe for the State of the
Town. That would get the voters attention. That would create an
emergency that would be more salable to town voters. And since the
warrant was closed and the Special Town Meeting and Town Meeting's
agenda was set, they could create another Special Town Meeting in the
Summer and keep Town Hall and the needed millions off the present

     I do believe this is the scenario and it is not an honorable
picture. And what did Michele Couture say about the report: "It's
such an amazing report." "It's a wonderful piece of work." Others
seemed shocked at the level of repair and the structural problems

     Something is not quite right here. Something is just not kosher.
This is what I do believe took place.
1:31 am edt 

Barry Clifford Writes?!

Have you read 'Walking The Plank'?
Nobody wrote a book about Kerry Adams heroics!?
I doubt they will be celebrating Barrys when he is gone.
In MV, Barrys help cost a distressed boat owner $100K- its just business.
But let the town pick up the cost and all fishers (or any one else)
can dump their boats here.  Like thats good government.
1:29 am edt 

Chainging Things for the Worse!

Provincetown's charm used to be the artists, the
architecture, the fisherman, the openness of its citizenry, the bay,
the light, now it is just Commercial St. and its' merchants.  Seems
that all of you "good citizens" want is money and more money.  Make
the town hall into condos, now that's really sick, I am tired of all
you washashores coming to town changing things for the worse,
fattening up your pockets and then leaving.
1:23 am edt 

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Kerry Adams Writes:

The float that broke free of it's tether and wound up under the pier
causing damage to the sewer line did NOT belong to the PPPC.

Barry Clifford writes: Last November I met with Mr. Rex McKinsey  to
discuss the removal of
the Town floats from 16 Macmillan Wharf

Kerry Adams, you owe Barry Clifford an apology!

9:55 pm edt 

Let Them Eat Cake

Ok, I'm miffed.  We have minimal funds in the town budget, but we're
spending like drunken sailers for contractors, plans and a steep
repair bill?  What's wrong with this picture???  Are WE stupid?

Can you imagine the exhorbitant overhead of this building??  Heat,
A.C., Electricity...and we're footing the bill.  Is this a vanity
thing?? Does the Queen and her court really need a palace??

She should do the right thing, sell the white elephant and put the
proceeds back into the town to keep it afloat. This building is our
nest egg.

Hear us, your Majesty! Stop voting yourself increases that we have to
suffer for.  It hasn't even been a year since your coronation.  You
don't deserve an increase yet.  DO SOMETHING FIRST.
8:05 pm edt 

Once Again,

KERRY ADAMS is covering up another costly
mistake on the pier. . .

Where did you read that?  Or is it just something you made up?  Are
you a fiction writer?
8:02 pm edt 

What a Mess

Once again, KERRY ADAMS is covering up another costly
mistake on the pier. What a mess he has made on MacMillan Pier not
graciously accepting expert Barry Clifford offer to raise The Chico.

The Pier management should personally pay for its raising and start
being accoutable for a change! Why should we pay
for another mess that could have been avoided!
7:36 pm edt 

What are They Waiting For?

What the Pier Corporation refused Barry Clifford's help
raising the Chico Jess? No cure no Pay? Barry Clfford has won
salvaging awards for God's sake. And he was willing to do it? What
the hell is wrong with Pier management? Now it's going to cost over
$25,000 to have it raised by the state. What is their problem? Hubris?

Why is there still another town float barely afloat on the west side?
What are they waiting for? NOt enough sludge in our harbor yet?

You guys are a piece of work!
7:33 pm edt 

What Good is Blame?

I have learned from the constructive (pun intended) comments on town
hall, very illuminating and I look forward to more ideas.

To those who are eager to assign blame, why? Are you going to drag
back 50 (or 120) years of town managers and selectment and hang them?
Make them pay out of pocket? Most voters in town go through that
building at least once a year. It clearly needs work now we know that
work is critical to have a safe facility for town staff and others
uses. Instead of looking for someone to scalp how about joining the
productive flow of ideas on the issue.

Finally, the town has time and time again proven unwilling to
properly maintain its primary capital assets; some prime examples;
the pier prior to the rebuild, commercial street, fire house, etc.
etc. etc. Perhaps the question should be "why systemically has the
Town of Provincetown and its citizens proven unable to manage and
properly maintain major capital assets?" The follow on question is
"can this systemic flaw in decisionmaking be fixed or, as
demonstrated here by many, are voters just too cheap and shortsighted
to handle major capital assets?" This is probably why a condition of
the pier rebuilding/grant process was that a separate entity be
charged with managing the results.

Thanks to Peter Page for the SWAG estimates, very helpful.
7:31 pm edt 

What Slippery Fish said, Close Town Hall Immediately!

Should an employee or visitor so much as slip and fall, we stand to
pay dearly. The Town Hall report, its suspicious release on the day
the budget was put to bed, and the building inspector's remarks to
the Cape Cod Times add up to a honey of a lawsuit.

I repeat: any confirmation that this report was released in time to
spare budget cuts merits firings. Recalls. It would be an unequivocal
abuse of the public trust - in a word, fraud.

Don't mistake my advice with posters who want to sell or otherwise
debauch Town Hall, which is priceless. But paying for needed repairs
means voiding the budget at Town Meeting.

I urge doubters to get a copy, close their eyes and let their index
finger fall three times on random pages. Should you take up my bet,
ask yourself: are any or all of these line-items more important than
Town Hall -- or for that matter, garbage pickup?

Are they even more important than Fourth-of-July fireworks, which
probably repay themselves in multiples of tourist dollars (and whose
relegation to a 2 1/2 override was spearheaded by Selectman
Parmakian, who resigned in a huff?)

If your answer is no, I urge you to reject the entire FY 2009 budget
and rebuild from scratch what others have failed. It's time to stop
the flim-flam, shell game and three-card Monte of how P'town is run.
You don't have to be Miss Cleo to see that it WILL stop, and how, on
the floor of Town Meeting.

-- Crying Last
7:27 pm edt 

I Agree

Move Town Business out of town hall.  Find permanent and accessible
housing for all the town's offices.

It's time to think to the future.  Town hall is actually an
inconvenient place to do town business.  Time for major shifts of
office and personnel.

But I think the work on the building should be done ASAP.  Take out a
bond on the costs and the rentals from commercial space and
auditorium fees could easily pay the bond over 30 years (not to
mention the extra parking fees from the town hall employee spaces).

The building should be made a commercial venture.

Also, give the space directly to the left of the entrance to
non-profits for fundraising and finally sell the firehouse next to
Adams pharmacy.  Use that money to help defray the hall's
construction.  As far back as I can remember, that firehouse has only
been used for fundraising and the only reason nothing has ever been
done there is because no one had the cajones to insist the
non-profits move out.  So give them a practical space and sell the
7:18 pm edt 

I Love The Idea-

--of the "one-stop-shopping" plan to put town hall and the post
office and Seamen's all together out at Shankpainter!

What a breath of fresh air, to be able to get your business done at
one convienent location, and not disrupt the flow of our summer
guests enjoying the sights and money spending on Commercial St.

Also, great idea about making it "green'.  Solar, wind and energy efficient!!!
Right On!!!  now were starting to think outside the box!
7:15 pm edt 

To: Let's Give Everyone A Fair Shake

    Seems you should take your own advice. Calling voters who are
concerned and committed and who speak at town meetings blowhards is
far from giving them a fair shake.

     Also, you assume that people who blog here are not on boards.
Many are on multiple boards. But so what if they are or are not? I've
seen for many years that people serve on boards that can augment
their own business or help them advocate for special interest, or
advance their development plans. Many work to change zoning by-laws
that end up helping them make more money. Also, many people who serve
on School Committees have their own children in the school system
(this happens in many towns, not jsut here.)

     Also, I think you conflate anger with critical analysis and you
also confuse negativity with thinking out of the box. If you want
PollyAnna, this is not the Blog for you.
5:32 pm edt 

Here's One Solution for Town Hall

     If--and that is if--the town manager and the BOS accept the
McKinley Kalsow analysis as the only true analysis of Town Hall,
then's here's what I suggest.

    First, stop PTV from moving into the Freeman Bulding. Have them
go back to Whaler's Wharf, where they were happy to be.

     Second, let's get a count of how many people work in Town Hall.
It seems to be no more than 30. Take the following departments on the
first floor: Town Manager's Office, Town Clerk and Treasurer's
Department and move them to the Freeman Building.

     Third, take the Recreation Department and move them to either
the elementary school or the High School. They can occupy a small
office and use the gyms and land for activities.

     Fourth, take the Assesors' Office and Tourism and put them in
the Recreation Center. Then take the basement floor of Town Hall
personnel and move Community Development, Licensing and Information
Services to the Recreation Center. There's enough parking for
contractors looking for permits and residents wanting to get
information on Boards and meetings.

     Fifth, take the Health Department and place these two
individuals in the Grace Goveia Building. One person spends much time
there already and this is a good fit of services rendered with DPW.

      Sixth, find one room in the Freeman Building and one room in
the Recreation Center for public meetings. Or use the school for BOS
meetings and town board meetings.

      Seventh, close Town Hall. When we have enough money to consider
reconstructing this wonderful historic building and we have
accumulated more monies from CPC and applied and received state and
federal grants, then we move forward to rehabilitate this building.
But until this happens, we keep this historic building closed.
Tourists can admire Town Hall from the outside.

      If we take this approach, it should not cost the town much
monies to remedy our present catastrophe. We'll incur some moving
costs. We'll spend some money for creating new offices with simple
solutions i.e., reasonable temporary office spaces.

      You don't need another Special Town Meeting and you don't need
to ask the voters to borrow $18 million to reconstruct Town Hall.
Move out. Close the door. Move into other town-owned buildings. Get
on with town business.
5:23 pm edt 

Bad Business!!

It's evident that we need new blood on the
BOS.  They haven't done their job, and if they were doing these
shenanigans in a corporation, they'd be shown the door.

It's our money they are mismanaging. It's up to us to stand together
and demand they be held accountable!

They shouldn't be yelling, smirking, or intimidating us any longer. 
C'mon residents! Let's take back our town and request a recall. 

Their past mistakes are enough to see most of them behind bars.
5:22 pm edt 

To Just The Facts..

Sir or Madam with such knowledge of finance and government. Why are
you not running for selectman or apply for town mgr. We could use a
brain in town hall
5:16 pm edt 

Please Take Note

I want everyone to know that the numbers I posted
for the reconstruction of Town Hall are just an educated guess on my
part. Someone earlier asked for a SWAG (silly wild ass guess) on the
cost for this. I spent two minuets counting in my head all of the
processes of construction and all of the other associated costs (
i.e. moving offices, new computers, renting other space, preserving
the WPA painting.) of this project. Then I added $10,000,000 because
it will be run by the government.

I have no knowledge of any of the real numbers that anyone in charge
might have.

Peter Page
5:14 pm edt 

Dear: Thank God!

The Whydah Museum didn't connect to the
Pier Corp.s sewer line according to page 11 of this weeks Banner. If
it had, there would be even more fecal contamination in our harbor.

Perhaps you should get your facts straight BEFORE posting on the
blog? Your information, while sensational, is WRONG!
5:11 pm edt 

Let's Give Every One a Fair Shake.

Many of you are reacting to the news of town hall. The engineers
report was performed in January. Does any one know when the
report was delivered to the town manager?

I would like to give the town manager the benefit of the
doubt and suggest that maybe she did not receive the report until
recent. That is why the subject just surfaced. And just surfaced is
not quite true. It is my understanding that town hall has been in
disrepair for many years.

Many people want to vote down all capital expenditures. Are you
kidding me? The tight wads that you all are is what has put us in
this current state. As a business owner I can not keep my business
thriving with out spending some money. You must support the
infrastructure of town. I do agree we need to prioritize. But let's
face it, your priority is going to be different than mine. We have
limited funds as a town and should vote to appropriate them
accordingly. Evaluate each expenditure on it's own merit. Don't just
vote no to all capital expenditures, that would be fiscally
irresponsilbe and down right childish.

One request to the citizens of Provincetown. Town Meeting will be
tedious and many of you get up to speak on just about every article.
It is clear to me that you just enjoy the sound of your own voice.
For the sake of all of us, if you can not illuminate or add any new
facts/ideas to the discussion just sit quietly and vote. So many
times I hear the same blow-hards reiterating what the previous
speaker has said.

The BOS do the best job they are capable of. I see many of the same
people speaking at the BOS meetings but am not aware how many of you
sit on town boards. I realize the BOS get a stipend annualy, it is
nothing if you add up the hours they spend trying to please a very
diverse and quite frankly difficult public. Once again, give them a
break. I have suggested before that you put yourself in their shoes
and if you can do a better job then I look forward to hearing your
platform and potentially voting for you in the special election.

I leave you with one last thought, I feel the anger on this blog. I
understand to a degree but think there is too much focus on the
negative and on the past. I do not need to hear another example of
the poor job KB did as town manager. If he was such a poor excuse for
a town manager how did he manage to stay in his position for so many
years? Focus on the present and future.
5:10 pm edt 

Dear Selectmen:

Barry L. Clifford
16 Macmillan Wharf. Box 403
Provincetown, MA 02657
Town of Provincetown

Dear Selectmen,

Last November I met with Mr. Rex McKinsey  to discuss the removal of
the Town floats from 16 Macmillan Wharf owing to their poor design
and the potential for damage to our property.

I informed Mr. McKinsey that I had made arrangements with Vaughn
Cabral to haul the floats onto his dock with his crane, where I would
then have them transported to the Town dump where the other damaged
Town floats were stored.

Mr. Mckinsey said that the floats could not be taken to the Town facility.

I therefore informed Mr. McKinsey that the floats would be tied to
the steel piles at 16 Macmillan Wharf where they could be removed
when and where he wished.

At the same meeting, I offered to raise the Chico and Jess. No cure
no pay and that I would complete the job within 24 hrs. I explained
to Mr. McKinsey that I had extensive experience in raising sunken
vessels, including raising the MV Islander. Indeed, early last fall,
Mr. Mckinsey had witnessed our raising of 15,000 lbs of cannon from
the Whydah site that we successfully FLOATED twenty five miles
(around Race Point) and lifted to the Town pier.

I explained that I had all of the equipment NEXT DOOR and that my
crew had offered to do the job for a days pay.

I made the offer to the Town in the sprit of solving an environmental
problem. I was also concerned my property might be damaged, should
the vessel come apart in a storm.

Mr. McKinsey told me that they did not need my assistance.
I have repeatedly asked Mr. McKinsey to remove the Town/PPC float
tied up at 16 Macmillan Wharf before a severe storm causes it to
inflict more damage to our property.

I look forward to working with you in resolving these issues.

Kind Regards,

Barry Clifford

5:05 pm edt 

In Town? To the Writer of:

We should get another in-town, local analysis and assess what two or
three measures could be implemented to make the building safer.

Sorry, but I strongly disagree with that statement.  We don't have
anyone in town that has that expertise and this is too important to
be done in a haphazzard manner.

4:58 pm edt 

90 Shank Painter

4:56 pm edt 

Dear Candace Nagle -

First things first, my name is NOT Kerry Adams, nor is it Rex
McKinsey, nor do I work for or derive income from the Pier! I wrote
the last piece that you took issue with and I write here once more.

The float that broke free of it's tether and wound up under the pier
causing damage to the sewer line did NOT belong to the PPPC. It
belonged to Barry Clifford, owner of the Whydah Museum! The damage
is/was HIS fault and he will have to pay for it.

The Chico Jess sank because the owner of the boat let it get to a
poor condition. That in itself is NOT the fault of the PPPC The
Harbormaster has taken the owner of teh Chico Jess to court and
ultimately, the boat owner will be forced to pay for HIS mess.

4:55 pm edt 

Serial Arsonist:

Has started 3 or more fires, with a cooling down period in-between.
There is also an escalation in the behavior of the serial arsonist--
from dumpsters to occupied buildings. Bigger fires. More frequent
fires. More risk of life from the fires.

The motive in these cases is power. Making things burn makes the
offender feel strong and in control. In the disorganized cases, look
for suspects in the local volunteer fire services. These individuals
like to have their lives connected to fire in some legitimate way ,
but they are generally not adequate enough individuals to be
full-time firefighters.
4:52 pm edt 

Re: The Arsonist-

Is There a Profile for an Arsonist?

Current profiles are based on the interviews with the relatively few
arsonists who have been arrested. As arson motives vary greatly,
profiling fire-setters is difficult. The following is a list of the
most frequently documented characteristics of a wildfire arsonist; it
is not representative of all fire-setters.

White male, age 17-26
Unstable childhood; often one or both parents missing from home
Abuse or neglect by parents
Childhood hyperactivity disorder
Poor academic performance
Antisocial behaviors and other crimes as an adolescent
Cold or aggressive relationship with father; overprotective mother
If married, poor marital adjustment
If not married, still living at home with parents
Lack of stable interpersonal relationships; poor social skills
Poor occupational adjustment; employed in low-paying jobs often as a laborer
Poor military performance
Fascination with the fire service
Mixed findings on intelligence, but most found to have average to
higher intelligence. Although many studies have found arsonists to be
of limited intelligence, this finding may be more an indication of
those relatively few arsonists who are convicted than the overall
arsonist population.
Alcoholism and/or substance abuse
Mental Illness: personality disorders, depression, schizophrenia,
suicidal tendencies

4:50 pm edt 

Town HALL Blame

seems to me the people to blame are the ones who have been in office
the longest.  michelle first since she's the incumbent selectman and
then mj avallar.  they were the most aware of the situation happening
at town hall.  this is not news to them.  they should have pressed
the issue on us.

what did michelle do instead, you guessed it, her agenda.  large
percentages of income from the cpc should have been changed to
historic preservation and every year money should have been set aside
in a stabilization fund earmarked for town hall renovations.  where
was the forethought of these people who were entrusted to care for us
and our properties?

future uses.  now is the time for drastic changes.  town hall should
no longer be the seat of town government.  move all town offices out
of the building and into unused space in other town buildings. 
government in that building is a dinosaur.  it's almost impossible to
park and do business in the current town hall in the summer.  even
the offices that are housed there now have struggled over the years
to use that building efficiently.  it also serves no constructive
purpose to the tourist except as a toilet.  time to move out of there.

redesign the entire building to become the jewel of commercial
street.  bring public traffic into the building instead of us locals
using it for government.  make the hall the largest and best venue in
town so that people can enjoy an evening of quality entertainment and
stay in town eating at one of our restaurants.  the first floor could
be opened up and rented out to galleries and tourist information
spaces.  town hall could actually MAKE money.

it is singularly THE GREATEST REAL ESTATE IN TOWN and yet, as it is
now, the town visitors have no real reason to access it.  wouldn't it
be great to see tourists go up those beautiful stairs all day and
night enjoying art and entertainment, not just using the toilet.  i'd
prefer to go somewhere where i can park easily to do renew my
business license.  and i'm pretty sure the contractors would prefer
the same for building permits and questions.

town government would be much more efficient if it were moved elsewhere.
4:45 pm edt 

Level Funding is Misleading

Several people have advocated rejecting all articles and forcing the
town to use "level funding." The implication is that the town would
putter along on last year's budget levels until voters approved a new

This completely ignores the reality that health care costs, insurance
rates, energy costs and external charges like Cape Tech School and
ambulance cost share continue to charge ahead regardless of whether
or not voters approve a town budget. So, if forced to use last year's
budget levels the town will inevitably and immediately have to make
massive cuts in expenses outside these areas to accomodate the
externally-imposed cost increases. Level funding only applies to the
summary of all expenses. Within the budget there will have to be
massive cuts to accomodate these externally-imposed cost increases.

Regarding town hall, it makes no sense at all for a municipality to
lease or rent a facility that it knows it will need forever. Whether
a repair, start from scratch, or move to elsewhere the town should
own its town hall. Also, it is fiscally foolish to sell a capital
asset to pay for expenses. Selling a capital asset to fund another
capital expense makes sense but selling one to make up a budget gap
is a one time useless move.

Facts are Just
4:39 pm edt 

No sell for Town Hall

Given its history, its size, its central location and granduer, you
have a better chance of having it willed to you than it being sold or
demolished and/or placed elsewhere else. It will be fixed. It will
always be there. The numbers are going to be astronomical. Look what
happened years ago in Truro. How many years on design and what did
they end up with for 4 million? Not even close to what this town hall
needs. Some of the money by the way, can come back to the town by way
of the CPC funds allocated for historical preservation, up to 70% I

Also, Rogers didn't do the real work in the analysis of the building.
That was just another foolish move to use local talent. He subs the
structural work out to another person for consideration. That was
totally a waste of the taxpayers money. Learn from mistakes.
4:37 pm edt 

Random Thoughts

The infrastructure of this town has been allowed to deteriorate over
a number of years.  We've been living beyond our means and it's time
to stop.  If I were on the BOS or were the Town Manager here are some
steps I'd take:

Evaluate all town owned property.  Do we need to keep the property,
do we have the means to pay for the upkeep on the property?  If the
answer to either question is no then the property should be sold and
added to the tax base of the town.  How many other town owned
buildings are going to deteriorate to the point of Firehouse #2 or
Town Hall?

Evaluate all infrastructure needs of the town.  Paving our streets,
sewer upgrades, repairing town hall, repairing the library. 
Determine the cost for each and prioritize them.

Determine how we are going to pay for the infrastructure needs that
must be done.  Everything is on the table here.  We need to a study
done on the financial impact of regionalization, do we need a
recreation center, do we need a Council on Aging, is the Pier being
run at top efficiency?  These are all favorite areas of someone, but
do we need a recreastion center when we can't afford to pay for
repairs of town hall?  Do we need to have a high school to educate
less than 15 students when the infrastructure of the town is falling
apart and there is a terrific option available in Nauset?

We have a lot of huge bills coming up for this town and it's time to
make some very tough decisions.  We are a very small town who has
been living way beyond its means.  We spend money like we are Boston
or New York City and it has to stop.

One last thing.  I will probably vote against Ms. Rushmore's article
adding a 1% real estate transfer tax with the revenue going to the
general fund.  However, if the 1% transfer tax is designated solely
to fund repairs of Town Hall or to re-pave Commercial Street then I
would consider voting for it.
4:34 pm edt 

RE: Its time to be Practical

Whatever do you mean? I don't think anyone is saying that they can't
wait to tear down Town Hall. Being practical is why we are in this
situation with still having consultants tell us just how bad Town
Hall is structurally. They have been talking about it for years. If
the Sewer system was done when it should have been, it would not have
cost as much.

Its time to have some vision. I wouldn't mind if my property taxes
doubled if the money actually went to things that were about the
future. We keep trying to fix things with a band-aid when some things
require more intensive care.

We need leadership and vision. We might have to spend some money in 
order to save money in the future. An investment into alternative
energy can make thet town's utilities disappear in the future. Etc...
Etc ... Etc... We are all too narrow minded and emotional. Time to
have some vision.

4:31 pm edt 

Wow No We're Getting Lessons on Caps

     If some bloggers want to use caps, that's their business. If
some bloggers don't want to use caps, that is their business as well.
If some take an e.e.cummings approach to writing, that is their
option as well. If some are witty, others sarcastic, some
intellectual, a few punny, that is also their choice.

    This is a democracy and the blog reflects the many choices that
are inherently ours. Have you somehow forgotten this? How we write
reflects the freedom to express ourselves as we choose.
4:30 pm edt 

The Town Manager Has Handled the Problem Correctly.

You cannot even begin to look at the real underlying problems of the
structure without a historical engineer. She did not ignore the
problem...she took it, researched the immediate concerns, and dropped
it on the table.  No one wants to look at it but the town manager did
her job.
She has not been here for 122 years, so don't look for a target. 
Right now it is to keep the employees safe.  Get the engineers and 
get the funding ASAP and  fix the problems.  Enough talk.
Slippery fish (removing all other fish from the hull of the Chico Jess)
4:28 pm edt 

To Town Hall - A Great Opportunity:

Who are you?  I want to vote for you!!!  Finally - creative ideas
that would actually work and bring positive changes to our town. 
Every suggestion is spot on and viable.  Bravo!!!!
4:26 pm edt 

Try the McGinley Kalsow Tests on Most Buildings in Town

     I guarantee that if we had McGinley Kalsow do a structural
analysis of many historic homes and buildings in town, what would
they find?  They would find many are deficient, structurally
compromised and in need of being renovated. They would find many
floors that are not level, many underpinnings that are less than
perfect and many wooden columns that werr once attacked by beetles
and now are compromised. If they went through this town, we would
have to do major structural renovations and monumental
reconsstructions to our homes. We would have to level most wooden
structures, once we had McGinley Kalsow use their measurement of
safety and their judgment of what needs immediate work.

     We are a town of historic buildings and old buildings, many of
them wooden structures. Look at the underpinnings of all our
structures and you would find the same alarming, distressing,
panicky, and terrifying analysis.

     Maybe in Nantucket this analysis would be accepted. But we don't
need a Nantucket-like reconstruction and we surely don't need a
Nantucket-like monumental costly project.

      We have what's remaining from our initial $700,000. That's what
we should look to, with maybe some more from CPC in FY2009, and work
realistically and frugally from that pot of money. $600,000 can help
fix a few structural problems. Begin with these monies now.

4:21 pm edt 

I'm Sorry but I do Blame THe Town Manager For This One

    The town has had for a few years $700,000 for repairs of Town
Hall. The town could have used this money to correct a few of the
worse structural problems. But did it do this? No, it spent $45,000
for Billy Rogers to do an internal design of the building. Why? Then
it just recently, under the leadership of Sharon Lynn, brought in
McGinley Klasow and spent $67,000 for their "analysis." Why now? Why
them? Why wasn't this put out to bid for a regular structural
analysis that individuals in town could have bid on? But no, bring in
specialist and hig-priced historical renovation "Experts" to check
every splinter of wood, to find columns that are too short. They have
been too short for a 122 years!!

     We should get another in-town, local analysis and assess what
two or three measures could be implemented to make the building
safer. Not the ideal. Not the most historically recognized
recommendation. A down-to-earth analysis, not one from these elite,
high-priced engineers.

     And stop spending all the repair monies on consultants and
studies and design analysis. This is most foolish and fiscally
irresponsible. And I look to who is now "leading" this town and that
includes Sharon Lynn's decision to bring in McGinley Kalsow. We could
have predicted this. Why didn't she? Or did she want this project to
go forward, with quiet backing from Michele Couture, at any cost and
in any way possible. Is this the result of their planning?

     Frankly, this is no way to run this town. They will eventually
drive this town into receivership.
11:22 am edt 

I'm Always Surprised......

.......when the topic of affordable housing
comes up again and again. The idea being that the people who purchase
affordable housing will be the people who stay in this town and work
for the business's or town managed jobs. Well the affordable housing
costs are not affordable to many who would have those jobs. What is
needed and is sorely lacking is affordable rentals but you won't see
too much of that construction going on.
11:18 am edt 

To: Explain Level Funding Please

Level Funding is a term used to define when a yearly budget is held at
the previous years level of expenditure.

In other words, if we did not vote for any increases in this years budget,
the town would be compelled to use last years budget. This then would
give us a chance to review the true financial obligations of the town,
including Town Hall construction, which represents a major increase to the
the budget.

As of this moment, this major increase is not reflected in the current budgets
proposed by either BOS or FinCom.

By forcing Level Funding, we have a chance at the Special Town Meeting,
this Summer, to reconsider all aspects of a consolidated budget. At that
time we can select the line items, which under the circumstance, we want
to fund. 

I hope this answers your question.

Respectfully yours,

Just the Facts 
11:06 am edt 

We Can Blame the B of S for not Coming Clean With Us!

We can't blame this Town hall situation on the current town
manager. We can blame the B of S for not coming clean with us. This
is akin to them saying that they didn't know that we would need an
over ride last fall.

We need to find out what is the best thing to do regarding town hall.
Remember, we are dealing with a population that will lash at any one
who questions why we are spending close to $4,000,000 to graduate 11
students. Do you really think that they will let you level Town Hall?
10:49 am edt 

Explain Level Funding Please

Is it keeping everything at last year's cost?

We can all tighten our belts and do as we did last
10:47 am edt 

Thank God!

The Whydah Museum didn't connect to the Pier
Corp.s sewer line according to page 11 of this weeks Banner. If it
had, there would be even more fecal contamination in our harbor.

The Pier Manager has no authority to give away town property like the
floating docks. The Pier Corp. did not authorize this give away of
town property. It wasnt voted on at a public meeting. What other town
property has he given away? Care, custody and control? Thats a good
one Mr. McKinsey. What about ownership responsibility when you knew
these town owned damaged floats were barely a float for months,
received written notification to remove them and did nothing? What
have you and your three full time employees been doing down there?
And dont tell us pile driving! We all know the score on that thanks
to Miss Nagle.

Why is there just one disaster after another on MacMillan Pier? The
Chico Jess, the harbormasters boat sinking, the defective unused
barge, endless lawsuits and now this? And no one is getting fired? We
certainly dont need a Pier Corp. to get grants.  Our town Grant
Administrator can get them for MacMillan Pier. The Pier Corp. has
very little to show for itself developing the economy on the pier in
the last five years: three trap sheds and a rarely used pavilion.

The Pier Corp and Harbormaster have had more than enough time to
fish. Its time to cut bait!
10:45 am edt 

To: It is Time to be Practical

My house insurance went up $400. I'm also connected to the
Wastewater treatment plant, so now I'm one of the 719 people
who has to come up with $800,000 to pay this bill if the town meeting
doesn't agree that everyone should share this cost. I'm sorry, but even
another dollar added to the cost of living here is too much for me.

I'm on a fixed income. I've lived and worked here all of my life.
It cost me $22.00 for a half tank of gas. Sell the land we gave away.

Shame on the Town Meeting for doing this to us.
10:42 am edt 

In All Seriousness

I do think an assessment of all town owned buildings needs to be done
and decisions made on thier future use. ShankPainter is designated as
a business/commercial district so why not move as many town buildings
there as possible?

Who owns the Post Office building? ShankPainter would be an ideal
space for that. What a prime piece of land that is.

I do think all monies for the improvement of Firehouse #2, new
sidewalks, etc. needs to be put on hold until a complete review is
done of capital needs.

Trash pickup is not a luxury however, especially in a tourist town.
Let's not be that short sighted.

Do we need full time bathroom attendants though? Why can't other town
DPW or maintenace people swing by the bathrooms every few hours and
take care of them?
10:34 am edt 


I do not know if you made any good points or not. It is really hard
to read your ALL CAPS writing; which is akin to shouting.

It is very obnoxious, and if you want your point heard, try writing
in regular upper/lower case.

That way, you will seem like a bit less of a jerk.
10:32 am edt 

Force Consolidation of the Budget by Voting "No" on All Capital Expenditure Increases!

I agree that we should vote "No" on all Capital Expenditures to force
the town into Level Funding at Town Meeting. This would then give us 
an opportunity to reconsider our overall budget; including the cost of
Town Hall construction, combined with other expenditures. 

At Special Town Meeting we could then demand a re-prioritization of  
budgeted items, perhaps delaying some for future consideration, in
light of town Hall.

We cannot realistically make an assessment without including all of
our liabilities. A "No" Vote on Capital Expenditures gives us the needed
time for reconsideration of our financial condition.

Lets think before we act!
10:30 am edt 


It sure would be nice to have those funds from
the community preservation act to help fix the sorry state of town

Oh yeah... I remember now.

-Still think it is a good idea for the town to be in the "real
estate" business?!?

We need to sell the 90 Shankpainter parcel and fix town hall!  This
was Bergaman's folly.  Let's get our million dollars back!

9:55 am edt 

Burning up Don't be so Fast to be Insulted.

The statement that all are suspect is correct. If the arsonist looked
like gonzilla with fire breath, then the statement would be ludicrous. 

It is obvious that the arsonist is just a regular person with 2 eyes and
blends into everyone else. Slippery Fish (obviously too easy to
detect in the ChicoJess)
9:53 am edt 

Sell Town Hall -

I agree. Town is changing, let's face facts.
Town Hall would make lovely condos or a luxury hotel(which could
bring a lot of jobs).

New Town Hall could then be moved to eiyher the high school(whne
regionalized) or a new town hall built at 90 ShankPainter Road (BOS
says the site is safe so plunk town hall there).

With the price the builing and land could fetch we could probably
easily build a new facility, pave commerical street, and pay off our

Just a thought!
9:51 am edt 

Town Hall

We should explore every possible way to save this great building. Are
there any state or federal funds availble to help us pay for the
repairs and ultimate restoration of this historic ediface?

I do comprehend we need to be realistic as to what we can afford to do
during these lean times but I would be heartbroken if for some reason
we couldn't save this building and it sat to rot much like Fire House

When you travel the world and see the great sites you come to
realize many of them are public buildings. Much of our history and
memories are right here, right at Town Hall.

E. Michael Richards
9:50 am edt 

A Crisis of Confidence

Dropping the Town Hall bomb on the day of budget reconciliation was
OUTRAGEOUS! As a result, the FY2009 budget is illegitimate.

It ought to be torn up and remade from scratch on the floor of Town
Meeting unless the BOS and FinCom show their budgetmaking reflected a
reasonable understanding of what must be spent on Town Hall this year.

Deliberate withholding of the Town Hall report until the budget was
being put to bed, if this was the case, is a firing offense IMO.

Meanwhile I am at a loss to understand what the building inspector
told the CC Times about the safety of Town Hall employees. I am no
engineer, but enough of a 'fraidy cat to keep out of a 120 year-old
plus building whose second-story walls will soon be roped off!
9:48 am edt 

It's Time to be Practical

The article in the banner stated that if all the overrides
were to pass, the tax increase for a home valued at around $600,000
would be around $126. Is that really too much to ask to keep this town

While I certainly agree with the need for fiscal responsibility on the part
of town government which we didn't have under the previous administration,
can't we bite this bullet in the interest of giving our new Town Manager a chance
to get our financial house in order? She did not create this mees, (she hasn't
been here long enough)she inherited it all from Keith. This town meeting
financial crisis is his wreckage not hers.

Wouldn't this really be penny wise but pound foolish and misguided.
People of Provincetown (or at least those recently posting to this
blog) do you really want to see Town Hall demolished? Can that really
be what you are saying? Are you sure you are not just being emotional
and reactionary? Are you sure you don't want to wait a while and see
what other alternatives there are?

The time for emotional responses to all matters financial is over.
It's time to be practical. Important decisions have to made that are
going to have long term impact on this town that we all claim to
love. Sometimes that means making decisions that we don't like but
are for the greater good.
9:45 am edt 

Burning Up!

Today's CC Times reports on yesterday's public meeting with state
arson investigators:

'Anybody's a suspect' in Provincetown

The lead investigator for the arson cases, state police Detective Lt.
Frank Hart, could use a course in public relations. "Anybody and
everybody's a suspect" is insulting. I wonder how many "nervous
murmurs in the audience" were curses under the breath?

Hart, translated: "We're bungling this, so let's turn the finger of
blame away from our incompetence and onto you townspeople." Great way
to encourage public cooperation!

--Flaming in P'town (formerly "Laughing Last")
9:38 am edt 

2021 I Sell My House to the Affordable Housing Industrial Complex.

IT would be a great idea to turn Town hall into affordble
housing condos. In 2001 I paid $2,000 in taxes affordable housing
condo owner paid $1,000. 2007 I pay $5,000 in taxes and affordable
condo owner pays the same $1,000.

2012 I pay $12,000 in taxes and the same affordable condo owner pays
$1,000. 2020 I pay $17,000 in taxes and the affordable condo owner
pays the same $1,000.

2021 I sell my house to the Affordable Housing Industrial Complex. which
owns Town Hall, the Grace Guevera building and the Community Center.
9:37 am edt 

Lets Have Thoughtful Debate, Prioritize Our nNeeds (not wants) and Act Fiscally Responsible

It is amazing to me the number of projects that need to
be financed by the tax payers to be voted on at the upcoming town
meeting. Are all of these projects necessary?

Do we need them all or just want them all? When I want to spend money,
I look at my budget and say, can I afford this? If not, I put it on the back
burner until I can afford it. I don't run to the bank and take out a loan every
time I want something.

I feel as though the people elected to run the town think they have an endless
bank account. For anyone who isn't paying attention, we are in a recession.
People need to tighten their belts. We can not continue to spend, spend, spend
and mortgage our futures.

The whole mortgage debacle is due to people living beyond
their means and borrowing, borrowing, borrowing. The United State's
is living on credit. Let's not mortgage Provincetown's future.

Lets have thoughtful debate, prioritize our needs (not wants) and be
fiscally responsible to the taxpayers of!


9:32 am edt 

Town Hall - Great Opportunity !

Oh, something new to obsess about and a new issue to point fingers at
someone about. This is what MYPACC bloggers love. We have known that
things were not good with the Town Hall for a long time and now we
have the diagnosis. Now its time to deal with it. Like surgery or a
leaking roof, you may not like the info but just deal with it.
Another issue that we have refused to deal with and now the worst has

What a great opportunity to rethink the town. Sell Town Hall (either
condo the building or tear it down). Move Town Hall, the Post Office,
Seamen's Bank to Shank Painter or Route 6 as part of a business
district. Make downtown a pedestrian street, make Bradford one way,
sell the McMillan parking lot and create parking on Route 6 with a

Maybe its time to think outside the box. Centralize all Town offices
and sell all the real estate. Make a Town Hall that would be a world
reknown building for a sustainable community (great funding
available). Create wind, water and sun power to make the town self
sufficent. Create an industry that current visitors and new ones
would want to visit to learn about the environment.

Have the Fine Arts Work Center, the Provincetown Art Association &
Musuem, The Provincetown Theater and the Center for Coastal Studies
(all non taxpayers) create a charter school for the environment and
the arts that would attract people from around the world. Be at the
forefront of global warming since we will be one of the first town's
to be inundated with water.

Oh well, enough dreaming for a morning. Let's get back to pointing
the figure. Its much easier to do.
9:27 am edt 







9:24 am edt 

BOS Did not Want Town Hall Discussed Until After Town Meeting!

Town Hall  Don't be so fast to jump on the Town Manager. 
The BOS knew about Town Hall.  My guess is that the BOS are the ones
that did not want Town Hall discussed until AFTER town meeting. They
certainly would know that taxpayers would be more infuriated by the
monumental expense of neglected repairs and would want some of the
monies to come from further cuts. 

I think that the Town Manager was forced to bring it up at the meeting
because of the gravity of the situation and the fact that serious injuries
could result from further delay. Her actions are commendable.

Town Hall should be closed IMMEDIATELY and repairs started as soon as
a vote can be taken. That vote should not wait until summer. Even one
more plaster chip falling should NOT be tolerated.

The sad truth is that there are town asssets that can be used for
this purpose. The town owns a multimillion dollar art collection.  It
is the history of the town. Do I personally want to see it sold? NO
but it is an asset to consider.

If people refuse to close the high school, allow affordable housing
give aways, insist on whatever it is that they feel THEY MUST HAVE,
and the selectmen continue to place their heads in the sand and not
act as they need to in crisis situations, the Town Hall structure
will worsen. ACT NOW.

Slippery Fish (watching do do float through the Chico Jess)
9:20 am edt 

Stop Blaming Sharon Lynn,

Did every already forget our previous toen manager of 17 years.
He is the one that left this town
in such a mess. It's amazing to me that can still pass the buck to
someone else even after he's gone.

Try putting yourself in the current town managers shoes mand see if
you can possibly see a little of what she has been left to clean up. 
It's a lot like the up coming presidential election.  Who in their
right mind would want that job?
Stop being an addition to the problems in town and maybe take a
postive involvement with the solutions.
9:15 am edt 

In All Seriousness:

Why couldn't town hall be sold to
replenish the town budget.  The offices could be moved to a rental
site which would be a cheaper alternative.  Or maybe the building
could even be used as affordable housing....surely it could be
divided into quite a few condos...the parking for it is already there.

Yes, it's a historical building...but we're in troubled times.  Maybe
the practical thing would be to put history on the back burner and
save our town.

It's time to think outside of the box!
12:01 am edt 

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

We Must Immediately Change Our Priorities

I cannot accept the fact that knowing what we now know, regarding
Town Hall, and the impact of having to raise funds for it's rehabilitation,
that the Town Manager, Board of Selectmen and Finance Committee
have not proposed to alter the town budget in face of this reality.

Faced with the massive cost of Town Hall reconstruction, good business
practice demands that we first assess the impact of this new expense on
our ability to meet our present and future goals and obligations.

We should be factoring in all of these costs before assessing our goals
and making choices based on our priorities. What is happening instead,
is the process of death by a thousand cuts.

I hold Sharon Lynn responsible for this fiasco! She knew full well
that these expenses would be hitting us concurrent with our setting the 
new budget. But, thought it unwise to add this reality into the budget
setting process; because it would make all of the other allocations seem

Are we fools, do they think so little of the citizenry that they play this shell
game.I for one am pissed off and demand an explanation. Short of an
explanation I propose that we vote "NO" to all Overrides that would increase
capital outlay.

We can then make adjustments during the Special Town Meeting Town
Manager Lynn proposes to hold this Summer. Until I know what our true costs
are, I will not vote to spend one dime!

Vote "No" to all capital increases and force the administration to have do level
funding until the Special Town Meeting.

Just Say "NO"! 
11:59 pm edt 

I AGree: Three Cheers for the Web Master

     Thanks for all the postings. Thanks for the attention to this
site. What would I do without it? It seems as if Shout Out has always
been part of my life. It's so important to me and to this town. I'm
really grateful.
11:26 pm edt 

They Knew the Cost and Danger This January

     This is a game. Town administrators knew the results of the Town
Hall analysis and could have put this question of borrowing millions
for repairs on this warrant. Borrowing millions could have been
discussed at this Town Meeting. But instead the adminstration acted
as if they were really handling the fiscal issues and attending to all
the key issues. When this was just one big game. Someone decided that
we, the tax payers, could take this better after town meeting. Change
Town Meeting from Town Hall to the school. It's not safe!!!!!Change
State of the Town from Town Hall to the school. It's not safe!!! and
show everyone how terrible and unsafe the bulding is.

      My suggestion: close the building. Move into the Freeman
Building. Move into the basements of the elementary and high school.
Fine some spots in the library. Take over the Recreation Center.
Stick some people in the Grace Goveia Building. Ask Shorepoint to
rent some space--I'm sure they'll readily say yes!
     OR---get another analysis. This is simply ridiculous. This is
delusional thinking.
11:25 pm edt 

Mr Page

As opposed to so many of the other bloggers on here, when I see your
name attached to something i trust that you have done your home work.

The numbers that you cite for the town hall renovation or
reconstruction, are those guesses?  Are they based on the analysis
from the engineers?  and i'm not in the construction business; what
is SWAG?

Thank you
11:22 pm edt 

Are We Insane?

If indeed, the town manager is planning on calling a
special town meeting this Summer to raise funds for the rebuilding
of Town Hall; which has been presented to us as an emergency, why
are we even considering all of these pay raises and overrides?
The state of Town Hall is not a new matter!

Given this latest input, we have to stop and reconsider all of our
options and limitations. It is fiscally impractical to envision and
implement all of the proposed projects e.g. 90 Shank Painter, Commercial
Street Repavement, Phase III Wastewater Expansion, School Expenses,
Affordable Housing Expansion, Library Improvements, Pay Raises, Route 6
Maintenance, Fire House 2 Restoration, Subsidizing of the Pier Corp, Addition
of Town Management Administration Positions, Excessive Pay Raises and on
top of all of this the Reconstruction of the Town Hall. All in one fell swoop!! 

Is this Town Government insane. Where is the logic. I cannot believe that
Sharon Lynn could make such a statement without relating it to our
current fiscal condition. Finance 101 you can't do every thing at once.
We have to prioritize and set goals.

Town Manager Lynn had better come up with a specific plan of action during
her State of the Town speech or, as far as I am concerned, she is in deep Do!
11:19 pm edt 

Is Everything Another "Crying Wolf?"

     Town Hall needs work. A few years back the town received from a
CPC grant of $700,000 for some of the repair work. What did the
administration do since then? They spent around $47,000 for an
interior design analysis. Oh, really? Then the town, without sending
this contract out for a competitive bid, hired illegally McGinley
Lalsow & Associates. How much did this "analysis" costs? Perhaps
$70,000? Yes, many designs. Many charts. Many analyzes. Now, their
conclusion: it will fall tomorrow! It needs immediate and substantial
work. And guess who they will suggest should do the work? And how
many millions will this costs? Millions upon millions for a town that
cannot pay its bills and won't even have trash pick up and can't
spend $18,000 for fireworks.

     Absolutely NO. Not one more major project that will costs us all
millions. The town should have used the $700,000 to do some
structural repairs, not spend it foolishly on consultants and more

      A Special Town Meeting this summer to ask voters to approve
borrowing millions of dolars to begin repairs? Whomever is suggesting
this meeting and whomever agrees to have this meeting--be they
Selectmen or  Town Manager or any other town offical should be asked
to resign immediately! This is the most ridiculous idea at this time
of fiscal difficulty. Anyone who suggests this crazed idea should be
run out of town. They're putting the town--not Town Hall-- in
jeopardy and we will face bankruptcy.

     Have they lost their  minds? Maybe it's the poor quality of air
in Town Hall that has seriously affected their state of being.
They're delirious.
10:49 pm edt 

Town Hall

For gods sake, don't blame the maintenance person at Town Hall for
it's current condition.
The deterioration of Town Hall has been known for years. The previous
powers that be decided to put off doing anything about it year after
year. Just as they have done with many of the other town owned
buildings over the years.
10:37 pm edt 

Please no Taj Mahal

This is written to the previous blogger that asked if the Town Hall Maintenance Crew
ever informed town government of the condition of the building.

This building has been falling apart for over thirty years; everyone knew about it.
Monies were actually allocated for engineering analysis and remedial repair. 

The previous Town Manager and the residing BOS knew about it and after the funds
were made available and $40,000 spent on an initial study, the remaining funds
sat fallow.

So, lets not make a knee jerk response and attack the Maintenance Crew, when the 
culprits are much higher up.

At least this current administration is addressing the issue. I just hope they don't
go over board and expect to raise the Taj Mahal.  
10:35 pm edt 


Theres should be away for some bloggers to
take a lie detector before they get to write these lies. The floats
that hit the pier sewage system did not belong to the Pier Corp. It
is my understanding that they  belonged to someone else and were not
Pier Corps responsibility. And if the blogger attended any of the
Pier Corps meeting or read the paper they would know that the Pier
Corp. has had the owner of the Chico Jess in court for months. Please
get your facts straight or just stop your out right lies, PLEASE

A seeker of the truth.
10:21 pm edt 

A Brief COMMENDATION to Our Webmaster

This electronic forum has given all of us a place to speak, vent,
express our opinions.

Processing of postings has been remarkably timely, particularly when
you consider the schedule of recent township meetings, and the level
of emotions among those of us with an off-season interest.

Would we prefer to go back to "letters-to the editor" of the weekly
"words-on-paper" publications that were our only outlet before this

Let's not shoot our new messenger, but rather, lets look toward
reasonable solutions to our current problems.

How we got here is an interesting discussion, but, as Town Meeting
approaches, what are reasonable solutions?
10:18 pm edt 

There is a Maintenance Person at Town Hall.

Did he inform his supervisors about the deterioration of town hall?
If not, why not? I'm a home owner and I keep up with the maintenance
of my house because it was built before the civil war and I've owned it for over
30 years.

How can this situation at town hall come to pass? It is incongruous
to me. Why are we paying this person whom Ive seen at town hall if he
doesnt recognize deterioration when he sees it?
10:16 pm edt 


The state laws requires firemen to retire from the force, not local
laws. A lot of it has to do with liability to the town. Is it
acceptable to expect a 65+ person to carry a hose or climb a ladder
in the heat of the moment? Its understandable in a small town that
depends on an ever dwindling volunteer squad to consider ways to
allow them to stay but how about trying to recruit new faces from the
summer reidents that are here for the season? Some meay be qualified.
Then in the off season, the towns can combine forces as they usually
do anyway during a fire call of large size. Just a thought.
10:14 pm edt 

RE RE: Police and Celebration

To the previous blogger, you are correct, "You get what you
give."  The person in-charge of the party knew each step of the
process and there should have been no surprise as to what was going
to happen.

First complaint he was advised to turn down the music, if not then a
by-law citation was to be issued.

Second complaint the by-law citation was issued, and if still not
corrected or compliant then the party would be shut down.

Third complaint the party was going to be shut down period.
So the person in-charge knew all along what the next steps would be,
but yet, the DJ didnt like it.  Simply, the DJ should have simply
told the crowd it was time the party came to a close and we have to
turn the music off period.  There was no need to make degroatory
statements and incite a crowd of people.

Therefore, if he simply did what he was asked, and not resisted the
police, I am sure the DJ would never have been arrested.  I believe
what the blogger who was treated with respect when arrest, complied
with the officers and did what he was told the first time, and not
pushed the envelope.

One would have to wonder why the DJ is pushing the issue,  maybe he
has more to LOOSE than the little bit of skin off his nose.

In conclusion, whether or not 1 person or 100 people called about the
loud music which was heard over 50 feet, some one called to complain,
and at that hour of the night, I cant blame them.

"Let the good times Roll."
10:12 pm edt 

No No No

No - We don't need town hall fixed! No - We don't need the roads
paved! No - We don't need the sewer costs addressed! No - We don't
need our trash picked-up!  No - We don't need fireworks on the 4th of

What we really, really need of course, is more affordable housing
complexes in order to turn us into the year round community we know,
we just know, we can become if we all work to bring more affordable
housing to town!

Never mind, the affordable housing already built and no one wanted.
We need to build more! Sooner or later, all the new people we bring
to town with affordable housing complexes will pay for all the things
we need!
10:06 pm edt 

Town Hall Rehab or Construction

Town Hall repair of existing building (SWAG) $25,000,000

Town Hall Replacement from scratch (SWAG) $17,000,000

Peter Page
10:04 pm edt 

Last Years Party? Wow!

Why are you still talking about this?

If you stare at the rear view mirror of life...just like in your car
as you will crash.

Let go of the past.
Obviously it owns you.
To let an arrest at a party control you like that is not healthy.

Let go my friend.

Keep this blog focused on real issues.
Not someones mistakes or personal attacks.

God Bless!
10:01 pm edt 

Re: Police & Celebration

You get what you give....
7:38 pm edt 

Re:Police and 'Celebration'

I have no problem with the police quieting a loud celebration.  my
point was that  a previous            blogger stated that he was
treated with respect when arrested and yet someone having a loud
house party is taken out in hand cuffs.

Seems like a vast disproportionate level of respect.
7:25 pm edt 

A Question About Town Hall:

In reference to:

Setting aside for the moment the vast outcry that would ensue were
this idea to be pursued, and purely for comparison purposes, could
one or more of our building contractor fellow readers hazard a SWAG
(silly wild-ass guess) at the total cost to tear town hall, remove
any hazardous materials, haul it all off and start from scratch and
build a new town hall with same basic capacities/facilities/etc plus
to current building code/storm proofing/energy standards?

I'm in no way advocating this but am curious what the number might
be to compare it to the as-yet undetermined rehab costs.

Dollar Curious
6:34 pm edt 

Response re Provincetown Police

A celebration is one thing but, disturbing the neighbors and the the
right to their peace and quiet is another.  I believe from what I
have read, the police showed up 3 times for a loud party COMPLAINT.
They didn't just show up for no reason. Let's have a party on your
doorstep when you're trying to sleep for work the next day.  But
remember, they're only having a celebration.
6:26 pm edt 

Thank God the Pier Corp's Contract is Almost Up

Over $20,000 for the sewer mess that could have been avoided and
over $25,000 to raise the Chico Jess that could have been avoided. Is
that right Kerry?

Thank God the Pier Corp's contract is almost up with the Town. We
just can't afford them anymore! $274,000 in net losses since they
took over! They've had more than enough time to fish and cut bait!

That's going to be one nasty bottom line for year ending July 2008. 
Do you have any idea Treasurer Kerry how bad it is going to be?
6:25 pm edt 

You Must Be A Lover of Evil

      You're finding evil here? You're upset with what you read here?
You must love evil because you keep reading and you surely keep
saying the same ole thing over and over. Your one voice is tired.
Devil got your tongue?
2:30 pm edt 

Kerry Adams, You Forgot to Sign Your Name!
  Thanks a lot for letting that sewer line under the pier break and
cause enviromental damage to our harbor because you wouldn't remove
town owned damaged floats from the west side of the pier that were
floundering for months and one found its ways under the pier! How
much is that going to cost us? Keep up the good work!

Holding my nose driving down your pier!
2:28 pm edt 

Dear Webmaster:

Could you please tell me if you make money off this blog?

Webmaster Comment: My first natural response to your question is that it is none of your business and is totally non-germaine to this web site.

My second response is "No", but if you know a way PACC could make money to off set expenses, we would gratefully appreciate your input.

Thank you
2:25 pm edt 

Against Forced Resigning of Older Firemen

     We have some fabulous individuals who are part of our rescue
squads and part of our fire department. The recent enforcement of
forced resignations of all who are over 65 is devastating for
Provincetown. We need our experienced firemen and rescue squad
personnel. If John McCain can run for President at 71, what's wrong
with someone over 65 helping all of us? This is misplaced enforcement
and the law is problematic. Should we be left with no one instead in
any emergency? Is that better? That's insane.

     Let's do something constructive here. Let the older firemen and
rescue squad personnel "volunteer" their time and then we could offer
compensation from funds we have raised. We can also try to raise
monies for them as we would for any organization of event. We need
them and let's act to keep them.

     Let me know what some of you think abou this?
2:16 pm edt 

I'm Glad It's Spring

     This is such a great season. There's much that is new, fresh,
colorful and hopeful. I hope our town elections for selectmen provide
the same results: new, fresh, coloful and hopeful selectmen. This is
exactly what we need. A breath of fresh air! Newness all around us!

     Let's say goodbye to winter and goodbye to hackneyed and passe
selectmen. Let's welcome in new thinking, exciting ideas, and
dynamics models for change.
2:14 pm edt 

We're Not Family

     Some of you--or the same one person who constantly writes--seems
unhappy with what you read here. Please remember that we are not
family. You don't have to sit down with the rest of us at
Thanksgiving Day dinner. So find some other activity to occupy your
mind. You're not being forced to look in, add your "thoughts" and
then return.

     Just say Bye Bye. Take up checkers. They have the directions in the box.
2:13 pm edt 

Conservative vs Liberal

It seems like a conservative is a liberal who just got a
tax bill. Welcome fellow neo-cons.
2:11 pm edt 

Provincetown: Whoa Me!

This blog is evil.  All comments
are negative, unfocused, unresearched, and uneducated emotion.  This
blog does nothing for the good of the town except expose us to the
ignorance of many citizens.  Perhaps the reason it is so hard to
accomplish anything here is becuase many people try to make too many
issues their business(too many chiefs, not enough indians).  Live and
let live. 

Treat others with the respect with which you feel you
deserve.  On an end note, who else finds its funny that a
predominately gay town can be so intolerant and down right vicious
when it comes to attacking and slandering other individuals. Irony.
Look not at the problems, but at the solutions within yourselves.
2:09 pm edt 

Time and Time Again

We have read here on the blog of
persons who work in the season then take off to the warmer climates
in the off-season months while sucking off the breast of the

Living in any resort community in America nurturs this type of
transient behavior.  People go to where the money goes.  Some people
go to the resorts of Aspen and Jackson Hole to work for the skiing
industry, then return to the beaches in the summer months as
lifeguards or wait-staff.

There is nothing illegal in this type of lifestyle.

However, when people are working UTT (under the table) at the beach
resort or ski resort and collect their unemployment insurance from a
state that they only spend 6 or 8 months in a year or request their
name in the affordable housing lottery, then there is concern.

I know of no way to stop this behavior, short of reporting them to
the IRS.  Then we might as well return to a police state and practice
a Socialist politic.  (maybe not a bad idea, seeing how capitalism is
changing America in the name of oil and the not-so almighty dollar)

Unfortunately, it is the nature of the beast.  Living in a resort
town, we will always attract a transient percentage of citizenry, sly
in their endevors to slip through the cracks and take advantage of
what is offered to them, like rats eating out of the garbage...
2:07 pm edt 

Not $70-$80,000 in One Season:

I mean that someone can save
$70-$80,000 over 4 or 5 years by coming here and being someone's
roommate and then going to Palm Springs to work or to a winter resort
and being someone's roommate--and saving every penny. Work as much as
possible and live as cheaply as possible--and one can save a lot of
2:02 pm edt 

Article 6- Capital Improvements Program

Is the $50K appropriations in the form of a Grant from the
Commonwealth for sidewalk repair?

If so, vote YES

If no, vote NO
2:01 pm edt 

I Have a Problem With a Number of Programs:

Social Security is threatened for seniors and yet alcoholics get S.S.
payments every month simply because they are alcoholics. I know
because one moved here years ago and received money to pay his rent

I dont think that this is fair. I think that someone could get
benefits for a few years and then either has to move to a group home
or something.

I don't think that it is fair that people can move here and get
affordable housing for the rest of their life. I think that there
should be a 4 year time limit. I say this because I know that someone
can work summers here and winters elsewhere and save $70-$80,000.

I know everyone is going to flare up--but this is the truth too.
10:25 am edt 

The Fate of My Attitude

I'm sorry but my reaction to the negative crap, or the
negative people who enter my life, is the fate of my attitude.

People put others down to build themselves up.

Be human, or have we lost that here?

GLTA, and sign your dang name!

R. Dean
9:24 am edt 

To: I Should Liquidate:

Don't you realize that people can express how they really feel here?
Some are thoughtful, thinking people who want to change things and
some are lashing out at the people who want change and here is one
example: the cost of the school.

There is an aging population, high property evaluations and there are
people who want to spend the tax payers money--not their own money
(affordable housing).

Don't you realize that what is written here would be written
everywhere where there are issues? What about Fort Lauderdale? Could
you imagine what is written there or Palm Springs? A friend to me
years ago said that the waiters and cleaners etc. all lived in Cathedral
City because they couldn't afford Palm Springs.

Do you see my point? If you get up and move someplace else and
someone starts a blog--you will get the same types of messages as you
are getting here--and I won't even touch the situation in Hawaii
between the locals and the wash-a-shores.

Just somoene who has been around--people are the same everywhere--
don't you think that African tribes have their gossips too?
9:22 am edt 

And the Article Deserving the Most "NO" Votes is:

The last Article; Candace (Sheeee's Baaaaaack) Nagle and her last
desperate measure to extract her proverbial "pound of flesh" from her
nemesis. The Article that asks taxpayers to DISOLVE" the Provincetown
Public Pier Corp.!

What a great idea Candace, hand the pier back over to the Selectmen!
It will be well taken care of then, won't it!?! Just like Town Hall
and Firehouse 2 and on and on... The town does such a fantastic job
caring for its own property!

The Pier Corp was set up in the first place to be OUT of the hands of
the Selectmen! Is it your plan to really have more town oversight on
the pier or is it that perhaps you figure you can fly low, right
under the radar so no one will dare have the audacity to question you
or one of your tenants? Is that it Candace?? Go ahead, it's the Blog,
you can talk openly here!

Candace, your fees as a Pier user were increased, you didn't like it.
Your solution: dump the landlord in favor of a different one. Just
keep in mind: the landlord that you're cozying up to now is broke and
in need of money, albeit desperately! Do you really want the town
dictating your fees?

Be careful what you wish for Candace, you just might get it!
9:17 am edt 

Voters Will Speak With Their Ballot

Voters will determine which direction this town will go in.
We are now talking to one another, even if we don't all agree.

MYPACC has got us all talking about the issues and I for one am
glad for that.
It amazes me that those writers that protest about the blog
just don't get it; they are free at anytime to turn to other web sites
or to turn their Computers/PDAs off.

It's the button marked "Power off".
9:09 am edt 

To: I Should Liquidate ASAP

You make a good point, do you need any help moving?
8:58 am edt 

To the Webmaster:

Do you make any money off this blog?
8:25 am edt 

Righteous Indignation!!

Don't you just LOVE righteous indignation!! It's very humorous and
goes great with my morning coffee!!

Thanks for the silly blog.
8:23 am edt 

Provincetown Police Department

As a resident taxpayer, I am so pleased to know that the police treat
a drug dealer with respect and yet harass homeowners who are
celebrating.  Ask Ms Cabral if she was treated with respect?
8:22 am edt 

To: R Dean

What a hypocrite!  do you pay taxes on all your under the table jobs? 
how many government subsidized programs do you participate in?  a
classic example of someone who abuses the system for their personal
8:20 am edt 

RE: "And Then We Must Remain Vigilant."

If you are so           vigilant how come few of you ever go to board
meetings, selectmen's meetings, finance committee meetings, etc.? I
don't see anyone serious at any of the meeting captured online or see
their names in minutes of town board meetings? You are worthless
griping trash. Not enough people showed up to the MYPACC meeting to
change anything or have any significant impact on the town voters.
You never serve on anything or even show up for public comment or if
you do you are an embarassment to everyone in town. You sling stupid
paranoid            all the time and think that somehow that contributes to
the community.

You will be relegated to boring the            out of town meeting with
your useless and insubstantial items along with Barbara Rushmore whom
everyone loves but no one can stand her at town meeting. In summary,
this blog and the majority of its participants are useless,
ineffective and a pretty sad comment on this town.

Personally, MYPACC has one major benefit, it makes me realize that
additional investment in this community is worthless and all the bad
things that are going to happen are richly deserved and I should
liquidate ASAP.
8:16 am edt 

Agreeing with Remaining Vigilant

      Yes, we must elect two people who will bring balance to town
government. Two people who are smart, engaged and whose main concern
is the town itself--not their self-interest, not their personal
agendas. We have had enough of that with one-issue candidates--those
individuals who try to get elected to enhance their one issue. For
this reason, I'm glad Parmakian resigned. It's impossible to work for
a developer and not have the developer's interest as central.

     Michele Couture has had only one interest: remaining in power.
For this reason, she says yes to any large project, believes all the
huge Keith Bergman projects were fabulous, and supports spending,
spending, spending. This she has done for the last seven years. This
is not the best for this town. We face major financial difficulties
and yet Couture's response is to approve all big projects regardless
of excess costs. We need someone who is clear-eyed, critical, and who
understands the dire financial consequences of "Yes," "Yes, "Yes."

     I"m looking for two people now and a third in the June election
who values "No" and can speak up against new projects, big
developments, added borrowing, and more town debt. I want candidates
who care deeply about the future of Provincetown and mean it.
12:52 am edt 

Please Rate the Articles

     Would some of you let us know what three articles you consider
to the best and why? And then would you also inform us what three you
consider the worse and therefore we should vote against. In the
spirit of Keith Oberman, the three worse articles in the world!

     Such information would be helpful.
12:22 am edt 

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Go National!

This blog can neuter a selectman? If we go national can we
neuter Hillary? What fun!
11:57 pm edt 

When One Wants to Attack, Complain or Condemn Remember:

It ain't the rain, the snow, the boss, the competition, the
Provincetown Police, the spouse, the money, the car, the job, Ms.
Couture,Ms. Parmakian,  affordable housing or the kids-it's YOU!

And it always has been.

If you have nothing nice to say about someone, say nothing.

I have been working on this in myself for some time. It works.

Best to all, and maybe we can all work together to bring Ptown back.

R. Dean

P.S. Can we stop criticizing the Police department? Their job is not
easy, and if people will only build resentment.
I have said this before and I will say it an x felon I was
treated with the utmost respect during my times of trouble in 2001.
Not one bit of disrespect was shown on their part or mine. You get
what you give. Let's give our best. All of us.
11:10 pm edt 

One Down One to Go!

We have come a long way with regard to how people in this
town now perceive the running of town government; compared
to three months ago.

Selectman Parmakian, who was nothing more than a lobbyist
for the Affordable Housing Industrial Complex is gone as a
result of the affective efforts of the respondents of this Web Site.
She knew her ability to move government in the direction of her
boss was greatly limited by an informed citizenry,and therefore
chose to leave government.

Now we must turn our eyes on Selectman Michele Couture, either
to defeat her or to render her neutered. We must support those
candidates that represent an opportunity to bring balance back to
government. We must avoid electing anyone that would only represent
another Parmakian. We need indepentdent thinkers, beholding to no
one but the citizens of Provincetown

We must understand the positive affects we have had on town
government. People now question the supposedly sacred cows of
Affordable Housing, Seashore Point,Wastewater hook up, Mega Projects,
Uncontrolled Spending and Hiring as well as ever increasing Overrides.

We have come a long way. And, as we prepare for Town Meeting and May 
Elections, we will educate ourselves about Articles and Candidates. We will 
not be afraid to speak our minds at town hall and we will demand of the
Selectmen clear and concise reasons for their acts regarding budgets 
increases and  overrides.

There will always be the nay sayers who will never see the forest or have
other agendas;but ,we must concentrate our efforts to achieve our goals of
sound, responsive, efficient and fair government.

They will try an convince you that nothing has occurred, that your
actions are only full of sound and fury signifying nothing. I would 
retort that  indeed DPW, Sandy Hill, Parmakian, Race Point,
Commercial Street Rehab, Trash Collection, Administration Staff Raises,
Shank Painter to mention a few are all issues, which in the past,
would have been presented in a different format, without full disclosure
and hidden until the last minuite at town meeting....Not this year, not
this time, because they know we will not stand for it. We have already won.

We must pursue our goals until our government is on a sound footing.

And then we must remain vigilant.

11:04 pm edt 

You Wrote:

The Police Know a Good Thing When They See It........

I wish that I had a job working detail on construction sites and
Nstar telephone work...watching the girls go by..and making $$$

I ask:
So What's Stopping You?
10:17 pm edt 


Just went to check the site for the warrant and it tells everybody to
go to the school for town meeting!!! How beautiful is that? Where
would this town be without its schools??? hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!
And its all because town hall is falling apart! What a JOKE!
10:16 pm edt 

What a Downer

This place has turned into a big toilet. Nothing good in it, all a
bunch of lousy turd ideas that are going nowhere but down the drain.
How did this place change town meeting? What articles are going to
make the big change that this site was supposed to do? Forced out a
selectman or two? BFD. A lot of hot air and really nothing
accomplished. Bummer.
10:15 pm edt 

I Responded to Danny B.'s Statement:

Of course he is just a stand in for the Affordable Housing Industrial Complex
that portrays everyone as a down trodden saint who is being crushed by the cruel
hearted business owners of Provincetown. (Oh, the self delusion of
some people.)
10:13 pm edt 

The Reality is That We are Faced wWth 41 Articles:

For now,
we must accept this challenge and rise up and dominate and prevail
with the truth. We are dissecting these articles to discover what
they really mean so that no one is led astray again. No longer will we
citizens be duped--and if some are, then it is their own fault.

We must look below the surface and see the true agenda. We must
expose the fat of these budgets for all to see so that the people who
gain from this are exposed as the greedy people that they are; such
as using the excuse of the school to fatten their retirement and
their own future.

Shame on them and thier supervisors who are too
cowardly to say no and thus foist these fat ladened budgets before
us. You all should be ashamed.

Provincetown citizen
10:11 pm edt 

Self-important Bloggers

yeah right, the GU is spiffing up because of a second rate local
blog.  has it ever occurred to you maybe they're cleaning up their
business before the summer as almost all the other businesses in town
are doing or about to do.  it's called spring cleaning.  i'm cleaning
up, painting and polishing my business and it ain't cause of some
ranting on a blog.  if they even read this blog, don't you think
they'd have at least created a smoking area out back for the
employees.  get over yourself.

and as far as the politics of this blog.  where are the 5 articles
that were supposed to come of the last meeting?  four of you showed
up at the joint meeting of the selectmen/fincomm.  three of the four
were actually an embarrassment of what this blog has created.  people
showing up at the last minute questioning innuendo and speculation
that this blog perpetrates.

even though there will be a public forum next monday night, certain
bloggers will still show up at town meeting and make a mockery of our
system because they were fed fear mongering by certain misinformed

this blog has proven to create far more damage to the town than it
could ever balance with good works.

a tax paying business owner and employer

10:08 pm edt 

Non Resident Taxpayer Association

A productive conversation is LONG overdue. Provincetown is
in need of a Non Resident Taxpayers Association. I am amazed one does
not exist.
10:05 pm edt 

While the GU is at it:

Stop throwing the plastic bags away in the dumpster.

Yes, that's right. They DO NOT RECYCLE them, they toss them into the dumpster.

Watchful eye
10:03 pm edt 

I Take It Back!

IF the GU is being spiffed up due to blog feedback I take
back everything bad I ever said :)

7:33 pm edt 

The Police Know a Good Thing When They See It........

I wish that I had a job working detail on construction sites and Nstar
telephone work...watching the girls go by..and making $$$
7:31 pm edt 

Ignore The Ranting

Dear business owners you must disregard the ranting of the
ignorant few. They come in all scenarios:

I know of one guy who ranted against blood-sucking landlords (as he
put it) for years and then he got the bright idea to rent a three
bedroom apartment and immediately he got two other roommates (he
called them his tenants); told the landlord that hed pay an extra
$100 a month in rent and rented out the two other rooms and thus
actually made money from then on! He was gently chided about his
previous statements.

It is as though someone has $10.00 and instead of going to the
Grand Union and creating a wonderful salad, he wonders why he isnt
entitled to go to a fine dining restaurant to enjoy a 3 course supper
for his ten dollars. Of course, what he doesnt consider are the wages
that the owner needs to pay, and the taxes; the rent for his
establishment or the mortgage; the cost of washing each glass or the
tip that the waiter expects: another example of this pervading sense
of entitlement that infects some people who can only look at things
from ones own perspective.You, gentle business owners, are the latest
victims of this off kilter thinking.

Just ignore the self centered rant of these misguided people who
think that the world owes them a living simply because they exist.

Provincetown citizen
7:29 pm edt 

Execuse Me?

Danny B. said that he knew of no one who went
down to Florida; that they were all staying here and hunkered down
for the winter. I'm just setting him straight, so to speak. Of course
these wait folks go back and forth--and a few do work there.
7:25 pm edt 

It's True: GU Is Being Washed and Polished

     They now have some of the workers on twenty foot ladders
cleaning the lights and the ceiling. And yes they brought in a team to
wash and wax the floors.

    Maybe the GU is Blog savvy? Maybe some are peeking in and now
something fresh and clean is taking place.

     If the GU can clean up it's act, there's hope for Town Hall.
7:13 pm edt 

Format of Town Meeting is Flawed:

I don't know about everyone else, but I find 41 articles for the
upcoming Town Meeting overwhelming.  How can the average citizen
grasp all that is going to come before us at Town Meeting.  41
Articles?   Including approving the budget for the town?  To varying
degrees we all try to grasp and understand everything that's coming
up for vote at Town Meeting, but how much time does the average
citizen really have to spend trying to understand every one of these

With so much on the agenda, things are going bound to get approved or
voted down just because we don't completely understand the
ramifications of each item.  For those who state, 'Quit Complaining,
you voted for it at Town Meeting', this is exactly what I'm talking

A low percentage of voters attend Town Meeting, an even lower
percentage of voters understand everything that's coming up for vote
at town meeting.  There has to be a better way to do this.
7:11 pm edt 

Regarding High End Wait Staff Going Off to Florida...

It is true many waiters work here in the summer and then go down to
Florida and work there in the winter.  These two communities have
opposing seasons.  So it makes sense that workers would do this...

What is your point in commenting about this like it is some sort of
criminal/awful behavior?

All (but one, bad person) of the waiters I know who do this do not
have affordable rentals or affordable housing.  They simply move back
n forth each year.

So what's you beef?

If you think this sounds like a good life go get a job being a waiter
at a high end restaurant....and stop your whining!!!!
7:08 pm edt 

Page 159 of the Town Report

Take a look at this page in the town report.  It lists the police
department salaries by person.  Now take a look at the amount of
overtime racked up by the police officers.  One officer received $33K
in overtime in addition to a $70K+ salary.  What is going on here?
7:06 pm edt 

No Problem

No one has a problem with people on affordable housing going on
vacation; it is just that with $26,000 being the median income,
people who bought their homes many years ago make this same wage and
yet pay many thousands more in taxes than people who own their
affordable homes.
~~businesses pay the same tax as everyone else inorder to keep them in town.
~~Don't be angry about the school; it will close eventually as the
student population decreases. Everyone knows that only 11 students
are graduating and the high cost of salaries and small student body
is on everyone's radar.
~~We need to know the nuts and bolts cost of every article--not just
be glad handed again and thus end up giving everything away.
~~The union and other resident workers in town need to tighten their
belts and the supervisors need to cut their budgets.
Provincetown citizen
3:35 pm edt 

From a Prior Writer:

Your business people make better that a years salary in 5-6 months,
then collect the maximum unemployment while they are sitting in there
vacation home sipping their glass of wine.

These are the same people that want to complain all the way to the
bank about their tax rate and want to deprive the town employees of a
3 percent raise thats not even cost of living? Thats, discusting any
you all should be ashamed. How do you sleep?
End of Writing

Why do write about things on which you don't have clue?  I'm a
business owner, open year-round.  Our business would most likely be
considered successful - we are able to pay our bills and our business
is growing from our hard work.  Last year we made $27,000 for the
entire year, the year before we made about $15,000.  Oh my goodness,
what will we do with all that money?  Vacation home? Ya, right. 
Glass of wine?  Geez, who wouldn't need to drink dealing with writers
like you who clearly don't have a clue.
3:33 pm edt 

Dear My Vote...

Did you ever stop to think that many of us
own our commercial properties and the businesses in them? I only work
84 hours a week during the season and 40 hours a week off season to
make a living...Just a living. No affordable
housing and you say raise my property taxes  a lot... Great
foresight. I guarentee you that if that happens, I will sell my
property, for whatever it may be worth after a glut of commercial
properties go on the market.  Boy are you smart.
1:56 pm edt 

Hey Everybody!!

I just went to the GU and believe it or not--


Good Gosh,
maybe we will even get ripe produce?
1:44 pm edt 

THE USDA ANTICIPATED GRANT FOR $800,000.00 or is it $815,000.00?

     Bergman, Guertin and Couture counted on the FUNDS from the USDA
to fund the sewer betterment for SEASHORE POINT, ABUNDANT LIFE.
      Bergman is out of the picture, he found Littleton and Rev. Herb
Taylor, President of The Deaconess, Abundant Life, Non-Profit
      Now we have Guertin and Couture starting off with their
"glasses full", to "half full", to "gravy".
      They blame the war in Iraq for the lack of funding. I blame
them, the past and current BOS and Town Manager(s)and the Finance
Committee for the assumption of the receivership of funds.
      How can they put monies into a financial budget when it is not
there. The voters might have been hood-winked into giving the land
away, but I do not recall any vote on the final contract with the
Deconess, Aubunant Life.
      Therefore, taxpayers, take heed. Let's learn from past
mistakes. Do not let history repeat itself. Ask questions at Town
Meeting. Read the fine print and read between the lines of each and
every article.

Lucrezia Borgia
1:43 pm edt 

Im Not Understanding Why Someone Would Have a Problem....

.....with affordable housing projects.  Please don't say be cause
there are units currently available.  The units that have been
available are still priced too high for the average person with a
50k income to afford. 

I wish some one would gather statistics about other town tax
rates.  You will find Provincetown in among the lowest expecialy for
the services that you receive. 

Your business people make better that a years salary in 5-6 months,
then collect the maximum unemployment while they are sitting in there
vacation home sipping their glass of wine.

These are the same people that want to complain all the way to
the bank about their tax rate and want to deprive the town employees
of a 3 percent raise thats not even cost of living? Thats, discusting
any you all should be ashamed.

How do you sleep?
12:33 pm edt 

My Vote

I am all in favor of a mayoral form of government but don't know what
it involves to change. Town Manager and Selectmen format just doesn't
work. We need one person who has the vision to more forward and not
just be a group of special interests.

Commercial properties should pay much higher taxes. Rather than
encouraging more business they are closing businesses due to their
high rents for an extremely short season, and then they pay the same
property tax as a year round homeowner.

If someone chooses a life style of summer here and winter there, so
be it. Its a great life if you want it and due to limited year round
work here it allows for a summer workforce.  None of these people
should get affordable housing and I believe one of the rules is full
time residency. With that lifestyle one never gets the chance to
become a homeowner because they are always moving and never making
enough money. Just don't give them a handout.

Also, Tuesday April 1 is the unofficial "Don't Shop at the GU" day.
We deserve better and we are fools to accept the conditions there.
12:27 pm edt 

Re: Affordable Housing

Let's say someone works here during the summer, makes some money (or
not) then doesn't have a job during the rest of the year.  They apply
for unemployment, they apply for affordable housing, they go on
vacation.  What rules have they broken?  None that I can think of. 
So let's stop treating them like they are criminals.

If we don't like it then we need to change the parameters of
affordable housing.  I'd welcome any comments on how you believe the
parameters should be changed.
12:24 pm edt 

Hats Off to Ms. Peterson....

.....last evening challenging many
aspects of the budget during the joint meeting with the finance
committee and the board of selectmen.

Don't stop!
12:21 pm edt 

Articles of the Day

Article 9.              Cape Cod Greenhead Fly Control District
Assessment. To see if the Town will vote to raise and appropriate or
transfer from available funds the sum of $938.75 for Greenhead Fly
Control as authorized by Section 24, Chapter 252 of the General Laws;
and authorize the Town Treasurer to pay said appropriation into the
State Treasury; or to take any other action relative thereto.

[Requested by the Board of Selectmen and the Town Manager]

Article 10.            Software Licenses. To see if the Town will
vote to raise and appropriate or transfer from available funds the
sum of $75,000 to be expended under the direction of the Town Manager
and MIS director for the purpose of updating software licenses for
the town, or to take any other action relative thereto.

[Requested by the Board of Selectmen and the Town Manager]
12:19 pm edt 

March 2, 2008 NY Times Article:

 Tapping into homes can be
pitfall for the elderly. (regarding reverse mortgage)
12:18 pm edt 


      My neighbor is so angry at the Deb Travato and other volunteer
firefighters that threathen,that if we don't fund the school we will
have no firemen. He is now not going to buy his appliances in town at 
      ,he is going up cape. These are really hot issues.
12:16 pm edt 

What Happened?

Is there anything that happened at the meeting last night
that can be shared with us?
12:13 pm edt 

I Am Pleased to Share With You........

......that during selectmen statements last night, Selectman Knight
reaffirmed his commitment to look at the model of the Provincetown
Public Pier Corporation and Selectman Couture solicited input from him
as to his timeline. Thank you to both.

Second Part of Public Statement:

The BOS, Town Manager, FINCOM and Taxpayers should be looking at why
Falmouths Harbormasters Total 2008 budget including capital
expenditures is only $619,891.

The Falmouth Harbor Masters Department consists of only three year
round and ten seasonal employees. They manage and patrol all of
Falmouth's fourteen harbors, nine piers, seventy miles of coastline,
and three thousand moorings. Additionally, the department manages the
Falmouth Town Marina, which caters to both seasonal and transient

Again, their budget including capital expenditures in only $619,891

Vs. Provincetowns Harbormasters whopping 2008 budget of $572,000 with
four full time employees, only one harbor, only one pier, only 21
miles of coastline, only 500 moorings, and no Town Marina.

Falmouth has 13 more harbors, 8 more piers, 49 more miles of
coastline, one less full time employee than Provincetown, a town
marina, and 2500 more moorings than Provincetown. But, their budget
is only $47,891 more than Provincetowns harbormasters budget. They
contract out all pile driving.

Our harbormasters budget is not in line with other Cape Cod harbor
budgets. As I pointed out to you in my last public statement
Provincetowns harbor budget is 21.6% higher than Chathams who has a
larger fishing fleet, larger boating population and 66 miles of

The Provincetown Public Pier Corporation has allowed MacMillan Piers
budget to go from no more than $134,000 when it was a town department
to close to $600,000 in just a few years. It has approved a total of
40% in pay raises in just 4 years for their pier manager, it has
allowed staffing to go from just $90,000 in 2005 to $252,000 in 2008.

MacMillan Piers budget should be subjected to the same scrutiny as
all other town dept budgets and go before the BOS, Town Manager, FIN
COM and Taxpayers at town meeting.

If it had in each of the last three years, the town would have had
close to $1m more in its coffers.

Thank you

Candace Nagle
12:12 pm edt 

Pros and Cons

What are the pro's and con's of going to a mayoral type
9:22 am edt 

To Don't Get it--

are you just finding this out now? I don't
own commercial property, but in other places commercial property PAYS
LESS TAX because the reasoning is that without the work place there
would be no jobs. This is why I'm quiet when Ms. Rachel White goes
before the Selectmen each year and asks that commercial renters pay
more--she might give them the idea and then they will vote to pay
less in property tax--and the majority rules..
9:20 am edt 

Look at the Front Page of Today's Boston Globe:

 "Going into Survival Mode" economyy slides, New Englanders
hunker down, channel inner Yankee...gasoline, heating oil has gone
up 85.9% since 2000.

I had Easter dinner with over 20 people and two were senior citizens
on fixed incomes. It seems that people who want affordable housing
roll their eyes whenever anyone writes about the elderly here, so
I'll just say that they were incredulous about their oil bills. 
Another woman in her 50's talked about putting on sweats and sweaters
rather than turn up the heat.

I just want people to know how some people are living when we hear
the union balks about reducing their work week two and a half hours
as they demand their 3% raises and the school board continues to push
for the bloated salaries and funding the two caffeteria at the
school..and the DPW..all at the tax payer's expense when the median
income is $26,000.
9:19 am edt 

Dear Miranda W.

The police are well paid and their job is to serve and to protect the
public--that is why they are called public servants; if any officer
thinks differently or that this isn't their job description--then
they need another profession.  This is what the police are supposed
To Do! This is their job--you act as though this is some kind of
unearthly burden suddenly thrust upon these officers as though it is
something out of the ordinary.

  The police work in shifts so there is 24 hr protection if needed.
These officers are trained in the academy you make it sound as though
the same officer is on guard 24 hours a day. These officers are well
aware that they are there to serve and protectand it doesnt mean that
they think that they are going to a tea party when they go to work.
9:16 am edt 

A Fisherman Fishes.....

........a developer builds, and a police man
keeps the peace. An officer of the law knows what his job is. It is
legitimate to ask questions of their budget and for the police
officers to realize that we are in a recession and the tax payers
can't fund everything that people want. The union, the school, et al
need to realize that not all taxpayers have a million dollar in the
bank. Our tax money supports you. We make the money and we have cost
of living increases and heating bills and health premiums--and no one
is paying us these increases.
9:14 am edt 

Dear Danny Blakely,

You obviously don't know hundreds of waiters if you think that they
are all here hunkered down in Provincetown. I guess you don't know
the staff of some high end restaurants.
9:12 am edt 

Since March first I've talked with 5 people who
are in Florida. All will be here working again this summer. Some I've
known for years and partied with and some are new. One will be
rendezvousing with co-workers prior to returing here. One goes to
Puerto Rico at the drop of a hat; he has spent the winter traveling
in Sourth America. Besides these, I know two other people and one of
them has been in Sourth America all winter and the one was hop
scotching there. I know another person who is in south east asia. oh,
and one who is out playing with the deer and buffalo. Only two of
these people have looked at affordable housing but dismissed it as
too cramped and unapealling. People don't know who I am and what a
list I can create of people who go away for the winter and work here
in the summer and ....
9:11 am edt 

Hey Miranda

Get a grip and why are you yelling?
9:09 am edt 

I Don't Get It.

All this talk about a real estate
surcharge for part time residents.  It is time for Provincetown to
tax commercial properties at a higher rate than residential
properties.  This will never happen because most of the people that
sit on boards, especially the finance committee own commercial
properties.  I rented a shop last summer.  The building has 5 shops
and 5 residential units.  Even though the residential units are
winterized, they rent by the week in the summer.  I have no issue
with how the landlord makes money.  He collected at least $100,000 in
rent just from the commercial units.  He pays the same real estate
tax as other residential homes assessed at $1.300,000.  Spend some
time in town hall and find out what most commercial buildings are
paying the town in taxes.  You will flip.  This is the biggest
problem in town.  For example we hire more police in the summer
because of the unruly drunks.  Check out what some of these bars pay
in rea!
  l estate taxes.  We have to hire more people to clean the streets,
especially at Lopes Sq.  Check out what some of these hot dog stands
pay in taxes.  I can go on and on.
9:08 am edt 

Symptoms include diarrhea.........

........fever and stomach cramps that
usually go away within a week, although some cases may require

CAUSE: Reading Mypacc past 11pm!!

GO TO BED PEOPLE, Tomorrow's another day! This Blog will still be
here... maybe.
9:05 am edt 

That's Exactly Right.

We live in a democracy which means
that majority rules............

........hmmmmmm really? When did that happen? This is P-town right?
Majority? Who's majority? Oh, you meant the silent majority, I get it
9:04 am edt 

Dear Miranda and Magnum-

Believe it or not, there are many Tax-Payers in this town that
support you and WILL vote for your contract! I know I will! The
police department deserves to be treated fairly.

Keep an eye out at Town Meeting and only ticket the creeps that vote
you down! HA! Just joking, jeez Mike Rogovski, don't panic! I bet you
sidled right up to the ole keyboard ready to make yer move, guns a
blazin?!!!  Yup, thought so!

9:02 am edt 

Monday, March 24, 2008

RE: Majority-

->"Only people who are tax payers in
Provincetown should be able to spend tax payer's money. Is it really
fair to the tax payers that anyone can spend the tax payer's money on
what the majority wishes to buy?"

Umm, if you Google the words "democracy" and "town government" you
will see that this system has been in place for a while. The idea of
only property owners being able to vote went out sometime before
slavery. Sorry you missed it. Wikipedia can also helpful answering
tough questions like this.
11:38 pm edt 

That's Exactly Right.

We live in a democracy which means
that majority rules.
11:36 pm edt 





11:16 pm edt 

Just Remember:

The purchase of 90 Shankpainter was not
voted for by ALL of the voters at Town Meeting. Nor are ANY of the
Articles. So it doesnt mean that approved Articles are approved by
the Town Body, just the majority of Voters at Town Meeting!
11:14 pm edt 

I Could Write an Expose

90 Shank painter Rd. Who is going to be the overseer
checking to make sure that there are no borders? What about working
under the table and hiding income? Is this housing director really
going to do this? What is her name and how may she be contacted?
Does she only have control over 90 shank painter rd or Ted Malones
property as well?

I realize that some people have no idea how some factions of the town
live and work. People dont believe that waiters here make
$200.00-$400.00 a night.  There are people here who dont know any
locals they only know the Fort Lauderdale and Palm Springs crowd. When
you go by someones house at 11am for something; they ask you if you
want a vodka and soda like it is the norm. 

I could write an expose that would hit this town like a lightning bolt:

Everything from                workers traded around to businesses like baseball cards to
the kitchen staff and their down time.
11:11 pm edt 

What Price Majority

Only people who are tax payers in Provincetown should be
able to spend tax payer's money. Is it really fair to the tax payers
that anyone can spend the tax payer's money on what the majority
wishes to buy?
11:06 pm edt 

If the Article Doesn't Pass,

The 719 people who are
connected to the waste water treatment plant are being forced to pay
the $800,000 to connect the Deaconess Sea Shore point non profit
behemoth to the waste water treatment plant. We all pay for the
shcools; we all pay for the police protection; we should all pay for
this connection since town meeting authorized this to be built.

11:03 pm edt 

Take a Look at This:

If you want to see what can go wrong with a critical
municipal sytem take a  look at this:

DPW deserves every cent they get in salary for making sure we don't
face this type of situation, ever. Also, another good reason to vote
for the article on well field repairs to make sure our water supply
stays reliable, relatively. The true value of well managed
infrastructure is in problems avoided along the way. While there have
been, and will always be, bumps in the road (literally sometimes) our
DPW is a critical function and should get support and thanks and not
unsupported sniping for things beyond their control.

Ptown part-timer
11:00 pm edt 

Here We Go Again With the Crying Over Spilt Milk.

The purchase of the land for 90 Shankpainter Road with the purpose of
giving it to a developer to build affordable housing was APPROVED AT
TOWN MEETING last year. Where were all of you then?
If you want to try to do something now to change it that's one thing.
But to complain about it, like it was done as a backroom deal is
ridiculous. It was Keith's baby and he spoke openly about it and it
4:47 pm edt 

Sewer Money

All you 719 residents who feel that you are being slighted by having
to pay betterments on town owned buildings (which has now been
corrected) and continue to harp on and on about the connection for
seashore point, i want to remind you that a huge amount of money from
the tourism fund subsidizes the wastewater enterprise fund.  funds
that have been directed to help defray the cost of the sewer system.

that money could have been used elsewhere in town.  it could have
been used to repave the streets, fund the schools, rebuild town hall.
  instead it is going to fund a sewer project that i will never use
or even have access to.  a simple THANK YOU would be nice.
4:45 pm edt 

90 Shank Painter..... RENTAL affordable housing.  we have control over it in many
ways for-sale housing does not allow.  if someone takes off for the
winter, they're gone.  if they sublet, take in a boarder, they're
gone.  if they make too much money, they're gone.

IT IS NOT THE SAME AS SANDY HILL and we are in desperate need of
affordable rental housing.  how many neighbors do you know at this
time of year that are looking for a new rental because they could
only afford to live in a winter rental which will end in a few short
weeks.  these people live and work here year round and need the
security of affordable year-round rentals.

and from what i understand , the new housing director is going after
people who have purchased affordable housing units and are misusing
them.  she is also going after affordable developers who have taken
our money and not produced what the money was specified for.

also, i'm all for taxing second homeowners extra.  barnstable does it
and as a previous blogger mentioned, housing costs have dropped in
barnstable.  in such a case maybe more year round residents would
have an opportunity to enter the real estate market when the prices
drop.  and the only ones who will          about this are the real
estate agents and i have little sympathy for that lot.
4:42 pm edt 

Tax Payer Monies were Used to Purchase 6 Sandy Hill Lane

     Gerry Anatham and Cass Benson received $732,000 from the CPC
monies. These are the monies that come from 3% add-on to our taxes.
These are taxpayer monies and they were GIVEN OUTRIGHT $732,000 which
they used to buy and construct these units. The land was not even
properly asessed. They paid $1 million for it. But we paid even more
than the GIFT of $732,000 since we borrowed this amount. The total
gift to Gerry Anatham and to Cass Benson, when you add in the
interest we are paying, is a whopping $1.3 million. Quite incredible.

     Just amazing. Hand over to developers $1.3 million and then
these two fight the town for an extra $67,000 that they want to put
in their pockets and take away from the people who have bought these
places. Anatham and Benson wanted the new owners to fund a failing
Title V. instead of putting these monies in an escrow account.

     What were we thinking? Wrong-headed in this for sure. How many
times will we do these half-witted deals?

      You'll have to call us nincompoops if we do something like this
again. Uh-Oh, the 90 Shankpainter GIVE-AWAY! We're doing it again.
12:34 pm edt 

Town Articles -

One question I have is that most of the town articles have a clause stating

"or to take any other action relative thereto"

Does this clause basically give the selectmen the right to use the
funds for any other purpose that they choose? Sounds like a very
subversive way to ask for money for something specific but then use
the fiunds elsewhere.
12:32 pm edt 

Article of the Day --

Article 8.              FY 2009 Revolving Accounts. To see if the
Town will vote to continue for FY 2009 the following revolving
accounts established pursuant to MGL C.44,§53E½:

(1) Preservation of Town Hall Auditorium: to allow receipts from the
rental and custodial fees charged for the public use of Town Hall
Auditorium to be segregated into a special account; and with funds
therefrom, up to a limit of $20,000 annually, to be expended for the
repair, updating and refurbishing of the Town Hall Auditorium under
the direction of the Town Manager and Board of Selectmen;

(2) Shellfish Grants: to allow receipts from Shellfish Grants to be
segregated into a special account; and with funds therefrom, up to a
limit of $2,500 annually, to be expended under the direction of the
Shellfish Warden and the Board of Selectmen for the purpose of
shellfish seeding, cultivation on public shellfish areas; or to take
any other action relative thereto.

                                              [Requested by the Board
of Selectmen and the Town Manager]
12:30 pm edt 

Second Home Owner Surcharge

A surchrage would be quite unfair. However, as residential
exemption(if it does not exists) for people whose primary residence
is in Provincetown should be implemented. Many towns like Boston
offer this tax break.

Additionally, I like the idea of second home owners registering to
vote in Provincetown so they can get representation. Registering to
vote here is much more impactful than being a single voice in a city
like Boston. So hey, great idea to the person who mentioned it.
Non-residents - get your voter registration forms and sign up in
Provincetown - make a difference.
12:29 pm edt 


     The joing meeting with the Finance Committee and the Board of
Selectmen is a PULIC HEARING MEETING. This means that we can speak up
at this meeting. It's a 5p.m. and the focus is the budget.

     Here's my problem. If you go to the BOS agenda, they only list
this meeting as a public meeting. You can't generlaly speak at a
public meeting unless they list PUBLIC STATEMENTS on the Agenda. This
is not listed. If you only checked out the BOS agenda, you'd almost
be tempted to stay home. You'd assume you could only sit there

     But you only find out that it is a PUBLIC HEARING when you go to
the Fin Com agenda. The BOS should be listed as a public hearing as
well. Please, let's not play these agenda posting games. Be upfront
with us and when we can speak, then inform us clearly and publicly
that we can. We are not asking for more than we should be offered as
citizens and as part of town government.
12:27 pm edt 

I Would Gladly Pay

I would gladly pay a share of the $800,000 if I didnt have
to pay to put in a new title 9 septic system and pay to have it
pumped regularly.  But the town never saw fit to continue the sewer
line far enough into the east end for us Beach Point area residents
to connect into it!
12:25 pm edt 

BOS Meeting Tonight at 5p.m. with Fin Com

     Tonight at 5 o'clock the Board of Selectmen will meet with the
Finance Committee in a public meeting in the Judge Welsh Hearing
Room. Do come to this meeting.

     There is also a 6 p.m. Board of Selectmen meeting--this just
recently appeared on the web site--as a regular BOS meeting. Somehow
they are posting agendas in a tiny time frame. There are public
statements at the 6p.m. meeting.

     We should see the full agendas days and days before they meet.
Again, this just appeared with a lists of issues to be discussed.
Please, more transparency would help.
11:13 am edt 

Second Homeowners In Provincetown Paying a Real Estate Surcharge?

That would be grossly unfair to those homeowners and have far
reaching effects to the already suffering real estate market here in
As stated by many in previous posts many second homeowners pay their
real estate taxes yet do not draw on many of the services and
obligations needed to operate the town properly. No children in the
schools for seasonal home owners is the first that comes to mind.
If you look at the statistics recently published in The Boston Globe
as to percentage drops in real estate values at the top of the list
was Barnstable. I wonder how much of the "surtax" for second
homeownership can be attributed to this unfair levy?

E. Michael Richards
11:12 am edt 

Chamber AFter Hours on Warrant Articles

     Tuesday, March 25th, at Michael Shay's, the Chamber will hold an
After Hours from 5 to 7 p.m. The focus is  discussion on Articles
relevant to the business community on this year's Town warrant. $10
per person. Town manager Sharon Lynn and Assistant Town Manager David
Gardner will be there to answers any questions you may have.

     Let's start the dialogue. Attend the Chamber's After Hours and
ask away. This is a good time to ask any question you have on the
warrants and hear from Sharon Lynn and David Gardner their in-depth
response to the articles.

     Hope to see you there! It's great that the Chamber is doing this.
11:10 am edt 

BOS-FinCom Meeting

MONDAY, MARCH 24, 2008 @ 5:00 p.m.


      If you plan to attend tonight's meeting, it will be helpful to
pick up a copy and go over the figures a few hours prior to the
      Hope to see you all there tonight. This is a great opportunity
to ask questions and to familiarize ourselves with the budget prior
to Town Meeting.

Astrid Berg
10:44 am edt 

Point of Clarification;

Once again, you mislead this blog.  The town's money was not used to
purchase the land at Sandy Hill.

Benson/Anathon LLC puchased it.  There were matching funds from the
state in the cost of construction, as well as the money from the CPC.

I know this was not a perfect venture, but I think as a town, we need
to learn from this and move on.

Focus on changing the Community Preservation Funding Law!
Focus on the land at 90 Shankpainter Rd.
and please, try to focus on stating facts.
10:31 am edt 

Hey All of You Widows On Fxed Incomes.......

.......born during the
depression and who sacrificed during WW2. Make sure that you attend
the town meeting and vote for the Police, school and DPW budget. And
don't forget the 90 shank painter road give away for affordable

And, don't forget the 3% "merit" increases for the
unions--oh, I forgot--you don't get a 3% increase because you are
living on a fixed income. Oh well, whats a few more dollars--just
turn the heat down some more and put on an extra sweater--don't
forget, these guys need their ORVs to go fishing at the point.
10:29 am edt 

Selectman Michele Coutuer's Main Concern

The average price of a gallon of gas in the United States
has risen to a record $3.26, and the cost of diesel fuel has soared
to a record $4.06 a gallon, adding to pressure on consumers and the
companies that deliver their goods.
The average price of gas nationwide could soon flirt with $3.50 a
gallon with instances of $4 a gal gas becoming "increasingly common."
And in Provincetown the widows on fixed incomes are paying for
worker's affordable housing with their taxes. Affordable housing is
selectman Michele Coutour's main concern and is why she became a
10:27 am edt 

I have to work--

-please tell us in detail what happens at
the meeting--and about that $800,000 sewer hook up bill for Deaconess
that we 719 home owners are being forced to pay. Will Dr. Rick Murray
be there? We now have to pay for all of the past municipal bldgs.
sewer hook ups.
10:24 am edt 

I Can't Go to the Bos-Fin Meeting;

I have to work inorder to pay for other people's housing and for the
sewer hook up for that mega-behemoth non-profit tax payer rip off
called Sea Shore point.
10:22 am edt 

Buying Land and Giving it Away to Developers

By the end of 2007, 36 percent of consumers' disposable
income went to food, energy and medical care, a bigger chunk of
income than at any time since records were first kept in 1960,
according to Merrill Lynch.

_People are treating themselves less often. The National Restaurant
Association says 54 percent of restaurants reported declining traffic
in January, and the government says eating at home increased last
year for the first time since 2001.

_Financial planners say that more than ever, parents are calling for
advice on how to deal with grown children who have moved back in with
Mom and Dad after losing a job or just to save money.

Meanwhile, Provincetown is taking money from tax payers, including
senior citizens on fixed incomes, and buying land and giving it away
to developers for free to build affordable housing for younger people
while other senior citizens work full time to pay for their benefits.
10:20 am edt 

Questions for FinCom

We should press FinCom for answers to the questions about the
$800,000 dollar payment for the Seashore Point  hookup.

I don't understand how it is being paid it and who is paying it.

Also we should raise the question as to why the professional
resumes of Town Department Heads are not publicized.

In particular we should demand to see the resume of the Department
head that is responsible for the largest expenditures in our budget
Mr. David Guertin of DPW.

I'm also going to the meeting. 
9:42 am edt 

Hey Jimbo!

Can you just imagine the happy guy who calls his
parents with the good news: Hey Mom and Dad, guess what? I'm now a
big success: I'm turning 40 next month and after doing the Fort
Lauderdale in the Winter and provincetown in the summer routine, I've
finally bought that affordable housing unit in Provincetown so now
I'm being subsidized by the widows of Provincetown on fixed incomes!
I'm set for life!
Gotta run to the gym and toss the barbells and then I'm driving down
to the village with the guys to celebrate. (not far from the truth)
9:34 am edt 

Bos-FinCom Meeting Tonight

I know of three people who plan on attending the Bos-FinCom
meeting tonight. 

As many people as possible should attend; so that we can get
answers to the questions that have been placed on this board.

I look forward to hearing my fellow bloggers in person.

See you tonight 
9:26 am edt 

It is Very Interesting........ people are falling over
backwards to flood the town with affordable housing  owners who will
never have to pay increased taxes while trying to cheat residents who
pay their fair share of taxes but who don't use the school or any
other town service in the winter.
9:20 am edt 

Be Very Careful.......

.......with people who are registered voters
elsewhere and who own second homes in Provincetown. If you start
cheating them, I can just imagine them banding together, registering
as Provincetown voters and then attending town meeting in mass and
voting down every article that adds to their tax bill.
9:18 am edt 

Affordable Housing Sold to Anyone on the Cape

Years ago there was a major conversion of multi-familiy
homes into Condos. These are the people for whom affordable housing
was created. Now it is like a run away train with the taxes of
PROVINCETOWN residents being used to  buy property and then the
property is given away to developers! They take a dilapidated Gull's
nest motel and build condos on it and which are then sold to ANYONE
on the cape--and then on the open market--so the developers make a
killing. This is the truth.
9:17 am edt 

Affordable Housing is Unfair to the Tax Payers.......

.....because everyone who owns a home and who works in provincetown
is makeing that same wage--and yet the people who have owned their
homes for 20 years are making the same wage but paying a great deal
more in taxes.

This is unfair. Affordable housing people are subsidized for
ever--essentially by their co-workers.
9:15 am edt 

Fat Chance.

No one is against affordable housing, they are against
affordable housing using our tax payer's money and by buying land and
giving it away. It is not fair that these developers make big bucks
and then refuse to pay the $70,000 to protect sandy hill residents if
their septic system fails. It is only through incredible pressure
that they put the money into escrow.
That was %70,000. Now they expect a developer who is given the land
at 90 shank painter rd to repay $300,000 once he is awareded the
property. Fat chance.
9:12 am edt 

Robbing Peter to Pay Paul!

If everyone is so concerned about fairness in paying for
town services, second home owners should be geting a tax break not a
surcharge!  If they all lived here for the full year wouldnt the cost
of services (garbage, water, schools etc) increase? Or is there a
jealous need to rob Peter to pay Paul?
9:02 am edt 

Why Should only 719 Homeowners Pay for Deaconess?

719 homeowners are being asked to shoulder the entire
$800,000 to connect Deaconess to the waste water treatment plant. I
believe that every citizen should rally to their cause and that we
should vote that every tax payer pay a portion of this. This is only
fair. We all pay for the school, all of our tax money went to buy
land for the people who live at Sandy hill in affordable housing; now
we can all share this burden rather than making these few residents
pay this bill that is thrust upon them so unfairly.

Michael Rogovsky
9:00 am edt 

Second Homeowner Surcharge?

Now exactly why should second homeowners pay a surcharge?
Because they use fewer resources than a year round homeowner?............

..... It's being done in Barnstable, quite successfully!
8:58 am edt 

Anyone Going?

BOS/FIN-COM meeting tonight at 6:00 p.m. in Town Hall. Is
anyone going?

8:56 am edt 

To a Previous Blogger

Concerning taxing second homeowners. residential tax exemption should
be investigated. To support year round residents who have their
primary domicile here. This would not effect business. The percentage
of a decrease in your taxes would depend on the amount of exemptions
8:54 am edt 

Looking For Taxes

Not fond of taxing second homeowners extra.

But we should consider a tax on developers.  if they want to use this
town with it's very limited resources, then they should have to pay
for that privilege.  if you are not working on your primary
residence, but have purchased property with the intent of fixing it
up for resale, then we should receive something in return.  some
cities insist on developers spending a specified percentage of their
total costs be earmarked for outdoor artwork.

We make the rules.  developers are changing the very characteristics
of this town, they are making small fortunes in doing so and we are
getting nothing in return.

A developer can come in and buy a 3 family house (let's assume 2
units are rentals), for $800,000.  they put $200,000 into the place
and in the matter of a year or less, they condo it and sell the three
units for a total of $1,200,000.  in less than a year they have made
$200,000 and what did we get, three more condos which will probably
be rented out weekly.  we got nothing and worse yet, we lost two
rental properties.

We should receive something for the ravaging of our town.  and if the
developers don't like it, too bad.  go develop somewhere else. 
there's easy money in flipping properties here and we deserve
something in return.
8:52 am edt 

Well Tarnation, I Recon Ah Thank Ima Votin Fer Cotooor!!!
Hoo dun rote all dem names uv fokes dat set on bords wif der
kwalifeecashuns? Dat wuz hepful for me! Too bad out my Pammy! I liked
her she wuz smart and purty too

Hey, wares that Rogovski feller? I dun miss him! He shor duz rite a
lot a thangs on here. Guts lotsa ideers bout stuff.! I wuz tryin ta
figger how dat feller got so intellijunt. He musta grajeeated at the
top o his siks grade class!! Wunder if he can fix all uf our trials
and tribulashuns? Jes lass nite I wuz thankin ta myself, I sed self
that Mike is a smart'n yessiree bubba, maybe we cud hav him ketch
that thar far bug! I ken giv him my dawg Blue an they ken work as a
teem! Betcha thell ketch that bad feller so weeuns ken sleep agin!

Big Slim Jimbo
8:49 am edt 

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Re Affordable Housing/Rentals

Since there are many jobs in our community that can't pay more than
$11-$13 an hour, where do you expect these workers to live?  If we do
not help to create affordable rentals and affordable housing we will
continue to lose population.

We need counter help at coffee shops and other service oriented
businesses, such as the Grand Union, Be Nautural, Far Land
Provisions, Cumberland Farms etc.

True there may be those who abuse the affordable housing system and
there may be some problems with it as well. But I would think that it
is in our best interrest as a community to be supportive of the
concept of creating affordable units.

I also think that "Danny's Story" is more true than that of the one
posted by "just stating the facts"
11:29 pm edt 

Second Homeowner Surcharge?

Now exactly why should second homeowners pay a surcharge? 
Because they use fewer resources than a year round homeowner?

A Year Round Homeowner
11:08 pm edt 

How Can Anyone be Banned From an Anonymous Site?? and its affiliates reserve the right to ban
anyone from using this section at any time and for any reason they
deem necessary to include, but  not limited to: Abusive language or
comments; Disrespect of others; Causing a disturbance; Purposely
annoying others.

How can anyone be banned from an anonymous site?? No one here even
signs their names!

Webmaster Comment: Banned by content
10:52 pm edt 

What an Interesting Idea!

Someone wrote yesterday about surcharging Second Homeowners
to reduce the taxes paid by the year round residents!?!? Is that
legal?? What an interesting idea!

Does anyone know if this is really being done and if we could do that
here? Webmaster do you know?

Webmaster Comment: The function of the Webmaster is to encourage
participation and to provide an ordered medium of exchange. For the 
most part, a Webmaster should not be a part of the dialog between bloggers.
Can anyone help us resolve this inquiry?

Thanks for the inclusion
10:48 pm edt 

This is OUR Neighborhood!

The happiest people don't necessarily have the best of
everything; they just make the best of everything they have. Life
isn't about how to survive the storm,
but how to dance in the rain.

Keep that in mind on April 7th! Remember, we are all neighbors and
this is OUR neighborhood! Our actions will affect our neighbors. Be
kind in your work and think carefully before you act. Use your votes
wisely as you would your money.

Happy Easter
10:38 pm edt 

Question to the Webmaster

The question is what is your response to people that ask
you to post on a more timely/regular schedule?

Webmaster Comment: At a minimum we post comments when circumstance allow. Our typical posting periods are in the morning, early afternoon, close of business day and around midnight.

There is more to publishing a blog then transferring the posted comment. Comments must be read for meeting minimum MYPACC standards and  where required blackouts must be inserted; as well as orthographic presentation and run-on sentences parsed in paragraphical format for ease of reading.

We trust this answers your question.

Thank you
10:33 pm edt 

It Was Sort of Interesting Reading This Blog

Now however,
the time between postings has become so infrequent. I think the
online edition of the Banner provides more  regular updates without
the nastiness.

Thank you for the interesting forum you once had. The Nagle / Adams
rivalry was entertaining and intelligent. There were some smartly
written commentaries and even the Jimbo character cuased a pause for
a smile.

Now, I find this forum boring. The only thing one can count
on here is another Rogovsky rant on the political hot potatoe(s) of
the day/hour.

Parting is such sweet sorrow, but part I must. Your page is beginning
to burn into my screen! Good bye mypacc.
10:14 pm edt 


Just because someone resides in affordable housing does not mean they
must live in poverty.  i'm no fan of affordable housing (i like
affordable rentals), but these people have the right to a nice car, a
vacation and a nice life.  to think  they have to live a life a
poverty because they have an affordable unit is pigeon holing these
people.  i would think, and i do think it is the intent, if these
folks end up doing well, they will move on to market rate housing and
resell their affordable unit to someone in need of it.  sadly, there
is no incentive for this to happen.
10:11 pm edt 

Dear Ready for you...

What do you think you are ready for?
Is there something new that we should know about? I for one am ANGRY
with the DPW budget(s)! They are out of control! Time to reel that
department in!! Maybe we should send Guertin a pink slip!

While we're at it, how about the NEW Asst. Town Mgr position? Can't
we find a way to cut that too? Why are we paying for a position that
we haven't needed in years? We're fat and bloated at the top.

I did read what a prior blogger said about the pier barge. At least
that's a town dept. that is looking for ways to SAVE money and they
don't come to taxpayers every year with their hand out!

The police is another dept in town that I feel deserves our support.
They have had a rough ride lately and should be one of the last
departments we look at cutting. There is an arsonist loose in our

Too much chocolate for this blogger today, time to say Good night and
Happy Easter!
10:09 pm edt 

To the Webmaster....

Truth is I don't care how often you post. However, I do think you owe
people a response when they pose questions to you. Aside from it
being a common courtesy, you do have a responsibility as the person
who started and has control of this thing. If someone asks you a
question, answer them!

Webmaster Comment: Please state your question.

Thank you
10:06 pm edt 

Prescience Where for Art Thou?

I demand that you reply to my postings prior to my posting
them. Nothing less will do.
10:02 pm edt 


......are you saying that you have never met anyone who
lives in affordable housing and who has gone on cruises and drives a
late model car?
9:59 pm edt 

I'm like Danny

I know restaurant owners who are in Florida
and who own property there. I know that there are waiters there right
now enjoying the sunshine and warm breezes. They have been there all
Winter. I also know other workers in town who are out west and who
will return in a few weeks. These folks are all collecting
unemployment. I also know that several have looked at affordable

Just stating the plain facts
9:58 pm edt 

Why Must We Pay For Them?

I work here and I own a home here. My taxes pay people's
salaries and pay increases and support the school and the town. I do
not see why my tax money is used to buy land that is given to
developers who then build some affordable units and some market value
units and they make fabulous money.

People aren't doing this because they aren't making a penny in profit.
I do not understand why people think that they are entitled to have me
support them so they can live here.

It cost me $22 to put a half tank of gas in my car; my oil bill is
hundreds more this year and my insurance premiums have increased and
no one is paying me a penny so that I can be connected to the waste
water treatment plant; instead, I'm being forced to pay for the
deaconess connection.

Provincetown citizen
9:56 pm edt 

To: The Pest......

........that keeps harassing the webmaster, if you
don't like the blog, start your own.  this is not an IM chat room. 
the person(s) responsible for this forum have to eat and sleep like
you (unless you are taking too many         )
9:46 pm edt 

Happy Spring Provincetown!!!

What a beautiful day!  What a gorgeous weekend!

I took the dog for 4 long walks over the weekend and looking out to
the ocean and walking through the dunes,
the light,
blasting winter away,
high above is blue, everywhere!
This is why I live on Land's End.

It cleares the mind.  Things make sense, now.
I feel hopeful about our towns situation.

Town Meeting will be the greatest event of the season.  Information
is flowing, like the tides out at Hatches Harbor.

So to the DPW, Community Preservation, Pier Corp., School Board,
Housing Council, Deaconess (LifeSpring???) and Board of Selectmen--

I hope you enjoyed the weekend too!  Ya know why????
-just like Spring,
                   We are ready for you!

9:38 pm edt 

Waiting is Like Watching Paint Dry

I agree with whoever said that the time between posting is
so crazy! That surely explains all the hits on this site! Maybe our
trustee webmaster could post a schedule that fits his life style?
Like 11am (after he gets up and has his second or tenth cupy of
coffee) then again at 3pm (lunch and wine you know!) Last postings
could be at 11:30pm (before bed, after cocktails and late dinner?)
Come on webmaster, waiting is like watching paint dry and the results
are about the same too!
5:12 pm edt 

Just Vote No!

Article 6: VOTE NO!

Article 7: VOTE NO!

5:08 pm edt 

To: True Story

I don't know who these so-called "welfare queens" are or if they
actually exist.  I am telling you from personal experience your "true
story" is an illusion.

I also make my living as a waiter in town.  I've never been to ANY of
the exotic locals you describe.  You say this happened 10 years ago? 
I have been a year-round resident almost that long.  In that time, I
have gotten to know hundreds of people in the provincetown service
industry. We are a very close knit group.

I feel very comfortable in speaking on behalf of this group.  We work
VERY hard to make it in this town.  Most of us rent apartments, and
don't qualify for affordable housing, either because of our income
level, or because we refuse to kiss up to the right people.

Yes, most of us do collect unemployment.  It is a necessity unless
your employer is open year-round.  We ALL know that is the case with
the majority of businesses in town.

$50,000 a summer!  Are you joking?  Im almost positive NO ONE I know
makes this much money, even working up to 3 jobs.  You must have been
talking to a business owner.  Even in an extremely busy season, that
number is impossible.

In conclusion, maybe you did meet some leathery guy on the beach one
time 10 years ago.  That is about all the "true" in your story I
believe.  My truth is this:  the group I represent is a proud,
upstanding, and vital element to this community. 

We pay or excessive rents, we vote in town elections, we serve on town
boards.  We will continue to do so only out of our love for this place and
each other. We play hard but we work harder.

Besides the natural beauty of provincetown, the only reason I chose
to live here is for the friends I have met.  Actually we are not
friends, we are family.  All citizens of p-town should take a cue
from your humble servants.

That is my True Story.

Danny Blakeley
Provincetown Citizen
5:03 pm edt 

Changes to Open Meeting Law 4:57 pm edt 

I Was Really Impressed With the Information That I Was Able to Learn

I haven't been a reader of this blog for very long, but I
do think that getting involved in the town and learning is a good way
to prepare for Town Meeting. I like to see how things work and why.

I read the story in this weeks Banner about "Barge-Gate". It sounded
awfully sensational so I though I'd take a spin down to the town pier
and have a look for myself. There it was, sitting at the end of the
dock not looking like much to my untrained eye. I figured what the
heck, I'm here, let's at least check it out! I figured I'd just ask
the Harbormaster for a little info.

I walked over to the Harbormaster's office just as a young gentleman
was leaving; we almost banged into each other. He immediately asked
if he could help me so I told him my question. He said he was one of
the Directors, Mr. Adams of the Pier Corp. and that he'd be happy to
answer my questions! And answer them he did!

In just 5-10 minutes I learned a great deal about some- thing that I
really knew nothing about! But I figured if there's a chance that my
taxes are paying for it, then I have a right to know. Mr. Adams was
kind and thorough and his piercing green eyes told me that he being
totally truthful. He had such a relaxed and natural way about him.

I learned that the users of the pier help to finance the equipment
used and that the barge will serve many uses including pulling up
abandoned moorings, repairing the pier exterior pilings, etc. He told
me that when the Harbormaster currently has to remove an abandoned
mooring, it typically means that a fishing dragger is needed to pull
up the heavy blocks. That can cost upwards of $1,000 to rent the
services of the boat and its captain. Now they can do the same thing
with their own equipment for a fraction of the cost. He also told me
that the town has in the past contracted out the work for replacing
the pilings that line the outside of the pier. Apparently, it is
quite an expensive proposition and has to be done routinely. Once the
barge is properly outfitted, it will be able to replace a group of
pilings each year on a regular maintenance schedule at a hugely
reduced overall cost to the pier/town.

I was really impressed with the information that I was able to learn
in just a few short minutes. I wonder if the same would be true of
the DPW or any other town department? I was told by Mr. Adams that
there is an Article on the town warrant to dissolve the Pier Corp.
Based on what I learned and the way I learned it, I think that would
be a huge mistake! The pier appears to be well run, and quite
competently too!

J. Peterson
4:54 pm edt 

Take Your Ball and Go Home

Seems the very bloggers taunting the webmaster, should
follow though on their  "getting a life advice" .  Ignorance is not
pretty.  Here is a bit of advice: Don't like the blog: Don't use it.
Malcontents or not it is our right to discuss whatever issues or
opinions we want.  Take your ball and go home, Parmikian  did.
11:35 am edt 

Hoppy Easter Ptown Bunnies,

How about hanging up the negativity for the day and biting the ears
off some chocolate bunnies!  Let the webmaster enjoy his jelly beans.

11:32 am edt 

To Those Running for BOS -

It would be great of those of you running for Board of Selectman
would post your reasons for running, goals, backgrounds,
qualifications and general thoughts on the running of the town.

11:30 am edt 

Articles of the Day --

Article 6.              FY 2009 Capital Improvements Program. To see
if the Town will vote to raise and appropriate, borrow, or transfer
from available funds the following sums to defray the costs of the
Fiscal Year 2009 Capital Improvements Program submitted in accordance
with Chapter 9, section 2 of the Provincetown Charter, provided that
the appropriation shall be contingent on the passage of a Proposition
2 and ½ capital outlay exclusion by the voters of the Town in
accordance with General Laws Ch. 59, sec. 21C(m); as follows:

DPW Street Sidewalk Replacement: $50,000 to be expended under the
direction of the Town Manager and the Director of Public Works for
maintenance and repair of streets and sidewalks, and costs related

or take any other action relative thereto.

[Requested by the Board of Selectmen and the Town Manager]

Article 7.              FY 2009 Capital Improvements Program. To see
if the Town will vote to raise and appropriate, borrow, or transfer
from available funds the following sums to defray the costs of the
Fiscal Year 2009 Capital Improvements Program submitted in accordance
with Chapter 9, section 2 of the Provincetown Charter, provided that
the appropriation shall be contingent on the passage of a Proposition
2 and ½ capital outlay exclusion by the voters of the Town in
accordance with General Laws Ch. 59, sec. 21C(m); as follows:

DPW Drainage Maintenance: $50,000 to be expended under the direction
of the Town Manager and the Director of Public Works for maintenance
and repair of Drainage Structures, and costs related thereto;

or take any other action relative thereto.

[Requested by the Board of Selectmen and the Town Manager]
11:29 am edt 

BOS Meeting with FinCom Tomorrow

I hope we all can attend the BOS-FinCom meeting tomorrow. We should be prepared to ask questions.

Maybe those who have questions can post them here; so that we all know the issues and if the posters cannot attend, we will at least have their questions.

I'll be there i hope we all show up.

See you tomorrow!
11:21 am edt 

I Was Beside Myself as I Saw the Webmaster Driving Down Commercial St. Yesterday.
My God, man, why weren't you chained to the
keyboard fixing up the blog junkies? Your commitment was broken on
Easter weekend, Webbie. Happy visitors, sun shining, merchants
considering the possibility of timely bill paying and there you go
wrecking the dreams of the malcontents. I think that was a smile on
your face, how inappropriate. I am embarassed for you, Cadbury eggs
are no excuse. Shape up or else.
11:13 am edt 

Thanks for the Wake Call!

I must admit, I never thought about it before, we publish the qualifications
of our Town Manager and after that I don't remember ever seeing the qualifications 
our Town officials except those in the school system e.g.
Superintendent, Principal and Teachers. Why not for Town Departments. 

Perhaps we should all make request for this information to be published under the freedom of information law. We don't need to know personal information, only professional information, from  which we can determine their qualifications to make critical decisions on  our behalf.

I suggest that we all make request of the Town Manager for this information.
11:10 am edt 

Maybe a Few Shout Out Addicts Need a Life

     Some of you need to go outside and play. Pick up a bat and ball
and try a little game of neighborhood softball. Some of you could use
a little exercise on the treadmill. The gyms are open. Others could
benefit from a walk along the beaches, throwing more balls to your
dogs. A few could benefit from a little breakfast at the local

     Get a life. You may be too addicted, looking for instant
gratification when you post. Check out the crocuses and daffodils.
Look up to the sky. Yes, today it's blue and the sun is out.

     Do some of you know that it is Spring! Go out. Get out of the
House. Then come back and see what's been posted. You're looking like
winter. Get yourself outside!
10:50 am edt 

Sounds like a Hail Mary Pass!

I rememeber DPW Director, David Guertin, stating at a BOS meeting
that although we were informed by the USDA that Provincetown in all 
probability would not receive the total grant amount of $800,000
applied for, that he had great expectations of receiving at least

What happened to this request and when did we know about it 
being declined? No matter how we slice it, we are on the hook
for $800,000 to hook-up Seashore Point (no pun intended).

As the previous poster said, I don't understand how this is reflected
in our budget. I don't understand.

Please, can someone explain how we will handle what I perceive
as a big mess, created by Mr. Guertin's rather rosy estimates ,which
now seem more like guesstimates wholly dependent upon a miracle?

And then a miracle occurred!

Saints be Praised   
10:47 am edt 

Re: Publishing Town Official's Qualifications

I would like to see the published qualifications of our Board of
Selectmen and Department heads including Assistant Department Heads.

Why is this withheld from the public. We have a right to know as these
individuals are responsible for the operations of our town. No company
would hide this information.

Each Department Head and Assistant should have  a published professional
profile. We have had so many incidences of hiring unqualified people for
leadership positions.

This in part may explain the problems we are having in  our various departments
and finances
10:25 am edt 

Seashore Point & DPW

An earlier  writer pointed out that the 2007 Town Report
stated that we have not received the USDA grant for $800,000 for
the Seashore Point hook up. How are we going to pay for this cost
and who is going to pay for it.

Can someone please explain this and its affect on the budget?
10:13 am edt 

You started it !

I agree with the other writers - the webmaster need to
concentrate on the blog and update it more often.

You started it - now follow through or give it up!
10:06 am edt 

Re: Recommendations Regarding Articles and Candidates

We should take a close look at the candidates and what affiliations they
have, as well as their performance  in the various positions on town committees
and  boards.

Will PACC make recommendations regarding Articles and Candidates?

I for one would like to see a PACC profile of all the candidates in preparation
for elections.
10:03 am edt 

To: I Will be Surprised If it Lasts Into May

I'm certain that you hope it is true, but don't count on it.
It will be here for the elections Michele and after.
Get used to it and prepare for your recall.

You can win and yet lose. You can run but not hide

Bye bye!  
9:51 am edt 

Time to Tighten All of Our Belts!

The budget for everthing from the DPW to the police
department comes from the tax payer's wallet. The cost of everything
from the salary of every town employee from the bloated salaries of
some at the schools to the painting of police cruises is paid by the
tax payers. Only the tax payers hooked up to the waste water
treatment plant pay this bill. Now everyone wants them to pay for
affordable housing and be happy about it. IT is time to tighten all
of the belts and put everything under a microscope.
9:44 am edt 

I Will be Surprised If it Lasts Into May

It does seem to me that the web master was not quite ready
for the commitment a blog of this sort demands.
No, it is not a chat room, per se, but when the last update is before
midnight last night, and it is now 9:20 the next morning, it makes me
think that maybe this board will be self destructing very soon.
I will be surprised if it lasts into May.
In a year, no one will remember it ever existed.
9:42 am edt 


"We need a smarter, less smirky, and less agenda-driven person
sitting to the left of Mary-Jo."

I do not like Couture at al, but I had to laugh as I also think of
MaryJo as pretty dumb, extremely smirky, and very agenda-driven!
Let us not forget that MaryJo has sat on the board for hundreds of
idiotic decisions dating back years and years!
Wasn't she one of the board members who shouted down the government
sponsored FREE SEWER SYSTEM in the 1970s because they were afraid of
having the streets disturbed for one summer?
In my opinion, the last thing we need on the BoS is institutional memory!
9:38 am edt 

To: Magnum PI
Excellent, Excellent work, Finally someone writes something that is
factual and informative.  Im surprised the Web Master actually
printed it.  This community has no idea what our Police Department
goes through on a daily basis.  Try walking down main street in
Hyannis, acting the way  most of our citizens do with their buttocks
exposed shouting, ranting, chanting,  and see what happens.  The have
no one to blame but themselves.

Good Job Magnum.  You need a raise.  Im voting yes.

9:36 am edt 

To Clarify

Someone was writing in about the police pay and wages...

To refresh and clarify, let's walk down memory lane to help explain
the situation with police pay.  It may be confusing.

In April of 2006, the town meeting had an article, which passed, that
included raising funds for the police bargaining contract from
2004-2006 (these would be for raises normally incurred starting July
of 04 and again July of 05).  The funds raised at that Town Meeting
would have been given to the police personnel in a retro-active
fashion and they would not have actually gotten their money until
their first pay check in July of 2006 (aka FY 07).  So, for two years
the payroll person would have kept a running total of retro-active
pay including pay that would spill over into any overtime.

So, this means the FY 07 pay in the Town Report for this year will
show an inflated "salary" because it has the two years of previous
years retroactive pay (including any overtime retro-active and
possibly detail pay) tacked onto the regular salary they would have
received in 2006 (had the 2 full years of extra pay from years past
that they had to wait for not been included).

This also means the last pay increase for the police would have been
in July of 2005.  The retro-active pay on the Special Town Meeting
Article for this T/M is for starting in July 06....  It is in fact
for two years of retroactive pay (again).  Again, the police have
gone for two years without pay increase.  The current contract
negotiated is for up until 2010 so the retro-active problem should be
an issue of the past.

The T/M put the raises on the November Special T/M as an attempt to
get the police their retro-active pay raises sooner than July of '08
because she was apparently trying to avoid another 2 year waiting
period on their money.  This attempt was successful at Town Meeting
but failed at the ballot when the voters rejected the raises being
attached to the Prop 2.5 override.  So, back to the original (usual
manner plan) for the police, and the full 2 year wait to get money
earned for the prior years (2) work.  The retro-active raises have no
interest attached and therefore serve no benefit to the police
personnel having to wait for the check.

Please, realize the inflated numbers you see in the Town Books are
because of the big check in July of 06 which was two full years of
past years retroactive pay increases, including overtime

I hope this cleared up any issues about the overly large numbers
(especially in comparison to last years report, which would reflect
no raise and no retroactive extra lump sum big pay check like this
past year).  If you look at the bigger money makers and those that
clearly work more overtime than others - their pay will be even
higher because it will be even that much more overtime and work time
over the two year period.

Like Magnum P.I. wrote, call the station and ask anyone... they'll be
happy to answer questions about their job and about their contract
(at least that's been my experience).

9:35 am edt 

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Dear WebMaster

i agree this is not a chat room, but i have noticed in the last few
weeks that there are fewer and fewer postings.  which i find very
surprising considering all that is going on in town with the upcoming
town meeting.  it could be that people are getting bored with
checking in here only to find that the site has not been updated.

when you pat yourself on the back for 20,000 hits, please remember a
large majority of those hits are people looking many times a day for
updated conversation.  you control the speed of this conversation.
11:58 pm edt 

To True Story...

Yes, Yes, Yes...alright already!
We all know of these people who abuse the system, but what is your point?
Do you think that we shouldn't have affordable housing for people
because some one might take advantage?  We shouldn't offer
unemployment benefits or affordable health care, because some jerk
might abuse it?

For every one of these "welfare queens" as you put it, there are many
less fortunate people who need these services.  And I for one am sick
of people pointing out the abusers as if that is representative of
all the people who need affordable housing, health care etc...

Let's just say that some people are "bad", and if you want to dislike
them go ahead, but let's not use them as examples of most of the
members of our community.
11:57 pm edt 

Some People Can Be in A Position Too Long

     Seven years are more then too long for Michele Couture to be a
Selectman. In these last seven years, this town has taken on many
major projects and Couture has been a cheerleader for all of them.
This wasn't a big project she didn't wholeheartedly support. And now
we are swimming in a sinkhole of debt. Sometimes you have to look
ahead and see the consequences. She never did and she should be held
responsible for part of the fiscal problems the town now faces.

     Selectmen, if they are leaders, do not always say "YES," "YES,"
"YES." The smart and sound ones often repeatedly say "NO" and "NO"

     We can't afford to fund more of these monumental projects and we
can't afford to have Couture continue to make these poor,
wrong-headed decisions for another three years. Time to Change her
seat. We need a smarter, less smirky, and less agenda-driven person
sitting to the left of Mary-Jo. Maybe then our taxes can be more
10:48 pm edt 


Is anyone else old enough to remember?  To collect an unemployment
check you had to go to the unemployment office every other week with
proof that you had applied for a job.

When did they change that?
10:46 pm edt 

Where is the Webmaster?

I thought tomorrow was Easter? Where is the Webmaster? This
Blog is a drag!

10:44 pm edt 

This conversation....

...would be much more educational if it were updated more frequently.

Webmaster Comment: This is a Blog not Chat-room; there is a difference.

Thank you for your comment.
10:42 pm edt 

Affordable Housing Will Become the Norm!

Go back and see what things cost 20 years ago and see what
they cost imagine the cost of everything 20 years from now.
Many of us will be on fixed incomes and will be paying these
costs--and the taxes of people who buy affordable housing--decade
after decade after decade....How does one calculate this--affordable
housing will become the norm.
10:38 pm edt 


Seniors on fixed income pay for the housing for
strapping workers? Have the home owners of Provincetown carry the
financial burden of affordable housing on their backs in perpetuity?
Ok you guys; Come to Provincetown and buy your affordable housing
unit and let other people pay your share of the taxes.

Where do I sign up?
10:35 pm edt 


is the $800,000 coming from the DPW budget or the Wastewater
Enterprise budget?  there's a big difference there.  if it's the DPW
we all pay (which is fair) and if it's the WWEF then only the user's
will be paying.

BTW, Guertin should be held accountable for leading us to believe
that a grant was forthcoming for $800,000, then oops, only $400,000,
oops again, nothing.  and if you question him on it, he claims the
USDA grant was not forthcoming because of the cost of the war in
Iraq.  could someone please explain how the United States Department
of Agriculture is involved in the war.

and i for one would really like to know what David Guertins
qualifications are for running the Department of Public Works and for
that matter what makes Sandy Turner qualified to be his assistant.

Ms Lynne, now that you've shaken up the Police Department maybe you
should move on to the DPW.
10:34 pm edt 

Re: Pay Attention....

Regarding the police overtime/details....

The revolving account represents details which represents work I.E.
NSTAR, Verizon, Sewer Project, and any other detail which requires a
police officer to redirect traffic, make sure no property damage
occurs, and safety for motor vehicle/pedestrian traffic.  The
payments for the officers working the details comes from the company
or property owner at no cost to the Town of Provincetown.

As far as the cushy cash cow at the airport, the Federal Government
pays the cost of the officer to be there to protect the TSA as well
as any critical incidents that should arise, again, no cost to the
Town of Provincetown.

The overtime, well, that is quite self explanatory.  The town
requires at minimum two full time officers on duty per shift.  They
are supposed to be 13 patrol officers and 3 sergeants.  However,
having been 4 officers short and 2 out on injury, not to mention
coverage for sick, vacation, holiday time, and also for special
events, there will be the need to pay overtime to at least have
miminum road coverage for the Town of Provincetown.  Unfortunately,
this cost will have to be the expense of the Town.

One last thing, I dont understand, one writer wants the police to
write and write tickets, but its awfully funny how the minute a
resident is issued a ticket, its the same story, "Do you know who I
am?", I know so and so, I will have your job, and "Dont you have
anything better to do?"

The police department can write as many tickets as it wants but just
to clarify one thing.  Then Town does not get the face value of the
ticket.  The violation fine is split between the State and Town.  I
believe this is only for moving violations I.E. speeding.  Also, if
one is to appeal the ticket, there is the cost to the Town of salary
and overtime for officers to go to court.  So, in the long run if an
officer writes a $200.00 speeding ticket, automatically the state
will take $50.00 for the head injury fund.  Then if a court
magistrate either reduces the fine to the minimum speed fine of
$50.00 the Town could get a kickback of $25.00.  So the day the
officer is in court for the first hearing it could cost the Town
upwards of $100.00 in salary, but if the violator appeals that in
front of a judge, an officer is going to get upwards and at minimum
$150.00 in overtime for being in court.  So, with that said for the
$25.00 the Town could make, its going to cost the Town ov!
  er $250.00.

In conclusion, instead of beating up the police department, why dont
you just simply call and ask someone.  I am sure they will tell you
what you want to know.

Magnum P.I.

10:31 pm edt 

To: Daily Reader

  You asked to splain Lucy... OK here you go. first of all Sir or listen closely The CPC is not spending money on the
masonic lodge and where did you get that WRONG tid bit ? It is the
lodge at the Monument you know that big granite thing in the center
of town.

The lodge is HISTORIC it served as a museum a 100 years ago
and a care takers cottage, but sadly it fell into disrepair. So I
hope you are satisfied with the correct information.

Now as for your other comment as to why is the cpc spending money
on FAWC cottage , If you know anything about Provincetown our art
center attracts a lot of people here and our artiest community is a very
large part of who we are and just so you know that building is HISTORIC
as well.

Now that you have the correct information I can only hope your feelings
have changed
10:27 pm edt 

I Need to Defend "Marketing 101"s Comment

 "sounds like our niche market is pedephiles".
I think the blogger who said that this was the dumbest comment on the
blog missed the point that Marketing 101 was trying to make.
When I read the outrageous comment by Steve Melemed in the Banner
article saying "Older gay men want to cast their eyes on younger gay
men" I also thought he made all older gay men who come here sound
like pedephiles! (And that this idiotic comment came from the mouth
of an old straight man!) Melemed should be ashamed if he thinks he
can speak for gay men of any age, anywhere! Talk about a myopic old
relic with an ego problem!

Something makes me think that Mr. Melemed wrote the criticizing
comment to 'Marketing 101'! He has shown himself to be that type of
blowhard many times before!
10:23 pm edt 

True Story P.S.

Forgot to mention, that very tan man collects Mass. Unemployment
Insurance while he is in Thiland, then when he returns, gets a
complete physical at Outer Cape, compliments of our tax dollars!
10:21 pm edt 

True Story

Ten years ago when I first moved here, I was at the beach and started
talking to a very tan older man.  Come to find out, he has been
spending summers here and winters in Thiland or India or Florida.

"Wow", I said to the man, "How do you do it?"

"Easy", says he!

"I work as a waiter in a seasonal restaurant from May through
September.  I can make almost $50K a year!  I use my "crash pad" here
in P-town, sharing it with other guys who do the same.  We pay only
$200. a month for rent.  I have a post office box number for my
"year-round" address!  Working in a restaurant, I do not declare all
my earnings, so I keep my salary at poverty level, thus qualifying
for Mass-Health and I keep putting my name in the affordable housing
lotteries!  After all, it is getting expensive to live here, and I
want to keep spending my winters overseas!"

Shame on you, Welfare Queens!
10:19 pm edt 

Re: Marketing 101

Great comments. The article in the Banner was a very sad statement
from our local organizations and leaders.
10:17 pm edt 

RE: "Webmaster Comment:

It is the policy of this web site
that anyone purporting to speak as a town official identify

Could you please point readers of this site to where this policy is
posted and made explicit ont he web site 'cause I can't find it.
There is a long policy/disclaimer ont he home page but nowhere have I
ever seen this apparently new, on-the-fly, policy mentioned. What
constitutes an official, does that mean any town board member or town
or school employee has to identify themselves to post here? How about
county or state government? How is this enforced? Are posts being
deleted that are anonymous but moderator suspects are town officials?
I thought one purpose of this blog was to elicit information, even
juicy inside information which so many seem to think exists and
expose all the corrupt practices that a read might think are rampant,
that might not otherwise see the light of day? If this policy is
being implemented then I for one vote that anyone involved in the
management of MYPACC or this website should also be required to sign
their posts with their real name. Anyone el!
  se agree that otherwise we can't understand just the facts.

Deeply Confused?!?

Webmaster Comment: No one is required to give their name. Any poster can remain anonymous; including town officials. However, if one purports to be a town official and speaks from that position, it is incumbent upon that individual to verify their veracity. That has always been our policy.

Thank you for your inquiry.
10:15 pm edt 

Seniors and Affordable Housing

*"It seems that a $1,000 annual exclusion on real estate taxes for
people over 65 would more than cover the portion of their tax bill
that actually goes to town financed affordable housing costs
therefore the argument that affordable housing is being built on the
backs of seniors is incorrect and false"*

Think about it: if the town spending on affordable housing goes up,
the tax bill of EVERYONE (including the elderly who get a $1,000
exclusion) goes UP.  And if such spending goes down, everyone's tax
bill goes down, so they more $ to spend on other things.  Still think
it's "incorrect & false"?
10:05 pm edt 

Regarding Tell Me if This is Fair:

Just because someone owns a business, and during the summer appears
to be making money hand over fist, doesn't mean that they "are"
making money hand over fist.

There are twelve months of bills that need to be paid, rent,heating
electricity etc. You also don't know what debt they may be paying off
regarding their business etc...

I know that there are some who abuse the system, hide their money and
run off to Florida or Europe.  I just hope people will not use these
few folks actions to tarnish other seasonal business owners.

I know of several local business owners who don't make a large salary
and who do qualify for affordable housing, wouldn't it be helpful to
these year round residence to have the opportunity to buy/rent
affordable housing and help to stabilize their living situation?
10:03 pm edt 

Webmaster... Oh Webmaster!

Wake up you sleepy head and haul
your hiney out of bed! Post, post, post! You created this monster,
now perpetuate it! Post young man, post! Michal Rogovsky needs to get
his "fix"; you know, reading his name in print multiple times a day!
1:28 pm edt 

Regarding: Unfortunately........ this weeks Banner we have the chair of our
Economic Development Committee describe the
committees and the PBGs strategy for attracting older gay men is to
cast his eye on the younger gay male through an ad of a young
bare-chested man. Not what I would consider broad based marketing.
Sounds like our niche market is pedophiles.

Sounds like our niche market is pedophiles?  You win for dumbest
comment on this blog.
1:25 pm edt 

Bravo Marketing 101

As a struggling Provincetown business owner, not promoting alcohol,
hot dogs or t-shirts; I appreciate your statements. I  hope the VSB
and PBG can take some of this to heart ,  and broaden their horizons
in the marketing of such an amazing town.
1:14 pm edt 

Paying Attention

I hope everyone is reading the town annual report this year and
paying attention to certain items ie: Police department detail and
overtime. How is it that in last years annual report under salaries
some police officers doubled their pay in overtime and detail hours?

Some of it seems obvious like when there is road work or crowd
control over holiday weekends. But is it really necessary to staff a
police officer 24/7 at the airport? How much does that cost the town
in overtime/detail pay? I think that must be a nice cash cow the
police department has to provide additional pay for its employees at
the towns expense.

Since Warren Tobias is head of the department maybe he could explain
the imbalance it seems we have in paying overtime/detail officer pay? I'd
like to know how we got to those sky high numbers. Just go back to last
years annual report if you can't remember how ridiculous those numbers look.
1:13 pm edt 

Seniors and Affordable Housing

It seems that a $1,000 annual exclusion on real estate taxes for
people over 65 would more than cover the portion of their tax bill
that actually goes to town financed affordable housing costs
therefore the argument that affordable housing is being built on the
backs of seniors is incorrect and false. This is not to be dismissive
of this concern but rather to say it is WRONG and a falsehood. There
may be other reasons to oppose affordable housing efforts (no opinion
here either way) but this isn't one of them.

Can anyone accurately calculate and post the real actual net cost to
town of affordable housing for the past few years as absolute dollar
figure or as percentage of total budget? I suspect it isn't that much
but don't know.

PS: Since when is the webmaster suddenly interested in asking people
with "inside info" to identify themselves? No one else does why
should an insider?

Webmaster Comment: It is the policy of this web site that anyone purporting to speak as a town official identify themselves.
1:10 pm edt 

RE: Article 11

I do not understand why we are spending Community Preservation funds
for the Fine Arts Work Center and Masonic Lodge.   Should we not be
setting aside these funds for the monumental project that will be
Town Hall.
See below:

Article 11. Community Preservation Budget for FY 2009. To see if the
Town will vote to hear and act on the report of the Community
Preservation Committee on the Fiscal Year 2009 Community Preservation
Budget, to appropriate or reserve from FY 2009 Community Preservation
Fund annual revenues the following amounts totaling $652,191 , as
recommended by the Community Preservation Committee, with each item
considered a separate appropriation:
1. Reserves:
A. $            0 for Open Space
B. $ 265,700 for Community Housing;
C. $   26,389 for Historic Resources;
2. Appropriations:
A. $66,927.50 for open space debt service from open space estimated
annual revenues and open space reserves;
B. $167,416 for community housing debt service from community housing funds;
C. $50,000 of community housing funds for the Provincetown Housing
Office Housing Specialist.
D. $50,000 of historic resources funds to fund in part the
Provincetown Library Façade Restoration Phase I, Main Gable and
E. $50,000 of historic resources funds to fund the installation of
eleven new first floor windows in historic style, reconstruction of
the first floor exterior wall and façade, shingled to replicate the
existing historic exterior of the Days Lumberyard Building at the
Fine Arts Work Center.
F. $25,760 of historic resources funds to fund the restoration of 2
doors and 6 original windows, new cedar shingle roof, conversion to a
handicapped bathroom of The Lodge of the Pilgrim Monument and
Provincetown Museum;
or to take any other action relative thereto.

Splain me Lucy!

Daily Reader
1:03 pm edt 

Article of the Day --

Article 5.              FY 2009 Enterprise Funds.  To see to if the
Town will vote to raise and appropriate or transfer from available
funds the following amounts for enterprise funds of the Town of
Provincetown for Fiscal Year 2009:

440 Wastewater Enterprise Fund
  FY 2008
  FY 2009
  08-09 %

    Enterprise Fund Costs

    General Fund Costs


450 Water Enterprise Fund
  FY 2008
  FY 2009
  08-09 %

    Enterprise Fund Costs

    General Fund Costs


or to take any other action relative thereto.

                                              [Requested by the Board
of Selectmen and the Town Manager]
12:55 pm edt 

Information Needed:

I went to a Provincetown site that
listed the population of Provicetown, the number of residents,
registered voters, the number of men who have master's degree (12 I
think) the number or women (10) and number who have graduated from
high school, the income levels etc. Please tell me how to find this
site again so I can book mark it..I thought that it was here on shout
12:52 pm edt 

"We Need her Knowledge?"

     Whose writing these unrealistic assessments of candidates and
selectmen who are not even candidates? Seems quite questionable.
MaryJo and Austin are not up for election and Lynne Davies is not

      So what are you up to? Pushing Michele Couture, I think.
Please! "We need her knowledge." What knowledge? Self-interest, yes.
Knowledge, no. And may I ask: Did Michele (without the right spelling
of double "ls") graduate from high school? Did she ever attend
college? Did she ever value education? Knowledge is serious and comes
from thinking and analysis. Opinion is different. It just is and it
is easy. I feel. I like. I want. Opposed to I think. I understand. I
12:47 pm edt 

Michele: Are You Now Posting Your Qualities?

      Well, wow, Couture is "sincere, dedicated, bright"?
Michele, seems you are now posting with self-praise. Or you're
getting your surrogates to sing your underserving praises here.

Please refrain in the future.

12:43 pm edt 

I am One Hundred Percent, Fifty Fifty...

      What happened to receiving at least 50% of the grant? Selectman
Michele Couture made public statements printed in the Banner, that
she viewed the situation positively as "the glass was half full."

      Even the most positive informed  person would not currently be
able to see the situation  as "half full' . Couture's,  dehydrated
business plans don't seem to be viable; however they continue to
cause a mess.
  I am parched for change.
12:41 pm edt 

Regarding this $800,000 Bill:
"This inequity will be addressed in the FY 2009 DPW budget at the Annual Town Meeting when
both the sewer costs for town owned buildings and the hook up of
Seashore Point will be included as DPW operating expenses. Including
Seashore Point was necessitated by the failure of the town  to obtain
an $800,000 grant from USDA to cover the expense."

The town expected to pay for this $800,000 bill with a grant but was
later told that the grant would only be about $400,000; has this
$400,000 grant been denied as well? It is not fair that only the
people who are hooked up to the waste water treatment plant are
forced to pay for this.

Michael Rogovsky

12:38 pm edt 

TO: I Blog, Thus I Am,

You hit the nail right on the head!

except you forgot the part where they go to Florida for six months
while they collect Massachesetts Unemployment Insurance (subsidized
from the BOSS they HATE).

Talk about entitlement (welfare Queens)
12:35 pm edt 

It Really Cracks Me up With all the boohooing

 "Tt's no fair cause I have less than you" people talk about "the rich" who get to
go to warm climates in the winter.

My god, folks, you chose to live here. Winter is cold in New England.
If you feel so sorry for yourself that you have cold toes in
February, move to Florida. (Then you can complain about all the folks
who escape the summer heat by going up North!)

I agree with the writer who mentioned the obvious: We all make
choices in life and need to live with the consequences.
Some of the wealthiest in town were born with nothing. Some of the
worst cases of "poverty" made free will choices that burned through
every oportunity that life gave them.
12:34 pm edt 

To: Webmaster

Webmaster Comment: Is this a political promotion?
There are two other candidates running for the Board of Selectmen,
Brian Green and David Cleveland you failed to mention either, pro or

Mr. Webmaster: It was just an opinion, but the two you mention are so
unknown that its hard to know what to say! Perhaps the webmaster can
enlighten us?

Also, my mention of School Committee members was to remind voters
that they elected those foks too! I did not leave the others out for
any reason, just don't know enough about them.

The perspective for that insertion was just one person's view point.
A local, year round, long time residents view point.
12:30 pm edt 

To the WebMaster:

It happens to be a citizen, do you watch channel 17 much?
12:17 pm edt 

Whoever Posted the People in Office and Running...

Interesting commentary! Not sure what your point was? Interesting
just the same!
12:14 pm edt 

Marketing 101
Pru Sowers article in the Banner last week, Vision: A Critical
Component in the series Shifts, Myths & Truths is a breath of fresh
air. Finally someone is speaking about what has happened in this town
and its a very positive thing. Unfortunately, in this weeks Banner we
have the chair of our Economic Development Committee describe the
committees and the PBGs strategy for attracting older gay men is to
cast his eye on the younger gay male through an ad of a young
bare-chested man. Not what I would consider broad based marketing.
Sounds like our niche market is pedophiles.

If the young ones arent coming here then the PGB would have to answer
to the very angry old men who you just lured here. An unbelievable
thought process. Our demographics have changed and those who have
understood and taken advantage of this are thriving. Unfortunately
(and obviously) many have missed the boat. Our vision needs to stay
focused on the new customers and residents who are spending money and
they are here because they want to be on a tiny spit of sand with
beautiful beaches and in a wonderful seashore town.

Eco-tourism, our location, has been and will always be the true
reason why anyone gay, straight, young or old visits or lives here.
Think about it! This is basic marketing - understand your customer,
make them happy and get them to return. We do a very poor job of
this. Until town government and others get this message, there will
be no vision, no future. There are much better places to visit and
find half naked young boys.
12:12 pm edt 

I Think This Should Have Been Put in as an Override.

RE: See Additional $800,000 Cost Added to DPW Budget

I was shocked to read the following paragraph in the Town Report(page
11) This is yet  but another fiasco created by the previous
administration and the current Director of public Works (DPW).

"This inequity will be addressed in the FY 2009 DPW budget at the
Annual Town Meeting when both the sewer costs for town owned
buildings and the hook up of Seashore Point will be included as DPW
operating expenses. Including Seashore Point was necessitated by the
failure of the town to obtain an $800,000 grant from USDA to cover
the expense."

It was put here in an attempt to hide it. This IS NOT a DPW operating expense!
What a line of bull----! They just couldnt figure out a legitimate way of
doing it. How about saying NO to the Manor? I know its in a contract
but that contract assumed a grant, sounds like a defense to me. Lets
negotiate with them! Does anybody in TH know how to do that? If we
dont stand up to these people now, can you imagine what they will be
doing to us in a few years?

One more reason to JUST VOTE NO!

A Rat in the Basement
12:09 pm edt 

Board of Selectmen Approved Policy on Local Preference for Affordable Housing,

 September 8, 2003:
       It shall be the policy of the Provincetown Board of Selectmen:

1. That for all affordable housing projects which receive a favorable
determination by the Local Housing Partnership, and are thus able to
advance to the front of the Growth Management queue to be in position
to receive their building permits, that these affordable units shall
be rented (or sold) giving the maximum preference allowed by law to
current residents of the Town of Provincetown, employees of the Town
of Provincetown, Provincetown natives and relatives of current
Provincetown residents, all in accordance with the Regulatory
Agreement to be executed pursuant to the requirements of the
affordable housing deed restriction. This provision is intended to
complement and not to override or supersede the fair marketing
regulations of the Department of Housing and Community Development,
Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination or any authority with
jurisdiction and like purpose, to provide low/ moderate/ and or
middle income housing.

2. That for the purposes of affordable housing eligibility,
Provincetown resident be defined as an individual who is currently
residing in the Provincetown town limits, or who has been displaced
from his or her home in Provincetown due to condominium conversion or
the sale of his or her unit by the property owner within the past two
years, or who has immediate family (specifically, mother, father,
brother, sister, daughter, son, spouse or domestic partner) currently
residing in the Town of Provincetown. (The term domestic partner
shall be as recognized or defined by the Town.)
How much CONDO CONVERSION is going on now--enough so we need housing
for 250 people? How much will the tax payers have to pay? How is this
going to reduce the tax burden of people on fixed incomes? Won't this
be just another burden for the tax payers to carry on their backs?
More use of our water?
12:01 pm edt 

Who Does the Underlining??

Who does the underlining?? I can't do it before I send you
something! What gives Mr Moderator?

Webmaster Comment:Visual editing for clarity at Editors discretion e.g. paragraphical blocking, punctuation, grammar, Titles etc.
11:22 am edt 

Tell Me How This is Fair:

Everyone who is an advocate of affordable housing and to
people who know what rents are on commercial street (between lands
end hard ware and Ciro and Sal's): Tell me how this is fair: All of
the real estate transactions are printed in the banner. A while back
a name pops out at me, and it is the same name that is on a business
right smack dab on Commerical street! Whats more, the owner of this
business spent some time in Europe--and now this same person bought
an affordable housing unit. How is it that someone can have a business
on Commercial street for years; spend time abroad, and then end up
with an affordable housing unit?
11:20 am edt 

A Reader Writes:

"No one is casually dismissing the burden
of fuel, insurance, food inflation, etc. However this burden is felt
all over the country by seniors ill prepared for retirement and will
be felt by millions of now retiring baby-boomers who are hitting 65
in droves as we write."

What is left out are these three things:

Provincetown these seniors are also paying taxes and carrying on
their backs people who own affordable housing.

2.The senior's tax moneyis going towards buying land for more affordable housing.

3. Sea Shore point was supposed to have a certain number of
affordable units for seniors--but we are told that this number has
been reduced.

People in power who are focused on affordable housing are only
concerned about the financial strain that living here puts on the
virbrant work force--the elderly residents on fixed incomes are
dismissed with the statement that they can get a $1,000 rebate etc.
11:08 am edt 

Confusing Sitting on a Board with Being Engaged...

I agree with what you are saying. I apologize if I seemed narrow minded in
stating that you need to be on a board or on a committee, that is not
the point I was trying to make. I simply implied that people in the
community can get involved in other ways than blogging. "Complaining"
isn't always the case. People have their rights, views and supported
opinions. I don't deny that.

To It's Rather Odd...saying nice things is not the point I was trying
to make there. I realize that we cannot always be "nice", and stating
our feelings or support comes in all shapes and sizes.

Thank you to both for stating your views and opinions on my comments.
I value you for what has been said. Constructive views, thoughts and
ideas is what we should be focusing on these days, not attacking our
friends and neighbors.

Thank you, respectfully.
11:02 am edt 

See Additional $800,000 Cost Added to DPW Budget

I was shocked to read the following paragraph in the Town Report(page 11) This is yet  but another fiasco created by the previous administration and the current Director of public Works (DPW).
"This inequity will be addressed in the FY 2009 DPW budget at the Annual Town Meeting when both the sewer costs for town owned buildings and the hook up of Seashore Point will be included as DPW operating expenses. Including Seashore Point was necessitated by the failure of the town to obtain an $800,000 grant from USDA to cover the expense."

Several inquiries were made of the BOS and DPW over the past months regarding the state of the USDA grant that was supposed to be forthcoming. We were assured by the Director of Public Works
that we would at least receive 50% of our request and when disappointment was expressed at a BOS meeting, Selectman Michele Couture made public statements printed in the Banner, that she viewed the situation positively as "the glass was half full." What planet is she living on. This is outrageous! She should go; enough of her myopic logic!

The BOS and Town Manager had this information for some time and we are only now finding this out at the last minute. What disrespect! I did not realize with what contempt they hold the citizens of Provincetown. How dare they!

This means that the tax payers will now have to pay the full $800,000 dollars for the sewer hookup for Seashore Point. With no fore warning. What a mess!

We are adding $800,000 to the DPW budget at the same time we are being asked to vote for an override for trash collection. Isn't this ironic? This is but another burden to be borne by the town due to the incompetence and conflicted association of the Director of Public Works with outside interest.

This fiasco represents a major portion of our 2009 budget. Exclusive of the School Department, the DPW is responsible for the single  largest percentage of our operational cost. We should demand a full investigation of the DPW operations especially the wastewater contracts and sole source contracting.

Additionally, we should demand to see the professional qualificatons of the director and his past employment history. We have the right to know the qulifications of those public officials in whom we place our trust.  In any other town he would be sacked!

Those citizens who have the interest of the school at heart should join in the demand for a general review of DPW operations. DPW inefficiencies create a fiscal burden on the town, which exacerbates the problem with maintaining our schools. If we could control our other costs, the school's problems would be relatively diminished. 

We have to stand together to solve our common problems.  

Just the Facts


2:25 am edt 

Confusing Sitting on a Board with Being Engaged

     Yes, some people sit on boards. That is ONE way of being
involved in Provincetown. Some are involved in various organizations
because they care. Others do much for their neighbors and friends,
but hardly speak of their good deeds. They too are involved. Some, in
the work they do, do so with dedication and care. They too are
involved in this town. And some are active Bloggers, bringing
awareness to town issues and offering solutions to some of our
problems. They too are involved. Engagement in this town is
multi-faceted and multi-dimensional. To only identify serving on
boards are "getting involved" is to be stuck in one-dimensional

     Indeed, we need to broaden our understanding of all the
different types of engagement and work that counts as town
12:37 am edt 

This Town is so Fortunate....... have some high caliber people
involved in its progress. You probably voted for some of these
people, or will:

Michelle Couture  sincere, dedicated, bright and not afraid to speak
her mind (she just needs to do it less often and for less time!) An
advocate for P-town that will listen to the voters and discuss the
issues face to face and one on one! She deserves the opportunity to
fulfill another term. We need her knowledge.

MaryJo Avellar - Knowledgeable and the person on the board now with
the most institutional memory. Served as Moderator and has previously
served many years on BOS (Please, try to relax MaryJo, outbursts are
so unprofessional! You are just so much better than that!)

Elaine Anderson - currently serving on a board. Now running for a
seat on the BOS. She is honest, smart, hard working and committed.
But has she been here long enough? She probably has the best chance
of winning a seat.

George Bryant - Abundant institutional memory and probably knows more
about P-town than anyone alive (or dead). Just too much "baggage"

Terese Nelson, passionate advocate for the kids as School Committee
Chair. Wouldn't you want her fighting for you if you had kids in the
school system or anywhere else?

Kerry Adams - speaking of integrity and character! Newest & most
charismatic member of the School Committee. Not afraid to discuss the
issues. Also serves on Pier Committee and Seashore Advisory Board! A 
professional and committed man.

Pam Parmakian  - made a difference in a short time. An educated,
thinking woman with so much to offer. Please come back Pam we still
need you!

Peter Grasso - Many years of experience on the School Committee. A
man who has weathered the storms and remains to serve again! He
deserves our support.

Lynn Davies  Not sure if we will miss her or not. She just wasnt in
it long enough! Too bad she didnt stick it out; she could have been a

Austin Knight - A work in progress. Have you decided on a position
yet Selectman Knight? We may want to support you but we don't know
where you stand... yet!

Remember people, you voted or will vote for some/all of these people
because you believed/believe in them! Others may be worthy of your
consideration again. One thing remains above all, they have the
intestinal fortitude to put their names on the ballot and make a
difference for Provincetown in their own unique way.

What about you?

Webmaster Comment: Is this a political promotion?
There are two other candidates running for the Board of Selectmen, Brian Green and David Cleveland you failed to mention either, pro or con.
12:35 am edt 

Just a Thought....

How do you know which selectmen Lynn Davies was referring to in her
statements regarding the BOS?  Seems like you are using her decision
to further your own dislike of two of the selectmen...Maybe she was
shocked at Mary Jo's outbursts?  Or conversely Austin's silence...
12:26 am edt 

It's Rather Odd

      I find it rather strange that some bloggers seem to equate the
revealing of half-truths and the exposing of facts as "complaining."
Some seem to miss--maybe purposefully--the difference between
analyzing town problems and propaganda and idealistic images.

      There's a role in our democracy and in our town government for
involvement of the people. And this means asking questions,
presenting opinions, seeking deep analysis for tough issues. Yet some
seem to want fantasy, Polly Anna images, and gosh or gee responses.

      Caring for this town does not mean and cannot mean saying only
nice, sweet things about Provincetown. Pablum will not solve our
problems. Fantasy will not provide analysis of the core problems that
we face. Tough thinking will. It may not be pretty but key ideas and
difficult solutions rarely are.
12:25 am edt 

Market Halloween.

Where better? East Village parade is a
huge event. Why not a late carvival when we need it?
12:22 am edt 


I'm from Provincetown and I don't like much of anything. I resent my
money grubbing boss who pays me $18 an hour. I believe that my income
qualifies me for nearly free health care and I live in subsidized
housing but hey that's not the projects. I used to hate people who
live in the projects. I collect for twenty six weeks a year because
I'm over it after a few weeks of dealing with those intrusive
tourists for a few weeks a year. I love ignoring them, feel the love?
I hate the PBG because they only market to a demographic that spends.
I hate the Chamber because they cater to bus riding leaf peapers who
share hot dogs. I don't care for the east enders but prefer them to
the west enders who I don't like at all and who could after all. I
like the undercover police when they are under somebody else's covers
but not when they need a bullet when they haven't used one for
decades. I'd like them more if they beat on people over 125 lbs. I
love that I'm frugal for the hell of it or !
  sometimes just to be mean but I hate mean and I'm not cheap, I'm
frugal. I like free when it doesn't involve thinking. I vote Democrat
but I think Republican and I don't understand self loathing or
hypocricy. I blog thus I am.
12:21 am edt 

Re: I Remember

You don't say?

I haven't any reason to doubt you, except that such behavior is
homophobically over-the-top. It's more appropriate to 1950's
headlines about "perverts" and "degenerates" hustled into police
wagons in Greenwich Village, than 21st-century Provincetown. It's an
excuse to harass. If this is true, Warren Tobias, shame on you!

Meanwhile, the facts of the Barry Scott case (a sure loser according
to my layman's understanding of The First Amendement) are totally
toxic to Provincetown.

The tale is circulating that we'll have a great summer 2008 despite
the recession, labor shortage and so many other reasons because
well-to-do, middle-aged GLBT tourists will somehow save the day. As
everyone knows, it's different here!

Perhaps I'm disqualified to comment, given that I live here, and am
therefore no longer a tourist. But as I am also a middle-aged queen,
I say yeah, I would REALLY want to spend my hard-earned vacation in a
town where I ought to worry about getting beaten black-and-blue at
private parties, with a front-page picture of the damage in The
Banner to show for it.

Or perhaps a T-shirt: "I came to P'town and all I got was bashed and
charged with a crime in a case that will cost me untold thousands to

I'm not exaggerating.  Check out this link:

Better yet, Google any of dozens of others for yourself. Our own
Provincetown Police Department is to blame for an uncertain but
possibly significant number of tourists who will consider it and
their other options, and then the recession and our nosebleed prices,
and say "I'm over it!"

The Provincetown Police must be brought to heel NOW.

They serve us and The Constitution, not the fascist opposite. Yet
they are failing to do so at a time when the town can scarcely afford
the increase in liability insurance and bad publicity from another
legal debacle.  Nor can we afford their raises and repainted
cruisers, come to think...

  -- Laughing Last...but crying over our Keystone Cops
12:18 am edt 

Re: We All Have a Choice

Despite my gripes on this blog, I admit that you make a good point.
I'll try to take it to heart.

- Laughing Last
12:04 am edt 

Town Report for 2007 12:03 am edt 

Friday, March 21, 2008

Here's an Interesting Idea:

The town of Barnstable passed the ability for the town to SURCHARGE
its SECOND home owners! As a result, the RESIDENTS now ALL receive a
$100,000 CREDIT to the ASSESSED VALUE OF THEIR HOMES!! So now a home
that is assessed at $600,000 only gets taxed at $500,000! How do they
pay for the credit? With the SURCHARGE money they get from the SECOND
HOME OWNERS! Is it legal?? Apparently, since they are doing it now in

Wow, what a great idea!!!! I wonder if someone in the know at Town
Hall could work on the SAME thing for us????? What a great way to
help our citizens lower their tax bills without cutting into
essential town services!!!!!

11:59 pm edt 

Final Thoughts on Seniors:

1) I think the town deferment program is for people with less than
$40k in assets, excluding their home. I don't know if there is any
restriction other than being over 65 on the $1,000 annual reduction
in tax program. See the link provided previously for more info.

2) Why is a reverse mortgage (again, from a reputable bank) or a town
tax deferment program "compromising" a house? It isn't compromising a
house when you take out a mortgage to buy one so why would it be to
build the equivalent slowly to tap accumulated equity to meet
expenses in one's sunset years?

3) No one is casually dismissing the burden of fuel, insurance, food
inflation, etc. However this burden is felt all over the country by
seniors ill prepared for retirement and will be felt by millions of
now retiring baby-boomers who are hitting 65 in droves as we write.
It isn't unique to Provincetown and it's a lot worse in places where
properties haven't gone up in value several hundred percent in 20
years or where their tax rates are more normal than here. My parents
pay $14,000 in taxes a year on a property valued at $275,000 and that
is in a suburb of a non-major city. That is many times the tax rate
in Provincetown.

4) There are seniors in town who saved all their lives, put kids
through ivy league college, properly utilized debt and when they
needed to move to assisted living they sold their places and used the
resulting cash to do so. I know because some of them are/were my
11:57 pm edt 

I wonder...

 does anyone think that the webmaster should
come out from behind the big curtain at the State of the Town? How
about an announcement from the creator of Mypacc? Maybe a state of
the blog address? Blogging from the stage in front of the community
and the people? Oh, but wait, that's not anonymous and there could be
a reconning for speaking one's OWN mind in PUBLIC! What an idea! Doe
you think anyone else had that idea?

Just a thought!

11:54 pm edt 

Sexual Harrassment & Executive Session

The tide turns on a person when the other person one day decides, for
no good reason usually, to just say no more. Even if they had gone
along with it in the past, even if everyone else knows its been like
this forever, all it takes is one bad day to ruin a person or peoples
lives. as far as Punchy goes, its too bad it all went down like this.
All those years are now tainted.

As far as the executive session minutes in terms of Tobias, the only
time release of the meeting info has repercussions is if the party
mentioned or discussed in the meeting, in this case Tobias, is harmed
by their mention in public prior to being released. In this case, I
would think Tobias has reason to think the meeting and thus the
mention of the issues in the meeting may have had a negative outlook
on his future. Voting to not give him a contract prior to the job
interview? They threw him out before he had a chance and thats wrong.

11:52 pm edt 

Eco-Tourism-Probably Not

Eco tourism would be a hard sell for a town where:
- streets are littered with ciggie butts
- some residents let their dogs poop in the street and don't pick it up
- any move to expand a sewer system designed to help cleanup a harbor
where beaches are regularly closed due to high human gut bacteria
counts is met with screams
- trash pickup has to be a special item in an election
- we can't even clean our beaches and refuse to buy and operate a
beach rake because we are afraid it might hurt the sand fleas
- many shoreline property owners do their utmost with vegetation to
block the views of those who don't live on the shore out of some
mistaken belief that cutting off views of the water enhances their
prestige or property value
- people quake at the consequences (rightly so) of diverting ferries
(or slowing them) around right whale exclusion zones
- people scream about the idea of wind power because they don't want
to look at wind turbines (PS, what could be more historic, the town
was full of windmills in the early days)
- some of the nicest parts of the shoreline vistas are lined with SUVs
- many residents drive everywhere in town because they are too fat,
disabled and/or lazy to walk or ride a bike then gripe about summer

Just a couple of reasons why marketing eco-tourism would be bad bad joke.

New tourism tagline suggestion: "Provincetown; see it now before it
goes down the drain."

11:49 pm edt 

It's Just Amazing -

All the people that write in on this
blog with nothing positive to add! Spewing anger and crapping all
over their fellow citizens... disgusting! Someone described this site
as a "train wreck" and I concur!

I like the humor of Jimbo! Come on back Jimbo, we luv ye!

I sort of yearn for the Adams vs Nagle commentary! It was fun reading
as they battled because I felt I was getting educated about the pier!
I still think that Nagle comes off as the angry tenant with an axe to
grind against her landlords (Adams). How to solve her dilema? Disolve
the Landlord! Presto, no more problem! Somehow, I see Adams and the
board as a bit too smart for that!

I like to learn things about my town in a positive way. Even though
Nagle and Adams seemed angry, they taught me something. I have a lot
of respect for what the Pier Corp. does now. I know something about
them thanks to Adams and I thank him for volunteering his time and
having the guts to face the public on this blog and sign his name!
Ya, you too Miss Nagle even though I think you're dead wrong!

By the way, I forgot my own name!
11:46 pm edt 

They are Embarrassing!

Ever see an ad for Provincetown in one of the G&L
magazines? I see them all the time  and they are embarrassing! You
can't tell me with the amount of artistic talent in this town-that
something better can't be created.
11:43 pm edt 

Yes, Market to the European Tourist-

Just wanted to point out that in addition to the great exchange rate
the Europeans currently have they also benefit from pricing
differentials.  For example, a $30 steak in the US costs 30pounds in
the UK which equals $60!  If they eat that $30 steak in Provincetown
it only costs them 15 pounds!

Does anyone know if any of the organizations in town work with MOTT
(Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism)? I've not heard of any
efforts. What is MOTT doing to market the State overseas?  Maybe we
could piggy back off of their efforts.
11:42 pm edt 

To the One That is Acusing Couture and Parmakian..........

of conspiring and pushing the rest of us around.  I don't feel pushed, 
Most often the votes are 3/2 so who's conspiring and pushing who. 
Its those exact comments from disrespectful citizens that made her

Webmaster Comment: The writer implies that they are a Selectman with inside knowledge; and if true, they should identify themselves.
11:40 pm edt 

Are They Really Getting Involved to Make a Difference?

 I agree with the person saying that some people can
complain, but are they really getting involved to make a difference?
I for one am new to the town politics as well as the school system.
My husband and I have one out of our two children in the school
(VMES), and have been trying to get as involved as possible. We owe
that to our children. We need to lead by example, and complaining on
this blog doesn't do much good by anyone. Please, if you are
irritated enough to complain, try attending a meeting or two on any
of the committees or boards and see for yourself what truly
transpires before reading another irrational blog. The reason people
are getting so upset is because of the gossip and rumors that are
spread right here on this "shout out" blog. Town jobs are at stake,
and it's not just an "employee" that it attacks, it's your neighbor,
my friend, his cousin, her brother or mother, and the words used hurt
people. We are in the middle of a war, in a foreign countr!
  y, and sometimes, by reading this blog, I feel that everyone in
Provincetown forgets what the true meaning and value of life really
is. Take a moment before responding to my entry, take a breath,
really think. We need to come together, not try to keep us all apart.

We will get through this, it will simply take some time.


Live, Love and Laugh as if it were your last.
11:27 pm edt 

Marketing to Tourists in the Off Season

I agree with most of the recent post about the marketing efforts in
town and the lack of coordination and effort between the PBG,
chamber, and VSB. In addition to the shoulder season what are these
organizations doing for the off season?

There are atleast 3 opportunites in the off season to build on the
number of visitors coming to town for New Year's Eve, MLK Weekend,
and President's Day Weekend.

For example, Business owners put quite a bit of energy and money into
New Years Eve.  Restaurants reopen, there are night club events,
guest houses are open etc.  But what is being done to market these
weekends thruout New England so that people know about them and more
people participate?  The only advertizing I see is from specific
businesses; guest houses, night clubs and restaurants.  Why can't the
VSB, PBG, chamber etc put together a marketing campaign to attract
more business and build on what's already happening?
11:23 pm edt 

Michael, the Chapter 40B Law is Very Long and Dry.

I do not wish to bore other bloggers with all the details.

Here is a general overview.

The Comprehensive Permit Law (Chapter 40B of the Massachusetts
General Laws) creates a streamlined local review process for the
construction of low- and moderate-income housing in Massachusetts.

While Chapter 40B has been one of the single greatest contributors to
the supply of affordable housing in the Commonwealth, it is also a
complex process and poses a challenge to city and town officials who
are trying in good faith to balance local concerns with their
responsibilities under the law.

These guidelines were developed by the Massachusetts Housing
Partnership to provide clearer guidance to zoning boards of appeal in
reviewing applications for comprehensive permits. As the four
Massachusetts state agencies that finance affordable housing
developed through Chapter 40B, we endorse these guidelines and
strongly recommend that city and town officials utilize them to
assist in their review of Chapter 40B proposals.

While the guidelines are intended primarily for new projects seeking
a determination of project eligibility, we also anticipate that the
guidelines will prove useful in many cases for projects currently
under review.

Chapter 40B encourages communities to have ten percent of their
housing available to low and moderate-income households. Communities
that do not meet this standard face a heavy burden of demonstrating
to HAC why they are denying or conditionally approving a
comprehensive permit with conditions the developer considers

Chapter 40B provides that the local zoning boards of appeals (ZBA)
must review and make decisions (approve, approve with conditions or
deny) on comprehensive permits. The Housing Appeals Committee (HAC)
hears appeals from denials and conditional approvals of comprehensive
permits in communities that have less than ten percent of their
housing affordable to low- and moderate-income households. The
purpose of HAC is to ensure that local comprehensive permit decisions
are carrying out the Acts mandate - to promote affordable housing
without violating the planning goals of local governments.

When a ZBA denies a comprehensive permit, the sole issue before HAC
is whether the decision was consistent with local needs. Consistent
with local needs means balancing the regional need for affordable
housing with local public health, safety and welfare concerns. HAC
regulations establish high thresholds to establish consistency with
local needs, including the degree to which the health and safety of
occupants or town residents is imperiled, the natural environment is
endangered, the design of the site and the proposed housing is
seriously deficient, open spaces are critically needed, and the local
requirements and regulations bear a direct and substantial
relationship to the protection of [health and safety, design and open
spaces]. 760 C.M.R. §31.07(2) (b).

Michael, here are some links to contact the officials regarding the 40B Law:

Massachusetts Department of Housing & Community Development

in the search key, type in Housing and Economic Development

Cape Cod Commission

click on Home Consortium for more info
ALSO click on Resourses and Related Links for info on 40B

*** Related Links =
CHAPA- citizens housing & planning assoc.
HAC- housing assistance corporation
DHCD- mass. dept. of housing/community devlp.

Good Luck
Jack McMahon

11:21 pm edt 

To: MR Regarding Who Passed Chapter 40B

This law was passed in 1969.  Most of the legislators who passed it
are long retired or dead.  Try using "Google" on simple Q's - would
save everyone some time.
7:55 pm edt 

-Complain About the Schools?

Did you ever run for a position on the School Committee to try and
make a difference?
-Complain about the PBG?
Do you even know what their mission is?  Did you ever get involved
with the PBG and try to make a difference?  I hear there is plenty of
room on their marketing committee to offer your input.
-Complain about affordable housing?  Did you get involved with the
summit they had and offer your input?
-Complain about the Board of Selectman?
Have you ever run for Selectman?

Complain, complain, complain, get off your rear and get involved,
make a difference.  Or aren't you up to the challenge?  Would you
rather be lazy and complain from the comfort of your computer.

Geeeeez!  Enough already.  Lots of you able to complain, but too few
willing to make positive contributions and make a difference.
7:47 pm edt 

Dear Mr. Jack McMahon,

Thank you for the addresses that you printed here. Do you have any
for key people in the legislature who are involved in affordable
housing and passing 40B as well?

Thank you,
Michael Rogovsky
6:53 pm edt 

What if They Were Frugal ?

In regards to the struggle that the tax rate has on the
elderly on fixed incomes the writer posted this the following: Under
the town's program they can defer all their real estate
taxes until they die or the house is sold. What if they were frugal
and worked hard and saved but they don't have enough savings --How
poor does a person have to be to qualify for this?
6:51 pm edt 

Dear Dan Hoort:

Thank you for your posting.  You are absolutely correct that we don't
need to make personal attacks against anyone.  I think YOU have done
more for marketing and tourism over the winter than either the PBG,
Tourism Office or the Chamber combined by volunteering and putting
together the restaurant and shopping guides for each month.  What a
practical, useful, and simple tool to use to greatly improve
information flow to town visitors.  Thank You.

I do think though that there is an overall marketing problem with
town and the chamber, PBG and Tourism Office are mostly responsible
for it.  Instead of working together and promoting the town as a
tourist destination it is fractionalized with specific messages to
different constituencies.  As someone said on here a couple of weeks
ago there are many different websites providing information to
tourists instead of one for the town so the costs to business owners
is more and the results are less as potential tourists have to go to
many sites to get information.

Most business owners, I would argue, don't care if someone is gay or
straight as long as they can pay the bill!  The exceptions may be one
or two guest houses that cater exclusively to a gay or lesbian

Where is the marketing message for town?  What is the message? 
What's being done to market to the European traveler?  This is a HUGE
opportunity at the moment with the favorable exchange rate and
Europeans love to come to Cape Cod and whale watching in
Provincetown!  And they come in the shoulder season!  They'll spend a
couple of days in a guest house and spend money in restaurants and
art galleries.  Are we getting the word out?  Not that I've seen.
What about Canadians?  For the first time in a long time they have a
great exchange rate too.  Are we marketing information to Toronto and
Montreal?  Not that I've seen.

Town is changing.  The young gay tourist has many more options than
in the past.  They still come here but NOT as often because now they
can travel pretty much anywhere in the world with their partner and
nobody cares! The pink dollar is as good as anyones.

In my opinion, the PBG and Chamber should merge together and work
with the VSB to develop a marketing campagin for the shoulder seasons
April thru June and September thru November.  They do not need to be
spending any monies on the summer.  The summer takes care of itself. 
The other thing they could do if they really cared about improving
the economy of town is to take a look at their summer events and
maybe move them to the shoulder to encourage regular guests to come
in the shoulder.  Why not move Carnival to the first week after Labor
Day?  Instantly, the summer season would be stretched another week!

I'm no expert on marketing either but it's time for a common sesne
approach looking at the big picture.
6:49 pm edt 

Parmakian's Timing

     Did Pam Pamarkian really only make her mind to resign when she
returned from a four day trip to Maine? Or had she decided a week ago
but decided, for key political reasons, to resign immediately on
Wednesday? What difference, some may ask, would it have made if Ms.
Parmakian had resigned last Friday instead of this Wednesday?

     The answer is that perhaps Lynne Davies may have decided to run
again as a selectman. If Lynne Davies had known that Parmakian had
resigned, Davies may certainly have had second thoughts about not
running again.

     Consider what Lynne Davies told the Banner: "I'm used to playing
on a team that works together on common goals. We don't have that...A
few selectmen talk and conspire and try to push the rest of us." Who
could that be? Apparently, Couture and Parmakian.

     As Davies also said: "There is no listening. There are stubborn
streaks across the board. You need to be open-minded to be a slectman
and right now, that's not there."  But if Parmakian had resigned
Friday, would Lynne have seen that some of the "conspiring" would be
cut in half, with the possibility that there would now be more
open-mindedness with only half of the Parmakian-Couture Double
Trouble Duo?

     Perhaps. But with Pam Parmakian resigning immediately one day
after the deadline for candidates to submit their signatures,
Parmakian guaranteed that Lynne Davies would not have the option to
consider whether with Parmakian gone, she would re-consider running
for selectman again.

     No wonder Parmakian surprisingly read her statement, resigned
immediately, and walked out the door.
6:20 pm edt 

PBG is So Off Base

Gee, I wonder why the PBG is so off based in their
marketing to a gay audience?
I mean, don't most gay people you know look to an older straight
white man like Steve Melemed for all of our style and life decisions?

The PBG is a dinasaur!
The world is changing and people are getting over the divisive lines
drawn between cultures in the past.

Provincetown needs to promote itself to the ECO TOURIST, who is
straight, gay, young, old, rich and poor. We have this incredible
natural location. Let's protect and promote it!
6:11 pm edt 

Can Michele Couture Tell Us?

Hardly a day goes by that affordable housing is mentioned.
I guess that there really are 250 people standing in line just
waiting to get the tax payers to support them. I wonder what the
media age is? Can Michele Coutour tell us?
6:08 pm edt 

We All Have Choices

I have friends who moved out of town because they said that
it was time to grow up and start a career! They said that now that
they are 30 years old, it is time to stop playing and to start
accomplishing. Bravo to them!

I also know guys who have been coming here for 10 years and going
back and forth to Florida or to the winter resorts and they have a
nice nest egg. I also know some who still have nothing because they
just go on unemployment and live nice and easy. They have nothing
because they spend it all "having fun". Their ambition has gone up in
smoke several times a day, so to speak. They are going to turn around
and find out that they are 50 years old, that they don't turn heads
like they used to and they will look in a mirror and say how did this
happen to me?

Some are already doing this. We all have choices. Don't blame it on
other people or the fact that there is no affordable housing.
6:06 pm edt 

It is a Continual Struggle

How easy it is for you to dismiss the concerns of our
elderly citizens who are living on fixed incomes. I have neighbors
who were born here; who worked long and hard to buy a house and raise
a family and now that they are on fixed incomes, it is truly a
struggle for them. They don't want to compromise their house and with
the fuel costs and utilities and with the maintenance of their
house--it is a continual struggle.
I also know young strapping guys who have been coming here for ten
years working summers and going away winters and they are looking at
affordable housing.

Community preseravation act: looking after all of the  memebers of
the community--or focused on the special interests. You decided.
6:03 pm edt 

Cashed in for Big Bucks!

Most people who have moved out of town have Cashed in for
big bucks! Not because of taxes. The workforce has moved out because
of the Lack of Affordable housing and jobs that have money hungry
2:13 pm edt 

I Remember......

.......Chief Tobias when he used to go (undercover as a
gay man) to the A-House and arrest men with poppers! He did'nt seen
to have an ankle disability then.
2:12 pm edt 

Dear Perplexed

Wow, where do I start?  I guess I'll start with the 'Female' tourism
director.  When someone is referred to as the Female this or the Male
that I start to assume part of the writer's issue is that person
referenced is of a certain gender.  Otherwise wouldn't you just refer
to the person as the Tourism Director?  I have worked closedly with
our tourism director, Lisa Bowden, and found her to be an extremely
hard working, intelligent, dedicated employee of our town who is
always there to help.  I look forward to working with her in the

As to the PBG, I was unable to attend last Wednesday's meeting, but
your characterization of the PBG is way off base.  Not a shred of
class to be found in the whole lot?  I don't know why you had such a
bad experience, but in my dealings with members of the PBG I have
found them to be smart, caring members of our community.  I'm proud
to be a member of their group.  You obviously had issues with the
people at the meeting and that's unfortunate, but if you could
perhaps put your negativity aside and really get to know people you
might have a much better experience.

We are all in this together, together we can and will make this town
better and stronger.  We will do that by working together, not by
tearing each other down.  Your attacks on individuals and groups are
unfortunate, what positives will come from it?

Sometimes this board turns into an anonymous attack blog.  I'd like
to encourage everyone to sign their name, it gives your opinion so
much more credibility.  And if you disagree with someone, sometimes
we can just agree to disagree.

Dan Hoort
2:10 pm edt 

A Recent Blogger Wrote:


Can Someone Answer the Question: What makes a Sexual Harassment Case


I am not an attorney nor an expert, but i certainly was involved with
some of these types of issues as a selectman.

Basically,  someone has to file a complaint with the proper
authorities for a situation to turn into a "case". Then , after the
case has worked its way through the system, either the case fails,
and a determination is made that there was no merit to the complaint,
or a finding is made that the complaint has merit and it gets pursued
legally. Sometimes, the case gets settled between the 2 parties ,
often for $$$, and thats the end of it.

From my perspective, there is merit to what the blogger writes.
often the over the edge behaviour goes on for a long time,
until....someone comes along and decides NOT to put up with it.

As to the actual law itself, there a lots of things a boss or
supervisor can do, that can land them in big trouble.
It can range from repeatedly posting an offensive note on a company
bulletin board to actual "sex or get fired" demands. Every case is a
little different.

If the case gets settled, and it involves the Town , you will not
know about it. Its all done in executive session, because ......right
or wrong, a selectman's job is to protect the TOWN's position.
Think about that.

Cheryl Andrews
2:07 pm edt 

Pam Parmakian's Questionable Actions

     It seems in trying to untangle the resignation at this time of
Pam Parmakina, that the questionable behavior of Parmakian and
Couture against the three selectmen who attended the PACC meeting, is
part of her resigning. Parmakian was extremely judgmental of Knight,
Avellar, and Davies as she and Couture acted as judge and jury.
Parmakian publicly admonished her three colleagues and condemned all
three for attending the meeting. Parmakian, along with Couture,
publicly berated their colleagues as if they had done some
underhanded, closed-door, behind-the-scene terrible deed.

     And what was quite problematic about the behavior of Parmakian
and Couture is that they blindsided their colleagues. They were the
ones who acted privately and colluded and caught all three
off-guarded. How uncivil, how "toxic" (to use Couture's constant
phrase), how divisive.

     And it was AJ who presented public statements against 
Knight, Avellar, and Davies for attending. Here Parmakian should have
recused herself, since they both work for developer Ted Malone. AJ
was a plant who acted like a "concern citizen." And then Couture and
Parmakian read their PREPARED STATEMENTS. This was purposeful and

      And what did Pam Parmakian read:"In my opinion, you've
compromised the integrity of this elected board and participated in
policy discussion, which is a violation of the open meeting law.
Shame on you guys."

       As Parmakian read another statment this Wednesday resigning
immediately and then walked out the door, maybe there's an echo
reverberating in the Judge Welsh Room: "Shame on you,Pam."
2:04 pm edt 

Taxes and Our Senior Citizen Homeowners:

In addition to the viable option of a reverse mortgage from a
reputable organization the town also has a program where senior
citizens can defer their taxes until their house is sold. Also for
qualifying seniors there is a $1,000 a year exemptions from taxes.
Are either option ideal, no, do we all wish all seniors had the
resources to pay their resl estate taxes on vastly appreciated
properties yes. Would a minor cut in the taxes change the situation
at all, no.

Let's do the math. Take a 65 year old couple with a house that has
risen to $1m in value but that has almost no other assets. Let's
assume the current tax rate of 4.65 per thousand and let's assume
absolute tax bill rises 3% a year, that's the prop 2 1/2 amount plus
a bit. Under the town's program they can defer all their real estate
taxes until they die or the house is sold. To be very conservative
let's assume over 20 years their house stays at exactly the same
value. Also note that the town deferral program charges 8% annual

In year one they would faces taxes of $4,650. They can be exempted
from $1,000 of this per year, leaving a tax bill of $3,650. They
defer this amount generating an interest accumulation of $292 in year
two plus the deferred taxes of $3,650. Taking the math out 20 years
until they are 85 (roughly the actuarial average age of death) we end
up with accumulated amount owed to the town including interest of
$244,716. That leaves net equity in their property of $755,000 which
is plenty to pay for assisted living facility or other needs at age
85 if they are still alive. Also, it is likely there would be at
least some appreciation in the property value over that time but I've
left it out to be conservative.

Again, is this ideal?, no but remember we are talking about a couple
who, for whatever reason, has no other assets other than their home.
At the end of the day at 85 they, or their heirs, still walk away
with $755,000. All of this is to say there are options for seniors to
retain their homes and dignity. Finally, holding taxes flat or even
reducing them a bit doesn't change the math much so please stop using
our senior citizens as a crutch to get your tax bill lowered and stop
claiming that taxes are forcing them out of town.

Facts are Just
1:57 pm edt 

Pay As You Go Trash Removal:

Believe me you do not want this. Granted it does provoke you into
re-thinking your "throw away" habits and general recyling but the
residual effects are overwhelming. Do you really think every
obligated party will buy the bags? Sure, responsible landlords will
see their tenants are supplied with bags (or stickers for bags). This
system is riddled with problems ask anyone who lives in one of these
communities. Those Pollyannas who claim this system works are sadly
-Trash left out
-Properties and streets littered
-Trash "scofflaws" using and breaking into private
To me this really is NOT an option, especially in a community like
Provincetown with it's seasonal, weekly and short term visitors.

E. Michael Richards

1:54 pm edt 

I Would Rather Buy a Trash Sticker,.........

.......whether its a "season
pass" for the transfer station or individual "per bag" stickers to
place on trash that gets collected during the regular pick than to
pass a 2 1/2 override.  The town has proven time and again that it
cannot manage the money and can easily misdirect the funds to other
uses.  By paying as we go we are at least sure of what the money will
be used for and there is surely a creative way to ensure our beloved
seniors are not burdened.  (And i should not take a $50,000
consultant to figure it out.
1:52 pm edt 

RE: Second Floor Rental Response

Who mentioned affordable and subsidized ... how about just some good
old fashion rentals. With Zoning and Incentives this can be done.
1:50 pm edt 

30 Years on the Police Force

Isn't it interesting that Warren Tobias spent 30 years on
the police force in Provincetown and never made it his business to
get a college degree? Why didn't he attend CCCC or another accredited
college, especially since the town requires a college degree to
become chief?

Good riddance to acting police chief Tobias. He has always been one
of those midnight riders, trying to catch people doing anything or
nothing at all. Town will be a better place without him. Having
Meyers was enough. Lets get back to people like former Police Chief
Anthony, a man who cared about his town and its inhabitants. It takes
a very special person to come into Provincetown and take over this
very important job. We are too diversified a town to have any tom,
dick or mary take over.
1:49 pm edt 

PBG Problem

     What has happened is that PBG is narrowing and narrowing its
focus to niche gay marketing. And in this time of economic recession,
this is not the way to go. Focusing on mainly young gay men and young
lesbian women will miss the larger demographic. This just won't work
and it takes up resources and marketing money. Focus on the town and
all who are interested in being here. Open the market. Consider the
international possibilities with the strong Euro and the strong
Canadian dollar.

     Wrong-headed thinking is part of the problem. And fewer and
fewer members are attending PBG meetings. And many former members are
exactly that: former members.

     Go back to Gabbe Hannah's approach. Connect with the Chamber. Do
joint marketing. Go broader, not narrower. But, alas, that is not
what is happening. Unfortunately.
1:46 pm edt 

Get Out the Vote for Town Meeting & for May Election

Everyone should be encouraging anyone who is a registered voter to be
at the Town Meeting. Otherwise anything that is discussed here will
never come to be. I haven't been for five years and will definitely
be going this year. I am contacting everyone in my neighborhood to
make sure they are in town for it. If necessary, I am encouraging
people to change their registration to vote to Provincetown. I know
people who have changed their voting to Florida even though they are
there for only three months.

If we fill up the Town Hall will we be able to exclude everyone who
is not a registered voter? I loved the time when non voters had to go
to the balcony. Its time to take back our town and stop listening to
the vocal individuals who are not registered voters here (ie: Second
Home Owners and Truro sell-outs). We need to do better than less than
300 people out of 3,500 voters.
1:44 pm edt 


Did not renew this year since I find the group self involved, self
important and ignorant of basic marketing.
We need to stop promoting the town with a "fill the Crown" approach.
Others are thriving who have faced the new realities of Ptown and the
PBG is not one of them.
1:39 pm edt 

Ratatouille Indeed!

     Yes, let the rats open a restaurant here. With the many who will
be running around our streets, scamping along the back alleays, and
strolling Commercial Street, opening a restaurant like Ratatouilee is
mightily inventive. With no trash pick-up, we'll have as many lovely
rats as tourists and I'm sure we can all live well together. It is a
special town and this will make it even more special.

     Thank you BOS for this fabulous Override decision. We vote NO
and we get a new rat-run, rat-chef restaurant in town. Voila!
1:37 pm edt 

Dear Perplexed

  I too am worried about the way the town is being marketed but not
only is it sexist to comment on the current tourist director. Its is
discrimantory and honestly insulting to every women who lives or
visits this town.

    Lisa Bowden is doing a very good Job. At least she is not         
about being          and making the town look bad. She also must
answer to a board, I can tell you by attending one of  there
meetings,  it is not easy.  

The VSB is difficult and they have there own  agendas in mind. That and
the PBG's pigeon hole marketing, are only keeping their own Guest Houses
or theme weekends busy, while
everyone else listens this crap about it being our town...bla bla.. I
too am ashamed.

     Since when does owning a quest house give you marketing degree
and the knowledge needed to market this very diverse  transient town.
Michelle Haynes is the only qualified person that serves on the
board, of course she has a lot invested in Cape Air.

     So, yes I am concerned about the marketing plan for the town of
Provincetown, but I think your comment about the tourism director is
ignorant and insulting and misguided.  I urge you to attend a VSB
meeting if you really want to see 1980's marketing style for
12:24 pm edt 

Did Anyone Else Attend the PBG Meeting Yesterday;

I'd like to get some details about the meeting? words like buffoons and
vallery harpet PTA do no good. What are the facts about what was
12:15 pm edt 

Monday BOS-FinCom Budget Review Meeting

Everyone should attend the  BOS-FinCom meeting on Monday. At that meeting we will  be able to get, hopefully, detailed information with which we can develop inform conclusions.

Please come with questions which we can put to them, if it is allowed. We need to demand clarification of all issues we don't currently understand.

Respectfully submitted
11:16 am edt 

Of Course We are Getting a Back Lash From the Police Dept

After demanding that the Police budget be tightened and for
criticizing them for spending the money on painting the squad cars.
Even the union is upset that they are being asked to reduce their
work week while the shcool and the police budget go unchallenged.
Wait and see.
Everyone knows about shout out since the PAAC meeting was front page news.
11:09 am edt 

Police 3

The police should be doing their jobs!  part of the jobs requires
handing out tickes to those who don't follow the law.  This is not
about bashing the police but them doing their job!
11:07 am edt 

Second Floor Rentals on Commercial Street

There are plenty of rentals on the second floor of
Commercial street and there have been for years. I have visited
friends who have rented some.
  There is no law against them. I'm sorry, but you can't just make
someone turn their rental property into affordable housing--at least
not yet.
11:05 am edt 

Whenever Anyone Talks About People on Fixed Incomes,

The words reversable mortgage just trickles off of some people's lips. I
spoke with a professional yesterday regarding reversable mortgages
and I hope that anyone who decides to get one thoroughly understands
all of the ramifications and Real risks.

Michael Rogovsky
11:03 am edt 


I attended the PBG meeting on wednesday night, WOW!
A bunch of bumbling, backstabbing, bafoons.  I was really surprised,
not a shed of class to be found in the whole lot.  These are the
people that describe ptown as "THE gay vacation destination". 

I'm dumbfounded.  After spending time with these clods, I am ashamed to
call myself a homosexual.  From now on, we should refer to the PBG by
its real name-Harper Valley PTA.

And the female tourism director for provincetown?  Is this women for
real?  What a JOKE!  I don't know her name or how she got the job. 
The powers that be should rethink that decision.  Anyone know her
name, job description, is she salaried?  A little help would be much

Just concerned that this group basically runs tourism, provincetown's
biggest resource.  Anyone else afraid?

11:01 am edt 


Way before we had the arsonist, people in this town have been driving
around with an expired inspection and reg stickers....come on, it's
time the police dept do there job!
10:17 am edt 

What's With the Police Swarming?

Both my husband and I were pulled over in the past week. I was going
35 in a  25, and he for not wearing a seat belt. I wonder if we are getting
some kind of backlash for speaking against them. They should focus on
finding the arsonist.

Do they ever solve any real crimes? I don't think so.........
10:16 am edt 

I Voted for Pam and I'm so Disappointed ..

Pam, I voted for you because of an interview in the Banner before the
election in which you stated that you wanted to look into other ways
to create affordable housing. Haven't heard anything about them after
that interview.

The best idea was to change zoning to allow and
encourage more second floor rentals on Commercial Street. Newbury
Street in Boston has been doing this for years and its a great place
to live. And it a great place for affordable rentals or small condos
for a work force. Its a shame that someone with such knowledge has
left our govenment. How sad that you seem to not have focused on
anything other than large scale (and your employers) developments. I
had great hope for you.
10:14 am edt 

To Michael Leger of the Recycling/Sustainable Committee

First, thank you for chairing a committee that is really focused on
tomorrow. You are one of the few in town government. I am a huge
proponent of pay per bag trash due to being in a town years ago that
did it. Many complained but when people realized that it actually
changed behavior they fully supported it. It drastically changed my
behavior when I realized that my recyclables were costing me money. I
was able to drastically reduce trash and the town made more money
from selling their recycled items.

How should I vote to make certain that we move to pay per bag. This
town needs to start thinking of the future and the planet rather than
continue to be so selfish. We live in one of the most pristine and
fragil environments in the world, yet we continue to be so lax with
our responsibility on where we live. Thanks for your great work.
10:10 am edt 

Question on Trash Pick-up...

Since I already pay over $1200
yearly for trash pick up since I am in a no pickup zone, why would I
want another 35-50 tacked on my tax bill for trash pick up I do not
Looking for equality
10:07 am edt 

Hey, Who are the Kids that Got Busted in Truro?

What's up with that? Now they have nothing better to do than break into
someone's home and drink themselves into a passed out state?

Where are the parents on a school night? Where did they get the beer? Pot?

What are they thinking?
10:06 am edt 

Can Someone Answer the Question: What makes a Sexual Harassment Case

      In the case of Punchy Prada from Truro, here was a Fire Chief
who did some sexually harassing things for years. But during these
years, his behavior wasn't labeled or judged as sexual harassment.
Why is it now? If he is doing the same thing now he was doing then,
what creates a sexual harassment case?

      Similarly in town, what makes the Tracy Roderick Trewhella case
in the Recreation Center a sexual harassing one? And how does Doug
Taylor get labeled in this sexual harassment case as well? What are
the state laws that turn regular behavior into hostile behavior? And
who has the power to lable some behavior ok and other behavior
hostile and harassing?

     Can someone help explain this?
10:04 am edt 

Trash Pick-Up is A Priority But Not as an Override

     With the huge, increadible mammoth budget of DPW, we are only
dealing with $153,000 for trash pick-up. Instead of cutting back this
mismanaged department and saving $153,000 from sound fiscal cuts, the
BOS did not demand this. Instead, they allowed increases and
positions that shouldn't be there during these tough fiscal times,
and made trash pick-up an Override.

     Absolutely NO to this Override. This is the worse decision but
one the BOS foolishly made. Then let them live with the full
consequences of this rather flip decision. Recycling will be
sabotaged. The beaches will fill with trash. Some people will drop
full bags of grabage along the highway. All a wonderful scene for a
town that lives off of tourists. Just great and appetizing for

     And the bags will pile up around restaurants and the rats will
be happy. Maybe we can open our own Ratatouille a la Provincetown.

10:01 am edt 

Here's What I Love About the Format of This Blog:

In order to read the posts in order from oldest to newest you must
scroll up from the bottom of the page.

If I see

Michael Rogovsky


yours in good government, candace nagle

I simply scroll up real fast to the next heading!
Try it!
It makes keeping up with the board so much easier now that I don't
have to involve myself in the endless 'post-response-post resonse to
responce cycle they are in. Honestly you two, for the good of the
board please just take two weeks off from posting!
9:57 am edt 

Reverse Mortgage,

Oh Michael, please do shut up about things you don't know anything about.

Reverse Mortgages are an excellent choice for some people. True, if
you plan to sell your house in a few years it's not a smart idea.

Counseling is required prior to completing a mortgage to be sure that
people understand the facts. Additionaly, as stated by others, you
should use a reputable mortgage company and make sure you know the

If my mother had $600,000 of equity in her house, could not afford
the taxes or could not make ends meet, I would certianly recommend it
for her.

Stop scaring people about things you don't understand!
9:54 am edt 

Thursday, March 20, 2008

My 2 Cents On the Trash Issue

I think i've read that to keep trash pickup as is, it will cost each
of us between $35 and $50 on our tax bill if we agree on the over

our neighboring towns charge each resident a fee for a trash sticker
which allows them to use the transfer station.  the last i heard, the
fee in truro was $40 and i'm going to assume (knowing this BOS) that
they will eventually charge us a fee also for a sticker.

so why not just pass the over ride and save the trip to the transfer
station.  pretty much the same dollar figure and they come and pick
it up. if we're going to end up paying in the long run, let them do
the work.
11:47 pm edt 

Oh That's Nice

Let's start attacking the locals for driving three blocks to the gu
without their seat belts on or not getting a chance to drive a half
hour to get an inspection sticker.  makes me all fuzzy to think you
want to live in a police state.

The police should be spending their time looking for an arsonist not
harassing their neighbors..
11:45 pm edt 

Untruths About Firehouse 2

I'm pretty sure the funds for firehouse #2 were not an override, they
were a debt exclusion and that money is sitting and waiting.  it can
be used for nothing except firehouse #2
11:11 pm edt 

About Trash & Recycling

I will try to address the questions presented here about
trash and recycling curbside pickup but I am not an expert.  I am
just a citizen volunteer who serves on the recycling and renewable
energy committee.

To the best of my knowledge, and I may be wrong, the override is for
FY 2009 only. If we recycled everything that is recyclable and
removed it from the trash stream, perhaps we could reduce the trash
hauling cost considerably.  Remember that the town does not pay to
have recyclables trucked out of town but we do pay to truck our
trash.  Think about this the next time you throw that Poland Springs
water bottle or yogurt cup  in the trash rather than in the recycling
bin. If it goes into the trash, we pay.  If we recycle, we don't pay.
   We have to recycle EVERYTHING possible, for the environment and
for the impact on the budget.

One reason that  I feel  it is better to have town trash/recycling
curbside pickup rather than having everyone take their trash to the
transfer station, concerns the pollution and fuel cost involved.  
With as many as 60 cars per hour during peak season on Saturday
morning driving to the transfer station and idling while waiting to
get to the trash hopper, wasting expensive fuel and emitting fumes,
it seems that one or two trucks doing the job would use a lot less
fuel and pollute the environment less.

Without curbside trash/recycling pickup, I think that we will see a
lot more trash bags left in and around town litter barrels or tossed
in the woods and vacant lots or in thrown into dumpsters at town
businesses and  construction sites.  We've all seen it happen.

I really feel that in a town like Provincetown, which, as has been
said on this forum, relies so much on tourism, it would be a huge
mistake to eliminate curbside trash/recycling pickup.  Please support
the override.

Go ahead, flame away.

Michael Leger
11:10 pm edt 

Michelle Will Have My Vote,

She has only looked out for the
well being of this community.  We need more like her.  The problem
is, they are far,few, and in between.
11:08 pm edt 

Just My Two Cents,......

........but here are some simple things to add
some more income to the town.....

Having the Police Dept issue tickets to folks who:
1. have expired registration stickers,
2. expired inspection stickers (I have seen cars in this town with
stickers over 2 yrs old),
3. not wearing seat belts, and
4. do we really need a full time dog catcher

every dollar help!
11:02 pm edt 

I Wonder Where the Money Goes........

.......from the residents that pay
the highest taxes on the Cape ? Roadwork ? Nope ! How is it that
neighboring towns have repaved roads, and, Provincetown doesn't ? Was
the money spent on the sidewalks really needed more than roadwork ?
I've been struggling for 22 years, and, I still cannot afford
affordable housing ! Who decides exactly what is affordable ?
Certainly not the residents that make this town what it is ! Maybe
we're lowlife in the eyes of the affluent moving into OUR town, but,
we do cook for them, clean up after them, etc. Without the so-called
lowlife that cannot afford to buy a piece of their dream, this town
would be a ghost town ! So, do us all a favor and stay in your real
world as you call the city, and, we'll be better off in OUR real
world of community !
11:00 pm edt 

VOTE NO on EVERY Override Issue.....

.......let us show town hall that we are not going to take it any more!

go back into your offices and slash some of the pork
like the DPW
and School
and Firehouse #2
and the Union Employees

What a mess!!!
10:57 pm edt 

Policy Wonk Here at Her Desk

Someone wrote earlier:

Article of the Day...

Anyone have a clue what it means?

Article 4.              FY 2009 Cape Cod Regional Technical High
School Assessment. To see to if the Town will vote to accept the
provisions of MGL C.71,§16B

Scary, but yes, i can answer this question for you . The amount that
Provincetown is charged by Cape Cod Tech for each student from our
town that chooses to go there is determined using a State Formula.
That formula is horribly biased against towns like ours, and truro
and wellfleet, that have very high property values, but not
necessarily a yr round population of high income earners.
So, even tho the average cost per pupil at the school might be
something like $8-9K, we get charged a really high price, i think its
around $25K. (school committee can get you the latest numbers).

There is a provision in the state law that says if every town that is
a member of Cape Cod Tech, adopts this language here, Article 4, we
can change the formula and save some money. The stupid part is that
we have already voted this language a couple of times, but the law
says you have to do it each year. Go figure.

So, its a classic housekeeping article, and probably will never save
us a dime because all the big towns will fight it, because we are
subsidizing their kids. It doesn't hurt to try tho. So we did. And
the administration is just bringing back again.

Cheryl Andrews
10:54 pm edt 

Regarding the Article of the Day...Anyone Have a Clue What it Means?

Article 4.   FY 2009 Cape Cod Regional Technical High
School Assessment. To see to if the Town will vote to accept the
provisions of MGL C.71,§16B, which would reallocate the sum of the
member towns contribution to the Cape Cod Regional Technical High
School District for FY 2009 in accordance with the Regional Agreement
rather than the Education Reform Formula, so-called, or to take any
other action relative thereto.

A long time ago I lived in California.  The League of Women voters
put out a booklet prior to each election where they gave the pros and
cons of each referendum on the ballot.  I really wish we had
something like that in Provincetown.  Something we could all read in
advance of Town Meeting to help us inform ourselves on various

Because I also don't have a clue as to what this article means.

10:51 pm edt 

Do People Understand This?

You see folks if you vote in overrides of $500,000 to be
used for specific purposes they will be there FOREVER, and next year
that amount will NOT be used specifically for the same purposes.

An example: Last year we voted in an override of (coincidently)
$500,000 to fund rebuilding Fire House #2 as bathrooms. So that money
is set aside to be used when needed. Now this year is that $500,000
being used to rebuild Fire House #2? Or does it come off of our tax
bill? No, it is wrapped into the general fund to be used at the
discretion of those in charge. And use it they did. but not to pay
for trash pickup or raises or public safety or fireworks, at least
not the portion we are being asked to approve overrides on, but they
did use it to increase other Department budgets!

Im telling you if you give them this money, next year they will act
as if its not there and come back to us for MORE money.

Lets STOP, and get our house in order.

Do people understand this?

And Im not so angered about the amount of tax I pay, its how my taxes
are being used.
We should be a first class Town, and we could be if our leaders and
voters will spend our money wisely.
10:49 pm edt 

Police Dept

I drive around this town and have notice cars with expired reg and
inspection stickers (some over 2 yrs old).   Why does this continue?

When will the police stop speeders and folks who do not wear seat
belts and ticket them?

And one more thing, in a time when we need to make budget cuts, why
do we have a full time dog catcher?
10:46 pm edt 

To Big Slim Jimbo and His Critics:

Big Slim is a riot! Keep it up it cracks me up. Just keep it civil
dude. To those who think there's no place for his humour on this blog
remember, IT'S A BLOG, not the Congressional Record!
Pay as you go trash? Very bad idea. Ask anyone who lives in one of
those communities, trash ends up everywhere, a lot of it illegally
dumped in some commerical enterprise's or condo community's dumpster
or worse...on the side of the road!

E. Michael Richards
10:44 pm edt 

To: Big Jimbo

I'd would like to think of this blog as a discussion of town
policies.  Once again your entries do not further the discussion but
might actually lower the readers intellect. :-(
Please stop your foolish idiotic writing!!!
It is neither cute, witty, urgent, or significant.  If this were the
school newsletter, in the creative writing section, a few elementery
students might get a giggle out of it.  I doubt they could even
decipher your prose.
Save it for the school yard. You know when the year-books come out
and you write to everyone, "have a kick-ass summer!"   At least this
statement has sentiment.

Working Class

PS. Go Candace!
See ya Pam :-)
4:10 pm edt 

No One Asked Me but, Here Are a Few Solutions to Our Problems

I agree with the writer who said to  vote No on all budget issues and
force them to use the same budget they're using now.

We all want trash pick-up but not via an override.

Perhaps there could be large dumpsters at each firehouse, if there
are to be no pick-ups.

Instead of an election, we should have a lottery - Pick 5 names of
eligible voters out of a hat - there is your new BOS.

This would  eliminate the 'candidates w/agendas'.

I'd love to see slot-machines in Provincetown. Maybe we could give
some of the free land to the Mashpee tribe in exchange for a casino.
This would be a answer to the year-round problem. The Route 6 land
would be perfect for this. Wouldn't a mirrored glass high-rise look
beautiful where the Provincetown Inn is now?

Allow individuals to sell from pushcarts - fruit, art, T-shirts. We
used to have them but the business' complained.
3:46 pm edt 

To: This Blog is a Perfect Example of Why Your Name Should be Signed to Your Message

 You are held accountable even legally. . .If Ms Clouture was asked,
you would find out she is not moving into
affordable housing, . . .Parmakian and Clouture have done an
exceptional job. . .

If you want to promote someone that you know so well, at least learn
what her name is.
3:42 pm edt 

My neighbors and I have discussed the overide issue..... length and because most of us are on Social Security, every dollar
counts. We would not be so opposed to to it if we thought the town
spent money wisely but when we know that the DPW could cut it's work
force and get a competent supervisor, or that people at the school
are being paid too much and I mean administrative (secretarial)
people, then we resent being threatened with either voting yes or
having no trash pick-up.

We are also tired of the town saying that other towns on the Cape pay
extra for their trash pick-up. Are the people in those towns paying for a
sewer and outrageous sewer usage fee?

There are good things about a union but when a union has a stranglehold on
a town that allows for incompetent and unnecessary workers to be on the payroll
and no way to get rid of them, unions are a bad thing.
3:39 pm edt 

I Went to the Reverse Mortgage Sites:

Imagine someone who
took out a reverse mortgage two years ago who lives on the main
land--their house has plummeted in price. A reverse mortgage is even
worse than I thought.

Michael Rogovsky
3:35 pm edt 

Also for Mr. Leger Please:

I don't follow what you said. If the trash override is defeated, then
the 2 options would be to drive the trash ourselves or hire someone
to do it (as I assume most condo owners already do). Seems like these
are 2 doable alternatives. Too bad the BoS made this an override, as
many have said here, but I don't follow why we need a year to work to
*perhaps implement a pay per throw program*.  Couldn't you work on
that to see if it's a good idea regardless of how the override goes? 
Lots of towns have only the choice of driving trash themselves or
paying a hauler - what makes us so different?

Thank you very much for posting - nice to hear from someone who is
dealing with an issue firsthand on a town board.
3:34 pm edt 


When an individual decides to run for a Selectman's seat they are
taking a great responsibility into their hands.  This is definitely a
position where you can NEVER satisfy everyone!

Now when people run for Selectmen, as we all know in Provincetown and
with worldwide elections, that goals are verbalized by each
candidate.  If an individual does not have goals that they set for
themselves in a government
position.....  well what's the point of campaigning?  An individual
needs to be fueled by desire to make a difference.

Now why is it that when a Selectman has goals it's great, but when a
Selectman has an agenda it's a bad thing? Come on people!!!  You and
I both know it's the SAME thing.  Without goals/agendas many things
could or would not be created and accomplished.

Maybe some Selectmen have goals/agendas that few individuals disagree
with.  I give any Selectman a thumbs up if he or she has a vision for
the greater good of Provincetown.  I will even have great respect for
Selectman if what they desire is worked towards completion...EVEN if
I did NOT vote for that person.

I vote based on goals/agendas, and not on the personality of the
candidates.  As it is I would have sent 3 out of 5 Selectmen on the
current board to the guillotine if it were based on personality alone.
2:25 pm edt 

Dear Mr. Leger,

It is too bad that this was put as an override. I do not know what
the selectmen were thinking. Is it true, that once there is an
override--it is here forever.
The budgets for the DPW for millions of dollars and the police et
al--there needs to be belt tightening. There are people in this town
who can pay their taxes with their petty change--and others are
fretting every day. We need to tighten our belts.
2:22 pm edt 

To - "I Will Vote YES!"

Wow, what a mindless soul you are.

I read what's posted here and post some things myself periodically. I
have found many differences of opinions on most topics people post on
here.  I wasn't aware that there was one set of opinions that "we"
are supposed to hold.

If you think the mindless blabberings of one or two posters on
here(MR) represents all who read and contribute you are as bad as
they are.

I suggest you go read the town warrants and articles (I bet you have
not) and post some of your opinions on here for discussion. Otherwise
don;t waste the space with your meaningless words.

Get informed, get involved!
2:20 pm edt 

Article of the Day...

Anyone have a clue what it means?

Article 4.              FY 2009 Cape Cod Regional Technical High
School Assessment. To see to if the Town will vote to accept the
provisions of MGL C.71,§16B, which would reallocate the sum of the
member towns contribution to the Cape Cod Regional Technical High
School District for FY 2009 in accordance with the Regional Agreement
rather than the Education Reform Formula, so-called, or to take any
other action relative thereto.

[Requested by the Board of Selectmen and the Town Manager]
2:19 pm edt 

The MYPACC Forum is Filled with Venom.

It is not a venue for intelligent discussion.  It is not a place to change anyone's
mind, nor to have a civilized debate.  Let's all tune out and learn
to think for ourselves and root out truths and lies.  As intelligent
citizens we do not want to become "Stepford" people controlled by
mypacc.  I am leaving his blog for good.  c. courville
2:17 pm edt 

Ya, Jackals!

If MyPacc thinks it's bad, I think it's good. if MyPacc say
vote No, I'm voting YES!

My Pacc of what? Who's pacc? Shouldn't it be PACK? Like dogs or
coyotes or jackals? Ya, jackals!
2:15 pm edt 

While We want to Thank Selectman Ms. Pam P. for Her Service to the Town;

however it was underhanded of her to leave as she did
rather than inform the Selectmen of the fact weeks ago. Perhaps it
would have influenced Selectman Davies to remain on the Board.

Ms. Pam P. has a passionate agenda--affordable housing. Her
zealousness is so profound: has she been here for decades and watched
as so many dear folks had to leave town? So many are gone, but there
are new people who have been here a number of years and Pam will be
their savior. They are young and vigorous and they qualify with their
income level (as we all do who work in town)so what is there to lose?

The affordable housing industrial complex now has an invigorated,
unleashed powerhouse in Ms. Pam. There are no rules of engagement to
hold her back; bow and extend your wallets in homage all of you Tax
payers of Provincetown: now we all know the truth--affordable housing
is her one and only cause.
2:14 pm edt 

We Are a Resort Town

This blog has taught me tons. I know it may take a while to get to
the real truth because many of the posts here are based on hearsay,
but eventually the facts seem to come out. And this would not happen
without this blog.

In my opinion, we are a first and foremost a resort town --plain and
simple. A vacation and day-trip destination. We simply are not the
year-round community many have tried to turn this town into based on
what I believe is a romanticized view of what the town 'should'

If most of the decisions for long-term economic growth are not made
based on supporting and increasing tourism, they are likely the wrong
decisions. Current decisions seem to be made to force the town into
transforming into a year-round community that can not support itself
and can not be justified to the majority of current tax payers.

Keep on blogging P-town -- but be nice!
2:10 pm edt 

My Name is Michael Leger.

I am chairman of the recycling
and renewable energy committee.  At our meeting last night we voted
4-0 in support of the override to continue curbside trash and
recycling collection.  I urge your support of this override.  If we
eliminate trash and recycling collection without having an
alternative plan in place we will have a huge mess on our hands. 
Passing the override will give us a year to consider other options
and perhaps implement a pay-per-throw program.  Without curbside
collection there is no option for pay-per-throw and everyone would
have to take their own trash to the transfer station or hire someone
to do it.  Having another year of curbside collection would also
enable us to continue to increase the amount of recycling in town.  I
want to make it perfectly clear to everyone that the town DOES NOT
PAY to have RECYCLABLES  trucked out of town but we DO PAY to have
our TRASH trucked.  It is a no-brainer that we should recycle!
   EVERYTHING possible in order to reduce the amount of trash that we
have to pay for to truck out of town.  Please consider voting FOR the
override to continue curbside trash and recycling collection.
1:24 pm edt 

Yep When MYPACC Sez Gitter Dun they Gitter Dun!

They gut ole Pammy! Gone fer good she be! Rite nice gal she wuz too.
I recon she had all the ainsers fer everthang!

Now corse dem mypacc fellers is after Cotooor! They sez she got no
chance a-gittin back in the saddle! Ima gon vote fer her anyhow. Shes
a right nice gal an I thank she  dun a good job fer P-town! She gots
expeeriunce an I wanna vote fer sombody whos gut the guts to fite the
good fite!

I mite not be smartest feller in these here parts, but I know a thang
er too bout women! My gal Pammy was a smart' n! And my gal Cotooor is
a regerlar wizerd when it comes to figgerin!

Ima gon vote fer Cotooor! Go gittem Michelly! You got the far in yer belly!

Big Slim Jimbo
1:20 pm edt 

This Blog is a Perfect Example of Why Your Name Should be Signed to Your Message

 You are held accountable even legally.   In
business or not, if you have something to say, there are many way to
confront the issue.  You could go to a BOS Meetings, you could talk
to one of them on the side, you could see the Town Manager.  If you
believe the Police Chief  rides around in an SUV with tinted windows
all day and does not do his job, go talk to him.  You would find out,
he does not drive an SUV.  That happens to be an officer on patrol. 
If Ms Clouture was asked, you would find out she is not moving into
affordable housing, the U-Haul in front of her home was for someone
else.  You would know that she does not want a sidewalk on Cemetery
Road.  Parmakian and Clouture have done an exceptional job.  Im sorry
another honest one has left.  I will vote yes to Clouture.  She
stands up for the best interest of the town, she has morals, and
ethics, something that is clearly lacking in this town.  I will vote Yes
on every service they present. 
I dont want my services cut and like everything else that has gone
up, my taxes will to.  Thats a no brainier people. Remember, once you
vote no, its gone until you all learn your lessen and vote yes next
1:15 pm edt 

Re: Rather than Call Pam a Coward

I also thank pam for her service to the town, but as she stated, her
passion is affordable housing.  she was so passionate that she
consulted with the ethics commission before running for selectman. 
she knew what she was getting into from the start.  becoming a
selectman is a commitment and she walked on her commitment to the
board, the people who supported her and this town in general.  there
are many other valuable issues facing this town which she could and
has participated in.

Her leaving the board now clearly states that she was unable to
control the housing issue which  was her intent from the beginning
and where she now wants to devote her time.  the BOS is not a place
to carry an agenda.  the only agenda the person in that position
should have is to carry out the will of the people (and this is also
where ms couture fails).

We are now going to be left with basically another new board. 
hopefully ms couture will not be re-elected, we've lost ms davies
after just one year (it takes at least a year to get a good footing
on any board) and now ms parmakian's sudden departure.

I think what she did was short-sighted and selfish.  it's as if the
only issue facing this town is her precious housing issues.  very
sad, she could have done better.  we deserved better.
1:08 pm edt 

Regarding Affordable Housing:

Doesn't Ms. Pam P. and Ms. Michele C.have an agenda?
You can talk all that you want to, but the fact remains that there is
an affordable housing industrial complex.

You have a $50,000 a year housing person. You pushed for the town
to buy the land for affordable housing with tax payer money. You have
your selectmen who are relentless in their pursuit of affordable housing
to the point that Lynn Davies sees no point in running again and butting
against that brick wall.

And, lastly, it is the tax payers with their rising taxes who
subsidize people who own affordable housing.
1:05 pm edt 

I Went to the Site Too:

One of the questions that it asks
is:  Can you afford a reverse mortgage? These loans are very
expensive, and the amount you owe grows larger every month. The
younger you are when you take out a reverse mortgage, the more the
compound interest will grow, and the more you will owe. On the other
hand, due to high up-front costs, these loans can be especially
costly if you sell and move just a few years after taking one out.
1:02 pm edt 

This is From the Link that was Posted and I Copied this From that AARP Site:

 When a reverse mortgage becomes due and
payable, you may owe a lot of money and your equity may be very
small. If you have the loan for a long time, or if your home's value
decreases, there may not be any equity left at the end of the loan.
1:00 pm edt 

Affordable Housing %

Could I remind everyone that Provincetown already has 7.9% Chap 40B
affordable housing (counting *pending* units on top of already
occupied 6.2%, per town website).  This is higher than any other town
on the Cape except for Orleans at 9%.  The median for all Cape towns
is under 5%.  Source is Mass. Dept of Housing:
12:56 pm edt 

Reverse Mortgage Non-facts:

Just because someone says something is a *fact* does not make it so. 
Look for reliable, believable back-up.  Someone has posted more
non-facts this morning.  Just as one example, it is a real fact that
you can NEVER owe more than the house is worth even if you live to be
120.  But don't take my word for it - go to the US government HUD
web-site and read frequent question number 6.  Here is the website:

AARP, who does not sell reverse mortgages nor recommends any specific
lender's product, also provides unbiased facts. See:

Reverse mortgages are not for everyone, but they make sense for lots
of people. Someone who is interested should see a reliable
HUD-approved lender or a good real estate lawyer recommended by
family or friends, and have the real facts laid out for their
specific circumstances. They should not be scared off by so called
*facts* where no reliable back-up is provided.

Just the facts, ma'am.
10:52 am edt 

As Far As Condo's & A-Frod-Able Housing........

...........we have seen what happens when town money is used to try
to do good.  it is sad that the hitchcock sisters didn't pull off
what they hoped for at the bates motel.
now we are watching and there will never be town money used for housing again!
let us leave the housing interets to the qualified (malone) and learn
from our mistakes.
10:50 am edt 

Agreeing with Engaged Bloggers

     I like that phrase: "engaged with the controversies of the day."
Exactly! That's what I feel when I check out the Blog. And that's
what I feel when I Blog here. Some writers are so clear-eyed and
critical of past town actions that left us all with overwhelming debt.

     In the past, we said Yes to so many projects without knowing the
consequences. Now we have the Blog and we can learn more and grasp
the consequences--intended and unintended--for the town, for voters,
and for taxpayers.

     Where was this Blog when we needed you in the past? Oh, well, at
least you're here now. It's fun--it really is-- interesting and I'm
learning so much. I may be addicted to this Blog but I"m thrilled
you're here.
10:48 am edt 

TO THE BLOGGER: Affordable Housing Eligiblility

ONCE AGAIN.... you miss the point!  Their property tax does not go up
like your does because---


They can NOT sell their unit for market rate, like you can sell your
house for the current market rate!

Stop with the "industrial housing complex cartel" nonsense!

You make it sound like you are paying for the land, construction,
mortgage, property tax, and even the food they put on their table!

What a vieled attempt to stop all further affordable housing here in town!

Talk about an AGENDA!
10:46 am edt 

Kudos to Another Rat in the Basement.

We can live on what we made last year--it was only a few months ago! Hear! Hear!

Provincetowner too
10:44 am edt 


Good riddance! Pam if you're reading this -

On your way out, don't let the screen door hit ya where the good Lord
split ya!
10:42 am edt 

I'm Concerned About the Elderly Homeowner, Also....

...Michael R. I too feel for the elderly on a fixed income (social
security) trying to pay their tax bill, year after year.

I think perhaps instead of focusing on Ted Malone and the issue of
affordable housing, we should:

1) contact Sarah Peake @ Rep.SarahPeake@House.State.MA.US
    or call @ 617-722-2210

2) contact Senator O'Leary @ Robert.O'
    or call @ 617-722-1570

3) contact Governor Partick through the Office of the
    Governor, Health & Human Services, Department of Elder
    Affairs @ 617-727-7750

Jack McMahon
10:41 am edt 

90 Shankpainter Rd........

..........If we pass Article 33, the moratorium on the land, I belive
this will not halt the clean-up scheduled to commence soon at the
site, through the DPW.

The $300K has already been approriated/allocated?

anyhow... Why not sell the land to an individual or developer?  Use
these funds to renovate Town Hall?

Let's get out of the Real Estate business!
10:38 am edt 

In Response to Pitting People Against Each Other:

Rather than pitting people against each other--it has allowed people
to express their point of view and even more importantly to share
information. A perfect example is affordable housing and explanations
about their value and tax situation; another is the correction about
a sidewalk that is for Conwell Street and not Cemetery Road.

This blog allows information to be shared and any lies will
eventually come to be realized for what they are--as well as
subterfuge such as the idea that a reverse mortgage is a panacea for
the elderly when it should actually be regarded as the last,
desperate act. I'm actually going to get the facts from an accountant
today regarding reverse mortgages.
10:37 am edt 

Rather than Call Pam a Coward:

 I thank her for her service
and for her decision.  She realized that her passion for affordable
housing conflicted with her serving on the BOS and made her decision.
  So she decided instead to serve her passion, how can we possibly
fault her for that?

We get upset with Selectman who have agendas or ones who appear to
have conflicts of interest.  Here is one Selectman who realized this
and acted upon it.

Whether you agree or disagree with the affordable housing issues she
made the right decsion for her and I congratulate her for doing so.
10:34 am edt 

Have they Received Our Message?

It certainly appears that we have sent a message to town
hall that a group of citizens are concerned and paying attention to
what is going on in that big ol' building on commercial st.

We have articles on the town warrant!

We  have asked questions!

We have found answers!

10:32 am edt 

This is More of a Question than Anything Else:

Does Provincetown participate in the state-run investment funds for town
employee pensions?  If not, does our town fund get a better return? 
I hope someone is looking into this issue, because it's conceivable
that we could be getting a better rate of return on our pension
monies (future expenses).

And while I'm at it (really, I don't know all that much) but why are
there TWO cafeterias in our schools?  Wouldn't one result in less
overhead and less labor expense?

Bob Littlefield
19 Center Street

my email is if anyone wants to reply directly.
10:30 am edt 

This was Posted Yesterday--

How do we stop this from
happening? We can't add this to our tax bill. Just as a family has to
budget and stop the spending--so does the town.
PROP 2 1/2:

Hope I'm not correct but looking at the articles it seems were being
asked to raise out taxes FOREVER by quite a bit. Please correct me if
I'm wrong,

    2A Trash Collection       $153,000
    2B Public Safety/Services:
No.2  Finance?? $4,925
No 3 Public safety?? $19,525
No 5 Public services? $39,144
    3 35 Merit  pay increase:
No 1 General government?$15,124
No 2 Finance?         $17,220
No 3 Public safety? $13,054
No 4 Public works? $46,580
No 5 Public services? $14,362
    6 Capital Improvements $50,000
    7 Capital Improvements $50,000
   22 Fireworks         $78,000
                            Total: $500,934
10:26 am edt 

Time for Perspective...

Looks like the BOS is not a cohesive group, no matter what Michelle
says.  So far she has managed to isolate nd terminate or irritate
every selectman on the board... She's brought charges against people,
side slapped them and bull dogged her way in Town Hall.  Are her
decisions and tactics what is part of the bigger problem? She
definitely has not shown herself to be a trusted individual.
Where there is no loyalty, there is no honor.

She has been on the BOS for quite a number of years. When you place
her attitude and underhandedness in a governing body, you see the
deterioration of the system.  The BOS cannot operate as a governing
board with her on it.  The town has not gotten better for her being
there.  Quite the opposite.Nothing positive can go foward in the
negative environment she has created. No name calling here.  All of
my opinions have been brought through observation of her tactics and
the results of her closemindedness.

One of the immediate things to be done is to replace Pam with a
positive strong individual who will not be intimidated. The next is
very obvious.  Michelle cannot be reeelected.  Slippery Fish (from
Town Hall fishbowl)
10:21 am edt 

Since this is an Informational Blog I want folks to Consider These Facts:

Before you jump on the reverse mortgage band wagon,
remember that as soon as you get your reverse mortgage (think of it
as a loan which has to be repaid), which is a percentage of what your
house is worth, you start paying interest on this "loan".

When you go to sell your house, you have to pay back the principal as well as the
interest. So, you get a reverse mortgage for $300,000---and then when
you go to sell your home due to some unforeseen circumstance--you
discover that you owe the $300,000 plus the interest. So if you owe
$350,000 and can only get $300,000 for your house--then you owe the
bank $50,000.

Or, if you outlive your mortgage, you have nothing but debt; and if you
need to move out of your house--you have nothing but debt. If a homeowner
gets a reverse at 62 and uses it all up by the time that they are 72will they
really get to live in their house for free until they dieeven if they live to be a

Do they have to still pay taxes, heat and utilitieswith no reverse mortgage to
tap into?  Reverse mortgages are going to let you live in your house once
you have used up the money.
So, all of you 62 year old folks--read the fine print. Or, when you are 75 or 80
years old--you may find that you have nothing in the bank except incredible debt.
Read the fine print.
10:18 am edt 

Questions of the Day

a. the Cape Cod Times reports this morning

"A state ethics commission opinion she obtained prior to running for
selectman in May prevents her from speaking up on housing issues, she
said. Commenting on housing issues would violate state conflict of
interest laws or create the appearance of a conflict of interest,
Parmakian said.".

  would someone tell me then , why is it OK  to have AJ Alon, who
also works for Ted Malone, on the Housing Council?

b. since Pam waited so late in March to resign, we will have to have
a special election to choose a 5th selectman. This will cost about

when the town is threatening layoffs? Gee, thanks Pam. that looks
like a big middle finger to all of us taxpayers. Do you think Lynne
Davis might have run for re-election if she knew Pam was going to
resign?  lots of dirty tricks  from that end of the table .

Michelle and Pam's latest rant is that the blog is responsible for
divisiveness in town .I guess they missed the last 3-4 town meetings
when it was their friends that packed the room and  booed when anyone
spoke with anything other than 100% support for their housing

Michelle is the poster child for divisive politics and has the nerve
to be quoted in the Banner  saying  its a "sport", yes a contact
"sport" .

i thought it was spose to be.....a  public service.

Another one bites the Dust
10:12 am edt 

Parmakians Resignation Statement

When I made the decision to run for selectman a year ago, I believed
that I could make a valuable contribution to the stabilization of our
community. I have years of successful fiscal management experience in
various business settings in Provincetown, a solid knowledge of the
property assessing principals along with municipal financial

In addition, I am one of the few individuals in town who have
expertise in affordable housing management and compliance
administration due to my employment as the property management
coordinator at Community Housing Resource.

This last point has indeed posed potential conflicts of interest for
me serving on this board. This is why, even before I was elected, I
contacted the State Ethics Board to obtain an opinion regarding what
I can and cant speak to when housing policy discussions come before
the selectmen. I received a detailed letter from them, which provided
me with clear instructions on when I needed to recuse from policy
discussions. To the best of my understanding, I have followed these
instructions thoroughly for the past year and I am fully confident
that I have acted appropriately and been respectful of State Ethics

Housing issues continue to dominate public discussion and with good
reason. The list of households seeking affordable housing continues
to grow and when faced with no options, many individuals are leaving
town. The outflow of year round residents from Provincetown is of
grave concern to me and I believe this trend is a de-stabilizing
force in our community. It affects our workforce, our schools, our
seniors in fact our entire population. The very fabric of our
community is being threatened.

Unfortunately, the public discussion regarding housing has been
filled with rumor, misunderstanding and in some cases outright lies.
I have found this enormously frustrating because I care deeply about
this town and the families who live here.

As Ive observed this conversation, Ive realized that I cannot
continue to remain silent regarding affordable housing in
Provincetown. I believe it is the core issue that affects the
stabilization of our community. This is why I ran for office and this
is why I can no longer sit on this board.

Therefore, I am submitting my resignation effective immediately.

Before I conclude, I want to say that this board has worked
diligently to prepare a level funded budget for town meeting. This
was no small feat. We started with a deficit of over $900,000.
Countless hours were put in by Sharon Lynn, David Gardner, Alex
Heilala, and the Finance Committee, among others. There were fixed
costs over which we had no control and we had to make hard decisions
to preserve valuable services and the employees who deliver them.
Valuable services are being presented as overrides so that the voters
can decide whether they want to pay for them or not. I urge the
voters to support these overrides, as I believe these services are
critical to the functioning of our town.

In conclusion, I want to thank the voters who believed that I could
make a contribution toward stabilizing our community. This past year
has taught me that I will be most effective as an advocate for the
Provincetown community by sitting on the other side of this table. I
would like to again reiterate this was a very personal decision,
which is mine decision and was made without any influence from anyone
on this Board or any other outside parties.
10:09 am edt 

I Hope it Won't be to Late

Well                          did you read the paper yet
today?  You have suceeded once again, another good and honest
selectman has left the board because of you and your self motivating
web site.  I just wonder when the towns people are going to realize
what you are doing.  I hope it won't be to late.
10:05 am edt 

It is Not Fair..... saddle the people connected to the waste
water treatment plant to now have to pay an additional $200,000
towards a sewer hook up to Ted Malone's housing project.
10:01 am edt 

To the Person Who Wrote "What are You Going to do Now PACC"--

Here is my answer. I'm a citizen. I've watched the Affordable
Housing Industrial complex run come into town and beheld two
selectmen become their messiah to the point that tax money is spent
on buying land when an affordable housing developer has been doing it
for ten years.

I've seen the Messiah convince Provincetown tax payers
to spend $50,000 on a housing consultant when the affordable housing
that is supposed to go to Provincetown residents is put on the open
market. To me this is a scam. It is an insult to the senior citizens
on fixed incomes and to long term home owners. All of the people who
are eligible for affordable housing are still away and will return
when the businesses open for the summer.
9:58 am edt 

" That Way They Wont Lie."

Just because people sign their
name doesn't mean they wont lie.
9:55 am edt 

About Jumping Ship

If Parmikian's resignation doesn't clearly show her agenda
to the town, I don't know what will. Doesn't seem like she cares
about any of the other town issues, by jumping ship.
9:53 am edt 

We WILL Still Have ALL of Our Services

If  we vote No on everything to do with the budget we WILL
still have ALL of our services. If we dont vote in a new budget the
Town will be forced to use last years budget. And last year we had
all of our services, including fireworks. See what I mean?
I make the same amount of money this year as I did last year and I
still have ALL of the same things in my life, even if things cost

Funny how that works.

Give someone a certain amount of money and they will spend that much.
Give them more for the same things and they will spend more! Give
them less and they will spend less. On the same things.

My suggestion to all of the people in Town Government would be in
order to work within the same budget as last year, instead of looking
for ways to get more money, or to cut services, look for ways to SAVE
money while still providing the same services.

Two recent examples:

                   1: The Board of Health has been raising the cost
to dump trash at the Town dump over the last few years in order to
bring in more money. Recently the Recycling Committee was reformed.
The very first thing that I heard of them doing was to take a look at
how we were recycling. They discovered that if we got a new company
to pick up our recyclables from the dump, that we would be able to
recycle more products, pay for less trash to go into the trucks to
Seemass, and get paid more per ton for the recyclables. Thus SAVEING
the Town some $45,000.00!

                   2: Article 25 in the Town Warrant lists the
Borrowing Authority being rescinded from different departments. The
Police did not use $506.00 of the authorized amount, saving us that
amount. Well they could also be returning $4000.00 in cash to the
general funds if the Chief had not found it necessary to spend every
last dime of his budget by painting two cars that did not need paint.

All Department heads need to look for this kind of waste and cut it.

I dont need Economics 101 to figure this out, my parents taught me
this in second grade!

Then as time goes by and our financial picture improves maybe we can
get a few extras. Like a BIG raise for the Permit Co Ordinator.

Another Rat in the Basement

9:52 am edt 

We Need to Convince Them to Tighten Their Belts too!

The real problems of the town are that the town was in a
rush to secure these big budget items when we don't have the money to
support them. The tax payers are maxed out. We have to somehow
convince people who are well off that we can't afford an over ride
and the pay raises that our fellow citizens want.

The teachers, the DPW workers, the police--they and all of their
friends can all vote yes on every high ticket item becuase they are
set for life. We need to convince them to tighten their belts too.
9:47 am edt 

Affordable Housing Eligibility

Almost everyone who works in Provincetown is eligible for
affordable housing due to the salary that they make but it is the long
time home owner who gets no tax breaks.

Look at the Affordable housing industrial complex: they got the town
to hire a housing consultant for $50,000! They want to lobby to build
250 new units. Why do the tax payers owe anyone a place to live and
why do we have to support them? Provincetown doesn't owe you a place
to live.

  A blogger writes that it is time to get on with the real problems
of Provincetown. Meanwhile, Michele Coutur4e says that her agenda is
affordable housing and we have already given away land or spent a
million dollars on land and then gave it away.

Look at Deaconess and how they pulled the wool over our eyes. We have to
keep talking about this too because articles are coming up at town meeting and we don't
want people to forget when their heart strings are pulled to cave in
to affordable housing.

Walk down Commercial St.; every restaurant, every store hires people
who are eligible for affordable housing. Walk into any place of
business now and look around at the staff aren't all of them eligible
for affordable housing? I know a bunch of people who came here in
their 20s and who are now in their 30s and are looking at affordable
housing. Thus, we tax payers will be supporting them for the rest of
their lives if they remain here.

Do you want the town to become a housing development like Michele
Couture does?   No one on affordable housing has their taxes go up
like the people on fixed incomes who own property.
9:35 am edt 

I Will Vote YES!

I have to agree that at town meeting, when I hear that PACC
wants to vote no. I will vote YES!
9:28 am edt 

I was Told by Three Members of the BOS,

Sandy Turner, and the Acting Police Chief that Michele Couture wanted
Cemetery Rd. to be made a one way street so a sidewalk could be installed.
If this information is incorrect I apologize for posting it incorrectly.

I completely agree that we need to install a sidewalk on Conwell
Street. I have been hearing people talking about and investigating
this for many years. It is a very difficult thing to accomplish
because of the limited space.

I know that back in Springfield I can remember the city having to
take property by emanate domain to install sidewalks or move Streets
for public safety. If that is what we have to do I would even support

Again, if I posted incorrect facts I apologize.

Peter Page
9:26 am edt 

Oh Sorry,
I didn't realize there was a waiting period in
between comments.  Its just as intelligent as your comments.
12:33 am edt 


Now that you have succeeded in pitting people against each other
because of roomers, gossip, and statements that have absolutely no
validity that you place on the site.  Someone should start a site
against pacc where people actually have to sign their names and are
held accountable.  That way they wont lie.    I hope you will be at
town meeting to break up the fights that you have started.  Oh yah,
cowards dont do that.
12:29 am edt 

Clouture Did Nothing Wrong

Clouture does not need to report herself for releasing the minutes
because she did not release them.  Did you ever consider the thought
that the paper was wrong?  Besides, there is a big difference in
deliberately violating the law even when it is brought to your
attention at the time, and a accidental slip of the tongue.  Besides
the fact, why should they be ashamed of their vote.  They know why!
12:27 am edt 

OK Now That We Have the Truth About Fffordable Housing
Can't we get on to the real problem of Provincetown? How to get more
funds to run the town? We can't keep on blogging on the same things
over & over again! we need solutions and who will do it.

12:25 am edt 

In Regards to Ms Parmakian

I didn't attend the meeting tonight, so i have not heard what she
said during her 'resignation speech', but my initial reaction to what
she did is cowardice.  She knew what the job entailed when she ran. 
she knew part of the job description was to have a thick skin.  I
even voted for her and now i feel that she has turned her back on us
and the town.  She abandoned her responsibility and has now lost my
respect (which had been waning anyway).
12:13 am edt 

Anonymously Yours

    Because the Blog is anonymous for those who want it this way, it
allows a collective sense of so many projects and issues. It helps us
say here what many of us may not say at Town Meeting. Many of us want
to say many things but the ramifications stop us from standing up.
this is especially true if we have businesses in town. But here we
can all stand up and say what we believe, fear, think, and hope for.

   It's just great!

12:10 am edt 

Engaged Bloggers

     So many are engaged Bloggers because they are engaged residents
and equally engaged voters. It takes concern, caring and energy to be
involved with the controversies of the day. That's what I see here
and often I'm so impressed. So many great ideas, so many perceptive
insights. This is truly a dynamic, new form of town politics.

     It's great to turn issues inside out and to gain understanding
of the many facets of key issues in town. It's just not enough to get
our news from the Banner. This is an exciting format that helps set a
new direction for this town.
12:05 am edt 

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Affordable sales

I may be mistaken, but aren't there different classifications for
affordable housing.  They aren't all affordable in perpetuity are
they?  and if they are, how have some of them been sold for market

It seems to be a beauracratic (sp) mess.  The only real way to
control affordable housing is to have only affordable rentals.  When
the lease is not adhered to, the tenant is evicted.  No more winters
in aspen, no more illegal sublets  and no more out-of-towners taking
advantage of our generosity.
11:59 pm edt 

Sure, Let's all us MYPACCers Vote "NO" on Everything!

Michelle this you?

If Pam did QUIT,  shows just how much of a coward she really is. OOOPS.

Ms. Davies, I hope  you do an interview and tell us all what is
really happening in this Town.

How wonderful would that  be if she was our smoking gun!

Bring on the new days!
11:56 pm edt 

As for Vacancy on BOS

According to the Charter, Section 1, 4-1-2: "If a member of the
Board of selectman dies, resigns, or ceases to be a registered voter,
a vacancy shall result which shall be filled in accordance with G.L.
c.41, s.10."
11:54 pm edt 

Oh Crap, Someone Just Turned on the Lights of Provincetown!

MyPACC is here! Now will the last person to leave Provincetown please
remember to get the lights?! We can't afford the damned electricty!
11:53 pm edt 

Should Provincetown Concern Itself........

......with not having asidewalk until some child is killed on Conwell Street?

Wait a minute, aren't those the same children that you have on a bus
for Eastham?
11:51 pm edt 

It Has Been Written on This Blog.......

........that someone who bought an
affordable housing unit 10 years ago still pays the same tax and
everyone is saying NO, NO, it is isn't true: Well I just copied this
from the legalese statement that was posted earlier: The below-market
value of a unit is the value of the unit which should be used for
real estate tax purposes.

It isn't fair to the long time tax payers that these owners never pay
a penny more in taxes after 10, 20 or 30 years. No wonder 250 people
want affordable housing--and these aren't 250 senior citizens on
fixed incomes.
11:49 pm edt 

These Are the Facts from the Banner:

Davies said Tuesday she decided not to stand for reelection because
of the negative politics she believes have tainted the board of
selectmen, creating different agendas that have polarized the board.

Im used to playing on a team that works together on common goals. We
dont have that, Davies said. Everyone has their own agenda rather
than an agenda of whats best for the town. A few [selectmen] talk and
conspire and try to push the rest of us.

Selectman Michele Couture, who has returned papers to run for a third
term as selectman, said she disagreed with Davies assessment and that
the board is striving for a common good.

I have no idea of what shes referring to. We have disagreements but
thats not a bad thing. Politics is a contact sport. Sometimes were a
little testy. But thats the nature of the beast, Couture responded.
Yes, I have goals that I definitely want to see passed and one is
affordable housing. As long as I am on this board, I will push that
as an agenda.
As a Citizen of Provincetown my Question is that I do not understand
why Michele Coutour feels that she needs to see the goals of
affordable housing passed--The building of Affordable housing is in
its eleventh years.
There is a glut of it; it is being sold on the open Market. I'd be
frustrated too if I was Selectman Davies trying to get this point
across. There are other citizens here with real life issues who are
being ignored because they aren't eligible for affordable housing
even though they aren't rich--they are only long time home owners.
11:46 pm edt 

Still Costing the Town

If its true, Parmakians leaving will cost the town another election
to fill her seat. I think its a 60 day waiting period and then the
election can be held. Whenever it is, it won't be covered by this
election coming up. Two seats are up for grabs and thats all. the
town will foot the bill for another election to fill the seat she
vacated. More costs even after she's gone. Heres a hint.... if you
run, fullfill your obligation. Davies did it right. Parmakian
couldn't take the heat if its true.
11:43 pm edt 

Ms. Lynn Davies Realized That She had Hit a Brick Wall........

........with no compromise or any possibility of discussion on certain issues like
affordable housing. She could not go on and be a selectman under
these conditions so she is chosing not to run again, but she is
serving out her term.

Ms. Davies needed to speak the truth for the whole town to hear. She
and two other selectmen were publicly castigated for attending a PACC
meeting and the attorney General was informed of their attendance
there. No one is to blame regarding another selectman's immediate
resignation from the board.
11:41 pm edt 

Here are the Facts as I've Been Told for Many Years:

Provincetown tax payers have been told over and over that we need
affordable housing for PROVINCETOWN CITIZENS. Ted Malone has been
building affordable housing for over ten years and now our taxes are
buying land for affordable housing.

We all read about this in the banner: When there are  no takers, the
land then is open to anyone on the cape and then it is for sale at
market prices.

Lynn Davies' statement shows her exasperation. Senior citizens on
fixed incomes are citizens too.
11:38 pm edt 

My Understanding of a BOS Vacancy....... that there will need
to be a special election to fill Pam's vacancy.  By waiting to resign
until after the closing date for submitting papers it now has to be a
special election and may NOT be included in the upcoming regularly
scheduled election.

She has not made it official by submitting a written resignation,
apparently that will happen tomorrow.
11:36 pm edt 

Oh My God Everyone,

Michael Rogovsky has written to the
Attorney General! Somebody's in big trouble! That's like deep doo doo
right Mike? What color crayon did you write  with? Was that before or
after you practiced making your letters?

Did you get an answer yet?? What did it say??

Inquiring minds.
11:34 pm edt 

Re: Affordable Housing Explanation

What that means is that BY LAW, affordable housing can be sold by the
initial buyer for ONLY a specific amount of profit that is determined
by the State.  Therefore the value of the property does not increase
anywhere at anywhre near  the same rate as a regular house. Therefore
affordable home owners tax rate DOES increase but not at the same
rate because it's value is limited.

PLEASE read this and understand what it says so we can put an end to
the FALSE statements that get repeated here OVER & OVER again and
inflame passions but have nothing to do with the FACTS.

Micheal-while I do have compassion for people on fixed incomes who's
property value and therefore taxes have increased dramatically...I'd
still rather have property worth whatever amount rather than qualify
for affordable housing. AS people have stated reverse mortages, 2nd
mortages can be viable options. At lease they have options.
11:32 pm edt 

To: Michael

In Regards to Taxation of Aff.Hous. Issue:

A person buys a unit at a rate established by the DHCD and/or HUD. 
Because of the way the law is written, the mortage rate is fixed and
set.  The homeowner is taxed on this rate pretty much throughout the
course of the loan.  The tax is not in regards to the property that
the building rests on, but the affordable rate of the unit, alone.

When the homeowner is ready to sell the Condo unit, there is a
protocol to follow by the state.  The owner has to follow a formula
for resale.

The owner can not resell the unit at a market value rate.  It is illegal.

The average profit a homeowner usually makes is around 10% of what
they initially paid at closing.

This is why the tax rate remains around the same rate that the
homeowner initially paid for the condo at closing.

I hope this clears up your frustration.

Many people opn this blog assume that the resale of the condo unit
will turn the homeowner into a millionaire.  They are not allowed to
resell at the current market rate.
11:28 pm edt 

Turn out the lights, the parties over!

They say that all good things must end. Let's call it a night, the
parties over! Then tomorrow start the same ole thing again!

Politics a la P-town  mmmm mmmmm goooood!
11:25 pm edt 


Its only an opinion! not fact.
11:23 pm edt 

Good Luck!

Lets see how well PACC runs the town now that the bos is
wide open! And if we have lower services in town because of lower
taxes, GOOD LUCK!
11:20 pm edt 

Citizens as Roadkill.....

It was unfortunate I could not attend the traffic meeting tuesday
evening.  I do know for a fact that some bloggers have wrong
information about a sidewalk for Cemetary Road.  The need for a
sidewalk is on Conwell Street.  A number of concerned parents,
individuals and myself have commented on how dangerous it is to walk
on Conwell Street.  Some people are from the Nelson Avenue
neighborhood and Dunes Edge Campground.  Then there are the families
and individuals who live on Conwell Street.  I have walked this road
many many times and have experienced how risky and unsafe it is. 
Many drivers do not follow the speed limit and drive at excessive
speeds.  Now should Provincetown concern itself with not having a
sidewalk until some child is killed on Conwell Street? I think not! 
And it will be sad if some individuals do not think that public
safety is a concern here.  A sidewalk for Conwell Street is what
Selectman Couture is working towards....helping some of us who have
  n about our concerns on the dangers of this road.  And State Rep
Sarah Peake has also been working with Selectman Couture on this
since the state owns Conwell Street from Route 6 to Harry Kemp Way.

Cemetary Road was never under discussion to have a sidewalk.
11:19 pm edt 

Sure, Let's all us MYPACCers Vote "NO" on Everything!

Close the town down starting with the school! Pack em up and bus em off to
Eastham! Then sit back and watch your toilets back up when the septic
fails. Don't bother to call the fire department if you need them,
they won't be there! Oh, and let's not forget the police... no pay
raises for them = NO service for you!

Here's an idea for the MYPACC gang, why don't you all secede from the
state and form your own little municipal government with your
webmaster who stands for everything but won't run for anything! Sure,
and Rogovsky can be the Mayor of your little community. And Candace
Nagle can take care of the finances cause she gots a MBA from MIT!

You won't have a school in MYPACCville, too expensive. Besides,
children wouldn't be welcome there (they cost shhhhhhh m-o-n-e-y! No
DPW, who needs roads or running water? Forget about Police, that's
not gonna be necessary and who can afford the raises? Plus, we all
hate the color of those cruisers! NO affordable housing in
MYPACCville either only the wealthy need live there. If you haven't
got a job, stay behind cause you might need some help and help is not
on our menu in MYPACCville!

Hey everybody, the bus is leaving for MYPACCville! Awwwww, sorry, the
bus ran out of gas and the driver says his MYPACCville debt card
won't work! No banks in MYPACCville cause no one can trust anyone to
watch their money!

Guess you'll all have to walk. It's not far... really! Go to Truro
and look for Highland Road, follow it all the way til you see that
big red and white building with the light on top that goes round and
round. Walk past the big light house (it's called that, a LIGHT
HOUSE!)and look for the water and just keeeeeeep on walking, that's
it keep going, you're almost theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere!
11:17 pm edt 

Michele Couture Please Report Yourself

Minutes of Executive Sessions shall remain in the permanent
possession of the Secretary to the Board, in a secure place, and
shall not be released unless authorized by a majority vote of the
Board taken in open session, or upon an order issued by a court of

I was looking through town bylaws, etc to see what happens with a
vacancy on the BOS and found this rule regarding Executive Session
minutes.  If the BOS did not vote to release the minutes from the
Tobias Executive Session, Michelle violated BOS rules.  Ms. Couture,
as you already have the contact information for reporting Selectman
violations, please file a complaint reporting yourself.
11:13 pm edt